Submission of Suzanne to a Stranger

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It started innocently enough I just never thought it would go as far as it did. I became acquainted with Suzanne through a popular erotic story website. In my spare time I write erotic fiction and Suzanne provided feedback on a few stories I wrote. She said she like my stores and wanted to know when I was writing more.
We corresponded for several weeks and I found out a few things about her. She was married but her husband wasn’t into BDSM. That was too bad I thought because really seemed to enjoy sex and bondage, especially if she was being possessed and used by a dominant stranger.
I enjoyed our correspondence and one day Suzanne said she was going out of town on a visit and probably wouldn’t check e-mail for several days. I was pleasantly surprised to see that she would be visiting a city that was only about 50 miles away from where I lived. I replied back to her that she would be close to where I lived and jokingly added that I may run into her.
Suzanne e-mailed back that I would definitely run into her if I came to the airport Hilton lounge at 7pm on Tuesday. I thought that was an obvious invitation and replied back that I would see her there. I’m not sure why I did that, I wasn’t looking to cheat on my wife or anything but I guess that I was curious.
On Tuesday it was easy to give an excuse to get away from my wife. I regularly work long and odd hours so I just called her from work and told her that I would have to stay late because of some problem we were having.
I went to the lounge early, I wanted to be there when she walked in so I could get a good look at her. Suzanne gave me her description and I recognized her as soon as she walked in. I was surprised to see that she was truthful about how she looked since there are so many fakes on the internet. She was 5’6″, had short auburn hair, beautiful green eyes and small perfect breasts just like she described, and I was immediately attracted to her. I had to have her, I thought to myself.
I stood and said her name and she came over and said “Is it you Sir?”
She always called me Sir in our e-mails and I enjoyed that. I never gave her my full name because she seemed to enjoy the mystery of not knowing. We made small talk for a short time and had a few drinks. I don’t really remember much of what was said because I was thinking the whole time about how I could do to her the things that I wrote about in my stories.
She asked me if I would like to come up to her room for a drink and I jumped at the chance and said yes. When we got to her room she showed me in and got me a drink. She then stood there before me with her head down and said, “Is there anything else I can do for you Sir?”
I thought about it for a moment and realized that this was not going to be a simple one-night stand. Suzanne wanted me to take her like the women I wrote about in my stories. She craved it, she wanted to be used and possessed by me, a virtual stranger. I reached down and put my hand under her chin to raise her head. I looked into her beautiful green eyes as I ran my hand along her cheek then I moved my hand slowly back along the side of her face.
Suddenly I reached back and grabbed a handful of her hair, yanked her head back and said “Are you ready to be my slut?” She looked at me with wide-eyed surprise and didn’t say anything. I said, “Answer me. Are you ready to be my slut?”
Suzanne finally said in a low voice, almost a whisper, “yes”
“Yes what?” I said firmly. Again no answer. I gave her a swat on the ass, not hard, but definitely a message. “Yes what?”
After a moment, she looked at me still in surprise and whispered, “Yes, Master.”
“That’s right, I am your Master. And what does that make you?” I asked as I peeled off her top. In a moment her bra joined her top on the floor. Suzanne’s breasts were gorgeous, small and round with perfect nipples that were rock hard and dying to be tormented, just like she wrote in her e-mails.
“I’m … I’m … your slave.” she whimpered.
“Damn right you are, slut.” I slipped her skirt over her thighs and down to the floor. Her panties followed, exposing her pussy to me for the first time. “And what are you going to do for me?”
“Anything you want”, she moaned as I ran my fingers between her legs.
I landed a second slap, this time a little harder, on her bare ass cheek. It left a little red mark. “Get it right, slut. What are you going to do for me?”
“Anything you want, Master.” This was getting serious and we both knew it.
I grabbed her hair and yanked her head back again as I gave her a hard deep kiss. She melted into me. I released her hair and said “Play with your breasts for me, pinch your nipples and get them nice and hard”.
“Yes Master”, she said and did as I commanded.
I couldn’t believe it! I was standing there watching her play with her breasts for my pleasure and I was getting so turned on. My wife and I occasionally roleplay and have had Master/Slave night several time since we’ve been together. I had always wondered what it would be like to dominate someone other than my wife though, and now I was loving it. This only fueled my fire for more control. I grabbed her pussy roughly; she was dripping wet! Apparently we were both getting into this.
“What’s this?” I said.
“It’s my pussy Master,” she said almost in a whisper.
“No it’s not!” I said as I smacked her hard on the ass again. “Who’s pussy is this?” I said as I rubbed my hand between her legs.
“It’s your pussy, Master.” She said.
“Damn right it is slut”. I said.
“Now rub it,” I said. She went to work on herself with right away, one hand on her clit and the other squeezing a breast, Suzanne gave in to her desire and masturbated wildly in front of me.
In no time at all, she was moaning and close to orgasm. “Do you like that? Does that make you want to cum?”
“Yes Master.”
“If you cum without my permission, I will punish you. Do you understand slut?”
No answer, I landed a slap across her face. “Answer me slut,” I said as she let out a yelp.
“Yes Master.” She said.
“Now ask,” I said.
“May I please cum for you Master?” she said with a voice that sounded like defeat. I gave my consent and she did as I commanded. Suzanne stood, completely naked in the middle of the room, masturbating herself to orgasm while I watched. I thought that there was nothing she wouldn’t do for me now.
“You’re my slut now. You’ll do what I say, when I say, where I say, to whom I say without question. Do you understand?”
“Yes Master” Suzanne moaned as she exploded in orgasm. As I watched her cum I suddenly realized that I was rock hard myself and had yet to be touched.
“Very good, slave. Now get on your knees.” She did so without hesitation. “Take out my cock”. Again there was no hesitation. I had her to rub it around her face for a few minutes before I said, “Now suck it, slut”.
Suzanne went to work on my cock immediately like a good little slut. I was enjoying the head she was giving me as I wondered what to do next. I wasn’t a lifestyle Dominant but I really felt the need to totally control and use her. I craved the need to dominate her as much as she craved being submissive to me. I grabbed her hair and pulled her to her feet. “Place your hands on the edge of the couch”. She went and stood at the edge of the couch and put her hands on the armrest.
She looked so beautiful bent over the couch like that, so submissive and ready for anything I wanted to do. I had to try her pussy out. I quickly finished undressing and couldn’t help myself as I moved up behind her and rammed my cock into her pussy from behind in one hard stroke. She threw her head back and cried out in pleasure as I began to fuck her with hard slow thrusts from behind. I would slowly pull my cock out until it almost fell out of her pussy and then thrust back in very hard. Suzanne’s body jolted with my every thrust and she moaned continuously.
I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back as I said, “You love getting fucked don’t you slut?
“Yes, master” she said between moans.
“You just love a strangers nice hard cock in your pussy, don’t you?”
“Yes, master” was all she said.
Her pussy was wonderful, so tight and wet, but as much as I enjoyed what I was doing I didn’t want to cum yet. I pulled out and told her to stand up. “Into the bedroom slut” I said as I pushed her roughly towards the door.
I was becoming intoxicated with the power I had over Suzanne and wanted not only complete domination but humiliation as well. I had her kneel by the side of the bed and told her to suck my cock again. She did as she was told. “Now lick my balls, slut”. Without hesitation her tongue began to caress my balls while one hand simultaneously worked my cock. Still, this wasn’t enough.
I laid back on the edge of the bed and raised my legs as I said, “Tongue my ass, slut.” I can’t believe those words came out of my mouth. My wife has licked my ass before but this was different, it was so much more exciting to make Suzanne do it. I guess it had something to do with the fact that we were strangers. With my wife we had limits and safe words but not with Suzanne. She was totally submitting herself to me and I just totally got off on the thought of making her do whatever I wanted.
To my surprise she did as she was told. She began slowly, encircling the rim and then sliding her tongue up to my balls and then back down around my rim. Suzanne did this for several minutes before I said “Stick your tongue in my asshole”. This was the dirtiest thing I could think of and she was going to do it or I would think of some way punish her.
Stiffening her tongue, Suzanne pushed into my asshole. “That’s it keep going.” I said.
She repeated again and again, putting her tongue in and out and I relished in the nastiness of it all. Finally, I could take it no longer. I pushed her away and got up from the bed. I searched through her luggage and found some pantyhose. “On the bed slut, arms above your head and spread your legs” I said.
Suzanne did as she was told and I tied her arms and her legs to the bed with the hose so she was spread eagle and helpless. I moved up on next to her and began to rub my hands up and down her body, loving the softness of her skin and the whole helplessness of her situation. I remember from one of her e-mails how she said that she love having her nipples tormented. I moved my hands slowly up her body and then suddenly reached up and pinched her nipples hard. She winced in pleasure/pain as I said, “You like that don’t you slut?”
“Yes master” she replied.
I continued tormenting her, alternating between fondling her breasts and unexpectedly pinching her nipples as hard as I could. I then lowered my head and began to nibble on her nipples as my hand moved down to play with her pussy. Her eyes were closed and her back arched up. Suzanne was getting close to orgasm, her groans becoming near screams as I bite her nipples and played with her pussy.
“Yes slut, let me hear how much you like being used. Scream for me to use you.” I said.
She was close to edge and just as she nearly lost control I raised my hand up and slapped her pussy hard. Suzanne’s entire body jolted.
“I told you not to cum without my permission slut.” I said as I slapped her pussy again. “When I give you an order you follow it.”
She whimpered as I slapped her pussy again and said, “Do you understand?”
“Yes Master,” She cried.
Then I began rubbing her pussy again and ordered her to cum as I bent my head down and bite her nipples again. To my amazement Suzanne’s body stiffened, jerking beneath me and began releasing in wave after wave of intense pleasure/pain as she came while I rubbed her clit and bite her nipples.
As she was coming down from her orgasm I untied her legs but left her arms secured to the headboard. I needed my orgasm now and I pulled Suzanne’s legs up and put her knees to her chest so I would be able to fuck her pussy very deep. She was so wet, so vulnerable, and I loved the feeling as I slide my hard cock into her pussy again. As I picked up speed I grabbed her nipples and began pinching them hard again.
“Who am I?”
“My Master” Suzanne moaned. My heart quickening as I heard the words she said.
“And who are you?” I said.
“I am your slave, Master.” She replied.
I loved hearing this. I was totally getting off on dominating Suzanne. I’d never dominated a stranger before or been this rough and controlling with anyone and now I wanted it more.
“That’s right, slut.” I said, as I was pumping hard into her pussy. Her hips bucked back against me with equal enthusiasm.
“And that means you do what I want, where I want, when I want, to anyone I want, without question!” I said.
“We are going to do this again.” I said.
“Only next time you are going to be like the slut in my story and I’m going to tie you up and let about 10 of my friends fuck you.” “I want to see you suck their cocks and watch them fuck your ass and pussy.” I said.
“Yes Master” Suzanne cried, as she orgasmed again.
With that I came myself, very powerfully, and filled her pussy with my cum.
I then collapsed on the bed. Silently, peacefully, I watched my cum dribble from her pussy and thought about how I forgot to use a condom. Oh well I thought, she didn’t say anything about it besides I’ve had a vasectomy so at least I don’t have to worry about her getting pregnant.
I untied her and she put a robe on I got dressed in near silence. We shared a long hug and a kiss goodnight, and I walked out hoping I hadn’t pushed it too far. I really wanted to dominate her again and I hoped she wanted it too.
I got my answer the other day when Suzanne e-mailed me about our encounter, asking me if I was pleased with our encounter and if she was an adequate slave. I said that I definitely enjoyed it and can’t wait for our adventures to continue. I also thought to myself with a wicked smile that I owned her now.
After my first encounter with Suzanne I was hooked. I loved the power and control I had over her and I wanted more. Over the weeks following our first time together we kept up our e-mail correspondence and I found out a few more things about her but the whole time I was trying to figure out the best way I could use her again.
I told her during our encounter that I was going to let me friends use her too and I really wanted to do this. I have always been turned on by gangbangs but that’s something that I could never talk my wife into. She was reluctant to do a threesome let alone have sex with 4 or 5 guys, but I knew Suzanne would do it. I just had to set it up.
I have a group of 15 buddies that I hang out with from time to time. They are all like me, ex-military and/or cops who can get pretty rowdy. They range in age from early 30’s to mid 40’s and we are all still in pretty good shape. I’m one of the biggest guys at 6’4″ 240 pounds but I think everyone in the group is at least 6′ tall and well built.
We get together for a happy hour at least once a month and I had to let the guys know about the hot little slut I had my hands on. During the night when the conversation inevitably turned to sex I told them about Suzanne. I told them that she was one little hottie who I hooked up with on the Internet, and that she loved to be tied up and fucked.
This really got the guys going, they love to hear about stuff like this. One of them made the comment that they would love to get their hands on a slut like that and I told them that maybe they could. I explained that Suzanne had a fantasy where her “Master’ gives her away to a bunch of strangers to do with as they please and I wanted to set this up. I asked them who was in and they all gave a resounding “Hell yes.” I told them that I would e-mail them to let them know when it was all set up.
I contacted Suzanne and told her that I wanted to see her again. She e-mailed me back saying that she would set up a trip down to the same hotel she stayed at before but she would have to get a good excuse in place for her husband first. A few days later she e-mailed that the trip was set and she would be down the following weekend. I told Suzanne to e-mail me her room number as soon as she checked in.
I couldn’t wait, I e-mailed the guys and told them that everything was set and that our next “happy hour” would be at the Airport Hilton Lounge. They should be there at 6:30pm and be ready for anything. I contacted Suzanne and told her that on Friday night she was to be ready for me at 7pm. She was to wait for me naked, kneeling by the bed, facing away from the door and she was not to speak unless spoken to.
I could think of nothing else during the week but how I was going to use Suzanne and how she was going to do anything I told her to do. On Friday I met the guys at the lounge and we all sat down to have a few drinks. Unfortunately not everyone could make it but 12 of them did show up. That would be enough for tonight I thought. Everyone was excited at the prospect of what was going to happen. They asked me when she was going to show up. I looked at my watch and said that she was naked and already waiting up in her room. They all got wound up and asked what the hell I was waiting for. I told them that I wanted to build up the suspense and make her wait for a little while first. That would drive her crazy.
We had a few more drinks and then about 7:30pm I told the guys it was time to go. We all got up and headed for the elevators. I punched the floor and we were on our way. I found the room and just like she was ordered the door was left open for me. Before we went in I told the guys to not use names, especially mine. Suzanne didn’t know my real name and I didn’t want her to know, I explained that she like the mystery of it.
We went into the room and I told the guys to be quiet and wait in the living room part of the suite while I went into the bedroom. As I opened the door to the bedroom and went in Suzanne was waiting as ordered, naked, with her back to the door, and kneeling by the bed. As I came in she said, “Is it you Sir?”
I thought to myself, well she didn’t follow the not speaking rule and would pay for it. I brought some of my bondage equipment with me and I slipped a blindfold out of the bag and placed it over her eyes. Again she said, “Is it you Sir?”
I didn’t say anything and after making sure the blindfold was secure and wouldn’t come off I suddenly reached down grabbed a handful of her auburn hair and yanked her to her feet. She yelped as I said, “What did I tell you slut, I said no speaking unless spoken to.”
“I’m sorry Master,” she said as I spun her around to face me.
“I only been here for 5 minutes and you are already disobeying me, I should just leave now and never come back” I said.
She pleaded with me, “No Master, please don’t go. I’ll be good I promise. Just please don’t leave me, I’ll do anything you want.”
“Ok slut, I’ll stay for now but you better not disobey me again.” I said.
“Yes Master, I won’t.” She said.
“Hold your hands out,” I said. I took my handcuffs out of the bag (I still had a pair from when I was a Cop) and placed them on her wrists. Out of the bag I also took the collar and leash I use on my wife when we role played Master/Slave night and placed it around her neck. As I was putting it on I thought about how I was going to miss looking into her beautiful green eyes because of the blindfold. Oh well, it was part of her fantasy so I guess I’ll leave it on.
After I finished putting on the collar I said “On your knees slut. You are going to suck my cock and swallow my cum.”
“Yes Master” she said, as she immediately got on her knees before me and I moved up in front of her. I took my cock out, put it to her lips, and she opened up and began sucking on me like her life depended on it. She sucked me for several minutes, bobbing up and down and swirling her tongue all along my shaft as she took me into her mouth all the way to the base. It didn’t take long before I felt my orgasm build and I tensed up and shot a huge load of cum right down her throat. She swallowed it all and licked me clean.
As she sat back on her heels to wait for further instructions I was very turned on. I had this hot little slut here at my feet ready to do anything I wanted, and the power of it was intoxicating. I was getting hard again already thinking about what I was going to make her do. Again, without warning, I reached down grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to her feet. Normally I don’t get into hair pulling that much but she told me in an e-mail after our first encounter that she loved that, so I thought what the hell, I can do it if it turns her on.
I grabbed the leash and pushed her towards the door to the living room area as I said, “Move it slut.”
As she came into the living room the guys started giving some whistles and cat calls as they got the first look at her naked body. “Who’s out here Sir?”
I grabbed her by the hair again and yanked her head back as I said, “Did I say you could speak slut?”
“No Sir, I’m sorry,” she said.
“I told you what was going to happen the next you came to see me. In the room right now are 12 of my friends and they are all going to fuck you” I said.
“Oh no Sir please, I’ve only fantasized about doing that. I don’t think I can really handle that many men.” She said.
I released her hair and moved around to slap her across the face. She cried out and I said, “Shut up slut, you can and you will do this. You promised that you would be good and do anything I wanted and this is what I want. Either you do this or I leave and you will never see me again.”
“No Master, please don’t go,” she pleaded again. “I’ll do it” she said in a defeated tone, “Just please don’t go.”
This was music to my ears, to know you have complete and total control over someone is a feeling that is indescribable. Knowing that Suzanne is not only willing to do anything I say is one thing, but her actually begging me to stay even though she knows it means having to fuck my friends totally got me off. I had cum down her throat a few minutes before but I was rock hard again already and wanted more.
“Guys, this is Suzanne. She is my slut and will do anything I say.” “Say hello to the guys slut.” I said.
“Hello” she said in almost a whisper.
“Who am I slut?” I said.
“You are my Master.” Suzanne replied.
“What will you do for me, slut?” I said.
No answer.
“What will you do for me slut?” I said as I gave her a hard smack on the ass.
Suzanne yelped and said, “Anything you want Master.”
“That’s right slut, you will.” I said to her.
I got behind Suzanne and pushed her towards the guys. I loved parading Suzanne naked in front of my friends and as I got a look at her from behind the comparison really struck me. Suzanne is only 5’6″ and she looked so small and vulnerable next to all the guys in the room who were at least 6′ tall. I thought to myself she is going to get the fucking of her life tonight.
“Ok slut, you are going to put on a show for the guys first. Spread your legs and masturbate for them like you did for me last time,” I said.
As she spread her legs and began to rub her pussy I moved up behind her and began to run my hands over her body. She was beginning to moan and move her hands faster on her pussy as I said, “Don’t cum without my permission.”
“Yes Master,” she said breathlessly.
As she began moaning louder and getting close to orgasm I whispered in her, “Do you like this, do you like being naked in front of all of these strangers and putting on a show for them?”
“Yes Master, may I please cum now. I need to cum, please,” she said.
I moved my hands up to her breasts and suddenly pinched her nipples as hard as I could, just as she likes, and said “Cum NOW slut.”
Suzanne cried out in pleasure/pain as I kept pinching her and she exploded in orgasm. She was bucking and shaking and nearly screaming in her orgasm. I had to hold her up as her legs began to give out as her orgasm subsided.
“That’s a good slut. Excellent performance but now it’s time for some real fun to begin,” I said.
I was still standing behind Suzanne with my mouth near her ear as I then said to the guys, “This slut is YOURS tonight. As long as you don’t seriously hurt her you may do whatever you wish with her.”
Some of the guys started calling out “I want her to swallow my cum” I want to fuck her ass” “We want to fuck her ass and pussy at the same time.”
I told them to calm down, and that they can do whatever they wanted but they needed to get their clothes off first. As the guys were undressing I had Suzanne get on her knees and moved in front of her and told her to suck my cock again. When the guys were ready I told them to line up because everyone was going to get a blowjob to start things off. I moved out of the way and finished undressing as the first guy in line moved up and stuck his cock to Suzanne’s lips and said, “Suck it bitch.”
I then watched as Suzanne sucked every cock in the room. Some of the guys came in her mouth and made her swallow it but some of them wanted to hold out for her ass or pussy so they stepped aside for the next guy in line. As the last guy was finishing up making her swallow his load I said, “Get up slut” and pushed her towards the desk in the corner of the room.
I pulled the desk away from the wall and cleared everything off the top of it. I pushed her down so she was lying across the narrow part of it with her legs spread wide and her cuffed hands in front of her. In this position we had access to both her mouth and her pussy from behind. After seeing her suck off all of my friends I needed another orgasm so I moved in behind her and slid my cock into her pussy. The guys were just kind of standing there so I reminded them that her mouth was still available.
A few of the guys moved around and stuck their cocks by her mouth so she could lick two of them at the same time. I fucked her hard and fast and filled Suzanne with my second load of the night. Suzanne was moaning the whole time. As I moved out of the way one of my buddies saw that I had cum in her pussy and asked if he could to. I told him he could do whatever he wanted and he then moved in to fuck her pussy too.
I stood back and watched my buddies use Suzanne for a while and loved it. I got off on the thought that she was fucking all of these guys because I made her do it. It was such a sense of power, I always wanted to bring a girl to a gangbang and now it was finally happening. I wondered what else I make her to do. I thought that it was about time for her to get fucked in the ass so I said, “Who wants to fuck her ass?”
Everyone yelled, “I do” so I told them to grab the leash and bring the slut into the bedroom. I had Suzanne lie on her back on the edge of the bed and pull her legs up to her chest. I moved in and used some of the cum dripping from her pussy to lube her ass. I ran my finger in and out to get her loosened up a bit and then I put 2 fingers in. I pulled and stretched her ass as I moved my fingers in and out to get Suzanne ready for the cock she was about to get. I put my hands on the back of her legs and pushed her knees into her chest as I placed my cock on her asshole and pushed it in. Suzanne started to cry out but then a couple of the guys moved up on the bed to rub their hands across her body and pinch her nipples as someone else stuck their cock into her mouth. I fucked her ass for a short time but wasn’t ready to cum again yet so I moved out of the way and let someone else in.
When the guy in her mouth came I moved in and made her clean my cock up. This was the dirtiest thing I could think of to do since my cock had just been in her ass. The guys saw what I did and then they started doing it too. Whenever one was done with her ass they would move around and make Suzanne suck them clean. At this point Suzanne was constantly moaning, gyrating her hips and sucking everyone hard. I didn’t know if she was getting off on the nastiness of it all or what but I loved it.
A couple of the guys said they wanted to fuck her ass and pussy at the same time so I told them to go ahead. They had Suzanne get up and one of the guys lay down on his back. He told her to climb on top of him and put his cock in her pussy. The other guy then moved in from behind and put his cock in her ass. They fucked her for a while until the guy in her ass got tired, so he moved out of the way so another one could take his place. This went on long enough for everyone to get a turn in her ass and the ones in her pussy switched out a few times too.
It was getting late now, almost 10pm, and everyone was about fucked out by this time. I told everyone who thought they could cum again to pick a hole and take your last shot. Suzanne was still on the bed half sitting up, moaning, and alternating between rubbing her pussy and pinching her nipples. One of the guys climbed on the bed with her, pushed her back and said, “Spread your legs slut.”
She did as she was told and he rammed his cock into her. He fucked her hard and fast while another guy stuck his cock in her mouth. Suzanne sucked and fucked them both enthusiastically, moaning, bucking her hips, and meeting them stroke for stoke. I wasn’t sure how she did it, her pussy had to be sore as hell from all of the cock and her jaw had to be getting tired from all of the sucking, but she wildly kept on going.
Suzanne seemed to be in some kind of suck and fuck trance and it seemed the harder the guys pounded into her the more she loved it. The two guys in her came at the same time and Suzanne did her best to swallow his load as the other guy finished up and pulled out of her well used pussy. When those two were done two more climbed on her and this continued until everyone had come one more time.
We left Suzanne on the bed as we went out to get dressed. The guys were all patting me on the back and saying that they loved it and wanted to do it again. I showed the guys out and then went back in to where she was still laying on the bed. She was quite the sight, cum was dripping from her pussy and ass and she had hickeys all over breasts and her nipples were red and swollen. I didn’t know how she would explain the hickeys to her husband. She also had some dried cum stuck in her hair and on her body. I told her to get off the bed and very slowly she complied.
When she was standing in front of me and I had her hold her hands out so I could take the handcuffs off. I spun her around and took the leash and collar off. I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a big hug. She melted into me and tilted her head into mine.
I then whispered in her ear, “You did well tonight Suzanne, I am very pleased. You truly are my slut now.”
“Yes Master” was all she said.
I then told her to kneel and close her eyes as I took off the blindfold. I said, ” You will remain on yours knees and not turn around until I have left the room. I will be in touch.”
I then walked out of the room and down the hall still on a high from the night with Suzanne and I wondered with a smile just how far she would go to please me.
It’s early Thanksgiving morning as I awaken to the sound of your light snoring signaling that you are still fast asleep. It takes me a moment to get my bearings and realize where I am and remember what happen last night. I find myself naked, on the floor and aching all over. As I struggle to my feet trying to be as quiet as possible so I don’t wake you, it amazes me how innocent you look in the early morning light that seeps through the window as you sleep compared to how forceful you were last night. I tiptoe down the hall to the guest bathroom before I dare turn on a light.
I am shocked at what I see in the mirror looking back at me. Staring at this stranger in the mirror it all comes rushing back to me. How I had innocently mentioned to you that my husband was going away on another business trip for the casino. How You showed up at my house (You never did tell me how you found out where we lived), forcefully kissing me as you pushed me back into the house, and then the wonderful nightmare that followed. Seeing the obvious bite marks on my breasts, the thin red lines of welts across my stomach and inner thighs. The dried cum that is matted in my hair and sticking to my body. How did I allow this to happen to me? Think Suzanne how did this happen? Why did you give in so easily to him? What if your neighbors saw him arrive and Tim your husband finds out? Think, Suzanne, think.
After he and I met twice in his hometown, where he used me as a whore and as his slut. He warned me that we would do this again and that he owned me. I was not thinking or concerned when I mentioned that my husband was leaving me alone over the holiday weekend. I was hurt and disappointed to be alone on the holiday but never dreamed he knew where I lived.
Tim hadn’t been gone 30 minutes when he knocked on the front door sending me into shock when I opened the door and saw him standing there. Jerking the door open he took me so fast into his strong arms I didn’t have a chance to resist or move away. His kiss was so full of lust and passion it took my breath away as he pushed me into the house until I was slammed into the wall. Finally breaking the kiss he reached up and pinched my right nipple through my bra and blouse. He then spoke the words that let me know from the beginning what was in store for me.
“Hello my slut.” He said. Twisting the hardening nipple until it made me cry out.
“I told you we were going to do this again, that I owned you. Why are you acting so surprised?” He said.
I tried to speak but all that came out was a low moan as he released my aching nipple and taking a handful of my short auburn hair in his hand twisted and pulled my mouth to his again. As his tongue pushed it’s way between my lips to stab at mine his right hand came up and he started to unfasten my jeans. As the front door was still open and anyone driving by could see us I was trying to twist away to at least get the door closed while he pushed my pants down to bundled up around my ankles.
Kissing me harder still he slid his hand down the front of my panties forcing his way between my thighs. As his fingers began to rub back and forth along my slit he pulled my head back until he could stare into my green eyes and I knew now that he was angry with me. He continue to rub up and down between my lower lips as he stared into my eyes until he felt my pussy juices begin to flow and wet his fingers. He then moved his fingers slightly so that he could rub and circle my clit. Pressing harder and faster until my legs buckled and I fell against him for support and moaned softly into his massive chest.
Just when I was about to beg him to take me and use me as his slut again he suddenly stopped his wicked massage, grabbed what felt like a handful of my pubic hair and pulled as hard as he could causing my moan to turn into a scream! He pulled his hand up and dropped the pubic hair on my nose as my eyes watered, and he yelled at me.
His voice was getting louder with each word and I was afraid my neighbors would hear him scold me. He roughly turned me around and pushed me into the house, telling me to move as I heard the unmistakable whiz of his belt flying from the loops. With my jeans around my ankles it made it difficult to move so I started to step out of them when fire erupted in my behind.
“I SAID MOVE YOUR ASS BITCH, ” he said, as his belt landed like a lightening bolt across my cheeks. I stumbled into the Living Room where he pushed me face first over the back of our sofa.
“Don’t you dare move,” He warned. His voice was now calm, and that scared me even more. Bracing my hands on the seat of the couch, my feet not touching the floor, my behind was raised obscenely and very vulnerable to him. As I waited I felt his eyes taking in the sight I must present. Then without warning fire once again exploded through my lower body then the sickening SMACK of the leather on my rump. The thin material of my panties offered no protection as blow after blow punished me.
I am not sure how many times he whipped me, it felt like a thousand blows though I am sure it was only a few. Tears were streaming down my cheeks and I was begging him to stop. Over and over I cried telling him I would do anything he asked, I would be good, and I promised to make him happy. It wasn’t until I remembered and swore to shave my pussy and keep it that way that he stopped.
Dropping the belt on the sofa seat by my face I felt him reach out and jerk my panties down around until they were around my knees. Grabbing my blouse from the back he pulled me up and spun me around. He didn’t say a word as he glared into my eyes only pressing on my shoulders forcing me to kneel at his feet. Without being told I knew what I was supposed to do. I reached up and unbuttoned then unzipped his pants and slowly pushed them down until his already cock sprung up and out.
I started to lean forward to take the long hard cock between my lips but as I opened my mouth he grabbed my hair and pulled me to him. I have always loved to suck a man’s cock, to feel it move along my tongue and to tease it but this time I wasn’t allowed that pleasure. This wasn’t a blowjob, this wasn’t about pleasure, this was him raping my mouth.
He forced the length down my throat not caring if it hurt or that it was forcing me to gag. Over and over he jammed into my throat, fucking my mouth until I knew he was going to bruise my lips as I fought for air. Pulling my hair forcing me down the length of his shaft a few times then holding me still as he rammed his cock down my throat.
Just as I thought I could take no more I felt him stiffen and give a tiny shiver, I tried to prepare for his coming orgasm to shoot down my throat but instead he pulled my head back and exploded all over my face. I had expected Him to cum in my mouth and I was not ready for this. My eyes were wide open and as steam after stream hit my face some got in my eyes, burning like the fire in my behind. He held me still until the last of his hot cum covered my face then taking a handful of my hair he wiped off the tip of his cock.
As He removed His pants He spoke the first words since pushing me into the Living room.
“Get those clothes off slut and get in the dining room, ” he said.
Not daring to make him any madder I hurried, almost falling over as I rushed to obey Him. When He saw the things on the dining table He said, “Clear that shit off or I will!”
I knew anything he removed would be ruined so as I rushed around the table naked, I heard a soft laugh come from Him. When I had put the place mats and candles away and hurried back to him he ordered me up on the table.
“Get your ass on that table bitch. If you move before I get back I promise, you will be sorry,” He said.
He left the room and I could hear him moving throughout the house as I climbed up on the table, and knowing him spread myself out wide. Lying like this started the fire again burning in my behind again but I didn’t dare move. I closed my eyes and waited when I heard Him laugh and say, “Suzanne you are a good slut after all. You just need some reminding time to time.”
He was almost singing as he moved to the table and took my left ankle in his hand and tied it to the table leg. The material felt like one of my husband’s ties, and this might have upset me as much as anything. Not happy with my position he pulled my leg down until my ass was on the very edge of the table, then he tied my other ankle to the right leg.
Moving up to my head, he leaned over and took my nipple between his lips and sucked on it hard. When he felt it harden then he then bit and chewed until I cried out in pain and pleasure. He knew that I loved having my sensitive nipples tormented, and I was afraid that knowledge was going to come back and haunt me tonight. Pulling my left arm until I was tightly stretched across the table, he then quickly tied my right arm until I was pulled as far as my 5’6″ body would allow.
He smiled down at me as he walked around the table, letting his hands move along my naked flesh. When he moved between my spread and tied legs I thought, ok now he is going to fuck me on our dining table so each time Tim and I eat here I will remember this. Instead He sent shivers through me with His words.
“Suzanne I think you’ve just been telling me what I wanted to hear. I don’t think that you really meant what you said about always obeying me, and not just when I am with you. Plus, I know you better than you think, and you will not always keep this whore’s pussy shaven smooth like I want. So, knowing that, I am going to see if I can help you to always remember your promise.” He said.
That is when the belt fell the first time across my exposed lower stomach, forcing the loudest scream of my life out of me. Over and over he whipped my stomach, my inner thighs and my bare breasts. He would hit my inner thigh making my hips raise off the table. Whip my breasts making my nipples burn as I pulled and twisted in my bindings, begging him for mercy. Just as suddenly as he began he stopped. I could feel his eyes on me as my body heaved and turned even after the evil blows stopped.
As my crying slowed and I started to stop my involuntary jerking He said, “Just one more Suzanne and I will believe you when you promise to obey me in the future.”
That is when my life changed as my whole body was sent into shock. Being tied and spread as I was, my pussy was wide open and exposed to him. With a practiced swing he landed the belt as hard as anything I have ever felt in my life, down along my helplessly spread pussy lips, making me see stars and scream for the hundredth time. As the pain shot through me he stepped forward and rammed his hard cock all the way into my pussy forcing me to cry out again.
Grabbing onto my waist for leverage he plowed over and over into my tender pussy as I thrashed on the table. The pain was unbelievably turning to pleasure, my cries were now moans, and my hips started to move with his hard thrusts. He must have sensed this for he suddenly pulled out of me causing me to whimper for his cock. I couldn’t see what he was doing but soon felt the unmistakable feeling of his cum landing on my stomach. He left me laying there frustrated and still burning for him when I heard him come back into the room.
“OK slut you had your chance, now I see if I want something done I will have to do it myself.” He said.
After what He had already put me through this sent shivers racing through me as I wondered what he would do next. Instead of more pain he sat in a chair between my spread thighs and started to shave me. I had to lie there feeling the humiliation as he moved the razor up and down removing the offending hair. He would whistle, hum, and was really enjoying himself until it felt like I was there an eternity.
Finally he patted my bald pussy like a puppy Rocky(D), or should I say a kitty cat and laughed. “Now that’s how I like the cunt I own to look.” He said.
My newly shaved pussy felt strange and I wondered what I was going to tell me husband as he started to untie me. Knowing I was stiff and sore he gently helped me off of the table and led me through my own house back to our bedroom. Oh no, I thought not here too, but I knew he HAD to dominate me here most of all. Ordering me up on my husband’s and my bed, on my hands and knees, he stopped me at the very edge.
Holding me by the waist he asked me, “Who do you belong to Suzanne?”
When I answered “You Sir,” he rammed his cock into my pussy making me gasp.
“Who’s cunt is this Suzanne,” he said.
Again I answered “Yours Sir.” When I did he rammed my pussy with his cock again, making me grunt.
Each time he would ask me an embarrassing question and when I answered “You Sir” he would pound into me.
Each thrust forcing the air from me as he fucked my sore pussy. Again as I felt my on orgasm building he pushed me forward pulling his cock from me and saying “Come here whore and suck Your slut juices off of my dick.”
Crawling around as fast as I could I took his wet cock in my mouth. This time he allowed me to suck and work it with my tongue as he stood there watching me. When I felt him tense up I expected him to cum in my mouth, but as before he wanted to mark me, almost like branding me with his cum. This time he gently held my head and shot his sticky cum over my face and hair.
Shaking the last drops off onto my breasts he pushed me off the bed saying, “Get on the floor bitch, I don’t want to sleep with your sticky cunt. Get down there where cheap bitches belong.”
So that is how I ended up pushed out of my own bed, naked to sleep on the floor the night before Thanksgiving!
I still cannot believe I allowed him to treat me as he did. I cannot believe I invited him to come up to my hotel room or that I even thought about cheating on my wonderful husband Tim with him. That I didn’t even know his name as he undressed me that first night we met. That when he asked me if I was “ready to be his slut” I said yes Sir, called him Master for the first time, and agreed to do anything he asked of me.
I can’t describe the conflicting feeling rushing thru my mind and body as he commanded me to masturbate in front of him, feeling his eyes bore thru my very core until I was begging him to allow me to cum. Even as he slapped my face, demeaned me in unthinkable ways and called me a slut over and over I could only whimper and say “yes Sir” as my burning pussy got wetter and wetter until I exploded in the most intense orgasm of my life.
I was still gasping and my breath had not slowed when he ordered me to my knees in front of him. I cannot be sure if he told me to take his cock out or if I did that on my own but suddenly there it was inches in front of my face. As he slapped my face with his hard cock I know I should have felt ashamed but all I could think of was wrapping my lips around the head so when he said, “now suck it slut” my mouth was already trying to catch it.
Kneeling naked before him, letting him use my mouth I became lost in my thoughts for a moment of finally getting the rough treatment I so crave but cannot get from my loving husband. I wasn’t prepared when he jerked me back to the present by pulling me up by my hair and ordering me to bend over the couch. Without thinking I just did as I was ordered, I rose and quickly bent over bracing myself with my hands on the armrest.
As I listened to him undress I wondered how I got to this point so rapidly. How I could be about to cheat on my dear husband with a total stranger and how did this stranger seem to know everything I craved and needed. Again as my mind was filled with such conflicting thoughts and even though my pussy was swollen and wet I was not ready when he slammed his long cock into me without warning. I know I must have screamed loud enough to wake the dead but at that moment I didn’t care who heard me, I just wanted him to continue to fuck me!
He was teasing me with his cock by slowly pulling out like he was trying to pull my insides out with his cock, then as he gripped my waist thrusting hard into me forcing low grunts from my mouth. My inner muscles were trying to grasp and hold his cock inside of me as he continued to fuck me as he wished, not as I needed. I was soon begging him to fuck me faster but instead he starting talking to me, asking me if I liked his cock fucking me like this, if I loved having a stranger fuck me, if I knew that now I was his slut?
In between him pulling my hair, which I have always found exciting, all I could do was whimper and moan as I answered each of his questions with “Yes Sir!” Suddenly he slapped my behind as he withdrew that wonderful cock of his leaving me feeling so empty and ordered me to the bed. In a daze I moved over to where he now was by the bed.
Seeing his cock standing up so straight hard, slick with my juices, I couldn’t help but bend over and take it once again into my mouth. Tasting myself on his cock as it slid over my tongue and down my throat, I sucked on him as if my life depended on it. I usually love to suck and tease a man’s cock when I give orally but this time it was pure animalistic as I tried to take all of his long shaft down my throat.
He was spanking me, pinching my nipples, giving me orders so fast I am not sure what all transpired for several minutes when once again he changed and ordered me onto my back. I then found myself bound to the bed with my legs spread wide apart. For the first time that night I suddenly became very afraid for now I would have no control over what happen to me, as if I ever had any control once I invited Him into my room.
As his hands moved over my naked body it felt like tiny bolts of electricity shooting out the tips of his fingers touching raw nerve endings as I jerked and squirmed under his dominant control. My whole body was on fire as I tried to move away and at the same time closer to his exploring hands when I noticed this wicked smirk in his eyes.
Without warning he suddenly reached up and pinched both of my hard aching and sensitive nipples, making me cry out for the hundredth time that night. Calling me his little slut he pinched twisted and tugged on my throbbing nubs, as he told me how much he loved tormenting my nipples. As he leaned over and took my left nipple between his teeth and bit down I thought to myself Suzanne, this time you may have gone too far, as I remembered the innocent email that told him how much I fantasized about this.
I was rapidly approaching another orgasm, and I thought that this was so unusual for me. When I make love with my husband, I NEVER cum more than once. My moans and cry’s were getting loud when his right hand moved down my stomach and between my tied spread legs. When he started to rub my burning clit I was begging for him to fuck me again, use me as he wished but please just fuck me!
He was laughing at me and calling me every demeaning name he could think of but all I could do was thrash on the bed and beg for release. Just as I was about to go over the edge he suddenly stopped and slapped my swollen pussy hard, sending me into sensory overload. I will never forget the wet smacking sound or the pain that shot thru my entire body. He was talking to me when again he slapped me between my spread legs. I have heard the expression “seeing stars” well that night I saw them twice. I have no memory what he said to me but all I could do was meekly whimper a “yes Sir” with each of his questions. Then when he again started rubbing my now very sensitive clit, I heard the words “cum slut!” and that is what I did! Crying out as he bit my nipple again I tried to rise up off of the bed and squeeze my legs together as wave after wave washed over me.
As I collapsed back onto the bed I was aware of him untying my legs and pushing my knees back onto my chest. Even if I could have resisted, even if I had wanted to, I was in no shape to do anything but allow him to finish whatever he had in mind for me. He was talking to me the entire time but his words were like coming from far away in a fog and all I could do was whimper “yes, Master”.
I felt the tip of his cock at my entrance, then his long shaft pushed all the way into me. I gasped when I felt his weight pressed down on me but it came out as a long yessssssssssss. I was so sore and raw that each time he rammed into me it hurt beyond belief, but I was still trying to raise my hips up and meet each demanding thrust. As he slammed into me over and over he was telling me once again I was his slut. He said he was going to use me over and over and allow his friends to use me and this sent me into a mind numbing orgasm. My inner muscles gripped as tightly as they could around his pounding shaft. When I did that, I felt his body tense and he exploded in me, filling me with his womb burning cum. I collapsed back on the bed and barely remember him untying my hands.
Watching him dress as I lay on the bed, sore but sated like I have never felt before, he is telling me that he owns me now. I am his slut and always will be, and that whenever he calls me I will be available. I lay there thinking about all that he did to me, this first night we ever met in person and know that yes, no matter what happens, I am now his slut. As he closes the door and leaves me alone for the rest of the night I whisper “Master” and close my eyes and fall into a coma like sleep, dreaming not of my comfortable home and husband but of this new wonderful terror I have found.
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