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After the thrilling adventure in Mr. Dayal class I went straight to the mess to have some stuff to pacify my growing anxiety.
“You are sitting here, I was looking for you all around the campus,” said Bushra while throwing her bag at me.
“Oh! Common, don’t start again I already had enough.” You were angry on me if you remembered.
“Ah! That was momentary, by the way, the way you behave there was really shocking, what got in to you? Seriously! Are you that dumb?”
That was just a silly dare which Amit had given to me, now don’t ask me, why I complied with that? You know I won’t deny challenges, specially when it is from boys.
“Dare? What dare? Are you playing a fucking game with him? Rimsha! You are impossible at times. That’s the reason for your irritation then, now I know why you were so hyper at that time.”
“Ah! Nothing like that Bushu, it’s just a one time dare and now it’s finished so chill.” I said while munching my cheese roll.
“It’s seems the roll is more important than me. Have it, you need it. I am going to library as I need time to finish my assignment.” She left with a disgusted look.
I was wondering what would happen next. I need to be more careful as the next class was about to start and I have to secure the front row, in order to avoid Amit and his stupid demands.
As I left the mess, I met with another disaster, it was Mahesh and Ronny, who were looking for me, as our eyes met they had a huge grin on their faces.
“We were looking for you since morning at last we found you.” Ronny said while forwarding his hand to give me a piece of paper.
“What is this?” I asked him and opened the note to see it’s content. My eyes went wide open as I read the words written on it.
“It’s a small favour which we want from you for keeping our little secret.” Mahesh said while grinning.
“Favour! Seriously, are you calling this a favour, you pervert, I am not going to do this shit, you understand. God we are in school. Have some decency.” I replied while throwing away the paper after tearing it in to pieces.
“Well, then we were afraid we might reveal our secret and believe me you will not like it.” Ronny said while frowning at me.
Oh! Now you are going to blackmail me again, I had already paid the price. How can you do this to me? Please leave me I have to go for class.
“Yeah sure, go away but remember we were waiting in sports room, don’t forget to come and this will be the last time, we promise.” Mahesh said and they walked away leaving me perplexed over their demand of having an oral sex with them.
I was not worried over their demand but I was more concerned if I give consent to that then it would be hard for me to resist myself from going further then demanded. As I know I would loose my will and will submit completely to them for everything.
As I entered my class lost in my own thoughts. It was then I saw the front rows were already full and due to my delay I have to take a seat at back and to my dismay the only vacant seat was with Amit as he had purposely secured one to his side for me.
I went to ask him if I could sit beside him. He was waiting for that and instantly agreed, he took away his bag and I sat besides him while keeping a safe distance.
I know sooner or later he will try something so for to cover me up, I placed my bag besides me to shield my body from other side, so that no one can see me below my shoulders.
I was waiting for his move and it was then his hands went straight to my thighs and he started massaging them, I know what he was up to therefore I parted my legs to give him more access. He took the sign and his hands went deep in to my skirt to caress my inner thighs he knew that I was bare beneath.
As he was caressing my inner thighs our teacher Mrs. Tiwari entered the class with her usual greetings. We all greeted her and she took her place right at the podium to start explaining her topic which was a poem of William Wordsworth, “The Daffodils.”
Mrs. Tiwari was explaining the theme of the poem which was an impact of Natural beauty on the conscience of human and such memories which has an everlasting effect on human personality, it’s healing power and a bliss of solitude which we received whenever we recalled such moments.
I was wondering is the theme could apply on me and the memories which I had by now, as it has a same effect on me whenever I recalled them I got instantly aroused to the core though many of the acts were not consensual but instead it had a same effect. Do I have this fetish or I got addicted to such things.
While I was wondering and correlating the theme of the poem with my case, I felt Amit hands dangerously close to my nether lips. All the while I was analysing my changed personality he took advantage of my silence and had bunched up my frock to my waist and his hands were now on my pussy lips.
I instantly got aroused by it and felt a moisture at my lower entrance, Amit was busy in caressing my labia and while doing so he took my hand and placed it on his cock.
I was shocked to feel his bare cock in my hands, when he got a chance to take it out? It was hard and thick not as long as Zuhair but it felt huge. I looked at him with surprise. He sheepishly smiled and looked away while doing what he was doing before.
I also got carried away wilfully this time and started caressing his shaft with my fist and fingers. He inserted one of his fingers in my aching pussy and started rubbing my clitoris with his thumb.
I was having a tough time to control my moans and instantly got distracted from the lecture, I closed my eyes and put my head down to avoid any possible revelation of my state through my facial expressions.
I tighten my grip on his pulsating dick as wave after wave of intense orgasm rippled through my body leaving me in a state of vulnerability, my thighs were wide apart, my pussy was flowing with his finger inside my delicate lips, I was half lying on my desk with heaving chest and short breath.
As I regained my senses I realised my grip on his throbbing cock and right before my eyes he shoot his cum, it erupts like lava from the active volcano, flying in air hitting my arms and desk, the thick globes of white sticky cum covered my palm and I released the grip to wipe off the mess from my hand.
He extended his handkerchief to me for to clean my palm and then with a satisfied look he said, “You are hot like hell darling, what a pleasure you gave, it’s just a beginning, I will wait to escalate things further and you will like it for sure.”
I know what he means by that. The damage has been done and he know what I truly am.
The class end with a bell and all went out except me, as I was wondering where this will lead to. Today, I came to know about the hidden trait of mine and a dark side of my personality. I am submissive and adventures who like to be seduced while seeking pleasures.
“Hey! How’s the class? Have you taken notes? I needed them later for sure.” Bushra said while hugging me from behind.
“Yeah! We will discuss it further, as for now I am tired and going to library for some rest. Please mark my attendance for the last class. I will meet you in bus.” With that I moved away towards the library leaving her perplexed.
I have to go to the sports room where Mahesh and Ronny was waiting for me to have their turn with me to keep up our little secret. Though I was going to have some more harmless fun as my body was aching for more pleasure. I guess I was getting addicted to it with each passing moments.
Due to the last period the sports room was vacant as I entered, the lights were dim and there was no one. I called their names but no one answered. As I turned to move out I saw Mahesh standing at the door smiling.
“I know you will come, we are all prepared for our last fun if you don’t mind.” With that he came forward and held me by my waist.
I was about to say something in response it was then I felt a hand on my naval from behind, as I turned to look at the intruder, Mahesh caught my cheeks and pulled me in to a deep kiss.
I surrendered as I know nothing will going to stop these two horny boys and I, myself want to enjoy with these two studs. As my aching pussy was on fire and desperate to take the rods for maximum pleasure.
Mahesh was kissing me while his hands were busy with the zipper of my skirt and the moment he found the hook it started sliding down making my skirt loose enough to fall on its own. He was expecting a panty beneath but when he slide his hands back on my waist he finds nothing and I could see the surprise on his face.
“Wow the bitch came prepared for fun.” He said while his hands went straight to my mound and he held my bare pussy and instantly started rubbing it.
Ronny looked down to find my bare ass and instantly he held my ass cheeks and started caressing them roughly while dry humping me from behind.
“Lets give some pleasure to this bitch in heat.” Ronny said and with that he started opening the buttons of my shirt and within a moment my shirt fell on to the ground to lie with my skirt and soon my bra joined the pool of clothes around my ankles.
I was stark naked and the boys were loosing their patients. They hurriedly removed their clothes and started groping my nubile body to fulfil their lust.
Their tools were massive and it was already hard enough to tear my pussy with their size and strength. Mahesh has a long but thin cock with a purple shiny head on the other hand Ronny has a cock way more long and thick like steel rod.
They took me to the boys changing room and make me lie on the changing desk. Mahesh came between my legs and Ronny was over my chest they both started caressing my body. Mahesh was busy with massaging my thighs and Ronny was busy with mauling my boobs alternatively.
I was lost in lust and enjoying their rough hands on my intimate parts. It was then Mahesh licked my pussy lips and started sucking my labia and clitoris throwing me in to a storm of emotions at the same time Ronny was sucking and biting my nipples.
My pussy was flowing like a spiller honey pot and my pleasure knows no boundaries. It was then I felt a cock at my lower entrance it was Mahesh and before I could say anything he thrust forward and in one go his entire cock went inside my well lubricated pussy.
He was expecting some resistance but he knew instantly that I am not virgin and he said, “Ronny she is a real bitch she is not virgin, what I told you before I know these muslim sluts.” To which he simply groaned as he was busy in sucking my erect nipples.
I was little offended but said nothing to avoid further debate. I just want to enjoy this moment as I was already heading towards another earth shattering orgasm his cock was thin so the friction was not that intense, though I was having a tingling sensation inside my womb and after a while he tensed and his cock started convulsing inside my pussy.
Spurts after spurts he ejaculated inside my fertile womb. I have counted five spurts one after other as he filled my pussy with his cum and along with his cock his semen also came out flowing out of my pussy. His warm cum running down on my ass and pooled around my ass cheeks.
It was now the turn of Ronny to fuck my gaping pussy as he positioned his rod on my pussy he held my thighs together and placed it on his shoulder his cock head was at my pussy ready to go inside the warm folds of my burning pussy.
I looked at him as if asking him to go slow, he nod in affirmation and slowly inserted the head of his rod as it went past my lips, my pussy stretched to max as he was huge my eyes went wide as he pushed again to insert his rod further in my gaping pussy.
I felt a sweet pain as my inner lips stretched to max to accommodate this monster going deep inside the folds of my aching pussy.
Mean while Mahesh came over my chest to have his round of sucking on my perk boobs. I closed my eyes to feel every inch of his pulsating monster inside my womb and with a final push his rod went all inside me stretching my pussy walls to max.
As I was having a hard time, I openly moaned as his hot rod was fucking my burning folds and Mahesh was sucking my aching nipples. It was then I had an intense orgasm which left my whole body convulsing in shocks.
I lost my consciousness and gone in to deep slumber. After a while when I regained my senses, I saw a cock in my mouth and a cock in my burning pussy. Ronny was still fucking me this time furiously while groaning in lust and Mahesh had shown his cock in to my mouth for sucking.
I raised my hands to remove Mahesh cock from my mouth but he anticipated my act and held my head to keep his cock deep inside my throat. I was gagged and coughing wildly to which Ronny said, “Let her take some breath bro or she will die with suffocation.” I looked at him with gratitude and Mahesh withdrew his cock from my mouth to give me some time to catch my breath.
Ronny was fucking me like maniac and his strong and wild thrust shook my entire body, my boobs were moving to and fro and another orgasm rippled through my body but there was no sign of his ejaculation. He was still fucking me with a same pace.
Mahesh had now again showed his cock in to my open mouth and with no option left I started sucking his cock he was also wild making me gagged frequently with his dick showing it deep in to my throat.
As I was fucked by these two horny boys. I had lost the count of my orgasm and finally I felt, Ronny got tensed and jammed his rod deep inside my burning pussy. With a loud grunt he shoot spurt after spurt of cum in to my burning pussy making my inner walls drenched with his semen and with a pop sound he withdrew his rod from my pussy followed by a stream of cum flowing out of my pussy down to my ass making a hot pool of cum around my ass.
I was felt relived and was about to touch my pussy for final caressing, it was then Mahesh took out his dick and before I realise, shot his cum on my face covering my eyes nose and hairs. His warm fluid covered my entire face creating a mess.
I was shocked and felt disgusted, I looked at him with anger in my eyes. He started laughing and said, “Look at the facial bro, this is the best makeup for a girl like you, slut. Now go and wash your face we need to go before someone came to find us.”
I slowly raised myself and went to clean the mess they had made. Finally I wore my clothes back and said, “You got, what you want now from today, don’t you dare to cross my way or you will regret why you messed with me.”
They nod and said, “We will keep our words don’t worry but you have to promise us that before leaving the college you will come again to have one more session as we love your nubile body.”
“We will see but whatever I decide you both have to comply with my decision, if I need some more fun, I will give you one last chance to fuck me before saying final goodbye, now go and behave normally form now onwards, as I don’t want to raise more enquiries regarding with my changed behaviour.”
They both nod in affirmation and left hurriedly before anyone could find us together in a secluded sports room.
I also went straight to the parking as the time was nearly over and soon everybody was coming this way to board the bus to home.
Beginning of a new relationship with love lust and fire
“Why were you not present in the last class, Rimsha.” Zain asked while keeping his bag on the side shelf of the bus.
“Nothing, she was not feeling well and by the way what type of brother are you? Your sister was in need and you were no where to be found.” Bushra said while staring at Zain in a questioning manner.
” I was busy with my class and moreover I wasn’t aware of the fact, Ms. Dumbo.” He replied teasingly to her.
“Okay, you don’t need to fight because of me, I am fine now.” I said to pacify their growing agitation.
Bushra said, “The day was fine, just to forgot some fight out of confusion. Right Rimsha.”
“Right! But you need to improve your patience level dear Bushu.” I said while smiling at her.
“Hey! Where were you two? I was searching for you both since from a long time, have you heard about today’s chilling rumour?” Amir said while exclaiming with suspense.
“Yeah! I also heard about it.” Zain said, as he hugged Amir. It was their usual habit to hug each other whenever they meet.
“What rumour?” we both asked in unison.
“Ah! There was some girl of our college who was seen by some students getting physical in library, though the identity of the girl was not yet confirmed but it was discovered that the authorities were scanning the CCTV footage of the corridor to identify the culprit after some one reported the event to the school discipline committee.”
“What! You can’t be serious! I mean holy fuck in library the girl must be very daring I must say if it is true what you said.” Bushra said while looking at me in sheer disbelief.
“Yeah! Right if the girl’s identity revealed her reputation and dignity will be ruined forever.” I said while wondering what should I do now? What if they find out that it was none other then me? How am I going to face them, my friend, my family? But as per my knowledge the camera only covers the entrance of the library and the corridor, so there will be no chance that they would come to know about girl’s Identity.
“What else you heard about the incidence?” I asked Zain out of desperation to know the extent of the so called rumour.
He said, “They were saying that the girl was making out with the assistant and probably has an affair with him or why else she would let him touch her like that? They were also saying that he was groping her boobs and kissing her while holding her waist.”
“Oh! Stop you jerk why the hell are you explaining to us in detail? Have some decency one is your sister and one is your..” she left her sentence incomplete, searching for a right word to describe her relation with Zain.
It was then Amir said teasingly, “What? You don’t know what he is to you? Or you don’t want to acclaim.”
“Shut up! You moron. It’s not like that okay. He know what he is to me and so do I, it’s just I don’t want to brag about it, so chill.” She replied casually while hitting him with her fist right in to his chest.
I was wondering over the security of my secrecy. The only possible way of loosing the game was the attendant Mukesh bhaiya. I must talk to him before he says anything which could possibly reveal my secret.
The day went usual and to my surprise Bushra came to stay with us for a night for a sleepover. It’s a usual thing which is very common among us. After having dinner we were sitting in my room for gossips, it was then Zain came to join us, saying, he is not getting sleep so he thought to join us for some time.
We both know that was not the case, he only came to spend some more time with his long time crush and will not leave until we throw him out of our room.
We were discussing about the rumour, it was then Zain said with a puzzled look, “Are you two brave enough to do something like the girl did in library, if you know your identity will not reveal?”
We were surprised by his sudden question and said almost in unison, “How can you ask such thing to us? And Why are you even asking that? Though if we do anything like that surely we would not tell you about it.”
“Okay! Chill I just asked out of curiosity. Nothing else by the way. Let’s play something, I am not getting any sleep and I am sure you two also not even close to it.” He said while flipping on his back to rest against cushion.
“Yeah! Let’s play as I don’t want to do our girly talk in front of him for sure.” Bushra said while teasing him.
“Okay. What should we play then? I asked out of nowhere knowing that I will be easily outnumbered if I questioned their choice.
“Truth and Dare!” Zain said exclaiming with excitement and joy.
“Yeah! Love to, what a great choice! What say Rimsha?” Bushra asked in a childish accent. She act like that when over excited for something.
“Okay, done but then there will be no back out from dares if given. Think again before giving your consent.” I said alarming them over the consequences the game will lead to.
“Done!” they both said in unison.
With that the fateful night begin which not only changed my perception towards Bushra but also changed my relationship with Zain forever.
The game begun with Zain asking Bushra about her choice of truth or dare. To which she said truth and we eagerly waited for Zain to ask the very first question.
“Do you have feelings for anyone till now?” he asked in a serious tone.
“What do you mean by feeling? Please clarify.” She said while looking straight in to his eyes.
“I mean do you like someone or had a crush before.” He said showing unremarkable maturity in his voice.
“Yes,” she said while controlling her shyness which was evident from her facial expressions.
We all know they secretly like each other and are very possessive, yet we all pretend that we know nothing about their feelings and emotions.
“Okay, now my turn.” She said while clapping her hands in excitement. “Okay Rimsha now you tell me what was the reason for your changed behaviour during Mr. Dayal class today.” She said while throwing intense glance at me.
“Oh! Common.” I said, “It was just a dare given by Amit that’s it. I was forced but with my consent, so leave it now, will you?”
She nod her head but her face shows, she was not satisfied with my answer, it was then Zain asked, “what dare? And what are you both talking about? Rimsha is he forced you to do things? Just tell me I will knock him out in just one punch.”
“Nothing Bro! It’s just a dare seriously there is nothing to worry.” I said while calming him down. Actually he was over protective for me and that’s why sometimes behave unnaturally.
In order to lighten up the mood, I said, “Now it’s my turn to ask and my question is for Bushra, “Truth or Dare.”
She sensed my mind probably that’s why she opted dare instead of truth. She know I will ask something revealing but to teach her a lesson I gave her an unusual task which she would surely deny if it was not with us. “Remove your bra and sit like that until we end the game for tonight.” I said while winking at her.
“What! Seriously you can’t demand something like that, we are not alone, please give something else to do.” She said pleadingly.
Before I could say something, Zain said out of sheer excitement, “No, ones a dare is given you have to do it this is what we agreed upon, Right!” immediately he regret what he is pressing at.
I took pity on him and said, “Yes, you have to do the dare without any questions.” I smiled at Zain to ensure he will get the show for tonight.
Having no other option left, Bushra stood up to remove her bra and move towards washroom while showing finger at me as if saying, wait for my chance bitch.
After what felt like eternity she came out of washroom adjusting her t-shirt to conceal her erect nipples, one due to cold weather and second out of sheer embarrassment. She shyly sit beside me to face Zain and instantly raised her hands to cover her revealing perky boobs which were clearly showing through the thin fabric of the t-shirt.
Now, it was her turn to give choice and she immediately ask me to choose from truth and dare to which I instantly said truth as I know if I choose dare, she will give something which would avenge her current embarrassment.
After a long assessment she said, “okay, this one is tough, have you been groped before against your will?”
I was shocked and literally covered my mouth to conceal my embarrassment. “What! Are you serious?, Though, I know she knows the truth more than anyone else still how can she ask me such question in front of Zain?”
“You heard me right. Now answer the damn question bitch and you know I won’t accept lie.” She said arrogantly while looking away.
“Okay, if that is the case then yes, I was groped. Happy!” I said irritatingly while staring at her and looking at Zain for his reaction.
He was perplexed, though he doesn’t know anything about Lakhimpur and Zuhair but in the past, we had done things similar to the topic of the quarry, as during our sleepovers we felt each other body sexually out of curiosity at fist then for experiencing pleasure and during that innocent groping we not only felt each other’s private parts but also played with them to seek indescribable pleasure.
Therefore, he was perplexed, if I had told Bushra about those incidents, though he immediately changed the topic by saying it was Rimsha turn to give choice to one of us as she gave an answer to the concerned question, though his reaction was quite unnatural as he didn’t enquire about the incidence which he should ask as being my brother.
I took his hint and instantly asked Bushra to choose from, “Truth and Dare.” She knows that if she goes with truth I will ask something fishy and if she choose dare I will give something challenging. I already had made her to remove her bra, what else! I would ask to remove with Zain around and after a while she said, “Dare this time.”
Surprising me with her response, I simply looked at her with wide eyes that is she really opted for a dare? Or is there something wrong with my ears?
Anyway, I was waiting for such full toss from her side, and will surely hit her out of the ground. I said with a smirk, “Now remove your pajama darling let’s reveal some more skin to us.”
She looked at me with wide eyes, “Rimsha, please I can’t, you know I wasn’t wearing anything beneath. How can I remove my pajama?”
As she said the last word, the expression on Zain face went lame to wild, his eyes were eager and desperation was evident from his posture.
“No excuses, you have to do the dare.” I said adamantly. You can cover your crotch with your t-shirt it is long enough to hide your treasure from the ogling stare of my brother.
“God! You are impossible, fine you will be responsible for the future consequences of this dare, you understand madam.” With that she stood up to go to washroom again but stopped where she was standing and said, “If I go to washroom I have to walk back here while holding my t-shirt down to reveal either my boobs or my mound, so I will remove my pajama here in front of you two.
With that she turned around and held the elastic waistband of her pajama and started sliding it down to reveal her ass then pushing it further down all the way to her ankles through her milky thighs. I could see her nether lips from behind and so do Zain. She straight up and pulled her T-shirt down to cover her ass and then with great modesty sat down joining her knees at front to conceal her honey pot from the lustful eyes of my brother.
There was a complete silence in the room, as it was hard to digest what she had done right in front of us, which will lead towards more fun later on. At last she broke the silence by saying it was her turn and with that she instantly asked me to choose from, “Truth or Dare.”
I was somewhere aroused by the recent happenings so, I choose dare this time to test my courage.
As if waiting for my response she said, “Great! Now, it’s time to pay back what you have messed up with. So, I want you to seduce Zain until he got a hard on which will be verified by me through inspection.”
I was shocked by her demand, and instantly looked at Zain for help, what she was demanding is not possible at least in front of her. “Ask me anything instead of this, you know, I can’t do this, he is my brother Bushu and how can you let me do this to your crush?” I said pleadingly.
Okay, if that’s the case then you have to be my pet for a weak and will do whatever I say, without any questioning. Are you agreed?
I was thinking what she could get by having me as her pet she can not ask me anything stupid in public and moreover she is my best friend she will do nothing which could be a possible threat to my reputation and dignity. So I agreed to her demand.
Zain said, “The game is getting out of hand, it’s better we should stop it right now or we will regret over what we would possibly do if it continues.”
He was right, but Bushra was adamant to continue the game as by now she was the only one who was most embarrassed among us so, she want to return the favour. It was her nature to compete and settle the debts without delay.
So we agreed but on a condition that it should be the last turn for the night. As it was my turn, I asked Zain to choose, “Truth or Dare.” He instantly choose dare.
I was little annoyed on Bushra for her mean behaviour, so in order to teach her a lesson, I asked Zain to kiss Bushra after stripping off his clothes.
Bushra was shocked and looked at me with an intense stare and finally said, “I know you are bitch but I am not like you who back off when its time to show guts. I am ready do it.”
Zain was excited to the core as he finally got a chance to fulfil his long cherished desire to kiss Bushra. He stood up and started removing his t-shirt, he hesitated a bit but when I signalled him to proceed he went on and one by one he removed all his cloths except his underwear as he about to push it down he looked at me for final approval, I nod at him and before my eyes he pushed down his underwear in one motion.
What revealed beneath had an instant effect on me and I am sure on Bushra too. We were staring at the sleeping anaconda loose and flaccid yet it reach around 5 to 6 inch length and thick like roll. What caught our impression was the huge size of his cock, it is flaccid yet enormous, what will it become when aroused to its full length.
Bushra was transfixed at the sight of his sleeping monster and for a moment forgot about her own state. She was only wearing a long t-shirt which she held down to cover her crotch but due to the mesmerizing sight she was witnessing her grip on the hem of t-shirt went loose and unintentionally her nether lips were on display to all her naked glory.
Zain step forward to hold Bushra but because she was sitting he has to bend forward to held her cheeks for a kiss or he has to sit besides her to claim his reward. He choose second way to have his wish fulfilled. He shyly sat besides her and held her cheeks to pull her in to an embrace.
As their lips came forward they closed their eyes and went ahead to feel the softness of their lips. Zain held her from shoulder and lean forward to suck her lips to get all the nectar from the sweet petals. As they were engaged in a deep sensual kiss Zain pushed Bushra on to the cushion behind her. They got rested on cushion for support and meanwhile Bushra straighten her legs and now half lying on her back.
Zain also lie besides her and put his leg on her bare thighs. I don’t know whether Bushra was aware or not but the t-shirt has ridden up so high that it lie above her naval and her pussy was completely bare and I can see the glistening moisture at her lips confirming her arousal.
On the other hand Zain’s cock was resting over her thighs and by then it was fully erect to its full size and it was nearly 12 inches long as by far it was the longest cock I have ever seen. His hand was resting on her right boob and he started massaging her perky boob and very slowly he started inserting his palm in to her t-shirt to feel her soft bare flesh.
It was too much for me to hold and out of desperation, I said, “I have just asked for a kiss now will you to stop your love making or should I leave, cause I don’t have that patience to watch such erotic sight without doing nothing.”
They got startled from my statement and instantly moved away from each other covering their parts. Bushra was crimson red out of shyness and Zain was looking away to avoid further embarrassment.
Okay now that’s enough for today, now will you leave us two, so that we can have some peaceful sleep and I guess you too will have a satisfied sleep now as you got what you always desire, right brother.
He went away while smiling out of shyness and Bushra went to hide der face in cushion to avoid eye contact.
“It seems you two were very desperate for this love making I only said once and you two started doing it without any protest. So now it’s confirm you will become my future sister in law for sure.” I said while teasing her more.
“Oh! Stop it now, you will pay for this bitch, you have purposefully created the plot, so that I will be embarrassed. I will make sure you will pay for what you did.” She said while playfully punching me into the ribs.
“Ah! You bitch it’s hurt, let me teach you some manners.” I jumped at her to get hold of her waist to tickle her.

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