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Son fucked his own mother

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Hi guys this is my first story and my first experience with my mother
how I seduced her fucked her. Coming to the story my name is Akshay 20
years old from Hyderabad with a good athletic body and my mother name
is pramila 44 a sexy body assets 32 30 34 . One day while she was
bathing she forgot her bra and panty after her bath she came out with
a towel covering her body she thought that I was in sleep but I was
acting like I was sleeping and I say her beautiful body in towel she
removed her towel and she was wearing her panty and for the first time
I saw her pussy then she was wearing her bra and both her boobs were
like melons and by seeing it I started masturbating and from that day
onwards my lust was started on my mother . We both would sleep
together daily from that day my behaviour has gone changed at night
time I couldn’t control my feelings and I started putting my hands on
her boobs I would slowly squeeze them when she was in deep sleep daily
I would be squeezing them one day my feelings were crossing it limits
and I couldn’t control one day slowly I inserted my hand in her pussy
and would be fingering slowly daily it became my routine job and one
day she woke up suddenly in the night while I was fingering I suddenly
removed the hand and pretended like sleeping I observed that she gave
a angry look. Next day morning I remembered about the last night
incident and was in so much of fear but my was like nothing was
happened she came near to me and told me to brush and have my
breakfast i said ok and got fresh later we both were at our breakfast
no one was there in the house I asked my mom were are they she told me
that everyone has gone to marriage and will be after two days after
listening it inner I was thinking that anyway in these two days I have
to fuck my mom. So I was in a joy of it then I asked my mom why you
have not gone she replied me simply am not feeling well I asked her
what happened she was saying nothing I was forcibly asking her what
happened then she told me that she is on her date that mean her
periods time so she can’t go to those functions then I became silent
and was in a wonder after listening those words from my mom later in
the night my went to have her bath and she came out of the bathroom in
a nighty which shocked me and made me heated and I was in a mood that
i cant control my feelings soon after she felt asleep i started
squeezing her boobs slowly then I inserted my hand in her panty i was
in a shock that my mother lied me that she is having her periods
because there was no any precautionary one inside it and i could
slowly listen the moaning of her and she was also involved in it and
she gave me a green signal and I started squeezing her boobs licked
her pussy inserted my dick in her pussy

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