Sex starved husband finds a mistress

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I’m Sanjay,a married man to a beautiful busty wife named Sonia who stands 5.5 with 36d-28-36, pretty slutty in bed and fucks me like a real whore every night. Life was perfect with a good job,pretty wife and a big bungalow which consists of two portions side by side with a single main gate. We rented the other portion to a couple in late thirties named rajesh and Sheela. Rajesh is in Indian army who is quite handsome with great physique, I use to get jealous watching him whenever he comes home on vacation and the couple rarely comes out during rajesh’s vacation as i can understand his hunger towards his gorgeous wife Sheela who stands around 5.2, very fair in complexion with great assets probably measuring 38c-30-40 which make her look very voluptuous and mouth-watering to any guy.
My sexual life was excellent with my wife being equally horny like me all the time, she was virgin when we got married around 4 years ago. I introduced her to every sexual pleasure possible to make her like me, craving for sex every moment. we use to fuck at every single moment possible for us, she never cooked with out my cock in her pussy or ass and we never finished our meals on the table with out a quickie. Before i left to work, she use to give me a mind-fucking blowjob with out making me cum, which makes me remain hard all the day at work before returning home to deliver it to my busty slut wife.
In the meanwhile, one day there was a shocking news for everyone that rajesh died in some terrorists firing in Kashmir which left Sheela shocked and speechless for months. she was never the same girl, she used to be before her husband’s death. She use to seem completely lost most of the times, her smile was gone and she rarely come out to chat with my wife. Sonia was very upset of Sheela’s fate which left her like a living corpse, she use to curse god for making Sheela’s life so miserable and prayed for her all the time.
After few months passed by, Sonia became pregnant with our first child which made us so happy that i took leave for one day from my work in celebrating the good news with my slutty wife banging her in every position and every place all the day at home and squirting my load in every hole of hers. As days passed by, Sonia’s belly started growing huge and by the end of 8 months she was huge. As per our rituals, Sonia has to deliver the baby at her parents house. so i took her to my in law’s and told her not to worry about me, as she was quite worried about my food and health. I left the place to our bungalow the next day, as i have to be at work regarding some new project.
I used to get quite busy with work and often go home pretty late as i find the house boring with out my wife, i was sexually frustrated too as i hadn’t got laid in 2 weeks. One day i decided to have some fun outside by fucking some whore and left home around midnight in search of a whore. As i went to some places where i was confident of finding some whore, but to my dismal, i couldn’t find one as it was weekend and whore’s were already booked. I decided to retire home due to my ugly fate and hired an auto-rickshaw. As he was driving me back home, he asked me about my dull face to which i replied him that its none of his business.
“Are saab ab batayiye bhi, kya mai aap ki koi madad karsakta hoon?” asked driver.
“Chup karo aur jitna kaha jaye utna karo,zyada mat bolo aur mujhe mere ghar chhod do” said me.
“Gussa kai ke liye saab, mujhe pata hai aapko randi chahiye. Aap jis jagah pe mera auto board kiya wahan to koi bhi randi ke liye hi jaata hai, kaho to ek ache maal ke paas le chaloon?” asked him.
“kya? tum jaante ho kisi randi ko? mujhe aisi waisi randi nahin chahiye jo 100 ya 200 me apni chudaai kara le” said me.
“are dariye mat saab, mai ek aisi randi ko jaanta hoon jo abhi abhi is line me aayi hai. bahut fresh maal hai aur aap use dekhenge to aapke hosh udaadegi. Abhi tak to usne sirf ek hi mard ke saat chudi hai, bas 1000/- rupayya leti hai. Kya kehte ho?” asked him.
“Theek hai, theek hai. jaldi le chalo” said me.
He drove past few streets and stopped at a narrow street and whistled out to let her know that her customer is ready. I can see a lady in burqa walking straight to the auto carrying me, i was very nervous as it was the first time i was cheating on my wife. Before entering the auto, she paused for a while and paid some amount to the driver and asked him to take straight to her house. She sat by my side, i can feel the lovely aroma of her driving me crazy and making me right away very horny. I was lost in aroma that i couldn’t notice where we were going and came to sense when he stopped the auto-rickshaw before a beautiful bungalow which left me shocked for a moment. I just couldn’t digest that i was standing right before my own bungalow with a whore and pimp by my side, we both walked down silently towards the bungalow after the auto left. I just couldn’t figure out what was happening and remained silent until she reached for the gate to open and as we walked in to the bungalow, i clearly understood that the lady whore is none other than Sheela.
I was pretty amazed as i know of Sheela,a very and faithful house wife who never even dream of doing such things. She let me in to her house and walked past me into her bedroom, she came out in just her white saree which was fully transparent showing off her beautiful curves covered in a sleeveless white blouse and petticoat.
“Sheela, kya tum..?” i asked her stammering.
“Aap jaisa soch rahe hain, wahi sach hai” answered her.
“Mujhe ghar chalana padta hai bhai saheb aur aapka rent bhi to itna zyaada hai” said sheela.
“phir bhi?”
“Kya karoon, jab se mere pati margaye, mer zindagi tabah hogayi aur main kahin ki nahin rahi. aap to jaante hai maine aur rajesh ne ghar se bhaag ke shaadi ki aur ab mere parents bhi mujhe nahin apna rahe hain. Maine to kaam ke liye bahut koshish ki, par sabko meri iss jawani se pyaar tha aur mere kaam se nahin. Maine socha kyun na iss jawani se hi apna kaam shuru karoon” answered sheela.
I was speechless for a moment before saying “Humse baat kyun nahin ki?”
“main aap dono pe bojh nahin banna chahti” saying this she dropped her pallu revealing her huge tits covered in her struggling low-cut blouse while tears were rolling down her cheeks. I felt sorry for her and covered her beauty with her pallu, asked her to calm down by consoling her for few minutes and left the place by placing the amount on her table.
The next day, i left for work very early in order to avoid seeing her. But, i was totally lost in thoughts about her and couldn’t concentrate on my work. When i returned home, i found a note “we need to talk, please come over for dinner” on the door and immediately changed into night wear and went to her door. she welcomed me and invited for dinner, we both had a very silent dinner.
I broke the silence saying “khaana bahut acha tha.”
“shukriya, acha laga aap ki bhook mit gayi. Kal to aap bhooke hi rehgaye” said sheela.
I was startled for a moment after listening to her as she was clearly indicating about last night’s unsuccessful trip. She was giggling softly watching my face go pale, i couldn’t hide my nervousness and stood up to leave after conveying my thanks to her for dinner.
She immediately ran past me to the door locking it and turned towards me seductively moving her ass to face me. Sheela was staring at me like a bitch in heat, slowly running her tongue over her pouty red lips and bit her lower lip letting out a very seductive moan as if she wants me to bite them. She pulled of her pallu walking slowly and seductively with hands on her waist towards me in just a beautiful black blouse and petticoat which accentuated with her milky white skin. I was immediately aroused by her beauty staring at her gorgeous tits which were bouncing quite freely with her every step.
After nearing to me she grab hold of my head and pulled it towards her tits saying “Ab aur mat tarsao, mujhe maloom hai ki tum mere badan pe marte ho. maine kayi baar tumhe meri in moti choochiyan aur bhari gaand ko ghoorte huve dekha hai. aaj ki raat main tumhari rakheil hoon, jo bhi karna chahte ho karlo, main tumhe nahin rokungi aakhir tumne paise jo diye hain kal.”
“Sheela meri jaan, main iss din ke liye kitna taras raha tha tumhe pata nahin. Main tumhe bahut chahta hoon, main tumhare badan ko pyaar karna chahta hoon, iska mazaa lena chahta hoon” saying this i filled my hands by hugging her tight and kissing on her tits slowly.
“To chalo aaj main tumhe jannat ki sair karwati hoon” said sheela leading me to her bedroom where she use to fuck her husband.
she laid on her back closing her eyes and waiting for me to take her. I quickly got rid of my clothes fell on to her kissing her cheeks and licking them once in a while. she opened her eyes to see my tongue running over her pouty lips and opened her mouth for a very passionate kiss. we kissed for several minutes before i broke down to go down kissing her neck and on to her blouse covered tits. I slowly unhooked her blouse to reveal the most beautiful pair of tits i have ever seen on a woman, she covered her face with both hands feeling shy and giggling. I pulled of her hands from her beautiful face while softly crushing her bare big tits with my chest and started kissing her passionately. she was a great kisser as we made the kiss very wet and sloppy as i let my saliva dripping on to her lips every time we broke the kiss. I went down to her tits kissing them softly for a while and then sucking on to her hard nipples like a child enjoying the new sensations giving her a great time while kneading the other one softly.
She was moaning and pushing me hard on to her tits to carry on my sweet work which i did happily, i slid one hand down into her tight petticoat pretty difficulty reaching her panty covered hairy pussy. I played along with her slit while sucking her tits softly and pushed in one finger into her hot burning pussy finger fucking her to an immediate orgasm which left her panting after screaming hard.
“waah sanjay ji, aapne to kamaal kardiya.main aaj tak aise nahin jhadi” said sheela.
“Abhi to bahut kuch baaki hai meri jaan aur raat kaafi badi, main to aaj aapke saat poori raat jaagoonga” said me.
“aapko roka kisne hai, jo karna chah rahe ho karlo. Ye raat aur haseen kardo aur mujhe apni biwi banalo ek raat ke liye” said sheela.
I slowly took off her peticoat revealing her creamy thighs and big ass covered in black panties. I just pulled her panty aside revealing her bushy pussy and dived in to lick off juices which were left over in her pubic hair from the orgasm she had a while ago. It was very kinky to taste the cum from her pubic hair but sexy, she was overjoyed with the pleasure she was experiencing.
I slowly started giving long licks right from her asshole to her clit, tickling her clit with my tongue once in a while making her go crazy and shudder into an earth shattering orgasm flooding my mouth with her sweet juices. I crawled over to 69 allowing her to suck my cock while i make her cum again. she started sucking my cock furiously right away deep throating as deep as possible which made her gag and cough for some air every now and then. I was grunting in responding to her blowjob while licking like a hungry Rocky(D) on to her clit making her cum again and again.
“ab mujhe chodo sanjay, please mujhe chodo, main aur bardaasht nahin karsakti, daal do apna lund meri choot me aur bhuja do iski pyaas” said sheela.
I stood up to line up my dick to her wet hairy cunt and rammed it into her pussy in a single thrust which left her screaming for more. Slowly, i started making love to her delicately and romantically, but she was grunting for some rough and hard sex which i wasn’t giving her. she was furious of not getting it hard from me started cursing me with dirty words.
“abe haraam khor chod mujhe zorse, main jal rahi hoon vasna ki aag me aur tu dheere se chod raha bhadve? chod mujhe ek randi ki tarah chod saale” saying this she started pulling my ass cheeks harder between her creamy thighs.
I was in no hurry as i wanted to cherish this moment with her, i kissed her passionately in order to shut her mouth while i make love to her increasing some pace but lovingly. I started giving her slow but strong stroke right into her beautiful hairy cunt, she was fucking me back by rising her ass making it more harder for her cunt. It was a sight to watch a bitch in heat craving for a cock and cursing the man making her love.
“sheela main tumhe pyaar karna chahta hoon, main tumhe apni biwi bana kar chodna chahta hoon” said me.
she was in no mood of listening to my words as she was busy fucking me back and that got me over the edge and i rammed in one last time to discharge my seed into her womb as she was cumming again. After our orgasms subsided, we cuddle up each other kissing and fell asleep. I woke up early in the morning to see sheela lying naked by my side looking sexy as hell, i slowly spread her thighs enough to give her hairy cunt a good morning lick.
She woke up smiling and enjoying my warm breath on her cunt, i started fingering her cunt with two of my finger while licking her clit with my rough tongue which sent her over the edge and flooded my mouth with her sweet nectar. I walked into the bathroom to get ready for my work as she went to kitchen just wearing her black blouse and panties to cook something for us, i came out wrapped in a towel around my waist and walked into the kitchen to see my pretty mistress cooking almost naked.
I slowly tip-toed and hugged her from behind covering her tits with my hands, grinding my cock into her panty covered ass kissing her earlobes and said “I Love You”. she turned around to kiss me passionately for a while and got hold of my stiff cock, guiding it into her sweet-pot which slid in pretty smoothly. we went on to fuck for another 15 mins in the kitchen and me depositing another load deep into her womb. I finished off my breakfast, walked into my portion to dress up and leave for work.
As the day passed by, i was eager to hurry back home and have another fucking awesome session with sheela. I rushed to her house right after the work stopping by a store to buy in some surprise gift for my new mistress. As i reached the bugalow, i can see sheela standing outside waiting for my arrival. I quickly parked my bike and ran into her embracing her kissing allover her face, while she lock me in with her thighs around my waist. I carried her into the house all the way kissing and biting her lips as i dropped her onto the dining table. I slowly lifted her saree along with peticaot upto her tummy started caressing her hairy mound while she was moaning to my touch.
“aahhh..sanjay…main tumhare lund ke liye bahut hi betaab hoon, chodo mujhe abhi ke abhi..main aur nahin rok sakti apne aapko”said sheela.
I started flicking her clit with my tongue while squeezing her tits through her saree pretty roughly, she enouraged me to do more as she was dying for more. I pushed in three fingers into her pussy finger fucking her for few minutes which resulted in a screaming orgasm. she was panting pretty hard with the orgasm rocked her body and screaming to fuck her good.
“Abhi nahin jaan, main tumhare liye kuch laaya hoon. zara isko pehen ke to aao, main bhi dekhoon tum isme kaise lagti ho?” said me.
she took the packet into the bedroom and returned with in a few minutes making me speechless, as i can see my beauty in red transparent babydoll which was hell tight around her fucking big tis which were sneaking out of it with every step of her and it barely covers her milky white ass as half of her ass is out. I couldn’t believe my eyes watching the sight, my cock was really hurting my pants, she came near to me placing her hand over my hard-on rubbing it while staring into my eyes.
“ab isko bahar to nikalo, bechara dard se ghut raha hoga..main ise iski dawa deti hoon” saying this she knelt down to take my cock out started sucking it with all her might, she spat a huge glob of saliva on to my cock before englufing it down her throat. The slurping sounds were echoing all over the hall driving me crazy to a rocking orgasm, which filled her mouth completely with my burning seed. she swallowed every fucking drop down her throat and let out a sigh of relief like she was thirsty for it.
I pulled her upto kiss her passionately which let me taste myself on her lips, she was still holding on to my cock stroking it for ultimate pleasure. In a matter of few minutes, i was rock hard and ready to fuck her crazy. she let go of my cock, broke the kiss and went straight into the kitchen shouting “Jaan..jake fresh ho jao aur jaldi neeche aao,aapka dinner 10 minute me ready hoga.”
I was furious at first with her walking away from me in such a state, but i though it good to take it slow as there is no hurry and the night is still young. I walked in to her bathroom after stripping down naked to take a shower, while the water was flowing down my body, i recalled all the events took place in past 2 days and i was worried about my faithful wife.
“Cut the crap and lets enjoy this moment” i said to myself.
I walked down to see her serving the dinner on the table, i can see the babydoll dress was too short that it revealed her whole milky ass while she bent down to place the plates. I rushed over to grab her from behind and started grinding my cock in to her ass crack to which she moaned for a while enjoying it and then pushing me away to complete her work. I sit down to have my dinner as she was bringing on some food to serve me and then something unexpected happen. She stepped on to the chair and climbed on to the table like a Rocky(D) crawling over to me, her tits were dangling down while she was nearing to me.
She sat right before my face resting her legs on the either side of my chair exposing her hairy pink cunt, she was fingering herself while i was having my dinner. I can barely eat watching her doing that stuff, it was pretty difficult to resist myself. I moved my hand towards her cunt and greeted immediately by a slap on it, she gestured me to finish of my dinner while she finish off herself to another orgasm.
“ahhh..sanjay…aaahhh..oohhhh…aarrrghhhh…oohhhh…aahhh” grunts escaped from her mouth while she started squirting on to my plate and face leaving me speechless for a moment. Luckily, i finshed off my dinner before her squirting. She then pushed aside the plate and came near to me which left her tits right before my mouth, took a glass of milk and started pouring it over her tits making them wet. The milk was flowing down from over her fleshy mountains on to my face as i grabbed her tits and started sucking them while she was looking down after finishing of milk.
“kaat khao inhe sanjay, kaat khao, zorse maslo inhe zorse…” said sheela.
I kissed her nipples biting them pretty hard which left her screaming in pain but she never stopped me from doing it.I started biting all over her body pretty hard leaving the bite marks everywhere till i got down to her pussy. I pulled her pussy lips pretty hard grabbing them between my teeth to which she let out a huge scream, as i was worried about hurting her decided to leave them, but she urged me to do it more often which ensured me that she is enjoying the pain.
After making her cum hard another time, i stood up to drive my cock deep into her pussy with a single thrust while kissing her passionately. I got hold of her head, her legs locked around my waist, kissin her lips, i rammed my cock in and out of her pussy in good pace.
“aahhh..chodo mujhe sanju..chodo…aur phad do meri choot…ahhhh..oooohhhh” said sheela.
I was going mad thinking of the events happened in last 1 hour and slammed my cock pretty hard in to her pussy with out mercy. For the next fifteen minutes i fucked her in the same position, sweat was pouring down on our bodies due to some intense fucking. Bodies were getting sticky with sweat and milk all over us, i bent down to suck her tits which were by now a mix of salt and sweet which was ecstatic in taste. As i was driving my cock in and out harer and harder, she was screaming on top of her lungs announcing her orgasm.”ohh..myyy…godd….sanju…i’m cummming….cumm..cummming..chodo mujhe..ahhhhh” screamed sheela.
She started squirting out pretty hard on to my cock which was still doing its work in her cunt and the next minute, i squirted my huge load deep in her pussy. we both fell on the table for a while in order to get some rest kissing softly. After a while, i lifted her on to my shoulder and carried to the bathroom. I placed her on the toilet as she urged to pee, while she was pissing into the toilet, i got a sudden urge to pee. I let go of my fluid with out warning her into the sae toilet she was pissing, the first stream hit her clit on its way to the toilet. she let out a low moan and lifted her head up to see me pissing into little gap between her pussy and the toilet.
Suddenly, she moved forward to let my stream hit her on the face to which she was moaning while rubbing my waste all over her body and opened her mouth to taste some and gulped it down her throat. I was surprised to see this lady who was pretty shy before one month and now she is fucking for living and tasting my piss with out any concern while got drenched herself completely with my piss. I definitely fell in love with her at that moment. We cleaned off ourselves with a shower and retired to her bedroom to get some sleep, she stared into my eyes and started crying like a baby. I got hold of her head and pulled it to my chest and consoled her asking the reasong for her tears.
“Kal jab tumhari biwi aajayegi to tum mujhe bhool jaaoge na?” asked sheela.
“nahin meri jaan, nahin mai bhala tumhe kaise bhoolsakta hoon?” saying this i switched on the light and went out to hall to get the other suprise for her. She was standing at the door naked watching for her surprise, i went down with my closed hands knelt before her and opened my wrist to reveal a beautiful ring.
“kya tum mujhse shaadi karogi?” i proposed her.
“Haan meri jaan, haan…” she screamed on top of her lungs saying this and burst in to tears again.
We exchanged rings right there, she gave me her wedding ring which she kept carefully in her closet and we kissed right there like newly married couple. We went to sleep after two hot sessions that night. Early in the morning, my phone rang and i heard of a good news that my wife sonia has delivered a beautiful baby girl. I woke up sheela to reveal her the good news, she was happy to hear it but sad too as she was scared of sonia’s arrival in few days. We both got ready with in a few minutes and hurried to the hospital to see sonia, sonia was very happy with sheela’s arrival as they were two good friends.
After two days, sonia came home with the baby which left both sanjay and sheela to stay apart from their fucking sessions. sonia took care of her baby very well and the other night while sheela was awake worrying of her future, she heard some giggles and moans. she slowly stepped out to the garden and tip toed to the sonia’s house to see sanjay fucking sonia on the couch passionately. She felt a ting of jealousy watching both of them and decided to do something about it.
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