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Sex with aunt after birthday party

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Hello friends. Today I’m gonna share my real experience with my very own aunt after a birthday party.
I am john and my age is 18, starving age right!!. Looking for my aunt, she has really a sexy body which can turn anyone on. Although she has become mother to a child but she never lost her tightness.

Coming to the story.

There was a little birthday party of my relative child in my hometown away from the city. I had went there 3 hours before and helped them in decoration work. Then she came next to me with salwar. We had a little convo and she helped in decoration work. The work is to tie up the balloons on the ceiling. I was on top of a table to tape the balloons where she was below the table giving the balloons to me. As she wore salwar her body shape was nicely encountered. As I was on top now I could see her milky boobs right below of me. Oh my god!! what a f**king beauty was that. I stared at them every time when she was giving me the balloons. At last I took some courage and tried to touch the boobs. As I acted as falling from the table. And she Helped to lift me up and I enjoyed her boobs. But this time she noticed it. She warned me about the thing. But after her scold it made me more hornier and courageous as she never told this to anyone. After the birthday party is over I smiled strange at aunt. She never responded to me. I didn’t lose my courage. After dinner my relative wished me to stay there. I thought this is the right time to enjoy her. As everybody was out there. Me and aunt was still at home. I took courage and held her from the back when she was in the kitchen. Without giving time to think I planted a deep kiss on her lips and my hands were moving to the boobs. She forcefully pulled away from me. But this time I noticed that she pulled away because someone had entered our house. This made me more confident and I was ready for the night time encounter.

As everyone slept away I went to aunt’s room saying to everyone that AC is not working properly at my room. They never had a doubt and I went to aunt’s room.

I soon unzipped my pant and slept in bed with underwear.
Then later aunt entered with cunning smile. I knew she was thirsty and we soon made into action. I pulled her and kissed wildly. And I unhooked her bra and squeezed her boobs along with kiss. Now my dick went hard and I removed her panties and put my dick harder into her pussy. My aunt hates blowjob so I missed that chance. Now my dick was fully in her pussy. She screamed in pain. I made my finger in her mouth and she stopped. I was fucking her like that for 10 minutes and she changed her position. Now I was below and she was on top of me and riding my cock. It was like heaven. After 15 minutes I was about to cum. And she changed her position. Now I had fuck her pussy like nothing ever. And I was about to cum in just 2 seconds. She asked me to cum in her mouth. I said what?? would you like that!!
I wanna drink cum, you fucker, she replied and I never wasted a second and released my cum load in her mouth fully and she enjoyed every drop of it.

I was tired and after some time my aunt slept with me and I pushed my dick into her pussy and slept overnight. We two very much enjoyed and we exchanged our numbers and we fuck together whenever we get a chance.

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