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Son Taking Control of Mother

25 Min Read

Susan would remember the day for the rest of her life.
Feb 8th, 2003. That was the day her husband left her
with a 2nd mortgage, near bankruptcy, and a 17 yr old
son. She was so depressed, so fucking useless. At 36
years old people still thought she was pretty.
Her son’s friends often said she looked like Jennifer
Garner on Alias (albeit a decade older). Susan did not
agree. Yes she had reddish brown hair and kept her
athletic 5ft 3 in frame in good shape. But her ass was
much thicker, and her breasts were 36 C. She always
felt both were too big, and worked hard to at least
keep them firm.
“I don’t care what the boys say, I’m 36, have a 17 yr
old, and am nowhere near as pretty as a TV star,” she
laughed to herself.
She always enjoyed the compliments she got on her
looks. But deep down she felt insecure. She just knew
she was only a little better than average.
Apparently her husband knew it too.
He left her for a 23-year-old Jr. assistant. The only
good thing to come of this was how close she came to be
with her son. John had been amazing. She did not ask it
but he had cut off every tie with his father.
“Mom he left you, he cheated on you. Fuck him, stupid
little asshole. How can he be stupid enough to think he
can do better than YOU? If I had a woman like you I
would never let her go. I’d show her every day that I
was glad she belonged to me. He hurt you mom, and as
far as I am concerned he is dead, ” My son said and
then pulled me in close for a long slow hug.
It felt so good, to be defended. To know there was
someone on MY side. I sometimes forget how large my son
is. At 6ft 3 in he was a foot taller than me. He often
ran and lifted weights, so he was layered in a thick
slab of muscle. I felt so small next to him as his deep
voice rumbled over me…it felt odd.
Money was tight. I had only been working part time. We
almost had no savings of which my husband got half. (I
believe he had a secret account but could not prove
it). I received child support and six months of
Alimony, eventually but it took 4 months for it to kick
That’s where John really surprised me, made me realize
what a fine man he was growing into. Without my
knowledge my son immediately sold the fully loaded 2003
T-Bird his father had brought him for Christmas. He got
$18,000 for it. Then he cleaned out half his savings
account, from his part time job. My 17-year-old boy
handed me a check for $21,000. He then informed me he
would begin working a split shift before and after
“John my god thank you. But this is your money, I can’t
accept. I just can’t. Look, if we get desperate, I may
have to come to you for help for a month or two. Thank
you so much for offering John it was very sweet.”
John reached out and pulled me into his lap. It caught
me off guard; I certainly did not expect it. My feet
barely touched the floor, I felt like a little girl on
her daddy’s knee.
“Mom, I love you and I WANT to take care of you. I just
can’t stand the thought of you worrying about money.
You will never have to come to me and ask me to dole it
out. I don’t want that mom. Take it all and use it as
you see fit, ” he said as I started to cry.
I snuggled in his arms and felt safe for the first time
in a long time. I slowly drifted off to sleep.
I awoke the next morning when the sun peeked through my
bedroom window. I was chilly; I don’t remember how I
got there. I looked down and got the shock of my life.
I was nearly naked. All I had on was a sports bra and a
pair of panties. I could not believe it. John must have
carried me up to bed, stripped my clothes off and
tucked me in. I could not help but blush when I
realized how much of me he had seen. I was a little
pissed at him too.
“What is wrong with him, I’ve gotta have a talk with
him. This is ridiculous. I’m his mother!”
At first I was angry but slowly I calmed down. Was I
blowing this out of proportion? What had he really
done? John had seen me in bra and panties before. I
mean I did not parade around in front of him, but if I
was changing, or getting ready for work in the morning
he might get a glimpse in passing. He probably had
thought nothing of it; he just put me to bed and tucked
me in. If I said anything it would crush him. If he
thought his mother did not trust him…he was my son!
He had been so good to me lately; I could not bear the
thought of me damaging our relationship.
Over the next several months my son asserted himself as
the man of our house. I tried dating once but frankly
my date was very nervous around my 6ft 3in, 230 lbs
son. John walked in on us kissing once and the look
that flashed across his eyes was anger, he seemed hurt
by it. All he said was, “Excuse me. I did not know you
were making out in here. I’ll leave.”
For some reason I felt guilty. I guess I believed that
he was hurt to see me with a man other than his father.
I got the papers in the mail, the final divorce decree.
I had been doing pretty well but this threw me for a
loop. Then to make matters worse I saw them. My husband
and his slut were walking arm in arm through Wal-mart.
I turned the corner and there they were. It was too
much. It hurt so bad to know that you have been
replaced, to see that you are an old, ugly worthless
piece of shit. I went home turned off the lights,
crawled into bed and fell asleep.
I had a bad nightmare. I thought my husband was cutting
me up a piece at a time and throwing me in the
trashcan. I was crying, pleading, begging my smiling
husband not to. His new wife was in her wedding dress
and kept saying, “Dear I asked you to take out the
“NO you can’t, stop STOP cutting me!” I shrieked out in
my fevered dream.
Suddenly I was awake.
A man was holding me, pressed tight against me. I could
smell him, feel his hot breath. I was wrapped up tight
in his strong arms as he kissed the back of my neck and
gently “Shushed” me.
“Whhu, huh John, is that you?” I cried out in the
pitch-dark room.
“I’ve got you, I’ve got you baby don’t worry, I’m here.
You’re safe. Go back to sleep mom, I’ll take care of
It was surreal. Once again I was almost naked with my
son in the room. I did not even have a bra on this
time. Just a nighty and panties. At least it was dark,
he could not see me. But I could feel him. I could feel
my boy’s thick cock pressing into my ass. His arms were
folded right against my breasts.
I had to do something.
“John, thank you for waking me up. I feel much better
now you don’t have to stay. Let me up.”
“Shh, I’m not going anywhere. Now be quiet and go back
to sleep.”
I know it was wrong, but what could I do? Short of
kicking and screaming–clawing my way out of the bed,
he had me. A part of me thought, “He’s just taking care
of me. He IS the man of the house now.”
It felt good to be protected. The dream HAD scared me,
and being cradled by a strong man felt good. Just for a
second I relaxed and enjoyed it. I allowed myself to
snuggle down and nestle with my son. That was all it
took. Slowly I drifted back to a deep, contended sleep.
Things changed after that night. My son began acting
inappropriately to me. At first it was little things.
One day I was walking by and he slapped me on the ass.
“Nice and tight mom, looking good.”
He started making it a practice to give me hug whenever
he came in or left the house. The hugs became longer
and tighter. As a joke he often lifted me in the air by
my armpits, like a little girl, and supported me under
the butt with his arm.
“How’s my girl doing today? Tell me all about it. ”
The fact was John was so strong, I was afraid to
squirm. wiggle and fail. I would look pathetic, if I
could not get down. So he just held me for about 10
minutes. Then he walked to the couch and sat down with
me facing him in his lap. This happened once or twice a
Then he started “Accidentally” walking in on me while I
was changing. It wasn’t every day, and he would always
apologize but…
Another time he bent down and gave me a kiss on the
lips. He did not make out with me, but it lasted for a
couple of seconds.
When he was little I used to tickle him mercilessly.
One day out of the blue John decided to return the
“…John what are you doing…no, tee heee let me go.
Gasp oh god get off! John let me go, snicker, chuckle,
It went on for several minutes. John just held me down
and ran his hands all over my body. My stomach and tits
and underarms were choice targets. It was more than
tickling–it was fondling. My son was fondling my
breasts, cupping them, mashing and rolling while he
straddled my crotch. It’s hard to explain, it was
almost sexual. It was doing something to me down there.
You have to remember that it had been over a year since
I had sex. I could not decide if I wanted to cum or
I became frantic because I did not want my son to make
me do either one!
It made no difference. John straddled me and had both
tits in his large hands. I could feel his hard dick
pounding into me, humping me, as he tickled my nipples.
Suddenly I felt the first hot burst of urine dripping
out of me.
I was completely humiliated.
“Let me up, let me up you made me piss myself damn it!”
I said crying as John finally allowed me to go to the
bathroom. I could not hold it in, as the urine stained
my jeans and the carpet. I quickly hopped in the shower
and let the tears flow from my eyes, while piss dripped
from my pussy.
What had just happened? I felt violated. It was about
to get worse.
The bathroom door opened as I stood naked in the
shower. John walked in and got in the shower with me.
“Mom I’m sorry I made you wet yourself, I was just
goofing around. Do you forgive me?”
“John get out of here right now! What the fuck do you
think you are doing mister?! How dare you!”
“Aww mom it’s just us, don’t freak out. I made you get
dirty, so now I’m going to help you get clean.”
I could not believe what I was hearing, I refused to
understand until he turned on the water and began to
lather me up. John soaped and fondled my breasts, ass,
and slowly fingered my pussy. He removed his clothes
and hugged me close. It was the first time I had seen
his 8-inch man-cock.
“Mom I want you to clean me now. Wash me good baby.
Nice and slow.”
I flatly refused. Enough is too much.
“You are sick John, something is wrong with you. I am
your mother. You need help son,” I said as I tried to
fight my way out of the shower.
It pissed him off.
“That’s it mom, it’s time you learned that I am the man
of this house, that you are supposed to take care of
your man. You will please me, I can do anything I want.
You are going to learn that you are mine. Right,
fucking. NOW!” He roared.
John dragged me naked and wet out of the shower. He
grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked me down the
hall to my bed.
“I want you to know that I love you mom. Once you start
treating me with respect as your man, I will be so good
to you little baby. I don’t want to fight you. Just
obey me, do what I tell you to do.”
I felt myself going into shock. My loving son was about
to rape me. He made me straddle his lap, and began to
kiss me deeply. Slowly sucking my tongue and clutching
my ass. He was sniffing and licking my face, before he
stood up. My legs were wrapped around him.
“Put me inside baby, stuff me into your pussy. Be my
good little girl, give it to me.”
But I couldn’t do t. I could not grab my son’s cock and
put it inside of me. So he did it for me.
“OW…no!! take it out, you are my son, please don’t do
this. John, you can’t!” I screamed as he held me in the
air and fucked his fat cock into me. I was afraid of
falling so I kept my legs locked around him and held on
with my arms for dear life. John was kissing me hard
“Suck my finger baby, get it nice and wet. I’m gonna
pierce your ass mom. ”
I wailed in despair as I felt his wet finger slide deep
into my asshole while he raped my cunt with savage
thrusts. He used his free hand to grab my throat, not
quite strangling me, but forcing total submission. He
fucked me onto the bed and pinned me there. I had been
a virgin teenager when I married his average dicked
father. At the most his father could last 5 minutes. I
thought he had filled my small pussy…but he was
nothing compared to John.
I was crammed full of cock. My ass full of finger. He
was moving both around inside of me. As the minutes
ticked by I am ashamed to say I could not help but
become excited. Until he gave me the choice. At about 8
minutes I realized my son was about to make me his rape
whore. I was going to cum all over my son’s cock while
he raped me. I began to cry, sobbing and hiccupping in
despair, while his cock pistoned deep inside of me.
“Uh, do you like THAT, huh baby, take it, Take it, TAKE
IT!! Such a tight pussy mom, so good. Do you know how
much I’m gong to fuck you? Heh, my god All day long
you’re gonna be mine. One day, when you are ready you
WILL call me Master. Ok mom, decision time I’m going to
cum inside of you soon. Do you want it in your pussy or
your ass?”
I did not know what to say. Even his finger was very
uncomfortable in my ass. The problem is, I was not on
the pill, and this was not the safest time for me to be
having sex. I could not have HIS child.
“John please stop, you’ve done it, you’ve raped me…
please pull out… slow down damnit, John stop!! Ok,
ok, my ass, fuck my ass you bastard!”
John kept right on humping me, fucking me longer,
deeper, harder, faster. On and on it went. I kept
waiting for him to pull out. I was desperate for him to
fuck my ass, begging like a hopeless crack whore to be
ass fucked. I was terrified he would cum by accident.
He didn’t.
“So good mom, so fucking good. I got you now. There is
nothing you can do. Fuck me back, that’s it fuck your
man like a good little slut. Oh god, oh god here it
cums… YAAARGH, oh I’m filling your pussy, your tight
wet little mommy pussy. Drink all my cum down your
pussy. I love you mom.”
I couldn’t believe what my son had done, how could he
rape and betray me like this. I thought his father was
an asshole but he had never raped me.
John wasn’t the least bit sorry or ashamed.
The sex with my son continues to this day. The Alimony
and child support ended five months ago. I still have
massive debt. Without his income I would have to sell
the house, and pay more money to move into a crappy
Apt. Logically it just made sense to put up with his
rapes. It did not really upset me anymore. I just
accepted that 8 or 9 times a week, I was going to be
grabbed by my son and forcibly raped.
He agreed not to fuck my pussy anymore when I was
fertile, provided I sucked his cock good, and spread my
tight ass submissively for him begging with total
slutty abandon to be reamed. He absolutely refused to
let me go on the pill.
I’ve slowly come to realize that my son has almost
broken me. He controls me. I don’t like it, I wish it
were not so–but he is my Master.
John walked in the room and made me strip for him. He
did not say a word, just pointed to the couch. I stuck
my ass in the air and waited.
“I love you mom, you are a good wife.”
“…(sigh.) Thank you John. I love you too, I said as
he slowly slipped inside me and took control of my ass.
Author’s Note
2004 is off to a rollicking good start. Two stories in
the can and at least one more next week. Feast or
Janet Jackson has shown me her tits, again. God bless
the little slut. It cracks me up how far we all are
outside of mainstream society. I seriously doubt if
anybody who read this entire story felt the urge to
contact CBS and lodge a complaint. The commissioner of
the league is pissing his pants, crying and moaning
about the lack of family values, and all I can think
is, “ZOOM in damn it, ZOOM the fuck in!” Rip her pants
off and spread that fucking twat open and give it a
whiff, a sniff, and a lick from me!”
We may have to agree to disagree.
I do have a couple of pictures of Susan this time. I
can’t send attachments on webtv, so I have given them
to the site owner, and he will be happy to forward them
to you. Some have asked that you wait until the latest
round of viruses are patched.
There, now I can rest easy.

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