Shy wife goes down in front of her friends

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My wife, Beth, had been telling me all week how she’d be giving me a blow job when we had a break over the weekend. Things had been busy and our chances to get together hadn’t been coming together for a few weeks so her prompting had me more than ready. In fact I was so horny it was nuts. So I was not at all pleased when Saturday morning came around and Beth’s friend Jill and Jill’s friend Lilly came over.
“Cool,” Beth said meeting them at the door. “Nice of you two to drop in.”
I greeted the two, smiled like a good husband and opted to find this a good time to clean the garage. Jill, Lilly and Beth vanished into the living room and for the better part of an hour I managed to ignore the lost chance to have a blow job. The garage was a mess, but not so much that I needed more than thirty minutes to clean it. That left me pushing this tool and that in place and organizing my long unused fishing gear. Finally I was thirsty and headed into the house to the kitchen.
Yes I know you are expecting me to note how I discovered them all fucking in the kitchen but no, I didn’t see a sign as I made a pot of coffee while having a glass of water. I prefer coffee but you know when you’re thirsty and can’t wait it isn’t the fastest drink around. As the water gushed into the hopper and dripped down to the pot I leaned against the kitchen sink and looked out at the yard. It would do with a mow but it had rained over night and the grass was still glistening.
“Hey Ken,” Jill said walking into the kitchen. “You making coffee?”
I couldn’t help but be amazed at her tits as I looked over. They are some of the most beautiful huge breasts I’ve ever seen on a slender woman. She smiled but shook her finger at me.
“Oh,” I said. “Yeah it should be done in a few, but if you’re in a hurry I can get you a cup now.”
“It won’t overflow?” she asked.
“Not if you’re quick.”
So, being nice I got Jill some coffee and sent her on her way. I remained in the kitchen sipping a cup and then stepped out back under the eaves and slowly enjoyed the rest. It was a good day, brisk and somewhat overcast still but the air was clean and the coffee tasted just about perfect.
My buddy Brian called my cell phone and we chatted a bit. His daughter was in college and had gotten pregnant by some guy she’d only met once. I tried not to laugh and gave my friend a few lame ideas. I’d never been there, so what was I supposed to say? He knew it too, neither of us had been through that. His daughter didn’t want to talk to her mom about it which seemed a little odd to me but since Brian’s wife was the church going type I guessed his daughter had other plans that her mom wouldn’t approve of where her dad could pop for the cost of a procedure.
“Drink later,” Brian said. “That’s not a request.”
“Yeah,” I said. “Looks like Beth is lost in girlfriend zone anyway. When do you want to meet?”
We agreed that he’d pick me up after dinner. Beth’s car was in the shop so I couldn’t see driving off and leaving her stranded.
I went back in then, grabbing a refresh on my coffee and went to find the girls. It wasn’t much of a search, they were chatting about something involving a catalog in the living room. Jill again thanked me for the coffee while Beth and Jill’s friend Lilly talked about something on one of the pages they’d marked.
“Hey babe,” I said. “Brian’s having some issues with his daughter so I said I’d go have a drink and let him spill his guts after dinner.”
“Oh,” she said looking from Lilly to Jill and then to me. “Maybe we can all come and cheer him up.”
“Well,” I said. “I think he was looking for a man to man, but it would be okay with me. His wife won’t be there though. Some family kind of issue I think. I’m not sure a couple of hot women along would go over too well if she found out.”
“My god,” Jill said. “Did you just refer to Lilly and I as a couple of hot women?”
“I think he did,” Lilly said.
“Okay,” Beth said sitting back on the living room floor against our couch. “But… I was going to give you a blow job today.”
This took me by surprise. She’d never been one to talk openly about that sort of thing even in front of me let alone with anyone else there.
“Beth!” Jill said. “I can’t believe you two today.”
“You two wouldn’t mind,” Beth said. “Would you?”
I was baffled, this didn’t seem like something that would really happen. No, I thought it was more likely some sort of torture for doing something I couldn’t recall that had truly pissed her off.
“I’m okay with it,” Jill said. “Lilly, are you okay with Beth giving her husband a blow job?”
“Hell,” Lilly said. “I’d like to watch to be honest. I’ve never seen one up close.”
“We’re on then,” Beth said. “I mean if you’re okay dropping your pants, Ken.”
I looked from face to face. I couldn’t believe my wife wanted me to expose myself to her girlfriends. To buy some time I put my coffee to my lips and took a long drink swallowing three or four times. Yeah, I thought I could do this. What was there to lose?
“Go ahead,” Jill said. “We don’t mind.”
The three of them watched as I put my cup down and kicked off my shoes. I think I could read some warm anticipation in each of their eyes as I unzipped my jeans and pulled them down to my thighs. Lilly took a deep breath too, and Jill smiled. Beth’s eyes were on my cock, waiting to see if I’d get huge I guess. I’m not sure just what was going through her mind.
“Go on,” Jill said.
I used one leg to hold my pants while pulling the other out and stepped from the jeans before kicking them to the side and putting my thumbs in the waist of my boxers. But really I never liked a blow job with my shirt on either so first I pulled my shirt off exposing my chest and then slowly pulled the boxers down and kicked them over to the pile with my pants and shirt. The sight of the three women looking at me naked, one being my wife too definitely had me turned on. My cock was nearing full now and I sat back on one of our chairs facing them.
“I think he’s going to jack off,” Lilly said. Her lips were puffy. I wasn’t sure if I’d noticed that before but the idea of them wrapping around my cock at that moment made my cock twitch and bounce so her eyes went wide watching it. “Look at that.”
“Yes,” Beth said. “Jack off for us a little while, Ken. Then I can suck you.”
Beth stood and started stripping while I took my cock in my right hand and slowly pumped. She had a foxy body and I always loved watching her both dressing and undressing.
“Look at that,” Lilly said. “That is so hot. Is it okay if I sit closer, Beth?”
“Sure,” Beth said undoing her bra.
Jill stood up too and moved with Lilly to sit on the coffee table so they were just a few feet from me. She started opening her top as she watched.
“What are you doing?” Lilly asked.
“Showing him my tits while he jacks off,” Jill said.
Beth was nearly naked now and came over beside her girlfriends before pulling her panties down. She was bare naked just as I liked her to be when she sucked my cock. I loved seeing her body as her mouth wrapped the length of my pole.
“Stroke it,” Jill said undoing her bra and exposing her huge perfect tits. “I love watching a guy jack off.”
“Yeah,” Lilly said opening her top as well. “I haven’t seen it done up close before but I love a guy masturbating, it is so hot.”
Beth sat down beside my leg so her girlfriends view of my hand stroking my cock wasn’t obstructed. By this time I was pretty far gone, my legs began to jerk a little as my cock jumped in my hand. I was amazingly horny. I’d never had women watching and talking about my cock this way before, about me doing something like this while they looked on.
“How does it feel, Ken?” Beth asked.
“Great,” I said. Lots more came to mind but that seemed like enough words at the moment.
“Do you like looking at our tits while you jack off, Ken?” Jill asked. “Do you want to suck them while you play with yourself?”
“Yes,” I said.
Beth put a hand on my chest and started playing with my nipples while I jacked off looking at her tits and her friend Jill’s tits and now Lilly’s tits as she pulled her bra clean off and started twisting her nipples in her finger tips.
“Do you think we should?” Lilly asked.
“Oh yeah,” Jill said. “We so should.”
Beth leaned over and took the head of my cock in her mouth. Just the head so I kept stroking my shaft as her tongue licked at the tip.
“How does he taste, Beth?” Lilly asked pulling hard on her nipples. “Salty?”
Beth slid her mouth down the length of my cock and swallowed. The sensation always drives me crazy and I began to buck instantly. She knew it too. Her face turned to me as I jerked and shuddered.
“Damn… You must give great head, Beth.” Jill said.
Lilly moved beside me, standing and leaning close so I couldn’t help but turn my head and feel her tits brush my cheek. One of her nipples was so close I opened my mouth and started sucking her.
“Do you like her tits, Ken?” Beth asked when she pulled off my cock.
“Mmmm, yeah,” I said.
Beth’s mouth went down to my balls. She sucked them one after the other alternating as she stroked my cock. She was going for it as Jill moved up on the other side of me and I felt her tits pressing to my other cheeks.
Jill took one of my nipples between her long nails and started twisting it while I sucked Lilly’s tit. Beth bit gently and let go of my balls only to lick my asshole as she stroked my hard cock.
“Suck it, baby,” Lilly said and pulled my head hard to her tits. “Swallow my boobs, Ken. I can come if a guy does that right.”
“Look what she’s doing, Lilly,” Jill said. “She’s licking his asshole and jacking him off.”
“Oh god,” Lilly said. “She is. Do you like that, Ken?”
“Yes,” I said and turned my head to Jill. My lips locked on one of her huge tits. I sucked and Lilly pulled on my hair.
“Suck them, Ken!” Lilly said. “Suck Jill’s hot tits.”
I’d have said that I was but I had so much tit in my face I couldn’t breath. Jill’s huge tits were bigger than I’d thought, they wrapped my whole face. Her flesh was cool, and her nipple swollen now in my mouth was fucking huge. She tugged herself free and shoved the other one into my face.
Beth slid a finger into my ass making me arch and squirm. She twisted it around and moved her mouth back to my swollen cock.
“That’s it,” Jill said. “I love watching that.”
“It is so fucking hot,” Lilly said. “Come for us, Ken.”
“Come, Ken,” Jill said.
Beth rocked on me, her mouth plunging the length of my member and then off again over and over. She did it fast too, swallowing and tonguing me every time. I felt her face bottom out and her tongue glance my balls. The warmth was all I could take.
“Oh… god…” I moaned.
“He is coming,” Lilly said.
“Come baby,” Jill said. “Come in her hot mouth.”
I started then, Jill’s tit in my mouth, Lilly pulling me away and shoving my face to her tits. Beth blowing me hot and fast. My body tensed.
“There!” Jill said loudly. “Come hard!”
“Suck him,” Lilly said. “Come, come, come, Ken! Come for us.”
I was shooting. Hot blasts of come shot through my dick into Beth’s mouth. I screamed into Lilly’s tits and Jill pinched my nipple hard as my cock pulsed and throbbed in my wife’s lips.
“Yes,” Jill said.
“Fuck that’s hot,” Lilly said.
I couldn’t believe Beth had done this. My cock was still throbbing, come now filling her mouth.
“Mmmmmm,” Beth toned.
“I want to see,” Lilly said.
“Fuck yeah,” Jill said. “Show us his come, Beth.”
She finished sucking me and then sat up between my legs. Her face glowed and she opened her mouth letting the three of us see the pool of thick white come covering her tongue and teeth.
“Nice,” Jill said.
“Can I taste?” Lilly asked.
Beth closed her mouth and swallowed. Jill giggled and Lilly made a pout.
“You can share the next load,” Beth said.
“What?” I asked in shock.
“While I sit on his face,” Jill said.
My wife smiled wide and gave her friends a quick nod, “Okay. Let’s do it!”

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