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Shobha Fucked by the Servant Bhola Chapter 5

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As Shobha’s breathing slowly returned to normal, she could not ignore the way Bhola’s erect cock was grinding between her ass cheeks. Shobha was uncertain what to do next. Till now, she thought of Bhola as nothing more than her sex slave who had pleasured her through cunnilingus to a mind-blowing orgasm. She wondered if she should just get up and walk back to her bedroom leaving Bhola erect and dry. No, she thought, perhaps a hand job would be the best way to close the dalliance. Intercourse with Bhola was something that had crossed her mind but was best avoided, she thought. No, I can’t cross that line, she told herself. My sex slave needs to pleasure me, and not the other way around, she thought. And yes, she longed to hold that thick brown specimen of manhood in her hand one more time.

“Ummmmmm….”, Shobha’s musings were interrupted as Bhola nibbled behind her ear and licked the back of her neck. Bhola was a virgin and a novice but keenly tuned to pleasing his mistress and had sensed earlier that this part of the anatomy had bhabhi’s sensitive spot.

Shobha was lying on her left side, her back against Bhola’s naked chest and both squeezed together on the single narrow bed. Bhola slipped his left hand under Shobha and cupped her left breast, gently squeezing it rhythmically. He now hugged her tightly against his chest drawing her even closer, while continuing to alternately lick her on the side of the neck and nibble her behind the ear. With his right hand, he grabbed Shobha’s right breast and squeezed hard.

He now had Shobha in a pincer grip.

“Eeeeoooooowwwwww!”, Shobha shrieked softly, and tried to elbow him on his chest but couldn’t get the angle. She slipped her hand behind her back and let it drag down on his right abdomen. Bhola knew instinctively where her hand was headed and pushed Shobha gently forward to create the space and ease the path. Shobha’s hand grabbed his erect cock and curled her fingers around the thick hard shaft. And gave him a playful squeeze. This time it was Bhola’s turn to moan. He responded by pinching her right nipple, and then squeezed it crudely between his thumb and forefinger.

“Aaram se, Bhola”, (Go Easy, Bhola!) she scolded him, and like a school teacher punishing an errant student by pulling an ear, she yanked hard at his cock and giggled as he squirmed. In response, Bhola bit her earlobe, inhaled the fragrance in her wet hair and followed it with a wet lick of his tongue behind her ears. Shobha could stand no more – she was wrapped up in Bhola’s strong arms, her left breast still being squeezed, her neck and ear lobe being nibbled, her right nipple being twisted and an erect cock jammed hard against her ass. By serendipity or otherwise Bhola had hit all her sex buttons at the same time. Shobha’s biology was stirring her body to yearn for more sexual ministrations.

“Bhabhi ..,.,,”, Bhola whispered softly in her ear.
“Ummmmm….bolo mere Bhola”, (Speak, my Bhola).

“Bhabhi ….. mujhe aapke sath karna hai”, Bhola whispered softly. (Bhabhi, I want to do it with you).

Shobha struggled with a response. Her natural instinct to maintain sexual control was fighting a battle with the way her body was getting unexpectedly turned on under Bhola’s rough ministrations.

She made a decision.

Jaise mein boloongi waise hi karna. Zyada nahin kam naihin” (Do as I tell you. Not more, not less). Shobha brought out the best of her commanding tone that she was used to in her working days as an HR manager.

At that stage Bhola would have agreed to walk on burning coals to get a chance to lose his virginity with his gorgeous mistress. He nodded, eyes widened in excitement and his engorged cock hurting even more and begging for relief.

In a single sudden move, Shobha flipped over and pushed Bhola on his back, straddling him, her knees on either side of his waist. She lowered herself and deliberately squashed Bhola’s cock flat and lengthwise between his stomach and under her ass. Once the cock was wedged under her naked buttocks, she gently rocked back and forth but not letting her full body weight fall on the cock. She knew from the couple of times that Chetan let her do it, that this position maximised the pressure on the erect cock. The back and forth rubbing heightened both pain and pleasure for the male without giving the male the satisfaction of actual penetration. She leaned forward and let her wet hair fall over Bhola’s face. Her full breasts hung like ripe mangoes begging to be plucked. Bhola, on his back, moaned with the delicious agony of his erect cock being massaged under the the to and fro motion of Shobha’s buttocks. He reached out to grab her breasts but Shobha playfully swatted him away. She then pinned his hands by his side, resting her weight on her hands to lock them immobile. Bhola could have wrested himself free but having a naked mistress on top of him seemed to hint at more pleasurable activities.

Bhola stopped resisting. Having won a small victory by physically restraining Bhola, Shobha leaned forward and rewarded him with a gentle kiss and letting her breasts get squashed against Bhola’s chest. Bhola raised his mouth greedily to force his tongue inside Shobha’s mouth but she teasingly pulled back and smiled at his frustration.

Her eyes locked boldly into Bhola’s eyes, a half smile on her lips, a squatting Shobha then shifted her body weight from her knees to her hands, continuing to hold down Bhola’s wrists, raised her ass and slid her buttocks lower down on Bhola’s thighs. This released Bhola’s cock, which now free of restraint sprang up to ninety degree angle against Bhola’s torso and now nestled against Shobha’s stomach.

Shobha then broke eye contact with Bhola and turned her attention to his cock. Bhola’s cock and balls were rubbing against her pubis giving her a pleasant sensation. She sat back, her thighs still straddling Bhola’s waist, shifted her weight backwards on her folded knees. Supporting herself on Bhola’s strong muscular thighs, she now released her hold on Bhola’s wrists and slid her hands teasingly along his chest, her fingernail tracking a path over Bhola’s nipples. She then grabbed his cock with both hands. His hands freed, Bhola stretched them flat on the bed above his head and surrendered himself to his mistress who straddled him completely.

Shobha massaged Bhola’s cock as he sighed, eyes half-closed but kept her touch gentle so as to not push him over the brink. His cock felt hot and in the yellow light of the room, she could see the veins throbbing along the dark chocolate brown of the shaft and the mushroom head shine with pre cum glistening with a lighter shade of brown. Bhola’s cock, she assessed, was the same size as Chetan but a tad thicker and, of course, deliciously darker.

Shobha raised herself slightly, held the base of the cock and rubbed the mushroom head against her pussy lips. She was wet and fully lubricated, and felt a shiver flow through her body at the mere contact. Finally, mustering courage, Shobha lowered her weight against the erect cock. Her pussy lips parted and the entire length of the cock slid in snugly as she impaled herself against Bhola’s cock all the way.


Shobha gave a long sigh and closed her eyes as she savoured there feel of having a cock other than her husband invade her snug married pussy. Bhola had his eyes and mouth open as he experienced the ecstasy of his cock buried in the pussy of his mistress. Impaled on Bhola’s cock, Shobha leaned forward and kissed Bhola on his mouth. This time, Bhola found her tongue forcing its way inside and the two lovers kissed long and deep. Shobha gently adjusted her position, slowly closed her eyes, savouring the feel of the cock buried deep in her.

Then, gradually, Shobha rotated her hips first sideways until she got into a snug position, then a slow circular motion and then began the up and down action of fucking Bhola, her servant. Initially gently, and then with increasing urgency, she built her rhythm filling the room with the slapping sound of her ass against Bhola’s abdomen.

Pachak, pachak, pachak………… the wet sloppy sound of the two people fucking echoed in the small servant room.

For Shobha, this was pure ecstasy. She always craved to get on top when having sex with Chetan. Frustratingly for her, Chetan could never sustain his erection in that position for more than a couple of minutes and always seemed to switch back into the missionary position.

She locked eyes with Bhola and that made the fucking even more intimate. She leaned forward gave him a kiss, and just when he wanted to force his tongue into her mouth, she teasingly broke away and resumed humping him. She loved the sensation of his cock thrusting up and down against her tight pussy and she felt she could adjust both the depth of the strokes as well as the speed with which she bounced up and down. She found that varying both the speed and depth of the plunge gave her more control.

Bhola thought this is what heaven must feel like.

He was on his back, and his mistress was nude and on top and bouncing up and down. Her wet hair framed and half covered her beautiful face, like a black veil and now he could see beads of sweat form on her forehead. The sweat also made her hair more sticky and tufts of it clung to her breasts. Bhola reached out a couple of times to brush them away so that he could have a clear view. When that didn’t help, Shobha paused her humping momentarily to tie her hair back into a bun at the top of her head. Much better, thought Bhola. Her breasts were now bouncing up and down. He reached out to squeeze them and play with the nipples. Shobha reacted by pausing her humping, leaning forward and lowered her breasts so that Bhola could take the nipples in his mouth. Bhola greedily latched on to to them, squeezing her breasts and chewing her nipples one after the other. Shobha found the pain delectable. When Bhola didn’t let go of her breasts, Shobha found she could continue the humping even with Bhola squeezing and chewing her breasts.

The room was silent but for the rhythmic and squishy sound of their fucking and Shobha’s laboured breathing. This went on for about ten minutes. and a sweating Shobha felt herself approaching an orgasm. She slowed down, and despite her tiredness, wanted the humping to continue as long as possible. As she squeezed her naked thighs harder around Bhola’s waist and willed her pussy muscle to clench tighter on Bhola’s cock, she saw Bhola’s face go through a contortion. From her experience with Chetan, she realised Bhola was going to cum and immediately changed her up and down motion to a gyrating rotating sideways motion and clutched hard at Bhola’s hair pulling it painfully.


Both moaned in unison and climaxed simultaneously and Shobha felt Bhola’s cock discharge copiously inside her. Shobha collapsed on top of Bhola, the hair bun on her head now completely undone and the hair – now matted with sweat sprawled over her face and Bhola’s face and shoulders.

Eyes closed, Shobha kissed and chewed Bhola’s lips madly in passion as multiple waves of orgasm swept through her body, leaving her delirious and with the realisation that this was the first time ever she had two orgasms in a single session. And first time ever when riding on top of her partner.

She rolled over to her back to lie down besides Bhola. Bhola’s cock, now discharged and limp, freed itself from her pussy. She couldn’t help caressing it, almost as if to thank it for giving her such pleasure. The cock was warm, now soft, wet and slippery to touch and coated with the mix of juices secreted by both their bodies. Shobha’s own body was drenched with sweat.

She glanced at Bhola, who still seemed dazed with eyes closed still savouring the realization that he had just fucked his mistress for the first fuck of his life.

A few minutes passed on complete silence It was broken when Bhola turned around and kissed her, and she kissed him back Shobha thought of it as a thank you kiss.

Bhola got up, switched the full lights on in the room bathing Shobha in embarrassing brightness. Still naked, the young lad went to the small attached toilet, came back with a wet towel and began cleaning Shobha lovingly. He took care to clean Shobha’s thighs and wiped off the the semen that had dropped down, and looked in wonder at her swollen pussy lips. The room, now brightly lit, gave the two lovers the opportunity to study each other’s naked body.

Her own body wiped clean, Shobha took the wet towel from Bhola to return the favour. Bhola was seated, naked, on the edge of his bed with his feet on the ground and hands by his side on his bed, his limp sticky cock nestling by his thighs. Shobha knelt on the floor between his knees. Starting with his chest, and then his underarms, she lovingly and slowly wiped his cock and balls. The irony of the situation was not lost on her. Here was the mistress of the house, beautiful and naked, kneeling in front of a naked male servant, and wiping clean his cock with a wet towel.

His cock clean, Bhola pulled up Shobha and made her sit on his knees. He kissed her deeply and squeezed her breasts. Shobha broke away after a kiss.

Bhola, mere raja, aaj tum jawan go gaye. Batao, kaise laga? “, she asked sweetly. (Bhola, my dear, today you grew up How was it?)

Bhola hesitated a bit, and then as the momentousness of his achievement sank in, the words started flowing in a torrent, “Saala, Samajh mein nahin aa raha hai. ….,,,Yeh sapna hai ya sach hai…..Behenchod, kahan aap ko dekh ke har din isi kamre mein laut ke muth marte the….. Aur aaj to aap sakshat Poonam Pandey ke ishtyle mein nangi hamare kamre mein khud chali aayee……behenchod, hamare lund ki bhi kya kismet nikli…..choot ki lottery mein apun ko aaj first prize mil gaya

(Damn, I can’t believe it if it’s a dream or its true. Fuck, everyday I used to jerk off to you every single day and today you came to my room naked like Poonam Pandey. Fuck, my cock is lucky….looks like I won the first prize at the pussy lottery”)

The language was vulgar and coarse. An alarm bell should have gone off in Shobha’s head then but sitting naked in the lap of a lover who had given her two mind blowing orgasms, and her husband probably snoring fifty feet and two doors away, Shobha felt turned on by the crude references. The comparison to Poonam Pandey made her pussy tingle.

Mere handsome Bhola raja, har roz mere bare mein soch ke muth marte the?……Zara dikhao kaise hilate they…….Mein bhi toh dekhoon“, she cooed softly into Bhola’s ear playfully nibbling his earlobe and running her palm lovingly along his cheek. And adjusting herself on his thigh to give herself some room, she reached down to grab his cock and have it a rough squeeze. She was surprised to see it stir to life.

Mmmmm….lagta hai abhi bhi Bhola mein josh hai….Maan gaye mere raja. Lagta hai khoob Chawanprash khate ho! ”
(Mmmmmmmm….Looks like my Bhola still has the energy..I am impressed. Looks like you take vitamins every day!)

Bhola stayed silent as his mistress began giving him a hand job while still seated on his knee. Slowly but surely, his slumbering soldier returned to duty and began standing to attention.

Shobha grew amazed as the shaft expanded in her hand and gained stiffness and girth. She looked at Bhola quizzically.

Kya iraada hai, mere raja?” (What’s the idea, my dear?)

Bhola kept his voice level, “Bhabhi, abhi picture baaki hai”. (Madam, this movie isn’t over yet!)

Again, the tone of his voice should have worried Shobha. But when you are sitting naked on the knees of your lover who has just given you an experience that your married partner never has, your senses are dullened like that of a roadside drunk.

Matlab?”, she caressed his cheek again teasingly kissed the corner of his mouth. (Meaning?) and then added a question in a whisper, “Ab kaunsi picture bachi hai dekhne dikhane ke liye?” (What movie is left for you to show me?)

Bhola took a deep breath, squeezed Shobha’s breast crudely making her gasp in pain, and with his other hand shoved a middle finger deep between her pussy lips making her squirm. In a clenched tone that now frightened Shobha, “Bhabhi, abhi toh aapne hamein choda hai angrezi ishtyle mein. Ab hum aapko chodenge. Aur woh bhi ekdum Jharkhand ishtyle mein“. (Madam, so far you fucked me English style now i will fuck you. And that too Jharkhand style!)

And in one sudden move that stunned Shobha with its brute power, he picked up his naked mistress by her waist as if she was a doll, threw her roughly face down on the bed, pinned her down on her stomach with his full weight and grabbed her crudely by her hair yanking her head back.

It was nearly 4am in the morning by the time an exhausted and naked Shobha found herself limping back to her bedroom.

Relieved to find Chetan snoring, she hurried into the bathroom to clean herself up. Looking into mirror, she could barely recognise herself. Her hair was matted, her forehead had a bump, her neck, shoulders and breasts were covered with red bruises and bite marks, her nipples hurt when she touched them and her belly and pubis were coated with dried cum and saliva. She turned around and examined her buttocks. They were covered with angry red imprints and were sore to touch. This is what a woman who has been raped looks like, she thought. She touched the lump on her forehead and and recalled banging her head against the wall as Bhola mercilessly humped her. She winced as she touched the red imprints on her buttocks caused when Bhola brutally kept slapping her ass cheeks as his shaft plunged in and out like a piston. Chetan had never mounted her from behind, and even if he did, she was sure he would have been gentle.

Bhola had terrified her when his mask came off. Until she had control, she was the aggressor teasing and toying with Bhola, seducing him to do her bidding. Getting him to go down on her and she then mounting him were things which largely were how she fantasised about treating a male sex slave or getting serviced by a gigolo.

But what happened later that night in Bhola’s room was a complete shock to her.

Bhola was like a wild animal in the way he went about ravishing her. Brutal, crazed and deaf to her pleas to slow down, he kept going like a pile hammer unmindful of the way her head kept bumping against the wall with each powerful thrust. Shobha touched her pussy lips which were still swollen from the assault. Her neck and scalp still hurt from the brutish way he yanked her head holding by her hair as her servant fucked her Rocky(D)gie style. Or Jharkhand style as he had called it. The few times that he seemed to pause or slow down to catch his breath, he had mauled her breasts grabbing them from behind, pinching her nipples, unmindful of her initially angry and then subsequent pitiful beseeching. He alternated between mauling her hanging breasts and noisily slapping her buttocks switching from one hand to the other, while tightly pulling her head back by her hair. And when Bhola paused the sledgehammer like thrusts to catch his breath, he would shove his fingers harshly into her cunt crudely squeezing her already swollen clitoris and penetrating deep and rubbing her pussy lips mercilessly.

Bhola’s wild transformation from a mild obedient sex slave to a brutal and crazed sex assailant wasn’t what shocked Shobha.

What shocked her more was the way her own body responded to the brutal assault. She lost count of the number of orgasms that swept through her body as she got slapped around and mauled by her own servant. Her initial shrieks dissolved into moans as her body rebelled against her, and the mix of pain with pleasure took her to heights that a genteel Chetan could never ever do. Her gasps choked in her own throat as new sensations swept across her body.

Shobha took a long hot shower, her eyes closed but unable to wipe out the image of Bhola’s glazed and blood shot eyes the few times that she managed to look back at him. Or the way he brutally kissed her after he finally and mercifully discharged and the way he forced his tongue deep into her mouth, while her head was locked tightly between his strong hands.

Wearing a nightgown to hide traces of the bruises on her body, she finally crawled back to bed and pulled up the bed sheets before drifting into troubled sleep besides her blissfully snoring husband.

Shobha woke up unusually late. What made it special was that Chetan brought her coffee to the bed, and seemed cheerful. Shobha’s body still hurt and she sat up on the bed with a grimace, careful to pull up the bed sheet right up to her neck. That wasn’t good enough to hide the bump on her forehead and Chetan noticed it right away.

“What happened, Janu?”, he sat close to her by the side of the bed, one hand holding his own coffee and the other free hand reaching out gingerly to trace the swelling. Shobha winced at his touch.

“Slipped in the bathroom last night”.

“Last night was something special, no?”, he grinned happily. “Janu, you are right. We should spice up her bedroom scene. You were pretty hot! Total pataka!” (Firecracker)

Shobha knew one more person who would thoroughly agree with him that last night was indeed something special. She kept quiet and her head down, took a sip from the cup waiting for Chetan to talk more, unsure what exactly he was referring to.

“You were right about Bhola, yaar! He is a total dhuk. You should have seen the look on his face!”, Chetan guffawed.

Baby, thank goodness you didn’t see the look in his face when he was humping your wife, thought Shobha wryly as she took another sip and hid her face in the cup to avoid looking at her husband. For a moment, Bhola’s crazed face and glazed look that she caught when she looked back while he fucked her Rocky(D)gie style flashed in front of her eyes.

“Janu, you are so shameless. How could you ….. in front of him!”, she decided to probe him for his recollection of the night’s events ……at least to the extent of what occurred in front of him. After all, he was a couple of drinks down then. She herself found last nights events unreal. Her face flushed at the recollection of how she had sneaked into Bhola’s room after her husband fell asleep, and of the orgasms he gave her. Half-reclining on the bed, her back resting against the headboard and a pillow, she brought her thighs together. One hand slipped under the bed sheet and she rubbed her pubis over her nightgown. It hurt but it also tingled in a delicious way. She withdrew her hand and touched the lump on her head. That definitely hurt!

Chetan snuggled closer to Shobha, adjusting the pillow behind his back to a sitting position and took her free hand between both his hands. He was smiling and seemed thrilled about what happened last night, at least about the part he was aware of.

“You look like you enjoyed doing what you did”, she said in an accusing tone looking at him sideways.

“Actually, sach bola jaye (truth be told), I did”, he shrugged as if it was everyday that one would have sex with one’s wife in front of the house servant. It was …….kind of ……kinky! Mind blowingly kinky”, Chetan said the word savouring the sound of it.

He then suddenly turned to her. “Baby, as if you didn’t like it…… you were such a tease …..,and you are so hot when you are such a tease. Maybe next time I should click a photo of you,,, and post it as a hot wife on Tumblr!”, and he guffawed.

Shobha put the cup down on the sideboard and pulled up the bed sheet in mock shyness, trying to cover her face with it.

Chetan smiled proudly flushed with the vanity men experience when they do or say something that makes their wives blush. His hand slipped under the bed sheet and playfully grabbed her by the breast over the nightgown. Shobha winced with soreness from last night. Chetan mistook it for sexual pleasure. Under the bed sheet his finger looked for Shobha’s nipple, found it erect and squeezed it gently.

“Ooooouch!”, she gasped, “Mat karo, baby!” (Don’t do it).

She flung the bed sheet off her body, flipped over on her side and quickly straddled him, her thighs on either side of Chetan’s waist and arms around his shoulder. Chetan was half lying on the bed, his back supported against the bed head and she hugged him tight, her breasts squeezed against his chest. She kissed him on his mouth. Chetan had brushed his teeth, shaved and showered and smelt fresh. Her thighs, and breasts both hurt from the contact with his body and she buried her face against his neck, inhaling his after shave cologne and unable to look him in the eye.

Chetan hugged her closely enjoying the close embrace and caressing her hair. She had a faint morning breath but he didn’t mind.

“So you enjoy putting up a show?”, he said teasingly and laughed.

In response, she cooed and bit his ear gently.

“My biwi loves being a tease …..don’t you..,,baby….you love teasing others….no?!”, he continued.

Shobha continued nibbling on Chetan’s ear, “Ummmmm….maybe”. And she started rocking gently.

“Come on, baby, say it loudly…. Say that you are a cock teaser … say it…say that you love teasing men’s cocks …Come on!”.

Shobha began rubbing her body through her nightgown against Chetan and continued rocking and nibbling against his ear. Her thighs hurt but she was now beginning to enjoy the ache.

“Yes”, she whispered finally in his ear, “I love teasing men’s cocks …. I love it….I love love being hot…. baby, I wanna be a hot wife”. And increased the rocking against Chetan’s thighs and slowly also began gyrating her ass against his waist. Her buttocks still ached but this was worth it. She continued, in a mock accusing tone “……and who is responsible for that …..you!”

She paused and continued, “And tell me baby, you love it too don’t you? You love it when your wife teases others, don’t you? It gets you hot and it gets my little baby to grow big”, she reached down, lifted her buttocks and felt for his cock against his pyjamas. He was half erect and she adjusted her thighs to continue rubbing against them and was rewarded with a twitch.

She continued whispering, “And you love fucking your wife in front of other men, don’t you, Like you fucked me in front of Bhola last night. Bad boy……Bad boy!!”

Chetan let her whisper, enjoying the gentle rocking. It turned him on when his wife used the f-word. She rarely did, and even now she was whispering it.

Shobha continued, “And you know how I am going to punish you? Ummmm,,, You know how baby?”

“Tell me, baby…tell me ….”, Chetan whispered hoarsely, as he too began rocking and trying to match his rocking rhythym with Shobha’s.

“I am going to fuck Bhola in front of you. That’s how I am going to punish you!”, she whispered softly in his ear.

And then bit him on his ear and whispered again, “You will let me do that, no baby?!”

Chetan’s throat was dry and he managed to get the words out, “Say that again baby. Tell me what you are going to do?”

“Fuck Bhola in front of you”, and then changing her voice to a little girl voice, Shobha again nibbled his ear and whispered, “Can I do that, baby? Fuck Bhola in front of you?”

Chetan found his voice, “Say please and ask me nicely!”

Shobha continued rocking, and felt her husband’s cock harden, “Please….Please….Please…. Baby, let me fuck Bhola …. only once … promise… only once and in front of you”.

“OK, baby, you can fuck Bhola only once. And that too in front of me. Ok?”

“Cho Chweeet,,,, Cho Chweet … you are the best hubby in the world!” She kissed him passionately in his mouth.

That’s when they heard Bhola knocking at the door. “Coffee, bhabhi”, she heard him say from the other side of the door.

Bhola walked in nervously balancing a tray containing two mugs of coffee with biscuits, He found both Chetan and Shobha half-sitting half-lying on their bed, next to each other and a large double duvet drawn up to their waist. It was a Sunday ritual for the couple to have coffee served in bed, and he hadn’t realised that the husband had beaten him to it.

Like with sex, and like last night, Shobha didn’t mind a second round served by Bhola after a first round served by her husband. She gestured him to refill her cup.

Bhola noticed his bhabhi was wearing a nightgown that came up her neck. That was unusual and he never remembered her without a little bit of décolletage. The high neck coverage however only ended up accentuating her full figure and the way the silk fabric moulded to her breasts, it was obvious she wasn’t wasn’t wearing a bra.

Bhola felt a frisson of pleasure at the recollection of events the night before and the savage pleasure he felt when he had squeezed and mauled those breasts with the very hands with which he now came to serve her coffee. He hesitated to look into her eyes, and when he finally did, he noticed that she was bold in making eye contact and had a half-smile. That look made him nervous and he glanced at saheb. Chetan was fiddling with his smartphone completely ignoring Bhola.

Bhola handed over the coffee mugs to both husband and wife, and noticed the bump on bhabhi’s forehead.

Chot kaise lagi, bhabhi?”, he asked innocently? (How did you get hurt?)

Shobha didn’t reply but scowled at him and then glanced at her husband who seemed distracted with his mobile phone. It had beeped an important incoming email for him.

Bhola sensed saheb’s distraction, took a chance and asked slyly, “Bhabhi, raat ka khana kaise laga?”. (Madam, how was the food last night?). In reality, Chetan had skipped dinner busy as he was with his office call and Shobha had eaten only a light supper of some leftovers from the previous day.

Shobha caught on to the game quickly. “Khana zabardast tha, but thoda teekha tha”, (The food was terrific but a bit spicy) and then added suggestively, “Agli baar, masala thoda kum dalna. Aur pooch ke dalna”. She dragged the last sentence and particularly the last word. (Next time hold back the spice and ask me before you put it in).

Bhola was a school dropout but it doesn’t need much education to smell a double entendre coming down his street.

Like a batsman faced with a full toss, he swung his bat lustily at it.

Sorry, bhabhi, kya hai naa hamare Jharkhand style mein aisa hi hota hai.” (Sorry bhabhi, but you know this is the way it is in Jharkhand style)and then plunged deeper into the game, “Lekin aapko Jharkhand style pasand aya naa?” (But you liked it Jharkhand style, didn’t you?).

Shobha wasn’t the one to back off. “Jharkhand style ki aadat nahin hai naa. Isliye thoda kam zabardast parosna agli baar”, and then added a tad sternly, “Nahin toh hum khane pe nahin aayenge. Mauka nahin mikega agli baar”. (I am not used to Jharkhand style. So next time, serve it less strong. Else I wont come to get served next time. And you won’t get a chance again).

Bhola sensed the threat but gauged happily that bhabhi was hinting at continuing future dalliances.

Sorry, bhabhi. Nahin to agli baar Bangalore style mein hi rakhein”. (Sorry bhabhi, else we can keep it next time to Bangalore style).

Shobha made a frowning face and from the corner of her eye saw that Chetan was busy typing on his phone and took her chances, “Arre Bhola, Bangalore style mein kha kha ke toh mein bore ho gayi. Thoda variety chahiye naa, khas karke is lockdown mein. Isiliye toh tumko mauka diya kuch alag se khilane ka”. (Bhola, what’s there in Bangalore style. I am bored of it now. I need some variety, especially with this lockdown. That’s why you got a chance to serve something different).

Bhola gulped at his mistress’s boldness, losing some steam in the process. Here she was, sharing a bed with her husband after having fucked with him last night and suggestively explaining to him in her husband’s earshot why she did it.

The next delivery he managed to bowl was a rather straight one.

Samajh gaye, bhabhi. Jaise aapko pasand aaye, waise hi khana banayenge aap ke liye.”, (Understood bhabhi! I will serve you the way you want to be served) and then implored her, “Par mauka zarroor di jiyega. Hum aapki seva mein haazir hain” (Please do give me a chance. I am at your duty!)

Chetan had by now finished reading his email. His head office had confirmed support for the COVID restructuring proposal and proposed to start negotiations with the client next week. That meant a busy week ahead but also gave him a chance for him to make his mark for that coveted fast track promotion. Chetan was quietly pleased and now in a good mood. He returned enthusiastically to the centre court, paying attention to the banter that seemed to be flowing around him.

Kya baat chal rahi hai, Bhola?”, (What are you guys discussing, Bhola?) he said, paying attention to Bhola for the first time, and taking a sip of coffee enquired, “Kya khane ki baat chal rahi thi, Mene to kuch special nahi khaya”. (What food are you guys talking about. I don’t remember eating anything special.)

Shobha”s thigh was in light contact with Chetan, with both of them in a half sitting, half lying position on the bed, their back supported by a pillow. A single double duvet covered their lower part pulled up to their respective waists. Shobha let her left hand slide under the bedspread and reached out to Chetan’s pyjama and gently dipped in. Chetan squirmed but in front of Bhola held himself back and kept a straight face.

Aap toh hamesha office ke kaam mein busy rehte ho. Aap ko toh bhookh bhi nahin lagti. Hame bhookha rehna padta hai aapke chakkar mein. So yesterday I asked Bhola to serve me something. Something different. Jharkhand style” (You are always busy with your office work. And you dont feel hungry. And I have to stay hungry because of you! So I asked Bhola yesterday to serve me something different Jharkhand style)

“Never heard of Jharkhand style cooking. How was it Janu?”, he asked with innocent curiosity and taking another sip.

Shobha’s hand was groping inside Chetan’s pyjamas and a finger traced his flaccid cock.

“Very different. A bit strong and hot. Definitely different”, Shobha answered truthfully.

Kyon Bhola? Thoda zyada teekha tha na? Agli baar Bhola thoda kum mirchi dalega. Promise, na, Bhola?”, she said sweetly, looking at Bhola with that same sly smile even as she gently encircled Chetan’s penis with her palm under the bed cover. (Why, Bhola? Wasnt it too hot? Next time, add less spices. Promise me, ok?)

By now, all this double talk was beginning to give Bhola a hard on. He was standing with his back to the wall, facing the couple and he now crossed his hands in front of his crotch to hide his growing hardness. Shobha didn’t miss his discomfort and it made her gleeful.

To aaj bhi hum khana bana dein? Aapke liye table tayaar rakhenge”, Bhola was making an attempt to regain lost ground to match his mistress’s double talk. (Shall I cook the dish tonight too? Can I keep the table ready for you?)

Shobha decided to keep Bhola guessing. “Abki baar saheb bhi aayenge khane ke liye. Samjhe?” (Next time saheb will also join us)

That left Bhola a bit confused. What did this mean? Surely bhabhi wasn’t going to bring her husband to his room? Chetan had a certain snooty style around him, picked up from his MNC corporate banking culture and Bhola intimidated in Chetan’s presence.

Pressing ahead in his eagerness, he sought confirmation of what enticement the evening ahead held out for him. “Toh teen logon ka khana bana dein aaj raat ko”, he asked a bit cautiously. (Shall I make food for three people tonight?)

Shobha instinctively knew how to shift the power equation back in her favour.

Her short career in HR had taught her the skill of exercising soft power by withholding gratification to a hapless subject when most expecting it.

Keep the men guessing so that you can keep teasing them.

Also Chetan’s cock was only half erect and she knew the limits of her husband’s sexual prowess. He had already done it three nights in a row. His little fellow needed a breather. In corporate HR lingo, they had a phrase that best described it – R&R. Rest & Recovery. Also her own body was aching and she certainly didn’t want any of her partners to see the bruises on her body.

Shayad aaj nahin. Aaj mood nahin banega”, she withdrew her hand leaving Chetan’s half erect cock. (Maybe not tonight. Not in the mood).

Shobha yawned and stretched her arms over her head. The gesture stretched the fabric over her breasts again profiling her erect nipples. She shrugged, broke eye contact with Bhola and feigned indifference, her body language indicating the conversation with Bhola was over and dismissing him from her presence.

A disappointed Bhola reluctantly collected the tray and empty cups and exited the room.

Shobha smiled to herself at the way she had managed to wrest the advantage from both men, She languorously tied her hair into a bun over her head, and tossed away the bed spread revealing her long shapely legs. She got up and headed for the bathroom.

“Janu, why are you limping?”, a concerned Chetan asked noticing her discomfort.

“Baby, I stubbed my toe when I bumped my head last night”.

“Take care, Janu. Looks like you had a busy night last night”.

Yes baby, you bet I had a busy night last night!, thought Shobha smiling to herself as she got into the bathroom and shut the door firmly behind her.

As the needle spray from the hot shower washed over her naked body, Shobha reflected over the events of the last 48 hours. She had sex with someone other than her husband for the first time since her marriage. Isolation created by the lockdown allowed her to freely indulge in unbridled exhibitionism that had always been latent in her.

That this exhibitionism then led her to seduce a young virile male at least ten years younger to her and several notches down on the social scale didnt evoke the slightest hint of guilt.

That this seduction happened under her marital roof and under her husband’s nose added to the thrill of the conquest.

The fact that her husband was coming around to acquiesce to an infidelity in future not knowing that it had already happened in the past further doubled that thrill.

And then the physical experience of copulation. Ah! The first part had played out as per her script and a lover, both virile and servile had slavishly pleasured her body in a way that her husband never did. The second part is where things went awry. Bhola’s brutish avatar had terrified her. She was never the one to cede control or be comfortable with loss of it, and yet, her body had rebelled against her wishes and revelled in the wickedness of the experience. Bhola had reverted back to servile role in the morning. She felt reassured and deeply relieved that he displayed neither deviousness nor daring in his conduct in her husband’s presence.

Shobha had tasted blood, and all she wanted now was to be ….. well, what else but a man-eater.

The shower done, Shobha wiped the fog off the mirror to examine her body critically in its reflection. The bruises seemed better after a night’s rest and a long hot shower but still hurt and would need concealment for at least a couple of days from both her lovers.

She would need to play her cards well to keep both puppets dancing at the end of her string. The puppets must dance in tandem as she pulled the strings but they must stay apart without getting entangled with each other.

Chetan, she knew from six years of marital familiarity, was less of a worry because she knew what buttons to press but she needed him to look forward to taking this sexual adventure to the next level as much as she did. She hoped his work would not wear away his amour.

Bhola was more unpredictable because of his boorishness and his elevated state of arousal. Having won the pussy lottery last night, she hoped the idiot wouldn’t delude himself thinking he was entitled to a prize every night. Actually, she mused, she wouldn’t mind Bhola standing in queue for a pussy lottery every night as long as she was the one who got to pick the winning ticket.

Merely being the first prize in that pussy lottery wasn’t good enough for her.

Ruminating with these thoughts, Shobha finished her shower and returned to the bedroom clad in a towel.

Opening her wardrobe, Shobha chose to wear a simple but snugly fitting yellow colour full-sleeved full-neck cotton kurti with a tight churidar legging. The kurti flattered her hourglass figure without showing much skin. After two days of debauchery, a traditional attire seemed appropriate. She brushed her hair until it gleamed . She noted that the thin yellow cotton of the kurti revealed the black bra against her fair skin. She added a small black bindi, a dash of sindoor and accessorized it with large traditional earrings.

Sanskari but sexy, she thought and smiled as she twirled and admired herself in the mirror.

She checked on her two-year son who was happily playing with Chetan – a familiar Sunday morning routine. Her husband raised an appreciative eyebrow at his gorgeous wife. After some small talk and gathering his preference for lunch, she retreated to the kitchen even as his eyes appreciatively followed her sexily swaying ass and long legs.

At the kitchen, her heart beat accelerated when she saw Bhola waiting for her. Bhola took in her traditional attire and she felt his gaze lingered a bit longer than usual as he checked our his bhabhi’s snugly covered bosom, before lowering his head.

Shobha had steeled herself for the first occasion in the morning when she would find herself alone with Bhola in the kitchen after their wild romp last night. It was her normal daily routine to meet Bhola in the kictchen in the morning as she planned the menu for the family and gave Bhola errands to run for the rest of the day. Seeing Bhola, a fleeting vision from last night flashed in front of her eyes. She was stark naked, bent over the crumpled bed in his smelly room, her smooth and plump buttocks exposed to him while he grabbed her by her hair and mounted her from behind, his thick brown and hot cock pumping in and out of her pussy. She took a deep breath and pulled herself together and hoped Bhola didn’t notice the shiver that had passed through her body.

Bhola seemed a bit surprised himself at how the slut from last night who had shamelessly tugged his cock and mounted him last night, bouncing up and down wantonly on his cock – a cock that was virgin until then – had now so seamlessly transitioned into a Sati Savitri. Bhabhi now seemed like one of those demure characters from one of Ekta Kapoor’s saas bahu TV serials, complete with bindi and earrings. His slow brain wondered if last night was a mere dream and that daylight has dumped him back into his drudgery. And then the confident memory of Shobha’s panty secretly hidden under the pillow in his bed, and the distinct recollection of the morning conversation dripping with double entendre’s while he served her coffee reminded him that happy days – or happy nights – very much real.

Shobha did not miss a beat. She had to maintain her poise, and that is how she planned to assert dominance and remind him of his true station in her house. Her demeanor must be as if last night had never happened. It’s not that she regretted anything. It’s just that instinct told her that by pretending by daylight that it was just another ordinary day in an ordinary upper middle class household, she got the leverage to engage in licentious adventures by night. And have those adventures only when she chose to do so.

She quickly assigned Bhola his list of chores for the day.

Bhola, fridge se santra nikalo aur cheel ke juicer mein daal ke juice nikalna” (Bhola, get the oranges from the fridge, peel them and use the juicer to squeeze out the juice)

“Ji Bhabhi”, Bhola responded obediently and nodded, but his eyes didn’t miss sizing up bhabhi’s boobs. The cut of the kurti flattered Shobha’s breasts and the mounds strained against the fabric. Bhola sighed inwardly and longed to set those boobs free from their containment.

The kitchen in their premium apartment was decidedly classy. It was spacious, had an island design with a kitchen platform and an additional sink at the centre of the kitchen and had a sliding door that opened into the living room. Shobha was on the other side of the island centre in the kitchen as she began slicing tomatoes for sandwiches for breakfast.

Bhola stared at her slender fingers arranging the cut tomatoes carefully between the slices of bread.

“Kal raat ko bhabhi ke yehi haath se mera lund hila rahi thi”, he thought silently as he crossed the kitchen to get oranges from the fridge. He felt the onset of a hardon as images from last night flashed in his head.

He gathered the oranges and deliberately choose to stand on the opposite side of the island centre as he began peeling the oranges. That way he could hide his hardon and also observe her boobs covertly.

The bastard is staring at my boobs, thought Shobha, as she kept her head down slicing tomatoes and ignored Bhola.

Bhabhi, aapke boobs santre se zyaada gol matol aur raseele hain – thought Bhola silently. (Bhabhi, your boobs are larger and rounder than these oranges)

Bhola, Aata gondhna shuru karo. Lunch mein aaj roti banega” , he heard Shobha say. (Bhola, knead the dough. We will have rotis for lunch)

Aur uske baad, aapko ko kuttiya bana ke yahin isi platform pur chodunga, (And after that I will fuck this bitch Rocky(D)gie style), thought Bhola wickedly.

Shobha’s antenna told her Bhola was day dreaming. She could guess what his distraction was. She checked him out from the corner of her eyes. She was again struck by the fact that once he got rid of his facial hair, he was actually quite good looking and had a good physique – strong but not too muscular, well physiqued and definitely very masculine.

Bhola finished squeezing juice from the oranges. He then gathered flour, added water and had began kneading the dough. Something about the way his strong hands were kneading the dough distracted her and brought in lustful thoughts…

Bhola was standing naked in the kitchen, and had disrobed obediently at her command. His thick dark brown cock was erect as she played with it. Her slender fingers caressed the strong shaft, and pulled back the foreskin from the bulbous head. She then made him kneel in front of her. His hands were wrapped around her waist and caressing her ass. She then undid the knot, lowered her churidar, and he eagerly helped pull them down. He kissed her on her panty, and then yanked them down to her ankles. She helped him take them off, by lifting one leg and then the other, balancing herself by keeping her hand on his head. Still kneeling in front of her, he then sniffed her moist pussy And tongued her nether lips. She then pulled him grabbing him by the curly hair on his head, mashing his face against her pussy and making him lick it. She then pulled him up to the kitchen platform, and he humped her.

And then, this image was overtaken by another series of images.

Bhola was still naked but was instead tearing her clothes apart. She wanted to scream but her throat was dry and no sound came out. The strange thing was that she wasn’t resisting. She was soon completely naked, and her clothes strewn all over the kitchen floor. She glimpsed her panty on the floor, and her black bra was tossed on the kitchen platform. He was now brutally squeezing her breasts with both hands, much like the way he was kneading the dough on the table. He then caught hold of her thick hair in his fist. She felt her head pulled back. It hurt but her moans were cut off when he covered her mouth with his and began brutally kissing her. He then spun her around, and forced her to bend at her waist over the kitchen platform. She could feel the cold polished granite slab of the platform against her naked breasts. His strong hands roughly squeezed her naked plump buttocks. A thick middle finger probed her anus and then her rubbed her moist pussy. Bent down against the platform, she could feel his thick cock rubbing against her thighs. She spread her legs to accommodate him. His thick cock parted her pussy lips and entered her from behind …

Shobha shook her head to clear her debauched thoughts, and suddenly realized Bhola was asking her something watching her face closely.

Raat ka khana,…..kuch special …..bhabhi? Kuch …..tayyar ….rakhen….?” (Food for the night ….something special….shall I keep something ready?). His words were spoken slowly, with suggestive pauses between sylabbles and an octave lower versus his usual speech, leaving her in no doubt about what he was referring to.

She realized his lust was fighting a battle with his servility, and realized confidently this was the limit he would settle at. By daytime, and as long as she maintained her composure and subtly continued to assert her role as mistress of the household, his natural consciousness about his social status would keep him within a lakshan rekha. She also suspected he was scared of Chetan. That suited her perfectly.

She made up her mind.

“Aaj rat kuch nahin, Bhola. Kuch special khana hoga toh bata dungi”, (Nothing tonight. If there is to be something special, I will let you know) she said. Shobha walked out of the kitchen carrying the breakfast tray containing sandwiches and juice, to join her husband for breakfast in his study.. He watched her leave the kitchen. Bhola could have sworn that she was exaggerating the way she was swinging her ass as she walked away, balancing the tray without looking back

Shobha left behind a disappointed Bhola, alone in the kitchen and nursing a painful hardon.

The day passed rather uneventfully – Bhola hung around just within earshot waiting for a hint or an invitation that never came.

In the evening, Shobha and Chetan were cuddled up in bed watching a web series. Bhola, by then had reluctantly retired to his room for the night, horny and disappointed.

“So how’s Bhola?”, asked Chetan suddenly in the middle of watching the TV.

Shobha paused briefly but only for a moment. “Fine”, she answered evenly and then asked carefully, “What did you mean?”

“Has he recovered from last night?”

Shobha switched off the TV. After all, she made it a point to keep the remote with her at all times. It was just a habit with her, and Chetan had stopped grudging it after six years of marriage.

“You mean, is he OK after the way you treated him last night?”, Shobha was playful but accusing and quick to put the fault on her husband.

“OK! OK! Did you tease the poor fellow again today?”, Chetan was curious.

“Janu, c’mon ….I dont tease anyone!”, she protested, and then added, “…… and I wouldnt do it if you are not around with me”.

Shobha turned on her left side towards Chetan and put her chin on his chest. Her right foot now caressed Chetan’s foot gently and teasingly. under the warm cover And she added for good measure to remind him, “Janu, remember today morning you said you were OK if I …..you know …..you know ….”, she pretended to be embarassed and buried her face in his chest.

“Cmon, say it Baby”, Chetan coaxed her softly.

“You said you would be OK if I fucked him”, Shobha whispered softly, her hand rubbing Chetan’s bare chest and playing with his nipples.

“And when are you planning to do that honey?”

“Pata nahin (dont know)….. gimme a few days to think it over…… You wont mind na….?”, and then without giving him a chance to answer, “Promise me you will be around when I do it? Promise?”, her fingers reached down, slipped under the elastic of his shorts, traversed the curls of his pubic hair and gently stroked his cock.

“Yes, baby, I already told you I wont mind”, and paused and added while caressing her lips with his finger, “I definitely plan to be around when you….you know…do it with him”. Even in the dim light of the bedroom she could see him smile when he said that.

“OK, there’s something else I wont mind if you do.”

“Tell me baby, what is it?”

“You know, I know my friends do it with their husbands….. I wouldn’t mind if you did some dirty talking you know”

“Ummm….thats nice!”, moaned Chetan as Shobha gently started giving him a hand job.

Chetan then added, “Ummmm…. so my biwii needs some dirty talk. And I might need some help with dirty talk”

“You mean, you need a helping hand for your dirty talk….maybe like this”, Shobha giggled and gently yanked at Chetan’s semi-erect cock under the bed cover.

“Ouch!:, protested Chetan.

“And there’s something else you know we never do…..”, Shobha continued in a wistful tone.

“Baby, what is that ……?”

“We never …. you know…. we never do oral …..my friends are all into it”

“Umm….maybe we could call your friends to show us how to do it”, Chetan laughed at his own joke.

Shobha stopped the hand job, and slapped him playfully on his chest.

“ummmm……but seriously ……. I always thought you didnt like it…..”

“Not true, Jaanu, thats not fair…..Maybe that was when Bunty was born!”

“Ummm….. next time …..ok”

Chetan thought a bit, then turned over and kissed her lips gently. His hand then grabbed her breast over her nightgown, gently squeezing it.

“Maybe, we could get Bhola to give you a hand to try something new”, he whispered softly.

“Baby!”, she protested and squirmed in response to his squeeze.

Chetan continued to massage her ample breasts softly and looked at her suggestively.

“Not now, darling …… some other time!”, Shobha gently lifted his hand from her breast. It still felt a bit sore.

Chetan paused, wanted to say something but held himself back, sighed and turned over to rest on his back.

“But its a promise, ok!”

“Ok, honey, Good night!”

“Good night!”

The lights in the household were turned off for the night as the second weekend of the lockdown came to an end.

By : Ravi Shikha

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