Spanking my Wife and her Friend

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I will not go into detail here on how it came to be, but I, John, have been enslaved by my wife, Lisa. She has managed to put me under her complete control. I must do exactly as she commands at all times, or face punishment. She is in general a stern though loving mistress. She ensures that I behave properly, but rewards good behavior, and has my best interests at heart as long as I behave and serve her well. On the whole, my servitude has overcome my natural inclinations to laziness, procrastination, unhealthful diet, improper lusts and lack of exercise. She has truly “whipped me into shape” and improved my character in many ways. In short, she has made all those improvements in my male defects that women everywhere wish or hope they could make in their men, but usually do not have the power to achieve.
My bondage however is severe and complete. I am owned and controlled body and soul. I would of course prefer to return to my more natural habits and behavior, and would do so if she were to relax her control. While I admit to the improvements it has made in me, it is of course utterly humiliating for a male to be so controlled by a female, and aside from this anonymous account that she has required me to write, I try to keep it as secret as I possibly can. Having other people notice how controlled I am, even in small or ordinary ways, is emasculating and humiliating in the extreme. Being seen as “hen-pecked” or “pussy whipped” is about the ultimate embarrassment or indignity for a male. Admitting it, even in secret, is totally humbling and embarrassing.
She generally prefers to keep me completely naked around the house. She says she enjoys having a naked male slave serving her and waiting on her attentively, and she says she enjoys watching my body as I go about my duties. It tends to increase her sexual desire, which is fine with both of us, however I have no choice in the matter regardless. I must satisfy her desires, but any sexual pleasure I may be permitted is entirely at her whim. She also says that being able to see at a glance the state of my penis helps her know what I am thinking or feeling. It makes it completely impossible for me to hide my male thoughts from her at any time. It also affords her complete access to my body, for control, discipline or reward (should she so desire) or to use or abuse as she pleases.. She seems to enjoy being so completely in control of me, and being able to all but read my male mind, which of course is primarily centered in my cock and balls.
Our back yard is fairly secluded, so when I have to work out in back, she usually keeps me nude. Sometimes, she allows me to wear a thong to keep my prick from getting pricked by the bushes or something, and shoes. When I have to work in the front yard, she puts me in shorts, but I have to strip to enter the house. Working outside with little or nothing on keeps me well tanned.
She has total control of my diet and exercise and has me fitter than ever. She says that if she is going to keep a naked slave, he is not going to be just a fat slob husband. She wants to enjoy looking at my body, so she keeps it well toned, and she closely monitors my rigorous exercise plan. She has set me up with a personal trainer at the gym, female of course – as my mistress strongly believes that males need constant female control. My trainer, to my total shame, is completely informed of my enslavement, and has been given authority to command me. This eliminates any need for her to ask or persuade me to do what I need to do She simply orders that I do it or be punished, either on the spot or when my trainer reports any problems to my wife later. While punishment by my wife is bad enough, to be publicly punished in the gym by another woman would add even greater humiliation, so I work very hard to meet her directives. The result is, I have lost about 50 pounds, and am trim and fit.
Working out in spandex under the close supervision of my trainer tends to be arousing. It can be quite embarrassing to be so visibly aroused in front of her, but there is no way to conceal it. She finds my situation quite amusing. She may even give me an occasional tweak in my privates if she feels like it. She exploits my enslavement for her amusement and to keep me working as hard as possible.
I do still have to go to work during the week to support us. Lisa makes sure I am doing my job well in order to support her well. There is no chance for me to slack off while I am at work, as she reviews my performance evaluations, and keeps track of me during my work day by numerous methods. A web cam in my office allows her check on me and make sure I am staying on task at all times. She has even threatened to call my female boss, or perhaps worse my secretary, and have a discussion with them of my situation. I am always aware that if I fail in any way, such ultimate humiliations are always within my wife’s power. Strangely, I find the thought of such ultimate incredible humiliation to be arousing, a fact I am unable to conceal from my wife, just as I am unable to conceal anything from her. But though imagining such a humiliation is arousing, the reality would be horrible beyond imagining.
A primary means of her control over me is the clear plastic chastity tube she has installed on the end of my penis. It prevents me from any unauthorized touching, so my sexual release is completely under her control at all times. Further, it does not even allow me to pee without her permission, ensuring her absolute and complete control over my body and mind. The device does not restrict my erections in any way, which is fortunate, as her control keeps me highly sexually aroused a great deal of the time. This also allows her to easily note my arousal at a glance, which increases her ability to control me.
She makes sure that I pee just before I go to work in the morning. Of course, by the time I get home, I am quite desperate to pee, and am in considerable discomfort from my full bladder. That certainly assures that I hurry right home without any dawdling. Once or twice, I have gotten desperate and had to call her during the day and beg to be allowed to pee, and she has had to drive down to unlock my cock. I had to be punished later for her inconvenience, so I try to drink as little as possible during the day. That has completely cured me of my caffeine addiction, and having alcohol with lunch is completely out of the question, which also keeps me working hard all day (in more ways than one).
Usually when I get home, she has reserved the time to assure my discipline and good behavior. I am required to immediately strip completely naked as soon as I come in the back door. I must then present myself for her inspection, then with her permission, drop to all fours to kiss her feet, and then beg to be allowed to pee. Sometimes she is busy when I get home in which case of course I just have to wait as patiently as I can, and not disturb her in whatever she may be doing. If she is talking on the phone or whatever, she certainly does not want me interrupting her with my “problem” like a little boy nagging at her to ask to go pee-pee. So if I see that she is busy, I must stand quietly, naked, out of her way, with my bladder ready to burst. and my penis locked up in her control device, usually hard as a rock as well, which means that even after she releases the pee-lock, it is still pretty hard to pee through my erection. I try not to whine or dance too much, as it will only earn me some discipline of one sort or another, maybe a paddling on the spot, a spanking a little later, a night without sexual release, or just having to wait even longer to pee. If I am good and wait patiently without bothering her, she is apt to reward me with a little light stroking of my penis after my pee, or some kindly petting of my bare bottom.
One day, I came home from work as usual desperate for permission to pee, to find my wife having coffee at the dining room table with two of her women friends, Wendy and Janet. All three are all quite attractive women who would turn heads anywhere. I knew the rule, that I was supposed to strip immediately and present myself naked for inspection, but I didn’t want to do that in front of her friends. In addition to the fear of being exposed naked (which would be bad in enough), I also feared the humiliation of having my chastity tube shown to them, and then the likely explanation of my slavery that is the reason for it. That would be just way too embarrassing. Not only that day, but anytime I ever saw them in the future, I would be humiliated again by their knowing my situation. I walked into the dining room and said hello to them, then leaned down to whisper in my wife’s ear to please not make me strip in front of her friends and to please let me pee in private. As you can imagine, she was quite annoyed, both because I was interrupting her conversation, and also because I was ignoring her clear rules. She turned and told me sternly to quit avoiding it and get stripped immediately, and that I would certainly need to be punished for my disobedience. Well, I turned beet red with embarrassment, and her two friends jaws dropped open in amazement. I knew there was no way out, and very reluctantly began to remove my clothes.
Wendy and Janet started looking a little embarrassed also. Wendy said maybe they should leave us alone. But Lisa insisted they stay:
“Oh, don’t go. You are both married, so you’ve both seen naked men before. I think you should stay and see this. Besides, he really needs to be disciplined and having you here will help make the point.”
Lisa told her friends not to worry, that I was completely in her control and required to obey her every command as her slave. Their initial embarrassment turned to amusement as they saw how I was forced to do whatever Lisa demanded, and they began giggling as got my shirt off and dropped my slacks to reveal a thong brief. I hesitated at that point, only to receive a very stern swat on a bare bun as my wife told me to quit dawdling and get naked this instant.
“Will he really do anything you tell him to?” Janet asked. “You really have him that well trained?”
“Given his present condition, he really has no choice, and besides that he’d darn well better, or I’ll tan his little bottom, or worse, and he knows it.”
Since I had just stripped to my thong brief in front of three women and had my bottom swatted, it was pretty obvious that she was right. Humiliating though it was, I slipped the thong right off, to reveal my locked up genitals, which provoked huge giggles from the women, and resulted in my blushing from head to toe. My penis was now shriveling in its tube at my acute shame.
The intense giggling from Wendy and Janet didn’t stop them from checking out my body with their eyes. My hands involuntarily went to the “fig leaf” position as I stood there for inspection. Lisa picked up her long handled wooden spoon and rapped my knuckles, forcing me to quickly jerk my hands away. She then used the spoon to deliver three stinging spanks to my bare behind, leaving it even redder than the rest of me.
She rather crossly told me: “You know better than to try to cover your cock in front of me. Now behave yourself and quit acting up in front of my company. You are embarrassing me with your reluctant obedience. You will have to be punished for your slowness to obey. Continuing to be naughty like that will make it much worse for you. Now behave yourself!
Well, I don’t know which was more humiliating, the “dressing down” or the undressing, but either way, I didn’t think it could get much worse.
It required great effort for me to resist trying to cover up with my hands. My wife pointed to the floor and snapped her fingers, requiring me to drop to kiss her feet. The other two ladies were quite amazed at my docility. Now completely naked and humiliated at my slavery anyway, I again begged for my wife to please let me pee, but since I had annoyed her by interrupting her friends’ visit, she told me I would have to wait a bit longer, and to go stand in the corner until she was ready. I went to the corner and assumed the “parade rest” position, facing out, with my hand behind my back and feet apart. Lisa then explained things in a bit more detail to her still amused and giggling girlfriends while I stood, utterly shamed in the corner facing them. As they listened and asked questions, they kept glancing over at me, and looking me up and down appraisingly. I felt my penis begin to swell, which they were quick to notice and comment on.
Finally, Lisa called me back over to, hefted by cock and showed them the chastity tube. Wendy said: “Wow, Lisa, for months you’ve told us you had him under control, but until now, it was hard to believe. That penis lock really does work!” This came as a huge shock to me. What I had thought was my secret shame, had been a lot more public than I knew:
That was when I realized this was not entirely news to Wendy and Janet, but that Lisa had already told them about her control over me. Until that moment, even standing there naked, spanked, ordered, scolded and controlled in front of Lisa’s girlfriends, I had still hoped that my humiliation would not be known outside that room. Now I knew that my secret was already out. Suddenly I realized why Wendy and Janet had been giving me strange looks for months whenever they were around me. It hadn’t been too overt, but they had tended to smile or giggle at me as if my fly were open or something, which had been making me uncomfortable. I was wondering if maybe the penis tube had been slightly visible through my pants. Now I understood that they had known about it for months, and had been smirking about not only that, but about what a sissy I was, being completely controlled by my wife.
I should have known that women tell each other almost everything about their husbands.. Now I was wondering how many others knew, and just how public my slavery really was? Even knowing I was not allowed to speak, I almost asked anyway, but I knew asking would only get me another spanking. Lisa would tell me what she wanted me to know, whenever she wanted to tell me, and asking would only delay me getting to pee, for which my need was now so great, I was barely able to stand still and upright.
As I began fidgeting, standing there next to Lisa, she told me to stand still and be quiet while she finished her conversation. The girls started talking among themselves again, laughing and giggling. I can’t honestly say I could follow the conversation, as I was too distracted by my focus on my bladder, my stinging butt, and my embarrassment at my nakedness. In addition, as she talked, Lisa began sort of idly fondling my balls. She didn’t seem to be paying much attention to what she was doing, just sort of absent mindedly massaging them. This was pretty hard to stand still for, but I did my best. My penis, which had gone soft from the embarrassment, started hardening, lengthening and rising, much to my further embarrassment. Getting an obvious erection in front of females is acutely embarrassing. I think it is because it lets the female read the male’s mind and know how much he craves her attentions. It is humiliating to be so much at the mercy of female whim, and for them to know how much power they hold over us.
Wendy and Janet were facing me and were clearly noticing my growing problem, much to their interest and amusement, though they just continued their female gossip with Lisa for a while, but when that subject was done, Janet pointed out my erection to Lisa, and asked how the chastity device worked.
Lisa ordered me to go around next to Wendy and Janet, so they could get a closer look and feel. As they examined it, she explained how it worked and what it did. Unfortunately for my embarrassment, their manipulations and my exposure caused me to become ever more aroused, to my ever greater humiliation.
By this time, the pain from my bladder was unendurable, and I just couldn’t stand it any more. I again dropped to all fours, kissed Lisa’s feet, and begged her to please, please let me pee. She was not at all pleased. With the wooden spoon she whacked my rear (which was sticking up in the air) and said: “Young man, your silly male needs should never interfere with my orders, and you’ve just earned a severe spanking when I get to it. But since I want to show the girls how the tube works anyway, I will let you pee now, but you have to do it here where they can watch. Go get a pitcher to pee in and be quick about it.”
Having to pee in front of spectators is not easy for me, even in front of other men. It is also extremely embarrassing. I had learned to do it in front of Lisa, but the audience of Wendy and Janet seemed far worse. I really didn’t have a choice though. I went to the kitchen to get a half gallon pitcher, then came back to Lisa’s side of the table. She said, “No, John, you need to come back to where Wendy and Janet can get a close look.” That was just what I was afraid of.
On wobbling knees, I went over to their side of the table. My penis was fully erect inside its clear tube. I set the pitcher on the table. Lisa got a pair of handcuffs from a drawer and gave me the command: “Hands!” I put my hands behind my back and she cuffed them there. She explained to Wendy and Janet that since I was well trained she usually didn’t bother with the cuffs, but given how naughty I had been, she thought it would be good to demonstrate the whole training process and to keep me always under lock and key in one way or another.
Then she showed them how the penis control device worked. The device consists of a clear tube about two inches long, closed on the end with a rounded cap shaped more or less like the end of the penis. When locked in place, the tube covers the sensitive glans end part of the penis. It locks in place by two clips that go through two piercings in the glans of the penis, one on each side. (I will save the story of being taken for the piercing for later). So it sort of “floats” out at the end of the penis, moving in or out as the penis hardens or softens. It is just large enough in diameter to allow for my fully enlarged sexually aroused state, and fits loosely when my penis shrinks. In my soft state, it covers my whole penis and pushes against my balls. In my hard state, it only covers the end, but stops me from masturbating, since I can’t touch the sensitive part. I can get aroused, but then I can’t do anything about it but get frustrated.
A urinary plug about one inch long protrudes inside from the center of the end cap. When the cap is put in place, the urinary plug fits up into the urethra about and inch and a half. The plug needs a little lubricant when being put in place to allow it to stick up inside the urethra. The plug is hollow and flexible. After it is inside my cock, a little rod is forced up inside it from the outer end, forcing it to swell out and block off the urethra. Under extreme pressure, I can force a little urine to leak out around the plug, but it puddles in the tube and then wets my pants or the floor, and I can’t get enough pee out to relieve myself, so I don’t try that. Aside from the embarrassment of peeing my pants, it would also get me a switching when Lisa found out. I suppose you might wonder why I don’t just rip the thing off and free myself from enslavement, but to do so would likely result in serious damage to my cock. I even tried one time to just pull it off, but there was just no way it was going to happen. I was well and truly under Lisa’s control.
Janet asked: “Wow, this cock lock is neat. Did you make this yourself, or did you buy it somewhere.”
“Oh, no” Lisa answered. “I didn’t bother with it myself. I just had John figure it out and make it. Males spend half their time thinking about their penises anyway, so getting them to work on anything to do with their penis is no problem at all. Males are so silly. I will never understand male fascination with body parts. If they aren’t thinking about their dick, they are thinking about tits, butts and vaginas. I can’t imagine how a few body parts can be such an endless source of interest for them. It’s really infantile, but that’s the way they are, so we might as well take advantage of it, and use it to get them to serve us.”
This provoked nods, knowing smirks and giggles all around. All this went on with them huddled around examining my penis and how this control device fit on it, with me standing there as if I were just a pet or something. Actually, maybe that’s not too far wrong. Well, I was a pet whose hands were cuffed behind him and who desperately needed to piss.
Finally, Lisa said they were going to let me pee. She asked Janet to hold the pitcher, and told Wendy to hold my penis pointing into the pitcher, since I obviously could not do it myself. She said it was actually pretty interesting to get to hold a penis while a guy pees.
She then took her little key on its lanyard from under her blouse and unlocked the control device on my penis. In the area above my aching balls and rock hard erection there was a mighty contest at my prostate to let the pee through the sphincter that my arousal was trying to keep closed. There was also a great contest between the relief of my bladder and my shame at having them all watching. I don’t even like peeing in trough urinals where other men can see, so having three attractive women holding and watching really made it difficult. I strained, and all of a sudden, a huge stream began to fill the pitcher. I can tell you the relief was absolutely incredible. I have to admit that I pretty much lost all shame because of the intense feeling of orgasmic pleasure in finally being able to piss. I even think I felt a little male pride in my manly ability to pee standing up. While they had all seen males pee before, I don’t think they had ever paid such close attention to a penis during urination. Lisa suggested they squeeze my penis while I peed to start and stop the stream. Wendy squeezed down a bit, and the stream blasting out slowed a bit. She was fascinated by the feel of holding a penis like a man did while peeing. Then Janet handed Lisa the pitcher and took a turn holding and squeezing my cock. Finally the stream stopped. I stood there for a minute getting the last few spurts out and trying to get as empty as I possibly could (since I could never tell when I would be allowed to pee next). Lisa told Janet to try shaking my penis to get the drop off of the end, like a male does. Wendy slapped it smartly against the lip of the pitcher until it seemed mostly dry, then let go. Lisa demonstrated to them how to put the pee lock back in and how to lock the tube back over my penis, which seemed to fascinate them. She also showed them the cock ring that was locked on above my balls, where she could attach a leash if she wanted. Janet remarked how the male anatomy seemed so well suited to this sort of control, as if it were just how we males were supposed to be kept, which elicited knowing superior looks accompanied by giggles from them all.
Well, then the worst was to begin. Lisa told me that I was now going to get the paddling I had earned and to go fetch the paddle. Well getting paddled in public was really more than I could stand. I actually started to cry as I stood there still handcuffed. My lip was trembling, my eyes started dropping tears, and small sobs started in my chest.
I started to beg: “Oh, no please, Lisa, not here,” I sobbed. “Not in front of them. Please, oh please don’t paddle me in front of your friends. I’ll be a good boy, I promise, I will. Please can’t you just do it in the other room. I won’t be naughty again.”
Lisa was not the least sympathetic to my pleas. In fact, it just annoyed her even more: She snapped, “You naughty, naughty little boy! You were naughty in front of my friends, so you should expect to be punished for it in front of them as well! If you were really going to behave, you wouldn’t be whining and crying to avoid my direct order. Now go get the paddle right this instant!” At which point she sent me stumbling off to fetch it my giving me a huge whack on the butt with the wooden spoon.
Since my hands were still cuffed, I had to pick it from its hook in the kitchen with my teeth, and bring it back to her. The paddle is an old ping pong paddle. I came back and stood there holding the paddle in my teeth, still sniffling and crying. Lisa took the paddle, scooted her chair back, and pointed to her knees in the command to assume the spanking position. She was wearing shorts, which left her thighs and knees bare. I lay down across her knees. She spread her legs, and adjusted my penis so it stuck down between her legs. Wendy and Janet were seated opposite facing her. Lisa explained that she always keeps my penis hanging down to avoid me starting to hump her leg if it were over her legs. She suggested they watch what it does during the paddling.
She then commenced to deliver a very thorough spanking. She gave me a whack on one side, then one on the other, then one in the middle across both cheeks, then down at the base of my butt, then wherever she thought it looked like it needed to be a little bit redder. As she spanked me, she was giving me a lecture, punctuated by the paddle: “You males are all alike.” (whack!) “No matter how old you get you are still naughty boys”. (whap!) “I expect you to do exactly as I tell you.” (spank!!) “Just because there are guests present, don’t think that excuses you from doing what I tell you.” (slap) “When I tell you to do something, I mean NOW.” (whack!!!!) “I hope you learn your lesson well, or you know I will do this again.” (smack!!) “You males never seem to grow up, do you?” (splat!!) “These girls were expecting to see a well trained male here, and you let me down.” (spank!) “We won’t have that happen again, will we, young man?” (whap) “I can’t imagine what made you think you could question my orders.” (whack) “I’m sure that won’t happen next time, will it?” (smack) “If I want your opinion, I’ll let you know.” (spank!!!) “Your crying and whining just makes it worse.” (whap) “No one wants to hear your whining, especially not me.” (spank) “You think your pee-pee is the most important thing I have to think about?” (slap) “Well, it’s no excuse for interrupting me.” (whack) “Next time, you’ll know that my company comes before your little problems.” (spank)
I have to tell you that being paddled with a ping-pong paddle really hurts! And I mean hurts! One swat is bad enough, but a full fledged spanking session is no laughing matter to the naughty spankee. Each new sting hurts worse than the last, and the punishment just keeps building. It accomplishes just what it is intended to do: Stop misbehavior and make sure I regret it and try to do exactly as I am told in the future. So while Lisa gave me the spanking of my life, there was nothing I could do to avoid yelling in pain at each new sting, and pleading and crying for her to stop. There was no nonsense about counting blows. As she explained to Wendy and Janet, she believed in just giving whatever she felt like and whatever seemed necessary to make sure the paddling broke me down completely. It didn’t take a whole lot to do that under these circumstances with the ladies watching my complete shame. I was crying, kicking, yelping at the smacks, begging for mercy and wiggling around frantically on Lisa’s knees. It was obvious that I was utterly and completely under her control. I guess there is probably no more humbling and undignified position to be in than laying naked across a woman’s knees with my bare but sticking up in the air, and my head and feet hanging off on each side. For some reason, Wendy and Janet seemed to find my predicament extremely amusing. I guess watching a full grown man being put in the position of a young naughty little boy, his bare behind being blistered with a paddle, crying and wiggling, must be a funny sight to a woman.
On top of that, having the girls watching and laughing at not only the bare-assed paddling, but my helpless and pathetic reaction to it was so utterly and completely shameful and degrading that the psychological effect was perhaps even worse. Knowing that these women viewed me as nothing more than a naughty little boy getting his bottom spanked (as he so well deserved for talking back to a woman) just took away any vestige of pride or self respect.
Then they noticed that my penis between Lisa’s knees was getting very long and hard. It was really throbbing – almost as bad as my butt. If I could have done anything to relieve the erection, I would have done just about anything. They stood up and came over for a better look. As Lisa continued to batter my butt, Wendy knelt down and felt my penis, while Janet stood behind me looking at my bare behind, with my balls revealed between my legs as I wriggled. I can tell you the pain was intense, but the shame was just about as bad. Wendy said she was amazed that the paddling produced such a strong erection. She thought the pain would have the opposite affect. Janet said: ” Are you sure this is really punishment? It looks like he is actually enjoying it.” Through my cries, I said “No, no no, it hurts, it hurt, it hurts!” Lisa was still giving me some good ones, and my behind was absolutely on fire. She replied “Male erections can result from almost any stimulation. Males are basically infantile and getting spanked over a woman’s knees appeals to that infantile male sensibility. That is one of the reasons it is so easy to put a man under a woman’s control. A man expects to be controlled by a woman. He needs it.”
Wendy then reached under me and took hold of my shaft to feel how hard it was. Of course it was still capped off, so there was no danger of me cumming. She gave the accessible part of the shaft a few strokes, and then felt, cupped and massaged my testicles, all as I was getting the spanking and the lecture at the same time. She was impressed at how totally hard the spanking and humiliation had made me, and I was groaning with obvious desire, and thrusting at her hand. Lisa said: “Men are basically just a penis with a few accessories. Nothing else about a man makes much difference. They’re all slaves to their erections, and to any woman who takes advantage of that. They’re really just big babies with fixations on what is happening in their diapers.” Wendy agreed: “A penises is a pretty funny thing, and watching it hanging down there erect because of his spanking and exposure makes it look all the funnier. The neatest thing about penises is how they give away what a male is really thinking and feeling, so he is easier to control.”
Having my erections discussed as infantile took away any possible male pride in it and made it just silly and childish. My penis, that fundamental symbol of potency and maleness, the center of any man’s erotic power, was being treated as an object of amusement. Rather than showing off my power, it was the handle or lever by which a mere woman could control me, mock me, abuse me, and put me completely under her power. I felt like worse than nothing. I felt not merely pathetic, but beneath deserving their notice. I knew I could never face them again without knowing they would be thinking of me just as they saw me at that moment: naked as a baby, acting like a baby and being treated like one. My body was on display for them like a toddler who had wet his pants, laid out on the changing table to be powdered, spanked and diapered. It made me realize how totally I was controlled by women, how infantile I was, and how much I needed to be under their strict control.
Letting these ladies see the obvious fact that I actually found this treatment erotic and arousing was truly awful. Such feelings had been some of my deepest, darkest personal secrets that I was embarrassed even to admit to myself, much less to anyone else. This was something I had never confessed to anyone. Even when my wife discovered it, I assumed no one else would ever know. But now Wendy and Janet could clearly see the erections it produced. No attempt to resist or control it was of any use. I certainly couldn’t hide it, or hide anything else. My feelings were completely obvious to them. Having my most secret feelings naked and exposed to their view was one of my worst nightmares come true.
Finally, Lisa decided that I had had enough, and she ended the paddling, but she continued to hold me in the spanking position over her knees. She asked Wendy to hand her the lotion from next to the kitchen sink. She put some on her hands, and then started rubbing some on my extremely sore bottom. She commented that how enjoyable it was to feel the heat coming off my red butt, and that it was good to show the boy a little kindness after his punishment.
Even in that position, I could sense that this scene had actually turned all three women on. The scent of arousal was in the air, and they were all flushed and giggling. They sat back down, but were sort of wiggling on their seats. Then Lisa told me to get up, go stand in the corner, face the wall and behave myself for a while, so I stood there sniffling, my butt on fire, my penis erect and throbbing, trying to stand still and be quiet while the girls continued their conversation. I’m sure they were also watching by purple bottom.
Janet said that she should be getting home. It was obvious she was thinking about sex with her husband. But then she said: “My slob of a husband is probably just sitting on the couch, drinking beer and watching TV while ignoring all the work that needs to be done and expecting me to come home and make his dinner. Maybe I should try this out on him.”
Lisa said: “By all means at least make him drop his pants, put him over your knees and paddle his bottom a little. It will start making him realize that laziness has consequences.”
Janet said: “Just wait til I tell him how you have whipped John into shape. George has been wondering how John got so fit and trim. He will think it’s pretty funny when he finds out that it all came from John being a total sissy and being controlled by his dick.”
When I heard that, I was scared out of my wits. From my corner, I started begging her not to tell. I would never be able to look George in the eye again if he found out I was so completely pussy-whipped.
All that accomplished was to get Lisa to threaten to give me some more paddling until I settled down. She said, “Now you are sassing us, and even talking back to Janet. You know better than to argue with my friends. I think the best thing would be to give Janet a little practice before she goes home. Janet, would you like to try giving this naughty boy a spanking?”
Janet was a little nervous about it, but she said, yes she thought it would be fun. So Lisa told me to get the paddle and go over to Janet with it. I picked up the paddle from the table in my teeth, and stood in front of Janet still erect. I wouldn’t have thought I could have any shame left, but standing there totally erect, with the penis cover locked on, my butt shining red, the tears still running down my cheeks, and Janet and Wendy smirking at my utter disgrace, continued to make me feel like a little boy being potty trained. Janet straightened out her knees, hiked her skirt up a bit to bare her thighs and snapped her fingers, pointing me to lay across her knees. At that point, I think the rest of my body was just about as red with shame as my butt was from Lisa’s paddling. Shuddering, I lay down over her knees, almost grateful to be able to at least put my erection a little less on display, even if my behind was even more exposed.
Janet then began paddling me. She started out pretty softly, and I thought maybe she was going to go easy on me. But Lisa noticed too, and told her not to be shy about it, but put some force into it: “Remember, it may hurt him a lot, but it also arouses him, so don’t worry that you are doing any damage. Just think about your husband sitting on the couch (spank!), drinking beer (smack!), ignoring housework (whack!), getting fat (spank!), and expecting you to come home, cook his dinner (wow-ow!) and let him use your body for his release (whomp!!).” Well that did it. Janet really started waling away at my butt, and I lost all control again, wriggling, kicking, squirming, crying, begging and yelping at each blow.
Lisa said: “One of the best reasons for blistering your male’s behind is that it keeps him from sitting on it. When you go home and give him the whacking he deserves, he won’t have the least temptation to sit back down on the couch, or anywhere else for the next day or two. He will be on his feet, so you can get some work out of him for a change. Keep the bum off his bum! That’s the way! The other nice thing is, he won’t just roll over on his back in bed and start snoring! It’s the total cure for male snoring!”
Wendy was watching Janet spank me with great interest. She noticed how big and long my prick still was. She asked how I could possibly get aroused by such punishment. Lisa suggested she find out how aroused I really was, and handed Wendy the key to my penis tube. Wendy knelt down under my squirming body, unlocked the tube and slipped it off. She took hold of the end of it and began milking me. Despite Janet continuing to paddle me, I couldn’t help but respond to the touch my cock had been longing for. It didn’t take long for me to reach climax. My body went rigid. I was pumping against her hand, straining tremendously. To the amusement of the girls, I arched my back, my feet pointed out, and I began squirting and spasming, cuming and cuming, as Wendy continued squeezing and rubbing my cock. I can’t say it made me forget the pain of the paddle. It was an additive pain. I can tell you that I had never in my whole life had an audience other than my wife watch me orgasm, and had never expected to. Once again, one of my most private secrets had been displayed for female amusement and curiosity, and in a most humiliating situation. Once again, my degrading desires were revealed, as they could all see that much as I cried and begged, I actually got my kicks out of it and the paddling was doing me no real harm.
Janet decided that this was enough for my poor sore bottom, and stopped the paddling.
Lisa said: “One of the things to watch out for is to not let your male start rubbing his penis on your lap, or you will end up with a wet spot on your skirt. If you don’t have him in a penis control device like this, make sure he doesn’t have anything to rub against.” Lisa snapped her fingers at me, told me to get some tissues and clean up the mess I had made on the floor and then go use the bathroom and come right back.
When I got back, Janet decided that now she really needed to go right home and start getting her husband into shape. She watched while Lisa locked my cock up again, then she smiled at me with a mixture of amusement and the sort of affection one would have for a cute puppy, kissed me on the cheek, gave me a slap on the rear with her hand as a parting gesture, and said: “Behave yourself now, young man.” Her attention caused my penis to give her a wave goodbye. She saw that and laughed, gave it a little tug, and commented on how handy it was that males were equipped with their little thought-meter.. I think after she got home and gave George a few good ones, she was likely to want him to take care of her own arousal, but that was just a guess. With a woman, how can you tell?
Wendy said her husband wouldn’t be home yet, so she stayed to talk to Lisa some more. Lisa had Wendy put the cock lock back on my dick. Then she unlocked the hand cuffs and told me to start cleaning up the kitchen and fixing dinner while they talked.
Wendy was very impressed with the way I responded to Lisa’s orders. Though I was obviously extremely embarrassed to be walking around naked in front of her and having my obedience training put on display for the amazement and amusement of my wife’s friend, I clearly was so fully under Lisa’s control that I did whatever I was told, shame notwithstanding, and shamed I was. Of course, I didn’t have much left to hide that Wendy hadn’t already seen. My sexual and bodily functions, and what turned me on had been made pretty evident.
Wendy said: “Lisa you are keeping him almost like a pet Rocky(D). He is so cute to watch fetching and coming like a well trained terrier. Keeping him naked around the house seems rather fun. Men like to treat women like that, but you have clearly turned the tables on him and put him in his place.”
I got down on all fours, and began licking Wendy’s feet, wriggling my ass at her to be petted. She took some of the lotion from the bottle on the table and began to gently message it into my poor beaten, bottom.

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