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Her name is Geeta, she is 28, 5’4, 32B with a well maintained body. She is a traditional Indian wife but enjoy sex sessions with me. Also, she loves to talk dirty and explore some fantasies during our sex sessions. She hardly had much sex experience before marriage.
I am 5’8, kinky minded and love to explore all ideas. Recently been watching some porn and landed on cuckold porn websites. Initially I found it revolting to see your wife being played by a stranger but soon the idea grew on me.
Over the weekend, after few glasses of wine and while foreplay I introduced her fantasy of watching a stranger strip her. To my surprise she played along the theme and mentioned how this can be a very kinky thought. I told her maybe we should do some web cam sex sessions (I knew some sites which allows live web cam sessions). Over next few months we tried more web cam session but it gets boring after a while.
While browsing Craigslist, I saw a section for casual meets for couples. I read some posts and there was one by a young, smart, Indian bull. He claimed to enjoy treating hot wives to wine/dine and more. Out of curiosity I dropped him an email. Surely there was a response asking for a pic. Once the pic were shared, he was really interested and wanted to take us both out for dinner to explore possibilities.
I had to discuss this with my wife but unsure how to break subject of meeting a stranger. During a hot sex session, I asked her how about exploring a real meet. She went quiet and said it’s not for her. Although disappointed, I asked her to think about it. Next day she hinted, let’s explore and see how it goes. No commitments type meet!! And I was thrilled.
We setup a date to meet in a hotel. He had booked a suite in a 5 start hotel and idea was for social meet in bar and then explore further. The day arrived and she was really shy and almost wanted to back out. I encouraged her and said I will be with her. She dressed sexy but not provocative for the meet. It was high heels, knee length skirt with white top and a jacket. When we entered bar, I could recognise the desi hunk or bull. He was 6′, smart and in a nice suit. He immediately approached her and introduced himself as Ketan. He gave a hug and kiss on cheek to Geeta. Soon we were drinking together, laughing and socialising. He was good at breaking the ice.
After couple of round of drinks, he asked us if we can continue drinks in his suite on top floor. This was the dreaded moment to decide or go back. I held Geeta’s hand and said off course. She held my hand tightly and looked at me. I reassured her and soon we all found ourselves in elevator. Now he moved closer to her and asked me if he can take her to the room (I guess he wanted to prove a point of taking her to his room). I saw no reason to say no. I was walking behind them while he held her hand and took us to his suite.
It was a great room with view of the city. He served us more wine and was soon touching up Geeta while chats. Suddenly, he asked if she can stand up and swirl around to show her full body. Hesitantly, she stood up and did a swirl for him. Clearly, Ketan was enjoying the show. Next he grabbed her ass, while she was standing and commented to me that it was her best asset. Not sure why, but I ended thanking him for the compliment.
Ketan decided this was time to press the next button and move on. He was now cuddling up my wife and lifting up her skirt to feel her legs and ass. Geeta was loving the attention but looking towards me with some embarrassment. Ketan could feel this tension and he asked me to start opening up buttons of her blouse. His exact words were “let’s get the lady naked”. So I took off her top while Ketan took her skirt off.
There was my wife of 4 years, standing in a Victoria secret Bra and thongs. And now Ketan asked me to take a seat on sofa. Guess he wanted to play solo. He took all his clothes off apart from boxers. He started kissing Geeta and slipping his hand in her thong to feel the wet pussy. Geeta was well aroused by now and playing along. Soon, she was on bed with just her high heels. Ketan asked Geeta to take his boxer off. Geeta loved the sight of the big dick of ketan.
The shy Indian wife now had a stranger’s dick in her mouth and giving it full pleasure. Ketan moved on to fucking Geeta and he made sure I got a good view. Geeta was enjoying but at the same time conscious of my presence.
The best sight was when ketan fucked her in a Rocky(D)gy position. She came twice that night and was dripping when we left hotel. We did not discuss anything on way back but she gave me a long hard kiss when we got home. I could almost taste the cumm she had from Ketan.
After the last meetup with Ketan, we both did not discuss it much. There was a sense of guilt which kicked in, I suppose. However, we both found it fun and were really satisfied from the meet.
Ketan continued to message me about how much he enjoyed playing with Geeta and how much he wants it to happen again. I did not Geeta was ready for the next meet so quickly, and thus ignored his requests for now. I was also trying to avoid bringing it up in-case she thinks I am acting like someone desperate to watch her with Ketan. Deep-down that’s exactly was the case.
Next weekend, Geeta made plans to go to our local mall for shopping. She was looking for some casual party wear for up-coming socials. I knew it was going to be expensive and tiring trip. The mall is about an hour’s drive from our place and we reached in evening around 5. Our plan was to do some shopping and then follow-up with a meal at a nice restaurant before heading back home. I parked my car in basement and we started going through some designer shops. She liked a red dress which was backless and short. I could feel that she really liked this one as she immediately went to the trial room. I thought the dress was bit revealing for the social parties but did not want to disappoint her by not supporting. Soon she disappeared and I was hanging in the ladies’ section of the designer shop. I started checking my phone to look busy. Soon I felt a tap on my shoulder and when I turned around; I saw Ketan smiling and grinning. This was very awkward and unexpected. I was not comfortable with this and simply wanted to disappear. However, Ketan was in no mood to just walk away and started enquiring about Geeta. I told him we are in a rush and got to leave soon but he said he is happy to hand around and wait for Geeta.
Soon Geeta appeared from the trial room, she had no shoes on and was wearing the red dress which barely covered her full body. And even she went red in face when Ketan appeared to greet her. He went for a tight hug and I could feel Geeta was embarrassed by this public affection. Ketan started complimenting Geeta and telling her how much he wanted to meet up again. Soon Geeta mentioned that the dress was not particularly a good fit and that we should leave. Geeta left for changing room to get changed to her clothes so we can leave. Ketan was persistent that we all go for a quick drink. He also commented how much he missed touching her ass, which he did during the hug.
I was not prepared for this situation but couldn’t see an easy way out. When Geeta got back, Ketan mentioned that one of his friend owns a designer shop and he can get us some good deals. It’s only around the corner and he will make sure Geeta gets the best dress in town. Both me and Geeta looked at each other and were hesitant to take up this idea. Ketan took Geeta’s hand and mentioned the brands she can have for no costs. He followed with leading her out of the shop and asked me to follow.
He decided to drive us to this designer shop in his car, it was a short journey lasting 10 minutes with Geeta sitting in back and Ketan driving. He has a nice BMW and I could see Geeta was well impressed. When we reached the place, we soon realised it was one of the most expensive place in town. Geeta got out of the car but told Ketan that we can’t afford such costly places and don’t want to spend so much money on a dress. On this Ketan put his hand around her waist and said nothing is expensive for a sexy body like hers. Again he held her hand and entered the shop. This was uncomfortable as others could notice the sexual advances.
This place has private area in back where the shortlisted dresses can be trialled. Soon another guy walked in and Ketan introduced him and the owner of the place. His name was Deepak and his eyes lit up when he saw Geeta. While introducing Geeta, Ketan took liberty of putting his arm around her waist and getting her to hug Deepak. Ketan mentioned to Deepak that Geeta was looking for a short sexy dress for parties. Soon a few were brought from latest collection. Ketan picked a short black skirt with tight top and handed it to Geeta to try. I was not sure if this is the kind of dress Geeta will ever wear at an social.
Geeta protested but Ketan was not having any of that. He was very insistent and handed over the skirt and top to her. As Geeta was about to head towards the trial room, Deepak intervened and said for a designer dress like this you need proper shoes and lingerie else you won’t get the same feeling. Ketan was excited with this suggestion but I was getting concerned. Deepak immediately followed with asking bra size of Geeta and her shoe size. He also asked the assistant to bring some of these out. Deepak knew a lot about different type of Bra and soon gave a nice black lacy bra and thong to her to wear underneath. Ketan looked at me and said don’t worry you know I have seen more. I could see Deepak’s eyes light up at that comment.   Geeta was just happy to go back to the trial room. I knew she was getting embarrassed. In the meanwhile, Deepak ordered some wine for all of us.
Soon Geeta stepped out, with high heel shoes, short skirt, tight top and open hair. Both Ketan and Deepak gave her a round of applause and mentioned it looked great. They got her to drink some wine and have a walk to see how comfortable the dress is. And then Deepak brought out another dress which was single piece, deep ocean blue, single strap, low cut and came good few inches above her knees. He asked Geeta to finish her glass of wine and go get changed. Only this time, he also asked her not to wear any bra as the dress itself will provide some support. When she came out, they not only clapped but whistled as well. I could see her getting embarrassed and she went for next glass of wine. Ketan asked me if I like what I saw. I said I love the dress on her. Deepak said it’s all the combination of right lingerie and shoes which makes the difference. They asked Geeta to do a swirl and show how the dress fits around her body. Ketan even touched her ass and said it’s perfect fit.
Ketan gave her a good hug with his hands on her ass. Just when we thought it was coming to an end, he asked Deepak if he thought Geeta should go commando in a dress like this. It will make her feel more liberated and free. Deepak nodded in agreement and looked towards me. I had nowhere to look. Ketan as before, took control of situation and asked Geeta to go commando. Although, she did not fancy the idea but she started heading towards change room thinking they won’t see anything anyways and if it gives Ketan a high then why not. Ketan was now fully in control of situation, just where he likes to be. He decided to put his arms around Geeta and slowly lifting her dress up in full view of both me and Deepak. By this time Geeta had sunk her head in his chest. Ketan asked Deepak to pull down the thong and hand it to me, which he obliged gladly. Here I was watching my shy wife having two guys play with her. After removing the thong, Deepak decided to move all of us to his office for move privacy. Ketan was walking with Geeta and Deepak followed with me.
His office had a large corner sofa, Ketan asked Geeta to take off her clothes and get on sofa. She looked at me, expecting some reply. Deepak gave me a wink and asked if you want your wife to be naked? All I came up with was “why not”. Geeta was starting to get excited with the situation and she slowly took her dress off and was standing naked. Deepak took her to sofa and made her sit. By now Ketan had taken his cock out, which was soon to be inside Geeta. Ketan made her suck his cock while Deepak played with her boobs. They soon put her in Rocky(D)gy position with Ketan fucking her from behind and Deepak shoving his in her mouth. They changed positions few times and both used condom while fucking her pussy. Soon she was screaming with pleasure. She enjoyed getting full attention of two different cocks.
She was too hot and excited to realise anything. I enjoyed the show and got Geeta to dress up in same clothes she got there. However, on demand from Ketan — she had to walk out with me without bra or panties. Ketan also got a taxi sorted for us and packed couple of nice designer outfits.
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