South Indian Actresses Fantasy Sex Stories

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My name is arjun, i used to work as actress assistant for many south indian stars. i’m only 22, and due to my hard work (obtaining my diploma). I got the chance to be a real confidant for desperate heroines who got ripped, fucked and treated like bitches from producers to heroes, all well as some politicians using there influence to enjoy them.

I got this work by some luck also, my uncle works also in cine field for more than 20 years, he knows everyone in fingertips, i urged him to make me join this industry as i’m fond of acting and fame. I wanted to live the life and wanted to fulfill my dreams. even though, i’m froma poor family, i wanted to use this job to rise my social status.

I have seen some shooting which took in some places, but never been toe to toe with actresses..
I gonna confess you friends some hot encounters, shocking moments about south indian actresses, mainly those hot young ladies who can do anything to be fame..

My uncle came to my place where i spending time. i’ve finished my course and waiting for a job. i really wanted to work in cine industries and specially for heroines. Each time my uncle come to visit us, he brings some pictures taken with artists, stars while working, i’m attracted to this and really wanted to share a small space with heorines. i remember some top notch heroines with whom he took some photos, kushboo, kasthuri, meena, and even tamannah recently…
what a job man? being with super hot figures for day along, helping them in their make-up works, taking care of their pets etc..

My uncle name is Vinoth, he showed this time some pictures with heroes as well, Surya, Kamal, and event though with the one & only “Superstar”!

this time he came with a surprise too..he got me a job for an upcmoing star..he didnt mention the name but i eargely expect that she is a woman and not a actor…and too my luck he doesnt disclose

the name. It doesnt matter to me, for now , my only dream is to have ajob, and i can surpass and have a chance on day to screw an actress..the time is not too long!!

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