Shruti complicated woman to Sex Slave Part 2

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Shruti (with her hands on her cheeks) – Is that really my husband talking?
Me – Yes dear. As long as you love me, you are free to do anything you want
Shruti – Ha ha.. Don’t worry dear. We have anyway decided to try for a baby. I don’t want to bring Pandian into this and complicate things
Me – Wow.. Is this my wife talking?
She punched me on my shoulders
Shruti – Yes. Let us plan for a baby dear. My fertility window starts next week. We will reach a deal with our team saying that I won’t be available for them during the fertility window every month. Other weeks, we can spend it as usual. Once I get pregnant, we can put an end to this completely
Me – That sounds like a good plan. We will talk to the team about this tomorrow.
Shruti – Wow.. I won’t be having sex for around a year then. Looks scary to me
Me – Oh. You want to get back to your old ways after child birth?
Shruti – Of course. I will wait till my pregnancy scars heal. Once it is done and I am safe to have sex with men, you can count on me to start all over again. Maybe get Pandian fuck me. ha ha
Me – You will never give up on him. Will you?
Shruti – Ha ha.. I have heard that women’s sexual libido increases after child birth. It is better we do a vasectomy operation along with child birth.
Me – Whatever you wish dear
We reached home and slept till Sunday evening. We were way too tired to cook food. We ordered food for door delivery and had them. Monday morning, we went to the office. Bharath gave a friendly smile. We had decided to keep the involvement of his friends to ourselves and Bharath accepted. That day at lunch, I started the topic
Me – Guys. I have something to tell
Aarthi – What is it?
Shruti – We decided to have baby together
Santosh – That is a really great news. Happy for you two. Even Aarthi and I have already started trying for baby
Me – Yes. I know it will take some time. But meanwhile, we need some cooperation in this from you
Santosh – What? You want us to be the sperm donors..
Every one laughed
Me – No. I want the child to be mine. Shruti’s fertility window is next week. She won’t be available for you guys during that time. Every month, I want you to leave her with me during the fertility window alone. It may take 2 or 3 months to successfully get her conceived. Till then, you may have to give her up during the fertility window weeks. You can have her during the other weeks. But after pregnancy, I feel she should stop doing all these. It is bad for her health
Santosh – Yes.. I perfectly understand. We have had enough taste of her. But if Aarthi also gets pregnant at the same time, it might get difficult for me to control. But that is the right thing to do
Aarthi – Yes. He might have to go to prostitutes. He is an uncontrollable idiot
Me – Ha ha. Thanks Santosh
Aarthi – Happy for you two.. Never thought I will be telling that to you people. We have suddenly started loving you as a couple
Bharath – Nice.. Will I get double shift per week during non-fertility period for compensation
Shruti – Whatever you wish, child. Anyway you won’t last more than a minute
Pandian – Can a slut like you stop this all of a sudden?
Shruti – That is none of your business. I will do everything I can to control myself
Pandian – Nice work, bitch
Santosh – Stop it Pandian
Pandian – You shut up. This bitch has acted like she had been blackmailed by you guys and forced into doing this. She has planned things well and had you people fuck her as she always wanted. Now she is putting an end to this as she always wanted. She just used you people. Don’t think she sees you as a friend. She has always used people for her personal needs. She has done that well
Shruti – I have done everything they have asked for. Don’t speak like this just because you didn’t have a chance to do it with me you jealous pig. If you want, come and take me tonight. Don’t talk bad things about our friendship
Pandian – I don’t want to fuck you. Don’t try to seduce me into this.
Shruti – Then what do you want?
Pandian – Will you do anything for your friends?
Shruti – Yes I will
Pandian – Will you sleep with our manager Vivek?
Shruti – What? Why would I do it?
Pandian – For the team. They are your friends right?
Shruti – Why does the team want me to sleep with him?
Pandian – Because, he may give bad reviews about our team in the performance review next week. That would mean, none of us will get proper salary increment
Shruti – That is not the case. He usually gives good reviews for me
Pandian – That is the point. You and Dilip always get good reviews. But not us. If you are really not selfish and you want to help us, you will sleep with him.
Shruti – Don’t talk yourselves for the rest of the team. They may not want it
Pandian – Actually, they do. We had a discussion about this and had a plan in place.
Shruti – Who do you mean by we?
Santosh – Stop this Pandian
Pandian – It was I, Santosh and Aarthi. We had a plan and thought of asking you to do this. Now that you told your child birth plans, they backed away.
Shruti – What exactly is the plan?
Pandian – The plan is to make you seduce him, have him try his hands on you and blackmail him with that video and force him to give everyone proper hike. You don’t even need to have sex with him. We can project it as a rape attempt. That will force him to fight for more budget to his higher authorities
Shruti – Is this true Aarthi?
Aarthi – Yes it is. But you don’t have to do it. You are planning for a childbirth
Shruti – Don’t worry about that. This is just a one day thing. We can do it during a non-fertile period. Above all, I need to just seduce him. I don’t even need to have sex with him.
Aarthi – Yes. It would be disgusting to have sex with such a guy
(Vivek is a short fat and black guy with a bald head. His age is 35. He is definitely not the kind of guy women would want to sleep with)
Shruti – Nothing is disgusting for me when it comes to sex and you know that. I am totally fine with this
Santosh – Are you sure?
Shruti – Anything for you guys. Just plan it within this week. My fertility window starts next monday. Pandian.. Does that answer your doubts on my friendship with you people? At least now, start saying bad things about me
Pandian just bowed his head in shame and didn’t reply
We had an awkward silence for the rest of the lunch time
At home, I asked Shruti if she was alright
Shruti – Yes, I am dear. Are you angry with me for agreeing to do it?
Me – No dear. What you did was correct? Establishing a strong friendship is the foundation for us to get out of this. Looks like you somehow managed to get Pandian eat his own words
Shruti – Yes. Hopefully he stops hating me now
Me – Ha ha.. Are you trying anything with him?
Shruti – No dear. Why would I do that against your wish? There is a reason why we need Pandian to our side. He also has my nude pictures and videos. He could use it to blackmail me for anything. It wont be long before he realizes that he has an upper hand over me. Before that, we should get him to our side and make friends with him.
Me – You are cunning and clever
Shruti – Yes I am
That is when we got a message in our Whatsapp group
Santosh – How about planning for a team outing this Friday? Vivek told he had budget for this quarter’s outing
Bharath – Yes. I am in.
Shruti – Is that when you are planning for the seduction thing?
Santosh – Yes.
Shruti – Ok. Can you tell the detailed plan?
Santosh – We are going to book a beach resort. We will have lunch, play volleyball for sometime in the beach. Then we will be going to the swimming pool in the evening. That is where you need to start your seduction. Our plan is to stay there overnight. In the evening we will have drinks. As everyone will be drunk, we are booking rooms to stay at night. In the drinks, we are planning to mix viagra tablets for Vivek. If you could seduce him properly, the tablets will definitely make him horny and he will lose control. We will place cameras in his room. Once his rape attempt is recorded, we can come and save you. We can use it to blackmail him.
Shruti – Wow. How do you guys come up with such plans?
Santosh – Thanks for the compliment. One more thing. Dilip should not come that day. If he is there, Vivek will not take any step towards you
Me – Sounds fair. I will say that I am not feeling well that day
Shruti – If this goes well, will Mr. Pandian accept me as a friend?
Pandian – I already have accepted you as a friend. Sorry for everything I said before
Chapter 21
The day finally arrived. I sent a mail to the team and manager from home saying that I am not coming as I had to go to my hometown. Shruti was dressed to kill that day. This is the first time she was wearing the mini-skirt in Chennai. She had gone to beauty parlor the previous day to wax her legs cleanly. She had bought a pair of high heels too. She wore the high heeled footwear and stood in front of me. Her sexy legs looked even hotter. Especially her calves. They were accentuated with the high heels. Her smooth knees and thighs looked just perfect with the mini-skirt. She wore sleeveless tops which showed her smooth arms and armpits. She wore a handbag, She told them that she would come to the resort directly. She didn’t want anyone from office see her in this dress.
She drove the car herself and left. I had some chores to do. I went out to do that and returned back at night. I felt restless. I called Shruti at around 11 PM to ask if things went fine. She didn’t pick up the call. I tried the number of other people. No one picked up. I thought they all fell asleep. After watching a movie for sometime, I also fell asleep
The next morning, I woke up hearing the bell sound. I opened the door to see Shruti in a completely messed up state. She was not injured. Her hair was dis-shelved. Her face looked so drowsy. She was too tired to walk. She just went to our bedroom and collapsed on the bed. There was a message from Santosh in our group “Sorry Shruti and Dilip. We didn’t expect it to go that way. Hope you didn’t mind :)”
I had no idea about what happened. I called him and asked. He narrated everything
Santosh’s narration ————————
Nothing too bad dude. I think Shruti wont mind this. She should be tired by now. Things didn’t go exactly as per plan. But we got what we wanted. I will explain it to you in a way you will enjoy it
We reached the resort for lunch. Shruti was already there. She was definitely dressed for the occasion. That was good choice of dress. We saw that Vivek kept looking at her legs and thighs. The was a good start. Then we had lunch. Shruti was doing all minor things to get the attention of Vivek. She took the food and sat on a chair in front of Vivek with one leg over the other leg. That accentuated the beauty of her legs and the skirt moved up to show even more. Vivek was already feeling so horny. We could tell it from his face.
Then we played volleyball for sometime. Shruti, Vivek and Pandian were in same team. Others were in different team. Do I need to explain how she looked while playing volleyball? That was when he started making the first move. She patted on her ass whenever she played well. She jumped up high now and then showing a part of her ass. Vivek was finding it hard to control already. It was time to go swimming
That was where your wife made jaws drop. We all jumped into the pool with shorts. Aarthi was wearing knee length shorts and t shirt. Your wife came there in a fucking bikini.
Dilip – What? Bikini? I didn’t even know she had bikini
Santosh continued… She had bikini. I don’t know anything about when she bought it. Luckily it was a private pool allocated for us. If not, we would have had a tough time keeping other men away from us. She came out of the changing room in a bikini. Her ass shook for every step she took. Even Aarthi couldn’t control herself seeing Shruti like that. The bikini panties barely covered her ass. It was just a triangle covering her pussy and a thing line that had gone hiding in her ass crack. She looked almost nude. Her bra just covered her nipples. They looked like mangoes. That was when I realized that her boobs have gained size recently. They also bounced as she walked and jumped into the water. We were swimming both sides. We gathered in the form of circle in the swimming pool and started talking. I wanted to break the ice
Me – What happened Shruti? You look like a whole different person today
Shruti – Ha ha. This is the real me.
Me – Where was the real you hiding all these days? Afraid of your husband?
Shruti – Yes you are right. He doesn’t like me wearing such dresses
Bharath – What a shame? You look so hot in this dress
Shruti – Thanks for the compliment Bharath. We better don’t take photos here. I don’t want Dilip to know any of this
Pandian – Ha ha. But it would be nice if you could let us take one photo of you so that we can use it later. We won’t show it to anyone
Shruti – Sure Pandian.. Anything for you, naughty fellow
We all went outside the pool. We took our mobiles from our bags. Shruti posed for us like a model. We all took one picture of her. Vivek looked totally lost in the swimming pool. He told he can’t take pictures as his wife checks his phone often.
After the photo session we jumped into the swimming pool. We had a swimming contest. We decided to race from one end of the pool to the other end and then come back. To make it interesting, we decided to play just two people per round and see who wins. We challenged each other. First I challenged Bharath and won. Then Aarthi challenged Vivek and defeated him. Then Shruti challenged Pandian. When they reached one end of the pool, Shruti was ahead of Pandian. While returning, he was close to Shruti. That was when he put his hands on her panties and pulled them. We all started laughing. Shruti tried to escape his hold in the pool. But Pandian managed to pull of her panties totally. Shruti was in the pool with just a bikini bra on.
Vivek asked Aarthi “What is happening here? Won’t she get angry for these things?”
Aarthi – She is pretty much like this whenever Dilip is not around
Vivek – Oh.. I knew she is a open minded person. I didn’t know she lets guys go to this extent
Aarthi – It is not like she has sex with others. But she lets people play with her now and then. Guys used to press her body parts often in office when Dilip is not nearby.
Vivek – I didn’t know that
Aarthi – But be careful. This is all she lets them do. Just touch her. Don’t think you could get her to bed
Shruti was chasing Pandian asking for her panties. He threw the panties to me. I caught and threw them to Vivek. Vivek was nervous at first. But then he threw them to Bharath. She came near Bharath. Just when she was close enough, he threw them to Pandian. Shruti turned towards Pandian and went to get it. But Bharath held her bra knot from behind and pulled them away. Shruti realized it only after she lost her bra. She hid her boobs with her hands.
Me – What are you hiding Shruti? All that bra was hiding was your nipples. Everything else was in open only. What makes you feel shy suddenly?
Shruti acted like she was genuinely angry now.
Shruti – Shut up and give back my dress. Don’t try to take advantage of me. Just because I am wearing glamorous dresses doesn’t mean you can do things like this
Me – Don’t feel shy dear. We will remove your shyness.
Bharath and Pandian threw her panties and bra far from the pool. She shouted at us “You bastards. This is it. You crossed the limits. Get my dress or I will complain about you”
Bharath – We don’t mind Shruti. If you want you go and take it
Shruti – How can I go out nude? Now go and get the inners. Or things will get bad.
Pandian – Guys.. She is feeling shy to go out nude. Let us help her lose her shyness
Shruti looked at Vivek and told – Vivek. Do something. You are the manager. These guys are crossing the limit
Vivek just looked there lost not knowing what to do. I, Bharath and Pandian went near her, lifted her up on our shoulders. I was holding her shoulders. Bharath was in the middle of us with her ass on his sholders. Pandian had her legs on his shoulders. Shruti was completely nude out in the open. We marched around the swimming pool holding her like that. Then we carried her out of the swimming pool like that. There was a two feet high kids swimming pool nearby, we threw her into the pool and went back to our swimming pool. She got up from the kids swimming pool hiding her boobs with her hands, ran towards her dresses, took them and then ran fast to the dressing room. She then walked away angrily wearing the mini skirt she was wearing earlier.
We had a good swim and gathered in the evening for dinner and drinks. We knew what Vivek usually drinks and mixed the tablets in it. Shruti was in her room. We had a conversation with Vivek.
Vivek – Where is Shruti?
Santosh – I saw her in her room
Pandian – I think we should apologize. We took her liberty for granted
Bharath – Yes. She is genuinely pissed off.
Vivek – Come on guys. What you did there was wrong. Just go and apologize
We acted like we went to apologize. Then we returned back and told him that she is still mad at us. Vivek told he will convince her. Vivek went there. That was the last we saw them. The camera was fit inside the room. We had wireless transmission to see what was happening there. We went to the room to see what was happening. We knew that the effect of the tablets would have started now. We were intently watching the camera. Vivek went inside. Shruti was sitting on the bed with her hands on her cheeks. He sat near her trying to console her
We could barely hear the conversation properly. Then he put his hands on her thighs suddenly. She got up and shouted at him. We could hear them properly now as they were louder
Shruti – What are you doing?
Vivek – I heard from Aarthi that you don’t mind these things.
Shruti – What? Don’t lie. Are you drunk. I don’t mind wearing glamorous dresses. But that doesn’t mean I let guys touch me like that
Vivek – Cool down cool down. Don’t treat me like that just because I am old and I look ugly
Shruti – Don’t come near me. I don’t let anyone to touch me like that.
Vivek – Now stop acting bitch and get to the bed now
The tablets and what Aarthi told him had taken effects on him. He put his hands on her shoulders. She tried to run away. But he held her tops and pulled them. They tore off. He pulled her to bed and literally shredded every single piece of what she was wearing. She was nude within seconds. He pushed her to the bed and sat over her stomach. You know how much he weighs. Shruti just couldn’t move an inch. That was when I decided to go and save her. But Pandian stopped me.
Me – What are you doing?
Pandian – Don’t go. Let him have his way with her
Me – What are you saying? That guy looks like an animal. We shouldn’t let her down
Pandian – This is the moment to test her loyalty towards us
Me – What do you mean?
Pandian – When she accepted to do this, it was because she didn’t really need to have sex with him. That is not a proper test for her friendship and loyalty. This is a great opportunity to test this
Me – That is too much
Pandian – Do you really think she is going to feel bad for getting fucked like this?
Me – She loves sex. But sex with that guy is not what anyone would love
Pandian – Come on. She had sex with the ugly old men. Vivek belongs to that league.
Me – What do you want to do now?
Pandian – Let Vivek have his way with her. The test is to see if she decides to give up on the us and tell the truth that we planned it for her. I say she will bail out on us and tell him about the camera.
Me – Won’t that end up be a problem for us?
Pandian – No. We still have the video. That would expose the truth about Shruti. If she undergoes it without telling a single word about our plan, we have got a good friend
Me – Butttttt…
Pandian – What but? Just sit and watch
This is what happened Dilip. I was also a bit drunk to take wise decisions. I will forward the complete video to you. That viagra seemed to have a telling effect on him and Shruti had a pretty bad night. Watch it if you have a strong heart. But the outcome is Shruti proved her friendship and Pandian had to eat his own words. We will apologize to her separately tomorrow. Also, Pandian had given her an imported tablet that will prevent pregnancy. So, don’t worry after you watch the video
Santosh’s narration ends —————————
I said bye to him. I got the video link in five minutes. I opened it and watched. It was an 8 hour video. It started with their conversation which Santosh told. I forwarded it to the moment he tore away her dresses.
Vivek removed his dresses sitting on her stomach. Shruti tried punching him an his chest and stomach. Nothing worked. Vivek looked funny when he was nude. He had a huge pot belly. His dick was just 4 inch in length. It was not even visible above his belly. I thought there is no way he could have done anything bad to Shruti. He put Shruti’s legs on his shoulders and inserted it in her pussy while biting her legs. I watched it continuously for 15 minutes. Nothing changed. Shruti was still moaning. But she was not loving it in any way. I then forwarded it by another 15 minutes. He was in the same position fucking her. Shruti looked totally exhausted with just small movements now and then. At times, Vivek pulled his dick back and pushed it in completely with force. Shruti shrieked at those times. Otherwise nothing was happening. I forwarded it to another half an hour. They were in the same position. This time Shruti was totally motionless. Her eyes were open. But she didn’t move an inch. He was still fucking her like an animal. He slapped her once in a while to wake her up and asked her to make some noise. But she couldn’t. Both of them were sweating hard even in the air conditioned room. Vivek fell on her body. I thought everything was over. But his ass was till moving to and fro. He lay on her breast. Held her shoulders with both hands and put all his power to fuck her even hard. Shruti jerked for every push. It was a horrible scene to watch for me.
The big fat black guy was lying on my beautiful brahmin wife with fair body. Below her breast, I couldn’t see Shruti’s body at all. It was totally covered by the beast. I could just see her ankles below him which moved every time he pushed his dick insider her. She suddenly started crying. I couldn’t hear it properly. He beat her shoulders slowly and asked him to get up. From their body language I felt that she told him he couldn’t hold his weight anymore. He then moved aside and asked her to ride him. There was no way she would be able to do that. She was already exhausted. But he made her sit on his dick which was erect even now. It turned out the viagra tablet was too powerful. Shruti rode him for 2 minutes. But she couldn’t do it anymore and fell limp on his body. But he pushed her and made her sit upright, held her shoulders and tried to make her move. Shruti tried to gyrate her ass on his dick. But he didn’t like it. He held her tightly and started pushing his ass up and down to fuck her. Shruti tried to stay in this position for sometime. She got tired and moved down to suck his dick. She sucked it as hard as possible. But within 2 minutes, he pulled her up. Shruti begged her to stop this. But Vivek was also drunk. He was in no mood to listen. He made her lie on the bed on her side. He lay on the bed on his side facing her. He lifted one leg of Shruti and placed it over his thighs and started fucking her. This position was better for Shruti as she didn’t have to spend her energy anymore. I forwarded the video again and again for almost an hour. At last, he held her hair and dragged her to a dressing table nearby. Shruti couldn’t stand properly. I saw her body was full of sweat, her crotch and inner thighs were dark reddish. Her face looked like a mess.
He made her stand in front of the mirror. He was shorter than her. He stood behind her and pulled her hair down towards him. Shruti had to bend her head backwards. He fucked her pussy from behind for around 10 minutes. Shruti fell down multiple times. But he lifted her up and fucked her. Shruti then balanced herself by placing two hands on the dressing table. Vivek lifted her face up to make sure she looked at her face in the mirror while fucking her. By the end of the 10 minutes, He started ejaculating. He was screaming like a godzilla and his whole body was shaking too hard. Shruti also started screaming. A river of sperm started flowing out of her pussy. If she had been in her fertile window, she would have been definitely pregnant. The sperm leaked out of her pussy like waterfalls. They fell down on the floor. Vivek crawled his way back to the bed. But Shruti lay there limp on the floor. They slept till midnight. I forwarded the video till then. Then I saw him wake up and he went to Shruti to wake her up. She woke up but told him not to do anything.
Vivek took the hotel phone and made a call. He sat down wearing a towel. After 15 minutes. The bell rang. He went to the door and got something. It was some food and soft drinks. He woke Shruti up and asked her to eat them. Vivek just had one coke. Once Shruti was done with the food, he dragged her to the bed. Made her lie on the bed face down. Shruti was down flat. He then mounted her from behind. Shruti made some feeble attempts to push him away. But he held her tightly to the bed. This time, he fucked her ass.
I couldn’t watch it anymore. I forwarded it till the end. From the glimpses I saw, He had fucked her ass for another hour. Then he also collapsed on the bed and fell asleep. Shruti lay there on the bed with her asshole filled with cum. Around morning 4 AM, the door opened. It was Pandian and Santhosh. They had key to the room which they were supposed to use to save her. Both were concerned about Shruthi. They lifted her on her shoulders. Pandian took her dresses and they went out. The video didn’t have anything after that.
I finished watching it in my laptop and someone touched my shoulders. It was Shruti. She asked me “Will Pandian stop hating me now?”
Chapter 22
Shruti took rest throughout the Saturday. She ate well and slept. Sunday, she was a bit fresh. But she went to bed after having breakfast. We had a small conversation in our Whatsapp group
Santosh – Every thing is ready. We just have to show this video to Vivek and blackmail him to get the hike and promotions we need. Thanks to Shruti for the amazing sacrifice she made for us.
Bharath – I just saw the video. I am extremely sorry Shruti. I was totally drunk that night and fell asleep. If I were in proper senses, I would have definitely come to save you
Aarthi – I left the guys to save you and went to sleep. I don’t know what happened. As a woman, I know how you would have felt. Take care of yourselves. Rest throughout the weekend. We all love you so much. You are the best friend we could ever get. Take care dear
Shruti replied after 2 hours
Shruti – Thanks for all your kind words guys. I will do anything for you guys. Disappointing to see that the guy who actually doubted me and made me undergo this didn’t even care to ask me how I am.
Santosh – How did you know it was him?
Shruti – I knew that you guys actually cared for me. The only guy who could possibly be responsible for this is Pandian. And I was actually awake when you called Dilip yesterday morning.
Santosh – That was too bad of him
That was when the bell rang. I opened the door. It was Pandian. He was standing there with a bouquet of flowers in his hand. He saw me and apologized immediately “I am so sorry man. I hope she is not injured or anything”
Me – No injury as such. Just tired.
Pandian – Nice.. Where is she?
I pointed him to the bed room. He went in and gave her the bouquet. Shruti sat upright on her bed seeing him. He gave her the bouquet, said sorry and left.
I looked confused and asked Shruti “what happened to him?”
Shruti smiled and said “His ego wont let him to see me as a friend yet. But at least I am not his enemy anymore.”
Me – You are a good mind reader. By the way, your fertility window starts tomorrow right?
Shruti – Yes dear. That is why I am taking as much rest as possible. Hope you avoided masturbation for the past 3 days.. I want you to store all your sperm cells for me
Me – Almost leaked them out after seeing that video. But I controlled it at the last moment
Shruti – You sick bastard. You got horny seeing your wife being ravaged by that beast?
Me – I will get horny if I see you get fucked. Doesn’t matter who.
She kissed me and then fell asleep. We went to the office on Monday. Shruti was back to her normal self.
Once we reached office. Everyone in our team went to Shruti’s place one by one to check if she is fine. They were happy to see her smiling. Aarthi and Shruti had a long discussion. Aarthi told it was a good thing that Vivek had such a short dick. It would have been a big problem if his dick was very long. Pandian also came and asked if she was fine and went. Everyone smiled.
Vivek came to the office. He didn’t face any of us and went directly to the manager’s room. Managers in our office had a separate private room. Santosh followed him to his room. Then both of them went to a meeting room. Santosh waved us all to come inside the meeting room. We went in. Santhosh connected his laptop and started playing that video. Vivek asked him to stop it
Vivek – Was this a master plan to get me into this?
Santosh – That is none of your business. We could spoil both your personal and professional life with it. I could forward a part of the clip to the HR team and get you fired or to your wife and get you a divorce.
Vivek – What do you want?
Santosh – We want good ratings for all of the team members
Vivek – That is not possible now. I have already submitted the review
Santosh – That is a lie. You can modify the reviews till the end of the week
Vivek – How can I give good review to everyone? The management wont believe
Santosh – You can make it happen. You are the manager. Comparatively speaking, our team members get the lowest hike in the office. You are doing this so that you can get good name from your manager and get better salary. For this one year, shut up and sacrifice your hike and bonus for the team’s sake
Vivek – I shouldn’t have even come to the resort party
Santosh – That is your problem. Are you accepting the deal now?
Vivek – Do I have a choice?
Santosh – Not that I know of
Vivek – Ok.. I will get 20 percent hike for all of you. Is that fine?
Santosh – 20 percent? Are you kidding me? Whey are we going to do such a big thing to get 20 percent hike
Vivek – How much do you want?
Santosh – 40 percent
Vivek – Don’t joke. You know that it is totally impossible to get so much hike in our company. The maximum I could go is till 30 percent. Even that is not simple
Santosh – If 30 percent is possible, I want you to get that for us. We don’t care about how difficult it is
Vivek – It is hard to get 30 percent for everyone. I need to get lower hike for at least one person
Pandian – I have a plan for that. You don’t have to give me any hike at all
Vivek – Really? What else do you want then?
Pandian – Initiate VISA process for me. I want to work in Europe for a year
Vivek – I can initiate work visa processing anytime. But the Europe team manager must be willing to hire you
Pandian – I will take care of that
Vivek – Whatever.. I think I can do that
Pandian – Fine
Vivek – Shall I ask you something?
Santosh – Yes.. Go ahead.
Vivek – How long were you guys planning this?
Santosh – Ha ha. Good question. We planned this just one week back
Vivek – How did Shruti accept for such a horrible plan?
Santosh – That is a big story. You don’t have to know that
Vivek – Why did you do this Shruti? I have always been an encouraging manager for you. You have always received good salary hike from me. Then why did you do this against me
Shruti – Sorry, Vivek. To be frank, you were not giving the hike for my performance. If I really performed well, you would have given me promotion. You gave me hike because that way, no one else will know
Bharath – Oh.. Our manager had planned a separate route to court Shruti. We didn’t know that
Vivek – Yes. You are right. I am a dirty minded person and I paid the price for it. Sorry for everything. Hope this stays within our team
Vivek left. We all celebrated our success. Everyone hugged Shruti in the room. Bharath, the usual naughty guy he is, pressed Shruti’s ass tightly. Shruti slapped him playfully. Pandian came to her and gave her a friendly hug. Shruti’s face glowed brightly. She told “If I had known you will try to move to Europe with my help, I wouldn’t have done this at all”
Pandian Why Shruti? Do you hate me
Shruti – No. I never hated you. Just thought I could taste you sometime
Pandian – I don’t think there is a chance. Remember lady, your fertility window starts today. Save your body for Dilip
Shruti – Yes I will(giving him a romantic smile)
They finished talking and looked around to find the rest of the team staring at them intently. I didn’t know how to react. I hated Pandian forever. But I was happy that he had become friendly with Shruti. Given that we were planning to have child and he was going abroad, I didn’t have to fear that he will bed Shruti
Santosh – So. You guys are going to start attempting today. Can you show us a live telecast?
Aarthi – Yes. It would be a great idea. It is funny and ironical that, we have seen everyone fuck Shruti but not her own husband
Shruti – Cheeee.. I feel shy
Bharath – Wow.. Look at that. This is the first time I have seen her shy. Have you guys seen it?
Shruti – Shut up. I was just kidding. We can have a video conference tonight. Pandian, you will also join?
Pandian – No, thanks
Shruti – Why? Is it because you will feel jealous?
Pandian – Shut up, bitch. I think I need to deal with you like before. You are doing too much if I talk to you with some respect
Shruti – Stop calling me bitch, you beast
Pandian – You are always a bitch
Shruti – Get lost beast
Everyone had hearty laugh and went to work.
We went home in the evening, set up video conference. Santosh, Aarthi and Bharath joined. We had lights on so that they can see us clearly. I did everything she liked. Licking her legs, ass and pussy. She was having sex HER WAY after a long time. She was aroused a lot. I licked her pussy for around 30 minutes and juices were flowing fast. I put her in missionary position with pillow under her ass which gives her a better chance of pregnancy. I was able to fuck her continuously for 10 minutes. For some reason Shruti was much more excited and noisy than she was normally with me. She screamed “Aaaaaahhhhh.. Fuck me… You animal.. Fuck me…” I couldn’t understand why she was shouting like that. But her voice excited me more. I fucked her so fast. She had her eyes closed all the time. She screamed non-stop till we both climaxed together and I deposited all my sperm into her body. The last words she shouted were “Aaaahhhh.. Fuck me you beast.. I love you Pandian”
Chapter 23
I ejaculated hard in her pussy but I had a big problem to worry about. My wife just shouted another guy’s name when I was fucking her. Shruti got back her senses after she had orgasmed and gave a guilty look at me. I rolled aside on the bed. The guys on the video conference just giggled. I asked them to log off. There was a pin drop silence. I was lying next to her . Shruti started talking after 10 minutes
Shruti – Sorry.. Dilip
Me – Were you thinking about him when I was fucking you?
Shruti – Yes.. I don’t want to lie to you. I was thinking about him. Does that make you so angry? You have seen me having sex with others. Why does this bother you?
Me – I don’t know. Maybe it is just him. If you had told someone else’s name, I wouldn’t have worried much
Shruti – Come on. He doesn’t tell bad things about me these days. Why do you still hate him?
Me – He doesn’t say anything to you. But it’s the way he sees me. Nowadays, he doesn’t talk much with me. He looks down at me and belittles me. I don’t know why
Shruti – Yes. I have noticed that
Me – Keeping that aside. Why are you suddenly getting too close with him? You managed to stay away from him for a long time after marriage. What happened now?
Shruti – I was able to control myself before the resort thing happened. I went by their plan in the resort only to make sure that they become our friends. Or else they would have blackmailed us forever. But something unplanned happened that day
Me – What was that?
Shruti – Did Santosh tell you that we were at the swimming pool playing?
Me – Yes. He told you were in bikini and Pandian removed it
Shruti – When I got into the pool itself I saw Pandian wearing just his trunks. When he got out of the water in the middle I saw him clearly. Two things struck me. One was his body. He was tall, muscular and very hairy
Me – Didn’t you know that before?
Shruti – I had a vague idea. But to see him with just his boxers was a whole different thing. He looked like a powerful beast. His chest was so muscular. I have never scene such a muscular chest even with hollywood heroes. They were so big and strong. There was lot of hair and he looked so manly. His shoulders were even better than his chest. The shoulder muscles were raising up to his neck. His biceps, triceps and forearms… aaaaahhhhh
She closed her eyes and started fingering herself while she was speaking
Me – What happened Shruti? Remember, we have decided to put an end to all this
Shruti – Yes I know. I just couldn’t get him off my mind.
Me – If we do it properly this week, we may know the results soon and you will have to stop having sex with others too
Shruti – Yes. Above all, he won’t be interested in doing this. I should give up on my dreams
Me – Ok.. You told that two things struck you. What was the other one?
Shruti – When he was outside the water I also saw his tool shape on the boxers
Me – What?? Enough.. Stop talking now
Shruti – No.. Aaaahhh.. You should hear it. It was a bit bent inside his boxers. So it definitely was not erect. But even when it was not erect it would have been around 7 inches in length. Much longer than your erect dick
Me – Now stop this
I couldn’t control my dick from getting erect after hearing all this. Shruti took my dick in her hands
Shruti – Mmmmmm.. I can’t stop thinking about it. I was curious to see how big it gets when it is erect. You know what I did?
Me – Please don’t tell.. Aaahhh.
Shruti – Hear it pussy boy. When he took away my dress and I was trying to get it from him, I actually used the chance and put my hands on his dick. I hugged him from behind. With one hand I tried to get my dress and with other hand I was actually pressing his dick over his boxers. I got the dick erect. Yes. Your wife put her hand on that beast’s dick to get it erect and check its size. Are you hearing this?
Me – Aaaahhhh. Yes I am listening. But don’t talk about him to me. Please
Shruti – It got erect. I felt it. Though I couldn’t see it in the water, i felt it. It was definitely more than 10 inch long. And you should hear how thick his dick was
Me – Noooooo
Now Shruti was sitting between my legs holding my dick and shagging it. I pushed her to the bed, mounted on her and started fucking her again
Shruti – I couldn’t hold his dick completely with my palm. Then imagine how big it was… Aaaahhh
Me – You liked it?
Shruti – Of course I liked it. It was like holding a huge pipe. Aaaahhhh.. You still hate me getting horny for him?
Me – Noo… I won’t hate you even if you have sex with him
Shruti – Yeah… Aaaahhhh. His dick was bigger than your forearms. His arms were bigger than your thighs. He could lift me up like a toy and fuck me for a week continuously without taking rest. Aaahhhh. He could just pick me up with one hand throw me around like a toy. I could try all crazy positions with him.
Me – Mmmmm.. But you don’t like guys handling you like that
Shruti – Come on dumb ass. You know that I like to dominate and also being dominated. Pandian is the perfect dominant I could ever ask for..
She was getting closer to orgasm
Me – But it is too late
Shruti – Shut up.. Don’t spoil my mood. Pandian’s dick.. Aaaahhhh.. Aaahhhh.. Cum inside Pandian.. Aaaaaaaahhhh
We reached orgasm together again. We lay on the bed nude hugging and looking at each other. She said “Don’t worry about it. That was just my lusty side speaking. I will not try for him. Getting a child is important for us”
Chapter 24
The next day, we went to office. Pandian threw a wicked smile at us. Definitely someone must have told what happened. It must have been Bharath. I couldn’t face him. Shruti smiled at him. We went to our respective places. We decided not to talk about this. We refused any video conference after that incident. For one week, till her fertility window was over, no one touched her. A week after that, their games started. They told they wanted to make the best use of her before her pregnancy. The guys started to take more and more risks. Even though it was not her fertility window, Shruti forced them to wear condoms all the time. Santosh took her to his house thrice a week and Bharath came to our house over the weekends and stayed here for two days. It was pretty much non-stop fucking for Shruti.
Guys got more brave during that time. They took riskier moves. Both Bharath and Santosh went to Shruti’s place whenever they are free and pressed her boobs. They even took her boobs out of her dress sometimes. Normally, one guy will play with her while the other guy watches if anyone is coming near. Then they will switch positions. Sometimes, they will make her kneel and give a blowjob to them. Just to make things more thrilling, once Bharath was getting a blowjob from Shruti. His friend from another team was walking down the opposite lane. He was not in a position to see Shruti. But he talked to him for around 10 minutes, while Shruti was giving him blowjob.
One day, we went early morning to office for a meeting. Bharath was so much horny that day. He took her to the mens restroom. He took her to a toilet cubicle. I was at my desk when I got a call from Bharath. He asked me to come to take condoms from Shruti’s bag and come to the restroom. I went to the restroom and shouted his name, he opened a cubicle door and asked me to give the condoms. I took a glance inside when I gave the condoms, Shruti was sitting on the toilet commode with her legs placed on the two walls of the cubicle. Of course, she was nude. He had put a lot of tissue paper inside her mouth to stop her from screaming. I gave the condoms and came back to my place. I was nervous and didn’t know what to do. After fucking her for 10 minutes, Bharath came to his place with her dresses. Shruti was nowhere to be seen. He gathered the team and told “Shruti has been locked in the toilet. She is nude. Anyone who wants to fuck her can go and have her there. My mobile is with her. If anyone wanted a round with her, you could send a text to signal her to open the door when you enter the washroom”
Santosh and Bharath went there from time to time. Pandian told he didn’t want to go. Shruti was in the gents restroom cubicle without a single piece of cloth throughout the day. In the afternoon, when Bharath was coming out of the room, our manager Vivek saw Shruti inside. He waited till Bharath left. After making sure no one was there, he knocked on the door. Shruti didn’t respond. He knocked multiple times. He then shouted “Shruti. I know you are inside. Now let me in or I will tell about this to everyone”
Shruti – Yes. Go ahead and do it. We still have your video. I will make sure that you get screwed for that
Vivek – Come on. You are letting everyone do it. Wont you let me? Please?
Shruti – That is like a good boy. If you want it ask for it. Don’t try to blackmail me
Vivek – Will you let me in?
Shruti – Why? You fucked me like an animal for a whole night. You are still not tired of me
Vivek – Who will get tired of having sex with a beautiful brahmin woman like you?
Shruti – Aaaaahhh.. Enough of the lies.
Vivek – Please Shruti..
Shruti – Ok.. Come in and finish it soon. You have only 5 minutes time
Santosh went for the next round and was shocked to see Vivek coming out of it. He came back after having a go at her. Santosh then took her clothes and went back to the room. Shruti dressed up, and came to our place. Santosh asked her “Seriously. You did it with Vivek?”
Shruti – Sorry. He was so convincing
Bharath – Still. Even after what happened in the resort, you opened your legs for him? You are a certified slut
Shruti – Come on. What happened there was because of your plan. I did it for you. He had always been a good manager for me
Pandian – Wow. Suddenly the bitch is supporting that bastard
Shruti – Stop it. I thought we are friends now
Pandian – Yes. We are friends now. But still you are a bitch
Shruti – Whatever.. Listen guys. The truth is I felt a bit bad for Vivek when you were blackmailing. He fucked me like that because of the trap you laid for him. So I could not refuse when he asked today. This was a chance for me to make up for what I did to him
Pandian – Good joke. Tell us this was a chance for you to get another dick
Shruti – Think whatever you want
That was when Vivek came there
Vivek – Hey guys. If you don’t mind, can I suggest something
Santosh – What? You want to go to the resort again?
Everyone laughed
Vivek – Not that.. If you want to do such things, you can do it in my room. It is manager room. You can close the door inside. You can have complete privacy. Even the security camera in my room doesn’t work. Rest rooms are too risky
Santosh – Wow. You want us to fuck Shruti in your room so that you can keep a watch on her all the time?
Vivek – I just wanted to help you guys. I thought about what happened during the past weeks and felt. I decided to change my attitude. There is no use saving the money for the company.I could better give better hikes to you and keep you happy
Santosh – That is a good decision. But if you are talking like that to get Shruti again, we have to say it is kind of late. She is planning for pregnancy soon. We hardly have a month
Vivek – Oh. That is sad to hear. But can I ask something? You can use my room whenever you want. I wont force anyone out. Can I just have her once a day?
Bharath – That sounds like a good plan only. It is difficult for us to just play with her boobs in her place. We get a chance like that very rarely. Now that she is going to get pregnant, We need to user her as much as possible.
Santosh – Yes. That sounds like a good plan. We will take her to Vivek’s room whenever we feel like doing her. Vivek will get a chance with her for one round in the evening. Is that ok for you, Vivek?
Vivek – Yes. That is fine
So that was the routine from that day. Shruti pretty much stayed in Vivek’s room all the time. She hardly had chance to wear her dress. She was getting fucked round the clock. After this arrangement, Santosh didn’t take her home. But Bharath continued coming to our house during weekends. He just loved her. One month went like that. Her fertility window started again. We had awesome sex speaking about Pandian all the time. After the window, things went back to normal. Vivek’s room was her new workstation. Whenever I went there, I found her getting fucked by Santosh, Bharath or Vivek himself. Sometimes Vivek used to answer my work related questions while he was fucking Shruti in standing position from behind with Shruti bent down on his table. Shruti stopped wearing her inners to office. As soon as she entered office, she went into Vivek’s room and came out only for lunch or to use the restroom. She had dress on her for hardly 2 hours per day. She was nude for most of the time. Another month went like that. She couldn’t conceive.
We decided to have a medical check-up. The result put an end to all my dreams. My sperm count was less and I was not capable of becoming a father.
Chapter 25
Our dreams were all shattered with the results of medical check-up. We were in a pretty bad mood for some days. We didn’t tell anyone else about this. One night I talked to her about this
Me – Shruti. We need to talk about this
Shruti – About what?
Me – About the pregnancy problem
Shruti – What is there to talk? You cannot do anything anyway
Me – Yes. I am so sorry for you. I know how much you were interested in having kids
Shruti – Don’t feel for that. We could find some way
Me – Doctor suggested artificial insemination. Shall we start preparations for that?
Shruti – What? I don’t want to do any artificial insemination
Me – Why not? I thought that is the only option I have
Shruti – I am not willing to take risk with any of these modern technologies for pregnancy. Just forget it
Me – Then what are we supposed to do?
Shruti – I want natural insemination
Me – What? What are you talking about?
Shruti – I want someone to make me pregnant naturally
Me – Are you out of your mind? There are so many problems and complications which we may have to face. What if the guy comes in later and claims the child to be his? What if the child finds out the truth?
Shruti – Yes. I know there are some problems. But we need to be careful and find the right guy
Me – Which guy do we know who can be trusted with such a thing?
Shruti – I have someone in mind. But I am pretty sure you wont accept
Me – Who? Santosh?
Shruti – No.. Pandian
(I just gave a cold stare at her)
Me – Listen. You used his name during our intercourse, that is fine. But that is all fantasy. I don’t want him to father our child for real
Shruti – I knew you will not accept. Your male ego just wont let you do it?
Me – Why him? Of all the people, why him?
Shruti – He is manly, strong and above all, virile. If we give birth to a son, he will be an alpha male, not someone like you. I am pretty sure that he is the most virile guy in all the people we know. If he could impregnate me, I don’t have to worry about virility of so many generations of our family in the future. As long as we are finding someone else to impregnate me, it is better if we find the right man to do it instead of some random guy.
That particular statement upset me. Her focus on virility hurt me. I became silent
Shruti – Sorry dear. I didn’t mean to hurt you
Me – No. Whatever you told.. Does that mean you are disappointed with me as a husband?
Shruti – It is not like that dear. I love you so much. You are still the best husband I could have got. The problem is not all women like guys like you. Women like me are very rare. In future, I don’t want our son to be handicapped in anyway. He must be strong and powerful so that he could get the woman he wants. If it is a daughter it would not be a problem. Hope you understand. It doesn’t mean that I don’t love you. If you feel bad about the idea, I can give up. We can find some other guy
She hugged me tightly with her face on my chest. That gesture melted my heart.
Me – I think, if you want Pandian, then we should go for it.
Shruti – Are you sure?
Me – Yes dear. Anything for you. I am ok with it. But it is not easy
Shruti – I know. There are so many problems
Me – First of all. He still hates you. He has seen you nude and everything. But still he somehow resists you. That is definitely not an easy thing to you. He has resisted you even when he knew you were making moves with him. How can anyone ignore a hot damsel like you?
Shruti – Shut up. I need to notch up moves to get him
Me – And we have the other big problem. He has already started processing Visa. He will leave to Europe within a couple of months. You don’t have much time left
Shruti – That is good in a way. If he could impregnate me and then leave to Europe, that would be the best deal for us. As he is not here, we wont be facing any complications in parenting. We could always stay away from him
Me – What if you couldn’t get him within the two months?
Shruti – Maybe we will go for artificial insemination
Me – There you go. Artificial insemination or natural insemination is not a problem for you. You just like the idea of getting impregnated by Pandian. Correct?
She pushed my shoulders playfully
Shruti – Shut up. Our deal is done. Don’t talk about it anymore
Shruti started taking steps towards our goal from the very next day. Whenever we had lunch together, she sat next to him and made sure her leg was touching his leg. She never missed a chance of crashing into him while moving around in office. He didn’t give any positive reaction. She went a step ahead and started to make open suggestions that she wanted him. Once while we were having lunch, she was sitting at the right side of Pandian and I was sitting to his left. I saw that she put her left hand on his crotch and started shagging him. He kept on pushing her hands aside. But Shruti kept touching his dick. He got pissed off and shouted at her “Stop pulling my dick. Bitch. If you are so hungry for cocks, go to vivek’s room and get fucked by any of these guys” Shruti calmly replied “I get their dicks daily. I just want yours. Come on give it to me once” This threw everyone off the guard. Though everyone had seen her moaning Pandian’s name when I was fucking her, this was her first open display of lust displayed by Shruti on Pandian. Everyone laughed sheepishly
Pandian got up and moved to a different seat. Aarthi decided to start a new conversation to change the topic
Aarthi – Pandian. How is the visa thing going on for you?
Pandian – I got approval for Visa. I will get it in a week. But there are other problems I need to worry about
Aarthi – What is that?
Pandian – The Europe team manager should hire me in his team. Only then I can go there
Santosh – You mean Jason?
Pandian – Yes. I talked to him last week. He told he will is not planning to hire overseas candidates for this year.
Santosh – He is visiting India next week right? Why don’t you try to convince him?
Pandian – He seems to be pretty stubborn with his stand. I don’t think I can do anything
Shruti – Jason is that black guy correct?
Santosh – Yes. The back Afro-American guy. Tall strong guy with shaved head
Aarthi – Why Shruti? You want to bed him too
Shruti – You are almost right. Pandian, here is the deal. If I somehow convince him to hire you, will I get to taste you in bed?
Pandian – Dilip. Look at your wife. See how slutty she is.
Shruti – I am talking to you. Reply to me
Pandian – There is no way you are going to convince him
Shruti – You know about my convincing skills
Pandian – Ok. If you somehow managed to do it, I will be available to you for the rest the time I stay in India
Shruti – That is it. Note it down guys. You are all eye-witnesses for his promise.
Bharath – Wow man. Shruti is totally obsessed with Pandian. What did you do Pandian?
Pandian – I didn’t do anything. She is a slut. That is why she is behaving like this
Shruti – She is soon to be your slut dear.
Everyone was surprised at the sudden change in attitude of Shruti towards Pandian. She was perfectly on track to seduce him. Usually, when someone from other countries visit our team we will take them to forest camping to get to mingle with them well. As usual, we had planned a 2 day forest camping trip with Jason. He reached Chennai on a Monday. He was busy till Thursday. Our plan was to go on the trip during Friday and Saturday. That was when Shruti decided to implement her plan
Chapter 26
We took a van to go to the forest at the outskirts of Chennai. Our full team including Vivek was traveling with us. Shruti sat next to Jason while travelling. She was wearing a white t-shirt and black track pant. We had a friendly chat with Jason while traveling.
Pandian – How was your experience during this India trip, Jason?
Jason – It is too hot. Otherwise, I love this place and the people are really good
Vivek – Did you get a chance to visit all places near Chennai
Jason – No. I have visited many nearby places during my last visit to Chennai. This time, I focussed on eating Indian food
Santosh – Wow. Did you get a chance to taste everything that is Indian
Jason – Not everything. Just food
(He giggled)
Santosh – Well. What else do you want to taste?
Jason – I love Indian women. But didn’t get anytime to go on date with some Indian girl. I also heard it is hard to take Indian girls out for dates
Aarthi – Yes. At least in south India, it is pretty much like that. People are so conservative
Jason – I have noticed that. People’s dresses also cover everything. Why are women wearing such dresses in this hot weather
Shruti – Women are willing to open up. But their families wont let us do that
Jason – That is too bad. It would be nice to see these hot women wear some fashionable glamorous clothing
Shruti – Don’t feel bad for that Jason. We will make sure that you have a lot of fun for the remaining two days you are here.
We reached the place at around 3 in the afternoon. Our idea was to go on a hike through a forest and reach a river which runs between the forest. We were planning to camp near the river at night and return back the next morning. Bharath was our guide here because his uncle was working in the forest department in the area and he had done this hike so many times. It was allowed for only one group at a time. They gave us tents and the camping equipments
It was a 3-hour hike through the forest which was so dense. As the weather was hot, we were sweating a lot. Jacob removed his shirt because of it. He was just in his sleeveless vest and shorts. He had a typical black guy’s body. Very athletic and smooth. Shruti kept stealing glances at him. I went near her and teased “Planning to switch our child’s father from Pandian to Jason?”
Shruti – I am ok with it. But what will our parents say if our child is pitch black like him?
Me – That is right. He is not the right option. Anyway you are not in your fertility window now.
Shruti – Yes. But one thing is true. I definitely want to ride him. Look at him. I want to taste every inch of him
Me – You look so restless. Don’t rape him
Shruti – Ha ha. You know what I am capable of. Except Pandian, I have had everyone I liked to have sex with
Me – Sorry madam. You carry on with your goal
We reached the river bank at around 6 PM. We had learned how to set up tents before going there. We put up the tents. We were totally 8 people. We built 4 tents as each tent could accommodate 2 people. The place was very beautiful. Out in the forest and a river flowing next to us. We setup a campfire in the middle of the tents. We had fun dancing and singing. Then Shruti told that she was planning to take a walk along the river and asked if anyone was willing to join. Jason said yes and everyone else understood Shruti’s plan and politely refused. Shruti and Jason walked along the river at night. The environment was so romantic. They moved far from our campsite taking a torch light with them. I didn’t get to see what happened after that. But Shruti narrated it to me later. I am narrating it here now
They walked along the river without talking for a couple of minutes. Shruti started the conversation.
Shruti – Still thinking about how to bed Indian girls?
Jason – Ha ha. Why am I going to think about other Indian girls? I have a beautiful Indian girl walking right next to me
Shruti – You are a liar
Jason – No, I am not. You know I am not lying. I know that you know you are hot
Shruti – Ok. Let us change the topic
Jason – No. Let us continue with the topic
Shruti(punching on his shoulders) – You are such a naughty guy
Jason – You are the naught one here. Don’t touch me like that. I may lose control anytime
Shruti – What will happen if you lose control?
Jason – I may rape you right here
Shruti – Technically, it won’t be a rape if you have my consent
Jason – Oh.. Why would a woman like you give consent to a black guy like me
Shruti – That depends on what you could offer me if I accept
Jason – What can I possibly give you? Money?
Shruti – Shut up. I am not a hooker
Jason – What else do you need?
Shruti – Leave it. There is nothing like that
Jason – Come on. I don’t want to miss out on this. If it is something I can give you, it would be awesome
Shruti – It will be a weird request. But I pretty sure that you can give it
Jason – What is it? Don’t worry. Just tell me
Shruti – Can you accept Pandian’s application for a job in your team in Europe and take him there?
Jason – What? Are you stupid? You are willing to have sex with me just to get him a job in Europe? This is insane. He is not even your husband. Are you in an illegitimate relationship with him?
Shruti – Listen. I am not an idiot. There is a reason behind everything I do. If I am asking you to do a help for Pandian, it means I am getting something from him
Jason – Interesting. What would that be?
Shruti – That is none of your business. This is a chance for you to enjoy my brahmin body.
Jason – What is this Brahmin shit? I don’t get it.
Shruti – Brahmin are a caste in India. Hottest women in this country belong to that caste. Our count is less and there are so many men who would die to get a brahmin woman in bed. You are getting it so easily
Jason – Yes. Definitely you are one of the hottest women I have seen around. Not just in your country, but in my entire life
Shruti – So. You can proudly tell your black friends that you have fucked a hot brahmin woman in India. I promise you none of your friends would have ever had a chance on a brahmin woman. You could show my facebook pictures and make them feel jealous about you
Jason – That would be so much fun
Shruti lifted one leg and put it around his hip locking Jason with her body. With one hand she pressed Jason’s dick over his shorts
Shruti – So. Is your black dick ready for the Brahmin body?
Jason – Aaaahhh. Slowly Shruti
Shruti – Don’t do like that. People will think I am the one raping you. Just be a man
Jason – Oh. Don’t worry about that. I will show you what kind of a man I am
He switched off the torch and threw it aside. He kissed her lips hard, put his hands around her plump buttocks and lifted her. Now, Shruti had both her legs around his ass and was kissing him back passionately. He lifted her and moved towards a tree. He had her lifted in his hips with her back leaning on the tree and legs around his hips. Now Shruti could easily balance her weight on the tree and it was easy for Jason to lift her. He had his mouth on her boobs over her T-shirt and started biting her. Shruti hit Jason’s completely bald head, smiled in a slutty way and told “Idiot. Remove the dress and bite”
“No. We should be careful. If someone comes searching for us, we should be ready to wear the dress again”
Shruti thought to herself if she should tell him that everyone knows it already. Jason was in a hurry. He was sweating a lot. He dropped Shruti on the ground and turned her towards the tree. Shruti placed two hands on the tree in a bent position with her ass stretching back. Jason immediately pulled down her track pant and panties at the same time. He kneeled behind her and licked her thighs and legs. He told “Your legs and thighs are shining bright even in this darkness. Wow.. I haven’t seen such a sexy body even in Europe. So Brahmin women are definitely so hot”
Shruti – Mmmmm.. Didn’t I tell you? Mmmm. You have got a really good deal.. Aaaahh.. You are so good… Fuck me
Jason pulled down his shorts and took out his dick. It was 8 inch long. Longer than her ex-boyfriend Ram’s dick but definitely shorter than Pandian’s. Shruti saw that like a child seeing a chocolate. Jason asked “Do you like that?”
Shruti – Does my reaction suggest I don’t love that? I am mesmerized. Put it in please. I don’t want to wait anymore
Jason fucked her pussy from behind. Shruti screamed “Aaaaaahhh” and it echoed to our place. Bharath told “So, Pandian’s Europe tickets are getting ready” and everyone laughed. Her moans and screams were heard for around 15 minutes. Jason was trying hard to push his dick into her pussy. The longest dick she had taken was her ex-boyfriend Ram’s which was around 7 inch. After that most of the dicks she had were just 6 inches in length. She was finding Jason’s dick hard to accommodate. But she was getting so much of pleasure from it. Jason was sweating liters of water. He was hugging Shruti tightly and entering her. He had pushed 7 inches one inch remaining. He kept fucking her for 10 minutes with just 7 inches inside. Shruti demanded “Aaaahhh. Put it fully”
Jason – What?
Shruti – You deaf asshole. Put it completely inside
Jason – It is difficult. It will be painful for you
Shruti – Shut up you dumb fuck. What is the use of all your arms and muscles if you can’t even put your dick completely into a woman who is willing to take it?
Jason – I can do it. I have the strength for it. I am just worried about you
Shruti – Now stop bullshitting. You are a weak fuck. I challenge you to put it completely in.. Aaahhh
Jason – Stop it bitch
Shruti – Do it you black bastard. You useless piece of shit. Aaaaaaaaaahhhh.. Noooooo//
Jason had enough. Just when Shruti was scolding him, he pushed his dick completely in her pussy with all the strength he gathered and kept pushing till his crotch hit her ass-cheeks. He was hugging her body tightly. Shruti didn’t expect it and so she was not ready. It was painful for her. Her knees were shaking and she was about to fall down. But Jason pulled her up and continued fucking her.. Shruti was feeling both pain and pleasure. That was when they saw a torch light from far. We all had gone there in search of them. We thought of hiding and watching from somewhere. We thought they were a bit far away. But they were much closer than we expected. Jason saw us and stopped fucking her. He was about to pull up his shorts when Shruti looked back, took his dick in her hand and tried pushing it into her pussy.
Jason – Are you mad? They are near us
Shruti – Let them come. I don’t mind. Now, don’t leave me without giving me an orgasm
Jason – I think your husband is also coming there. We can’t take that risk. We have to stop it
Shruti – Stop blabbering and put it back in you stupid fucker
Jason – Shit.. The entire team is coming
Shruti – Ok. You just reached the limit. The whole team including my husband knows about me. I have had sex with everyone in my team except Pandian. That is because Pandian doesn’t want to fuck me. Now, you are going to fuck me or will you keep talking?
Jason – Give me a minute to digest what you just said
Shruti – You can digest all that later. Now keep fucking
Jason kept fucking her when we reached there. We showed the torch light towards them. It was quite a sight to watch. The black ass wet with sweat banging against the sweet white plump brahmin ass and thighs of my wife. Just when we reached there, Shruti had an orgasm and she fell down shaking. Jason was nervous. He pulled his shorts up and told “Sorry guys. I couldn’t control”
Santosh – You don’t have to ask sorry. We knew what would have happened
Jason – Ya. She told something like that. I couldn’t believe that. Looks like lot of things have been happening in the team
Bharath – Yes. Now both of you dress up and come to our campsite. It is much safer there
Jason – I am ready. Ask Shruti to wear her pant first
Bharath – Wear it Shruti. Some animals in the forest may get horny seeing you and come to fuck you then
Pandian – Ha ha. The animals will get tired if they do Shruti.
Shruti – Shut up Pandian. I am doing this for you only
Pandian(Sarcastically) – Ok madam. Sorry madam
Shruti stood up and pulled up her pant. We all went back to the camp site. Jason went inside the tent and Shruti followed him. They had the torch light on inside the tent. Now, their shadows were falling on the tent. I saw Shruti sitting upright, removing her t shirt and bra and threw them out of the tent. Jason removed his vest and threw it outside. I was able to see Jason leaning on Shruti’s chest like a baby and sucking the hell out of her boobs. Shruti had one hand over his head and pulled him passionately. He then moved down and licked her navel. After that, he removed his shorts. Shruti was finding it difficult to remove her pants as the tent was small and she was not able to stand up within the tent. Jason went down and helped her removing the pants. That was when I remembered, she had left her panties in the forest. I imagined what the future visitors to the forest who find the panties would think. Jason stretched her legs apart and mounted her in missionary position. Shruti as always, wrapped her legs around his ass. This was her signal of saying that she badly wanted the dick.
We could hear Shruti’s moans, Jason’s grunts and their occasional conversations
Shruti – Fuck me hard you black idiot
Jason – Shut up you Brahmin bitch. You are a cock hungry nymphomaniac. You should be fucked by 5 black guys like me
Shruti – Aaaaahhh.. I am a good girl
Jason – Good? Do you know the meaning of the word?
Shruti – Aaaaaahhh… Mmmmmm.. I love this..
Jason – That is the power of a black dick. Even in foreign countries, white women crave for black dick
Shruti – I maybe the first Brahmin bitch to taste a black dick and you maybe the first black guy to taste a brahmin body
They fucked for so long in that position. They couldn’t change positions as it was too cramped inside the tent
Pandian – For fuck sake, finish it soon
Jason – I can last for 2 hours Pandian. But with this bitch, I can last for only half an hour I guess.. Aaaaahhhh. I am cumming.. I am cumming.. Shall I take it out?
Shruti – Put that in, you motherfucker. I want the black guy’s sperm deep in my brahmin sack.
Bharath asked me “Dude.. Stop that. She might get pregnant. We can’t get any pill till we go back tomorrow”
Me – Don’t worry about that. This is not her fertile period
Jason collapsed over her body within her tent. We went to the opening in the tent and saw both of their bodies filled with sweat and they hugged so tightly that they looked like a single person. Shruti’s thighs, legs, armpits were all leaking sweat. Bharath told “These guys are idiots. Why do it in such a cramped space when you have so much space outside?”
He pushed away Jason who rolled over tired. He held both the ankles of Shruti and pulled her outside. Shruti started laughing “Idiot. What are you doing?”
Bharath – Making life easier for all of us
He kept pulling her outside. Shruti lifted her body a bit by balancing with her hands to get out of the tent. Jason just lay there tired and smiling. Bharath dragged Shruti who kept shouting “Stop it idiot. I will come myself” But it looked hotter when she was being dragged nude by Bharath. He dragged her near the campfire. Her body twinkled like a diamond when she was near the campfire.
Pandian threw a bedsheet at her. Shruti covered herself with it and sat near the campfire. Guys started drinking. That was when we noticed that Aarthi also started drinking. This was the first time she was drinking. She looked hot that day. She was also wearing a t shirt and jean. She and Santosh were whispering in each others ears for a long time. After drinking enough, Bharath came near Shruti and just kept looking at her face. He was so drunk. Shruti immediately threw away the bedsheet she was covering herself with and stretched her hands apart to welcome him. Bharath pounced on Shruti. They rolled over each other kissing madly. Bharath was biting her. Shruti shrieked out in pain and slapped him. He laughed and kissed her. They were looking like mad animals. Santosh and Pandian were standing near them with bottles cheering both of them. Shruti looked uncontrollable that night. Vivek looked so left out. He was at a corner shagging. Santosh called him “Hey Vivek. Come and join the club. You are not our enemy”
Vivek smiled and ran near us. Bharath removed his dresses and was about to fuck her when he saw so much of Jason’s cum dripping from Shruti’s pussy. He asked Shruti to clean it. Aarthi who was watching it all stopped Shruti. She came near me, pulled me by hair, dragged me to Shruti. That caught me off guard. I had never seen Aarthi getting involved much into this after a few initial days. That too to drag me like that was just too surprising. She always talked to me with respect. She was a totally different person when drunk. Bharath understood and stretched Shruti’s legs apart. Aarthi pushed my head into Shruti’s crotch. She asked me to lick it clean. I tried to resist first but then got into the game myself. I felt horny to lick a black guy’s cum from my brahmin wife’s pussy. Everyone except me and Shruti were totally drunk there. I couldn’t figure out how many more crazy things were going to happen that night.
Once I licked it clean, I was dragged away from her by Aarthi. Santosh, Bharath and Vivek pounced on her like tigers attacking a deer. I could only see Shruti’s legs in air shaking. Bharath was in between her legs. Vivek was lying over her body totally covering it. He was playing with her boobs sitting on her belly. Santosh kneeled near her and was giving his dick onto her mouth. All this in a open forest near a river with a campfire. The situation was too hot for me to handle that I leaked cum in my underwear. I went to the river to wash my underwear. From the river, I turned to find Shruti running nude around the campfire while Santosh, Bharath and Vivek were also running nude trying to catch her. Shruti was shouting “Dilip. Save me from these drunken bastards. They are insane”
Pandian was laughing and went to his tent to sleep. Aarthi was sitting near the campfire watching it all. I went and sat near Aarthi. I became horny again seeing things happening around. Shruti was being double penetrated in pussy and ass by Vivek and Santosh while Bharath was fucking her mouth. Vivek was in the ground, Shruti was lying over him, hugging him with his dick in her pussy. Santosh was fucking her from behind and Bharath was kneeling down giving his dick in her mouth. All these things were too hot for me to handle that I kept my hand on Aarthi. She looked at me and smiled. I thought it was the booze doing the work. She called out Santosh and I immediately took my hands away “Santosh. Dilip is putting his hands on me. What shall I do?”
Santosh – Your wish dear. If you like him, you can do it. I give complete freedom for you tonight. Do whatever you want
Aarthi – Oh.. Thanks hubby. All these days I have been watching you banging Shruti whenever you wanted. I had built so many fantasies of fucking other guys. But you never let me do it. Thank you for letting me do it today
Santosh – I was always feeling guilty dear. I think it is the right time for you to enjoy something like this. But today is the only day. Ok? You should not do this again once we return back
Aarthi – Of course darling. One night is enough for me
Shruti – Aaaaahhhh.. Dilip. You unfaithful fellow. How dare you are hitting on other women right in front of your wife? Aaaahhhh. Do it slowly Santosh. You are fucking my ass. My ass is not capable of handling such rough fucking.
Everyone started laughing. I pulled Aarthi towards me and kissed her. She told “I am not a slut like your wife to do it out in the open. Let us go inside the tent”
Chapter 27
We went into the tent. We felt a bit uncomfortable inside. The last time we did it, I was in a rage to fuck her. It was different this time. We both felt shy. We removed our dresses ourselves and sat inside the tent nude. We didn’t have any light inside. But I could see her white body in the darkness. Though she was not as fair as Shruti, she was fair in her own way. We slowly came nearby and kissed each other on our lips. Her mouth smelled of alcohol. I pushed her down and started sucking the cute nipples of Aarthi. Aarthi was much more sensitive than Shruti. She was shaking and shivering just for a lick on her nipples. Aarthi pushed my head down and made me lick her pussy. I then sat upright for a moment to absorb her beauty. The slim and sleek size-zero beauty. That was when she also sat up and told me “I have seen you have sex with Shruti. You are a submissive type right?”
Me – Yes. How do you know these things? I thought you are not much into these dark themes
Aarthi – When a girl has a husband who fucks another guys wife weekly once in front of him, she starts getting these weird ideas
Me – You also want to make me your slave?
Aarthi – No. But I have so many questions for you? Can I ask you now?
Me – What?
Aarthi – How can you still be with a woman like Shruti?
Me – Why not? What is the problem
Aarthi – What is the problem? You have got a shitload of problems. First of all she is a slut
Me – I am not sure if slut is the right word. She is addicted to sex
Aarthi – Both are same for me. She fucks different men like she wears different dresses. Aren’t you worried about that?
Me – I thought you know that
Aarthi – Know what? That you are a cuckold? Shut up. Even if you are a cuckold, there is life outside of sex too. How can you be with a woman who is cheating on you like that
Me – Cheating? Who is cheating? If she had done all this without my knowledge, it is cheating. I know everything she does. In fact, she told about her sexual weakness the moment I proposed her
Aarthi – Whatever it is. What makes you bind together as a couple, now? Aren’t you afraid that she will go with one of the men soon?
Me – Love. We both love each other
Aarthi – That is the biggest joke I have heard. I accept that you love her more than any man could love his wife. But that is not the case with her. She is just using you
Me – You don’t have to certify her. I know her much more than you do. I know that I love her. I know that she loves me. I am not going to let other people’s opinion affect my love towards her.
Aarthi – You are a fool to believe that she loves you. I don’t know how disappointed you will be, when she leaves you and makes you pay the price for the stupid affection towards her.
Me – You took me to the tent just to tell me that?
Aarthi – No. But I think I have an idea to test her love towards you.
Me – What is that?
Aarthi – You fuck me first. I will then tell you
Me – Thank you so much. I thought this conversation was going to last long.
I pushed her legs apart and fucked her. Her pussy was so tight. It was a new feeling for me as she was fucked only by Santosh before whose dick was even smaller than mine. I had to push a little bit harder to penetrate her. But it was worth it. Outside, Shruti was still screaming like a goat being slaughtered. I was able to hear her moan, scream and giggle alternately. After a point of time, I could not control myself. She tried to push me away. But I kept hold of her tightly and ejaculated
She was surprised. Her eyes were wide open. She slapped me hard on my cheeks. It was too hard and I was a bit tired after the ejaculation. So, I fell down to her side. She immediately wore her dress and went running outside, I followed her. Outside, Shruti was on the ground face down with her body totally flat. Santosh was lying flat over her body with his dick in Shruti’s asshole. He held Shruti’s head by her hair to make her look up and fucked her from behind. Bharath and Vivek were exhausted already. Vivek went to a tent to sleep while Bharath was sitting near the campfire adding wood to it and watching Shruti. Only Shruti and I were completely nude there. Santosh just had his trousers down till his knees while he was fucking her. The time was around 1 AM
Aarthi – Santosh. Stop it.. It is an emergency
(But Santosh was in no mood to listen. He kept fucking Shruti)
Santosh – Nothing can be more important. I need to fuck Shruti as much as possible before she gets pregnant
Aarthi – I will get pregnant with Dilip’s kid. Is that ok for you?
Santosh was shocked. He stopped fucking Shruti but was still lying over her
Santosh – What are you saying?
Aarthi – Dilip fucked me and ejaculated inside me. I was trying to push the bastard away, but he sprayed everything in me. I don’t have pills with me. The problem is I am in my fertile window
Santosh – Shit man.. You Dilip bastard. Have I ever done this with your bitch wife Shruti? I have been fucking her for months. But still you I haven’t even tried once to make her pregnant. What a mean person you are?
Meanwhile, Shruti was still moaning under Santosh’s body
Shruti – Mmmmmmm. What is happening? Whatever it is.. Finish fucking me and then talk
Santosh – Shut up bitch. Your husband fucked my wife and ejaculated inside her. Aarthi is in her fertile window now
Shruti – So what? Continue fucking me Santosh. I love your small dick in my ass. You are the only guy who I can take in my ass completely. Now be a darling and fuck me
She had her eyes closed and her body was turning around like a snake while she was speaking this
Santosh – Are you drunk bitch? Aren’t you understanding the seriousness of the issue?
Shruti – I am not drunk. But I am high. Getting fucked out in the open in this romantic place next to a campfire makes me high. And nothing is serious. Just keep banging me
Santosh – Not serious for you. It is serious for me. We need to get down and do something to avoid pregnancy
Shruti – Aaaaahhh.. Stop worrying you idiot. There is nothing to worry about… Mmmmmmm.. Just fuck me
(I know where the conversation was getting to)
Me – Stop it Shruti
Santosh – What are you talking about?
Shruti – Mmmmmmm… Aarthi wont get pregnant
Santosh – Why?
I ran towards Shruti to stop this. But Aarthi put her leg in between. I slipped and fell down. It would have been funny to see a nude guy running and falling down. Bharath was laughing at me
Santosh inserted his dick in Shruti’s ass for 1 inch and stopped
Santosh – Tell me Shruti. What is it? We want to know. If you tell me you will get my dick fully
Shruti – Mmmmm.. Please don’t tease me.. Do it.. put it in
Santosh – Not so soon dear. Tell me what it is. Or you wont get fucked for the rest of the trip. We will also ask Pandian not to fuck you
Shruti – Aaaaahhh.. Don’t do that. I will tell you
Santosh – Tell it bitch. We are all waiting to hear.
(He sat up, rolled Shruti to make her lie on her back and put his finger in her cunt and started playing. Shruti had her two hands on her head and was rolling her head to both sides moaning)
Santosh – Tell soon bitch
Shruti – Aaaaaaahhh… I will tell… Mmmmmm.. My husband Dilip here has low sperm count.. He couldn’t mmmmmmm… He couldn’t aaaaaaaahhh. He couldn’t make anyone pregnant
Aarthi, Santosh and Bharath were all stunned for sometime and then they erupted into a loud laughter Santosh continued fingering her
Santosh – Then what is the big deal about getting pregnant. You people were talking about this for long time
Shruti – Mmmmmm.. We came to know about it only last week. Please fuck me
Santosh – Ha ha.. Want me to give you a baby because your worthless hubby cannot do it?
Bharath – I am also interested Shruti
Santosh – Yes. During your next fertile window, both of us will fuck you throughout. Let us see whose baby you are getting
Shruti – Mmmmmmm… Nooooooo… I already decided who my child’s father will be… Aaaaahhhh.. Fuck me
Santosh – Who is that lucky guy?
Shruti – Mmmmmm.. I am feeling shy to tell his name
Santosh – Tell it bitch
He started to finger fuck her rapidly like a machine and Shruti’s whole body was shaking.
Shruti – Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh. It is… Aaaaaahhhh.. It is Paaaaaandiannnnnn…
Santosh stopped fingering her
Santosh – So, this is all a big plot to get Pandian give you a kid
Aarthi – If you give birth to a son, he is going to be a bear like hunk. Nobody will believe it is Dilip’s son
Shruti – Mmmmmm. I don’t care about that. I want him to impregnate me. Now please fuck me
Santosh – Ok dear. I have already played with you enough
Santosh got back to the old position and started fucking her ass. Aarthi smiled at me and came near me
Aarthi – Sorry.. I slapped you
Me – It is ok
Aarthi – You are a cute slave. Aren’t you?
Me – What are you talking about?
Aarthi – This was what I wanted to ask in there. Can I use you like a slave just for tonight? Just like Santosh is using Shruti as his slave
Me – What? Are you out of your mind. You are so drunk
Aarthi – Drunk? I have already discussed about his with Santosh. He was ok with it. I was just shy to ask you. Now seeing you naked out in the wild makes me want to dominate and humiliate you even more
Me – Where did you learn all these words?
Aarthi – Just say yes or no
Me – No
Aarthi – What is the use of asking you? You are anyway Shruti’s slave. I will ask her. Shruti, listen here
Shruti – Aaaaaaaaahhh. Don’t disturb Aarthi… Mmmmm. I am enjoying this… Ooooooh. Santosh.. You are awesome. Even though your dick is small, you compensate for it with your speed and stamina
Hearing this, Santosh fucked her even faster
Aarthi – Just one question Shruti. I want to take Dilip as my slave just for tonight. Will you allow me?
Shruti – Aaaahhh.. Why are you asking me Aarthi? Ask him. He will accept it
Aarthi – No. He is not accepting
Shruti – Mmmmmmm.. Don’t believe him. He would love to do it. He thinks with his dick only. Just look at his dick. If it is fully erect, he really wants to do it..
Aarthi – Wow.. You are right. His dick is so erect
Shruti – Then he is yours. Aaaaaahhh.. Bharath.. When will you be ready for next round?
Bharath – Me? I am done. I already came inside you twice. That is not enough for you?
Shruti – Aaaaahhhh.. He is going to cumm.. I can sense it. I want someone to replace him soon.. Please Bharath
Bharath – Look at this bitch. Such a hungry slut. She can sense a guy is about to cum even before it happens
Shruti – Aaaaaahhhh.. He is cumming
Just as she told Santosh ejaculated in her asshole and stood up. Shruti lay there panting on the ground. Her body was covered at places with the soil. She didn’t mind them. She was such a sight with just her mangalsutra on her and rolling on the ground like a pig. Just as she wished, Jason came out of his tent nude. I looked around and found that Santosh had gone into his tent and woken him up. He looked a bit drowsy. He saw what was happening and took a minute to digest this situation. Shruti saw him and screamed “Aaaaaahhhh.. Jason.. Come to me darling.. I have been waiting for you for a long time. Come and fuck me.. Enjoy me throughout the trip and give Pandian what he asked for”
Jason went near her and looked at her up and down. Shruti sat upright and reached for his dick with her hands. Jason held her arms and pushed her to the ground. He stretched her legs apart and checked her pussy. Then he rolled her over and checked her asshole. He stood up and told “You are so dirty to be fucked. I will get back to sleep”
Aarthi – Don’t worry Jason. We can clean her up.
She looked at me
Aarthi – Dilip. This is your first assignment. Go and clean up your wife’s pussy and asshole.
I stood up. She came near me and held my balls in her hands and crushed them
Me – Aaaahhh.. Leave me
Aarthi – Who allowed you to stand up?
Me – Aaaaahhh. You only asked me to go to her
Aarthi – Yes. But I didn’t allow you to get up. Crawl there on all fours like a Rocky(D) and lick her pussy and ass clean like a Rocky(D) eating its food
I did as she said. It was the most humiliating thing I ever did. Being nude in a open forest, walking on all fours like a Rocky(D) to my brahmin wife who was nude and getting ready to be fucked by a black guy. To clean her pussy and ass which was filled with cum of two other guys in front of 3 people in such an atmosphere was even more insulting. But I still had an erection. I was loving it. I moved to my sweet wife who was on a high. She saw me and turned to Rocky(D)gy position and lifted her ass to give a clear view of her ass and pussy. Both the holes had drops of cum leaking from them. I used my hands to pull her ass cheeks apart and looked at the sweet asshole of my wife. It looked so sexy. It had definitely increased in size during the past months. I put my tongue inside slowly. Shruti became so horny and literally buried her head inside the ground. She was squirming. I licked all the cum. The mixed cum of Santosh, Bharath and that disgusting Vivek. Cum was oozing out as I kept licking. It looked like she had stored a tank full of sperm inside. The same was the case with her pussy too.
After I licked her clean I looked at Aarthi expecting her to say what to do next. Before she could tell anything, Jason pushed me aside and lifted Shruti on his shoulders. He moved towards the river. It was dark there and I couldn’t see anything. I heard a water splashing sound. I guessed what would have happened. He had thrown Shruti into the water. He came back lifting her again on his shoulders. She looked like a diamond shining over a black rock. She was shivering due to the cold. He made her stand near the campfire to dry off. He told her not to sit down till her body was dry. It took around 10 minutes for Shruti to dry her body well. Then Bharath went to a tent and came with a bedsheet which they spread on the ground. Meanwhile, Aarthi took another bottle of whiskey and started drinking. After drinking it a little bit, she went out to the woods. I thought she was going to piss. Then, she came and sat next to me. She asked me to show my hands. I did as she asked. She had a rope in her hands and she tied them securely around my hands together to make sure that I can’t move them. Jason was getting ready to mount Shruti. Bharath was tired of watching everything and he went to sleep in Pandian’s tent. Shruti started getting noisy once Jason started fucking her.
Aarthi made me lie down on the ground just stared at me for 10 minutes with her red eyes. She was pitch drunk. Out of the blue, she suddenly slapped my on my face. It was a pretty hard slap that I fell to the side. Jason and Shruti stopped for a moment and looked at us.They understood what happened. Shruti asked “Are you ok, honey?” Before I could respond Jason held her face and kissed her deeply. After 2 minutes of kissing, he told “When I am fucking you, you should concentrate only on me. If you concentrate on others, I will not do what I promised to do for Pandian”
Then Jason looked at me and told “Do what Aarthi tells you. If not the same thing will happen. Pandian will not get his job approval”
Shruti didn’t react. She just gazed at me and turned back to kiss Jason. Aarthi laughed at me. She sat on my chest with her legs on both sides. She came near my mouth and ordered me to open the mouth. Once I opened the mouth, she spit inside my mouth. She watched me swallow her saliva. She put her face near my ears and told “See the bitch. You thought she still loves you. She is a slut using you. Now this is the test for her love. I am going to put you through pain. Let us see how your wife reacts. Let us see if she gives up on Jason’s dick and Pandian’s dick to save you” Then she made me turn around. I lay flat on the ground with my face down. She went near one of the trees and broke a branch out of it.. I shivered seeing that. She was definitely out of her mind as she was drunk. I turned my face to see Shruti being fucked out of her senses by Jason. I didn’t know what hit him. He was pumping her very fast. I turned to the other side to see Aarthi bending near me with the branch. She kept one hand on my ass and caressed it.
Aarthi – Wow. Your ass is so soft. Will it be able to handle the whip?
Me – Stop it Aarthi. This is too much. You are crossing the limits. Untie me now
(Aarthi came near my ears and whispered)
Aarthi – Who? Me? I will stop only if Shruti stops me. Isn’t this the perfect test for your love
Me – I love her and I will do anything for her. I don’t want to test her with this.
Aarthi – Oh really? Now watch this. Hey Shruti.. Your husband says he loves you and he will do anything for you. I am going to whip him very hard with the branch 10 times. If he could survive all 10 without asking me to stop, Jason will do what you asked from him. If not, he won’t. Let us see how much your lover is willing to sacrifice for you
Now, Aarthi made the situation complicated. Shruti didn’t reply for that. She was concentrating on Jason. She remembered Jason’s order. I really started getting doubts on whether Shruti loved me. I started feeling that Shruti was really using me.
Aarthi lifted the branch to begin the ordeal. The branch landed on my ass with a whipping sound. The pain rushed through my nerves. I screamed hard. Jason told “Stop screaming bastard. You might attract some animals here. I don’t have any problem with them. But they may end up fucking your wife too.”
Aarthi – Jason. Let him scream. I love that sound
She landed 5 more whips. My ass was swollen red and every inch of it was burning. That was when Shruti pushed Jason away. She crawled to me, lay near me and kissed my mouth. Aarthi whipped me again at that moment. She held my palms tightly with her palm and continued kissing. That was when a drop of tear rolled down my eyes. There were 3 more whips remaining. But I was already exhausted. Shruti tried to stop Aarthi
Shruti – Aarthi. Stop this. What happened to you?
Aarthi – What is your problem? Your husband is a submissive guy. I love to dominate. We are just enjoying each other’s company. Isn’t it Dilip?
Shruti – He is not enjoying this. You have crossed your limits long back. I can’t let you do this to him
Aarthi – Ok. I will stop this. But it looks like Jason is pissed off with you and your massive plan has gone for a toss.
Shruti – That is ok. I love Dilip more than anything else. He is the best thing that has happened in my life. I will find someone else for making me pregnant.
That was the most unforgettable moment in our relationship. I thought Shruti had fallen deep into her sexual desires that she had lost love for me. To tell the truth, I thought she had actually started loving Pandian. But the way she reacted showed that she still loved me. She loved me more than anything else. It was now my turn to show my love for her.
Me – No Shruti. I have already gotten 7 whips. All would be in vain then. You wanted to get impregnated by Pandian. You should have him. I can take 3 more
Aarthi – Wow.. I never expected such deep love to exist between you two. I am impressed. I will leave you two then
Shruti – Thanks Aarthi
Aarthi – Don’t worry. We were just kidding with the blackmail. Jason would definitely give Pandian the job. You have done enough already. I watched some femdom videos and wanted to try it on Dilip. I thought of using the chance to actually test your love for each other. I am definitely impressed. I just couldn’t understand how Dilip could watch you get fucked by men like this when he loves you so much. Your love is the strongest and the most complicated at the same time.
Me – I love her for who she is. If she gets pleasure out of having sex with these men, I am no one to stop her from doing it. She told me about this side of her even before our marriage. I will do anything to make her happy
Aarthi – I understand that. But how were you so confident that she loves you, if she is being a sex addict and sleeps with other men quite regularly?
Me – For me, love and sex are two different things. Even though she sleeps with men, she loves me. If I am not feeling well, she will look after me. She won’t do the same for Santosh or Bharath or even Pandian. To keep it short, she loves me but lusts other men. I don’t think there is anything wrong in that
Aarthi – Though all you say sounds twisted to me, they make sense in some weird way. I hope you people lead a happy and long life together. And Shruti don’t leave Jason with blue balls. Finish what you started.
Telling that, she untied me and went to the tent to sleep. Jason was waiting for Shruti. She went and had a quick round with Jason. Jason was fucked her intensely and came in 5 minutes. He went to the tent where Bharath was sleeping. Shruti helped me get up and we went to the tent and fell asleep. We didn’t even wear dresses.
Early morning, I heard someone enter our tent and pull Shruti outside. I knew what was going to happen. I was so tired to get up and see it. I woke up late at around 8 PM. Pandian and Aarthi were making breakfast for everyone with the portable stove we carried. I was searching for Shruti. She was taking bath in the river with Vivek, Bharath, Santosh and Jason. Jason was teaching swimming to Shruti. Of course, they were all nude and were naughty with her. After breakfast, we decided to hike back to our van. Jason asked for one last fuck of Shruti in the forest. He took her deep into the woods and fucked her there while we were packing the tents. They came back after 15 minutes. They came holding their hands and laughing. Once they came near us, Shruti came to me, hugged me and kissed me. We all dressed up. Bharath asked Shruti not to wear any dress and hike back nude. He told once we come close to the gate, she could wear her dresses. She looked at me asking my permission. I nodded to her. It was sexy to watch her walk for 4 hours completely nude with just her footwear. Bharath stayed behind her, taking photos of her in different angles while she was hiking down the terrain. It took longer than the time we took to reach the campsite as guys took their turns fucking Shruti on the way down. Eventually we reached the destination. Shruti wore the t shirt and track pant alone. She has lost her inners in the forest. We boarded the van and started home
Pandian sat next to Shruti and told her “I heard that you are planning to have a baby from me”
Shruti – Yes. I have gotten you what you wanted. Jason will go to Europe and process your relocation process. Won’t you do this for me?
Pandian – I promised I will have sex with you till I leave. I didn’t promise for any baby. I want my baby’s mother to be a good person. Not a bitch like you
Tears rolled down from Shruti’s eyes
Chapter 28
Once Pandian told her that he was not willing to give her a baby, he moved to a different seat. Jason moved back there. It was the last seat. So the driver was not in a position to see anything behind. Jason lifted her t-shirt and played with her boobs for a while. But Shruti remained unresponsive. She was hurt by what Pandian said. I did not know what hurt her more. The fact that he was not willing to give her a baby or the fact that he told her he didn’t want a bitch like her to be his kid’s mother. Jason went for one final round before we reached Chennai. He pulled down her tracks and fucked her from behind. Others were chatting in high volume to make sure that the noise was not heard by the driver. Shruti looked depressed while she was being fucked and I saw tears roll down from her eyes. The van dropped us at our office. We took a taxi home.
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