Sexy Cosplay!!!

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-It is about time that I write a story about my current girlfriend, Jenn. Enjoy!-
Jenn and I beamed as we arrived at our hotel room door. We had to be by far the dorkiest couple on Earth, but that was ok. I smiled down at the beautiful brunette beside me as I turned the key in the door. I threw it open and we rushed in, the door closing and locking automatically behind us. We stood facing eachother, eac h of us holding identical shopping bags from the costume store. Our assignment had been simple: find a sexy costume for our partner that would stimulate us the entire night. I smiled at Jenn.
“You go first!”, I said enthusiastically, directing her to show me the surprise she had for me in her bag.
“No, you!!!”, she exclaimed. I knew better than to argue with my girlfriend. I pulled the costume out of the bag.
“Power Girl!!! Seriously?!”, Jenn exclaimed, wide eyed and jaw dropped. “What, I……..I can’t go out in that…….I”, she stuttered, her face going white.
“A deal’s a deal!”, I said with a grin on my face. “Besides, you will look gorgeous”, I said with a warm smile. She took the costume.
“Alright, I suppose a deal is a deal”, she said, as she began to get undressed.
“No, let me babe”, I declared as I stepped towards her. I stepped up to her and planted a warm kiss upon her lips. She kissed me back, as my hands rubbed up and down her back, before cheekily grabbing her ass. She giggled as I stepped back, my hands traveling down to the end of her shirt. I smoothly pulled off her shirt, and then took off her jeans, leaving her in her panties and bra. I looked her up and down and stepped in and cupped her large, bra-encased breasts. Jenn moaned as I lifted them and cupped her breasts.
“No, this won’t do. It is too conservative”, I said as I reached around and unhooked her bra, before pulling the straps off of her shoulders. I slipped it off, giving her another kiss for encouragement, before stepping back to my bag, neatly folding her bra (I had received the lecture more times than I could count), and pulled out the one I bought for her. Her jaw dropped a second time.
“Is that my size? Is it a double D cup? And are those……holes…..where my nipples will be?”
“No, and yes. It is a custom-designed bra that will fit tight and a bit small. There should be some overflowing and maybe some popping out, but the material is designed so as to prevent any harm to your breasts. And these holes, are to bring out your exhibitionist side”, I said with a grin.
I walked back up to her and put the bra on her, making sure to spend some extra time adjusting her breasts in the cups. As I had predicted, she looked quite comical in the bra, her large, round breasts overflowing the primitive cups. Her face turned a shade of pink as I gazed on her.
It was then that I helped her put on the bottom of the costume, which resembled a bikini bottom. I then had her raise her arms as I pulled the white top down over her head, pulling it all the way down and on. I put on her cape and then led her over to a mirror to admire my work.
Her face turned bright red when she saw her reflection. Both of our eyes stared at her cleavage, which was emphasized by a large, obvious circle over her breasts. If that were not enough, her cleavage was further emphasized by the tiny bra I had made her put on, as well as by her nipples which were naked beneath the white fabric.
I put my arm around my girlfriend. “You look spectacular, Jenn. And now it is your turn.”
My wonderful girlfriend’s expression immediately went from embarrassed to enormously happy as she jumped up and down with glee. I watched with lust as her magnificent bust bounced up and down with each jump. She ran over to her bag and pulled out the costume.
“Spiderman, I should have known”, I said with a smile as she held it out to me. “That won’t be too bad”, I said with a smug look.
“That’s what you think, babe. But this one has been altered a bit”, she said as she stuck out her tongue at me.
She walked towards me slowly, swaying her hips as she moved. A seductive look adorned her pretty face.
She threw the spiderman costume on the bed as she stepped towards me. She immediately threw her arms around me, pressing my chest against her magnificent breasts, her hard nipples making themselves known against my skin, as her tongue danced with mine. The passionate kiss lasted a few minutes, before she withdrew. She took a couple of steps back, her eyes scanning me up and down. Her pupils dilated and a smirk came to her lips when she noticed the definite bulge of my semi in my jeans. she stepped closer to me again, her hands going to the bottom of my shirt and pulling it off of me. She kissed me on the lips again, this time a quick kiss, while she rubbed my bare back. She then kneeled, giving me a breathtaking view down her cleavage, as she unzipped and unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down.
Having pulled off my jeans, she returned to her kneeling position, close to my crotch, her nose almost touching the tip of my now very big, very hard dick. She grinned at the apple of her eye. It was then that she took hold of the elastic of my boxer briefs and swiftly pulled them down my legs, laughing boisterously at my hard dick as it was catapulted from the briefs and slammed into my abdomen, before bouncing to and fro, and then coming to a halt directly in front of her. She took hold of my swollen shaft and kissed the head of my cock lovingly.
“There’s my big boy”, she said as she licked her lips, seductively. She then went to the bed and picked up the costume, unzipped it at the back, and held it before me. I did as was expected, and stepped my legs into the legs of the costume she held. She pulled the costume up and then over my head, completely hiding my body from view, and then zipped up the back. She then directed me to the same mirror, where I gazed on my reflection, amusedly, until I noticed the bulge of my package which was very, very evident. Jenn smiled as she stepped up beside me. “looking good, boyfriend!”, she remarked as she bore a mischevious grin.
I looked down at the enormous bulge that stuck out like a sore thumb in my costume. It was more than obvious. It was obscenely obvious, the glans perceptible if anyone looked closely enough.
“Time to go”, Jenn remarked with an evil grin on her face as she glanced at my large, rigid erection.
“Now, but, but, but….”
“Now!!!”, Jenn exclaimed.
I hurried out of the door, escorting my sexy girlfriend down the hallway. Fortunately the hallway was empty. My nerves did most of the work for me, as we walked down the hall arms interlinked, my cock relaxing back into its flaccid state. I let out a sigh of relief as we entered the elevator. That is until I looked at the reflection in the mirror and saw that my package was still very obvious, the bulge of my balls and soft cock very much discernible.
We walked out of the elevator and walked into the large conference center ball room, where hundreds of other cosplay enthusiasts were already having a great time. As we entered through the doors, we gave eachother one last kiss, before walking away from eachother and conducting the rest of our plan.
I headed towards a circle of ladies, making sure I was still within eyeshot of Jenn. I smiled, or at least tried, as my face was completely covered by my costume. The women were at first startled by the disguise, dismayed by their inability to observe my features. It was then that all five of them looked down and saw my very bold package. All of their eyes seemed to pop out of their heads, as they all popped their heads back up.
“So how are you doing, Spiderman?”, asked a very hot catwoman as she looked lustily at me. The other women seemed similarly entranced. I teased them and flirted, but found myself lacking in reaction to this game. So, I left the ladies and went about looking for my lovely girlfriend.
I found her easily, surrounded by a large gathering of men. She gesticulated wildly, grinning from ear to ear as she told what I guessed were boisterous tales. I reckoned that the men were hardly paying attention to her words, but more probably to her nipples which stood out, and to her very deep cleavage.
Who would have known that my darling girl would be enjoying this game so much. She seated herself on a couch, feigning fatigue, but very knowingly improving the view for her circle of admirers, whom all pulled in closer, as if drawn in by a magnet. I seated myself in a seat across from her, playing my part, while the lustful gang competed for the two spots on her left and right. The winners were a typical pair: a large, brawny superman and a hulk. There was a moment of eye contact between Jenn and I and a curling up of the ends of her lips before she jumped right back into character.
“So, how are you doing, big boy?”, Jenn said as she leaned into Superman, her left breast pressing against his side. Superman replied as confidently as he could manage, his blood pressure undoubtedly increasing by the minute. “I’m doing well. How are you?”, he let out.
“Oh, I am doing splendid. Every one here seems really nice. I am getting an awful lot of attention”, she cooed with a star struck smile, as she stretched her arms and stuck her chest out. All eyes were on her bountiful breasts as they strained the white fabric.
“I…bett”, stammered the hulk.
“Yes, it can be awfully intimidating. It makes a girl long for a big, strong man to look after her. A girl needs protection.”
“I can protect you”, replied the Hulk.
“Oh, I just bett you can, big boy.”
It was all I could do not to burst out laughing. Jenn had these men by the gills, entranced as if under a spell, and they had no idea that she was just playing a part.
“Although, I do like skinny guys as well”, remarked Jenn as she looked straight at me. She stood up, made a show of adjusting her breasts in the slutty top, and walked over to me.
“May I have this dance”, she asked as she reached out her hand.
“Yes, darling”, I said as I took her hand. We both laughed out loud as we walked away, having played the group for fools.

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