Sister in Law Need Me to Fucked Her

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I was in my last year of school. A pretty shy guy and not that great around girls. On my walk home from school I would often see a lovely girl. She was too young for me, about 3 years younger but boy, did I fancy her. We would wave and smile at each other most days.
She had jet black bobbed hair and the most amazing brown eyes and a smile that made my heart melt. I would often wish she was older, or I was younger, so I could have asked her out.
Anyway, I left school. Had a few girlfriends before I met Angie. It was not long before I fell in love with her and one day she took me home to meet her family.
Her Mum and Dad were lovely and we were sitting in the kitchen having a chat when the front door opened.
“That’s Sarah, my sister” Ange said
No sooner than she had explained, Sarah walked into the kitchen. Oh MY GOD! It was the lovely dark haired girl I used to see on my way home from school! And she looked stunning! White blouse with the first 3 buttons undone, tie half way down, grey pleated mini skirt and long over the knee socks. All finished off with baseball boots without laces.
She looked at me and smiled. My heart skipped a beat, in fact, it felt like it stopped. It was so hard not to look her up and down with lust but I managed to keep my eyes on her face.
We said hi to each other and then she skipped away to her bedroom.
So, time went by. I married Ange and we had kids. I loved Ange, I really did but every time I saw Sarah, I lusted after her but I never did anything and did not even know if Sarah felt the same, especially after she started a serious relationship of her own.
About ten years went by. Sarah got engaged and Ange and I settled in a home with a mortgage.
But then things started going wrong with Sarah’s relationship. We suspected that her boyfriend hit her about but she never admitted it until one day when Ange took a call. It was Sarah; I could hear her crying in the phone.
When she came off the phone she asked if I would go and see Sarah. Her bloke had gone mad and smashed a window and beat her.
I got up there and the place was a mess. I ended up holding her in my arms until she calmed down. As much as I fancied her, it never crossed my mind that anything would happen between us, not once. She started tidying the place up and as she bent over; I could see her tits down her nighty.
Once she had calmed down, I told her to come home and stay with us. She agreed and I took her home.
She ended up staying back at their mum and dad’s house.
One day I was at home on a day off. Ange was working and the phone rang. It was Sarah. She asked if Ange was in and I explained she was at work. I asked how she was and she said she felt horrible, alone and sad. She asked if I wanted to go round for coffee and I happily agreed.
I got there and Sarah opened the door. She took a while to answer the door and when she did, she was in a towel and clearly just out the shower. Her hair was wet and brushed straight back. The towel was a little too short and showed all of her beautiful legs.
“I wasn’t expecting you so soon” she said
That surprised me a little as I live ten minutes up the road and told her I would be straight round.
I sat on the sofa and she sat next to me. This was also a little unusual, there are plenty of seats and it seemed strange for her to sit next to me.
We started talking and she explained what an arse her boyfriend was. She was telling me how possessive he was and pushy. She went n for ages and started to get upset.
I felt I had to hold her, even though she was not suitably dressed. I held her and told her it would be okay and she said it wouldn’t, it wouldn’t ever be okay.
I said “Don’t be silly, it will work out, you will find a fine man one day”
Then she blurted out the words that changed everything
“How can I ever find the right man when my bitch of a sister has him?”
WTF? I thought
“What do you mean” I said
“You!” she replied “She fucking has you”
She looked at me with those big brown eyes. I didn’t think about it, it just happened. The next thing we were kissing. My hands were around her and hers around mine. I remember the taste of her mouth. She was a heavy smoker and I had never kissed a smoker before. The taste really turned me on.
I pulled back
“We can’t do this” I said
“Yes we can” she replied “If we want to”
I got up to go and she got up as well. She stood in front of me blocking my exit and dropped her towel.
My eyes ran up and down her body. It was complete perfection. Everything about her was just beautiful, from her full but pert tits, her flat belly, and trimmed dark bush.
“Its up to you” she said “You can follow me upstairs or leave. Either way, I will say nothing to my sister”
At that, she went upstairs
I opened the front door and left.
I got to the front gate but could not leave. I knew the back door would be open so I went round and let myself in. I went upstairs and entered Sarah’s room. She was not there.
“In here” I heard
She was in the room her Mum and Dad shared
“There is more room here” she said
She was sat on their bed. I went to her and she started to undo my jeans.
“No-one must ever know about this” I stated
“I am not telling I can assure you” Sarah replied
I removed my shirt as Sarah released me of my jeans and boxers. I was now naked, all bar my socks.
Sarah kissed my stomach and hips as her hands ran up and down my back and arse. I was fucking hard, as hard as I can ever remember being. I felt like exploding straight away as she took my cock in her mouth. She gently sucked at my cock as I pushed into her with my hands on the back of her head.
Every now and then she would stop to like my shaft and take my balls in her mouth.
Then I pushed her down on the bed and straddled her. I kissed her lips and she opened her mouth to invite my tongue inside. As I kissed her I enjoyed the taste of her again, the taste of nicotine in her mouth was acting like a drug and making me want her so badly.
“God you are so fucking horny” I told her
“Do you like me as much as my sister” she asked
“I love your sister but I do not fancy her like I have always fancied you” I told her
“I have always wanted you” she told me “Always”
“Fuck, this is mad” I told her
I started to work down her body kissing her as I worked down. , enjoyed the feel of her nipples in my mouth and her moaning in ecstasy as I kissed her and touched her all over.
I worked past her firm, fit belly until finally I was at her bush. I started to kiss and tease around her until she took hold of my head and pushed me between her open legs. I made sure I got a good look at her cunt before I went down on her. I found myself mentally comparing it to Angie’s cunt and trying to decide whose was best.
Then, I went in. I kissed her first before my tongue reached for her and I started to lick her.
If I could not choose whose cunt looked better there was no contest on taste. Sarah’s cunt was wet like Ange had never been. It was wet and oozing fluid that I was eagerly slurping at. I wanted to drink her; I could not get enough of that taste in my mouth. I pulled her cunt lips apart as wide as I could, came up for breath and a good look at her and then, I went in for more.
I always got the impression with Ange that this was just fore play, leading to the required fuck but not with Sarah. She pulled down on the back of my head like she wanted me to fuck her with my mouth. I simply could not breathe at times but it felt so good.
Then she asked “Is there anything we can do that you have never done with Ange?” she asked “I want t share something with you that she has never had”
“Err well, we have never 69’d” I said truthfully
“Can we then?” she asked
“You bet” I answered
“Me on top” she ordered
I lay on my back as she turned and eased her legs either side of my face. She lowered her dripping cunt over me and I could not get to tasting her quick enough and soon I was sticking my tongue as deep inside her as I could. I felt her lips around my cock and her hand caressing my balls as I pleasured her with my tongue and groped her tits with my hands.
We carried this on for about 5 minutes before she turned round and lay on top of me. She took hold of my cock and eased me inside her. Hell, I was fucking my sister in law.
I just laid there and let her take control. She would raise and lower herself, high enough that I was almost out of her, a couple of times I did pop out and then she would push down as far as she could and I would push inside her as far as I could. We would do this faster and faster with me stopping her every now and then so I didn’t come.
She rolled me over so I was on top of her. I was ready to cum and I started to pump her hard. She sensed I was ready.
“Not inside me” she said “Cum over me”
I humped her a little longer before I was on the brink and pulled out to cum over her….but I didn’t, I couldnt.
I went inside her again and started humping her. Again, on the brink, I pulled out but once more, I didnt cum.
“Dam it” I said
“Let me do it” she said
She took my cock in her hand and started to wank me. I tried all I could to cum but nothing!
“Fuck, I am sorry” I told her
“Don’t worry” she said
She carried on wanking me as I tried to cum but it was no good. She pulled my face to her and kissed me. And that was it. The taste of her mouth was enough and I exploded. The wait was worth it as a came like never before. I pumped my load all over her belly and tits and managed to get a little on her face.
“Shit, I am sorry” I said
She just chuckled
“That’s okay honey” she replied as she licked her lips and used a finger to push my cum in her mouth.
When I think of her now, the image I have is always of her laying under me with my cum over her beautiful body
I split up with my wife about 3 years later. Yes, she found out about my affair with Sarah but the marriage just about survived that.
It was when she fucked my best mate that the marriage ended. I would have carried on but she ended it.
When we split up I saw Sarah and we discussed a relationship but concluded it was too complicated.
Now I see her every now and then, at weddings and funerals mainly. I would still fuck her and maybe, one day I will again.

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