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I first met Madelyn six months ago. I had just started my
first day on the job as an office worker at a local health club.
The job was only part-time, but one of the side benefits was use
of the facilities.
Not that I really needed them; even after three children, I
still had a nice figure. That’s pretty good, considering the
rest of me–I’m pretty short, only five two, with 36D breasts,
and I weigh just one ten. My best assets are my legs–they’re
long and shapely, and my face, which makes me look sixteen, even
though I’m thirty two. My hair is thick and black, very wavy, and
long, which helps.
Madelyn introduced herself to me right off. She was the
boss–a fact she made plainly evident. A striking woman of
thirty eight, she could have easily passed for ten or twelve
years younger–tall, very shapely, young face, long, dark blonde
hair she wore in a braided pony tail. Her outfit, made up of a
short leather skirt, burgundy blouse and black pumps, with nude
hose, revealed very much to the eye.
She took one look at my outfit and shook her head sadly. I
couldn’t see why; it was perfectly business-like. Calf-length
skirt, a white blouse, blazer, white stockings and white pumps.
“No”, Madelyn said, shaking her head. There was a look of
what I might call contempt in her eyes. “No, Karen, this will
not do. We like to portray an image of carefree youth here.
Notice.” She pointed to the two other girls in the office. Both
got up quickly, almost obediently; they were
young and pretty, dressed in short skirts and tasteful blouses,
high heels and such. “I should have told you the dress code.
First, no skirts below the knee; we prefer above or to the top.
Secondly, no hose other than tan or nudes. Above all, nothing
which has no sleeves and nothing loose or rumply. This is a
health club; we prefer to project health, as well.”
I nodded. She had a point. Then she smiled at me. “Other
than that, welcome to the Eternal Youth Health Club. There’s
your desk over there.” She pointed toward a glass top, open
front desk with a terminal and a small filing cabinet. She sat
me down and got me oriented, explained to me that I was permitted
to have knicknacks or family pictures on the desk if I wished,
the usual chatter. Then she let me work.
The other girls were helpful, if quiet; more than once they
stole looks at me, with little smiles. They weren’t mean looks,
but I got a funny feeling about it…
When lunchtime came they left, but I stayed behind to get
myself better oriented. I had brought a picture of my family
with me, taken just a month before: my husband, Tim, whom I love
dearly, and has been nothing but good to me since we married when
we were both sixteen; my oldest daughter, Kera, sixteen, who
looks just like me; my twelve year old, Candace, and my young son
Tim Jr., who was six. As I was putting it into place, my eyes
drifted over to the
reception chairs against the far wall. The way they sat, anyone
in them had a full view of all three desks–that included what
lay underneath. I crossed my legs self-conciously, even though
my skirt hid everything and there was nobody there.
That first day after work, Madelyn offered to pay for a new
wardrobe for me–it was tax deductible, she explained.
I didn’t refuse the offer; the look she gave me when I
started to was enough to chill that idea. She even invited
herself along, picking out clothes for me as we shopped after
work. She explained the dress code was very serious.
“At Eternal Youth, we like our guests to have motivation to
succeed”, she explained, “and that means both men and women.
Conservative dress simply will not do, you understand.”
The trouble was, I was used to conservative dress; I grew up
in a conservative family. I didn’t make my children dress that
way–Kera was always in short skirts–but I did.
My mother had insisted it was “terrible” for a woman to show
too much leg, and in fact, it was one reason I got married at
sixteen–to get away. Unfortunately, old habits die hard.
When I showed up for work the next morning, I felt
uncomfortable, yet freer, in the short skirt I was wearing;
Madelyn approved, as did my two co-worker, Carrie Ann and Laura.
Madelyn handed me something else, too–a pair of pink
shorts and running shoes, and a pink t-shirt with the “Eternal
Youth” emblem on front. She told me that certain days of the
week I would be working the “floor” in the club, and this was my
outfit; she would tell me beforehand.
That started the next day. I was assigned to work with
Dave Coler, one of the instructors; he was young, only twenty
six, solidly built, with wavy blonde hair and laughing blue eyes.
Carrie Ann and Laura had both dated Dave–Carrie Ann, in fact,
was married, and was having an
affair with him. I know this because over time, I caught them
together, usually in the equipment storage room. I never told
anyone, though.
Dave was fun to work with, and I came to look forward to my
days on the “floor”, which I alternated with the other girls. He
could be a little overbearing at times: he would put his arm
around me all the time, or pat me on the rear, or make comments
about my legs. I asked him to stop a few times, but he didn’t,
and I learned to let it go. Iit turned out Dave was one of the
top instructors, and his word was stronger than mine with
Finally, though, Dave pushed it too far; he got me alone in
the equipment room one day and pulled out his penis. He said
something about putting in me; I didn’t hear. I stormed out and
told Madelyn, threatening to quit if she didn’t do something.
She did; Dave got reprimanded, and I was assigned to work with
Madelyn on the floor. I thought my trouble was over.
Was I ever wrong!
CHAPTER 2–The Seminar
Six months passed, which brings us to the present. Dave
left me alone; Madelyn and I became good friends, if not best
friends. We worked out every day after work, usually with
Madelyn coaching me. The whole time we talked extensively about
me, my marriage, my husband and kids. She ate dinner at our
house, got to know me very well–though I learned little of her.
She wasn’t married, I knew, but that was about it. Then she gave
me the opportunity to get to
know her.
“The Club is sponsoring a three day seminar this weekend”,
she told me. “I’d like you to come. In fact, I insist. It’s
mostly business, but you’ll have an opportunity for fun. A
girl’s weekend away”, she told me.
I agreed only after talking to Tim; he thought it sounded
like fun. He’d been planning to take the kids camping anyway (I
hated to go camping). Kera had backed out of that; she was going
to stay at a friend’s house. She hated to go camping, just like
So I went. Madelyn didn’t tell me much, just that we’d
have a suite, and I should bring a swimsuit–in keeping with
tradition, she bought me one, a little thing that hardly covered
me. I was also to bring my usual dress clothes and my “floor”
outfit, and I did.
The hotel was nice; it wasn’t more than a few miles from
home, very ritzy but not very full, especially with a seminar.
Madelyn explained that things didn’t start until Saturday,
anyway, so we’d have the whole suite to ourselves.
The suite itself was nice–three bedrooms, a sauna,
bathroom, balcony, everything. The bedrooms were huge and nearly
soundproof, with king size beds and thick, plush carpeting.
Madelyn had me put on my swimsuit, and we went down to sun by the
pool. The place was filled with men–almost no women, I noticed,
and no children. I got more than one appreciative stare and
whistle while I sunned myself.
A few hours later, after I’d tanned nicely all over (Madelyn
had taken me to the hotel’s little health club and had me tan
the rest of my body–suitless), we went back up to change for
dinner. I put on a white blouse with short sleeves, a short
denim skirt, white high heel pumps and nude
hose; Madely dressed similarly, her blouse burgundy, like the
first time I’d met her, her skirt white leather. We went to
dinner, then afterward to the bar.
I don’t drink, but I allowed myself to have a Shirley
Temple, which of course, has no alchohol. While we sat there,
surrounded mostly by men, both of us got hit on a lot; Madelyn
made one promise after another, giving them our suite number,
then explaining it was “just for her”,
indicating the wedding band on my left hand. Nobody objected,
though a few guys seemed pretty disappointed.
I didn’t know what to think of Madelyn; was this what she
meant to show me? That she was a…forgive me…a slut?
It sure seemed that way, to me. Eventually, her attention
turned to all the men, who had begun to flock around her, and I
excused myself to head back to the room. I was tired and a
little disgusted by her behavior, to say the least.
It seemed like most of the hotel was in the bar; the lobby
was empty, and the elevator was, too. I passed a boy of about
eighteen delivering room service, but that was it.
Unlocking the door to the suite, I stepped in. Suddenly, a
hand clamped over my mouth. My arms were pinned behind me, and
as I struggled, I was aware I was inhaling a strong, pungent
scent. Dimly I remembered a few movies I’d seen, and then I
passed out.
CHAPTER 3–The Rape
The next time I awoke, my head felt heavy and groggy, and I
was aware of the taste of linen in my mouth. I tried to spit it
out, but my tongue contacted cloth. Panicked, I tried to pull
it away, but my hands wouldn’t move; I could feel ropes against
my wrists, holding them behind my back, and more on my ankles.
Opening my eyes, I saw I was lying on my bed.
I rolled over and found at least a dozen men standing around
me, some stroking their penis’s, some staring at me. My heart
began to pound, and tears filled my eyes. They were going to
rape me!
Then the crowd parted, and Madelyn was there, one arm around
Dave’s waist. It stunned me to see him, and then I realized that
he, too, was one of Madelyn’s lovers. Over their shoulders
looked Carrie Ann and Laura. They were all smiling.
“You must have thought me a terrible slut”, Madelyn sighed.
“I am. You will be too, after this. You’re so pretty, Karen,
and it’s a waste to have you confined to just one man. Carrie
Ann and Laura were much the same when they came with me. Now
they really know how to live!”
I began to sob. How could this be happening? It was like
a nightmare, or a horrible movie. I felt the bed shift, and saw
Dave straddling my knees, undoing the belt of my skirt. Once he
had that free, he pulled the skirt off, then started to untie my
I closed my eyes. “Keep your eyes open!”, Madelyn snapped.
“You will do what I tell you, or she’ll pay!” She thrust an
instant photo into my face.
I gasped when I saw who “she” was. It was Kera–my oldest.
She was wearing a white long sleeve blouse and blue shorts and
white sneakers–what she’d been wearing before I left that
afternoon. Like me, she was also bound and gagged, lying on a
bed–I thought it might be Madelyn’s–but she looked to be
“She’s drugged”, Madelyn told me. “Totally unaware. The
last thing she remembers was falling asleep at her friend’s
house.” She smiled at Carol Ann. “Carol Ann’s niece is her best
friend–her mother is also one of “mine”.
We drugged her and brought her here, and she’ll stay asleep
and unharmed as long as you listen. Understood?”
I nodded. By now, Dave had removed my hose and panties
and was putting my shoes back on–I don’t know why. “You can
struggle all you want”, Madelyn told me. “Fuck her.”
Dave spread my legs and entered me on her command, his huge
penis ripping into me. It hurt worse than when I’d lost my
virginity, and I screamed into the gag. The pain cut through me
like a knife, leaving me dazed and panting.
In the meantime, someone else roughly tore my blouse open
and yanked my bra off, reveling my evenly tanned breasts. Mouths
descended, tongues licked my cleavage. One mouth fastened on the
erect pink nipple of the my right breast and began to suck,
fingers and hands pawing and
twisting the other. I watched it all, terrified about Kera, sick
and helpless. I felt Dave leave me and someone else took over,
grinding into my vagina. I couldn’t stop sobbing; it hurt so
badly, the the penis in me, the hands ripping at my clothes,
pawing me, using me…
The thrusting between my legs became a slamming. I felt him
deep inside of me, striving to get the whole thing deep in.
“Tight…”, one voice said, “fucking slut…”, another called
me, and the world began to slip away.
CHAPTER 4–It’s Not Over
When I came around again, I had been untied, my gag removed,
and I was kneeling beside the bed. The men were all still there,
stroking themselves. Someone cupped my chin and leaned my head
back, and I was looking up at Madelyn.
“You passed out”, she told me coldly. “That wasn’t smart,
Karen. I don’t want you to pass out without permission.
Because you did, I punished Kera.” She held down another
Kera was still unconscious, but her blouse was open, her
bra gone, breasts exposed. Gobs of cum coated her breasts and
tummy, splashing up onto her chin.
“Cum bath”, Madelyn told me. “And tit jobs. She has nice
tits. Next time, we wake her up.” She shoved my head back.
One of the men had his penis in my face. “Smile”, Madelyn
told me, “and put your hand on his cock. The left.” I did, and
she snapped a picture. “Now suck.”
I stared at the man’s penis, inches from my mouth, felt it
in my hand. I had never even sucked Tim before; the thought of
a penis in my mouth made me gag. Then I thought of Kera, and
leaned forward, sliding the penis into my mouth. I gagged a
little, but managed to get a good rhythm going.
Madelyn told me to masturbate with my other hand. I did as
I was told, maintaining the same rhythm, thinking always of Kera.
She was an innocent girl–she never swore, never even spoke of
sex. Her goal in life was to be a nurse, or maybe a doctor, and
she didn’t even have a
boyfriend. The idea of all these men entering her terrified me.
I raised my eyes to the man. He had a half-grin on his
face, looking at me like I was a piece of meat, as if sucking
him was all I was good for. In my mouth his cock swelled,
pulsed, and then there was cum shooting out. I choked it down; I
was afraid if I didn’t swallow Kera would be “punished”. When he
was dry, I slid off, cringing at the prospect of what Madelyn
would say.
“She’s learning”, is all I heard. The next guy up was Dave.
I sucked at him numbly, remembering how he had raped me, wishing
I could hurt him the same.
“Good whore”, Dave laughed. “Good little slut. You like
sucking my cock, don’t you?”
No, I didn’t, but I nodded anyway, his cock bobbing in my
mouth. He started to swell, then pulse. Before he came he
jerked his penis out and came on my face. I let him do it, too
scared to do otherwise. Carol Ann and Laura bent down and licked
my face clean, then moved back as another man stepped into Dave’s
My mouth was getting sore now; it only got worse when I saw
this man’s huge penis. It was a monster, so big it stretched my
jaw to the limit when he slid it in. I could hardly suck on it,
and the frustration and the fear made me start to cry again.
That was greeted with hoots of
laughter, and then Madelyn spoke up.
“You’re aren’t playing with yourself, Karen!”, she snapped.
I realized I’d stopped when the first man had come. Madelyn
grabbed my right hand thrust it against my vagina. “Kera will
be punished now! And it’s all your fault!”
I pulled away from the man, grabbing her hand. “Madelyn,
please! Don’t hurt her! I’ll do anything, please!”
Madelyn slapped my face, twice, hard enough to sting but not
to mark me. “You will call me Mistress from now on! Is that
“Y-Yes, M-Mistress”, I murmured, sobbing.
She grabbed a handful of my hair and jerked my head back.
“Now tell me you’re a slut.”
“I’m a slut”, I whimpered.
“Your husband is an asshole with a little dick!”
“My husband is an asshole with a little dick”, I sobbed.
“Good. Now suck!” She shoved me around, and I went down on
the guy with the huge penis, fingering myself hard at the same
time. Madelyn knelt beside me, reaching her hands around to cup
my breasts. “You do exactly what you are told, Karen”, she
whispered, “and when Kera leaves here, she’ll still be virgo
intacto. One more screw up…”
She moved away. I was too scared to notice or feel
anything, even my finger thrumming away inside of me, or the
taste of the warm penis in my mouth. The man suddenly pulled out
and shot his load on my breasts, covering them with more cum
than I thought possible. Again, Laura and Carrie Ann licked it
off, every drop.
I heard a door close, then Laura was beside me, holding me
by the shoulders. “Dave, let’s let her rest. Please? I’ll do
the rest of you. She’s tired and she won’t be any fun if she’s
tired, right? Let me get her into the shower and let her rest
for a while. Please?”
Her voice was so pleading, her hold so gentle, I started
crying harder. There was a pregnant pause, then Dave said
“Okay”, and everyone but Laura filed out. Gently she helped me
into the bathroom, put me in the shower and took off her own
clothes to climb in with me. She had a
nice body, shapely and sexy, though her breasts were smaller than
mine, with the same pink nipples.
She pushed my head down against her breasts and held me
while I cried. I didn’t think I’d ever stop, but her gentle
murmurings and the soft caress of her hands soon did the job.
She raised my head and kissed me full on the mouth.
Surprised, I kissed her back. Her arms slipped around me,
supporting me, and the kiss lengthened. I’ve never had lesbian
sex before, though I’ve been curious; now I found, I liked it.
At the same time I was terrified this was another one of
Madelyn’s little “ideas” for me.
As if sensing that, Laura raised her head. She was a few
inches taller than me, so I had to look up at her. “Don’t be
scared”, she said softly. “This is my idea, not Madelyn’s. If
you don’t want–”
“No. I want to”, I told her, and kissed her again. I
parted my lips and left her tongue dart into my mouth, teasing
me. Her hand, holding a bar of soap, slipped between my thighs,
in and out of my vagina. As her fingers glided over my clitoris,
I began to moan, my hands coming up
to cup her breasts, squeezing gently.
Laura lowered her mouth to my breasts, sucking gently at
each nipple, hand moving in and out of me. Then she moved down,
kissing my belly, kneeling finally to press her tongue into my
already sensitive vagina. A few quick licks and I exploded into
orgasm, my knees sagging.
Laura held me up, holding me gently as she soaped me down
and rinsed me off. She helped me out, guiding me like a child,
kissing me, the toweled me off. As she started on my hair I
dropped to my knees in front of her, my mouth pressed against her
vagina, which for the first time I realized was shaved. It
smelled of soap and tasted of it, mixed with the salt of her
juices, as I thrust my tongue in.
Laura moaned, her toweling hands moving fast then slow,
fast then slow, as I licked and licked and finally drained her
juices. It wasn’t as bad as cum, I decided, and for the moment,
it was a pleasant distraction.
Laura helped me up again, handing me glass of mouthwash.
“Here, swish”, she told me, picking up a brush to do my hair.
She groomed it nicely, brushing it out to its full thickness
while I washed my mouth out. She turned me around again and was
kissing me deeply when Dave walked in, stark naked.
“Hold her, bitch”, he snapped, and Laura turned me, pinning
my arms back. Into my ear she whispered, “It’s okay. I’m right
Dave entered me, fast and rough. There was a sadistic look
on his face as he raped me, laughing at my wincing and my tears.
I clung to the feel of Laura next to me, wanting this to be over,
for the pain to stop. Dave finished and pulled out, grabbed my
breasts, then told Laura to shave me and left.
Laura held me again, as gentle as ever, and when I calmed,
guided me to the toilet. I sat down and she spread my legs,
explaining that she was going to shave my vagina.
I nodded and laid back, afraid of objecting for fear Kera
would pay.
It didn’t take Laura long; I don’t have much hair there,
anyway, and after a few snips with scissors and the rather
painful application of an epilator and then some baby oil, it was
over. I looked down at it–it was like when I was little, only
larger now, but just as hairless.
She put me into bed after that, lying next to me with her
purse at her side. “I was sorry to see you come to work for us”,
she said softly. “I knew what Madelyn was going to do, but I
couldn’t tell you. Neither could Carrie Ann. We can’t tell
anyone. You won’t be able to, either, when Madelyn is done.” I
started to ask why, but she put a finger to my lips. “You’ll see
soon enough.”
She slid her arm under my neck. “The truth is, Karen, I
love you. If Madelyn knew I was being nice to you like this,
she’d…well, she’d make sure I was punished. After this is
over, I’d like to be your friend, maybe your lover, too. Okay?”
I smiled at her. It was the first time since all this had
started that I had. “Okay.”
She smiled. “You’re a nice person, Karen. You don’t
deserve this…rape. She uses that to break you down; she wants
you to be even more submissive and nice. You’ll get used to it,
maybe even like it. Maybe not. I don’t know if I do, but I
don’t have much choice.” She opened her purse and pulled out a
picture of a girl about eight years old; she looked a lot like
Laura. “This is Lori, my daughter. This picture was taken just
before Madelyn…remade me.
That’s what she calls it.” A tear rolled down her cheek.
“Lori was seven then. I knew Madelyn had her, but I guess
I didn’t believe what she said. She let those…those men,
gang rape my daughter as “punishment”. That was three years
ago, and once in a while, she’ll have someone pick up Lori as a
“reminder”. Lori is terrified of her. We all are.”
I nodded. Who wouldn’t be? “She’ll hurt Kera, won’t she?”
“Yes. Carrie Ann doesn’t have any kids, so they used her
niece. That’s how they got Kera. We do anything Madelyn says,
not just because of our kids, but–”
Just then the door opened, and Madelyn stepped in. I let
out a gasp. Laura sat up, shoving the pictures back, and
scrambled out. Madelyn walked over and sat down beside me. She
was wearing her swimsuit. “Laura fucked you, didn’t she?”
I nodded, afraid to lie. “Smart girl. She really likes
you. She even begged me not to do this. Did you see her
I nodded. “Good. Right now, she’s getting it on with four
guys. Laura is being “punished” for being nice to you.” She
smiled as I started to cry, horrified by how cruel she could be.
What would she gain? What did she get out of this?
“Laura won’t help you now”, she told me. “Afterward…yes.
She won’t blame you–she’s too nice.”
She walked over my suitcase and pulled out an outfit,
throwing it on the bed. “Get dressed.”
I did as she told me; the outfit was one of my regular ones,
short black skirt, red blouse, nude hose and my pumps.
She left the panties and bra out, I noticed. She tied my
hands again and gagged me.
With her holding my elbow in a tight grip, she led me out
into the main suite, where several of the men were working on
Laura and Carrie Ann. I only got a momentary glimpse before
Madelyn opened the door to her bedroom and pushed me inside.
My heart fell instantly. Kera was awake–sitting up, a
blindfold over her eyes, the gag hanging around her neck. She
was still bound, though. At least, I saw, her blouse was
closed, but two of the men were sitting on either side of her,
stroking their penises.
“Why are you doing this?”, she whimpered, and her voice was
so frightened and pleading, I wanted to hold her. But Madelyn
had my hands tied and was still holding my elbow. One of the men
squeezed Kera’s thigh, making her squeak. While he did that, the
other man picked up a
syringe and a cotton swab. He swabbed the inside of Kera’s other
thigh, then injected her with the syringe. She let out a gasp,
then went limp.
Madelyn pulled me back out into the living room, where she
removed my gag and shoved me to my knees. From there it was a
nightmare as each man made me suck him, guiding my head with
their hands. I choked and gagged as some tried to shove
themselves down my throat. Still others made me swallow, or
spurted on various parts of my body, soaking my blouse. I was
nearly unconscious when they finished.
But it wasn’t over. I was manhandled and fondled, my
clothes torn off, and a vicious gang rape ensued. I passed out
during that, and when I awoke again, I was in bed, naked and
Chapter 5–Saturday
I sobbed most of the morning, too sore, exhausted, degraded
and hopeless to do anything else. Laura came in after a while,
and I apologized repeatedly to her; as Madelyn had said, though,
she was a nice person. She held me while I cried; after a while
I got sick, and she took care of me. She helped me to shower; we
didn’t make love this time. Finally, it was nearly noon when
Madelyn came in.
I cowered at the sight of her, terrified beyond belief that
one person could be so cold, so cruel. She sat down next to me,
a sheaf of papers in her hand.
“I’m here to make you a deal”, she said. “All of this will
end…if you sign these. Here, read them.”
I did, my vision blurring with tears. They were all types
of contracts–that I had willingly prostituted myself, and had
agreed, for $1000 (which Madelyn assured me had been left in my
desk at work) agreed to sell my daughter’s body in the event I
was unable. There was also letters to Tim, telling him that I
was tired of being married to him and had gone off to find some
“bigger, harder cock.” There was also an affidavit that I had
submitted willingly to acts of gang
sex, acting out a fantasy rape. I signed them all, too scared to
refuse, hoping it would end now.
Madelyn went over each one carefully, then had me dress,
putting on my “floor” outfit of the shorts and t-shirt. With
Laura’s help she bound and gagged me, then led me out to the
men. There, I was gang raped again.
This time was different, though; the men were gentler,
though they raped both my mouth and vagina. They did me in
several positions, catching it all on film. After that I was
forced to proceed down a corridor of the men, smiling, as each
one groped and fondled and kissed me.
When that was done, everyone sat down to view the tape that
had been made; I felt sick. They had untied me during the rape,
making it appear as though I were doing it all willingly. I
even smiled at some points–but Madelyn had told me to.
After that I was taken into the bedroom where Kera lay
drugged, and forced to offer her, on film, to the other men. I
had to smile and sound natural; it wasn’t easy.
Fortunately, they didn’t hurt her, and it was over quickly.
Madelyn told me to pick out ten men and have sex with them;
one was Dave, whom Madelyn picked for me. I was threatened
again, told to make it look real. I was so scared and exhausted,
I did my best, though I certainly didn’t enjoy it. Especially
since Dave made no effort to be
Finally, it was done. My fear of Madelyn was complete; not
only did she have those signed documents, but she promised that
at any time, she would use the tapes or even Kera to get her way.
She promised to be kind to me otherwise from now on, provided I
did what she said.
I slept for a while, then arose and put on my only
remaining outfit. Madelyn took Kera and I home in the early
hours of Sunday morning, taking Kera to Carol Ann’s house, where
her niece lived, then taking me home. After a final threat, she
told me she would see me Monday.
The next year of my life was like a living hell–almost
daily, I had sex with Dave, or was forced into having sex with
someone strange. I did parties, prostituted myself, all at
Madelyn’s command. Her demands grew worse–soon, she was having
me go away for up to a week, hooking myself at conventions and
parties. My marriage to Tim grew strained, and I grew suicidal.
Then, mysteriously, it all stopped.
It seemed there was a fire at Madelyn’s house–arson, the
police said. Madelyn died in the fire, along with Dave and a
dozen other men. A day later, the Club burned down.
I didn’t care; I was saved. Oddly enough, my savior was
Laura. In those six long months, we’d been together a lot, both
as friends and lovers. Then, one day when she got the flu and
couldn’t do what Madelyn wanted, Madelyn had her daughter
“punished”–and this time, it was fatal. Little Lori died when
the car she was riding in, kidnapped by Madelyn’s men,
crashed. Laura pretty much snapped; with nothing left to lose,
she killed Madelyn and the nightmare that had come to haunt us
Now, two years later, I still have horrible nightmares and
the horrible secret of that weekened; Kera has all but forgotten,
believing it little more than a bad dream. As for me, well, the
bad dream will never go away.

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