Stripped nude in public, Ana swears revenge on her attackers

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Twenty years ago, near the edge of a high school football field in El Cerrito, California, a gorgeous young Latina named Ana knelt in the dirt just under the bleachers in front of a group of four, much larger white boys.
She was terrified.
Surrounded by the four, she crouched, staining the knees of her new jeans with her arms crossed in front of her, desperately trying to hide her bare breasts.
At four-foot eleven, Ana’s breasts were very large for her short, curvaceous frame, but they were often the sources of harassment from the other girls…usually the white girls.
They called her “Mexican-slut” and “Cholo-whore,” and for the most part, Ana ignored them, telling herself that they were just jealous.
The attention from the males consisted mainly of thinly veiled approaches…at first.
When Ana inevitably turned them down, their valiant demeanors more often than not turned into leers, and rude remarks about her breasts, accompanied by the endless false rumors spread behind her back by boys who claimed to have “fucked” her.
She was “easy” they claimed…referring to her openly and within earshot as that “big-titty Mexican slut.”
Of course, aside from the facts that she was big-titted, and Mexican, none of the rest what they said about her was true. Ana had been raised by a conservative Catholic family. She wasn’t a prude, but she wasn’t a whore or a slut either.
On a physical level, the harassment from the males never went further than an occasional “accidental” feel, or hand on her breast…but this time was very different.
It had gone too far…way too far.
Following behind her as she made her way across the field, the four boys had started out with the usual whistles, catcall and rude remarks.
“Hey Ana! Show us your tits!” they yelled, among other things.
Ignoring them, as she always had, Ana walked on with her back towards them in silence, thinking that they would finally give up on their stupidity and leave her alone as they always did eventually.
But without warning, the four had run up on her and grabbed her from behind.
Pushing and shoving her, they had forced Ana under the bleachers where they now taunted her, calling her “slut, whore, skank,” and anything else they could think of.
Grabbing hold of her white chiffon blouse, one of them had pulled at it, until it tore…ripping it away from her body.
With her bra-covered breasts revealed to their nasty stares, it seemed that her pleas for them to stop only enflamed the group all the more, and her bra had soon followed. Torn from her body, it laid a useless rag on the grass by what was left of her blouse.
“Please…stop…” Ana begged. Huddled on her knees before them, she tried to cover herself.
“Fucking beaner bitch!” One of them, a red-haired, freckle-faced Irish boy who was apparently the ring leader, shouted at her.
“Let’s see those fuckin’ titties!”
“Yah,” another boy, a long blonde chimed in, “we wanna see em!”
Dragging her to her feet, two of the boys pulled her arms back and away from her chest, pinning them behind her.
Ana’s bare breasts tumbled free in front of her, bouncing and jiggling as she struggled to free herself…while the boys reacted like kids in a candy store at the sight of them.
The red-head whistled through his teeth.
“Jeezus! Look at those things…they’re fuckin’ huge!”
Grabbing a nipple between his fingers while one of the boys held her from behind, he rolled it in his fingers, pulling and pinching at it. Grinning as it grew erect, he shouted at his companions. “See? The little whore likes it!”
With that, he did the same with the other while Ana noticed that one of the dark-haired boys rubbed at his crotch.
Ana struggled hard against her captor from behind, twisting to gain freedom…which only resulted in her breasts bouncing wildly in front of the boys as the red-head held them by the nipples.
“Yah, shake those tits baby,” he sneered, rolling her nipples in his fingers…pinching them roughly.
Then, he lifted her bare breasts in his hands, kneading them, feeling their softness and the weight of them in his palms.
In spite of her terror, Ana’s nipples hardened, growing fully erect against the rough skin of his hands.
“I wanna suck ’em,” he said low into Ana’s eyes.
Suddenly, Ana’s fear gave way to anger.
Closing her eyes, she pictured her older brother’s face in her mind, remembering what he’d told her.
As a small girl, she’d taken a playground beating at the hands of several cruel white girls.
Afterwards, she’d run home crying.
Aemilio, had sat her down, and calmed her fear.
“Listen pequeña,” he’d said, rubbing his baby sister’s head gently, “never, ever, show fear. You might be scared for your life, but don’t let them know it. Fight. Fight with all of your strength, and even if they beat you, be proud and strong and take them down with you.”
While Aemilio was now far away from her in the army, his words remained.
“Don’t show fear. Fight.”
She would not let him down.
Despite the fact that she was scared to death, Ana swallowed it.
Opening her eyes again, she glared at the red-headed pig groping her tits.
Twisting her face into a scowl she brought her knee straight up in front of her and slammed it, with all of her might, right between his legs.
The boy recoiled instantly, releasing his hold on her breasts and screamed, grabbing wildly at his wounded testicles.
As he doubled, Ana dropped her head forward and threw it back as hard as she could into the face of the boy behind her. She felt a soft crunch accompanied by a shriek of pain as his hands fell away from her arms.
Suddenly free, Ana bolted, running through them as the other two looked on in shock.
As she neared the spot where they’d originally caught her, she heard one of them call out.
Ana ran, pumping her arms, as fast and hard as she could. She was very nearly to the edge of the field and the freedom of the sidewalk when her head exploded in pain.
One of the dark-haired boys had managed to overtake her. Reaching out, he grabbed hold of a snatch of her long black hair and yanked, pulling her backwards off of her feet.
Ana winced, exhaling her breath as she landed hard on her bare back in the grass.
“LET GO! LET GO!” she screamed up at the boy, kicking wildly at him, losing a tennis shoe, just as another one grabbed her feet and sat on them, pinning them to the ground.
“Little slut,” he hissed, as he pulled off her other shoe and threw it across the field.
“FUCK YOU!” Ana shrieked at him, struggling to free her feet. But the boy was much stronger and heavier than her and pinned her fast.
Recovering from their wounds, the other two soon reached her. As two of them held her arms outstretched on either side of her, and the large boy sat on her legs, the fourth one, the red-head crouched beside her.
Quickly, he tore at the buttons on the front of her jeans, ripping them open.
“Fucking wet-back slut,” he hissed. “Now you’re gonna pay…you like showing your big titties to everyone…let’s see what else ya got!”
“NO! NO!” Ana screamed, twisting and flailing her body any way she could.
“That’s right,” the boy laughed pulling her jeans over her hips. “We wanna see that pussy…”
Suddenly, the stark reality of what was happening to her hit her in the face like a brick as she felt her jeans being pulled down against her will…taking her panties partially with them to just above her hips.
Then, her jeans were at her knees as she writhed on the grass, twisting and turning her body to escape.
But the boys held on.
“Get ’em off of her,” the red-head growled at the boy sitting on her legs.
In a single motion, the larger boy took hold of Ana’s jeans and pulled, lifting himself just slightly. Ana felt her jeans slide down her legs the rest of the way…then they were gone.
Her thin, pink panties were all that was left between the boys and her total nakedness. She watched in horror as one of the dark-haired boys unfolded his pocket knife and begun cutting her jeans to shreds.
Then the red-head’s fingers were at her panties.
“No…no…please…” Ana pled as tears threatened.
“Little whore,” he hissed. “Kick me in the fucking balls. This is what you get…teasin’ us with your big titties.”
Ana looked up at them as the fight drained from her.
Staring down at her, the boys gorged on her next to naked body with their eyes.
They watched her bare breasts move and jiggle with her struggling. Suddenly, a shiver ran up her spine as she noticed a lump in the front of the large boy’s jeans. Leering lewdly at her, he rubbed it and pinched at it.
“Gimme that knife,” the red-head said. Reaching it for it he took it from the boy who had just finished turning her jeans into rags.
Running the flat edge of the knife slowly between her breasts, the boy grinned.
“Wanna have some fun?” he said sarcastically.
Suddenly, his hand was on her crotch. Kneading her mound through her panties, he pressed his palm against it.
Ana’s nipples thickened again under their glares and she looked away.
The boy pressed at her crotch slowly, and gently.
Turning his hand over, he slid her panties aside and found her clitoris with his thumb. He pressed on it, running light circles around it.
Ana was terrified…but her body responded on its own.
Turning her face away from them, she was mortified as she felt herself grow wet between her thighs.
“That’s it, little chica,” the red-head leered, fingering her. “You like that don’t you…”
Taking the knife, he pulled the waistband of her panties out and away from her skin and sliced at it, cutting them in two. Then, he snatched them from her body, and tossed them away on the grass.
Save for the dirty, white pair of booty socks on her feet, Ana was now completely naked in front of the boys. They gorged on her nude, brown body, taking in the sights of her large, bare breasts and dark pubic hair, while their leader moved his fingers slowly into her…finger fucking her.
“Mmm…” the redhead said, sticking his tongue out at her. “You like it…no?” He mocked her in a fake Spanish accent.
“Please…” Ana begged again, losing hope completely.
“Please?” the long blonde beside her laughed. “She wants it!”
They all laughed at that.
Then the redhead made his mistake.
Jamming the knife blade-first into the grass in an attempt to scare her, he left it there and unbuckled his belt.
Ana watched as he unsnapped his jeans and opened his fly. Reaching into his pants, he pulled out his hard cock. It was long and thick and it pulsated with his heartbeat.
Ana was aware of the knife just out of her reach.
“Wow,” she said, suddenly feigning interest in his cock.
“Oh, you like it?” the red-head grinned. “See boys,” he said, “she’s just a little slut at heart.”
Ana licked her lips and thrust her hips up off the ground to keep their attentions focused.
“Fuck me…” she hissed.
Taking hold of his throbbing hard-on, the boy stroked it. Thick and veiny, it began to turn an angry red.
“Cogerme…” Ana said, throatily.
“What? Speak English slut,” one of the dark-haired boys spat rubbing his cock through his jeans.
“Cogerme papi,” she said again, thrusting her hips up at the red-head. “Fuck me…fuck…me…”
Red stroked his cock faster.
He spread his legs wider and moved over her, placing his feet on either side of Ana’s body in a squat. Spitting into his palm, he grabbed at his iron cock and stroked it at her face.
As the boys gawked at her naked body, and the scene unfolding in front of them, Ana felt the one holding her right hand relax his grip a bit.
That was all she needed.
Seizing her opportunity, she yanked her hand free.
Rolling slightly, between the red-head’s legs, she grabbed the knife and pulled it free, raised it, and brought down in a single motion, as hard as she could into the top of the red-head’s right foot.
The blade sliced right through his shoe into his flesh as Ana jammed it down with all of her might.
Instantly, the boy screamed at the top of his lungs.
Doubling over, his cock forgotten, he grabbed at his wounded foot as the blood soaked through the top of his shoe. His cock bobbed ridiculously in front of him as he hopped for a moment, then fell to the ground, trying to free the knife.
At the same time, the boys released Ana in shock.
Rolling over, she scrambled to her feet and ran.
In an instant, she was at the fence but she heard the other boys closing on her as the red-head screamed in pain.
“I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU!” one of them screamed behind her.
Ana placed her hands on top of the metal wiring of the fence, feeling it dig into her flesh as she prepared to jump it.
Just then she spotted a tall, large Mexican boy making his way down the sidewalk in their direction, dressed in a white t-shirt and black khaki pants, as two pairs of hands grabbed at her shoulders, digging their fingernails into her bare back as they dragged her from the fence.
“Mírame!” Ana shouted at the boy as loud as she could in a desperate attempt to gain his attention.
She recognized him as Felipe, the boy who worked at his father’s small store not far from the high school. She didn’t know him personally, but she prayed he would help her.
“Felipe! Ayúdeme! Ayúdeme!” she waved her arms frantically, screaming with all of her might.
Felipe looked up from the sidewalk he’d been studying.
Spotting the scene, Felipe’s face twisted into a scowl and he broke into a dead run towards the fence.
The two at Ana’s back paid him no mind. Dragging her away from the fence, they threw her hard to the ground, where she landed on her side, knocking the wind from her body.
Suddenly Felipe was at the fence.
“Fuck you!” one of her attackers, the blond boy yelled at Filipe.
But before the words had left his mouth, Felipe was on him. Diving head first, full-long over the fence, Felipe sailed into him hard and fast, knocking him off of his feet.
“RUN HOME! RUN!” he screamed at Ana, nearly tearing the boy’s nose off with a large-knuckled plow to the face.
Straddling the boy’s chest, he slammed his fists into his face again and again as blood erupted from the boy’s nose and mouth, covering Felipe’s shirt.
As the second boy approached, Felipe leapt from the downed boy and landed a kick squarely into the knee of the newest threat. Then, he grabbed the boy by the hair and slammed his knee into the boy’s forehead twice in succession. The boy dropped like a rock in the river.
Scrambling to her feet, Ana ran at the fence and leapt. Using her hands as balance, she swung her legs up and over, allowing the momentum to carry her to the other side, where she landed with a slap of her sock-covered feet on the sidewalk.
The she was gone.
Ana ran as hard as she could down the sidewalk along the fence line towards the neighborhood.
Her feet slapped the uneven blocks of concrete and her breasts swung wildly, bouncing in front of her…but she paid no mind to either.
She ran until she reached the end of the fence. Then slowing, she stopped and dared a quick glance at the sounds behind her.
What she saw tore her heart from her chest.
Big Filipe was on his knees in front of two of boys…one lay motionless, while the fourth boy with the knife in him had managed to remove it and sat on the grass cradling his wounded foot, rocking back and forth in pain and screaming.
As he fought on, valiantly, swinging at the boys from his disadvantaged position, he connected with the thigh of one of them but the boy held his ground.
His attachers, still bleeding from their temporary wounds, overtook him. From either side they kicked Felipe, hard, over and over again, square in the ribs as he fell forwards onto all fours with a loud moan.
Writhing in pain, Felipe crawled, as he tried to get away from the rain of blows to his ribs pummeling him down. Finally, he collapsed onto his face as the boys closed in, kicking and stomping him.
Tears welled and ran over as Ana watched the horror. Poor Felipe had sacrificed himself to save her, and had paid dearly for his act of valor.
Helpless, she felt her anger rise in her like poison in a glass. It bubbled up from her belly, turning to black rage as brave Felipe finally fell, defeated.
“FUCKING SPIC! WETBACK MOTHERFUCKER!” one of the boys screamed at him, stopping on his fingers.
Balling her hands into fists Ana hesitated.
She should run back and try to help. But she knew that she was powerless against the boys. She knew she could do nothing to help poor Felipe…it was too late.
In that moment, Ana swore revenge on the boys who had attacked her and beaten poor Felipe who was guilty of nothing more than coming to her rescue.
Someday, somehow she swore…they would pay…and they would pay dearly.
Suddenly a car drove past her on the street, slowing at the scene on the field.
Ana became acutely aware that she was standing stark naked on the sidewalk in broad daylight.
She had to get home.
Breaking into a run, she headed for the corner at the intersection. Slowing for the traffic, she waited for it to clear, pacing nervously.
“LOOK! THAT CHICKS FUCKIN’ NAKED!” a male voice yelled from one of the cars passing in front of her.
Ana suddenly felt very exposed.
Her anger turned to embarrassment, then, she was mortified at her nudity and she tried to cover herself by placing one arm across her naked breasts and a hand over her crotch.
Several drivers honked as they passed, slowing to gawk at the beautiful girl wearing nothing but socks on the side of the road.
When she could wait no longer, Ana bolted, running full-speed across the road, not stopping until she reached the sidewalk on the opposite side as the cars slowed to honk at her.
As she ran along the sidewalk by the other side of the road, one her socks worked its way down her foot, nearly tripping her. She allowed it to come completely off, not stopping for a moment.
Nearing the corner Ana saw two black guys headed her way.
One of the stepped into her path.
“Hey!” he called out as Ana adjusted her position on the sidewalk, aiming to run right past him. But he reacted quickly, stepping in her way again.
“Woa! Little mama,” he said, “slow down!”
As she neared him, Ana faked to her left, then dodged right, succeeding in escaping him as he reached for her. Then, she ran headlong into the other guy, knocking him out of the way…nearly losing her balance and falling in the process.
Recovering, she ran on, around the corner and into her neighborhood, not stopping to look back.
“OH MY FUCKING GOD!” she heard a female voice exclaim loudly from across the street.
Three white girls, whom she recognized, at had spotted her.
“ANA!” the girls called out, laughing at her. “WHERE’S YOUR CLOTHES?”
One of the pointed at her as she darted by.
“HEY ANA!” another one called out. “YOU ALWAYS RUN AROUND NAKED OUTSIDE?”
With that, the girls broke into fits of laughter.
More laughter.
Ana was mortified; terrified.
Running on, she ignored the girls until she reached the last corner before home.
Turning it, she saw her neighbor whom she’d known since she was a little girl, an older man, cutting his grass.
Stopping in his tracks, her neighbor’s jaw dropped to his chest.
“ANA!” he yelled over the lawnmower.
“Hija! Por qué estás desnudo?”
Ana ran on ignoring his question. She would have to find a way to explain why she was running naked down the street later.
For the moment, though, she finally reached home and ran across the lawn to the front door as a group of boys gathered on the sidewalk in front of her house.
Realizing the door was locked, and that her key had been in her jeans, she spun, frantically facing the group of boys who gawked at her naked body. Pointing at her, they made rude gestures.
“Hola Ana!” one of the said, making a stroking motion in the air at the front of his crotch.
Finally, recovering her wits, she darted off of the porch and ran around the garage to the side gate. Pushing it open, she bolted through and slammed it behind her.
She knew that the back door was locked, but for the moment, she was safe in her own backyard.
Leaning against the house, she breathed hard…trying to recover from all that had just happened and the fact that she’d been running nearly non-stop since she left the school.
Ana thought about poor Felipe and prayed that he would be okay.
Suddenly, her emotions exploded like lava from a volcano. She was angry and terrified and she wept.
She wept at the horror she’d experienced. She’d nearly been raped and she’d had to endure the embarrassment of running home naked in public.
She cried for Felipe.
On her knees, naked, save for one torn sock on her foot, Ana turned her tear-stained face to the sun…as pure black rage grew like a dark tornado, swirling madly at the center of her soul.
They would pay, she swore again out loud. They would pay.

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