Shruti complicated woman to Sex Slave

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My name is dilip. I was 27 years old when it all started. I worked as a tester in a software company in Chennai. We were a small team of 6 people : I , Pandian, Santosh, Bharath, Shruti and Aarthi.
Pandian – He was a senior engineer. He is a dark, tall hunk aged 32 years. He has a hairy body. He would definitely fit the description for a gorilla. His face is ugly. But he is a professional body builder with a huge chest and strong arms. Other men look like sticks in front of him. He is a pretty rash, arrogant and indecent guy who is basically from slums. He got degree through quota system and then got a job with his friends help. He doesn’t respect women much. He is married yet.
Santosh – He was the other senior engineer in the team. He is also aged 32 years. He is the husband of Aarthi. He is pretty silent type and decent fellow. Very friendly with everyone in the team. He is 5 feet 7 inch. Normal weight. Looks smart.
Dilip – This is me. As I said. I am 27 mid-level tester. I am 5 feet 8 inch tall lean guy. I am normally an introvert. I won’t talk much with people. I talk only with my close friends
Bharath – He was 22 years old. He just joined our office from college. Very young and naughty guy. Just 5 feet 4 inch tall. Normal weight
Aarthi – 29 years old. Wife of Santosh. Very good character. Looks good too. 5 feet 7 inch tall. Slim. Wears traditional dresses to office. Very funny type. Makes fun of everyone and teases us.
Shruti – 25 years old. She was still entry level engineer. 5 feet 7 inch tall. A typical tamil brahmin woman. Looks slim, but when look at her closely, you will notice that her legs and thighs alone are very fleshy and strong. Her bottom half is definitely a bit bigger than her top half. Don’t mistake it thinking she is a fat woman. She is looks slim in normal dresses. But when she wears tight leggings or jeans, you could notice her legs and thighs are not skinny. They are very fleshy. She has medium sized boobs for her age. They are about the size of an orange.. Her skin complexion and thighs are almost same as actress Shruti Hassan. Hence her name is ironical. She wears salwar kameez, t shirt jeans or tops and skirt. But Shruti has more fleshy legs and is taller than Shruti haasan. Her face is beautiful but brims with attitude.
We have a manager whose name is Vivek. He is a short stout bald guy. No one in our team likes him.
Usually, Aarthi and Santosh hangout together as they are husband and wife. I used to hangout with Pandian and Bharath. As we all were bachelor guys, we used to comment about women in our office and talk about our crushes. Shruti usually had lunch with a lady-friend of her from another team. Everyone in the team hates Shruti more than they hate our manager. Though she talks well with everyone, she is a bit too commanding and egoistic. She played a lot of politics. Only thing people like about her is her appearance and sexiness. She is too dominant and arrogant. Talks like she knows everything. She doesn’t respect everyone.
All the above said qualities make every guy hate her. But that is not the case with me. I am a guy who likes to keep things with myself. There is a part of me which no one knows. For some reason, I always liked these kind of women more than the calm and homely women. I like women who show attitude. I like women who are arrogant and treat men like shit. Add Shruti’s sexy body and face to it, she was just the perfect woman for me. I was secretly in love with her. There was no way I will be able to tell that to my team mates. Everyone hates her and they will start judging me if I said I was in love with her.
I had some reservations talking to her. I was not good at having conversations with women. Then one day, fortune favored me. Our team was getting a new project and I was assigned to work on that along with Shruti. My happiness had no bounds that day. I was having lunch with Pandian and Bharat that day.
Pandian – Dilip, looks like you are working with Shruti for a new project our team is taking up. Is that true?
Me – Yes Pandian. It will be a 3 month project. We might have to work during weekends too.
Bharat – So Dilip is the luckiest guy in this group.
Pandian – Ha ha. We can’t be sure about that. The happiness he gets from the visual treat is more than made up by her attitude and arrogance. She will push all the work on him and get all accolades for that. Dilip won’t talk when it matters. I am pretty sure that the bitch is going to use him well and get promotion for herself. Be careful with her dude.
Me – Don’t be too prejudiced. I have talked with her. She seems to be a good person only.
Pandian – You have not worked with her closely. I have worked with her. I know how that slut works with people. If you are not circumspect, I am pretty sure she will make you pay for it. She will smile in front of you, talk kindly to you and even seduce you to get her work done. But when it all ends, she will project it in such a way that she did all the work. Don’t fall for that
Bharat – That is new information. Did she seduce you?
Pandian – I wont call that seduction. It was like flirting. She was talking about my body building routine and made some moves here and there trying to touch my biceps and shoulders. I just gave her a cold stare to make it clear that I am not falling for that
Bharath – Don’t lie Pandian. Why would a woman like her seduce an ugly guy like you?
Pandian – She would go with any guy to get her job done
Bharat – Then, you should have used that opportunity. Too bad man
Pandian – Who wants that slut? She looks hot. Yes. But the brahmin bitch has slept with 3 guys so far.
Me – That is going too far. How do you know that?
Pandian – She has slept with 1 guy in her school and 2 guys in college. They were all her boyfriends and she broke up one by one. No one could handle her arrogance and attitude. I know a junior from her college. He told me everything. Eventually, she also decided that boyfriends are just not her thing. Now that she is not having sex for long, she is being hungry and looking around for soft targets. Be careful Dilip.
Me – Come on. These kind of rumors float around about all hot girls in college.
Pandian – I don’t think they are rumors. Seeing the way she behaved with me, I feel that everything I heard is true.
Me – She was friendly and close with you doesn’t mean she was trying to seduce you.
Pandian – I told you what you need to know. That is my advice. It is up to you to take it or not. Lets go back to work now
I thought about it for sometime that day. But I decided to forget it. I felt that what Pandian told was a lie. I have come across many men like him who hate women. They spread false information about women who they can’t get and get happiness out of it. I liked Shruti and I was not willing to change my opinion based on Pandian’s words.
Chapter 2:
Our project started and I was working closely with Shruti. I am not good with women. All our conversations were mostly work-related. She didn’t make any move with me as Pandian had mentioned before. One thing he told is true. She tried to make me do most of the work. But she projected it like she did it. I was not angry with her in anyway for this. She literally ordered me to do things even though I held a more senior position in the team.
Life was uneventful until one Friday. We had to work over the weekend. I used that opportunity to get her mobile number. Saturday morning, I planned to make use of the opportunity. I sent her a message asking her when she will reach the office. She told that her two wheeler doesn’t start and she is stuck. I asked her if I can pick her up. She immediately replied “Yes. I was thinking about asking that myself :)”
I literally danced after reading that message. I asked directions to her house and went there. She was dressed in a tight t-shirt and jean. She sat behind me with her legs on both sides. I was wearing my bag. She told that she can carry my bag as she was not carrying hers. She got the bag from me and put it around her shoulders. As I started the bike and travelled for sometime, she bent down a bit and placed her elbows on my shoulders. My heart skipped a beat. She was leaning on my shoulders with her boobs brushing my back. She was totally cool though and talked to me and asked questions about where I come from and asked about my family, education and everything. I was as usual being bad at conversations. I just answered her questions and asked the same questions to her. She could have definitely felt my body shivering with her touch.
We reached the office and we were totally alone there. She looked like a completely different person that day. She was a fun-person to be with. Cracked a lot of jokes. She never had any inhibitions in touching me and teasing me. We did all the work that was needed. It was around 6 PM when we finished the work. She used to address me with respect before. It all changed that day.
Me – What is the plan for Saturday night?
Shruti – Nothing much. Will be pretty boring. How about you?
Me – I also have nothing to do.
Shruti – Oh. You don’t have any friends to roam around with
Me – There are some friends. But they all have girlfriends to roam around with
Shruti – I see. Shall we go somewhere together?
This was what I have been waiting for. I never had guts to ask a woman out. Here was the woman of my dreams asking me to go out with her.
Me – Ya sure Shruti. How about some movie?
Shruti – Is there any good movie running now?
Me – I don’t think so.
Shruti – Idiot. Then why are you suggesting that? Let us go to beach
Me – Ok. Let us go
We packed up andent to the beach. We had some road side snacks near the beach. Then we went to the sea shore. She folded the bottom end of her jeans tup until her knees. Her smooth fleshy legs and calves were visible completely.That was my weak point. I always had a fetish for women’s legs. Especially the fleshy and smooth ones. She had big round calf muscles. Given that she was tall, her legs were long which made them sexier. She had waxed them and kept them perfectly polished. The brahmin skin made it look shiny even in darkness. She went inside and played in the water. Many guys around us were watching her. I was still sitting at the shore. She compelled me to come inside.
Shruti – Come in Dilip. It is fun
Me – No. I am afraid.
Shruti(in a commanding voice) – You coward bastard. Come in now or I will drag you in
I was stunned by that. She called me bastard at a public place. For some reason, it made me fall in love with her even more. I wanted her to do this. Many people nearby saw her calling me bastard.
I told her that I wont come. She ran towards me and pulled me by my legs towards the water. I told her “Don’t do this. I will come myself”
I then stood up and walked till thigh deep water. A wave was coming near. I was about to run. But Shruti hugged me and pushed me into the wave. I was taken for a ride by the wave. I didn’t know what was happening for a minute. Then I was at the shore. She came near me, looked at my face and started laughing.
Shruti – Don’t call yourself a guy. You are so weak
Me – This is my first time. That is why
Shruti – Ha ha. Idiot. Get up now. Let us dry ourselves for sometime and then go home.
Me – Yes. That is a great idea.
I was relived that I didn’t have to do it any longer but sad that we had to go home soon.
She had her jeans up her knees all the time in the beach. I managed to steal glances at her legs all the time. Then I dropped her at home and went to my room. I stay alone in my room. I immediately removed my dresses and started shagging. I was unable to understand what was happening to me? Here was a woman who called me names even though she was much younger to me. For some reason, I was enjoying this. Even worse, I was getting horny every time she scolded me. I was enjoying her looks, her behavior and everything. Was this love or lust?
Chapter 3:
It was the Monday after that weekend. We were at the office and had some work to do. Shruti came to office wearing tight chudi tops and white leggings. She never wore any shawl. Her cute boobs and the very small belly shape were visible on that dress. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She came to my place and ordered me to do some work for us, cracked an occasional joke and went back to her seat. All I could do was to nod my head and laugh for her jokes and do whatever she asked me to do. Then I went for lunch with my gang
Pandian – So, how was your weekend with Shruti, Dilip?
Me – Nothing much. Just came to office, worked for sometime and went home.
Pandian – Don’t lie. There seems to be some chemistry that developed between both of you.
Bharat – Yes bro. Even I could see that. You both never smiled at each other before. Now, she is cracking jokes with you.
Pandian – She is doing what she does the best. Using her beauty to make Dilip do whatever she needs to do.
Me – It is not like that. She is also doing her part of work. And regarding chemistry, we were spent the day together at office. We can’t keep talking work stuff all the time. So had some casual conversation and we know each other much better
(I didn’t tell them about the bike journey or the beach visit)
Pandian – Whatever it is. I warn you. Be careful with that bitch. Don’t fall for her antics. That is all I can say.
Me – Don’t worry about that.
Bharat – Leave that aside. Did you see her dressing today. Even normal dresses look too hot on her. At hindsight, she looks slim. But when you see her in such dresses, you notice that she does have a lot of flesh. Especially around her ass and thighs. Pretty different from other modern girls, but way too hotter than them
Pandian – That is typical Brahmin structure dude
(I was feeling uncomfortable. But I didn’t want to show it to them)
Bharat – There are many girls who touch me when I speak. I never get any feelings for them. But if Shruti does that, I get an immediate erection. Isn’t that right Pandian?
Pandian – Ha ha. Yes. She looks hot. No doubt about that. But for some reason, I don’t get horny for arrogant and dominant women like her. My fantasies are always about homely calm women
Bharat – Yes. You are a beast. Don’t know which lady is going to be your victim and suffer at your hands
Pandian – Yes that is true. All these days, I have never shagged even once thinking about Shruti
Bharat – I do it daily
Pandian – Then go and marry her. You can do her for real daily
Bharat – That I wont do. She is 3 years older than me. And as you told, she is arrogant and dominant. Not someone who you can think of as wife. Maybe just a friend with benefits
Pandian – Add that to the list of guys she had sex with before. Imagine the state of the idiot who ends up marrying her.
Bharat – She should find someone outside the country only to marry her. Anyone who knows her will never let their friends marry her.
Pandian – Looking at how silent Dilip is, it looks like he will be that person
Me – Shut up. You know I don’t talk bad about any women. That is why I am silent
They all had a good laugh at me. That conversation confused me even more. All the things they told made me hesitate about proceeding further. But then, there was a part of me which kept telling me that she was the right person for me.
Chapter 4:
Next weekend came. But we didn’t have to go to office that day. I messaged her in whatsapp just to start a conversation
Me : Hey Shruti
Shruti – Hey Dilip
Me : Is there any work to do today?
Shruti : Nope. We can enjoy the weekend
Me : Oh ok
Shruti : What are your plans?
Me : Nothing. Just being at home and sleeping
Shruti : Wanna go to the beach again? ;P
Me : Why? To drag me into the sea again?
Shruti : Come on. Don’t whine like a kid.
Me : I am not a kid
Shruti : You behaved like a kid that day
Me : (Angry smiley)
Shruti : Ok. Shall we go for some mall today then
Me : Ok with me. As long as you won’t push me from the escalator
Shruti : Don’t worry. I will push you from first floor only. It won’t be much painful 😛
This time I went to the mall directly. She came in her two-wheeler.
We first went to a fashion store. She saw so many dresses. She tried them one by one. Initially she was just trying-on the jeans and t shirts. She took them to the dressing room. She tried each pair and came out of the room. I was giving comments. She eventually chose one. There was one section with mini skirts. She looked at them. But did not try them.
Me : They look good. Why don’t you try them?
Shruti : Ha ha. I don’t wear such slutty dresses
Me : Come on. I thought you are a modern girl. You consider these dresses slutty.
Shruti : Just kidding. My parents won’t allow such dresses. I am allowed to wear salwar, kameez, full skirts, t shirt jeans.. But mini skirt is a strict no
Me : At least you can just try and see. Nothing wrong with that
Shruti : That sounds like a good idea. But you come near the dressing room. I don’t want anyone else to see me try them
She took a bunch of mini skirts. She went in and came out wearing a blue color skirt covering 3-4th of her thighs. I was stunned at what I saw. The previous week, I had seen her sexy legs. Now I saw her fleshy thighs and her knees. Unlike the knees of other women, her knee was smooth shining and flawless. Her thighs were fleshy and solid. I stood there without reacting to her questions because I couldn’t hear anything that she spoke. She came near me, punched my chest and told “Asshole. Why are you seeing my legs like that?”
Me – Nothing. Just checking your skirt
Shruti – Ok. How is it?
Me – It is awesome. You should take a photo on this.
Shruti – My mobile is in my handbag. Can you take it in your mobile and send it to me?
I wanted this to happen. I took multiple snaps. Some focussing on her legs. She tried more skirts and we repeated the same thing. In the end, she just came out buying the t shirt and jean. Then we went to the food court and had some food. She bought a veg burger and a pepsi. I bought a chicken burger and a soft drink. It was in a tray. She took her drink and started drinking first. I took my burger and moved the tray. The tray hit her pepsi which spilled on her dress. Her face turned red and she shouted “You stupid. Don’t you have common sense. Can’t you see the drink was on the table? My favorite dress is totally spoilt now. You brainless bastard.”
I was totally shocked. People around were all looking at us. She immediately stood up, went to the washroom, cleaned up and left home without even looking at me. I went home totally disturbed. I thought she will message me and ask sorry to me. But she didn’t. The next Monday, at the office, she was her usual self. Though I was sitting there depressed. She was smiling around making jokes with people. But she just didn’t talk to me anything other than work related stuff. I couldn’t bear being ignored by her. I then went home and couldn’t get a proper sleep. I rolled around the bed. I knew she was too arrogant and she will never accept her mistake. I knew that it would be wrong if I go and talk to her after what she did. But I just couldn’t control myself. I sent a message.
Me – Sorry
Shruti – What made you take so long to ask sorry?
Me – I was afraid you will scold me again
Shruti – Just make sure that you don’t do it again. I am feeling sleepy now. Good night
I didn’t know what to make out of that conversation. I didn’t sleep well that night. The next day at office. She started speaking with me normally again. It was like such a thing never happened. I messaged her in the evening.
Me – Still angry with me?
Shruti – Of course not. You asked sorry right? As long as you accept your mistake and apologize with me, everything is fine
Me – Hmmm. Looks like you got very angry that day.
Shruti – Yes. Felt like slapping you. You should be happy that I left with just a scolding
After a small chat, we both went to sleep. Things were getting complicated day by day. It was my mistake of spilling the drinks on her body. But the way she reacted was way over the limits. I asked sorry for what I did. But she didn’t even feel a little bit bad about the way she shouted. But still I am going behind her like a servant for her. I should not like her after what she did. But I still do. I like her even more than before. What is happening to me? I immediately took my laptop and browsed the internet about such feelings. That is when I found out that I am a submissive man. A man who likes to get dominated and ill-treated by others. It means to yield to the authority of others. In this case, she was the authority. And I was in love with her.
Chapter 5:
The next weekend arrived. This time, we had to go to office both Saturday and Sunday. At the office, we were having lunch. I decided to have a go at her.
Me – It is boring ya. I am planning to pour this water on you.
Shruti – This time you will definitely get slapped.
Me – You are too short tempered
Shruti – You are a dumb fuck. I get angry whenever I do stupid things
Me – That was an accident
Shruti – Are you really planning to justify that? You deserved what you got. Now don’t make me do it again
Me – I know. I bought you something to cool you down
Shruti – What is that?
I took out a bag and gave it to her. She opened it to find the gift I bought her. It was one of the mini-skirts she tried the other day. She smiled at me and told “That is so cute. But how am I even going to wear this? My parents will kill me if they see me in this”
Me – Just have it in your bag. You can wear it on occasions and change back to a different dress when you go home
Shruti – Seriously. This is so sweet of you. I never knew you are such a good friend.
She got up, came near me, bent down and hugged me. One of the best moments in my life. That night I received a text from her “Good night, friend”
We went to office on Sunday. Now she started being a good friend to me. She started talking freely about her personal life and everything. But she stayed away from the topic of boyfriends. She talked about her family and childhood. She asked about my love life.
Me – Do I look like a guy who had girlfriends before?
Shruti – Ha ha. That is correct. You look like a big loser when it comes to women. You are too good a person for women to like you.
Me – Really? Women don’t like good guys
Shruti – Women like good guys. But women don’t like guys who are too good and naive. You seem to be too innocent. Just tell me this. If a girl falls for you, will you ever try to have sex with her?
Me – No. I will never have the guts to do that.
Shruti – This is the reason why women these days won’t like you. We won’t ask you for sex. We will say no when you ask for sex. But it is your job to convince us
Me – Hmmm. So, you tell me about you. How about your love life?
Shruti – Mine? I won’t talk about that. I will tell you when I feel like telling you
Me – This is unfair
Shruti – Ha ha. You could have refused to tell me when I asked you. Moreover, you didn’t have to tell me about your love life. I just had to look at you to find how your love-life would have been. See how innocent you are
Me – That is right.
Shruti – Ok. Let us go to work.
After that weekend, I was getting really close to Shruti. From what I saw, she did not have any guy much close to her. Meanwhile, Pandian and Bharath kept talking about her body and kept advising me on how bad a person she is.
One day, Pandian was playing with his bike keys and they fell down. Bharath took them and threw it to Shruti’s place. Shruti took the keys and kept them hidden somewhere. She was wearing tight t shirt and jeans. Pandian asked her for the keys. She acted like she didn’t know it. She had kept her own keys on her desk. Pandian saw that and took her keys and tried to run to his place. Shruti chased him to his place and tried to get her keys. Pandian turned the other side. Shruti hugged him from behind trying to reach the keys at his front. He was a pretty big guy and she couldn’t even reach the front. She was pushing him hard that her body was literally pasted on him. I, Bharath, Santosh and Aarthi were watching this. Pandian slipped and fell down. Still she rolled over him trying to get her keys. They were rolling like lovers. Shruti’s t shirt had gone up a litte showing her white smooth fleshy hips. She plucked the keys from his hand and tried to get up. But he pulled her down and rolled over her. They looked like having sex in missionary position just with the dresses on. Pandian between her legs lying on her. Shruti immediately gave Pandian his keys. He took them and let her away. I knew I will have a hard time during lunch that day.
Bharath started the topic during lunch
Bharath – Pandian. Looks like you wet your pant today.
Pandian – I told you I hate that bitch
Bharath – Then why did you roll on her like that. You almost fucked her in office itself
Pandian – She was the one who rolled over me like that. The bitch made it look like I did it
Bharath – You are so lucky. She definitely has a thing for you. But you are ignoring her always
Pandian – I hate such slutty woman dude
Me – Come on. Just because she fell on you, it doesn’t mean she is behind you and she is slutty. She just wanted her keys.
Pandian – Don’t get angry dude. Why are you supporting that bitch all of a sudden?
Me – Don’t call all women bitch. She is a good friend of me. So stop talking about her like that
Pandian – Cool dude. The slut has used her tricks on you and you fell for them. Don’t believe her.
Bharath – Yes dude. Better stay away from her. You just saw what she did with Pandian
I immediately got up and left the table. That evening they messaged me and apologized and told they won’t talk about her like this anymore.
Chapter 6:
The 6 of our team members were part of a Whatsapp group. We occasionally had some conversations there. Shruti replied rarely to the group. I used to be pretty active in that group. But after that day, I stopped responding to messages in the group. Even our lunch conversations were mostly silent. One day while chatting with Shruti during a weekend at office, she brought up this topic
Shruti – I see you are being weird these days
Me – What? Nothing like that
Shruti – Come on. You know you are bad at telling lies. Now tell what happened. You are not active in the whatsapp group chat. You are not getting along well with Pandian and Bharath. What is happening?
Me – Yes. We had a bad argument that day. Things are pretty weird from that day.
Shruti – What was the argument about?
Me – Leave it.
Shruti – Come on. I want to know how such close friends started fighting
Me – It was because of you
Shruti – Me?
Me – Yes it was you.
Shruti – How can I be a reason for a fight between you two?
Me – You don’t want to hear that
Shruti – Come on tell me. Or I will go and ask him directly
Me – Don’t do that. I will tell you. Pandian always talks bad things about you
Shruti – What kind of bad things?
Me – You wont like to hear that
Shruti – Tell me what it is
Me – He says you are a slutty woman and that you have had sex with some guys before. He also says that you are too arrogant. You make guys do most of your work and get accolades for that. Pandian and Bharath say that you are trying to seduce Pandian.
Shruti stayed silent looking at the floor for sometime
Shruti – Forget what they told. Why did you fight with them for that?
Me – They have been talking like this for a long time. But nowadays I am getting angry when someone talks like that about you. That day, when you were trying to get the keys from her, it looked bit too raunchy. Pandian says that you are doing such things with him to seduce him and that he hates slutty women like you.
Shruti was definitely offended after hearing all this. She asked it again “Still.. Why did you fight with them for me?”
Me – Because I love you. I want to marry you. I couldn’t accept if anyone talks about you like that.
There was a stunned silence for a long time. She went to her place. We didn’t talk to each other that day. We finished our work and went home. We came to office the next day also which was a Sunday. She came to my place and called me for lunch. We went to cafeteria and sat down for lunch. She started the conversation
Shruti – So.. How are you feeling now?
Me – What do you expect? You didn’t reply to me at all
Shruti – Come on dilip. It won’t work out between both of us.
Me – Why not? We have been good friends for long time. Why can’t we move to the next level?
Shruti – There are some complications
Me – What? You already have a boyfriend?
Shruti – No. You don’t know my true character.
Me – I know you are short tempered and like to do things your way. I am not worried about that.
Shruti – That is not it. There is another side to me which you should hear about. You got angry with Pandian for telling some things about me. But the point is most of it is true
Me – What are you saying?
Shruti – I think I have to tell you everything about me now. It is up to you to take a decision after that. If you still love me, we could try dating. That doesn’t mean that I accept to marry you. If not we can continue as friends as we are now. If you hate me after that, we can just part ways.
Me – Ok tell me what it is.
Shruti – First, the fact that I have had sex with guys is true. I think you should have guessed that after the conversation we had last week. I have had 3 boyfriends before. One in school and 2 in college. I have had sex with all of them. I am not in relationship with anyone right now. Guys find me hard to handle. I know that I can be authoritarian and bitchy at times. But that is the way I am. I am not going to change for anyone. That is the reason why we broke up
Me – That is fine with me. You should have seen by now that I can ok with that
Shruti – Yes I know that. But you need to know one more thing. I don’t know how to put it. But the truth I am really a sex addict to put it in a decent way. That is what Pandian calls “slutty”. Yes, I am sexually attracted to him. Not just him. Many other guys. It takes a huge effort from my side to actually control myself from jumping all over them. That day when we were fighting for keys, things went a bit out of hands. Right now, I am just satisfying myself with porn videos. I may not be the same all the time though
Me – Now that is heartbreaking for me. Why Pandian of all the people? He is an ugly beast
Shruti – There are certain things which are hard for you to understand. To conclude, everything they spoke about me is true. It is up to you to take a decision
Me – Yes. I definitely need to think about this
We went home. I stayed awake the whole night to think about this. On one side, she is definitely a very difficult person to handle and if my family comes to know any of these things, I am screwed. But I liked the way she was open upfront about her. I have never seen a woman who clearly knows who she is and what she wants. The only thing that bothered me was her lust towards Pandian. I decided to talk about it straight to her the next day. It was a Monday and I didn’t get any personal time with her. I sent her a Whatsapp message asking her to wait at the office gate in the evening. We met there and went to a nearby park.
Shruti – So you took your decision?
Me – Yes
Shruti – What is that? You hate me right?
Me – No. I still love you. I would like to start a relationship with you. But there is just one thing I would like to change about you. Will you able to do that?
Shruti – I have never changed myself for anyone. Tell me what it is. If it is a minor thing. I will try to change
Me – I am ok with the fact that you are a sex addict. You have lust on guys around. But please don’t do anything with Pandian. It gives me a bad feeling. They talk to me on a day to day basis and I feel bad when they talk bad things about you.
Shruti – As I have told. I don’t really have much control on that. I could do my best to avoid it. But I can’t be sure about it
Me – If you could take some effort, that is good enough for me
Shruti – That is it?
Me – Yes it is.
I smiled
Shruti – I never thought you would accept this. I thought you would run away from me after you heard everything. But I need to make myself clear here. We are just dating. It doesn’t mean I will marry you. Right now I don’t have any idea of marrying you. Is that fine?
Me – Yes it is fine.
Thus began our love story. She told that she doesn’t want to marry me. Maybe she wanted an alpha male to marry. That is definitely not me. But I was willing to try everything to marry her. After all, she was the best woman I could find for a submissive guy like me.
Chapter 7 :
My life was very pleasant after that. We started having lunch together at office. All my team mates knew what was happening and they decided to stay away from us. But whenever Shruti wore something sexy, they never missed a chance to ogle at her. I didn’t mind that. One new development was that Santosh and Aarthi started having lunch with Pandian and Bharath now a day. Shruti used to talk about other men we used to have hots for. I found that she had some kind of fetish for body builders who looked like bulls. It didn’t matter how ugly they looked. That explains her attraction towards Pandian. She somehow managed to stay away from him for sometime.
I and Shruti had dinner outside pretty often. We roamed around together during weekends. Many incidents like the beach one and the mall one happened again. She used to get angry with me often. I have to go behind her begging for forgiveness. She regularly scolded me using bad words. I never reacted for them. One day she found out what kind of person I am. We were at coffee day having snacks.
Shruti – I asked you to send a mail to the US team yesterday. Did you send that?
Me – Oh. Sorry Shruti. I totally forgot.
Shruti – Don’t give reasons. You are a good for nothing guy.
Me – I am sorry
Shruti – Shut up asshole. I am tired of hearing your excuses. Why did I even start a relationship with a worthless guy like you?
Me – I will send it tonight. Don’t worry
Shruti – It is already late. They were expecting the report yesterday. You are such a pussy.
Me – Why are you scolding me like this? I told you I am sorry
Shruti suddenly smiled at me and told “It is funny. I have treated you like shit all these days. But you never seemed to get angry about that. You seemed to enjoy that”
Me – So what are you coming to say?
Shruti – This is the very reason why guys usually hate me. I am ill tempered and I disrespect people. But you seem to enjoy these qualities of me.
Me – Yes. That means I am the perfect guy for you. Will you marry me?
Shruti – Ha ha. I won’t marry a pussy like you.
Me – Too baad. What do you want me to do?
Shruti – Ok. We have been in a relationship for long time. You never thought about seducing me to have sex?
Me – I have told you that is not who I am
Shruti – But that may be the reason why I am not marrying you
Me – If having sex with you means I get to marry you, then I will definitely do it
Shruti – Ha ha. It is not easy dude. I like to have my way around when it applies for sex too.
Me – Meaning?
Shruti – Meaning? You will understand soon. Now, first book a resort for this Saturday. We will go there in the afternoon and stay there till evening 8 PM
Me – Sure dear. Will do it
Shruti – Book and let me know. I will plan for that
I couldn’t believe my luck. Here is a sexy woman asking me to book a resort to have sex with her. But she never talked about it till Saturday. She messaged me on Friday
Shruti – “Are we on for tomorrow”
Me – “Yes Shruti. We are meeting tomorrow. Eagerly waiting for that :)”
Shruti – “Me too. Don’t dream too much. As with every other thing, This is going to be my way. If anything goes wrong. I will leave you there with an erect dick”
I had an erection as soon as she said that. The fact that she talked about my dick made me horny even though she uses bad words regularly while talking with me.
Me – Don’t worry dear. I will do anything to make you happy.
At last, that day arrived. We reached there in my two wheeler. She came there wearing tops, full skirt and high heels. The heels made her ass protrude a lot. We were going to the room. There was a swimming pool nearby where a bunch of guys were swimming. They all looked very fit and hot. They kept looking at her. But they didn’t expect Shruti to keep looking at them the way she did. They had their wives near the swimming pool. That meant they had to keep their dicks within their trunks. We reached our room, went inside and closed the door. Shruti just fell on the bed tired as it was a long ride there. I went and slept next to her without knowing what to do. We lay there silently for ten minutes. Then I remembered that she wanted me to seduce her. I kept a hand on her stomach and tried to pull her t shirt up.
That is when she opened her eyes and sat on the bed. She looked at me and told “Get up”
I still remember the stare she gave me that day. I got up from the bed like a robot that was ordered to do so. She was sitting at the edge of the bed with her legs outside and I was standing in front of her. She commanded me to remove my shirt. I removed it and stood topless. She kept one finger on my nose and slowly lowered it around my body with just her nail touching me. She circled around my nipples and then lowered to my navel. She made a push on my navel and then brought down her hands to my pant. She pulled the front of my pant in opposite direction and the button jumped out of it. Then she removed the zip and pushed the pant down. She did all this looking straight at my face. With a dominating look.
I was standing with my pants down to my ankle and just an underwear on. She put her hands inside the underwear and tore it apart. I was definitely not expecting her to behave this way on bed. And I was definitely not expecting myself to enjoy this. As soon as she tore it, my dick stood there in all its glory. Mine is a medium size dick. Not big by any means and not small too. She took it in her hands and started speaking “I knew you will enjoy this. That day, I did some internet search on your behavior. You are a submissive. Aren’t you? ”
Me – Aaaaaaahhhhh..
Shruti – Answer me bastard. You are a submissive slave. Aren’t you?
Telling this she immediately pinched my dick.
Me – Aaaaaahhh. Yes Shruti. I am a submissive slave.
Shruti – Nice. You are the kind of guy I have been searching for a long time. Now lie down on the floor.
I lay down flat on the floor face up. She was sitting on the bed. She was still wearing her heels. She kept one leg on my dick and the other leg on her chest and stood up putting her entire weight on me. I was feeling the pain. She had pointed heels. My dick was under so much pressure from her weight. Same was the case with my chest also. She then moved up and placed the two heels one on each of my nipples. She then sat on the bed and asked me to sit on the floor and lean to the side of the bed. I was facing away from her and leaning on the bed. She moved and put both her legs on my shoulders while sitting on the bed. This made her skirt move up. I was able to see a part of her legs. Out of instinct, I immediately started smooching and licking those smooth legs.Then I saw what she was planning. Her legs went down to reach my dick and balls. She took the dick between both her high heels and started crushing them together while she bent down and held my nipples in her fingers. She began twisting my nipples and pinching them. She was bending down so much that her head was on my shoulders. I just couldn’t handle the pain on my dick and nipples and opened my mouth to shout. That is when she turned her face and kissed me on my mouth. That was the first kiss of my life. Being kissed by this beauty on the mouth made me forget the pain elsewhere in my body. This continued for some time.
Then she stood up and asked me to get on the bed. She sat on the bed and removed her tops. She sat there wearing a black stylish bra holding her cute white boobs and exposing her sexy shoulders and hot cleavage. Below that was that sexy small belly with so much curves and a hot navel. She pulled my face on her breast and forced me to lick the cleavage. Then she pulled me up, turned the other way, pushed her long hair to the front showing me her back. I understood what she wanted and removed the bra clip. Then she herself pulled the bra off, threw it away and turned towards me. I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing in my front. Dream woman for many guys in our office, sitting topless in front of me. She doesn’t have the structure of a model. But I never liked a model body. I always like them curvy. Here she was with a slim body but with right amount of flesh. Typical brahmin body. Her boobs were not too big. But of perfect size like that of actress Kajal agarwal. The boobs were not solid and stiff. They were just a little bit hanging. The brown small nipples at the tip invited me to bite them.
I bent down to take one nipple into my mouth. She started moaning loudly. It was too loud that I was afraid people outside would hear it. That is when I realized her sex addiction. She lay down flat on the bed and pulled me along with her boobs. I sucked her nipples pretty hard. For every suck she gave loud moans. Then I put one hand on her skirt, removed the knot and put my hand inside her skirt. She started pushing my hand away from there. She pulled my head away from boobs and told “Everything happens my way. Got it?” I nodded my head. She ordered me to first remove my skirt slowly admiring the beauty of her lower body. I climbed down the bed and held the bottom end of her skirt. I pulled it down slowly inch by inch exposing her thighs. Those thighs are the hottest thighs I have ever seen. They were like the thighs of celebrities. She had waxed and maintained them really well. Then came her knees and legs. I have seen them so many times before. They looked extra hot when I saw them along with her thighs. Then I went near her hips to pull down her panties. She was wearing a small black panties which just covered her pussy and the ass crack. I held the string of the panty and pulled it down slowly exposing her gate. It was cleanly groomed without a single hair on it. Her legs were close together and I couldn’t see her pussy yet.
She had her eyes closed and moaned in a shrill voice “Now. Get up. Lick my forehead. Keep licking and move down slowly till my toes. You should have licked every inch of the front part of my body except my pussy” I did as she told. I started with her forehead. Licked them a bit moved down licked her cheeks, nose and then I put my tongue inside her nose. She smiled immediately and told “good job dear”. I then moved down kissed her lips and licked her tongue. Then I moved down to her sexy smooth neck. Her moans started getting louder as I licked her neck and the part above her breasts. Then I circled her breasts with my tongue and slowly teased her before moving to her nipples. The next step was her hips and navel. I held her love handle hard, licked them and bit them. She moaned loudly and raised her ass up out of horniness.
Then I licked her navel for sometime. She put her hands on my head and pulled them to my navel for a long time. Only after licking them for 10 minutes, she left me. Then I moved to my favorite parts – Her thighs and legs. She didn’t have to force me there. I did it myself. I spent lot of time licking the sexy legs and thighs. After finishing my task, I stood up. She just rolled on the bed on to her stomach showing her back side completely. This was a whole different level of beauty. The fleshy curvy back getting leaner near her hips and expanding well in her ass. Her ass was quite a sight to see. Just the perfect size. Looked more like having two rugby balls side by side. Except that her ass was more round. It was a perfect sphere. Totally smooth, shiny and clean. She ordered me to lick the same way in the back too. I did as I was ordered to.
I asked her “I think I have done my tasks to your satisfaction. Can I have a look at your treasure?”
Shruti – Not yet
Me – What else do you want me to do?
Shruti – You didn’t complete the backside task completely
Me – What? I did as you said
Shruti – I told you to lick my backside completely. Did you do it?
Me – Yes I did it
Shruti – You are pissing me off. Shut the fuck and complete the task
She told this, brought her hands to the back and stretched her ass cheeks apart. That is when I understood what she meant. She wanted me to lick her ass hole. I licked her asscheeks but didn’t touch the asshole. I asked her “Should I really do it?”
Shruti – Our relationship ends here if you don’t do it
I didn’t have any other choice. I held my breath and went near her ass. Her asshole was very tiny but her ass crack looked so clean. I decided to take in some breathe. She had maintained it really well. I felt it was not as bad as I expected after all. I put my tongue at the top of her ass crack and moved it slowly down to the bottom and I was about to get up when I felt her hand on my head pushing it back to her ass crack. I again started licking her asshole the same way until she shouted “put your tongue inside you worthless asshole” I started loving the commands she was passing me. I put my tongue inside the asshole told. It was hard to get it in. Only one inch of the tongue went in. I just put my tongue in and out for the 1 inch. She made me do it for an outrageous 15 minutes. Then she let me catch some air and told “Now lick my feet under the toes, clean all the dirt” I did as she ordered. I removed her heels and licked her feet. After that I put her heels back on her feet and looked at her for next order. That is when she stretched her legs apart and showed me her pussy. The tunnel to heaven.
She stoop up swiftly like an animal, caught hold of my hair and pulled me to her pussy. As soon as I started licking, she put her thighs around my neck and locked me in her pussy. She was screaming like a lunatic “Aaaahah.. Suck it., bastard. Lick it well mother fucker… Lick it clean you worthless piece of shit. Aaaah..” She was screaming like she was possessed. I knew she would like it. So I had watched some videos the previous day and learned about cunnilingus. I used all the tricks in the book to satisfy her with my tongue. I saw her body shaking now and then due to her orgasms. That also continued for another 15 minutes. It was one hour since our session started and all I have done is just licking.
Then suddenly. She pushed me to the bed, rolled over me inserted my dick in her pussy and started riding me. I was definitely not expecting that at that time. I used my hands to crush her boobs. She kept moaning “Come on dilip. Fuck me well. You earned this gift. Press my boobs. I am yours now”
That was all I wanted to hear. I pushed her back on the bed. I had her legs on my shoulders and started fucking her pretty hard and rough. She was screaming for every push of me. Her boobs were moving up and down. Her thighs were vibrating. I was putting all my energy into use. I was licking her legs on my shoulders while fucking her hard. Now and then, she lifted herself up to kiss my lips and then she went back to bed and enjoyed the fuck. I was about to cum when she pushed me away and kicked me on to the floor. She jumped on me and gave a really harsh handjob with one hand while crushing my balls with the other. That was the best orgasm I ever had in my life. The cum spurt in air and fell on my belly. I liked the fact that she was able to control her urge and pull me outside when I was about to cum. I was not wearing condoms. I was nervous about my first sex session. I never expected it to be so good. Here I was with the woman who understood who I am. She directed the show to perfection so that both of us are completely satisfied.
I knew we were perfect for each other. Both of us went to the bed to take rest. I looked at her, kissed her and asked “Will you marry me?” She replied “Not yet asshole”
Chapter 8 :
We left the resort after getting some sleep. We had frequent sexual escapades over weekends after that. We changed resorts periodically to avoid getting caught. But all over sessions were similar. Begins with me licking her thoroughly for hours and ends with a ten-minute fuck session. She found new ways to dominate me. She makes me lie down and sit on my face while making me lick my asshole. She even slapped me hard twice. These were some of the best moments in our sex sessions. She wanted to try different positions while fucking. But it was difficult because I was lean and not strong enough to lift her weight completely. Still we both enjoyed it well. Every session ends with me asking her if she will marry me and she saying no.
In the office front, things were going same. People knew we were in a relationship. Our teammates started to speak openly about it. Except Pandian, every one teased us. Pandian still didn’t like her. It was good for me as it is better if he stayed far away from Shruti. If he gets closer, it would be difficult for me to control her.
Things were going fine until one Friday night when we decided to go to a restaurant. We were having dinner and having a conversation when she started feeling uncomfortable. I looked back to find a guy staring at her. I was used to such things. She always invites lots of eyes at public places. She never reacted to it. But this time she was feeling uneasy. I asked her what was happening.
Me – Who is that guy? Why are you feeling so uncomfortable?
Shruti – Nothing. Leave it.
Me – How can I? We are here for a romantic dinner and you just keep staring at him.
Shruti – He is one of my ex-boyfriends.
Me – Oh. If you are feeling difficult, we can switch places. You come this side.
We switched places. I saw that guy continuously staring at her. He seemed to be very angry with her. I thought their break up was a bit painful and he was still angry with her. After dinner, I asked her to wait outside while I brought my two-wheeler from the parking. It took some time for me to get the bike as another bike was blocking it. When I went outside, her ex-boyfriend was talking to her. He had his mobile in his hand. He moved away from her smiling while Shruti looked at him with tears in her eyes. I went near her. He smiled at me and left. Shruti sat on my bike. I asked her what happened. Not a single word of reply came from her mouth. I dropped her at home. I went home and messaged her asking what happened. She did not reply. I tried calling her. Her number was busy. After one hour, she replied to my message.
Shruti – Hey
Me – Yes Shruti. What happened? I was worried about you.
Shruti – Something bad happened.
Me – What is it? Tell me. We can solve it together.
Shruti – I don’t know how I will tell this to you. Not sure how you will take this
Me – No matter what it is, I won’t get angry with you. You know that.
Shruti – Ok. I will tell. The guy who we saw in the restaurant was my third and the last boyfriend before you. He was my college mate. His name is Ram. As I told before, we have had sex often.
Me – Yes I know. What is the problem with that?
Shruti – He had taken some videos of me having sex with him. He is blackmailing me now.
Me – What? Why is is he doing this now. It has been years since you broke up right?
Shruti – Yes. But there is something else you didn’t know about. We didn’t break up on mutual consent. He dumped me. You know how dominating I am
Me – Yes. But what does that have to do with it?
Shruti – He got fed up with me and decided to dump me. I was heartbroken and depressed at that time. I was angry with him. When my friends asked the reason for break up, I told a whole different story. I told them that I dumped him. I told them that he is weak on bed and he has a very small dick. I told them that he doesn’t even last for 2 minutes. After that, none of the girls in our college accepted his proposals. He didn’t know the reason behind their refusals. Looks like one of them told that to him recently.
Me – Oh. That is so bad. He should be fuming
Shruti – Yes he is.
Me – What does he want now?
Shruti – He wants me for a day.
Me – What? Just ask a sorry to him.
Shruti – I asked. But what I did hurt him much more
Me – Oh. You want me to talk with him
Shruti – Don’t try to be a hero here. He is a big shot. Anything we do will go against us. And he has the video.
Me – So you accepted to sleep with him?
Shruti – If it is just about sleeping, I wouldn’t even ask you. I would have just gone to his house. Why should I ask permission to you?
Me – Then why are you asking me now?
Shruti – He added a clause to it
Me – What is that?
Shruti – He wants you to be with us and watch everything he does
Me – What? Is he mad? Did you say yes to that?
Shruti – I know it is hard on you and I know you will never say yes to this. This is all my mistake. I hit his ego heard. Now he wants to prove his ego and manhood in front of you. I said no to him. He gave me 2 hours time to decide. Just wanted to let you know. If I don’t respond positively, he told the video will be posted on the internet by midnight. My life is screwed. Good night.
I didn’t reply to that. I didn’t know what to say. I sat and thought about it. I had fell madly in love with her that I couldn’t think of a life without her. But what Ram is asking is outrageous. If he had slept with her separately it would have been comparatively easier for me to digest that. But this was a very hard decision. To watch her having sex with someone was too heard. It was too difficult for me. On the other hand, this would be a golden opportunity for me to prove my love to her. I could prove that I could do anything for her. After lot of contemplation, I took a decision, picked up my mobile and messaged her “YES”
Shruti – What yes?
Me – Tell him “YES”
Shruti – Are you serious?
Me – Yes. You have already had sex with him. This time, I am going to be there. I don’t see a big difference. I will find ways to black out my mind.
Shruti – I don’t know what to say. It may not be as simple as you think
Me – When I told that I love you, I meant it. All your problems are my problems too.
Shruti – I don’t know how to thank you. You are the best thing that happened in my life. I am so much thankful to you. I will call him and tell.
(After 5 minutes)
Shruti – Just informed him. He has promised that if we do it, he won’t blackmail me anymore. He has asked us to come to Mayajaal theater this Sunday at 9 30 AM. He has given me a dress code. You can come in any dress you wish. He told he will let me go back at 8 PM. Pick me up at my home at 8 AM. We can go together
Chapter 9:
It was sunday. I went to her house on time. She told her parents that she was going to office for work. She was wearing something similar to what she was wearing during our first sex session. It was a black t shirt and a full length green skirt. She had so many bangles in her hands. This was new. And this time it was not high heels, but flats. She sat behind me with legs on the same side. I asked her if she tried to change his mind after that. She told that he didn’t even pick up her calls and just sends a message asking her to be there on time. I knew he was not the kind of guy who would forgive her for what she did.
We reached Mayajaal multiplex after one hour of driving. It is closer to the ECR in Chennai which has many beach resorts. I thought he will be taking her to a resort. We waited near the gate. He came there by walk and asked us to park our vehicle inside. I was confused. After parking we went to the gate again. He gave his hands to me and introduced himself like it was a professional conversation “Hi. I am Ram. What is your name?” I replied “I am Dilip” He looked at Shruti and told “How the hell did you end up with this guy? So many better looking manly guys have hots for you and you chose him out of all the people?”
Shruti – Just shut up. He loves me more than he lusts me. There is a difference
Ram – What? How can someone actually love you? Does he know what kind of a bitch you are?
Shruti – He knows me very well. Still he loves me. What is your problem? Just get straight to business
Ram – I have booked tickets for a movie. Let us watch it and then I will tell the plans
Shruti – Movie? Why?
Ram – What? You want to be fucked by me now itself? See Dilip. Your girlfriend is hungry for my dick. Still she has told her friends that I have a small dick
Now I understood why he wanted me here. He wanted to humiliate me and her in front of each other. This day was going to very worse. Look wise, he was way too smart with athletic body. Typical rich family guy with smartly groomed looks wearing ear rings. These guys usually go with girls only for sex. I didn’t know if Shruti knew it before being in relationship with him.
Ram – Ok. Don’t ask too many questions. If you say no to anything, you know what will happen. Now let us get into the cinema hall.
He had booked tickets for 3 of us for the corner seat of top row. He went to the corner seat and sat there. He asked Shruti to sit next to him and I sat next to her. He was talking very casually for sometime till the movie started. After sometime Shruti also started talking to him normally like a friend. Then the movie started. I was in no mood to watch it. I just wanted the day to end soon.
After 10 minutes, suddenly Shruti held my hands tightly. I turned and looked at her. He had his left hand on her thighs and right hand on her breasts crushing her boobs over the t shirt. She then tried to push his hands away. But he was too forceful. It looked like they were in a fist fight. Her bangles were making noise. So people from the front row turned back hearing the noise. Ram removed his hands and acted like nothing happened. Then he took his mobile and typed some message. Shruti took her mobile and saw a message from Ram. It had a pic of Shruti sleeping nude on a bed. She immediately looked at him and began sobbing silently. But he didn’t mind that and started his job again. This time Shruti didn’t try to stop him. She just held my hand when he was crushing her boobs with both his hands. Then he turned her face towards him and kissed her lips continuously for 15 minutes. The theater was dark and I tried my best to hide this from the people sitting in the same row as us.
I decided to look away from this and watch the movie. After 5 minutes I saw Shruti’s hand loosen the grip on my hand. They were fighting again.. This time he was trying to lift her t shirt. But she was not allowing it. When this was happening. He suddenly put his hands on her skirt and lifted them above her knees. She now tried to put her skirt down. But he put a hand inside her skirt and held her head by her hair in another hand. I couldn’t see what he was doing inside. Shruti stopped fighting and held both armrests of the seats. She closed her eyes and tilted her head above. He was playing with her pussy. He had found her weak spot. What I didn’t expect was that Shruti started moaning. He then waved at me and asked me to close her mouth. I looked at him angrily. He took his mobile and waved at me. I had no other go. I closed her mouth with my palms. Now both his hands were free. He lifted her skirt till her hips. Her sexy thighs and legs were shining even in the dark. For some reason, I got an erection seeing the things happening to her. He stretched her legs apart with and kept them wide open. He slowly inserted her finger inside and started fingering her. This is when I just closed my eyes. She was moaning hard beneath my hands. I know she had reached the summit of ecstasy. Suddenly she stopped moaning and started breathing hard. Ram laughed and smiled at me. I couldn’t understand what happened. Ram took his fingers out and showed me. It was completely covered with her juices. He used that moment and nicely pulled down her panties. Shruti didn’t have the energy to fight.
The panties fell down around her feet. That was when the lights went on for interval. She immediately pushed her skirt down. She bent down to take her panties up. But Ram caught her by his hands and pulled her up. He kept one foot on her panties between her legs and asked her to remove her legs from inside the panties. She did it. He immediately pulled the panties towards him with his legs and took them. He then went out to buy some snacks. Shruti was not able to look straight at my face
Me – What is happening?
Shruti – You know what is happening.
Me – Yes. But why are you reacting to him like this?
Shruti – I have told you, sex is my weakness. After being with me for these many days, you should have known this. Why are you asking like it is new? If he keeps doing like this there is no way I could control.
Me – Don’t worry Shruti. I love you no matter what happens today.
Shruti – I doubt that. I don’t know what are the things he has in his mind. It is going to be difficult for you. I am grateful for you for having been here this long.
Before I could respond he came back with just an icecream bar. The movie started then and he started playing again. He asked me to hold her mouth as usual. He lifted her skirt and started playing with her pussy again with one hand. He had icecream at the other. He took a bite of the icecream bar which had a stick and a ice-cream bar over it. He then put that inside her skirt. Shruti almost jumped from her seat. Both of us had to use all our strength to hold her in the seat. This time, the people sitting front of us found what was happening. They were a old couple. By looking at Ram, they guessed he was some big shot. So they didn’t complain about this. They moved to a different row. This gave Ram more freedom. The icecream stick had gone in her pussy. But icecream was still outside melting. He was collecting all that and pushing it inside her pussy using his fingers. Shruti orgasmed again. He then took the stick out and gave it to me. He motioned towards me to lick it clean. I did as he told. That was the most humiliating thing I ever did. I thought things will be over then.
But he had other plans too. This time he put his hands under her t-shirt. He was first caressing her belly. He slowly lifted her t shirt and without any warning, he just used both his hands to lift her t shirt till her neck. Shruti tried to push it down. But he lifted it and put it over her head. Now her face was covered with her own t shirt. He was holding both her hands. Her bra covered boobs were out in the open. I didn’t know what to do. He asked me to hold one hand. I knew he will blackmail us again if I refuse. I took one hand to my side. He held one hand to the other side. He put his other hand behind her and unhooked he bra. This was outrageous. I held her bra on her boobs and begged him not to do. He immediately whispered in Shruti’s ears “Ask that guy to leave it. You know what will happen” Shruti with her face covered on her to shirt didn’t know how to tell me that. She used her hand which I was holding. She patted my arms slowly to signal that it was OK. I removed my hands and her bra fell down. She had her boobs exposed completely in a theater. I didn’t know I was having erection all the time. What was happening to me? The old guy who moved to a different row looked back and started enjoying the show by stealing occasional glances without the knowledge of his wife.
Now Ram was free to play with her boobs. He sucked them nicely for half an hour. Then he let her t shirt down. Shruti had tears in her eyes. I pulled her head to my chest to console her. But he held her hair and pulled her head to his crotch and asked her to give a blowjob. Shruti obeyed him and removed his zip and took his cock out. That is when I saw his dick for the first time. It was a bit thicker than my cock and about two inches longer. I was filled with envy. He guided the cock into her mouth and pushed her head to and fro making her suck it well. In all the days of my relationship with Shruti, she had never taken my dick in her mouth. Now, she is sucking dick of another guy in front of me. She definitely didn’t enjoy this. After a couple of minutes, he held her to his crotch tightly. It looked like he was cumming in her mouth. He told her to drink it without spilling it. That was the first time she was being forced by a guy to drink cum. She had told me before that she always liked to dominate in sex even with her previous boyfriends. That was one of the many reasons why they couldn’t handle her.
As the blowjob was complete, the movie also finished. We stood up. Shruti asked her bra and panties. He just threw them on the next row empty seats and asked us to start leaving. Shruti stood up. Her nipple impression was visible on her tight t shirt. Even worse was the fact that the pubic area in her skirt was totally wet due to the ice cream play. She tried her best to hide myself behind me when walking outside. We went to the food court and had lunch there. She had so much trouble covering the state she was in. After lunch we moved out. Once we reached the entrance, he asked us to leave the two wheeler there and go in his car.
We reached his car. He threw the keys at me and asked me to drive. He told he will give directions. He asked Shruti to move to the back seat. He moved in with her. He was asked me to drive in the Ecr for around 5 KM. I did as he told. And as expected, he started games with her again. It was surprising to see him get back to act in just 5 minutes after he received blowjob. Again Shruti was resisting this time and shouted “Why are you doing like this? Can’t you wait till you go home? Why are you doing this in public? What if someone sees?”
Ram – No one will see. Just shut up and cooperate. Don’t make me repeat what I can do to you if you don’t obey me.
Shruti just gave up. He asked her to lean on the window and stretch her legs on his laps. She did whatever he told like a robot. He held the sides of her skirts and pulled them down. Then he asked her to remove her t shirt by herself. She did that and sat there covering her boobs with one hand and her pussy with other. Ram laughed and told “What are you hiding them for? I have seen you like this so many times. Come on… Loosen up”
He pulled the hand away from her pussy and bent down to lick it. Shruti began moaning again. I had to increase volume in the music system to avoid hearing that. He did that while giving directions to me occasionally till we reached a bungalow. It was around 3 PM when we reached there. We had to endure 5 more hours. The watchman opened the gates seeing the car. Shruti tried to pick up her dresses seeing the watchman. But Ram reacted before that and took the dress away. I moved the car into the parking space. He casually got out of the car with her clothes and asked me to get out. Shruti was inside nude begging for her clothes. The watchman was looking at us hungrily. Ram asked her to come out and consoled her saying that this place is safe and the watchman won’t mind. Shruti slowly came out with her hands covering her boobs and head bowing down. She was standing out. Her legs and thighs were shaking in fear. I stood near her to hide her from public view. Then we went to the front door. Ram intentionally took a long time to open the door. He was having fun watching Shruti standing nude in the open shivering and restless.
It took forever for him to open the door. Shruti immediately ran inside. The house was really huge and luxurious. It was completely air conditioned. He led us to a bedroom and asked us to be there. He locked the door and went. I and Shruti looked at each other. We didn’t have anything to say. Ram returned back after 10 minutes. He had so many things in his hands. He had many ropes and a handycam. He asked me to sit on a chair nearby. I did as he said. He brought the ropes and started tying me up. I knew what he was up to. He wanted to fuck her in front of me while I am tied up. After making sure that I can’t move, he did something that surprised everyone. He removed my pant and underwear to my knees. My dick was outside. He laughed seeing that and looked at Shruti “You gave up all other guys for this small dick?”
Shruti bowed down in humiliation. Then he moved towards Shruti with more ropes. He asked her to lie down flat on the bed on her back. He took one hand and tied it to one corner of bed. He then took another hand tied to another corner of the bed. He moved down to her legs and pulled legs her by holding her feet. She was now completely stretched flat on the bed. It was quite a sight to watch. He just admired the view. He then switched on the handycam and took a video of her body from top to bottom inch by inch. He then placed it on a table pointing at her. Shruti asked “You told you will not blackmail me again. Why are you taking a video then?”
Ram – That is for me Bitch. Don’t worry. I won’t use it again to blackmail you. This is the last time I will be seeing you. I am moving to the US in two days. You don’t have to be afraid of me then.
What he told was good to hear. Now, he stretched her legs apart and licked her madly. I was surprised. I thought he will do things to her which she won’t like. But this is something she really loved. She instinctively lifted her legs and wrapped them around his neck. Her moans and screams echoed across the room. Her hands were pulling the ropes and her bangles were making a lot of noise. She was responding like a mad person. After doing it for 10 minutes, he abruptly finished it and stood up. He took the handy cam and stood near the bed. She was focusing on her. She was moaning something which was not audible.
Ram – What is that Shruti?
Shruti – MMMmmmmm… Noooooo…
Ram – What is it you want to say Shruti? Tell it clearly
Shruti – Do me please
Ram – Do what? I am an innocent guy. I don’t understand such things
Shruti – Fuck me please
Ram – What is the meaning of fuck? I don’t know that. Can you explain
Shruti(Screaming) – Bastard, put your dick in my hole
Ram- Hole? Which hole? Your mouth?
Shruti – In my vagina you irritating asshole
Ram – I can’t come there. You have to take me from here.
Shruti – Then remove the ropes you idiot. Remove it soon
He held the handycam in one hand and removed the ropes one by one. Shruti jumped out of the bed.
Ram – Aaaaahhhh. Not so fast. You have to kneel down first
Shruti kneeled down with her smooth knees on the floor and fleshy thighs looking even more sexy. Her boobs were hanging a bit. Her neck was covered with sweat even in this air conditioned room. He kept the handycam and removed his shirt and stood topless. He took the handycam and moved in front of Shruti who was kneeling down. He focused it on her face.
Ram – Now remove my pants and take my dick in your hands.
She pulled down both his pant and underwear together very fast. Her face looked like she was possessed by a ghost. She took his erect cock in her hand. This was the first time I was having a clear view of his dick. It was definitely bigger than mine. But it was not really too big. She took that dick to her mouth without being asked to. He pulled her hair and moved her away from his dick
Ram- Easy there lady. Why do you want this dick now? I thought it is so small and you don’t like it
Shruti – No. It is very big and I love it
Ram – But you had told your friends otherwise.
Shruti – Aiyoooooo.. That was a lie. I love your dick
Ram – Then why did we break up?
Shruti – Because I am a bitch. I am not good enough for you. You dumped me
Ram – Now. Why don’t you ask for your boyfriend’s dick? Why are you asking my dick?
Shruti looked at me sadly. She didn’t know what to reply
Ram – Now give me the answer I am expecting or I you will be thrown out of this bungalow nude
Shruti – Because your dick is bigger than my current boyfriend
Ram – Tell it loudly and clearly with his name
Shruti(Loudly) – Because your dick is bigger than that of Dilip
Ram – That is my girl. Now follow me like a Rocky(D) on all fours
He walked towards me pushing away his dress. This is the first time I have seen another man completely nude. He came near me and focussed his handycam on his dick and my dick alternately.
Ram – Shruti. Come here and see. Looks like your great boyfriend is having a massive erection seeing you being ravaged by me.
Shruti – It is because he saw my body
Ram – Ha ha. This sissy guy loves to watch his girlfriend enjoyed by other people
Shruti – Stop teasing him and just fuck me
Ram – Oh.. I can’t dance as per your wish. First there is one condition
Shruti – What condition? I will do anything to get fucked now.
Ram – You should let me fuck your ass. Only then I will fuck your pussy
Shruti – What? That is disgusting. I will never do such a thing in my life
Ram – Ok then. You get what you deserve
He held her hair, dragged her to the bed and tied her like that again. This time he used two more ropes. He pulled her legs up till her head. She was literally bent into half. Her ass was up in the air. Her legs were on both sides of her shoulders. He tied her legs to her hands in that position. Her pussy and ass were totally exposed. He sat in front of her ass with the handycam and started playing with her pussy again. He circled with his fingers around her pussy. Shruti was screaming and trying to roll. Her ass was quite a view in that position. He could have easily fucked her in the ass at that time. But he wanted her to ask for it. He teased her for around 15 minutes. Shruti gave up eventually and moaned “Okay.. Do it”
Ram – Do what?
Shruti – Fuck me at the back
Ram – What back? I don’t understand
Shruti – Fuck me in my asshole, you asshole
Ram – Ha ha.. I told you I don’t understand fuck
Shruti – Put your dick into my asshole, you motherfucker
Ram – That is good. But you are from a traditional, pure and well behaved brahmin family. Is it ok if you have anal sex?
Shruti – It is ok. I am a slut from the brahmin family.
He untied her and went outside the bed again. He asked her to kneel like a Rocky(D) and show her ass to him and beg him to fuck her ass. She jumped like a monkey to the floor, went on all fours. Showed her ass towards him, moved backwards, looked down at the floor and shouted “Please put your cock in my asshole Ram. I want it badly”
Ram – I don’t have any lubricant with me. Is it ok? It will be too painful
Shruti – I don’t mind the pain. Just shut up and put your dick in
Ram – Your asshole is virgin asshole and too tight. It will be paining so much the first time.
Shruti – Ahhhh.. Don’t play with me. I want it in my ass immediately. Do it please.
Ram – Why are you begging me like this?
Shruti – Ok. I know what you want. I am begging you because your cock is the greatest cock I have seen in my life. I will do anything for it. I am unfortunate to have missed out on your dick. This is my change to get fucked by it once. I will go to any extent for that. This is what you want right? Please do it
Ram – That’s like a good bitch. Here we go.
He held her hair and pushed her head on the bed. She was kneeling down near the bed facing the bed and her head pushed on it by his hand. Ram kneeled before her, he kept the camera on the floor pointing their asses. He kept the tip of the dick on her asshole and gave a gentle push. She screamed in pain. She definitely was not expecting anal sex to be so painful. Tears rolled down her eyes. Ram shouted “Don’t shout bitch. Not even a single inch went in”
He was trying hard. But it was not going in. He was able to push only 2 inches. He had 5 inches remaining. But Shruti couldn’t take it anymore. She hit his guts with her elbow, pushed him and fell down flat on the floor face down. He mounted on her and lay over her back. They were lying full stretch on the floor. This position was more comfortable for him. He positioned his dick on her asshole. He then stretched her hands on both sides on the floor and made sure she can’t move. He lifted his ass up and stayed in pushups position. He used all his power to push his dick in. Shruti was squirming like a goat being slaughtered. She grit her teeth hard and was crying continuously begging him to stop. A couple of bangles broke due to his hands holding her tightly. But he was in no mood to stop it. He tried his best and it went in for 5 inches. There were 2 inches remaining. But he didn’t have the energy to push the remaining 2 inches.
He started to and fro motion with the 5 inches. It was still paining for Shruti but she gave up her fight. Now he made her stand up and pushed her to the wall and fucked her ass like that. He came in just 5 minutes. Shruti collapsed on the floor. But still she was moaning something
Ram – What is that bitch?
Shruti – Please…
Ram – What?
Shruti – Please do my pussy too.. I did everything you asked me to
I was shell-shocked hearing that. I understood what she meant when she told she was a sex addict.
Ram – I just came dear. You have to get my dick up again
Shruti – What you want me to do?
Ram – You don’t know that? Suck it bitch
He was sitting on the bed. She crawled to him and started sucking his dick in the kneeling position. It just took another 20 minutes to get it back erect. Now, he lifted her and threw her on the bed like a rag doll. he jumped over her, stretched her legs apart and put his dick on her pussy. She put her legs around his hips and her hands around his neck and screamed “Don’t tease me anymore and do it” Saying this she herself lifted her ass and took his dick in. He couldn’t control anymore and began his fucking. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My hot girlfriend is here getting fucked by her ex in the most intense sex I have ever seen before. He was fucking her faster than a pornstar. For every push, the bed was shaking and she was screaming “Aaaaahhhh. Yesssssss… That is sooooooo fasttt… I loveeee thissss… MMmm… DO it fucker.. DO it fucker…”
The bangles made clanking sound for every push. She was pushing her hips to match his rhythm. He crushed her boobs roughly with one hand while fucking her. Shruti was in heights of ecstasy. She orgasmed multiple times. I saw her eyeballs roll over when she orgasmed. This was probably her best orgasm in a long time
He kissed her lips very aggressively. It looked more like he was biting her lips while fucking her. Both of them were sweating hard. He was a fair guy too. It was too hot to watch both their bodies wet with their sweat and pinned together. That was when he was about to cum. Shruti regained her senses and tried to push him away. But he was too strong for her. She was pushing his chest. But he hugged her tightly and cummed deep inside. All her horniness went away and she began crying “Why did you do that? ”
Ram – Don’t cry and irritate me. Just enjoy the moment. I have tablets for this bought from US. Just have one before leaving.
Shruti lay there sobbing. Ram stood up and went somewhere. Amidst all the mess, no body noticed that I had cum seeing that. What was happening? I knew what was happening. Just the previous day, I was watching some porn videos in a website. There was a video where the husband lets his wife fuck another man and gets pleasure out of it. I am that guy. I know the technical term for that. I am a CUCKOLD. I am a SUBMISSIVE CUCKOLD MALE.
Shruti fell asleep nude. Ram came after a long time. He seemed to have eaten something. He looked energetic again. This time Shruti was not much upto it. She was so tired already. But he was much more aggressive. He fucked her like a bull in the same position for a long time and leaked his cum again inside her. Then he stood up, untied me, and asked us to get ready. He threw Shruti’s dress on my face. I immediately ran to Shruti. There she was lying motionless on the bed with cum dripping from her pussy and some dried cum on her thighs. The bed was totally wet due to cum and sweat. I sat next to her. She tried to sit up. I helped her up and kissed her.
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