Shruti complicated woman to Sex Slave Part 1

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Shruti broke the kiss and asked “Do you still love me?”
Me – Yes Shruti. I love you no matter what
Shruti – I saw that you had leaked while he was doing me
Me – Yes. I am sorry for that
Shruti – Don’t ask sorry. You love me for what I am, right?
Me – Yes Shruti. Promise..
Shruti – Then, will you marry me?
I had butterflies flying in my stomach. The answer just slipped out of my tongue..”YES”
Chapter 10:
We dressed up after that. Shruti had difficulties walking properly after that ass fuck. She took pills given by Ram. He dropped us in his car back at mayajaal. She slept on my lap at the back of the car. He dropped us and left without even speaking a word. We didn’t hear from him after that. We went to a restaurant. She used the rest room to clean and dry her skirt. She was still feeling the pain in her ass. We were having dinner.
Me – Did you really mean it?
Shruti – Mean what?
Me – Asking me to marry you?
Shruti – I don’t joke around in these things. If I say something I mean it
Me – Nice. Can we speak to our parents about this?
Shruti – Sure. My parents won’t like it definitely. But they can’t go against my wish.
Me – I can convince my parents somehow
Shruti – So I end up being with a cuckold husband
I spilled the food from my mouth and started coughing
Shruti – I know that. I had my doubts before. I just confirmed it today
Me – Apparently you like that too
Shruti – Ha ha. These things are ok to have as fantasies. Within we two of us, we can enjoy as much as possible with such fantasies. But we should not let anyone else know
Me – Not a problem for me. You should be the one to take efforts for that and stay away from guys like Pandian
Shruti – Yes. That is true. It will be even more difficult now especially after knowing that my husband is a cuckold. There is absolutely no strong reason that could hold me from seducing other men
Me – We should first find an individual house instead of apartment. It will be difficult to keep you under control in an apartment atmosphere
Shruti – Wow.. What an understanding husband I have got?
She smiled with her face which was totally tired. I dropped her at her house. Things happened pretty fast after that. We informed our parents. After so many hurdles and obstacles, we fixed our marriage date. We went out and had sex often before marriage. But all sessions followed the same template of licking for a long time and fucking for a short time. Only change was that I was able to lick deeper into her ass now and she seemed to enjoy it lot more. That meant I had to lick her asshole much longer than usual.
We informed our team in our whatsapp group. Everyone including Pandian replied saying that they are happy for us. Not sure how many people actually meant it. Now that we are going to be husband and wife anyway, they asked us to join the team to have lunch. So, we six of us started having lunch together from that day and we got on well as friends. They teased us for hiding our love from them even though they knew that we were in a relationship.
Then our marriage happened. We went to Goa for honeymoon. I bought her many mini skirts for the trip. I knew she loved them but didn’t get a chance to wear them in Chennai. In Goa, she was free to wear them all. We took many photos and kept them to ourselves. She sent some of the marriage and honeymoon pics in our team whatsapp group. The honeymoon pics had her wearing mini skirts showing her legs and thighs.
I was in bed when she sent those messages. I looked at her and told “Right now, all the guys in the group would be shagging seeing those pictures”
Shruti – Oh really? Then I will send more pictures
Me – Stop that now
Shruti – Just kidding. Shall I ask you something?
Me – What?
Shruti – Will Pandian also shag seeing these pictures?
Me – Aaaah.. Here we go. Don’t start that again
Shruti – Just curious pa..
Me – No.. He hates you still. Let it be that way
Shruti – You jealous pig. You let me watch my ex boyfriend fuck the shit out of me and cummed seeing that. But you won’t let me tease this one guy
Me(blushing) – That is different
Shruti – Ha ha.. Accept it. You are a cuckold. If somehow, Pandian ends up fucking me, you will only enjoy it
Me – No. Anyone but him. Let us drop that topic now.
Shruti – Come on. You are seeing Aarthi with lust. Did I show any concern?
Me – What are you talking about?
Shruti – Don’t act. You son of a bitch. I know you steal glances at her now and then
Me – Ha ha. I should be careful next time
Shruti – Don’t worry. I am not jealous like you.
Me – Come on. I have the ability to control myself. Not like you.
Shruti – Hmmm.. Ok. You got me there. Too bad to know that Pandian still hates me
Me – But Bharath will be surely shagging for you now
Shruti – Ha ha. He is quite a funny guy. I didn’t know he had so much lust over me
Me – He has
As soon as I told that Bharath replied to the group with a smiley. We had a good laugh seeing that and started our daily fuck session.
Chapter 11:
Life was fun for many days. We really got on well with our team. Though Bharath and Pandian were talking to us, they were not so close. But Santhosh and Aarthi were really close with us. The fact that they were also married meant we had so much in common to discuss about. We were talking openly about sex also. They were a lovable couple. There was so much love between them just like between us. One friday evening, everyone left the office. We were having a discussion with them at Santosh’s place.
Santosh – Do you have plans for weekends?
Me – No dude. Maybe watch a movie and go to beach. Nothing much of a plan right now. What about you?
Santosh – We usually play poker with some people every saturday night. Other than that, we might watch movies too
Shruti – Wow. With whom? We also love to play. Can we join?
Me – Yes bro.. Can we join?
Aarthi (smiling) – Ha ha. That is not for fun. We play with money. Lot of money involved
Shruti – Oh.. How much?
Santosh – We bet around 1 Lakh rupees
Shruti – Yes. That is a small amount for you people. You guys are rich. But big amount for us
Santosh – It is up to you. If you decide to join us, let us know
Aarthi – No dear.. That won’t be right
Aarthi felt a bit nervous. She then stopped the conversation abruptly and they left. That evening we reached home and had sex. We were lying nude on the bed when she started talking about it:
Shruti – Dear hubby. Shall I ask you something?
Me – Wow.. Kind words from my bitchy wife. What is it?
Shruti – Shall we go to play poker with them?
Me – It is 1 lakh dear. Not a small amount
Shruti – Yes. But I have 1 Lakh in my account saved from two years of work. I want to give it a shot
Me – Ok. It is your money. Your wish dear. Have I ever spoken against you?
Shruti – Thank you dear. We should play it together. You play the cards. I will give you ideas by sitting with you.
Me – One condition though.
Shruti – What?
Me – Some people get addicted to it. If you feel like we are losing money, we should get out of it immediately
Shruti – You are such a pussy. Why are you so afraid? I am not an idiot to lose all money to it
Me – I hope so
The next day I called Santosh and told that we are willing to come. He was hesitant initially. He told he will call us back. After one hour, he called us and asked us to meet them in a coffee day that evening. Shruti chose to wear a kurta and jean that day. Aarthi came there wearing her usual salwar kameez. We bought a coffee, some snacks and sat together. Santosh started the conversation
Santosh – Good to hear that you want to join us. But before taking you there, I want to make some ground rules clear
Shruti – What is that?
Santosh – There are totally 4 people playing there including me. The other 3 are big shots. They are old people. One guy is Babu aged 50 years, one guy Rajni aged 62 years and another guy is Vikram age 65 years.
Me – They are so old
Santosh – Yes. But they are all businessmen with huge political background. So don’t mess with them
Me- Why are we going to mess with them?
Santosh – Just saying. For one thing, you have to give the money upfront. They are people with good ethics. So you don’t have to worry about getting cheated
Shruti – Sounds like interesting people.. ha ha..
Santosh – Yes. But they are very serious in this. It may be fun for you. They take gambling seriously
Me – I get that
Santosh – They have their bodyguards there. You should be careful about what you do
Shruti – Got it.. Shall we just go there? I am feeling more interested in it now
We followed his car to a big house. There were 3 bodyguards at the door who frisked us for weapons. We went inside. The three men were sitting around a table having drinks. They introduced themselves. They all were very old but looked like decent people. They were wearing formal wear.
Santosh introduced us to all of them. They talked like thorough professionals and they were very friendly. They had us seated and we started playing. The game was going on well. Shruti sat on a chair behind me and Aarthi sat behind Santosh. Everyone was cracking jokes. Most of the time, Santosh was the butt of all jokes. They were saying he is so bad in Poker and lost lots of money. Santosh didn’t seem to like all those jokes. But he was still playing. We had a pretty normal session that day. We didn’t win much. But we also didn’t lose much.
We liked the environment there. We had booze and all there for free. So we became regular visitors there and became friendly with them. After some weeks we started to win a lot. We used many strategies and we made another 1 lakh rupees there. Meanwhile Santosh kept losing.
One day, We won a lot of money. The 3 old men didn’t lose much. But Santosh lost all the money he brought. He was totally frustrated. Babu was making fun of him “This guy will not win even if he plays with his wife as bet”. Rajni and Vikram laughed out loudly for a long time. I didn’t know how to react. Santosh was red faced. He told “Ok. I bet my wife”. Everyone was surprised
Aarthi – What are you doing?
Santosh – Do you trust me?
Aarthi – How can I? You have been losing continuously.
Santosh – Is it ok if these guys make fun of your husband like that? Won’t you be supportive to me
Aarthi – But this is outrageous. I am not an object to be bet on
Rajni – See guys. Even his wife doesn’t trust him. He is bad in just poker? Or also on bed?
This comment was too much for them to handle
Aarthi – Don’t talk a single word bad about him. I trust him. I will do anything for him. Do it Santosh. I will be on your side
Then the game started. It was a close game. Rajni, Babu and vikram folded earlier. It was a face off between me and santosh. After a thrilling contest, I won. I jumped and danced. Santosh looked at me and said “You are not going to ask my wife. Are you?”
Me – Come on. A bet is a bet. You lost. Your wife is mine now
Babu – Yes. We won’t let anyone cheat under our roof. Time is 6 PM now. Let Shruti play for Dilip. We can continue our game while Dilip can enjoy with your wife till we finish the games at 10 PM. You can choose to watch our game or his game. Ha ha ha..
I looked at Shruti . She winked at me and smiled.
Rajni – Your wife gave a green signal. What are you waiting for? Take her to that bedroom. Enjoy till you can
I lifted her in my hands and went to the bedroom which was very luxurious. I threw her on the bed. She tried to run away.
Aarthi – Don’t you feel ashamed to try to fuck your friend’s wife
Me – That doesn’t matter. I have had my eyes on you for a long time. Now I got chance to fuck you. Just shut up and get what I give
Aarthi – Remember. I am not enjoying this by any means.. You will feel like you are fucking a doll
I went down on her. Pulled her salwar knot and removed her salwar. She was wearing a old fashioned underwear. Her legs were slim but very white and creamy. I pulled her panties down. She was lying on the bed like a statue without movement. She was just looking up on the ceiling. I then made her to sit up and removed her tops and bra. She just sat there motionless. But her body was too hot for me to concentrate on her expressions. She had boobs bit smaller than Shruti but they were very firm. Not fleshy and hanging like those of Shruti. She had flat abs. Her structure was almost similar to actress Shriya. I licked her and bit her madly. I bit everywhere. Except an occasional painful moan, she stayed silent.
I decided to excite her by licking. I moved down, stretched her legs apart. Her cunt was not shaved. There was a small bush. I put my fingers in her pussy and started fingering her. I also put my tongue inside and licked her for a long long time. She just lay there like a stone. I got pissed off. There I was doing, everything possible to get her excited about it. She was insulting me by not responding to anything. I decided to take revenge. I carried her on my shoulders, and opened the bedroom door and went to the place where they were playing. Everyone was stunned to see me carrying Aarthi totally nude there. I just put her on the table where they were playing. Aarthi tried to run away. But I held her on to the table. Shruti helped me hold her. Santosh was in a savage mood. He raised to beat me up. But the bodyguards ran in and tied him to a chair.
Now I could concentrate on Aarthi without any disturbance. I pinned her to the table and finger fucked her pussy non- stop. She was moaning hard. I wanted to emulate what Ram did to Shruti. I wanted her to beg me to fuck her. But she was too resilient for me. I tried licking her everywhere and teasing her. Though she was excited and was moaning. She never asked me to fuck her. She just kept silent. This was irritating me. I tried every trick I had for almost an hour. She held resistance. I even licked her ass. Everyone around me was surprised except Shruti. She knew I was trying to do what Ram did to her. She knew I never felt bad about licking ass. But all this with no effect. I asked Aarthi “Do you want to fuck me?” She just stayed silent. Eventually I had to give up and fuck her without waiting for her to ask me to. I tried to be as rough as possible. I jumped on her on the table, pulled down my pants, stretched her legs apart and fucked her with all the energy I had. For every push, she was moving some inches backwards on the table. Such was my madness on her.
Shruti took out her mobile phone to take pictures of this. But Rajni immediately took the phone from her. He told what happens here should not go out.
I didn’t mind any of that and kept fucking Aarthi roughly. We moved and moved and moved and eventually we rolled down from the table and fell down. She was trying to run away from me. But I held her legs, pulled her towards me and fucked her raw in her pussy. Santosh was shouting “You mad bastard. Don’t you know to handle women? Stop this immediately”
His words made me even more mad. I pulled her hair, lifted her head up and spit on her face while fucking her roughly and eventually I came in her pussy while she was crying hard “Noooooo.. Not inside…” After that, I wore my pants. Shruti asked Rajni “Am I allowed to have a go at her? Is it allowed within the rules?”
Rajni – Of course, you and your husband are a team. You have another hour to use her. Do whatever you want.
Shruti held Aarthi’s hair with her hands and dragged her on the floor towards the bedroom and locked the door. I had no clue what she had in mind. She opened the door after half an hour, borrowed my belt and went in. She came out after another half an hour and told we can leave. The guards untied Santosh. He went inside the bedroom and brought Aarthi. She was unable to walk properly. She was sobbing non stop. We thought it was the right time to leave. We bid them goodbye and left. On the way home I asked her what she did. She told “As usual, I made her lick my body for half an hour. After that, I had spanked her ass with your belt. I asked if she had anal sex before. She said no. I broke her anal virginity”
Me – With what?
Shruti – Just fingers. She overreacted for that. But I managed to put in all my 5 fingers into her eventually.
Me – Would that have been more painful than when Ram fucked your ass?
Shruti – Quite possible. With Ram, I accepted my fate and tried my best to accommodate his cock in my ass. But Aarthi was trying to resist it. That is a bad thing when it comes to anal sex.
Me – Oh. They must be having so much of rage on us now.
Shruti – Yup. Don’t know how we are going to face them in office again
Me – Yeah. If they know how we managed to defeat him all the time, they will definitely kill us
Shruti – Ha ha. We are doing this for a long time. I don’t think we will ever get caught
Chapter 12
Unlike what we thought, things did not go too bad. We were surprised to find that Santosh and Aarthi became friends with us again and started talking normally so soon. We still continued to use a cheating method to win money now and then and lose occasionally so that they were not suspicious about us.
It was just another Saturday. Just another game of poker. We were playing a game. Shruti who was sitting next to me went to have some water and then came back to her seat. She was wearing her favorite t-shirt and full-skirt. Vikram who was playing cards gave some sort of a signal to the guards. They immediately locked the doors. Rajni got up from the place and went near a flower vase that was kept behind him and Santosh. He took out something small from near the vase. He threw it on the table, stared at us and asked “Can you people explain this?”
Me – I don’t get it. What is this?
Santosh – Don’t act mother-fucker. We know what you two have been doing here
Shruti – Why are you getting angry Santosh? We don’t understand what you people are talking about
Babu – Enough acting slut. We had doubts on from the day you people defeated Santosh when he had bet Aarthi. The kind of moves you made would be possible only if you had known his cards beforehand. We set cameras above us to record and then observe what you people are doing
Rajni – As we caught in the videos, Shruti goes to drink water after a couple of games everyday and places this small camera there and you people start winning immediately
Me – Rajni. Something is wrong here. We definitely didn’t do that
Vikram – Ok. This will only make us more angry. We are already filled with so much rage. Now you are talking like we are all idiots and you can tell anything. We have a video recording of everything you did. This fucking camera has a bluetooth connectivity to your phone where you can see the cards we have and you people play based on that. I have got to give it to you. That was one heck of an idea.
Yes. That was one heck of an idea. Shruti came up with the idea. Though I was against it, she somehow convinced me to do it.
Babu – You people have had enough fun cheating us all these days. Now it is our time to give it back.
Me – Sorry Babu. We will try to return all the money tomorrow
Babu – Money? It is never about the money. It is about integrity. You people destroyed the integrity of this place. You used such cheap tricks not just to win money. But also to fuck this woman. Imagine the rage which Santosh will be having now.
Shruti – We are extremely sorry. We became greedy. We will return all the money and never look back.
Vikram – Sorry. Sorry in words is not enough. We have plans to make you feel sorry throughout this weekend
Me – Sir. You are very powerful people. We made a big mistake by doing this. We repent for it
Babu – Ha ha. You will repent even more tonight. You should be double careful when you are gambling with us. You have to be even more careful when you are bringing a trophy wife like yours
Rajni – Yeah. Do you even know the kind of effect your wife has on men? Every man gets an erection seeing her. Given a small chance, they will use it. And you are taking such stupid risks while bringing her to play poker. You are really out of your mind
Santosh – This bitch has been a huge cock teaser in office too. There are so many people there who are looking for a chance to fuck her. It is just her bitchy attitude that keeps men away from her. If not she would have been our company prostitute
Vikram – Who will not have lust on such a hot bodied brahmin bitch. I have fucked so many women in my life. But not a single Brahmin woman. I have heard a lot about the performance of Brahmin women on bed. At last we have got a chance to experience that
Things were getting out of hands now. I stood up to do something. The truth is I didn’t have anything to do in my mind. But the guards pounced on me, punched me in the stomach and I fell down. They dragged me to the bedroom. While they were dragging me, I saw that Babu the 50 year old guy pushed Shruti to the table. She was leaning on it. Santosh jumped on the table and held her hands behind. Babu pulled down his pants and raised Shruti’ skirt. That was when the bedroom door locked and I was alone in the bedroom.
I could hear them converse and laugh. But I couldn’t hear them clear enough to make out the words. From time to time, I also heard Shruti’s voice. After 15 minutes, the door opened. Rajni came inside laughing and told “Dilip. You should really see this. ”
He took me outside. Shruti was lying there with her t shirt totally torn apart in the front and her bra missing. I saw that the bra, her panties and her skirt were down on the floor. She was on the table wearing nothing but the torn t shirt she was wearing which was as good as being naked. Santosh was holding her hands. Babu was kneeling on the table without pants and doing something with her pussy. Vikram was playing with her boobs. Shruti was closing her eyes and rolling on both sides alternately. Babu was holding her ankles firmly. I understood what had happened. These guys managed to get her horny. Now, she is going to beg them to fuck
Shruti – “Aaaahh. That is sooooo good.. Somebody fuck me”
Babu – We are really old people. How will a hot iyer woman like you let us fuck you?
Shruti – Age is not a matter. I just need a dick. Even if he is 100 year old ugly tribal person, I don’t mind.. Pleeeeaasssee.. Give meeeee some.. Aaaaa
Babu – Still our bodies are old, wrinkled and ugly to see. You will find our body disgusting
Shruti – Aaaaaaahhhh. Nothing is disgusting if you put your dick in my pussy. Please shut up and do it
Babu – Bitch. Your husband is standing here. You are asking us to fuck you
Shruti – That is fine
Babu – How is that fine
Shruti – He doesn’t bother about these things. Now just stop this nonsense and fuck me
Babu – Oh. He doesn’t bother. Guards.. Tie this loser on the chair just like you tied Santosh. Let the asshole die seeing how much his slut wife loves other peoples cock
Santosh – That sounds like a plan. What an opportunity to take a revenge?
Babu – Yes Santosh. Hearing what you said this bitch did to your wife, I feel that she should be allowed to take revenge first. Come on Aarthi. Do you want to tear her ass?
Aarthi – No uncle. I have other plans. I had planned this already.
(She took a HD camera from her bag and switched it on)
Me – No. This is against the rules. Do whatever you want. But please don’t record it
Rajni – Rules are for people who follow rules. Not for you cheaters. You do whatever you want Aarthi. We are here to support you
Babu- Yes. Enough talking let us begin the show
Aarthi took her camera and started recording the video. She went near Shruti and covered her top to bottom, inch by inch. Shruti was just closing her eyes and moaning “please fuck me.. Please fuck me” Aarthi made sure that every inch of her body is covered. She then placed the camera on the table, rolled her around and removed the torn tops to make her completely nude. Now she was covering behind her from top to bottom
Vikram – I have to say this bitch has a beautiful back. Look at the back of her thighs and ass. That ass is a perfect hemisphere. So soft, so smooth. And her back too. Aaaaaahhhh.. Not a single line or scratch on her skin. Brahmin bitches are quite a thing. So sad that we never tasted them before
Rajni – Better late than never.
Shruti – Aaaaaahhh.. Please stop talking you old bastards.. Who is going to do me first?
Babu – Rajni was the one who found out that you are cheating. So, we get to fuck you because of him only. He has the right to go first
Rajni – Wow.. Thanks Babu for giving me to have the first go at this slutty pig
Rajni was in formals as usuals. He removed his dresses one by one standing next to the table. That was one of the ugliest sights I have ever seen. A 62 year old guy with all wrinkles and white hair on his body, a hanging belly. I couldn’t even see his body continuously for more than a minute. But Shruti saw him and immediately put her hand on his dick and pulled him towards her.
Shruti – Please sir.. Mount me soon sir.. I badly need it
Rajni – Bitch. I am still a old man. Don’t give me a heart attack. I already almost had an attack seeing you nude. I will do it at my pace.
Shruti looked like she was possessed by a ghost. Aarthi was covering every word she uttered. I was seated near her feet. I had a clear view of her pussy. Rajni had difficulty climbing the table. He was helped by Santosh and Babu. He climbed it and settled between her legs. She sat upright, took his dick, placed it near her pussy. Then she put her hands around her neck and lied back. She was pulling him in with all her power. Rajni was nervous and tried his best to match her. Shruti put her legs also around his ass and locked him. It was more like Shruti was raping Rajni. Rajni could not stand it for long. He almost sprayed the cum inside her pussy. But Shruti was alert about that even when she was totally out of control. The moment she felt his dick spasming, she sat up and pulled the dick out.. He sprayed it on her cute small belly.
Shruti – Next guy please.. And for fuck sake, this house doesn’t even have a condom?
The guards went and took a couple of condom boxes. Babu was the next one to go. He was with a better health. Though he was not ugly as rajni, he was still old. He mounted her on the same position. While he was fucking, Shruti pulled his head and kissed him on his lips like lovers. That was too much for me. Kissing such an old man with such lust is definitely too much. That was when I came in my pants. Santosh saw this. He shouted “Aaaaaahhh. Look at this, guys. Someone has actually enjoyed the whole show while his wife is getting ravaged by men”
Aarthi – Wow. Here I come. That will be a nice scene to have in this video we are making
Aarthi came to me, pulled my wet pant down and pulled my underwear a bit to open it up. There was a liter of sperm there.
Aarthi – You pussy. You didn’t even cum this much when you actually fucked me. So watching your wife getting fucked gives you the hots
Me – Please stop this. You have taken enough revenge already
Aarthi – Ha ha. This is a big joke.. Just hear what your trophy wife is saying
Shruti – Aaaaahhh.. Don’t stop.. Don’t stop.. Please… Do it faster.. Do it faster
Aarthi – You guys make a really good pair. I envy you
Santosh – Yes dear. Slut wife and a sissy husband. Perfect combination
Meanwhile we heard Babu reach his orgasm. Now Shruti was little tired. I saw tears rolling down her eyes. She was regaining her senses.. She tried to get up from the table and get away. But Babu pinned her down..
Shruti – Please leave me. This is a mistake. I have satisfied you two. Leave me now.. It is wrong
Vikram – Bitch. You still have 2 dicks to satisfy. Now shut up and spread your legs. If not, we will slap you to death
Rajni and Babu who were already spent, held each of her leg apart while Vikram just pulled down his pants. It is good that he didn’t get completely nude. He was older than Rajni and this guy looked even more ugly. He didn’t take more than 2 minutes to cum. Next in line was Santosh. He opened his pants and took his dick out. It was around 4 inch long. It was shorter than mine.
Shruti looked at that and gave a wicked smile.
Santosh – What are you smiling about, slut?
Shruti – What is that? Dick or a broken half pencil?
That was a huge insult. He looked at her with rage.
Shruti – What are you getting angry about? We should give an award to Aarthi for having survived so long without even knowing what a penis really looks like
Aarthi came near her, held Shruti’s hair and lifted it near her face.
Aarthi – Bitch. We are not sex starved assholes like you. We really love each other. Sex is not everything for us. You are definitely going to pay for all the things you said.
Aarthi just held her hair and dragged her out of the table. Shruti fell on the floor with a thud. She rolled Shruti and made her be in Rocky(D)gy pose. Santosh took position behind her.
Aarthi – Come on Santosh. Make the bitch scream
Shruti – Scream? Ha ha.. you know.. Even those old men had longer dicks
That is when Santosh pushed his dick in her ass straight. Though it was a smaller dick compared to Shruti’s ex boyfriend, Ram’s dick, she had taken Ram’s dick till only 5 inches in the ass and her asshole was untouched for so many days. This was definitely painful for her. She just fell down from the Rocky(D)gy position after his push. Aarthi lifted her up and focussed the camera close to her face. Shruti made it a point that she doesn’t shed tears now. She controlled herself from crying and screaming in pain. But he was pushing roughly. The pain was visible in her eyes. She kept her head on the floor with her ass up. Now her rectum had adjusted to his dick. He was fucking her freely. He came in her ass and fell aside. There was a silence for around 15 minutes. Shruti stood up and came near to me to untie me.
Shruti – Come.. Let us go home
Babu – What the fuck? Who told you are allowed to go home. You are our property for tonight and tomorrow also. Now shut up and get ready for the next round
Shruti – Please. I couldn’t take it anymore. Let us go home. We made a mistake and we paid for it.
Babu – You people have been cheating us for weeks. Ideally, we should have your for at least one month here. We are being generous by fucking you only for one day. So shut up and get into the bedroom. We will fuck you one by one while others will be playing poker. Aarthi will play the extra hand to compensate
The body guards dragged her to the bedroom and tied her hands to the bed. From where I was seated, I could just see the lower half of her body. They continued playing poker. First Rajni went in and closed the door. Shruti’s moans were heard periodically. This time he took more than 15 minutes to finish. I couldn’t see anything inside. But I could hear his scream. Then the door opened. Shruti had her knees lifted up and tilted to opposite sides. Next round was Vikram. He did it with the door open. Shruti had her legs in air while he was fucking her. Then Babu went in and fucked her behind closed door after which Santhosh went in. When Santhosh went in, Shruti was laying there limp. She was totally spent. He tried to roll her. But her hands were tied. Still he managed to roll her half way to get access to her asshole again. She was laying on her side with her hands twisted. He fucked her asshole from behind her. He came out after 10 minutes.
Santhosh – The bitch is not reacting at all. She is too exhausted. We have to make her eat something. Only then it will be satisfying for us
Babu – Yes. True. Especially her voice.. It is so sexy to hear her moan or scream
Rajni – Man I just love her legs and thighs. See how she has maintained them. Fleshy, curvy and smooth.
Vikram – Enough praising her. Let us get to the business and give her some food
Santhosh – What do we do with this bastard?
Rajni – It is waste to have him here. He had seen enough already. We will let him go home. Let him imagine what would be happening here. That will be more painful than watching what happens for real
Vikram – So true. Let him suffer alone at his home
Babu – I am sure you are smart enough to know that going to police will only put you in a difficult situation
I bowed my head in humiliation. He signaled the guards who untied me and took me to my car. I drove the car home. they followed me to home to make sure that I was not going anywhere else. I woke up in the morning to find so many messages on whatsapp. They were from Santosh. The first pic showed Shruti being tied nude to the table and food being served on her nude body. They had kept hot food all over her body and they were eating that. The food was smoking hot. After that there was a photo of Shruti licking food from the floor. She was eating like how a Rocky(D) eats. Santhosh was fucking her from behind while she was eating. The next picture showed Shruti being forced to drink whiskey. Then there were multiple pictures of Shruti being fucked by everyone in different angles. Only Santosh kept fucking her ass. Others used her pussy and mouth. Next was a video of Shruti dancing nude for an item song. As she was drunk she was dancing senseless. The guys joined her occasionally and pinched her ass and pussy while she was dancing. They had humiliated her to the core. The last photo was Shruti sleeping on the floor totally exhausted. Her body was covered with so much of food, sperm and sweat. I ordered food to eat for me. I was restless throughout the morning. After lunch I dozed off. At around 8 PM, I heard the bell ring.
I opened it to find the bodyguards standing there holding Shruti by her shoulders on either side. What bothered me even more was that Shruti was completely nude. I looked around to check if anyone was there. Luckily we were staying in an individual house. They had parked the car inside and taken her out of the ca. She was also pitch drunk and kept blabbering something. I held her and took her to the bathroom. The guards left without saying a word. In the bathroom I switched on the light. She was bleeding a bit from her lips. Her pussy and ass region were dark red. She has definitely received a pounding for the last 24 hours. She moaned “Those guards are good guys. Babu instructed them not to fuck me. They followed his words very well. They just played with my boobs, ass and got a hand-job from me.. Ha ha ha.. Very good guys.. Very good guys”
She collapsed after saying that. I cleaned her well, soaped her up and carried her to our bedroom. The next day I woke up to see her lying on my chest and sobbing.
Chapter 13
The next day I woke up to see her lying on my chest and sobbing. I caressed her head, kissed her forehead.
Me – Why are you crying dear? Still worried about the weekend?
Shruti – Mmmmmmm.. My life is screwed
Me – Don’t worry dear. It is a one-time thing. We won’t go there again
Shruti – That is not the problem now.
Me – Then what is the problem?
Shruti gave her phone to me with whatsapp open. It showed our office team group conversation. This is how the conversation went
Aarthi – I have a puzzle for you guys
Bharath – Wow. This is new in this group. We never posted puzzles or forward messages here
Aarthi – This is not a forward message or some random stupid puzzle. This is a puzzle which only we can solve
Bharath – Yeah.. I am pretty bored here. I would like to solve some puzzles
Pandian – Yes.. Me too 🙂
Aarthi – (Sends a picture of Shruti lying nude on the table with just the face covered)
Aarthi – Find who she is
Bharath – No idea who she is. But I am already being uncomfortable. If you know what I mean 🙂
Pandian – Looks so sexy and curvy like actress Shruti hassan. But the girl in the photo looks taller
Aarthi – Ha ha ha. Ok next clue. (Sends a pic with Shruti hugging Rajni tightly while getting fucked. Again with face hidden)
Bharath – Shit man. Such a beautiful woman having sex with such a old man. That too she seems to be loving it
Pandian – Wow.. Way too slutty.. Who is this dirty bitch?
Aarthi – That is what I am asking you. No idea?
Bharath – No idea
Aarthi – You guys are just so dumb. Here is the next clue. (This picture had Shruti dancing nude for the song)
Pandian – Lol. She looks like a high class slut with such a sexy body. But she is behaving like a cheap item
Bharath – Ya. Her body and activities are sending totally opposite messages. Acts more like a cheap prostitute
Aarthi – Lol.. You guys are right about her character. Now try to find her soon. This is another clue (This picture had Shruti in Rocky(D)gy pose with Santosh fucking her ass from behind. Both their faces were hidden)
Pandian – Wait a minute. I think I know her
Bharath – What are you saying Pandian? You could find a girl just by seeing her ass?
Pandian – Shut up. I think I found out who she is. But I am not sure. It may get ugly if I get it wrong
Aarthi – Ha ha. I think you are having the right answer
Pandian – Hmmm.. Let me confirm. Did I say half her name already in the chat(He talked about Shruti hassan)
Aarthi – Ha ha.. You got it
Pandian – Oh my god.. Is it real? When did this happen?
Aarthi – Over this weekend
Bharath – I still don’t understand this
Pandian – Because you are a brainless kid. Go back to school
Aarthi – Ha ha.. Seriously how did you find out it was her?
Pandian – There are certain things I have observed about her which you people didn’t
Bharath – Guys.. Enough of this suspense. Tell me who it is
Aarthi – Ok kid. Don’t cry. Here are the original pics. She sent the original pics with face visible
Bharath – (Surprise smiley)
Pandian – Now, Bharath will run to bathroom 😀 😀
Bharath – As though you are not
Pandian – You know I don’t like her
Aarthi – Shut up Pandian. You just commented about her body before you knew it was her
Pandian – Ha ha. Once I knew it was her, her arrogant attitude took away my erection 🙂
Aarthi – Yeah. Now tell how you identified her
Pandian – Guys. She shows off her body a lot with tight dresses. So, the first thing that came to my mind was Shruti’s name when I saw the body. I have seen her well toned legs once she came in full skirt and she was sitting with one leg over the other. But the biggest clue was something else.
Bharath – What? You are the one who fucked her?
Pandian – Shut up asshole. That will never happen. Remember the day we were fighting for keys? At that time, while rolling around, her tops moved a bit upwards and I saw a small mole at the backside of her hips. Also check the visible mole on her neck in the photo. Too big a coincidence for it to be a different person than her
Aarthi – Wow.. Let us give a huge round of applause to the Sherlock Holmes of our group
Pandian – 🙂
Bharath – Looks like Santhosh had a nice weekend then 🙂
Aarthi – Ya. Of course
Pandian – And Dilip had a very bad weekend
Aarthi – From what I saw he also had a nice weekend
Pandian – What are you saying?
Aarthi – It is complicated. I will explain later
Bharath – Now tell who are the other guys and what actually happened during this weekend?
Aarthi – It is getting late guys. We need to get ready for office. Let us talk about this at the office
I finished reading the messages and looked at Shruti. She cried and hugged me “I am so sorry. I gave the stupid idea of using the camera. ”
Me – It is ok dear. Forget it. Let us focus on the future and see how to solve this problem
Shruti – If it was just forced sex, it is not a problem. The truth is I enjoyed it. I am sorry Dilip. Now I will look like a slut to you. It is all captured in her video. It is clearly visible that I am asking for it
Me – Don’t be too hard on yourself. You are a honest person. You openly told me about this when I proposed you. I knew what I was getting into, when I married you. I will stand by you and help you till the very end
Shruti – I love you dear. I have the best husband in the world
She kissed me on my lips. We got ready for the office. She used her make up kit to make sure that nothing is quite visible on her face.
Chapter 14
We came to office and found that no one was at the desk. I got a call from Bharath number asking me to come to a conference room nearby. I thought there was some meeting. I went there with Shruti. Shruti was dressed in a conservative salwar kameez. As soon as we entered, everyone on the room applauded. There were Santhosh, Aarthi, Bharath and Pandian. They told that our manager was on leave and they can do what they want. I turned to the other side to find a video being projected. It was none other than the video which Aarthi took over the weekend.
Santhosh – What are you looking at? It is a 24 hour video. I have tried my best to remove unwanted portion. But every scene was too good to be cut off. You know she slept only for 2 hours? No one allowed her to sleep continuously. Everyone woke her up and fucked her whenever they wanted and your cute sexy high-class professional brahmin wife made sure that no one was disappointed. Look at her involvement and interest in sucking that old man’s dick.
We both immediately got up to leave. But Santhosh blocked us on the way and said “You guys want to get it telecast in our office cafeteria? Now sit down and enjoy the show with us”
We sat next to each other. Santosh told that he had already narrated the events leading to the sex session on Saturday
Pandian – You guys deserve what you got.
The scene they were watching was where I was ejaculating my sperm while Shruti was getting fucked. Shruti looked at me surprised. Turns out that she was not aware of it as she was getting fucked at that time and she didn’t have a clue of what was happening around. Aarthi moved her chair next to me. Santhosh moved his chair next to Shruti. Bharath and Pandian were sitting opposite to us
Aarthi : I bet you 100 Rs that Dilip will be having a hard-on right now watching his wife being fucked on tv
Santosh – I bet you 200 Rs that Shruti’s nipples would be erect now and her pussy would be wet now after seeing her body being ravished by old men
Pandian – Fuck you two. I knew what kind of a bitch she was even before this incident. What surprised me was Dilip’s reaction to all this. Are you a cuckold Dilip?
I stayed silent bowing down my head
Bharath – What is a cuckold, bro?
Pandian – You are a kid. Get out of this room first
Bharath – Come on brother. Tell me.. I already watched lot of porn. So I can watch this also
Pandian – Cuckold is a wasteful shameless sissy guy who likes to watch his wife being fucked by other men
Bharath – Wow. Isn’t this just what Dilip proved to us in the video?
I remained silent
Pandian – Now I understood why he wanted to marry her even though he knew she was a bitch. The bitch even tried to seduce me multiple times. But I didn’t fall for her
Everyone looked at Shruti
Bharath – Yes Shruti. Now tell us the truth. Is it true that you were actually seeing Pandian with lust?
Shruti also bowed her head down like I did
Santhosh – Should I remind you that you need to answer every question we ask and do everything we ask you to do?
Shruti noded her head
Bharath – Does that mean a yes? Did you really have lust on him
Shruti noded again
Bharath – That is so crappy. How can anyone lust after an ugly beast like him. Yes he looks like a hunk. But look at the amount of hair coming out of his chest. He is like a bear
Aarthi – Shut up Bharath. Slutty women like her always want hunks like him. No matter how ugly they look. They just need strong bodies to which they can surrender
Bharath – Ha ha. I didn’t know that. So, cute girls like you will like men like me?
Aarthi – Good joke. You are a bit too short for girls’ expectations. Add your childish behavior to that, you always look like a little brother to everyone. No one will love you or lust you
Bharath – You hit me under my belt
Santosh – Guys. Let us stop this non sense and continue watching this epic fuck
He fast forwarded some of the scenes. They had played poker till midnight. Till that they were taking turns to go to the bedroom and fuck her. Shruti was so exhausted. Then they had given her a lot to eat and drink. Then they brought some mattresses to the room where they were playing poker. They joined all of them together so that all can sleep side by side. There were many mattresses. So, they didn’t have to struggle for space. Shruti was asked to sleep in a corner. Aarthi was next to her and Santosh after her. Others slept to the next of Santosh. Aarthi had her camera switched on and facing Shruti. Once the night started for them, Shruti fell asleep due to tiredness. But she was never allowed to sleep for more than half an hour continuously. Someone from the men went there, pulled down her bed sheet, spread her legs and fucked her. It was non stop fucking for her. Aarthi used the camera to focus on things whenever she woke up hearing the sound.
Shruti was allowed to sleep for 2 hours in the morning. Then she was woken up and taken to bathroom and placed in a bathtub. Everyone took bath with her and fucked her in the bath tub. Then she was forced to drink whiskey. That had increased her horniness. As a result, she was on fire the whole day pulling people to fuck her. She was fucked in almost every room in that house. Bharath stepped out from the room twice to go to restroom and masturbate. Pandian kept looking at Shruti and gave a smirk. The fact that Shruti accepted her lust for him was just a big boost for his ego. The bastard kept looking at her and me as though he pitied both of us. He came to Shruti and told “No matter how much you try. You can’t get me”
Shruti – I don’t want you. Yes, I had lust on you. That doesn’t mean I can’t live with out you
Pandian smiled and walked away saying “Let us see that”
Lunch was even more painful. Santhosh and Bharath sat on either side of Shruti. They made fun of both of us throughout. They kept their hands on Shruti freely. It is not like they didn’t do it before. But it was a friendly touch before. These touches were very different. Touching the shoulders is different from pressing the shoulders. A pat on the thighs is different from pressing the thighs continuously. Bharath was doing this pretty often. Shruti was clearly uncomfortable with all this and that was visible in her face.
The rest of the week was no different. Our manager was back from Tuesday. Bharath was acting like a brat ever since then. He often went to Shruti’s place, pressed her boobs and ran away. This was just irritating. Whenever we were having lunch or having tea, he made it a point to put hands on her shoulders, hips or thighs whenever possible. We didn’t know how long we can survive this. But Pandian was at his usual cool. Except the occasional verbal humiliation, he maintained that he hated her and never tried to take advantage of Shruti.
Chapter 15
It was Friday lunch time. We were talking about weekend plans.
Santosh – Shruti.. Come with us in our car today. You are spending tonight with me.
Shruti – What? I can’t do that
Santosh – You don’t have the right to refuse. Aarthi has allowed me to use you one day per week. As we will be busy on Saturday playing poker and Sunday shopping, Friday nights are the best bet. I want you to be with me every Friday night. That’s the deal.
Shruti – What happened that night, was a one-time thing. You people had enough fun. Be professional like Babu and his friends. They never disturbed me after that
Santosh – Because they didn’t have to watch their wives fucked in front of them. Yes, we had fun. But don’t say you didn’t have fun.
Bharath – Aaaaahhh. That’s a good point.. Shruti, remember the orgasm you had when one of the old men was fucking you. Your whole body was shaking like you were given an electric shock. I still remember the way you screamed that time. That was the loudest orgasm i have ever seen heard in porn. You sounded like a dinosaur in Jurassic park
Shruti punched on Bharath’s shoulders playfully and laughed. That left everyone in surprise. All these days, Shruti was angry and depressed with what was happening. But she took this joke in the right spirit and even laughed for it. I didn’t know how to react there. Everyone looked at each other but decided not to talk about it.
Santosh – So, I take it that you are coming with us today. From next week, call me Friday morning and ask me what to wear
Bharath – Wow. So, Shruti is moving on from being a hidden slut to a professional prostitute today
Pandian – She was never a hidden slut. Whole world knew she was a slut. Just that no body approached her except our Dilip here
Aarthi – There is one more thing for you guys.
Bharath – What is that?
Aarthi – Whoever wants to watch it can call us on Skype. We can put a conference video call. You can watch Shruti getting fucked by my husband live. It is mandatory for Dilip. He must call us and watch it on camera while it is optional for others. But who would miss the chance to watch it live? This will be a regular event from today. All Friday nights are going to be like this
Pandian – Wow. I would love to watch this bitch get fucked mercilessly. Show no mercy, Santosh
Santosh – I will do my best Pandian
Bharath – So I can cancel subscription to pornhub from now. Who needs to watch foreign chicks getting banged when I could watch an Indian hot brahmin newlywed wife being fucked?
Aarthi – Mind your words. I am also a brahmin. Not all brahmins are sluts like her
Me – Guys. Can you stop this? Don’t you think you guys are going overboard. You are blackmailing us into this. Santosh’s proposal was outrageous in itself. She is my wife, not a whore. But putting skype conference is way too much. I can’t handle it
Pandian – Why? You will wet your pants watching it like you did last weekend?
Everyone erupted to a loud laughter. I didn’t have anything to say. People got up from lunch and went to do their work.
It was evening. Pandian and Bharath got Aarthi’s skype id and left. Santosh came to Shruti’s place and told her it was time to leave. Shruti packed everything, gave a sad look at me and followed Santosh.
Aarthi came to my desk and alerted me “You have to login to skype. Remember? Now get your ass home immediately”
I also packed my things and followed them. I saw them getting into their car. Aarthi was driving. Shruti and Santosh got into the back seat. We had to travel for around 15 minutes in the same route. We were stuck in a signal. Their car was standing to my left. All the windows were closed initially. Aarthi lowered the window on her side and smiled at me. She turned back, talked something and laughed. She extended hand and got something. She threw it into my car window. It was Shruti’s t shirt. Next she threw Shruti’s bra similarly. She then turned back and laughed for sometimes. It looked like Shruti was resisting a bit. But eventually, her jean did come off but along with her panties. Aarthi threw them into my car. The signal went green. Suddenly, Santosh lowered his car window and called me out. I turned to find Shruti sitting nude on seat and Santosh was pinching and rotating her nipples. Shruti was moaning hard trying to push his hands away from her. I was able to hear her voice. Then his windows went up and they left. The cars behind me started honking and I went to my house.
I got a message in the Whatsapp group from Aarthi”Guys.. call this skipe id – XXXXXX.. The show starts in 5 minutes”
I opened my laptop and called the number. I observed that I did not have any guilty or bad feeling when I was about to call the number. On the other hand, I was excited. Watching Shruti enjoyed by Santosh in their car actually gave me an erection. Am I coming out of cuckold fantasies and becoming a real life cuckold? I already was a cuckold once to Ram and Shruti. But that happened for one day only. I had no idea when this was going to end. The call connected
Pandian and Bharath had already joined. They were waiting eagerly. The camera in Aarthi’s laptop was pointing to their house door. Aarthi was near the door smiling at the camera. She started a count down.. 5..4..3..2..1 and then opened the door. Santosh entered carrying Shruti on his two hands. Shruti was completely naked as I saw in the car. She had turned her head towards his head out of shyness. Aarthi went near her and turned her face towards the camera. Bharath and Pandian applauded. It was actually quite a sight to watch. Shruti’s curves appeared amazingly beautiful when he carried her in his arms. Especially her hips and her ass which was protruding downwards. Her legs stretched straight to the other side.
He carried her to his bedroom. Aarthi followed them with her laptop. The room was dark. Aarthi switched on a colorful lamp just to make sure that things or visible for us and also romantic for them. She also gave him a condom. What happened after that was 30 minutes of non-stop fucking in missionary and Rocky(D)gy positions. He used missionary to fuck her pussy and Rocky(D)gy style to fuck her ass. While fucking in missionary position, he had her legs around his hips initially and then he kept them on both of his shoulders. He turned and licked her legs while fucking her. He told “I have to say. Your legs are too sexy. Tough for anyone to resist licking” Shruti’s face was moaning as usual. But her moans were mostly subdued. They were a bit louder during anal fuck. But otherwise they were not much heard. This was because his dick size was small. Bharath and Pandian were continuing their jokes on how much she actually enjoyed it and what a slut she was. After sometime, Aarthi helped them out by holding Shruti’s ankles and lifting her so that her ass gets lifted and Santosh gets access to her asshole by sitting in front of her. Both reached orgasm when he fucked her in that position. Santosh rolled away from her and hugged aarthi. All three of them went to sleep. Bharath and Pandian were pissed off about this
Bharath – What the fuck man? Is that it?
Pandian – Yeah. Even dilip would be capable of fucking her faster than you did. You don’t know how to use her
Bharath – Yes. You should have made her scream, faint and beg to stop fucking. The bitch deserves that
Santosh – Shut up. If you want, you guys take her and do whatever you want.
Bharath and pandian smiled. They said good night, logged off and I went to sleep.
I crashed into the bed and began contemplating. Things were going way too far. Just two weeks back we were a good well-disciplined couple keeping all our kinks to ourselves. And now, things have taken a huge turn. It was hard for Shruti to keep herself under control all those days after our marriage. She managed to do it. But what happened during the poker game had opened the flood gates. I knew it was hard to get things back to where they were before. I felt bad about Shruti. But I was not angry with her. After all, that was her character. She had told about this the moment I proposed her. I didn’t have the right to complain about her. I loved her. It was my duty to save her and protect her. Not to throw her away. Even if she had acted like she didn’t like it when she was being fucked by the old men, Santosh would have used the video anyway to blackmail her into this mess. Trying to cheat during the games for money was a big mistake. I should have avoided that even thought Shruti was the one who came up with the idea. Treating Aarthi the way I did when I won her in the poker game was an even bigger mistake. All the mistakes were mine. Shruti was always vulnerable to such things and she just did what was expected from her under the circumstances.
Now that she had started being a part of this, I had many questions. Was she enjoying all this? Given a chance, was she willing to get out of this altogether? There was another question which came across my mind at that time. But I knew the answer immediately. The question was “Was I enjoying watching her being fucked like this?” The answer: I was having a hard-on while thinking about that.
Chapter 16
I heard the calling bell early morning at 5 o clock. I opened to find Shruti standing nude in front of the door. She entered immediately and jumped on me like a monkey. I carried her to our bedroom, put her on the bed. She pulled my head to her pussy. I licked it. Then she turned around without speaking a single word. I knew she wanted me to lick her ass. I saw Santosh’s dried cum inside her asscrack. She made me lick them. I hesitated first as this was the first time I as tasting another man’s cum. Also to taste it from my wife’s ass was a bit too much. Shruti pushed me to the bed and sat on my face. She forced me to lick it. Then we had our usual style of sex in which she orgasmed multiple times. We lay on the bed panting
Me – Dear
Shruti – Yes
Me – How do you feel about this whole thing?
Shruti – Which whole thing?
Me – Things happening at the office, the way Santosh and Aarthi are treating you
Shruti – Ya. They are abusing the video they have. We need to stop it soon
Me – Do you mean it?
Shruti – Mean what?
Me – Do you really want to stop all this? Tell it from your heart
Shruti – Why are you asking such questions, Dilip? I don’t want this to continue
Me – There is a part of me which says you are enjoying all of this
Shruti – No dear.. It is not like that.. Ohh.. Wait a minute. Are you liking this by any chance? I feel your cuckold instincts have taken over you. I even have a proof. You had cum when Babu was fucking me
Me – I have proof of your moans throughout the sex session. So don’t try to blame me alone
Shruti(smiling) – You know what? Let us be open. We both are actually enjoying this.
Me – Yes. But there is a part of me which says things are getting dangerous
Shruti – Yes. It should not go out of hand. Though I enjoy it, my brain says that it should stop. This is not the right thing to do. Especially when they are smooching me at office and opening me up at public places. Those things make me horny. But they are dangerous too
Me – Thank god, you understood it. I thought it would be difficult to get you out of it. I thought you may not want to
Shruti – Yes, I am a sex addict and I am enjoying it when they do things to me. But I am always aware that this is totally wrong and will definitely pull in so many problems for us.
Me – Yes. We should come up with a plan to somehow get out of this trap. There is one more thing I wanted to say. Hope you don’t get angry. You are getting dangerously close to Pandian which is against our agreement
Shruti – Come on. What is wrong with you? I have slept with guys older than your father. That doesn’t bother you. But flirting with Pandian does? You have some big problem in your head.
Me – For some reason, I just couldn’t entertain the thought of you and Pandian mingling with each other
Shruti – Whatever. It is good that we are having a open discussion now. What do we do next?
Me – We should get them together and set some ground rules so that we don’t get caught anywhere
Shruti – Yes. If any of our family members come to know about this, we are screwed
Me – Exactly. Let us talk to them this Monday and get them to an agreement
Shruti – What are you going to talk? As long as they have that video, there is no way they are going to leave us. They will have their say always
Me – Yes. I know that. There is no use begging them to stop or to be rude with them. We have to do something else
Shruti – Do you have something in mind?
Me – Yes. Friendship. We have to co-operate with them and let them know that we are enjoying all this. But before that, we should make them friends with us
Shruti – What are you talking about? How is that going to help us?
Me – We both know for a fact that they are never going to budge for our requests right now. There is no way to get the video from them. They definitely would have made multiple copies. The only way to be safe for us is to develop friendship with them
Shruti – Still, how are we supposed to get out of this?
Me – Once we become friends and start trusting each other, we can come up with some plan. Eventually, they will get tired of doing all this. If we are not their friends, so many things could go wrong. They could expose this information to their friends. They could misuse it and blackmail us forever. If we become friends, they will not try to harm us and also they will take care that this information doesn’t go out. Once they get tired of having their way with you, they will just leave us instead of coming up with new ways to exploit us
Shruti – That sounds like a good idea. Our friendship will save us from getting us exploited by them.
Me – I will try to talk them into it.
Shruti – Wow. You are the sweetest husband anybody could ever get.
She hugged me and rolled over me. We had crazy sex throughout that weekend. We hadn’t had sex from the poker day incident. Now that we have both opened up, we had non-stop sessions
It was Monday. We were having lunch. I started the conversation
Me – Guys. We need to talk about something
Santosh – About what
Me – About what has been happening for the past week.
Santosh – If you want everything to stop, it is not going to stop
Me – I am not asking you to stop. I know that there is no way you are going to stop this
Santosh – Then what else do you want?
Me – We need to set some ground rules. I know what we did to your wife after that poker game was unacceptable. We have suffered enough punishment from you already. We have learnt our lessons. Can we be friends at least from now on. Can you stop seeing us just as just victims of your blackmail?
Santosh – What exactly do you want? How can we see you as friends and still do what we are doing now?
Me – Ok. Let me put it this way. You guys know that Shruti actually is enjoying it when you are fucking her right?
Bharath – Ha ha.. Of course we know
Me – Similarly, I am also enjoying when you guys are doing it to her. Yes. As Pandian told that day, I am a cuckold
Everyone was shell-shocked. Though, everyone knew it, they never expected me to come out in the open like this.
Me – Now, if we all co-operate then we can make it enjoyable for all of us involved. We just have to make sure that certain limits are not breached.
Santosh – What limits?
Me – We should do everything possible to keep this within our circle. Within the 6 of us, anything should be fine. No one else should know what is happening here.
Santosh – Yes. That makes sense
Me – Yes. Remember if news go out and we get humiliated. Your names will also come out. It is bad for everyone
Bharath – Cool buddy. What else?
Me – Be careful with the photos and videos you take. We can upload it to one common server which is password protected and delete it from the source. There should not be a multiple copy.
Bharath – Simple thing. Is that it?
Me – Yes. That is pretty much it. And be careful while playing with us at public places like office or anywhere else. Though we actually enjoy that more than sex we need to be careful while doing that
Bharath – Now. Can I ask you something
Me – What is that?
Bharath – Can I have her one day per week like how Santosh has? Maybe Pandian also wants her one day per week
Pandian – Shut up. Did I ever ask you?
Bharath – Ok. Just for me then
Shruti – Ha ha. Really? You look like my little brother. What are you going to do with me?
Bharath – Don’t talk like that. I will not be soft with you like Santosh. I am a rough guy
Shruti laughed louder
Shruti – You would actually piss in your pants if you just see me nude. You are going to fuck me roughly?
Bharath – Give me a chance and you will know
Shruti – Ha ha.. How about Saturdays? Fridays with Santosh and Saturdays with Bharath
Bharath – I know why you chose Saturday. That way, you could rest well on Sunday. You know you wont even be able to walk on Sunday after I fuck you on Saturday.
Shruti – You just saw me getting fucked by a bunch of guys for 24 hours. Do you think I am going to be afraid of a kid who isn’t even my shoulder height? Go get a life
Bharath – Oh. Let us see
Shruti – Yeah.. Let us see…
Santosh – This is kinda cool
Me – What is cool?
Santosh – To watch her speak like that openly. I have always hated her arrogant attitude. Now that she is anyway under my control, it is fun to see her show that arrogance
Aarthi – Yes. I am pretty sure we are going to have lot of fun this way. Sad that Pandian is going to miss this all
Pandian – You guys are idiots
Santosh – What makes you say that?
Pandian – You had all the things you needed to catch them by their throat and make them do whatever you like. But instead of using that, you people just fell for their bait. The bitch used her smile and attitude to get what she wanted again
Santosh – We are still humans. We cannot blackmail them forever
Pandian – We should not show mercy on bitches like her. She will definitely make you repent for it. Anyway it is all your wish. I am not involved in it anyway
We continued talking and having fun while Shruti and Pandian were looking eye to eye at each other
Chapter 17
After making them friends, Shruti changed into a totally different person in the office. She became so friendly with others. Guys talked with her about sex openly. They made fun of her sexual addiction. But Shruti started laughing along with them and tried to give it back at times. Even when Santos and Bharath kept hands on her at every chance they got, she just smiled or beat them playfully. Though I was wary about things, I was happy that they became genuine friends. This will make it easy for us to smoothly phase out things.
The much expected weekend arrived. She came back from Santosh house in the morning, dressed up this time. I didn’t have to join the video conference nowadays. They let me sleep. As a matter of fact, no one joined it. Pandian didn’t want to get involved. Bharath is anyway getting her the next day.
We got a message in the group
Bharath – Get ready Shruti. I am going to make you beg me to stop fucking you
Shruti – Yeah. I will get so bored by your fucking style that I beg you to stop it and just use your tongue
Aarthi – 🙂 Ha ha ha
Bharath – Bitch, be here by 6 PM
Shruti – There? I thought you are staying with friends. Why don’t you come here?
Bharath – They are all out of station. Come here. If your husband wants to see, bring him also.
Me – No. I am ok with a video call. Just make sure that no one sees you
Bharath – Ya. Don’t worry about that
Shruti had lunch and slept till 5 PM. She woke up, took bath and got ready to go there. She was wearing a loose Kurta and Jean. She took the car and went to the address sent by Bharath. He had set the video conference even before Shruti reached there. I and Aarthi joined the conference while Santosh was watching sitting along with Aarthi. Bharath was wearing a sleeveless vest and a pair of shorts. As soon as the calling bell rang, he was nervous. His nervousness was clearly visible. It was a 2 bedroom house. He was in one of the bedrooms. He brought her there. Santosh was cheering on the conference “Come on Bharath. It is time to show the man inside you”
Bharath didn’t have a cot there. He just had a mattress on the floor. The room was just how a bachelor’s apartment would look like. There were clothes, books and beer bottles scattered around. Shruti was standing near the mattress and looking at the mess around. Bharath pushed her to the mattress. He mounted on her and pulled up his vest and removed his shorts. He seemed to be totally ready for this. He did not even have his underwear. He sat on Shruti’s chest and tried to push his cock in her mouth. What happened after that made everyone laugh their asses out
Shruti pushed him aside to the bed. Bharath being the short and lean guy he is, couldn’t even compare to her strength. It looked like Shruti was raping Bharath. She sat on Bharath’s stomach with her legs on both sides and pulled up her Kurta and bra. She took Bharath’s hands and placed them on her boobs. Bharath was watching everything totally stunned. She was the first woman he touched in his life. She went down and took his cock in her mouth and started sucking it. Bharath started shaking and tried to push Shruti away from his dick. But she held his dick tightly. It was just 30 seconds since she took his dick in her mouth, I suddenly say Shruti jump out of his dick and Bharath literally dancing on the bed. Shruti had something in her mouth. She laughed and ran to the camera. She opened her mouth and showed that Bharath had already ejaculated. She went to the attached bathroom and spit it out. She came back to the room and made fun of Bharath
She sat near the camera for conference and spoke “Here is the almighty alpha male Bharath who couldn’t even hold his cum for 30 seconds. The best part is I didn’t even remove my jeans. People tell that the hottest parts of my body are my thighs and ass”
Bharath was lying on the bed not wanting to face the camera. She went to the bed, dragged him to the camera and showed his face to us. We all had a good laugh at him. He told “I will compensate for this in the second round”
Shruti – Oh.. Second round.. Let me see
Shruti took his dick by her hands, held it tightly and looked at Bharath’s eyes. Bharath started playing with Shruti’s boobs. His dick was regaining erection so fast. As soon as it was completely erect, Shruti stood up and removed her pants showing her sexy lower body. The white shapely thighs and smooth fleshy legs. Bharath began shaking and Shruti seized the opportunity to sit on his dick and grind it. This time also, it took only around 1 minute for him to spray cum on her thighs. Santosh in the conference told “Dude. You are the biggest joke of the year. You cannot even stand it for 1 minute and you challenged everyone like that”
Bharath – I underestimated Shruti’s power to get men ejaculate on her. I thought I had complete control over it
Shruti – Come on.. Let us go for another round. May be you will last for 2 minutes this time
Bharath shook his head. But Shruti just lifted him in her hands and took him to his bed. It was very much like Shruti was raping Bharath. Santosh logged out at that point of time. I also felt drowsy and went to sleepy
I was woken up by a calling bell. I went to open the door. It was Shruti. She came in and fell on the bed. She looked so tired
Me : Last night was so fun
Shruti – Ha ha., Yes.. I had him by his balls
Me – So tired?
Shruti – Yeah. But not because of his fucking. It is because the room was ugly and I didn’t get proper sleep there. I need to sleep now
She fell asleep within minutes after she said that.
Bharath was the butt of all jokes on Monday. Everyone in the team teased and trolled him during lunch. Aarthi narrated what happened to Pandian
Pandian – I told you. She is a professional slut who can handle 10 dicks at once. Do you think your virgin dick could get her tired?
Santosh – You would have taken a strapon and fucked his ass with it. That would have been an apt ending to what happened there
Meanwhile, Shruti and Bharath were looking at each other in a funny way. Right from that day, both of them became so close. Bharath always tried to irritate her. He would pour water on her dress while going through that way. He pulls down her pants or leggings when no one is watching. He pinched her crotch when no one is watching. The best of the lot was what he did to her during a meeting
We had a late night meeting with our US clients. It was a video conference and was attended by all of us in the team except our manager. We had to stay late and attend it from a conference room. Our US client in the video call was mostly speaking to Santosh. The meeting was boring for others. We had to attend even if we had nothing to do with what was going on because our manager forced us to attend while he went home
Half way down the meeting, Bharath stood up in under the pretext of using the restroom. He went out and immediately came in. He crawled so that the US clients won’t be able to see him. We were all seated around a table and facing a camera which was transmitting the video from the room. He crawled under the table. I knew he was up to some mischief with Shruti. As expected he moved to Shruti. She was wearing Kurta and jean. He sat in front of her legs and tried to move them apart. But Shruti resisted. He then removed her high heel slippers and threw them away. He took one feet and kept it in his mouth. That was a master move. It was one of her weak spots. She tried so much to control herself. Though she managed to hide expressions from her face, she stretched her legs apart. Bharath used that moment and went between her legs. He opened her jeans button and started pulling down the pant. Shruti was surprised by the speed at which he was doing things. She couldn’t react immediately. After a couple of seconds she got hold of the sides of her pants. But the pant was down by about 10 inches showing a part of her thighs already
Bharath put one hand inside her panties and started fingering her. She was losing control on her body. He seized the moment to pull down the jeans even more. No one in the room was able to listen to the US client. Only Santosh was doing that. But he also found it difficult to concentrate after knowing what was going on. Shruti found it very hard to keep herself from moaning. Her jeans were around her ankles and Bharath was trying to remove them totally. He was pulling the pant hard when she kicked him hard on his crotch. Aarthi laughed by seeing that. Bharath got pissed off and removed her pants with more power. He threw the pant away and looked at her legs and thighs. They were too tempting for him. He started licking, kissing and biting them inch by inch. Shruti started giving minor sounds. Luckily the US client was talking at that time and Santosh put our side on mute
Just when she had closed her eyes and reached a different world, Bharath pulled her panties down. That was totally unexpected. To make my wife Shruti bottom less in a conference room was outrageous but so erotic at the same time. Shruti was enjoying this. Bharath went near her pussy and started licking her. Shruti was screaming hard. She turned her face away from the camera so that the US client doesn’t see her. That is when I saw something in her Kurta. It was bharath’s hands. He had put his hands from under her Kurta to her breasts and pulled her nipples out of her bra. Now, Bharath was kneeling in front of her legs with his tongue playing with her pussy while his hands were up inside her kurta kneading her nipples. Shruti shouted and reached a heavy orgasm. Her body shivered for sometime and then she lay exhausted. He gave her pant and panties to her and left outside through the door. The meeting was over 5 minutes after that. Once it was over, she wore the pant, ran outside the room to Bharath’s place and beat him playfully. Everyone was talking about the epic meeting, Shruti’s expressions and all. Bharath gave a naughty wink to Shruti. Shruti punched his chest, then put a hand over his shoulders and told “I have to say. That was an awesome experience”
Things went on like this for 3 more weeks. Shruti continued her schedule of Fridays with Santosh and Saturdays with Bharath. One Saturday she had gone to Bharath’s house. I got a call from Shruti’s mother. She told that Shruti didn’t pick up her call. She told that they were coming to our house tonight. I told them that we were outside and we will reach home by 10 PM. They told they will also come to our home at that time. I tried calling Shruti multiple times. She was not picking the call. I tried calling Bharath. His phone was switched off. I decided to go to his house directly and pick her up.
I went to his apartment and went to 3rd floor where his house was. I rang the bell. It was opened by a guy who looked Bharath’s age. He was wearing just a towel. It was clear that he wasn’t wearing anything inside. His erection was visible over the towel. I was confused and asked him for Bharath. He called out for Bharath. Bharath came near the door wearing a towel like him. He was shocked to see me there. Just when I asked him “Where is Shruti?” , I heard her voice from one of the bedrooms. I ran there. Bharath was trying to stop me. I pushed him aside and went to the bedroom to find my wife sandwiched between two guys without a single piece of cloth. One guy had his dick in her asshole and the other guy had his dick in her vagina. My bitchy iyer wife Shruti had her legs around one of the guys and kissing him while the guy behind her was pressing her boobs from behind.
Shruti was shouting “Aaaaaaahhhh.. I love you guys”
Chapter 18
I stood there not able to speak a single word. Bharath rushed in and shouted at them. They moved away leaving Shruti alone. All the guys went out of the room. Shruti saw me and her jaw dropped “What are you doing here?”
Me – Your mother called. She is coming to our house tonight
Shruti – Oh.. Sorry. My phone was in silent mode
Me – What is happening here?
Shruti – We will talk about it later.
She rushed up wearing her dresses and we started. All the guys were in the drawing room. They didn’t make eye contact with me. We went to our house. Her mother came that night. We didn’t talk about it till she left on Sunday. I started the conversation on Sunday night
Me – Shruti.
Shruti – I know what you are going to ask
Me – There are two things here Shruti. One is that I told you not to involve more people into this. Now if those guys tell this to their friends, things will go out of control. The other point is why did you hide it from me?I have been supportive of you and helpful in all things no matter what it is. Did I ever get angry with you?
Shruti – It was due to circumstances, Dilip. I am so sorry. I will tell you what happened
Shruti’s narration ———————————————
Last week I went to his house as usual for a session. We were in his bedroom having sex. He was fucking me in missionary position. We heard something and all of a sudden we saw our bedroom door open. It was 3 of his roommates. They saw us having sex. They were surprised to see us. I thought they will force me to do it with them. But they were cool guys. They just had a small conversation
Bharath – You guys didn’t go to hometown
Roommate1 – No dude. We missed the bus
Bharath – Ok. You guys carry on. I will join you later
Roommate2 – So this is the reason why you didn’t come with us to our hometown for 2 weeks. You lied to us that you had work
Bharath – It is not like I didn’t want to tell you. She is more concerned about her privacy. She got a promise from me not to tell anyone
Roommate3 – By the way, who is she? She is having mangalsutra around her neck. She is married
Bharath – She is my teammate. Name Shruti
The 3 guys shook hands with me. It was a funny feeling to shake hands with them casually while sitting nude
Roommate1 – Does your husband know this?
Bharath – Yes. He doesn’t mind. He actually likes to watch
Roommate1 – Oh.. He is that kind of guy
Roommate2 – What kind of guy?
Roommate1 – Cuckold, dude
Roommate2 – What is that?
Roommate1 – Let us go to the other bedroom. We shouldn’t disturb them. I will explain it to you there
Roommate3 – Yes dude. Let us leave the love birds in peace. Sorry Shruti for disturbing you
Me – It is ok
After they left, I looked at Bharath
Me – What do we do now?
Bharath – Let us continue our session
Me – What? With them in the other room?
Bharath – Don’t worry. They are decent people. They all have girlfriends and they bring them here regularly. This room is dedicated for having sex. We don’t mind other people’s sex lives
Me – Nice.. But they won’t tell anyone else right.
Bharath – Yes. They wont tell. Don’t tell Dilip about this. He will be definitely pissed of.
Me – Ok
We continued our session. As usual, Bharath was not even able to last for more than 2 minutes. The things which happened that night made me too horny. But Bharath was sleeping. I heard something from the kitchen. I knew it was one of the roommates. I wrapped a towel around my body and went there under the pretext of drinking water. There was the first roommate drinking water. I went there and stood next to him. He looked at me and told “Bhabhi.. You want water?”
Me – Yes.. Btw. What is your name
He – Shyam
Me – Nice. You are still awake. Not getting sleep?
Shyam – Yes bhabhi.. Just watching some movies
Me – What kind of movies?
Shyam – Ha ha.. Some porn movies
He was wearing boxers and his dick was visible over it. It was clearly erect and was around 6 inches in length. I have been missing a long dick for a long time ever since my ex boyfriend Ram fucked me. Though Shyam’s was not as big as Ram’s, it was bigger than Santosh’s, Bharat’s and yours. He was very young. Same as Bharath’s age. The fact that it was erect means he actually liked me. I lost control of myself, pushed him near a corner of the kitchen, untied my towel to let it fall down. He was not able to speak “Bhabhi.. What are you doing? Bharath will not like this”
Me – Bharath? That guy doesn’t know to fuck a woman at all. He told that you guys have sex with your girlfriends. Definitely you will have much better experience. Now take me right here
I put my hands inside his boxer and took his dick out. That was too much for him. He lifted me and made me sit on the dining table in kitchen. He kissed each and every inch of my body saying “Aaaahhh.. Bhabhi… Your body is so hot. I have had sex with 3 women so far. No one can even come close to you. Thanks for letting me do this”
Me – Aaaaahhh.. Yes.. This is how a brahmin body looks like. No one can match the beauty and bitchiness of a brahmin woman.. Aaaaahhh
Shyam – Aaaahhh. Brahmin bhabhi. That explains it.
He kept kissing and licking every part of my body except my asshole. I didn’t want to force him to do that. I liked his licking work well enough. He put my legs apart and started fucking. This guy had good stamina and control. He was not fast. But he fucked me while kissing me romantically and he lasted so long. I kept screaming and moaning while matching his pushes. I came to senses only after I had a couple of orgasms. I looked around to see Bharath and his other roommates looking at us with their dicks in hands. Shyam took his dick outside when he was about to cum.
The next guy came to do me. I told them “You dumb asses. Take me to the bedroom. I hate this place” They replied “Okay bhabhi ji” And took me there. The name of the other two guys were Vinod and Shrinivas. Their dicks were around 5 inches. They talked to me with respect. They did whatever I wanted them to do. They are harmless. First they all fucked me in pussy one by one. After they were all done, I lay there with 2 guys on each side.
Me – Why are you guys so excited? Haven’t you guys done it before?
Shrinivas – We have done it bhabhi ji. But you are different
Me – In what way?
Shrinivas – Our girlfriends are beautiful. Their bodies are lean, slim and sleek. They are so sexy, but your body is different. You are slim, but fleshy. Your body looks very shiny and naturally smooth than the other girls we have fucked
Shyam – Brahmin body dude
Shrinivas – Oh. Brahmin woman? That explains everything. Love your thighs and legs
Me – Aaaah.. I have heard lots of compliments for me legs and thighs
Vinod – One important thing is our girlfriends get tired soon. They let us go only for one round. You are able to handle 4 guys here. Our girlfriends never suck our cocks. But you are taking our cocks without even asking. Your face is so beautiful and the smile you give while sucking is just out of this world
Shruti – Ha ha.. I always like to experiment I have even had anal sex before
Shyam – Anal sex? wow. I always wanted to try it. But our girlfriends never let us do it. Can we do it with you?
Shruti – Yes. First I will get you all back to mood
I moved to each person one by one to suck them and get their dicks erect. First Shyam fucked me in Rocky(D)gy style. He was the third person to fuck my ass. Remember Ram was not able to put it in completely and Santosh’s dick was just 4 inches in length. Shyam was clever and took a bottle of oil and applied it in my ass. He first put it around my hole. Then he applied it on his fingers and inserted his finger into my rectum. It was a heavenly feeling. He tried his best to insert his dick then. I also tried by best to get it in. I held Bhrarath’s hands tightly to endure the pain. He put most of his dick inside. But couldn’t cross the 5 inch mark. But that was good enough for both of us. He started the fucking motion. But my ass was too tight for him to last long. He came in around 5 minutes. Then everyone including Bharath took turns. They kept complimenting me by saying words like “Wow. It is a heavenly feeling to have anal sex with a married brahmin bhabhi as sexy as you… Your ass is so sexy smooth and round”
Once all were done, I slept. I woke up in the morning and came home. The next weekend everyone was there ready for me. We had our usual session. I opened Shyam’s laptop and browsed through the porn there. That is where I found the video of double penetration. I didn’t know such a thing was possible before. My pussy became wet the moment after I saw that. I looked around at others in a naughty way
Shyam – What?
Vinod – Don’t you understand? Bhabhi ji wants to try this too. Isn’t it right bhabhi?
Me – I want to. But I don’t know if I can take it
Vinod – We can help you with it bhabhi ji. We won’t go hard. We will take things at your own pace. We will stop when you want us to
Me(blushing) Ya.. Let us try this
I asked Bharath and Shrinivas to go first as they had the smallest dicks. I asked bharath lie down and sat on his dick. I put his dick into my asshole with some effort slowly. I then asked Shrinivas to mount me from front. His dick went into my pussy fast. It was a heavenly feeling. But Bharath was weak and he was not able to fuck me properly from that angle. He soon leaked cum in my asshole. Shrinivas was still going good in my pussy. He was wearing condoms. I pushed Shrinivas to the bed and sat over him facing him with his dick in my pussy and I asked Vinod to do my asshole. This time it was good. Shrinivas fucked my pussy easily as it was not tight like my ass. Vinod fucked my ass easily as he was in proper posiiton for it. Then I was able to stop concentrating on getting the position right and started enjoying the moment. I had the best orgasm ever that night. It was an awesome feeling to have both my holes stuffed by such young guys. Then Shyam took Vinod’s position after he had ejactulated. This was a little difficult as Shyam had a bigger dick. He again inserted slowly till 5 inches and then started fucking fast. I orgasmed multiple times and collapsed on Shrinivas. They continued fucking me like that till they ejactulated. After that, double penetration has been regular for us. Then you saw us this week
Shruti’s narration ends —————————
I just sprayed my cum on Shruti’s hands while she was giving handjob to me narrating the entire story.
Me – Still you could have told me
Shruti – Yes. But things went too far and I was afraid that you will stop me from it.I know it is dangerous. But I am not able to control myself
Me – Yes. I understand that dear. If you stop doing it with them, will they take it sportively and stop it completely? Or will they start blackmailing you again?
Shruti – No.. You should talk with them. They are very decent. They haven’t used a single word to disrespect me so far. They will accept it
Me – What about you? Do you want to stop this?
Shruti – Yes dear. I have had enough fun with the gangbangs. It is time to stop.
Me – Ok.. We will stop it then.
Monday at office we told Bharath about our decision.
Me – Bharath. I am sorry to say, I can’t let Shruti come to your house hereafter. We need to stop things before they get too far
Bharath – Sorry Dilip. It was all my fault. But please don’t do this. I will tell the others not to touch her. They will understand and stay away from her.
Me – Yes. I accept they are good guys. But I don’t want anything like this to happen again. It is better to be on the safer side
Bharath – They won’t even talk to her after this. I promise you
Shruti – Ok Bharath. It is not just about them. It is also about me. You know I cannot control myself when they are around. It is more about controlling myself here. I know you guys are gems and won’t do anything without my consent. It is just my problem
Bharath – I understand then. But what will I do then?
Shruti – You can come to our house every Saturday dear. We don’t have any problem with that
Bharath – Hmmm. That sounds like a good plan. I will inform my roommates
The next day Bharath asked us to come to a separate room and talked with us. None of our teammates knew about the relationship between Shruti and Bharath’s roommates
Bharath – I told my roommates. They are perfectly okay with it. They told they won’t come into your lives anymore
Shruti – I know. They are such good guys
Bharath – They just wanted to tell you something
Me – What is it?
Bharath – Before you saw us, we had planned for a trip this coming weekend. Our plan was to take Shruti with us and enjoy. We had booked rental cars and all for that. They just asked if you will allow her for this
Me – What? This is why I wanted to stop this. You guys are taking it too far
Bharath – We are not forcing you. We know what your answers will be. But my roommates just wanted to put this thing to your ears. Anyway, it is a strict no. I will inform them
Shruti – Wait.. Dilip.. Can we talk?
Bharath went out leaving us alone
Me – What are you doing?
Shruti – These guys have been so good to me. I think we should give them their last wish
Me – They are talking about taking you outside. Wait.. This is about giving them their last wish or does this voyeuristic trip excite you?
Shruti – A mix of both
Me – This is dangerous
Shruti – But I want to do it. You will love it. Don’t you want to see your wife enjoy with those guys in a full fledged trip? We will send videos to you from the trip
She put her hands on my dick. She knows my weak points.
Me – Yes. I would love to watch. But they are kids and there must be someone to control them from crossing limits. If such a thing happens, I need to come along with you
Shruti – There is my boy. You want to watch it. Don’t you? It should be easy to convince them. They will accept anything they say
Me – No. I am not coming because I want to enjoy it. I want to come because I am worried about your safety.
Shruti – Whatever it is. I promise you that, this will be my last tryst with those guys
Me – I hope so
We called him Bharath and informed him of our decision
Chapter 19
It was Saturday. Shruti returned from Santosh house. We had packed everything Thursday night itself. We took our car and went to Bharath’s house. Shruti was wearing a t-shirt and track pant. They had brought an innova car for rent. We had to drive it ourselves. The plan was to travel to Tada falls, take bath in falls and return before night. They placed luggage behind us.
We were waiting downstairs near the car. The guys came down. Bharath introduced them to me. They were feeling very uncomfortable as they shook hands with me. Of course, our first meeting was not pleasant. They were all wearing loose t shirts and shorts. They were fighting about who will drive the car. It was decided that they will take turns driving the car while I will be sitting in the other front seat. The first person to drive car was Bharath
The next row was designed to seat 3 persons comfortably. But Shyam, Shrinivas, Vinod and Shruti all squeezed in there as the last row was full of luggage. Shruti felt uncomfortable. So, she stood up and sat on the lap of Shrinivas who was sitting in the middle. Once Bharath started driving, Vinod and Shyam took hold of her boobs from either side. Shrinivas was kissing her neck from behind her. He tried lifting her t shirt a bit and pinched her love handle. Shruti gave a sound “Aaaahhhh.. It is paining” I looked back and told “Guys.. This car doesn’t have properly covered windows. People from outside could see us. Let us cross the city limits and then do it” They obeyed without speaking a single word. Shruti was right. They were very obedient guys
Due to traffic, it took one hour to cross city limits of Chennai. It was around 11 AM by that time. It was summer and very hot outside. The road was pretty clear. We didn’t see much cars around. Shyam asked me “Bro. Can we start now?”
I gave them a smile which they understood. Shrinivas held her tightly on her laps. Shyam pulled her t shirt above her head. Shruti helped him doing it by lifting her hands. Vinod took her legs on his lap and pulled down her track pant completely. She now lay flat on the lap of the 3 guys. She was tall. Her head was leaning on the window near Shyam. Her top body was on Shyam’s lap. Her ass was on Shrinivas’s lap and legs were on Vinod’s lap. Shyam kissed Shruti on her lips while Shrinivas removed her bra. Only her mangalstura was left in her upper body. I couldn’t control myself and turned back to see what was happening.
Bharath slowed down the vehicle and kept an eye on the mirror. The car was going very slow. I took one of Shruti’s palms in my hand and caressed it. There was my wife lying on the lap of three guys younger than her with just her panties on. She sat up and turned back to kiss Shyam while Shrinivas was sucking her soft boobs. Her boobs had gotten bigger after all the mauling she had received in the recent days. Her navel looked so hot between the layers of flesh. Her small belly accentuated her beauty and sexiness in that position. There were 3 small layers of flesh on her hip. As Shrinivas pressed them hard with his hands, they took different shapes. Vinod was busy with her legs and thighs licking them and biting her inner thighs. As he was biting the thighs, Shruti herself put her right hand onto her panties and pulled them down. Vinod helped her to remove it completely and started playing with her inner thighs again. Shruti pulled him by his hair and made him lick her pussy
This continued for around ten minutes. They made her get up and lie down with her head in the space between the two front seats. Her head was just next to the gear box. Her ass was just on the seat. It was a very uncomfortable position for Shruti. Shrinivas was trying to fuck her by kneeling on the seat. As it was difficult, they pulled her back. All three of them got up from the seat and kneeled in front of the seat. They made Shruti lie down on the seat. They took turns to go up the seat near her legs, spreading her legs apart and fucking her. She was feeling so horny. Her moans were loud and echoing inside the car. She moaned “Aaaaahhh.. aaaaahhh.. I love this.., I love to get fucked in a moving car by many guys in front of my husband.. aaaaahhh.. can you?”
Shrinivas – What?
Shruti – Can you open?
Shyam – open what?
Shruti – Can you open it?
Shyam – Open what bhabhi ji?
Shruti – Open the window?
Me – Shruti.. Stop it.. You are out of your mind. Opening the window is very risky
Shruti – MMmmmmm.. I want fresh air. It is suffocating here… Aaaaahhhh.. I want fresh air
Me – A/C is running, If we open the window someone will see
Shruti – Noooo.. There is no traffic. If someone is passing by, I can hide myself. You see the mirror and tell me… Aaaaahhh
I couldn’t refuse her there. I was already about to cum in my pant seeing everything that was happening. I joined them to control her. But I was losing control of myself. Bharath saw my reaction and used the buttons near driver seat to lower the windows. It was pretty hot outside. As we were in a moving vehicle, we could feel some wind blowing. This excited Shruti even more. Bharath was going at a speed of around 40 kmph slowly to at the left of the road. Shruti’s legs were facing the left side of the road. As we were at the left end, there were only forests to our left and vehicles were moving only to our right occasionally, they decided to take more risks. They closed the windows to our right. Only windows to our left were open.
Shyam got up and made her kneel on the seat facing the left side window. He kneeled behind Shruti and positioned his dick near her asshole. He held her hair by his hand and pushed her head outside the window. As he started fucking her ass, he pushed her more and more outside the window. After a couple of minutes, top half of Shruti’s body was outside. To be precise, her head, neck, boobs and half of her hips were outside the car window. I looked out through the window on my side and turned back to find her boobs shaking rigorously because of his hardcore fucking. Her mangalsutra was oscillating between her boobs. Her screams were dying into the woods at the left. I felt very nervous and aroused at the same time. She put one hand on my shoulder and told something that was not clear.. She told “Corrrr.. ittt”
Me – what?
Shruti – mobbb…
Me – Tell clearly
Shruti – Take your mobile and record it
I had already ejaculated on my pants seeing everything. Still I was feeling horny. I took my mobile as she said and covered the entire thing from outside the window. She was getting fucked by all three guys alternately in a moving car with half her body out in the open. They all unloaded in her ass and sat on the seat. Shruti took a long breathe in the end, smiled at my mobile camera and kissed the camera
Bharath – So, you like voyeurism
Shruti – MMmmmmm.. Yes..
Bharath – This trip is going to be filled with voyeurism
Me – But don’t do things which are too risky
Shyam – Come on, bro. Aren’t you enjoying the whole thing? We are far away from Chennai. There is no known person here. The riskier things are more pleasurable
I couldn’t speak against that. he was right. I had actually enjoyed it and deep inside I wanted more
Shyam – Did you enjoy it Shruti?
Shruti – Of course I did.. Please do more of it.
Just then we saw a couple of guys from the nearby village going in a old motorcycle which is not capable of going fast. Shyam got an idea seeing them. He asked Shruti to stand up. She was not able to stand up completely. She had to bend completely to be in standing position. He held her by her hips and pushed it towards the window. Shruti realized what he was planning..
Shruti – Noooo.. What are you doing
Shyam – Listen bhabhi ji.. You just asked for more.. You will definitely enjoy this. Just do as I say. Push your ass outside. Your full ass and a bit of your hips and thighs should be outside the window
Me – Shyam. We shouldn’t be doing this. I need to stop it here
Shyam – Bro. You enjoyed the previous thing right? This will be even better. They won’t even see Shruti bhabhi’s face
I was not in a position to control them there. He started forcing Shruti again.
She did as he told with a nervous and innocent face. She pushed a bit of her ass outside. Shyam pushed her to do more. She pushed by holding her knees inside the car. After sometime, Her ass and the back of her hips were completely outside in the afternoon sun getting baked by the heat. Half of her body was stuck in the window. I was not sure if she will be even able to get out of it. Her smooth big white ass and sexy hip was quite a sight in the sunlight. I didn’t have to be asked to take photo. I took my mobile and took multiple shots and also a video recording. She was holding my shoulder with one hand and Shyam’s palm with another hand and started giggling
Shruti – Aaaaahhh. It is too hot outside. I am going to be tanned in my ass alone
Shyam – Ha ha.. How do you feel the wind blowing on your naked ass?
Shruti – he hehhe… mmmmmmm.. It is toooo good.
Shyam – Wanna come in
Shruti – Nooooo… I love it.. Just hold my hand tightly. I may reach orgasm anytime.
Bharath – Wait Shruti.. There is more fun waiting for you
He moved the car slowly to the motorcycle which was going in the left. They were stunned seeing a woman with her naked ass hanging out. Bharath shouted at them “Guys.. How is that ass?”
Guy1 – Wow.. Very nice and smooth. Is she an actress or what?
Bharath – Not actress. Just a high class brahmin wife
Guy2 – Ohhh… I love iyer women. Can we fuck her?
Bharath – Sorry bro. Just touch them if you want and play with your hands for 5 minutes. Nothing more. Are you in for the deal?
Guy1 – For how much did you get this prosititute?
Bharath – She is not a prositute. She is a co-worker
Guy1 – Oh.. IT company?
Bharath – Yes
Guy1 – I see. I know IT company girls are like this. Can we see her upper body too
Bharath – No sir. Just her ass in this position. We will drive close to you like this for 5 minutes. Do whatever you want
The guy who was at the front of the motorcycle was driving slowly so that the pillion rider gets easy access. He touched her ass with both hands and pressed them hard.
Guy2 – Wow.. Nice smooth ass. Shall I slap it?
Bharath – You can.. You can even finger her if you want
Meanwhile, Shruti had her eyes wide open and was breathless. This was much more than what she expected. Shyam was kissing her on her mouth to control her from screaming. She was beating him to get out of his hold and scream. Her eyes looked like her eyeballs will come out anytime. I looked out to find that the guy was finger fucking her. After a couple of minutes, they slowed down, exchange their positions and the guy who was sitting at the front touched her now. He also finger fucked her. Now Shyam left Shruti to scream. Guy1 told “Wow.. Her voice is also so good.. Do you like it mam?”
Shruti – Aaaahhh. Yes.. I love it
Guy1 – Shall we fuck you on the road side mam
Shruti – Aaaahhh.. Yesssss.. I want you two to fuck me in the middle of the road
Guy1 – Then ask your driver to stop the vehicle. We will fuck you here, take you to our village and let everyone to fuck you
Shruti – Mmmmmm.. Yess… I want that.. Stop the car Bharath
This was the limit. I knew that she was flirting with danger and signaled to Bharath. He accelerated fast till they were out of sight. Shyam pulled her inside. Everyone in the car was silent for sometime. I thanked Bharath for doing the right thing.
Shruti hugged me from behind and kissed me for getting in at the right time. She then hugged Shyam and told “Thank you for showing me heaven., That was definitely one of the best sexual activity I have done before”
Shyam – Thanks bhabhi. Glad that you liked it..
We neared the Tada falls. Shruti and the guys dressed up. We went to the checkpost and got permit. We were able to go by car only to some distance. After that we had to hike throug a trail. It was way too hot. The path was too rocky and we got tired soon. But we eventually reached the falls.There were already 3 guys taking bath there. They looked much younger like college students. Shruti was the only female there. We also changed our dresses. We all wore shorts and moved into the falls. Shruti was waiting outside. We called her to come inside. She was not willing to. But Bharath went out and pulled her by her hands. Shruti tried pulling her hands away and resisted as much as possible. So Shyam also ran to her and pulled her. Both of them successfully pulled her into the waterfalls. Water was flowing pretty fast over a wider area. People were not able to hear others speak because of the noise of the water. Shruti was wearing white t shirt and black bra. The t shirt was of very thin material. After it got wet, it looked like she was not wearing t shirt at all.
When she went out of water to get some breath, all the guys including the 3 outsiders had their eyes on her. Her t shirt even went inside her navel to show her navel shape. Her track pant had gone a bit down because of the force of the water and the top of her asscrack was visible. But the worst thing was she hadn’t taken her panties after getting fucked in. It was clearly visible that she was not wearing anything inside. Her track pant was hugging her thighs tightly to show her USP – those perfectly shaped legs and thighs. The outsiders looked at each other and smiled
Bharath went near her to pull her in again. But this time Shruti obliged and came in. I was in the middle. To my right, Bharath and his friends surrounded Shruti while the outsiders were standing to our left. I just walked out of the falls and watched. Shruti was in middle of Bharath and his friends. I couldn’t see what was happening. But I could get it. Shruti came out running after sometime. I saw her t shirt and was shocked. Now, she was not having her bra inside and her erect nipples and soft boobs were clearly visible through the t shirt. I saw the bra floating through the water into the lake which was flowing out. The three outsiders also saw that. I asked her to go inside the water so that they wont be able to see her clearly. She told that they are being so rough and kinky. But I told it is safer there than to stand outside. She went in between Bharath and friends. I waited there for around 10 minutes. Suddenly I saw the three outsiders go near this group and mingling to form a bigger group. After ten minutes, Bharath and friends came outside. But Shruti didn’t. We looked back to find her between the three outsiders. We were shocked and didn’t know what to do. We looked down the flowing water to find Shruti’s t shirt and her track pant coming in the water.
I tried to get a clearer view of what is happening within the water. Shruti was standing with her legs stretched apart a bit. Two guys were near her pressing her boobs while one guy was fucking her from the front. She was totally nude with just her mangalsutra on her chest. I asked Bharath and friends to go and stop. Before we could do anything, the three guys came out from the water and they left immediately
Shruti came out nude with her body totally wet. No one could take their eyes off her. Her body was literally shining in the sunlight with wet drops. There were water drops on her boobs and water dripping from her navel. This tall slim fleshy angel was walking out of waterfalls with an aura. I got back my senses to see the situation. I threw her the towel. She covered herself with the towel. She told that the guys mingled with them when Bharath and friends were playing with her. SHe didn’t even know that it was not Bharath. She only felt so many hands playing with her. Only after they tried removing her dresses she felt something was wrong. She tried to resist. But they held her tightly. Once they got her nude, she felt weak on her knees and her sexual side took over. She lost control and started co-operating with them.
Luckily the guys left soon. They were afraid of the problems I think. Shruti told that the two guys double penetrated her while the third guy was getting a handjob. We looked around to find that no one was there. Bharath told – “This place is usually isolated like this. I am pretty sure no one will come here after this:
Shyam – Then there is no need of the towel bhabhi
Shruti smiled and started running away from him. Shyam chased her. Shruti’s towel fell down at one point. Shyam just put his legs on the towel and laughed at her. She used one hand to cover her boobs and bent down to pull the towel. But he didn’t leave it.
Shyam – Come on. This is the perferct place for a woman like you
Shruti – What if someone comes?
Bharath – Ok. We can do one thing. If someone sits on that rock up there, they can see the trail below. It takes 10 minutes to come here from the trail. Ask Dilip to watch out for anyone coming from that rock. He can also see what is happening here. We can wear dresses if anyone comes. That would be safe
Shruti hesitated for a moment. I looked at her. I had never seen her happier than that day.
Bharth – Dilip.. Is it ok for you?
Me – Yes. Good for me. It looks like Shruti is having a good time with you guys.
Shruti smiled at me and stood up leaving the towel. Everyone cheered. I moved up and climbed the rock. Bharath was right. I had a good view of the hiking trail. I turned this side to see the 5 off them running nude like kids into the water. Shruti’s ass was bouncing behind. Once they got into the water, I could only make out a little bit of what was happening. I could see that Shruti was kneeling down and all the 4 guys were standing around her shaking their dicks. Shruti was not just sucking their dicks. She was drinking the water splashing out of their dicks. Then they made Shruti to stand up and she was rotated around and kissed and smooched by everyone. Having such a beautiful and sexy woman in between them in a waterfalls out in the open was definitely a great setting for them to get horny. They just went mad and were biting her lips, neck and boobs. I saw one of her legs being raised by someone. Shruti was very flexible. He had lifted her leg and placed it on his shoulders and was fucking her. Another guy was trying to fuck her from behind. They were trying her favorite double penetration. Two guys were standing on both sides of her trying to get access to her boobs. That was difficult as Shruti was hugging the guy in her front tightly.
After some hard work, the guy behind her was able to put his cock in her ass. They both fucked her like that for just two minutes. Then they came out of the waterfalls. They were Bharath and Vinod. They looked so tired. They sat near the waterfalls on a small rock and watched the others.
This time I saw that Shruti was lifted by someone onto his hips. Just her toes, ankles an lower part of her legs were visible outside the falls in the air. Shyam should have been the guy lifting her. Shrinivas was not strong enough to that. Shrinivas was standing behind her in the water. They were double penetrating her again in the waterfalls. I saw Shruti’s ankles shake in air outside the water. They fucked her like that for 5 minutes. Then they let her down and came out of the water. Shruti came out after a minute totally tired. They all gathered near the rock. I shouted from here “Did you wear condoms”
Shruti – Not needed. This is not my fertile window
Shruti just lay down flat on the rock and covered her face with a towel as it was too sunny. All of them fell asleep nude. Shruti put her legs and hands over Shyam and slept. Bharath had his hands over Shruti. They all looked like a family. I sat there still guarding them like a watchman. The past two months have been just way too eventful. I used this moment to contemplate about the past. “We are definitely pushing ourselves much beyond the limits. Is there ever an end to this? Was it the right decision for me to marry a person like her. To be fair, she was honest with me before marriage and told everything about her. To me, it is no use of living life the way we don’t like. We are just perfect for each other. She likes to have sex and I love to watch her have sex. But we should be careful about the effects of too much sex too. This could spoil our lives completely. Above all, there is the question of having children too. Maybe, it is time to think about children. Shruti always wanted to have children soon. I was the one who postponed it to enjoy life with freedom. Now, we have enjoyed life more than anyone ever can. Getting pregnant and giving birth to a child will give us the break that is needed from this non-stop sexual escapades. ”
“The biggest challenge in stopping these escapades is that guys like Bharath and Santosh are always around her trying to get her to bed. If she sees interest from a guy, she doesn’t have the power to control herself and say no to them. If she gets pregnant, we could use that as a reason to keep them away from her.” I thought about how to talk to her about this for half an hour when I heard some sound. It was around 4 PM.
I turned to find that Shruti had already woken up. She was bending near a rock and Vinod was fucking her from behind. I couldn’t figure out if he was fucking her pussy or ass. All I could see was Shruti had still maintained her body perfectly by doing running and going to gym. Some women lose shape once they start getting fucked by many people. The only difference I could see in her body was that her boobs got just a little bit bigger. Meanwhile, the other guys also woke up and got ready for the next round.
Shyam and Shrinivas planned to lift her and double penetrate her again like they did her in water. They called me out and shouted “Dilip bro.. Watch this position. Your wife’s favorite position”
Shyam lifted her again. Shruti had her legs around his hips and arms around her neck hugging him tightly. Shrinivas fucked her from behind. Shruti would be double excited doing this in the room. But doing it in the open space multiplied her happiness and horniness. Once they did it, they placed her down on the rocks. Bharath mounted her from behind and fucked her ass. They all were totally exhausted. We took the food we had brought for lunch and had them. I was the only one completely dressed up. Others were nude.
Shyam : We will miss you bhabhi ji
Shruti : I will also miss you guys
Vinod : Dilip is so lucky to have such a woman as his wife
Shruti : Is it true dilip?
Me : How many times should I say it dear?
Shrinivas : Initially I felt sad about you people moving away from her. But now I feel that you are doing the right thing. It is not good for you to just go with random people. I almost had a feeling that all hell is going to break loose when the 3 guys did you in the waterfalls. Luckily they are not dangerous guys. Incidents like this show that we are not yet matured. I would also advice you to stick with just 3 or 4 guys you already have in office. Never go beyond that
Shruti : Thanks for your advice dear.. (She kissed him on his cheeks) I don’t have words to thank you. Any other guy would try to take advantage of me and use me like a fuck toy. You guys are so young and so good hearted. Stopping now is good for you too. Not all women are like me. So don’t go out with higher expectations when it come to sex. Adjust with the women you get. Just forget me from your life completely
Shyam : Forgetting you is difficult. But it is good for all of us to stay away from you so that we don’t get the same thoughts again
Shruti : Rightly said.
They finished the food. It was getting darker. Shruti didn’t have anything to wear. She didn’t bring spare clothes as she was not planning to take bath. Her dress went with water. I jus gave her my t shirt. She just walked half-nude to the car. We started back. This time, Vinod was driving. The return journey was also the same as forward journey. They made her keep her ass outside the car window. Unlike morning, there was cold wind now. She told that it was an even better feeling to have cold wind run through her ass and pussy in the open. They also fucked her with her upper body outside the window. Once we reached home, we went to their apartment and brought Shyam’s pant for her as he was the only one as tall as Shruti. Vinod was fucking her inside the car with all windows raised as he was driving the car all time watching her getting fucked. We waited for him to come out and then we gave her the pant. She wore the pant and got out of the car. They all kissed each other and waved good bye to us while we took our car home
Shruti was looking out of the window smiling “That was the best day of my life”
Me – My life too
Shruti – You are the greatest husband in the world
Me – You are the greatest wife
She then silently thought about something for 2 minutes and asked me “Isn’t it time for us to put a break to all this and have a baby?”
Chapter 20
Shruti then silently thought about something for 2 minutes and asked me “Isn’t it time for us to put a break to all this and have a baby?”
I smiled
Shruti – What are you smiling for?
Me – I was about to ask you the exact same thing
Shruti – Wow.. I have been asking about having children for a long time. Now what made you ask it?
Me – Just looking at the way things are going for the past one month. It wont be long before we get caught doing something so stupid
Shruti – Even I feel the same. We are crossing limits pretty often. They are giving me a lot of pleasure. But I should stop it sometime
Me – Yes. Good that we cut the line here with Bharath’s friends
Shruti – Yes. They are genuinely good guys. But we had to do it. There is no way to put an end to our office connections I guess
Me – I don’t think they will blackmail us anymore. Now, they are friends with us. I think pregnancy will work with them. Once you get pregnant, convincing them wont be a big deal
Shruti – So, I never get to have a taste of Pandian? That is so sad
Me – Shut up
Shruti – Ha ha.. Again. You just saw me fucked by 7 guys on water falls. Still you are getting angry for me flirting with this one guy?
Me – Yes. Maybe because of the way he talks about you. How can you love someone as ugly as him? Also you have seen it yourself.. How badly he talks about you. He doesn’t have any respect for you at all
Shruti – Yes.. His face is ugly. But have you seen his body shape? That is the perfect shape any woman would expect from a man. Add the amount of hair on his body. He is the perfect alpha male. They are the kind of males whom women lust for deep inside their minds but wont tell that openly
Me – Ok.. Enough praising him. He is scolding you in the dirtiest way possible and you are praising him like this
Shruti – You don’t understand yet. He is the kind of guy women like to submit to. When I see him scolding me and treat me like shit, it only increases my love for him
Me – Love? What? Do you love him?
She stayed silent for sometime
Me – Don’t you love me then?
Shruti – Don’t ask such stupid questions. Of course I love you. There is no way I will turn my back on you. You are the best guy any woman could ever get. You love me and you look after me. Nobody can care for me like you. Nobody can understand me like you. What i have for him is infatuation. There is a part of me which wants to submit to him.
Me – What if he loves you?
Shruti – I could love him back
Me – Then you will leave me?
Shruti – Of course I won’t. You are my husband till the end of my life. I may love both of you. But if I am asked to choose between you two, it is always you
Me – That is too sweet of you. If you really want Pandian, you have to give a shot. I don’t want to be in the way of your dream
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