Sex with My Fat Old Maid

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I am just ordinary looking man now at the age of 29. I am from Hyderabad, India. Now coming to the story, my first sexual experience was with a house maid. In our family we always preferred full time maid since my mother and father both worked full time. My first experience was at the age of 15 years. But was thrilling, I could feel heart beat skip few that day.

As we haired full time maid, she used to sleep either in kitchen or in hall. We have our own house in HYD. 3 bed room individual house. Our maid was about 35 year old. She came to hyd in search of job because of her financial issues. Later, I got to know that her husband was a drunkard and left her for some cheap whore.

At 35, most of the women have few extra curves because of kids and fat. Our maid Leela (name changed), was little fat, dark brown skin, most interesting and eye catching parts are her boob, 40D size. She dose not know the size because she is not educated and she dose not wear bar too. I took her measurements one day. Her ass is also very big 42 size. She always used to sleep in kitchen and told my mother that it’s cool in kitchen in night time.

Since she used to work from early morning 5 to night 10, she used to get tired and sleep sense less. That helped me a lot. She used to wake up at 5. Clean front yard of the house and then make some coffee and breakfast for our family and then sweep the house and mop it with wet cloth. I always used to see end enjoy in the morning when she sweeps and mop’s the house. I used to tell some stupid reason and shift to that room where she is cleaning and moping.

When she bends and sweeps I could get full view of that big big boobs. When she mops by sitting on her knees those boobs were pressed by knees and used to pop out half. This made my dick like a iron rod. After seeing i went to bath room and shagged my shaft. This went on for many days.

Things changed one night when i went to drink water in the dinning room. There was no water on the table that night. Usually she used to keep water on dinning table. I did not find water that night. So I went to kitchen to get some water. I switched on light and went straight to the water filter. Took some water and drank water and was about to go back and switch off the light.

That was the time I found that Leela was snoring and sleeping with her saree pallu not any where near covering her boobs and blouse. I thought for a second that i am dreaming but i came to my sens and just did not stop looking at the beautiful scene. So many things went through my mind. I did not know what to do next.

First i needed to make sure that i switch off the light and see to it that she dose not wake up. But then how to look at her in darkness. Then i thought if i switch on kitchen attached store room light I can have dim light coming into kitchen so that i can see her clearly and in that way if any one wake up they will not see that kitchen light is on.

I did that and thought of touching her boobs. I went near her and slowly touched her left boob over blouse. i did not press or make any movement. I just put my palm over the left boob and was feeling that. It went up and down because of her breathing. Snoring conformed that she is in sound sleep. Since the blouse material is thing i felt the nipple part also.

I just put my hand over there like that and with my right took my hard dick and sagged it there, with in few minutes i shoot my load there. I did not know what to do with that cum on floor so i wiped it with her saree. I went back to my room and slept for that night. Next morning I thought about what went on the previous night. I was waiting for the night again.

I did the same on next night also. This went on for a week i guess, some times over saree and blouse or some time just over blouse. Later I kept on sagging but i could not shoot my load like just holding on to her boob. I wanted more, I wanted to see her boobs naked. I slowly started taking one hook after the other. My hands were shaking still some how i did it. I removed all her hooks and for the first time in my life i saw women boobs that close and more than that i was about to touch them like that. I touched them and pressed a little and sagged and went back to sleep. Next day morning I thought about it and remember that i did not hook it back. I was cursing myself for that. Because i saw her looking at her last night’s blouse that she wore again and again. Asked my mother to give some needle and thread to repair that. I cursed my self.

But some how i did the same thing next day night also and this time i unhooked first and then took little time more to hook them back. Now i wanted to suck those big boobs, but how. If she wakes up and tells my mother that’s it i am out of house. But i wanted it so bad that i have decided what ever happens may be i will beg her not to tell any one.

Some how next night I gathered some courage and opened her blouse and did massage for some time and played with her nipple for some time and i put my mouth on the nipple and licked it. I saw some jerks in her body and i was about to leave. She opened her eyes and caught me. I was shaking. I thought she will tell my mother. I was still about to leave but she called my name raju (name changed) and she asked what were u doing.

Me – I came to drink water.

she – then why were u near me and why is my blouse open.

I went near her and told her that I want to touch her and feel her (I don’t know how these words came from my mouth).

She – what if your mother come’s here. What if she see’s you doing this.

Me – If she opens her door i can hear the sound and i will leave. Please let me touch you. Please let me feel you. I will not do any thing. I will just touch you and feel you. Please.

She – what then…

Me – Tomorrow i will get condom.

She – So you are the one who opened my blouse that night.

Me – please let me feel you.

She – ok but do it quick.

Guy that was it i got green signal and i slept near her. I removed her blouse for the first time when she is awake. I did not kiss her lips that day. But I hugged her tight, i pressed her both boobs like any thing i sucked them like any thing. I could see that she was also getting into mood i asked her to shag my dick.

She said no first. But i took her and placed it on my dick. She slowly started to move her hand. I was using my hand all over her body. I just used my hand and felt her body all over. i did not take out my right hand away from her boobs all the time i liked them so much. I squeezed them all the time. She increased her speed on my dick and i shot my load in her hand she cleaned it with her saree. I kept on kissing her boobs and when she told that she want’s to sleep i went back to my room and slept.

Next day the first thing i did was i went and brought some condoms. I was waiting for 11 in the night. By that time every one in my family go’s to there room lock and sleep. I was so excited. and at last it was 11 in the night. I did not wasted a min. I went straight to her and she was sleeping too. I guess she thought i would come to her little late. But I wanted to do stuff my way. so i did not wake her up.

I just slowly took out her saree from her boobs, and slowly started to unhook the blouse. She already started sleep fully. i unhooked top 3 hooks then i felt some jerk in her body. I thought she will wake up but she did not still i did not stop I unhooked remaining and started sucking her nipples and squeezing her boobs then she woke up. She was shocked to see that i did not wake her up but i was doing what i used to do.

Then she removed her saree, I removed her blouse. I even removed her langa (the one that south indian women ware under saree.) and i looked at her pussy, she asked me do you like it. I said i want it. She said what r u waiting for. Then i placed my right hand on her pussy and left hand on her boob, and started kissing her. after some time i started sucking her nipple. By now she started making aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh….. uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm……….. sound. I was little afraid that someone might come. So i got up and locked the kitchen door. She was not leaving my hand. I started from there where i stopped. I started sucking nipples again and started inserting my middle finger in her pussy. I again started making uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmm…………. aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh………… sounds.

She whispered in my ear raju babu please tondariga ni sulli na pukulo pettu inka velutho cheyaku (Raju please put your dick in my pussy don’t do it with hand.). I still wanted to tease her so I said aagu nuvvu inka nasulli mida chey veyaledu, nadi inka levaledu (wait u did not put u r hand on my dick and it’s not hard yet.)i lied to her. It was hard like hell. She immediately put her hand on my dick and told me that nidi chaala gattiga aindi, please tondariga pettu (your’s is hard already please put it in my pussy). I still wanted to tease her so i was acting like i am getting up to check some thing.

She caught my hand pulled me over her, raised her legs, took my dick in her hand and placed it at the entrance of the pussy. That time i rememberd that i for got about the condom that i got in my pajamas, i took the condom and told her to put on my dick. She put the condom and i placed my dick at the entrance at the pussy. She was forcing my to push it by pressing my back. I pushed it in one go. She said please slow down. it is hurting me. I slowed down. I started in and out motion. I started fucking her. She was all the way she was making sounds ooooooooooooooooooooo…………… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………

I was still doing slow. So she was begging me to do fast. i said i ming cum fast if i do fast. She said i dose not matter please raju tondariga tattiga pettu sullini, na sallu gattiga vottu naku, ninu aaapukolenu tondariga chey…….. hhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaayeeeeeeeeoooooooo………….. oooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmm……… (raju please do it hard and fast i can not wait, press my boobs suck my nipples.).

Then i started fucking like some super fast piston. and i did not leave her boobs all the way. I was sucking her nipples. and she dug her hands into my back and i could feel her grip getting tight i guess she was about to cum. I was also about cum. Raju nadi kaaripotundi inka gattiga chey, na sallu nalipey, na pedavi koruku (raju i am about to cum please do it harder, press my boobs harder, bite my lips). I did harder and harder i squeezed her boobs harder and harder, i bit her lower lip. I felt her pussy lips tighten and i could feel her cum, i was also on the edge and i also shot my load but not in her pussy bit in condom. I was tired and did not speak a word. I just fell on her like that only. This session went on for just 10 min but it was the most amazing thing.

I kissed her and went to clean my self and sleep. Next day morning i woke up late. I guess it was 9:30. And best thing was my summer vacation starting day it was. I woke up but i was till on bed. She came in to my room to clean my room. she thought i was in sleep so she did not wake me up. She was cleaning and came near my bed to clean, her back was facing me and i was looking the door if any one was near i saw that no one was there so i got up like a spring and took hold of her from behind. I started pressing her boobs. She was shocked. She told me that my mom is still in how so not now. so i was waiting for my mom to leave.

Friends this continued till the end of my summer vacation. after summer vacation i used to do only in night time. I was in 10th class at that time. After 2 years of her stay she said that her daughter is getting married and she need’s to leave. she did not come back after that. She called up and said that her son-in-law dose not have any one so he ask her to come and stay with her daughter. I was waiting for some other to get haired. I was in all kinds of mind weather the new maid will have sex with me or not.

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