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Slave Used By Two Women

18 Min Read

After the fun me and my sister in law, Janet, had previously (see my other stories) I was not sure what to expect next but I did not have to wait very long. . .
About two weeks later I answered the phone “Hello slave” it was Janet. “Hi” I replied “I am all alone and have been having very naughty thoughts of what I am going to get my slave do” Janet said. “Slave?” I asked “I have a video of you being fucked in the arse with a the strap on. You can be clearly seen in it but I cant and thanks to a bit of blurring you cant tell where it is. So you either do as I say slave or you never know who might get to see it” Janet replied. I hoped she was joking but before I could say any more she put the phone down. With my mind racing my mobile phone went off with a new message from a number I did not recognize. I opened it to find a picture of me clearly enjoying being butt fucked with a strap on and saying be at the County Park at 7:30 tonight.
That evening I made an excuse to go out, drove to the country park and waited. At 7:35 my phone went off with a message from the same number which read Glad you are alone, drive to 72 Hawthorne Drive now slave. I could not work out what was happening as Hawthorne Drive was not were Janet lived but as I sat there thinking my phone went off again with another message Remember slave you have to do exactly what you are told or else – now get a move on. As I parked out side 72 Hawthorne Drive I got another message Good slave, go into the garage, do not turn the light on, sit in the chair and wait. I followed the instructions as I sat there I became more and more nervous. After what seemed like an age the door into the house opened. With the light behind it I could not see who it was “Good slave” it was Janet “Now you have to do exactly as you are told slave without saying a word”. As I started to say “but” a sharp pain shot through my back. “You were warned not to say a word” Janet said. I turned round to see another lady standing behind me with a cane “I am either your worse nightmare or best fantasy. I love to inflict pain on people especially men and especially those who have upset my friends. If you do not do exactly what you are told you will find out how much pain I like to inflict” I was not sure if I was shit scared and wanted to run or was becoming a little excited.
“This is Claire” Janet said “She will make sure you do as you are told, now get undressed”. I took off all of my cloths. Claire walked towards me reached down and took my cock in her hand, which caused it to twitch and become semi hard. Then Claire flicked one of my balls very hard “Aaaarrrrgggghhhh what the” was as far as I got before she did it again. “You were told not to say a word” Claire said, I nodded. “That is better slave, now that was just a warning next time will be worse. Now get down on all fours” Claire instructed. With my balls still stinging I did as I was told. Claire bent down, lifted up my head and started to kiss me full on the lips. “Now follow us” Claire said so I stood up whack another hit to the balls.”Who said anything about getting up, now get down on all fours and follow us”. I followed Claire and Janet into the living room, I must admit following Janet looking at her sexy shapely arse is never a bad thing.
Janet said “Sit there” and pointed to a chair so I crawled over and did as I was told. “Now for the next five minutes you are not allowed to get an erection” Janet said and with that she bent down and started to kiss me on the lips. My cocked twitched a little but thankfully not to much. She then stood up and slowly unbuttoned her blouse as she moved her hands back up her belly my cock twitched which made her smile. “Nearly” Janet said “Now remember the rules” and she removed her blouse. With my cock growing Janet unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. I could not hold back any longer and with Janet smiling my cock grow to a full erection. “Oh dear” Janet said “You knew the rules” and with that Claire reached around from behind me and held me tight whilst Janet attached a clamp to my left nipple. I was trying as hard as I could not to make any noise , then Janet attached one to my right nipple and it was to much and I let out a little “Aaarrggghhh” and Claire pulled both the clamps. Throught the pain I just about heard her say “You know the rules”.
“Now it is time for some more fun for me” said Claire “Get on the table”. As I walked over to the coffee table my nipples hurt more with every step. I laid down on the table and Claire tied my arms and feet to the legs of the table. She then reached down and stroked my still hard cock from the head down the shaft and gently rubbed my balls. The expectation of what was coming made my cock twitch but then Claire stopped and walked away and went into the kitchen. I noticed Janet standing next to me now totally naked, good she looked good, she walked over stood next to me and slowly bent over, letting her tits sway down. Just as I was starting to enjoy the view I felt a hot burning on my belly. bitting my lip to stop making any noise I looked down to see Claire had returned with a candle and was dropping wax onto me “You will learn” she said.
“Now I want you to kiss and lick my pussy. Your cock can get as hard as you want but you are not to cum” Janet said. With that she put a leg either side of the table and lowered herself on to my face. I eagerly licked her already wet pussy and sucked on her clit and she moved back and forwards on my face. After a little while her juices where starting to run down my chin. “Kiss her arse” Claire instructed so I lifted my head a little and kissed Janet’s sexy shapely arse. “Now get your tongue in there” Claire said so I started rimming Janet’s arse hole as her muscles tensed against my face. I felt a hand reach down and start to play with Janet’s clit. As Janet lent forward her body rubbed against my cock and I thought I was going to cum so tried to pull away. Claire clearly noticed and said “Someone is enjoying this a little to much. Remember the rules”. As I was licking Janet’s arse I could feel her muscles tensing so I went back to licking her pussy. I then started to nibble Janet’s clit which made her moan and me yelp in pain as Claire pulled both the nipple clamps. “Who told you to stop licking that arse” Claire said. “Please don’t stop him” Janet begged.
“Would you like some cock” Claire asked. I did not hear Janet’s reply but she lifted off and moved down sitting on my legs facing me. Claire moved up to my head bent over and kissed me on the lips “Mmmm that tastes good” she said. Claire then reached down, brushed past my cock and started to rub Janet’s pussy. Janet had her hands on my chest and was rocking backwards and forwards. I thought the sight was going to make me cum there and then. Claire removed her hand and rubbed her wet fingers over her nipples, then bent over and let them sway towards my mouth. I caught one of them in my mouth and started to suck. The taste of Janet’s pussy juice on Claire’s nipple was a real turn on. Then I felt a sudden sharp pain in my balls “Who told you to do that” said Janet and she flicked one of my balls again. Even through the pain I was worried Janet just going near my balls would make me cum. Janet smiled looked down and said “I had better make use of this then” and slowly run a finger along my cock, lifted up and pointed my cock at her pussy. “Remember you are not to cum” Claire said.
Janet rubbed the tip of my cock around the entrance to her pussy and then over her clit before slowly lowering herself. The sight of my cock disappearing into Janet’s pussy was to much “No please stop I will not last long before I cum”. Janet pushed down on my cock until it was all of the way in. Claire held the candle above me and said “You don’t learn do you” before letting some of the hot wax fall onto my belly. The pain made me twitch and push up against Janet which made her moan in pleasure. Claire smile and let another drop of the hot wax fall onto my body and I could not take any more my body tensed up, my cock pushed up into Janet’s pussy and I started to cum, my cock throbbing as I pumped my cum into Janet.
I didn’t want to open my eyes as I was scared what was going to happen next. I felt Janet get off and my cock flop onto my belly. “Open your eyes” Claire said. As I did so she smiled as she tugged the nipple clamps in turn and said “Now you will have to clear up your mess”. I was thinking if I should asked how when Janet who now next to my head and put one leg either side and stood above my head. With a mixture of nervousness and excitement I was not sure what to expect. Claire stood up with a leg either side of my body and moved towards Janet. I could not see much other than Janet’s wet pick pussy but I could hear them kissing. Then I saw Claire’s hand start to rub Janet’s clit, as Claire slipped a finger into Janet’s pussy some of my cum oozed out and run down Claire’s hand then start to drop towards me. I started to move my head which Janet felt and said “No you made the mess now you have to clean it up so open your mouth”. Claire started to rub Janet’s clit faster and slip a couple of fingers in her pussy forcing more of my cum out to drop onto my face and into my mouth. Then I noticed Janet was also rubbing Claire’s clit and slipping a finger or two into her pussy.
Claire’s then sat on my legs “Don’t stop now” Janet said, “Wait a minute” Claire replied “Now suck my fingers clean slave” and put her hand towards my mouth. I slowly started to lick one of Claire’s fingers. The mixture of Janet’s pussy juice and my cum must have been arousing as my cock started to twitch. “That is what I wanted” Claire said as she put another finger into my mouth. The more I licked and sucked the mixture of Janet’s pussy juice and my cum off Claire’s finger the more my cock twitched. Claire then started to rub my cock with her other hand and after only a little while it was starting to become hard. Claire lifted up a little and put the tip of my my cock in to her pussy. Janet reached down and started to rub Claires clit. If I needed any more help to make my cock hard the sight of Janet’s wet pussy opening up above me as she reached forward did the trick. Claire obviously felt my cock twitch and grow in her pussy “You like what you see then” Claire said “Sit on his face”. Janet lowered her body towards me and I licked her pussy and sucked her clit whilst she played with Claire’s clit as Claire rode up and down on my cock. The more I nibbled on Janet’s clit the more she moaned. After a couple of minutes licking Janets pussy and nibbling her clit I felt her muscles tense as she started to orgasm. As Janet’s orgasm started to subside shw slowly rubbed her pussy on my face whilst Claire was ridding up and down on my cock with Janet playing with her clit.
Then Claire stopped and got off. “Help my untie him” she told Janet. Having untied me Claire got down on all fours. I did not need asking or telling as I got behind Claire and pushed my cock back into her pussy. As I was thrusting in and out Janet reached round and started to play with Claire’s tits and clit. With her clit being played with and my cock thrusting in and out it didn’t take long for me to feel Claire’s pussy tighten as she started to orgasm. As Claire orgasmed she fell forwards with me on top of her “You didn’t cum for me” Claire complained. So I pulled my cock out of her pussy and slowly rubbed it along her arse. It did not take long with the sight of my cock rubbing Claires arse for her to get her wish.

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