Shared Fantasy Which Became True

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My wife Lia and I have been married for seven years. She is an Asian lady 22 years old 5’tall and weighs 125lbs. My name is Junior and I am much older at 41 stand 5’10” and weigh about 190lbs.
Lia is a very beautiful lady and has perfect C cups and really great perfect nipples with areolas the size of quarter and her nipples long when hard. She has a very beautiful body that every man looks at whenever they see her walk by. She highlights her hair which is normally black but over the years has lightened up to a brown with blondish and reddish highlights.
This is where our fantasy begins.
During our first two years every time we go anyplace together I always seen men of all ages staring at her. I can tell what is going through their minds just by the expression on their faces. At the mall I have been away from my wife and while she is looking around I have over heard men saying to each other what they would like to do with her. Whenever I over hear guys talking about the things they would like to do with Lia I get aroused. Sometimes to the point that I would love to go to the restroom and masterbate.
One night after some serious love making I asked Lia if she ever fantasizes about anything. She responded “yes but I like to keep them secret”. After some brief discussion she told me that” she sometimes fantasized about having sex with two men”. This really caught my attention since I have overheard other men discussing what they would like to do with her. She said “she could never do it but it makes her very hot and wet when she thinks about it”.
Lia then asked me what my fantasy was and I replied, “ I want to see you have sex with another man, a stranger or casual acquaintance. Someone that we don’t have to worry about running into in our area”. Lia then replied, “you know I could never do it”. I said “yes it’s just a fantasy”. I said,” even if you could let someone have sex with you without me being there and just tell me about it later”. I told her that my true fantasy is just knowing she is giving one of the best blow jobs in the world to a stranger does it for me and that in my fantasy she doesn’t even have to fuck him. The thought of her kissing, making out and touching another man and letting him see her naked was enough. Throw a blow job in the deal and I could explode.
After that little discussion we started using her vibrator or our fingers when making love to simulate that another man or two was having sex with her. This really fired our relationship up. We had some of the best sex ever. We also started watching movies while making love. Most of the movies were swinger or cheating wife type movies.
Over the next several months we discussed a lot and tried a lot of different things. We went to a “Social Club” (swingers club meeting) and the theme was red. I convinced her to wear a thong under an Asian silk robe and I wore a matching silk robe with briefs. We both agreed that if we met the right man or couple we may have a threesome or foursome but no more than that. We danced a couple dances and fondled each other through our robes which were mostly open in the front and revealing most of her tits but was just not ready to take the next step of having sex with anyone else. We also went to a nudist camp which turned out to be great, met a lot of nice people and one couple tried to hit on us and the guy did manage to feel Lia up for a couple hours as we all sit in the conversation pool but once again nothing further than that. We stayed there three days but just didn’t get up the courage. The thought of the stranger feeling my wife up was enough to help us make love the rest of the weekend.
After about a year of this “testing the waters” so to speak I had all but given up on making our fantasy become a reality. Then out of the clear blue sky my wife said she had to attend a week long convention in California. I then made the suggestion that she might be able to fulfill my fantasy. After all it was 3000 miles away from NYC and we would never have the chance to run into anyone she meets that far away. She agreed and said, “she would see what she could do to help me out.” I told her she could tell and write me the story and email it to me after the affair and she agreed. My cock was throbbing with excitement and her trip could not come fast enough for me.
Lia then told me that on the second night at the convention there was going to be a dance. There was going to be over 3000 people at this convention from all over the United States. She said, “she was going to need a casual dress to wear for the dance and that she wanted me to taker her to the mall and help pick one out”. Now I was getting so excited and we went to the mall a few hours later.
At the mall I heard the usual cat calls directed at my wife. I seen all the stares directed her way and also heard a few sexual comments about her. We finally found her a very sexy dress. It was a multi color red, white, black. The colors were shaped like triangles, circles and squares. It had a v neck and my wife stated that she wouldn’t be able to wear a braw with it. I was so excited and asked her to try it on. She went to the dressing room and put it on. When she stepped out to show me I was thrilled almost to ejaculation. I could see her nipples because where they are located the material is white and the dress is very sheer and if it wasn’t for the multiple colors it is see through. Her hard nipples were pressing against the material and because they are very dark brown almost black I along with a couple other guys could see them. When she went back to the dressing room I could hear the two guys talking to each other and I got so aroused.
My wife and a friend left for the convention and this is my wife’s story. Remember this is true and only the strangers name has been changed.
On the flight to the convention there was a man, I will call him Dave that was seated next to my wife on the plane. My wife is really conservative and quiet but Dave kept trying to make conversation with her. Since the flight was so long she finally caved and they conversed. Lia found out that Dave was also attending the convention so they started to hit it off pretty good. Dave was 24 years old about 6’4” tall and slim. According to Lia he was very clean and handsome. He had a goatee and small mustache.
When their plane arrived in LAX my wife told me about their brief encounter but was worried about her friend and the fact that all three of them was without luggage. Apparently there was a mix up in NYC and the luggage was still at the terminal and they wasn’t sure when it would make it to LAX. I suggested that they go to a shopping center and get what they needed to survive until the luggage arrives. They did have some stuff in their carry on’s but not enough for the three days it may take. My hopes of my wife wearing that dress we picked out were going up in smoke. The three of them Lia, Dave and Sue shared a cab and went to a store to buy some clothes. From my understanding Dave also helped judge what they were picking out, this got me overly excited knowing that my wife loves to show off her sexy body, but knowing Sue was there I figured my wife would be a little conservative. Later that night while Sue was in the shower my wife called me gave me the full report. It appears that Lia timed her trying on things while Sue was preoccupied and that Dave helped her out more than I would have ever imagined. He even got to see her in her panties and braw when he handed her some clothes to try on. My wife caught him peeking through the gap where the hinges hang the door on the stall. This made her wet and she said she caressed her tits outside the bra so he could see. By the rise in his pants she did see he was getting a little turned on by what he was seeing. Other than that little tease nothing else happened.
Over the next two days my wife and I discussed what may happen at the dance. She said she still hasn’t met anyone who she thinks may be interested and wasn’t sure if the affair would take place but she would see. I asked about the man she met on the trip and that was a little turned on while shopping and she replied,” she was worried about what her friend Sue might think if she found out or had the notion that something was going on.”
Her luggage still wasn’t in yet at lunchtime the day of the dance so my hopes of my fantasy come true were increasingly diminishing. That dress completed her, it exasperated her sexuality.
At about 5::00 pm Lia called me and told me that after the long day at the convention when her and Sue returned to their room they had a message from the hotel lobby that their luggage was delivered and located in the hotel baggage room. Now I was once again aroused and told my wife to get ready and not to call me again and to just have a lot of fun and a great time. I could hear a little tension but also the excitement in her voice. I told her that if the affair happens it happens and to email the story to me after she returns for the night. I also told her if she couldn’t go on with it that would be fine as well and not to worry about me.
Here’s how everything went down. This is my favorite part and will be etched in my mind for the rest of my life. Since she wrote this story to me I have had to edit the story to be able to share it with you. None of the events were edited I only changed words like “my” and “me” to “her” etc. I am sure you get the point.
Lia and Sue picked up their luggage then went back to their room to iron their dresses and get ready. My wife slowly slid the crimson lipstick across her full lips, her long hair hanging straight down her slender back. She was wearing the dress that we had picked out. The dress was red, white, and black with a low front, it couldn’t be worn with a bra, “spoil the look” my wife had said, her breasts filled the front and her nipples pressing into the fabric. She slid her sexy black heels on that made her legs look longer.
My wife stood and looked at her friend Sue and asked, “how do I look?” She looked sexy, and she knew it. “You look great” Sue replied and goes back to ironing her dress. She also made a comment that she was surprised that I helped pick out her dress. Sue’s husband is the jealous type and would never pick up such a revealing dress and let her wear it out without him. Her friend was also getting ready. The flight had been long and crazy, but they finally had their luggage. Tonight was the convention party. They were to meet Dave there that had also lost his luggage. They all ended up on the same shuttle and got to know one another a little better than they did on the flight from NYC.
They were at the hotel with thousands of other students who also came for the convention from all over the place. They were all going to the party with the best outfit they owned.
My wife found the party pretty interesting. Her and Sue found the guy in front of the entrance under the palm trees. He looked up and smiled at them. “Hey ladies! You look wonderful”. They found a table in the center of the room so they could watch the dancing and singing on the floor. My wife sat down next to him and they chatted. He seemed very familiar with where he rested his hand when he leaned in to chat with her. She smiled, but didn’t try to move his hand away. His hand rested just above her knee on the inside of her thigh.
After an hour or so of the three of them talking and Dave massaging Lia’s thigh under the table, Dave turned to Sue and asked if it would be appropriate for him to ask Lia to dance. Sue, unknowing what Dave was doing to Lia’s leg and emotions under the table said, “sure”. Dave wanted to make sure that Sue wasn’t going to start any problems with me when they returned home after the convention. After all Lia, me, Sue and her husband were best friends. With that Dave turned to Lia and asked her to dance. Politely Lia accepted the invitation and they walked hand in hand to the dance floor. They managed to go deep into the crowd where Sue couldn’t see them.
They danced to a few fast dances Lia knew that Dave had to be able to see some if not all of her breasts as they danced to the music. Her breasts were bouncing around quite a bit and she knew the fabric and the excitement of the night was making her nipples hard, they sat a couple songs out to cool down and drink some of the lemonade provided by the convention. Then a slow song comes up and Dave takes Lia’s hand and leads her back to the dance floor. Lia felt a bit odd dancing with a stranger. She tried to pull away a bit but Dave held on tight. Because of their height difference, Lia being only 5’ and Dave being about 6’ 4” Lia could feel a hardness on her belly just beneath the bottom of her breast. Dave holds tighter and tells her in a whisper that she feels good up against his body. And he tells her he would like to spend the rest of the evening with her. Lia smiles and replies “I’m married and you know it”. Dave says “that’s not a problem.” Lia feels herself getting more excited. Dave lifted the hair off of her shoulder and whispered for her to walk outside and get some air with him. Lia said,” that it was cold”, so he handed her his jacket. Lia walked back to the table to tell Sue she would be back in a little while after getting some fresh air and dancing some more. Then Lia and Dave walked out of the party and into the night air.
As my wife and Dave start their walk Dave turns to her and asks,” Why don’t you come to my room? It’s warmer there. I’ll be a gentleman.” Since it was cold my wife accepted the invitation. They walked into the hotel across the street as he kept his hand on her waist.
“Alright, but no messing around” my wife replied. While in the elevator he presses himself against her thigh as he whispers into her ear about how beautiful she was. She laughed, but made no attempt to push him away. Lia also managed to brush her hand against the growing bulge in his pants and could feel the hardness, length and thickness of it.
They went up to the 3rd floor and she stood outside of the hotel room as he entered. She knew she shouldn’t go in, but she walked into his hotel room. “I don’t bite” he says.
There was a mirror immediately to the left. My wife was looking in the mirror; she slid her lipstick across her lips. She saw how finely shaped her body was in the dress that I picked out for her. Her nipples were hard and pushing against the soft, thin fabric. She can see the darkness of her nipples against the white fabric.
My wife turned to look for Dave and he was standing very close, a smile on his face.
“That was nice what you did in the elevator, “ Dave said.
“What did I do in the elevator?” my wife asked.
“Not enough” Dave came up close and pressed my wife against the dresser below the mirror. She could feel his body against hers. She felt her breathe quicken, but is unsure of what to say. He smiled and holding her dress hem, he raised it until he was at her thigh. “Is that okay?”
She didn’t say anything. “It must be okay than” he says he raises her dress higher until it is against her stomach. She is mesmerized as she feels his hand against her skin.
“Should I lift it higher” he asked. My wife shook her head and whisper no. He lifts it up to below her breast. “Stop me if you want” but feeling his hand move across her stomach was too much for her to handle. She does nothing. He lets go of the dress and cups her pussy with his hand. “I have been thinking about this all night”, Dave says.
He slowly runs his fingers against the edge of her panties. She feels herself getting wet as he slowly moved her panties aside. He pushes the panties aside and runs his cold finger against her soft lips. “It’s so soft and wet,” he says.
My wife exhaled as he slides a finger into her wetness. He slowly moves his finger in and out. He pulls his wet finger out and slides it up and down on her wet pussy lips. With his other hand he grabs her breast and then her hard nipple over her dress. He pinches it between his fingers and with his hand pulls the dress over her head while fingering her wet lips with his other hand.
The dress fell down exposing her breasts and nipples which were clearly aroused.
His rough fingers pulled and twisted her nipple sending tremors through her body. Lia started moving her hips in time to his fingers, pushing back at him unable to control herself. “We should go, my friend is probably looking for me,”Lia states.
He stopped her with his lips, roughly pushing them against her face. Lia states “No, I shouldn’t do this. I’m married” His hand left her breast and started to undo his belt and pants. His pants fell to the floor along with his boxers exposing his cock. It wasn’t fully erect. My wife then takes her hand and starts to massage his cock. After several minutes of stroking the shaft she kneels down to suck and lick it. My wife gives great head for such a small lady. She is the only one that has ever taken my entire cock all the way to my balls in her throat. She is also the only one I have ever had that uses her mouth more than her hands. To this day it amazes me and now she is sucking off someone she barely just met.
First Lia just licked the shaft from his sack to the tip, over and over again. Occasionally she would put just the tip of it in her mouth and could taste the sweetness of his pre-cum. After several minutes of teasing the shaft she started sucking his cock. She would take it slow to savor this moment. She would suck his tip and slowly work her mouth all the way down to his sack and back up with a twisting motion, no hands at all, just her sexy mouth doing all the action. After a little while she could feel Dave getting ready to explode, his cock swelling and his fucking motion getting faster. My wife then put the entire shaft in her throat and swallowed every last drop of his sweet nectar. She kept his cock in her mouth for about 5 minutes until he settled down. She then looks up to Dave and says “my turn”.
He extended his hand to help her up and then began to slide her panties down her thighs, “take them off” he said. She didn’t move, so he pushed them passed her thighs and let them fall the rest of the way onto the floor. She stepped out of them. His hand returned to her now very wet pussy, his fingers immediately slipping inside her making her moan.
My wife just couldn’t control her body any more. She spread her legs wider and bent her knees slightly to allow him to push his finger inside of her. Her hips have a mind of their own. Her beautiful ass was resting against the edge of the dressing table; she can feel the edge digging into her ass. She couldn’t move away from where he had placed her. She watched as his cock got harder; her hands were resting against the edge of the table trying to balance herself. He pressed his cock against her thigh. She can feel the hot hardness against her thigh. He took his cock in his hand and slid it across her pussy lips, she moaned into the empty room. She thought to herself, “what am I doing?” I shouldn’t even be in this room with this strange man, but I am. And he is doing things to my body that I should protest.” He slides his cock against her pussy until his cock is wet.
Dave says,” I’m going to fuck you. I can’t stop. Even if you wanted me to,” he grunted against her neck. He roughly sucked her breast. Then slowly moved to her other breast, gently pulling at her hard nipple. The moment for my wife to make my fantasy come true has arrived and even though she has second thoughts she continues to let Dave have his way with her.
He slowly pulled his wet finger out of my wife’s wet pussy and said “you’re ready I hope”. “Yes”, she whispered.
He pushed forward pushing the head of his cock into her wet lips. She can feel his hardness force her wet lips apart. He pulled out again and rubbed it against her lips. “If you want me to stop, say so” she moan afraid to say anything because her body was aching. She did manage to reach down and open her pussy lips wider to allow him easier access to her tight pussy. Dave was a lot thicker than me and she didn’t want to tear.
He pushed again, this time she had to push her hands against the edge of the dresser to keep from falling. He pushed his cock inside of her and slid against her wet pussy. He grabbed her legs and lifted them up around his hips. She is stuck between him and the edge of the dresser. This made her open a bit more and as he pushed, more of his cock slid into of her. He started to fuck her in short stabs, pulling out and pushing further in. He held on to the edge of the bed and she tried to keep herself from moaning too loud. She moaned into his skin. He started to push harder into her as he licked her nipples. His hands grabbed her ass and forced himself deeper into her. At some point as they were fucking they moved over to the bed.
“You’re so tight” he says with every thrust, she could only hang on as her body was pushed up against the table from the fucking she was getting. She started pushing her hips sliding herself up and down his cock. She can see her bare breast bouncing up and down at every thrust if it wasn’t being sucked. She could feel herself getting tighter. Her pussy was starting to constrict around his cock and his cock was swelling. She says, “I’m going to cum”. He gripped her ass tighter, he grunted. She feels herself cumming and groans out loud. He pulls his cock out and pushes it back in over and over again as she cums, making her cum and moan even harder. He thrusts his cock onto her belly as if he was fucking her stomach leaning against her. She can feel his cum running down her stomach and her pussy and dripping onto her ass. She reaches down and puts his cock back into her pussy, she wants to feel some of the cum deep inside. He cums even more and she can feel his juices seeping out of her pussy. They slow their rhythm until they are then just holding one another and engage in a deep kiss. They are still interlocked together with cum running out of her pussy and down both of her slits. My wife then goes down and put her mouth around his cock and savors the flavor. She sucks every last bit of it and then licks him clean.
After a couple hours of just holding, kissing and fondling each other my wife suddenly felt ridiculous with her legs spread wide apart with her pussy exposed to this stranger. A stranger who just pumped her crazy. She slid down from the bed and he gets up. She then goes to the bathroom to wash up and find her dress. She was unable to find her panties. She put her dress back on and he reaches from behind and puts a kiss on her neck. Dave then asks,” Why don’t you stay?”
Lia replied, “I have to get back to the party my friend is waiting. And I’m married. I can’t stay”
That was four years ago and to this day as I sit here and write this story it still makes me hotter than anyone could ever imagine. Since then my wife has had an occasional fling and I will be sharing those stories with you. Just the thought of my wife with another man makes me want to cum. Lia and I have some of our best love making ever while re-enacting her adventures. May the sex never end.

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