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Sisters wants sex with animals

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My name’s Livi. I have long brown hair down to my mid-back and brown eyes. I’m a 32C. I was 18 when I first got fucked by my Rocky(D), Jack. Jack was a two year-old German Shepard. He slept with me, ran with me, he went everywhere with me to say the least. Occasionally he’d sneak in the bathroom while I was taking a shower and he’d try to lick me out. I’d push him away and say, “Bad Rocky(D).” I’d never thought I would fuck him. It was early July and with my dad at work, I was walking around with only a short on, no bra, no panties. I sat down on the couch to watch TV and Jack hopped up next to me. When I turned to lie down his face went straight to my pussy and he started licking away. I don’t know why I pushed him away before. It felt AMAZING! His long tongue licked my little teen pussy. Then I felt his tongue go in. His fat, rough tongue explored the walls of my pussy, finding my clit within seconds. He explored further in. That’s when I had my first orgasm. I was rubbing and rubbing. My breaths got shallower and shallower. Finally it came. I regained my breath and I took his sheath into my hand. I rubbed it and his pointy cock snaked out. I took it in my mouth and started to suck. I was on my back under him so he could keep exploring my virgin pussy. I could feel his knot growing. Pre-cum started to fill my mouth. Then he came. I wasn’t really expecting it so it shot down my throat and oozed out my lips. You know what they say, spitters are quitters.

Chapter Two

I continued sucking Jack on a daily basis. Today was Wednesday, and I had my friend Megan over. She was 18 as well, long blonde hair and the sexiest blue eyes. Her breasts were perfect, 36C and she had the best ass a girl could have. I could only imagine what her pussy was like. My dad was out of town and my neighbor was checking up and me every few hours. Megan, Jack and I were upstairs in my room. I wondered if I should tell her what I’ve been doing.

“Hey Meg,” I said, “if I told you something that was kind of weird, could you keep it a secret?”

“C’mon Livi, we’ve known each other since first grade, you ought to know,” she said.

“I suck Jack’s dick,” I blurted.

“Funny, now what do you want to say?” She laughed

I just looked at her.

“You’re serious, aren’t you? Isn’t that beastiality or something?”

“Yeah, but it’s so good. He licks inside my vagina,” I said, “then my cums in mouth. It tastes so good.”

Right on queue, Jack stood up and came over to me, stuffing his face in my crotch. I felt my panties getting wet, but I pushed him away.

“No, let him. I want to see,” Megan said, a hint of lust in her voice.

I said alright and I slipped my shorts and panties off. Jack immediately started licking, sticking his tongue into me. I moaned softly and I looked over and saw Megan with her hand in her pants, rubbing away. I had an orgasm.

At this point, Megan had her pants off and was fingering herself. I started to suck Jack’s meat pole. Megan asked if she could let Jack lick her. I said yes. Jack came in my mouth and I had an idea. Without thinking, I locked lips with my best friends, swishing the Rocky(D) cum into her mouth.

Chapter 3

Meg and I brought Jack for a walk to an abandoned shed in the wood. We were sure no one would see or here us. We wanted to go the whole distance. I went to CVS and bought a bottle a lube, much to the cashier’s surprise. I also took an few empty beer bottles to start with.

“You sure you’re ready, Meg?” I asked.

“Yeah, are you?” She answered.


Jack certainly was. He had tried mounting Meg and I several times. We just denied him. Once we got to the old shed, I opened the door. I was mid-day and I couldn’t hear a thing, normal as we were in the middle of the woods. It was dark inside, the only light coming through a few broken windows. I put a blanket and pillow on the floor. I took out the two bottles and put a little lube on both. I gave on to Meg and we both stuck them in and out. Jack padded around and finally curled up on the blanket. Once we felt we were ready, Meg got down on all fours on our little bed first. I coated Meg’s pussy with lube and Jack’s with some as well. Jack was eager and hopper on to Megan’s back. She let out a yelp.

“Ouch, his claws hurt!” She said.

Jack’s meaty red pole slid out. A whole 8″ of Rocky(D) cock. I slid it into Megan’s tight vagina. Jack pounded away. After five minutes he slowed to a stop while his knot filled my best friend with warm Rocky(D) cum.

Now it was my turn. I got on all fours while Meg covered my pussy with lube. Jack did the same as before. It was awesome. When his knot came, he tried to pull out. It hurt, but the pleasure I got overall far out weighed the pain. I felt him cum in me and he slid out.

This was the start of a glorious friendship.

By: Livi

P.S. If anyone has any suggestions, I’m a novice. PLEASE NO IDIOTIC COMMENTS. Constructive criticism only. If you just want to talk, feel free to PM me. I’ll be putting out more stories soon. If anyone wants a specific story just PM me. Thanks, love you guys

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