Sigma Omega

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I had to admit that it sounded a bit silly to me at first. It was a fraternity, right? There would be a little hazing, some kind of initiation, and then we would be welcome members of the local Greek community. Well, as it turned out, I had picked something very different from your standard glorified party club. How was I to know that when I joined them?
A part of me suspected that I was admitted to Sigma Omega Sigma because I was older than most and had the proper ID to be a great straw buyer of booze. None of that would be among the official reasons, of course, but I wasn’t a fool. I’d been in the Navy and secured a college fund between its program and my savings. I was still in the Reserve, naturally. I’d seen more hazing in boot camp than most Greek organizations could imagine, delivered by drill instructors who knew how to really weed out the unfit. I was a man and most of my classmates were still youths.
What I didn’t know, I quickly found out on day one of the “orientation”, a code name for initiation that had supposedly been banned by the administration. I learned much that morning, when I was roused from my bed on a Saturday morning and led blindfolded to a vault underneath the main fraternity hall. It was a day that would transform me forever, in a very fortunate way.
When my blindfold was removed, I saw a naked woman, her eyes covered up as well. In front of her stood a tall, equally naked guy with a whip. Her mouth was engaged in sucking his cock and there were marks from the whip across her back and buttocks. I saw cum leaking from her other holes, proving that she had already been fucked every way possible as well as whipped.
“Alright, lads. Step right up and take your pleasure. There are some rules, however. Rule one: no rubbers here in Covenant Hall. We at Sigma Omega Sigma reserve such things for liars, women whom we can’t trust. Heather here can be trusted. She lives to serve us, don’t you, Heather? That’s a good girl. You, there. You look slightly older than most. What’s your name? Tell it to Heather, right before you fuck her,” the man with the whip pointed it at me.
“I’m Mark. Should I say my last name, too?” I asked the stranger.
“No. That’s rule two: no last names here. We are all brothers. We pledge our sacred honor to this covenant, that we are of the same blood and the same heart. First names only. Very well, you have told Heather that you are Mark. You will fuck her, either in the cunt or the ass. Rule three: we never call it a pussy. It’s always a cunt. Why? Because that’s derived from the Latin root ‘cunnus’, an older and less mushy term for that part of the woman’s anatomy. Now, fuck her, Mark,” he directed me.
I had to admit that I was hard as granite from seeing the woman’s naked ass. The fact that she had been whipped and didn’t seem to hold it against her assailant was also a real turn-on. Her willingness to suck a man’s dick didn’t hurt, either. I approached her and put aside all fears of social diseases and such. I had committed myself to this brotherhood for at least a term, and I should see it through. I didn’t quit the Navy in spite of my fears, so why would I let something easy like this stop me?
My cock buried itself into Heather’s asshole, since I had gone far too long without anal sex. My last girlfriend had seen to that, with her hatred of sodomy. Well, that was only one of the reasons why she was my ex. I needed to get that urge out of my system and Heather was an easy channel for my lust. I grasped her now crimson cheeks while I buggered her, intensifying her pain as well as her evident pleasure. I realized then that she was a pain slut. She loved it when someone hurt her.
I thrust angrily into Heather’s ass, using her for my self-gratification without any sense of shame. After all, this was what I was told to do. I agreed to follow orders and I would do just that. Besides, she seemed to really enjoy the strokes as I butt-fucked her. I felt her squirm with arousal and smelled her wet cunt.
I ignored the fact that other men had clearly used Heather and left their cum behind as evidence. That was apparently one of the bonding aspects of our communal existence. As I came, I noticed as she no longer sucked off the guy with the whip. Instead, he was soft again and she was busy licking drops of his seed off the floor. Sensing that she needed some gesture of approval, I slapped each of her cheeks once after I pulled out and returned to the line of guys.
“Impressive, Mark. You show a lot of promise already. See, brethren? He took his pleasure without any obvious guilt or pangs of self-doubt. He didn’t let performance anxiety stop him. Instead, he sodomized a girl he never met in front of us, his new brothers. That was a very risky act, but it was a gamble that will pay off for you, Mark. I see much potential for leadership here if you keep this up.
“I’m also pleased to see that you used your anger in a good cause and a controlled manner. Furthermore, you gave her a token of your satisfaction by granting her the pain and attention that she enjoys so much. You figured out what Heather is. She is a pain slut. She is here by her own free will. Nobody abducted or raped her. I won’t tell you her background. That is not important. What matters is that Mark here knew exactly how to handle this natural slave.
“Who’s next? How about you, yeah, you, the guy who can’t keep his hands off his dick? Rule number four: no masturbation in Sigma Omega Sigma at all. We don’t jack off, because we have sluts to help us with our needs. Masturbation is for those poor saps out there who don’t have women to serve them. It is a mark of lesser men, who don’t know how to enslave and dominate women.
“Let me make this clear. This is not a normal fraternity. This is a brotherhood of like-minded men, an order of fellow masters. When we’re done with you, if we find you worthy, you’ll be a member of an elite that officially doesn’t exist. You’ll know better than that, of course. Society has brainwashed you, told you lies and propaganda.
“You’ve been taught that men and women are equal, but with the subtle message that women are really more equal than men. That is hogwash, claptrap, poppycock. Equality is a state of mind, an abstraction that rarely exists in real life. The truth is that you are only as great and worthy as you deserve. To earn it, you must both have potential for excellence and the will to make yourself achieve it.
“What we seek here are masters, dominant men who are capable of ruling the women in their lives. To be a master is to be the true alpha male. A master doesn’t let the woman set the rules. A master doesn’t let a woman rule him with her cunt. A master doesn’t limit himself to one woman. He fucks whomever he pleases and he doesn’t put up with lies or mental games. He isn’t cruel in the sense of being unjust, but he is cruel in the sense of being willing to cause necessary pain. Most of all, he handpicks the right women to enslave.
“So, Mr. Masturbator, what is your name?” the stranger lectured us.
“Justin, sir,” he stammered.
“Don’t call me ‘sir’. That’s a mark of submission. That’s what some submissives or slaves call their masters. If you’re really capable of doing this, prove it. Fuck Heather in whichever hole you wish,” he told the kid.
Justin was clearly a rich boy out of his depth. He nervously approached Heather and tried to penetrate her cunt in vain. He couldn’t get it up anymore. His hard-on was gone. Something was very wrong. Heather sensed it, too, as she showed by sighing with impatience. I wondered if the trainer was aware of her exasperation.
“Alright, that’s enough. Justin, stand up. Now, kneel beside Heather,” the instructor told the pledge.
Justin not only didn’t question the order, but he started getting hard again as he knelt. There was no doubt as far as I was concerned, and my unspoken thoughts seemed to also be in the organizer’s mind. Justin wasn’t up to the standards of Covenant Hall. The master of ceremonies then brought the whip to Justin’s back and his victim made involuntary noises of excitement. Justin was anything but a master. He was a slave at heart.
“Alright, Mark, here’s a chance for you to advance even further beyond your present ranking. Use this lube and fuck Justin in the ass. Don’t be shy. I think that he’ll like it. Won’t you, Justin?”
“Yes, sir,” Justin agreed in spite of his fear.
I saw no real alternative. I did as the boss told me and lubricated both my cock and Justin’s asshole. I’d never screwed a guy before, but I was excited to assert my dominance over this pretty boy. He reminded me of a lot of guys like him, preppies who thought that they were better because they were more “civilized”. In reality, they were good for nothing but arm candy for some domineering man or woman. I didn’t know if Justin was gay, straight, or bi, but I suspected that he enjoyed taking a dick up the ass for more than just the submission of it.
If I seemed to be teacher’s pet, I didn’t mind. I’d been unusually well regarded by my drill instructors and high school teachers as well, though the former didn’t show it until after I’d graduated from boot camp. One of the latter demonstrated it a lot earlier, by spreading her legs and taking my eighteen-year old virginity as soon after my birthday as she could get me alone. This always resulted in some envy from my peers, but it wasn’t my fault that they often slacked off or otherwise failed to measure up.
My cock plowed furiously into Justin’s ass, bringing him so much pleasure that he came from the violation. This boy was at least bi, that much was clear. He was also extremely submissive to me and others. He was in the wrong role here. I wondered what would be his fate, now that his true self had been caught.
I used Justin’s butt for a timeless interval, lost in the moment of having my way with another human being. It was almost as much fun as taking Heather. The only difference was that she was softer and sexier. If Justin felt any shame at being sodomized, he didn’t say a thing about it. I fucked him with ruthless strokes, making him my bitch for at least that period of time. The instructor showed amusement as he watched us, but he kept silent until I emptied my balls into Justin’s colon.
“Okay, Justin, get up and take a cloth to wipe off Mark’s cock. Your ass hasn’t been trained and cleaned out like Heather’s, but that will change. When you’re done, we’ll discuss your future, which isn’t as rosy as you previously thought,” the mysterious man declared.
“What you’ve seen here is the best example in years of the difference between a real master and a slut boi. It’s quite a contrast. Justin was born to be a slave, though I’m not sure whether he’s gay or bi. He’s certainly not straight. No hetero guy would enjoy taking a man’s cock up his ass that much.
“Justin, tell me honestly, are you bi or gay? Be truthful here. I want to know. It will possibly decide what we do with you. The Council has given me authority to resolve that matter and I will base it on all of the relevant facts. So, tell me, here and now, which one you are. I know that you’re very submissive, but what is your sexual preference?” the boss continued.
“I’m gay, sir. I love to be fucked by guys, but girls do nothing for me. Sorry, but I didn’t dare to tell my family. It would be a disgrace. My father’s old-fashioned and my mother even more so. They will disown me if you tell them. I hope that I went to college, I could be myself. I didn’t think that this fraternity was any different from the others. I never realized that it was about bondage and other kinky stuff. I just needed a place to stay and wanted the company of horny guys,” Justin confessed timidly.
“That part is easy. You’ll stay here, but as a house boi. This means that you’ll live with us and service us sexually, as well as accept any discipline and domination that we choose to give you. You wouldn’t be the first house boi or the last. You’d be the male version of Heather here, who is a house slut. The alternative is to leave within the week and received hypnotic instructions to keep your mouth shut.
“Again, I won’t relate how she came to be that, except to say that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time and we presented her with a number of options. She chose this one, understandably. It’s fun for her, at least, up to and including the same kind of correction and bondage that you will experience. She is one of several house sluts, of course. If you’ll notice, she wears a collar. You will wear one as well and will have to drop out of college.
“House boys are expected to devote themselves totally to the service of the order, as are house sluts. In return, they get free room, board, etc. When they are allowed out of the house, they are taken discreetly to places whose owners understand their circumstances. If it is an ostensibly mainstream location, then they are clothed and the collars are temporarily removed. Otherwise, it’s naked and collared.
“Trust me, if you agree to this, your ass is ours and we will use it any way we please. Think well on this before deciding, but we need your answer immediately. So, focus and examine yourself very candidly. Well, which is it? You have thirty seconds to choose what to do about your situation,” the master of the vault announced sternly.
“I’ll stay as a house boi,” Justin accepted his fate.
“Very good. I thought so. You struck me as being a bottom. Very well. Get back into position beside Heather and give the guys another choice for their initial fuck. The rest of you, let’s not waste time here. You, what’s your name, lad?” the dungeon master continued with the names.
By the time we had finished, both Heather and Justin were well-fucked. Her cunt was still the most popular option, but each of their asses certainly had their share of traffic from hard cocks using them. Mouths were apparently off-limits, but it didn’t matter. Most guys just wanted to fuck.
I could see the boss watching them all closely, determining which guys would or wouldn’t make the cut. He seemed to prize aggression and reinforcement above most other traits on display. If a guy was just there to screw, as with most of them, he was eliminated. These guys were directed to another room, from which most of them returned more than a little drowsy.
One lad, however, was quickly dressed, blindfolded, and frog-marched somewhere I didn’t see. I could guess, however, though I wouldn’t tell the others. He would be to some dominant woman or female institution what Justin was to us, a house boi, only to the ladies instead of the gentlemen. This was what happened to straight male slaves, I assumed.
“Alright, boys, that’s enough of Day One of your initiation. We’ve begun to separate the men from the boys. There is much more to come, but it’s time to hit the showers and clean up. This was sweaty work for all involved. Hurry up with it, of course, as breakfast is in a half-hour. Oh, and rule five: there is no shower privacy. Masters, pledges, house sluts, and house boys all bathe together. Heather and the others will be right beside you in the communal shower. They need to get clean in a timely manner, too. Come on, everyone, let’s snap to it,” the strange dungeon guy barked his orders, clearly impatient to get us moving toward the washrooms.
I couldn’t speak for the others, but I was already in Heaven and quite ready to see what else came next. The idea of seeing so much naked skin while I bathed was perhaps a bit distracting, but I could learn to live with it. I even wondered what it would take to buy out the contract for a house slut or house boi, as I had enjoyed fucking both Heather and Justin that much.

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