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Submissive Indian woman Fantasy/Humiliation Life

156 Min Read

Things Like This just do not Happen to Married Women in India

The woman in this story is a 40 yr old attractive Indian woman. She was educated in the states and married to what she thinks is a conservative Indian man. They had met while attending college together. They have been married for about fifteen yrs and have a daughter in her early teens and an eight year old son. She has been intimate with only two other men in her life and both were before marriage!
One of these men was like her husband, who’s whole idea of sex was plain uninspiring missionary sex, but the other was much more kinky, and this partner was quite explicit as to what he wanted to do to her when it came to rough and perverted sex! They only got to do a few of these things together before going their separate ways. He had threatened to do all sorts of things, but what he had threatened, now later in life as a married woman was enough to excite her and produce numerous fantasy’s about abduction bondage, slave and master situations along with being brutally raped!

It was hard to say what might have happened had they stayed together. However fate always seems to play a part in these kinds of relationships as to how people meet, get married and all of the things that a normal married couple, (Normal being the key word here) would do! She do to her educational commitments and him leaving to attend a different college had broken apart, what might have been!
Not long after this she met her husband to be, and the rest so they say is history. Her dull sex life and seemingly disinterested husband had only helped produced some incredible dripping fantasy’s based on her earlier experience, and these fantasy’s only seemed to get more perverted kinky and abusive.

Thus leaving her sexually charged , increasingly unfulfilled and wanting ! She had heard her husband commenting to other men about her, saying she was just a wife, like she was some sort of domestic this seemed to be a cruel and insensitive statement! Just a wife she thought I will show him!….
She finally had discovered the Internet and the risque sites accessible to her in India! These sites offered just about any kind of sexual situation one could imagine! But the ones she really liked were the dark and dangerous ones. The ones that did not appeal to the average woman cyber sexing around on a safe site, especially an older married one that was just out for a little fun and kinky sex play through the anonymous safety of the net.

The site that she liked the most and the people that posted on them were the ones that said things like, Do not tell anyone about this, and wear as little as possible when we meet!!…. Do not bring anything only enough money for cab or bus fare to the places she was told to go, in the poor and depressed slum area of the city!

These were areas even in Chennai, mostly a conservative city that after dark were unescorted women could easily get into trouble! These E-Mails would almost always end with, after you have read and memorized the place as to where they were to meet she was suppose to delete it!….

She was almost always horny , after reading several of these E-mails just could not resist, being naive finally answering one of them. In only a short period of time she was telling a perfect stranger everything about her! What she looked like, that she was slightly on the chubby side or as some would say full figured. That she was a fair skinned Indian woman. About 5 ft 6i n tall, 70kgs about 150 lbs, with a 38-34-36 body and curly black hair. This is the perfect description of Maya, a middle class married Indian woman.

She had even sent him several nude pictures along with her most intimate and perverse thoughts. Including the fact that she fantasized about, and wanted to be raped as brutal and sadistically as possible by black men and did not want him, or who ever did it to hold anything back! OMG! Was the thought of this ever exciting, and the fantasy of it! He had also sent a picture of a hansom black brute of a man!

The man or person on the other end was very charming and quite clever at getting every detail out of her. Along with having her agree to some of the most sinful and perverted sex acts that one could imagine, as her mind went crazy at least in fantasy.
The details did not matter at all, as the sinful delicious and tantalizing thought of what might happen to her was like a sexual drug induced feeling of euphoria.. She knew that things could end badly and that she could easily get hurt, but to her, the erotic and perverse thought of sexual intercourse and abusive rape over came any rational or reasonable thought! Nor being innocently naive did she think the picture he had sent was of someone else?

She finally with much hesitation agreed to meet this stranger and had left a short note for her husband that said, I love you and not to worry, as she would be back later that evening or some time the following day! Saying that she was going to help a distant relative, but not saying who or where the relative was?.

She had, as instructed taken little money and had worn a plain but rather tight fitting dress with nothing under it also as instructed! The dress showed a lot of cleavage, but for the most part was modest . She had sent this person a picture of her, wearing red 4” platform heels and pull up thigh high stockings, both were luxury’s for most women in India . She had taken nude pictures of herself , her big breasts and holding the short dress up so that her well trimmed black pubic hair and the labia lips of her pussy could easily be seen!

If you had seen these pictures you would have to admit she really looked attractive and sexy, but not quite so innocent!.

She had sent him several E-Mail telling him that she would probably at the last moment change her mind, and if she did, not under any circumstances , and in no uncertain terms no matter how much she begged for him to let her go, and be sent home . Was not to do so, and he was to make her go through with their perverted sexual agreement! What ever it was she had promised , this she wanted to make this perfectly clear to him, thus sealing her fate !

He then told her she was take a certain bus to a place in the old part of Madras…
Following his instructions to the letter she changed several buses in route. This part of the city where they were to meet was a place where the local news had reported a number of young and older women had gone missing, and after several days they were usually found nude, bound, gagged and blindfolded , they had also been forcefully beaten mostly their breasts bare bottoms and especially their pussies , then had been raped numerous times!

Most of the women could not remember a thing or chose not to say anything about what had happened to them, or who had did such an awful thing even if they knew? Apparently they had been threatened, which left the local authorities totally baffled. Their were also a number of women that were never found?…..

The thought of this fact alone added to Maya’s erotic thoughts. The man she was to meet had further stated that she was to be there at 7:00 pm that Friday evening at the appointed place.

She had worn a thin coat over her modest dress so as not to attract much attention. On the bus trip, she began to have second thoughts and after changing buses several times, got on the last bus, as the driver looked her over he made the comment that few women ventured into this part of old Madras after dark by themselves, especially attractive ones! She almost did not get on the bus after hearing this, but her body and dirty little fantasy was so overpowering that it was now in control!….

She was glad to have worn the coat. When on this last bus the streets were darker and she had seen fewer people . She had gotten so uncontrollably wet as her mind raced, with the thought of intoxicating perverted sex! She had unbutton the coat and move it up and out of the way, and had worked the tight fitting dress up to her waist so that they would not get wet from her obvious stimulation!….As her thoughts and fantasy was adding to her wetness things she had never dreamed before, and were bringing her untapped female sexuality to its very peak!

The problem was ,that her bare wet mature cunt/ labia lips and the pubic area matched perfectly with the fabric material the bus seat was made of, so that when the bus finally arrived at the end of the line she was at first unable to get up! The problem being, it was a low seat and had left her in an awkward setting position. Leaving her pussy stuck to the seat like a powerful suction cup, this was caused by the pre orgasmic wetness and the fact that she was setting right over the rear tires of the bus, this had made the jostling ever so more stimulating and effective , each time the bus hit a bump and most of the back roads in this part of Chennai had a lot of bumps! …….

As the bus came to a halt she was all by herself and the only one left, the driver sensed she was having some sort of difficulty and in curiosity? Walked back to where she was setting.

He had not noticed her full figured subtle curves when she had gotten on the bus due to the coat. But now with it fully unbuttoned, up out of the way and her dress pulled up, she was bare from the waist down wearing only pull up western style stockings and red platform heels that left little to his imagination! He stared at her naked helplessness for several minutes in awe of her naked beauty and then offered to help her, first trying to pull her up by her hands. This had not worked at all….

Then he finally had reached under her arms and around , clasping his hands her back, and as she leaned forward trying to help, it had placed the cleavage of her big breasts almost in his face! This was followed by him giving her several healthy jerks which finally pulled her cunt / labia lips loose! As he did so there was an audible sucking along with a very unladylike noise followed by a definite smacking pop as her wet stimulated and mature cunt/ labia lips were finally pulled free!

He had been holding her so tight that as he pulled, her big beautiful 38” breasts were squeezed up and completely out of her dress!… They stood there locked together for the moment, he not knowing quite what to do? Never having hugged such an attractive woman so tight or so close, especially one who’s breasts were free of under garments!

Maya felt herself flush in embarrassment, but the sensation in her pussy was incredible, as he finally let go . Giving her a quick leer up and down, he walked back to his seat with his pants bulging, he was not sure exactly what had just happened. But was quite certain it had something to do with her bare female posterior!

She scared to death still blushing and embarrassed pushed her bare breasts back into her dress, straightened herself up as best she could, buttoned her coat and hurried to get off the bus. She felt the stimulation of being stuck to the seat, it had left her wetter, and trembling with even more sinful anticipation as to what might happen next!… When the bus drove off the driver hollered out to her, good luck Mohila. your going to need it……

Standing where the bus had let her off looking, at first the street seemed to be deserted, but as her eyes became accustomed to the darkness , the very dim street light began to reveal a number of men next to an old building across the street from where she was at. OMG! She had taken a long bath before she left and had use some rather strong soap with a fragrance that made her smell quite appealing! Maya tried to think of the place where she was to meet this stranger, her mind was jumbled and could not remember where she was suppose to go not knowing, as she walked along the street! At first they paid little attention and then she heard one of them say to his friends.

I smell pussy, and she’s alone! Maya heard them starting across the street . Her heart was pounding as she walked faster, but the high platform shoes and tight dress was slowing her down !….She as a married woman that few men had ever given her a second look, just could not imagine how shapely and sexually attractive she looked from behind, as her bottom fresh scent, and ass cheeks wiggled so inviting! The high western style platform heels she was wearing easily made her legs and bare bottom under the thin dress even more sinfully desirable !

She looked back as several more men crossed the street , with at least a dozen following! She had come to a place between two buildings , there was trash and an old derelict car that had been abandoned , along with a number of larger trash bins beside the buildings. The alley was dark and dirty, except for one dim light half way, she could see graffiti painted all over the walls, but what looked like her only chance!…. Down at the end , she could see brighter lights and a fairly busy street with cars passing . It appeared that if, she could beat them to the street she could be free of these men, and could then resume her search for the place she was to meet this stranger!.

This was not exactly what she had imagined as her meeting was suppose to be just one man! The thought of more than one man and a gang of them had really excited her! As it now appeared her fantasy might be better than she could ever have imagined! She was about half way down the alley and had unbuttoned her coat and reached down pulling her tight dress up even higher so she could walk faster. The closest man, walking faster had reached out and tried to grab her, but was just barely able to catch part of her coat! She had let him pull it off, as it looked as though she might make it to the lighted street, when suddenly she tripped over something!…OMG!….Wham!

She hit the pavement hard, had tried to stop her fall but her hands had been clutching her dress and had barely been able to break her fall!. She was stunned for a moment and that was all it took! She was on all fours with her bare bottom showing and her big tits hanging down and was trying to get up. The closest man was on her in second’s she tried to scream as the terrifying reality sank in! But he put his big hand around her throat and squeezed ! Her ability to breath, and make any noise was suddenly gone as he choked her, and with his other hand grabbed a fist full of beautiful long black hair! Pulling her head back violently, he screamed at her to shut up!

She tried to scream again as his grip tightened. He said be quiet and we won’t hurt you! He then turned her around and slapped her face really hard several times while still holding onto her hair, and again said shut up, …and do exactly as I say! The stinging blows had left her dazed, with her eyes watering ! He then pulled her up even higher by her hair and eased his grip on her neck, as the other men had now gathered around apparently they were all part of the same gang!

Most of them were young rough looking dark skinned African men!. The man holding her was Indian,.. older and she could see he was big and very strong!.. The heels of her hands were scratched dirty and bruised, her knees had fared better as her pull up thigh high stockings were of some protection. She was able to breath again, as he let loose of her throat, but the stinging slaps to her face had left her cheeks burning with tears in her eyes , and her ears still ringing!

Then he lifted her straight up to where her toes were just barely touching the ground, by only her hair, and did so using only one hand. She had started to plead with him to let her go as she thrashed around like a puppet on a string? Several of the men were now laughing at her, as they started pulling at her thin dress . She could hear the fabric as it ripped, and was torn away! She, now naked and even under these circumstances presented the body of a shapely and attractive full figured woman. Maya had no idea a woman could be hung by her hair like this by only one man, and so utterly helpless and naked in front of all these strange men!

The feeling was still terrifying but the other feeling of being naked in front of this gang of mean looking and obviously lust filled men was even more exciting than she could ever have imagined! The thought alone was making her sloppy wet, as her breathing became heavier, and her heart was almost pounding out of her chest! She heard them talking about what they were going to do to her! He told her to put her hands behind her back, and to keep them there, she felt someone tie them tight! He pushed her in front of a dark skinned nasty weasel looking man and asked him what did he ? Want to do to her!

Drooling sadistically he said nothing as his rough hands squeezed her bare breasts and cruelly pulled on her her brown nipples! Then her bare bottom was brutally spanked, several times with a bare hand by unseen others and when someone viciously pinched her wet little clit! To her it felt like a burning jolt of electricity had shot between her legs as her knees collapsed leaving her again only held up by only her hair! The strong sadistic fingers had easily slipped into her wet trembling and tight hardly used cunt! …. This cruel treatment had brought on a most ready and helplessly uncontrolled orgasm!….

One said, she feels like a virgin! But her pussy is dripping like shes a whore of the worst kind! … Maya was starting to plead for them not the hurt her when she heard someone say! I think she likes this, and wants to be raped!

She was trying to act the part of a scared and helpless woman saying in her most convincing voice No! When one of them said, She needs to be ass fucked and have her shit packed, and her cunt filled with loads of cum! Another said I wonder how many men she can take and how many cocks she can suck!…

Her cheeks breasts and bottom were flush from the stinging slap and the excitement of what was happening to her. The big man still holding her hair, and still with one hand now had forced her down onto her knees , with the other placed his thumb and fore finger in to the corners of her mouth forcing it opening as if he was placing a bridle on a wild Rocky(H), then with her mouth gaping open he tilted her head back!

The black weasel looking man then unzipped his pants and has produced an 8” semi hard slimy cock and started to furiously beat off!.. In a matter of moments he ejaculates an incredible stream of cum that hits her first in the face as his aim is poor, then shoots the rest of it into her open mouth, the smell is sickening ! It is a big load of yellow semen ! The big Indian man holding her mouth open has now closed it, as he pinched off her nose, and tells her to swallow! She is gagging helplessly as she tries to gulp down and swallow the sicking taste and breathe all at the same time !…

In a matter of moments several more men have done the same, but one of them has grabbed the back of her head, and then shoved his big black cock into her mouth, demanding she suck him and clean his cock as he slaps her face again! OMG ! Maya now feels hands on her bottom at first pinching squeezing and then pulling her ass cheeks apart followed by first one finger and then two and finally three as they forcefully stretch and find there way past her sphincter and into her virgin ass hole a place that has had only one other dick before!

The pain of the rough fingers was not quite so horrible as she first imagines! She screams, mostly out of surprise! Her husband has never fucked her in the ass! Nor would he ever do such a thing to her?…, But this kind of treatment is exactly what she wants! Several more men beat off and squirt more cum into her open mouth,.. she is made to swallow more and more as the pace quickens, one after the other they squirt. She can’t see as her face is now covered, cum is in her hair and eyes and is running down her face and chest then dripping off her breasts ! She is so full of cum she can swallow no more, and is burping up mouthful’s of cum choking as she tries to swallow and catch her breath!

Occasionally through cum filled eyes she sees a flash! OMG! They are taking pictures of her! She is jerked up on to her feet and is led down between the buildings and under the only light, again by only her hair! Her head hurts and the platform shoes she is wearing barely skip and click along the ground !

Her hands are still tied tightly behind her back and her wrists are sore and raw, she is covered with cum and her head is forced down and back as she is bent over. Her hair is being tied to piece of rope and it is then thrown up to an overhead pipe and pulled tight this leaves her neck bent up!… She feels her legs being spread wider and wider until she is so precarious on her platform shoes she can hardly stand.

Someone is starting to probe her wet slit, at first she has no idea what it is? The object is a long necked Sula wine bottle that is forcefully pushed into her tight cunt hole stretching the tender skin around it! The bottle is then pushed harder and harder getting her ready for a big Penis until it can go no more, the pain of the neck hitting her cervical membrane along with the incredible stretching has left her cum filled eyes , wide in horror, just before it is savagely jerked out!

The first of several cocks now start probing her juicy and well dilated cunt as the dark skinned beady eyed weasel looking man has produced a grimy grotesque half limp cock, with yellow gooey cum still dripping from the end! Then with a sadistic smile he slowly starts to force its way into her mouth past her lips! The sickening sweet taste of yellow cum almost gags her,.. she can feel it come to life as it starts to harden almost immediately chocking her as the weasel grabs her head and holds her mouth down forcefully onto his rapidly swelling penis !

They both in unison penetrate her as she is impaled at either end, the man behind her is tall and once impaled her toes , again are just barely touching the ground! These men are not gentle or caring . Brutal animal desire takes over, they are both trying to use her as a back stop in some sort of perverted sadistic soccer game of lust ! She is forced between them like raw cunt meat tossed into a pit of wild Rocky(D)s, as they really pound her ! The harsh fucking has become more painful and intense.

This is, what she wants, has longed for and fantasized about! But, with glassy wide tear filled eyes, it is though, no longer fantasy as they both pummel her more brutal abusive and harder than ever … Not holding anything back, they explode in her almost at the same time!… As she too experiences an incredible painful and shuddering orgasm!… That leaves her helplessly limp and trembling!

The weasel with another incredible ecstatic ejaculation and pleasurable release jerks his cock free, and squirts the rest all over her face! For Maya it is only one of several hard cocks with semen squirting and dripping from them , along with sweaty men groaning, that time after time they release their loads of cum on, in and all over her naked helpless body as she squirms this way and that!. Her big bare breasts are bare so vulnerable hanging down, that someone is smacking them around hard! Then has taken a very firm sadistic grip, first followed by pulling her nipples straight down,.. first one and the the other! Then they are pulling them harder than ever, now in opposite directions !… OMG! Does it ever hurt!

The pain is awful, they are being twisted savagely as they are pulled! She can do nothing to protect herself , and is very worried that her nipples might be permanently injured, maybe even twisted clear off,… from such sadistic abuse! The pulling continues, harder yet, as her soft tender 38” breasts are pulled by only her nipples to their very limit! The pain is horrible when they are finally released they spring back violently,.. and then flop up and down jiggling around wildly as they are free of this savage grip and are now unencumbered !

The sensation is so intense and incredible , as blood rushes back into her harshly bruised breasts and nipples! This is a place that has never experienced any sort of sex play, but these abused nerve endings are connected to the very depth of her untapped sexuality………. She has little time to think as another hard cock easily slips into and down her throat, big strong hands grab her ears and pull her down! With her hair still tied to the overhead rope all the pulling does is to tilt her head back and opens her mouth helplessly and even wider.

OMG! For a moment her bottom and pussy are unattended as she feels her very swollen puffed up and sensitive clitoris being twisted sadistically and pulled hard exactly like her nipples!

The sensation is sinfully perverse with this sadistic painful and stimulating abuse!.. Now with this iron fisted grip it is pulled down back and so hard she almost passes out from the incredible intense pain! Again she is terrified this sadist will leave her most tender treasure mutilated disfigured or with some sort of permanent damage? The thought and torturous feeling only produces another painful orgasm from her formerly untapped smoldering female depth!.

She has little time to worry about this as all the cum in her, is used as a lubricant as another big hard cum covered black cock has found her unblemished virgin ass hole and is rammed in! The pain in her asshole along with her simmering nipples and clit is almost unbearable. She tries to scream out but with a mouthful hard cock she can only groan! Several muffled, OMG, OMG, OMG! Is in her thoughts as it is now late in the evening! The last of almost a dozen or so men have satisfied themselves by using her naked helpless mature body! She never thought any woman, even the most despicable slutty whore could endure such a rough horrible gang bang that has just happened , much less an older married woman like her?

Wondering what is next the rope tied to her hair is cut loose and she is finally shoved to the ground for the ultimate degradation, and is laying in the alley nude with her hands still tied behind her back, still naked wearing only thigh high stockings and red platform shoes. The upper insides of her thighs and stocking are soaked with cum and she has loads of semen leaking from her well used cunt and asshole! She has sucked so many cocks she has lost count!. Her burping of cum is almost continuous and keeps welling back up in her throat and into her mouth choking and gagging her.

She hears the men discussing what they are going to do with her, but the language is a mixed dialog with Hidi and english and only understand parts leaving her scared and wondering? She knows that they are done with her, at least for the moment. Her heart sinks with mixed emotion at the thought of being given naked to others and used only as some sort of helpless whore or sex slave! OMG! As she thinks to herself what has she gotten into,… and will she ever see her husband and children again as their faces flash through her mind, or will she ever get home at all, much less alive or whole?

Maya has had a number of dark sexual fantasy’s about such things, but in her wildest dreams, she never thought something like this would ever,… happen to her? She has resigned herself to being used a lot more, before ever getting home and is now sore used and stretched. Her nipples and especially her clitoris that have been sadistically abused, but they have given way to a most relaxed pleasurable sensation. No one before has ever used or abused her so harshly. This treatment has only left her thoughts and this most soft tender intimate flesh of hers stimulated to its very peak and only wanting!

She was just laying there as those that had gotten their fill are now jacking off in an attempt to cover her helpless naked body with even more cum , they are aiming at her pretty face and with her hands bound behind her back there is nothing she can do to stop them, cover herself or to move out of the way. One of them started to reached down and grab her.

They are going to take ( Her) this filthy cum soaked wretched piece of well used female cunt meat and give her to their friends! She is covered and laying in a pool of cum when she hears sirens thinking OMG what if she is found naked and raped how will she explain to her husband let alone to the authorities what has happened? “The Blue Brigade of police cars”are just minutes away! But in mixed relief these cars just keep on going right past the dark alley , out in the lighted street and apparently have no interest at all,… with what has happened in between these older darken buildings? The gang of men that have raped her, they to thinking that the police will be there in only moments start running in all directions!

Just as Maya resigns herself to being naked raped and on the evening news and trying to explain to her husband. A Chennai Taxi pulls into this narrow drive with its horn honking and lights flashing screeching to a halt almost next to her! There is quite a commotion as the few men that are left are thinking it is a police car, as they are running yelling and cursing !.. Then in a matter of minutes all is quiet…….

The driver and another man attend to her, helping her up but making no effort what so ever to cover her naked cum soaked body or untie her wrists? She thinks at first it is a cab driver that is only trying to help.

But her relief is short lived and her hopes dashed as a canvas bag is quickly placed over her head and the strings around the opening are pulled tight! Then she, even more terrified is helped up and lifted into the back of what at first glance appears to be a Chennai Taxi. It is only then that she realizes these men have no intention of helping her?….And the driver is not from the Chennai taxi company?

In only a matter of minutes they are on their way, a discussion ensues between the driver and the man in the back as to how she is to be used and displayed? She wonders about the word “Displayed” and what they have in store for her? She has no money no clothes and has no idea who these men are,.. or where they are taking her? Hands first fondle her big soft breasts and then her nipples twisting them but not quite so hard as the sadist had done earlier, the feeling and touch this time is more stimulating than painful!

She welcomes his touch this time with wanting anticipation as his hand descends to her inner thigh and slowly creeps up towards the center of her sexual being!.. Her breathing and heart beat increases as his hand has found her wet folds exploring,.. as he comments to the driver that she is wet excited and a good catch! Then says that she will be a good slave and whore to who ever pays the asked for price!

His hand has now found her swollen and abused clitoris, his touch is that of an expert in sexually pleasuring women, her heart beats faster and her breathing is now sharp shallow and raspy. She holds her breath as fingers investigate her swollen sensitive clit, several more minutes pass before her breathing starts to return to normal!…Just when she thinks he will let it go,.. his fingers hold it tenderly!

Her heart is almost pounding out of her chest as he holds her breath again she can feel his fingers, the thumb fore, and index surrounding her very hard pulsing clit each time her heart beats ! The sensation is incredible and she is unable to move or hold back a climax of incredible proportion from only his sinful touch!

She screams out like some sort of wild animal that has been pleasured by a equally wild beast with trembling results. This touching is in such a perverted way, one she has never experienced before. All this does is to incite another comment, again from the man that has a hold of her most intimate tender treasure, to the driver, saying she is going to be really good and worth a large sum of money ( धन )!..when we auction her! OMG! Auction her! Now she has an idea of what will happen?

The taxi has slows down and made several turns and finally came to a stop, doors open and then close, she can hear voices and conversation? Maya can not understand what is being said only a few words, Bombay/Mumbai followed by a place called Andheri? Then she realizes what it all means! Chennai where she lives is a conservative city with a modest crime rate although it has been increasing as the population grows.

The city has little in the way of illicit sex trade but,… only last year a Doctor and his nurse that worked at a local corporate hospital along with a pimp were arrested for prostitution and forced sex slavery! Their have also been a number women, young and old, even here in Chennai that have disappeared as she remembers the news reports!

Some have been found locally and others in the Bombay/Mumbai area, and still others have never been found! The city of Bombay/ Mumbai is a mixture of both the old and new ways and have retained some of both cultures, and here many of the old ways still exist. It is one of few places left in India where the clandestine sex slave trade of middle eastern and oriental cultures meet.

Women are are brought from India and all over the world to become sex slaves in brothels mostly against their will. African women from mostly Nigeria, Oriental ones from Japan, China and Indonesia. The ones that are most sought after are the white Russians, Western Europeans British red heads and of course blond blue eyed American women from the states . The prettier shapely ones are taught how to dance and made dancing girls first. Then they might be whored out or trained as slaves to pleasure their new owners in some of the most abnormal deviant and abusive sex one could Imagine, or are just sold to the highest bidder.

Near The city of Bombay/ Mumbai there is a black colony, a place called Andheri where few, especially women dare venture after sun down, it is a colony of mostly Africans from Nigeria. All of this is unknown to Maya, but is where she will eventually end up several days from now!

Maya’s abduction and trip from Chenai to Bombay/Mumbai and her introduction to Mistress “M” and her being marked as a Slave!

Maya cannot see with the hood, and still covered with cum, hears the sound of a big truck then more voices, as she is helped out of the taxi and left standing. Her legs are barely able to hold her after the disgraceful hard fucking she has endured, along with being naked helpless and unable to see,.. has raised her female senses to their very peak! Any sound or touch is frightening as she hears more voices, that of a woman pleading for help! Please help? Please anyone? There is no response to this pitiful plea!

Maya does not know it, but she is in a big secluded warehouse that has been made to look like it belongs to a reputable trucking company and this truck like the Chennai taxi are clandestine copies of legitimate business vehicles. If she could see the truck it would look just like any other from the Bombay Maharashtra Transport Company, one of the big trading companies of India! The metal doors of the big truck, open with an eerie creaking sound!

But this truck is not to transport the goods of commerce. It is a carrier of naked helpless women to be sold on the black market of the illicit sex trade, and Maya along with these other women, who have also been abducted or coerced into meeting a stranger for kinky sex, or the offer of money. Or are like her, have foolishly agreed to a similar thing that our older naive Maya a married lusting woman has done, and they like her are now naked bound and helpless, and are being placed as unwilling cargo in the back of this big truck!

She is being pulled along helplessly by one of her bare breasted nipples as some one from behind has grabbed her ass cheeks and helps her up the steep ramp the clunk of her red platform shoes echo as she is led into the back of the big truck! Then she is forced down on her knees with several other women and shackled together with chains! Some one has taken a liking to her shoes as she feels them being pulled from her feet. She objects vocally as the metal floor is warm on her bare feet! This is going to be a long uncomfortable trip almost a full days drive by truck. The national highway system in India is part of the Golden Quadrilateral from Chennai to Mumbai . There will be stops at Bangalurn and Marmagao to pick up other women that have suffered the same pitiful fate!

Again she hears women pleading for some sort of help, that she now knows, is never going to come,… as the big steel doors are slammed shut! Nothing happens for several minutes, all is quiet? Then the truck roars to life as the vibration of the powerful engine travels through her naked body and the heavy truck moves out onto the highway.

Maya has some idea what will happen, but the others, are terrified as to what awaits, as they plead again for someone to help, but these pleas will reach the ears of no one!
She has no idea of time, it was after midnight when she was helped out of the taxi. The twists and turns followed by the steady drone of the big trucks engine and the hum of the tires lull her into a half semi conscious fitful sleep! Was it an hour, two or more, when the truck slows turns several times and then bumps to a stop? It is one of the two stops along the way and is in the city of Bangalur.

More voices and people talking, the door creaks open again and the sounds of other women being helped in. Maya cannot see, but knows they are like her, naked bound and wearing hoods! The same sounds happen all over again, women pleading a young one is crying and calling for her momma !

Now there are at least six other women maybe more? All naked and huddled together! She can hear the chains that hold them helplessly rattle on the metal floor!

Time again stands still as the big truck is back on the highway heading north towards Mumbai. These naked women are next to one another some almost on top of others, she can feel the nakedness of one against her, the warmth of a bare female body next to hers is comforting in a perverse sort of way on this warm night.

She is almost afraid to ask? Timidly saying what is your name, the voice is that of a young girl filled with hope says “Graham”, can you help me? Maya is in no position to help herself let alone anyone else, as she calmly tries to explain that she too, is naked bound and cannot see, and is afraid to tell this young girl, what she thinks will happen to them?

She decides to say nothing as they will all know soon enough, why they have been abducted and will eventually be sold to the highest bidders in some sort of sex slave auction! After what seems like hours, it is now late morning the truck again has turned off the highway slows and finally stops. It is a repeat of the first stop and they are now in the city of Marmagao, but several of the women including her need to relieve themselves in the worst way! They are helped out still chained together three at a time as the chains drag along the floor. Apparently by men that have no concern what so ever for their needs or privacy while they do such an intimate thing!

For Maya after her earlier ordeal of hard fucking and the fact that she has to go badly has no trouble, but objects to being manhandled as she is forced into a squatting position and almost immediately is peeing! The warm piss splashes around in the dirt and onto her ankles and bare feet, the rest instantly evaporates into the dry ground! She hears the same young woman Graham a white American girl barely out of her teens pleading for some privacy! The men laugh apparently prodding and poking her bare pussy and encouraging her to pee in front of them!

The young girl needs to go badly, and has been holding it for a long time, so much so that it is horribly uncomfortable and almost impossible to do with others watching. Especially strange men, she cannot see is frozen humiliated and unable to do so in front of them, as she pleads for privacy! Her young helpless pleas only incite more laughter, and prodding. Maya speaks up on the girls behalf calling them assholes, and for doing so is rewarded with some painful abuse to her breasts and bare bottom!

Apparently at first there is just a small dribble from the young girl this is accompanied by more laughter, but as the trickle turns into a stream, several of the men start to whistle clap and cheer!……..Along with more laghter….. .She is filled with shame and embarrassed to tears as she finally lets it go, but the men only comment on what a sweet little pussy she has,… as it is apparently shaved bare! This only incites them more to pinch and poke her wet tender flesh!

She gasps and squeals from their abusive touch, and is begging them not to, but having her hands helplessly bound can do nothing. So all this vocal plea does is encourage more of the same! Maya again tries to speak up on the young girls behalf and again is smacked hard as one of the men comments that she had better keep her mouth shut, as insolent slaves will get some of the harshest treatment from mistress “M”!

With this perverse public display and bodily functions over the women’s hoods are loosened and they are given water, as being in the back of this truck during the warm drive they are in need of lots of water. They, along with several more newly abducted women from the Marmagao area are helped back into the truck herded together, chained and forced down on their knees !

The big truck drones on, in what seems to be a never ending hot stifling trip when it finally reaches the outskirts of the big city of Bombay/Mumbai. There is much more starting and stopping as they are in heavy traffic and are still huddled against one another, and are tossed around as the truck hits several bumps and makes more turns. It is headed towards the slums of Andheri and one of the numerous industrial complex’s, north of the airport!

The big truck finally slows and stops, it is late afternoon and all the women are tired in need of more water, and are very hungry! Being in such condition will make it easier for these women to be intimidated and taken advantage of. The truck has driven into one, of the many industrial buildings of Andheri.
The doors of the building have been opened and are waiting, once the truck is in they are immediately closed to any suspicious prying eyes that may be watching! The large building looks like any other, it has a company name, one that appears to be a legitimate business, but it is only a cover that easily allows for this clandestine underground black market female slavery!

Some of the local authorities and influential politicians know exactly what goes on here, but are well paid to look the other way. As long as the women that are brought to this place are above the age of consent, this is a place where it is perfectly exceptable to buy and sell women for the expressed purpose of prostitution and sex slavery. It is one of few places left in India or the world for that matter where this sort of perverse sexual debauchery is permitted to continue with no interference at all from the local authorities or the government!

Women like Maya, that come here either by coercion abduction or black mail are women that will all suffer the same fate! All of the normal company trading business in this building is conducted on the main upper floor and at first glance looks much like any other similar business .

But underground is a true meaning for this place, as all of the clandestine goings on are conveniently hidden one floor below. This is where all of the numerous requirements are instilled into these helpless women that will make them slaves, and the slave trade here in Andheri a lucrative and successful business . The place is filled with all sorts of sexual devices and implements that can both pleasure torture or inflict heart stopping sadistic pain!
It is staffed with both female mistress’s and subservient well endowed black male servants and trainers that are experts in dealing with all of the sexually perverted training these women will require, and when successfully trained, will bring top dollar/ rupee’s on the auction block!

The underground part of this complex has existed for well over a century and this modern looking business building has has been built over the top of it. But underneath in the old long granite block corridor’s and numerous rooms are every type of sexual perversion from the turn of the century to the present that one could imagine are here!… There are several working brothels one with young women and one with older women of experience! These brothels are used as threats to insure that the newly arrived will be quick to submit and obey!

This is where the new arrivals will spend the next several days or more learning what is expected of them as a slave and whore! There are punishment chambers for the women that learn to slowly or are insolent vocal and
disobedient. These women are the ones like Maya that will require stern corrective measures. Some will learn fast and others will take longer. How long they stay, will depend on how quick they learn and adapt to their new life as a well trained and obedient sex slave!

Once the truck has stopped and the doors have opened slave handlers take these women that are all chained together, three at a time . They are hot, tired and in need of everything cannot see, are still naked and bound as they are helped down from the truck! Maya and the young girl along with another woman are led to the stairs, and again are assisted down into the underground slave complex.

This is the place where Maya and the other women are introduced to their new Mistress. She is an Indian woman and not the usual kind. She is in her mid 50s and in her youth, like these women was abducted and was sold into the slave trades to Nigerians! She was trained by some of the most abusive and sadistic black bitch’s somewhere in Nigeria and has now returned as the head trainer to manage and train the new slaves, she is a hard and demanding, her feelings are that if this terrible fate happened to her,… it will most certainly happen to each and every one of these new arrivals!

Her name is Madam “M”, she is a beautiful voluptuous full figured woman quite attractive and a bit on the chubby side. Her jet black hair is either down and flowing, or tied in a tight matronly bun on the back of her head! She has gigantic beautiful shaped 40”DD hanging Tits,.. a 34” waist and has a most shapely 40” hour glass bottom!.

She loves being naked most of the time wearing only a loose fitting bra and “G” string harness made with diamonds that do nothing to restrict one’s vision of her incredible lovely naked body and erotic charms! She stays this way most all of the time in order to tempt and intimidate any and all of the new comers. She is normally flanked by two well endowed black subservient bodyguards “Ms” Helpers who are themselves totally naked.

She runs the slave training center with a iron fist. Now as the chief trainer of slaves, all of the new sluts are brought to her first as she picks and chooses their fate? All of the new slave women recruits will be treated with total brutality if they show even the slightest hint of disobedience or resistance. “M” carries a short woven leather snake whip that is quite effective, and can be stinging, sadistic and very effective when used by her to train new slaves. She is an expert in the wielding, and use of this nasty little whip!

“M” tells one of her male subservient to remove the women’s hoods, it takes several minutes for the three to see anything after being hooded and in the dark for so long. However as their eyes adjust from darkness to the room light, the sight of the woman before them is something they could only imagine in their wildest dreams. They see Mistress “M”,… this incredibly beautiful female a woman in her mid 50s wearing stiletto steel toed heels, she is completely naked with a thin harness covering only her breasts and well shaven pubic area and the harness is made of loose fitting diamonds that sparkle like they are on fire!

Her naked skin is shiny and her breasts and hairless cunt glistens seductively in the half light of the concrete and block walls of the complex! This is (result of numerous olive oil massage’s) from her obedient male slaves! She is brandishing this snake whip that whistles around,… and when she snaps it aggressively it sounds just like the shot of a gun ! This majestic woman is flanked by these two huge naked , muscular dark skinned Nigerians! Both with gigantic hard on’s wagging about,.. that measure well over 12”! They are wearing spiked looking Rocky(D) collars around their necks, their eyes seem to glow like demons, and are downcast only to her!

Now that the hoods are removed Maya can breathe much easier, but she can smell a most unusual odor? It smells like some sweet smelling exotic meat that has been over cooked, and she wonders what it might be…? It is though much cooler down stairs do to all of the stone and block the place is made from. They are helplessly led into the processing area. The chains that are attached to their hands that are bound together behind their backs, is hanging down and rubbing between their bare thighs!

The chains are removed and the women are manhandled into one of the punishment chambers by slave handlers where Mistress “M” is waiting! Of these three women Graham and a mid 30s red head named Vanessa from the UK seem to be quite docile and obedient! The only one to object to their rough treatment is Maya!

Mistress “M” takes note of Maya’s disobedience and immediately reacts, she sees and understands the looks of wonder excitement and a bit of terror in the eyes of Vanessa and Graham she has seen this look before!

Mistress “M” understands that Graham and Vanessa will be easy to break and train as both have some previous experience as submissive’s. But she also understands that Maya will require some intense and personal attention as she is strong willed like her, and will be a tough challenge. But, “M” enjoys this sort of challenge!. Maya reminds “M” of her own youth, when she was abducted and sold as a slave,..she too fought and resisted at every turn and was abused and beaten often,.. and she, was trained by some of the most sadistic and harsh black bitches one could imagine as a young Indian slave girl while in Nigeria.

In one motion of her hand, Vanessa and Graham are picked up by her black charges,.. like rag dolls and taken away to separate chambers!…..Leaving just her and Maya.

Mistress “M” makes several circles around Maya looking closely at her body, and thinks to herself, ….strange? Maya is so much the same as was “M” in her youth?
“M “,… from behind suddenly cracks her whip and then wields it harshly making several stinging welts on Maya;s bare shapely bottom watching the skin and muscle’s of Maya’s ass cheeks jiggle and respond,.. as she whispers in her ear! “This is for the defiance you have shown in your eyes slut, accept my punishment and your stay here will be much easier”!

Maya still defiant, with mistrust and obvious dislike in her tearful eyes,…as both are of similar strong willed mindsets!.. Maya still standing with her teeth clinched trying not to give any hint other than the tears, of submission and with her hands still bound tightly behind her back… is , without warning slammed hard to the stone floor by Mistress “M”! This leaves her stunned and laying on her side! Mistress “M” then with a sadistic smile quickly steps on one of Maya’s bare breasted nipples holding it firm and helplessly against the stone floor with one of her metal tipped stiletto’s!

Then wields the whip around again several times,.. cracking it before she works her way up the inside of Maya’s naked thighs,…and to her black haired well trimmed pussy! This is where ten harsh welting strokes are severely applied leaving her withering in pain as Mistress “M” still standing sadistically on her nipple grinds the ball of her metal tipped stiletto savagely against the floor as if she was snuffing out a tossed away cigarette! This brutal treatment is done on the very end of Maya’s bare defenseless brown nipple!…Maya screams out in agonizing pain, but this scream will be nothing compared to what will happen next!

Then without warning, “M” grabs her own swollen and excited clitoris through the sparkling harness and expertly aims her pee hole and starts pissing on Maya’s already whipped hurt stinging and beaten pubic mound! “M’s” warm, salty piss makes Maya’s pussy burn like a furnace as she cannot hold back and screams out again in shock and pain!.. This only makes Mistress “M” laugh even more sadistically and say, “welcome slut,… welcome to Mistress “M’s” wonderful world of sex slave training!”

Slave handlers at Mistress “M’s” command have now cut Maya’s bindings loose and she is told to crawl! Her arms after being bound behind her back for so long are useless. As most all of her strength is gone and she can barely hold up her head and upper body! Mistress “M” gives her several more stinging lashes on her bare bottom, telling her again to crawl as several slave handlers assist her up onto her feet, towards the corner and into a makeshift open tiled shower!

Before she knows it, hot water is hosed all over her body and burning pubes, this is done for several minutes. The pressure is forceful and stops only to allow her to soap down thoroughly, and wash off all of the filth! Then hot water again sprays off the soap, when she is finally clean is given a big soft towel, and allowed to dry herself. After such a long dirty trip with dried cum all over her from her earlier rape and now pee, the hot shower is welcome and wonderful, but this is the end of the few pleasantries she will receive while in the care of Mistress “M”!

Maya is now terrified by what she see’s , a small cast iron tub that has numbered branding irons placed deep in the hot coals is brought in! The branding of women/girls that will be sold is a common thing in this large slave complex. There are three traditional methods of branding, strike, cauterization, and what one calls direct fire. The correct location for a brand is on the woman’s left upper thigh or buttock!

This is not always done by Slavers though, sometimes a girl will be sold unbranded so that the new owner will have the choice in selecting what method and the brand. So that he may have the pleasure of being the first to own her as a branded slave girl.

Maya is again forced down on all fours, says nothing and is mesmerized helplessly with her eye’s wide in wonder as the two big black men lash first her wrists upper arms and neck to the large steel rings embedded in the floor, followed by her waist! Then spreading her thighs and lashing them just above her knees and her ankles this expert lashing leaves Maya barely able to alter her position!

Then these men hold her buttocks as one has grabbed her clit! Maya watches the branding iron approach her bare helpless bottom, that is now in the gloved hands of Mistress “M”. She observes with her head down, the view from between her legs as the graceful arc, of the white-hot numbers at the very tip of the iron’s end slowly travel towards her ! Maya screams and screams uncontrollably when it firmly touches her naked bottom, and is held there for several seconds ! Her screaming has subsided and has now turned to pitiful sobbing as the reality and smell of her burnt flesh sinks in! She hears first one and then the other of the two women scream as they suffer the same pitiful fate!

Maya has been marked with a modern bar code along with the number # 322 Graham is # 323 and the red head is # 324! both suffer the same fate!

The following is told from Maya’s perspective of a woman being branded as a slave. It presents a vivid picture of the actual branding itself, and her reaction to it, including the effect on her mind, body, and senses! Followed by the perception of herself. Two big black naked men came and stood over me. I looked up, scared to death!… They pulled me along on my knees like some sort of animal,…to several large steel rings in the floor. With my head submissively down, I am first tied to the rings by my wrists shoulders and neck.

I try to fight and resist them, but my efforts are weak, as one of these big strong men easily holds me while the other binds first my wrists neck waist. “What”….I cry out .as I feel my body being stretched tight. I squirm around as best I can with my head helplessly down. My legs are pulled wide apart and bound at my knees and ankles, Stop! I cringe as all these bindings leave me unable to move!. Again I beg please stop, as the men step back. Let me go! I call out. Please! They looked at me with little or no concern as I am now bare and helpless.

Oh, no! I cried. No, no, no, no! Mistress “M” with a sadistic smile the likes of which few have ever seen,.. slowly pulls on a pair of black leather gloves,…. savoring the moment and then has withdrawn the white-hot iron. Maya can feel the, heat of it from several feet away. No! I screamed. No!’ The two strong black men are now holding my naked bottom tight one has found my clitoris and squeezes it the feeling is mixed as I tremble with anticipated fear!.

I can barely lift my head and look into the eyes of this woman, “M” and again plead. Please, no! I begged Please, no! Then she firmly and expertly places the iron on my left buttock!. The marking, I suppose, took only seconds. . Yet for me, a person who has just been marked for life finds this obvious truth difficult to accept in a detached sort of way. As if the minds unfeeling perceptions perceives it was done to someone else?

In those few seconds, that feel like they were so agonizingly long,… I felt the iron. As It touched me just barely, kissing my bottom and then firmly burning my naked helplessness!. OMG!…I screamed, and screamed. The agony, and intense pain the scorching degradation, the relentless sizzling sound of flesh and the smell of it drifting around in the stone rooms and hall ways, that so hurt my naked helpless being! ……

These naked black men mercifully let me scream my lungs out. I could not believe what was happening, or how much it hurt. Not only could I feel the iron, but I could actually hear the scorching along with the sickening sweet smell, and the odor of it was mine, now I knew what the sickening sweet smell was from. The men released my shuddering bottom and I again began to choke and sob. Mistress “M” was complimented on her excellent work one of the few times these big black naked men actually spoke to her. I gathered from this comment that I had been well marked.

The men then left me and I continued to be on my knees roped tight and lashed helplessly to the unyielding rings. I was overwhelmed,both physically and emotionally, with what had just happened to me. The pain was now less and my bare bottom was still burning with cruelty of it all. But now the pain seemed relatively unimportant, compared to the enormity and the comprehension that shook me to the core of my very being! The realization that I had been branded left me shuddering helplessly in these bonds!….

I moaned and wept. My bottom would be sore for days, but that meant little. What would remain was the mark “M” had placed in my flesh. That, unlike the pain, would not vanish, and I would continue to wear this mark always. It would from now on, identify me as something which I had never been before, but now was clearly, for all eyes to see and for those that would view me naked. As I lay there I know now because of the brand, I am profoundly different than I had been before.

I was trembling and barely able to think about a woman such as me and could be only one thing, a slave!. I tried to force these thoughts from my head and tried to move, but could barely do so. I was still helplessly bound, but even if I was not, it would have made little difference as my ability to move a muscle was all but gone. Only animals wear brands I thought to myself? But I was now a branded sex slave and my perverse sexual training, would now begin in earnest!

After the branding of Maya , and Mistress “M’s” two other charges, that were each in separate chambers all have been tied and hung up by their ankles,.. with their heads hanging down leaving them totally naked and helplessly swinging in the coolness of the stone chambers!

This is a degrading and humiliating process,…and as one can imagine from Maya’s description can be quite sadistic and agonizingly painful!

Mistress “M’s” Slave Training, of Maya as a sex slave!

All three of these women are now in separate chambers and hanging upside down by their ankles,.. This has left them totally naked and helplessly swinging slowly back and forth! The next part will be getting them trained and ready. This is done by first letting them know who their boss is and who is in charge! Mistress “M” just loves to hang new arrivals up naked by their ankles, as this really gets their attention! She also likes to do this for a certain amount of time, as the longer they hang the more docile and receptive they become to being slave trained as a submissive’s!

The Russians and women from the Ukraine are shipped to the complex hung up side down naked and bound inside a big wooden shipping crate as the Russian Slave traders love doing this as well to the women they send to Andheri to be sold!

This underground training complex in Andheri has some rather interesting and historical background along with the colorful and interesting way it currently came into being. It was originally used by the British Army when they first came to India, they found that slave trading was quite a useful endeavor and that they could easily use Indian women as sex slaves. The women would be raped bred, and sold for fun and sport. These men would then returned to England as brave conquering soldiers of the Crown. Not that this was a bad thing as at the time back in those days this sort of thing was perfectly acceptable,.. unlike the political correctness of today. But political correctness has no place in modern day slave trading.

This slave trading complex easily existed and continued to operate under British supervision through out the 19th and 20th century’s. Most Europeans especially those that lived in the British commonwealth had no idea that such a place like this even existed! It was only after the second world war when India was grated independence that the British relinquished control of the country that left the place in control of the local slave traders, and government officials with the blessings of well paid politicians of India who chose to look the other way! So what really changed?

Mistress “M” with Maya hanging upside down has brought in several clinical assistants. One, it is their job to take cultures of her blood an urine to insure that she as well as other women are in good health. As to do this insures the buyer that as the time of sale she is ready for any type of submissive sex play! The other assistant is to record all of Maya’s vital statistics, hair and eye color, height, bust size, hips and waist as well as throat size and vaginal depth!
This is so it can all be transferred to a bidders sheet, and this detailed information will provide all of the women’s appealing finer points to prospective bidders at the upcoming sex slave auction!

This is also where traditions of the past and current meet in the way of medical pharmacology and sexually stimulating aphrodisiacs, those that can be given to these women in order to enhance their sexual interest and performance!

India once a third world country has now become very modern in many ways especially the medical profession and has produced some of the best doctors and medical minds in the world! Many of them have set up practices all over the world! This has not been lost on the slave traders. That in order to sell their women and get the best price for them have done every thing to insure that they are free of most all of the well known problems! They have also enlisted the help of these expert medical technicians to provide a number of sexual stimulants that can both be injected or taken orally with food they are given!

After this close inspection several young Nigerian women enter the room and under Mistress “M’” watchful eye expertly shave and wax removing all Maya’s body hair completely, leaving her naked bare and cleaner than she has ever been in her life, especially her pubic area! This is an incredible sensation to have others while tied upside down naked and totally helpless, especially beautiful young black women do something like this. The thought alone to Maya is both tantalizing and erotically stimulating!

When these young women are finally finished one of the girls has easily grabbed Maya’s bare buttocks, pulls her over and sticks her head in between Maya’s thighs and tenderly french kisses her inviting vaginal mound paying close attention to her silt and clit! Then buries her face in Maya’s cunt, as the well trained tongue of the young girl snakes its way in, ever so deep!

It is a most incredible sight to watch a naked woman’s body, ass cheeks thighs and breasts that are hanging upside down subjected to gravity react by shuddering, and then tremble with stimulating sensations, not only from this pleasurable sexual stimulation. But also with the perverted sexual abuse from Mistress “M’s” leather whip! This sexual attention has caused Maya’s body to react with a pleasurable jerk, followed by several more sensual spasm’s as she helplessly orgasms,.. now bare and left swinging slowly back and forth!
Before Maya is released from her pleasurable hanging ordeal Mistress “M” explains to her what will be required not only of Maya, but of the other women. This is what she needs, to learn as the nasty woven leather snake whip again accurately whips around in the thin air several time before striking first her nipples and then her soft tender clitoris!

Oh! No, no no no Maya cry’s out! As the stinging lash has turned the pleasurable oral lovemaking into a painful stinging as her naked body, still hanging up side down reacts in the most erotic way as the bare skin and pubic muscles do a most sadistic dance as Maya squeals squirms and jerks around trying to alter her position from the whip and its stinging touch!
No sooner has this perverted display ended “M’s” two big black male charges appear and have easily released her from the unnatural hanging bonds and placed her knees, on the stone floor of the punishment chamber.

Mistress “M” then cracks the doubled up whip in the palm of her hand several times to accent her training requirements! The first position she goes on to say, that you need to learn and master as an obedieant and well trained slave, is the “Oral Position”! This is a position required in order to perform oral stimulation on a new master or anyone that has paid the price to own a well trained slave that you will become!

She then explains to Maya,.. you are to place your hands behind your back and tilt your head back and then open your mouth wide, the only exception is that one hand can be used to masturbate yourself while you are pleasuring your new master! If you can not keep your hands behind your back or on your privates they will be bound or chained so that you have no choice, do you understand? Well do you? I can’t here you, you slutty little cunt face whore?

I know you are going to be a very good whore and slave slut,.. as women like you who have perverted sexual desires, and like you were stupid enough to have answered an invitation for sex with a stranger, thinking it would satisfy your innermost nasty cravings for brutal and abusive sex ! A woman that would do this will be perfect to use in the most harsh and sexually perverse way you could imagine! Maya, thinks to herself OMG? How could she know I did this?

Any command I give you must be followed by the words “Yes Mistress, or Yes “M”! Do you understand”! Now, and I mean now! As the leather whip zings around in the thin air several times and again stings her private’s quite viciously,.. Maya a bit quicker this time then places her hands behind her back and quickly tilts her head!

Next is what I call the “Mating Position” and this is with you, down on all fours stretching and placing your arms out in front of you followed by touching your nipples to the ground in a way that leaves your bare bottom helplessly up in the air! Do it slut, do it now! As the stinging little whip again sails out and around hitting another part of Maya’s exposed, naked body! Maya yelps and her goodies jiggle obscenely as the stinging whip hits her unprotected nakedness again and again! Thus, with this stinging attention it gets her in just the right position. This new found obedience pleases Mistress “M”!

The last is what Mistress calls the “Full Submission Position” it requires a submissive slave slut like you Maya,… to lay on your back put your hands out to each side palms up and spread your legs wide,… and I mean wide so wide it hurts! I want to see those toes of yours pointing out as far as you can get them!

This is the kind of training that gets the sweet little cunt hole of yours wide open so that a big black cock can easily bury its self deep into you! “Now Slut”, as the whip lashes out again to accent the training and reinforce Mistress “M’s” words!

Maya rolls over on her back and tries to do as commanded by “M”, but is not nearly as quick or quite as wide as “M” wants, the nasty whip then strikes first her breasts then her thighs and finally Mistress’s favorite part! Maya’s bare well shaved pussy especially her now swelling cilt, that is responding to her own sadistic and masochist tendencies!
Maya’s love starved body that has been so neglected of sexual attention is now starting to crave and respond to this perverted sexual abuse, and she do to the sadistic training is beginning to have little control over it!

All three of these required positions are commanded again and again as Maya’s knees and bare bottom are starting to get sore and raw as she jumps around on her knees and then her back with the wicked nasty whip right behind her! She has give Mistress “M” several insolent dirty and rebellious looks! All this does is to add to “M’s”pleasure in abusing her even harsher with the stinging leather whip! Zap, this is followed by several more stinging wraps that are accurately applied in just the right tender places!

Mistress “M” has assembled a half dozen or so black and several well endowed Indian men some old and some young. All are naked and with soft to semi hard and rip roaring hard cocks, and all are at Mistress “M’s” disposal. They have been selected for their ability not only to provide different sized cocks, but most can hold off or release incredible amounts of cum on command!

Several are vying for the job as Mistress “M’s” subservient assistants, “M” explains to Maya that she is required to crawl on her knees to each one holding her hands behind her back and without using them, is to pleasure these men orally and that she needs to show her ability to willingly do so!

The men have been placed accordingly, starting with a younger less experienced male, who has a soft penis and are arranged to train so that the last ones are the biggest and hardest! Maya as “M” explains is required to orally pleasure them and to get them hard,.. and off as quick as possible. Then she is to assume the mating position where by the next male is to hard fuck her to orgasm and if both get off, she then goes to the next man!

Mistress”M” with a quick off handed comment says this is how,.. I want you to do it! As she quickly and unexpectedly drops to her knees taking Maya’s place in front of this young black male and pushes her aside. Then “M” at first with both hands behind her back easily deep throats the young mans entire half hard cock and has even sucked in both of his big hanging black hairy balls!
This is an incredible display of erotic female prowess as the young mans penis quickly come’s to life, is getting harder and harder by the second!

“M’s” lovely lips are now pressed firmly against the young mans pubic bone as she has easily engulfed his entire cock and balls! Then she pushes forcefully against him as she sucks, for well over a minute and then slowly retreats, as first one big black ball pops out of her oral grip followed by the other until she has just the head in her mouth!

Then with Maya and the others watching in wide eyed wonder!“M”works her mouth lips and throat expertly back and forth several times as her well trained tongue quickly finds the soft sensitive underside of his now rock hard penis! This is followed by Mistress “M” sensing with experience and at just the right time, quickly pulls her lips free of the young mans penis,… has grabbed it, and now with her in complete control, and him no longer! He, helplessly and uncontrollably lets loose I gigantic long squirt of cum, while Mistress “M” with knowing ability and experience has timed and pointed his ejaculating cock into Maya’s startled face!

Maya like the young man is caught completely by surprise, and with her hands obediently behind her back is squirted with the warm gooey stuff, directly in her face, and with an incredible amount! At first she tries to raise her hands and protect herself. But her nasty whip training has started to subconsciously take effect, this has quickly kept her hands clinched tightly behind her back and helplessly lets the warm cum run down her face and drip onto her breasts!

The young man also surprised, is almost brought to his knees as he experiences an unexpected orgasm like no other! Mistress “M” with his dick still in her hand then pulls him to one side and motions for the next man. This one is harder than ever from watching, and Maya is to accommodate him with her now cum covered face has obediently tilted her head back and opened her mouth in anticipation of this new required task!

It takes time, and Mistress “M” is quite patient. Maya is getting better and better and the speed in which she does so also has become more to “M’s” liking! But with her insolence and her occasionally rebellious looks, Mistress “M” has decided to speed things up by having these men rape and gang bang both her mouth and pussy! The waiting men are all very firm now and range from a hard 7” to the last, being a big Indian man nicknamed elephant meat is well over 10” and his cock is approximately 2 1/2” in diameter with a slightly larger penal head! These are the men that are going to rape and hard fuck Maya!

She is able to deep throat the first mans 7” and the next to just slightly over 8”! With her still down on her knees, one of the big Indian men has found her dripping pussy and with little warning, she is viciously impaled at both ends again just like in the back street of Chennai!

All that Maya has witnessed and experienced with these men has become an incredible turn on for her. She,..do to this perverted display has become quite aroused along with the time she has spent impaled on each end of these men and both of Mistress “M’s” big black male escorts! But Mistress “M” has one more little sadistic treat for her, one that will literally terrify her to her wits end! Maya, by Mistress “M” is led off down the stone corridor and down deeper into another of her special Dungeon chambers one that will test Maya’s urge for perverse kinky sex to its very limit?

Once down in “M’s” special chamber it has a big steel door that will let nothing in or out, one place that has been appointed specifically for Mistress “M’s” perverted and sadistic taste’s. Then she walked Maya over to the middle of the room, and forced down in front of a short pipe that is anchored several inches above the floor. Where her neck is placed in a steel shackle and clamped tight then is told to stretch her arms out and move her knees as far apart as she can. “M’s” stinging leather whip has again encouraged Maya to spread even wider!

Mistress “M” had keeled down next to her, and pulled her arms out just a little farther to each side before expertly placing heavy metal shackles on her wrists and then chaining them to rings that are anchored to the concrete floor. Then has painfully pulled Maya’s knees even farther apart and shackles them and her ankles to similar rings with chains, this has left Maya unable to move at all. Her firm naked breasts with her nipples hanging straight down only several inches above the cold concrete floor. But this has left her pubic area spread wide and her bottom sticking up a bit higher helpless and vulnerable.

The juices from her previous orgasms along with the large amount of cum from the men is glistening in the dull light of the Dungeon as it leaks out of her well used cunt!. Mistress “M” with Maya naked spread and totally helpless has with a sadistic perverted smile on her face taken her leather snake whip and proceeded to briskly whip Maya’s exposed and unprotected upper thighs and bottom directing most of the stinging blows at her wet wide open slit and clit!

She would stop occasionally to kneel down and rub some special ointment on Maya’s big brown hanging nipples followed by her slit and then would sadistically twist her nipples and rose bud clit rubbing even more of the slick greasy chemical into her meaty swollen sensitive nipples and clitoris, this was done in between the harsh strokes of the whip.

With Maya wondering groaning and whimpering between her pain-filled screams from this abuse! This harsh treatment was tempered by Mistress “M’s” lovingly rubbing this stuff all over her clit, the sounds and her reaction to this special whipping and perverse abuse has echoed throughout the stone walls of the Dungeon! Mistress “M” said to Maya after satisfying her fetish for abuse, has said you will love this as she walked to the big steel door?and closed it with a clank, then Maya heard it lock!

Maya was just left there nude and manacled helplessly to the concrete floor, to wonder?,….. as she heard the big steel door close and had only this sound to go by. It was now almost pitch black, she was scared, and very uncomfortable as to what might happen next? OMG What did Mistress “M” have in store for her? All was quiet as the sinful pain that “M” had inflected on her buttocks cunt lips and clit had turned into a rather warm glow!

The stuff she had rubbed on her nipples cunt and clit at first was wonderful, this had left her with a pleasurable sensual and very content feeling! But it slowly gave way to a desire for incredible sexual relief and as time went on this feeling needed to be attended to, but. OMG! She was unable to do anything to pleasure herself and being helplessly shackled was hoping that someone or something would touch her in the place that needed the most attention!……She squirmed around as best she could but could only feel the cool air caress her and in no way was able to touch herself! The feeling of just the air was maddening!

She had been there for what seemed like forever, and the burning desire for sexual attention was becoming more and more intense, when she heard what she thought was an unusual noise,… was it just her imagination? Or was it something else.? She was helpless and unable to move when she felt something furry brush the inside of her calf! This was followed by what felt like a tiny wet and warm raspy tongue start to lick her inner thigh!…OMG! What was doing this?…..

Apparently it was some sort of small animal?, a rodent? Oh gawd! What could it be, a rat?, she was now terrified at the thought, and was trying to lay there there and not move a muscle and be as still as possible! In hopes that what ever it was might go away, but whatever it was had no intention of going away!,

At about the same time she could see out in front of her the green glowing eyes of another? The indirect light from the air shafts left just enough to see these beady sadistic eyes and sharp teeth coming towards her as she helplessly watched they passed under her as apparently the little critters attention and interest was Maya’s big brown hanging nipples and what ever Mistress “M” had rubbed on them!

She was chained helplessly at the perfect height the now burning sensation for some sort of stimulated release was overpowering! But to have it from some sort of nasty beady eyed varmint the thought was evermore terrifying! Now there were two of them and the one in front was licking first on one nipple and then the other as if trying to decide which was more appealing as Maya’s soft hanging naked tender breasts and nipples moved erotically as the thing started nibbling on one?

Then she felt the one between her legs as it started licking farther and farther up the inside of her thigh. This little mammal or whatever it was had apparently been like the other one drawn by the smell and now the taste of the stuff and her cum juices, the fact that it had been leaking out of her slit and slowly running down onto her incredibly stimulated and swollen clitoris and then dripping down, leaving a small puddle of warm cum on the floor directly below her clit!….

This feeling was incredible,… she was torn between not moving a muscle or trying to arch her muff back and down enough so that this little gremlin could actually help her orgasm!…OMG! Did she really want that? The one in front had settled down and was feasting on only one of her nipples and had actually started suckling on what was to him a most gorgeous and gigantic nipple, again the perverse sensation was incredible only stimulating her to even higher and a more wanting fever pitch!

This thing between her legs was getting closer and closer to her clit!, as it licked away. It had paused for a moment and was taking its time to lap up the puddle. She could hear in the quiet chamber the lapping and had visions of razor sharp little teeth biting into her ripe and over swollen and incredibly sensitive clitoris!… The pause was maddening, when this little rodent finally raised up on his hind legs had grasped her clitoris with both of his paws and had slightly buried his little needle like claws into it, and started to,……. “lick” ,..her clit!

This is when Maya experienced the most unbelievable trembling orgasm, that had started from deep within her sexual being! This had brought about a blood curdling long screaming wail,…with what she thought would be the puncturing of her ripe swollen grape like clitoris! She could just imagine as the razor sharp teeth punctured her most tender sexual treasure and her throbbing heart beat would leave blood spurting out of it in all directions from being horribly bitten!.. At the same time all of this happened one’s mind fearing a dreadful sadistic event was in store had passed her mind into unconsciousness as Maya blanked out!

The result of this almost unexplainable and terrifying very forceful orgasm along with her shrill noise had frightened and sent the little critter’s scurrying , in several directions and back to where ever they had came from!… When she finally woke up later that evening , Maya thought at first it was only some wild and bazaar dream. But slowly started to realize that her previously unfulfilled sexual desire to be orgasmed had been satisfied far past any wild sexual degree she had ever imagined!.. Through out the night with her laying there naked and secured to the stone floor now, there was an even bigger pool of female body fluid it had been running down the insides of her naked helpless well spread thighs!..

The following day was the next part of Maya’s training, and along with the slave collar and leash is all part of what she is to except. There are a number of rules she must be able to follow as Mistress “M” explains, and one, is during the entire time she is in the slave training complex her collar and leash must always be worn, and the leash is to be available to any trainer Master or Mistress in the complex. Maya Naked!

She has already been instructed in the three required basic positions. She is then told her place on the end of a leash as a slave slut who is treated almost as a human version of a submissive female animal and one that is expected to sexually service others on command!. Her hands will always be behind her back unless otherwise commanded, she will always look down and make no eye contact with anyone except her trainer or is otherwise told to do so, and when on a leash will do exactly what her Master Mistress or trainer tells her to do no matter where what, or how humiliating degrading or sexually abusive this command might be!

If she fails to respond quickly the stinging little training whip will be used accordingly and if she continues to be slow in response. Her training will take on an even more sadistic form of abuse. Much like or even worse than what happened with the little critters! Mistress “M” loves to do things like this to those that resist, and are slow to respond or insolent! Maya’s spirit has yet to be fully broken, but she has become much more excepting of her fate!
Mistress “M” has been threatening her with all sorts of sadistic sexual abuse as she again whips Maya’s bare bottom almost to a frenzy! While doing so she is commanding her in a deep booming voice to gorge herself, on one of her big black assistants large cocks! Mistress “M” pushes her head roughly forward and down all the way onto his big black dick! Mistress “M” really enjoys this treatment of Maya so much so that she continually masturbates as her eyes glaze over as Maya squeals groans and gags impaled painfully and is helpless to resist!

Maya’s eyes are now even wider in fright, still gagging as Mistress “M” holds her helplessly down on this hard black meat, and continues to masturbate! Then she is practically drug off of this cock, and over to the other even bigger black assistant’s cock. She, is still having trouble following commands to Mistress “M’s” glee and so far cannot do anything right or to M’s satisfaction. She is crying gasping for breath and begging for “M” not to use the whip, ..all this does is make Mistress whip her even harder Mistress “M” uses her whip

Then with Mistress “M’s” helper laying on the floor with his big black cock rock hard and sticking straight up Maya is commanded to impale herself on his big hard cock all the way,… and ride him!

Maya is getting better at deep kneeing her pussy down aggressively on the big unyielding thing as his buttocks are firmly against the stone floor. Maya with tears of pain and pleasure slams herself down again and again on him, as hard as she can! Then with the personal satisfaction of this successful accomplishment in her tear filled eyes, she is unable to help herself, and has an incredible trembling orgasm, and with her hands still clinched tightly behind her back! She is learning Mistress “M” observes! The look on her face is priceless as the tears are no more! She has the look of incredible sexual pleasure and Mistress “M” is quite satisfied with her new found personal cock sucking and cunt thrusting performance!… Of first gorging a big black cock down her throat at one end while deep knee bending her pussy all the way onto this large black male organ!

Mistress “M” has these personal slaves, two big black males always ready to do her bidding along with two black females, the females are always naked and with collars on their necks. “M” holds court every fortnight and rates the slaves as per their ongoing training. Slaves are required to participate in rape and group sex programs at selected time periods to assess their skills. “M” participates in the rapes when the elder Masters and Mistresses come to visit. At this time the new slaves are required to watch and learn the correct way.

For Mistress “M” Maya is much like her and she can sense that Maya like her could easily be a very good Mistress with just a little proper training! With this in mind, and Maya now totally naked with cum dripping from her cunt and dribbles of it spattered all over her face and on her lips, is led by her leash down the long stone hall way, and into a large room. This is where numerous sleazy politicians, local authorities and dignitaries, are gathered. This is a perk and a payoff that allows them to sample the slaves and enjoy any kind of kinky and abusive sex play with these helpless slave women. Thus trying out their newly acquired skills by sexually satisfying complete strangers!. But before doing so Maya will be made to serve “M” in a lesbian way in front of this gathering of official sexual perverts!

relishes commanding Maya to kiss her lustfully on the Mistress’s lips, The taste of Maya and the cum on her lips is intoxicating To Mistress “M” and quickly excites her!

Then Maya is commanded to suck lovingly on M’s big swollen gigantic nipples this is followed by forcing Maya down onto her knees so as to train her in lesbian acts of pleasuring another woman! “M” easily places her hands on the back of Maya’s head and face fucks Maya quite ardently with her wet lush folds that are dripping in anticipation! This is to see her humiliated and how well she reacts in front of these strange people. This too is in case the bidder customer and new slave owner would demand a slave to demonstrate her well trained talents, prior to purchase.

She along with Graham and Vanessa are paraded around in front of all those in attendance, while receiving the most personal degrading insults of lude and perverse comments. These sexual perverts fondled poke and pull on Maya’s tits ass hole and pussy along with the other two women. Pictures are taken while doing oral or being hard fucked by any of those that wish to do so!. For Maya this naked humiliating sexual use and abuse only seems to add to her own lust for even more perverse humiliating sex and abuse!
After this display in front of these perverted dignitaries these slave women will be taken on a field trip to the slums of Andheri not far from the slave training complex. This will be a true test of their training being naked humiliated and helplessly exposed to known sexual sadists and the perverted dregs of the slums in one of the worst parts of India!
The next day for the field trip Maya is herded along with the other women out through a long stone tunnel and then up the circular stairs case and through a big iron door She has nothing, Mistress “M” is quite resourceful and quick to improvise. The collar she has found for Maya to wear in the slums was picked from a pile of trash and garbage. It is rough, horrible looking and smells of cum and urine. It has obviously been used by other wretched well used slave women before her!
Mistress “M” with all three of these trained slave women totally naked, and at first are all together secured by their ankles, has led all three of them off into the slums towards where locals gather!

Here in the past she has staged a huge gang rape scene, this where Maya and the others will be brutally and horribly gang raped by “M’s” big black slave handlers as well as other well endowed Black and Indian males, well over a dozen of them!

These big strong black slave handlers are to accompany them to this slum area of Andheri! This is not their only function as they are also bodyguards that will keep them from being drug off and having their tits ass and pussies ripped and torn apart by sexual predators that lurk in this dark lawless area of Andheri!
Hands of the most destitute and vile reach out to touch fondle and abuse beautiful naked helpless flesh as they are led through the crowd. Maya watches as Graham and Vanessa’s tits are pulled harshly first one way and then another their bottoms are smacked and the filthy fingers of these men try to find their way into their naked unprotected white folds ! The scene is bazaar like that of a crazy triple XXXX Clock work Orange perverted porn movie that makes no sense, but ends with first Graham screaming and then begging and pleading for one of the big black slave handlers not to impale her almost virgin like white pussy on his gigantic cock!

Her screams do nothing to stop him as he holds her helplessly up off the ground from behind and with one easy motion she is totally impaled to the very depth and length of him! He then reaches around and grabs her nipples, she is held there by only her nipples and his enormous cock deep in her pussy as she screams out and flails helplessly, like that of a rag doll as he walks around with her impaled helplessly on the end of his gigantic manhood!
It is a display of incredible male proses! Then he humps her hard, the noise of her screams only stops when she is bent forward and his partner forces his big black cock down her throat! This horrible sexual abuse is followed by some hard and brutal fucking with this young helpless thing impaled between these two big black cocks and the brutal battering they give her and Vanessa has fared little better!

this older voluptuous red headed British woman has a most similar thing done to her only this is done by two big Indian men. These men were some that despised the way their grandparents were treated by the Brits before India’s independence and are going to take out their hate-rid and sexual frustration on this naked helpless full figured english red headed woman!

For Maya being naked and led through the crowd of these vile people has given her mixed feelings. She was a proper married woman only days ago, and now she is a helpless sex slave that will be bought and sold, then used sexually at the whim of a new black master, who can do anything he wishes to and with her! Mistress “M” wearing a gigantic realistic black strap on double dildo is going to give those watching an incredible show as she commands Maya to assume the mating position Maya hesitates for several seconds and this is enough to provoke Mistress “M” who slaps her hard across the face several times. But her training and the nasty little whip of Mistress “M” on her pussy

takes effect, and with little more hesitation is on her knees immediately. Her head is against the ground with her bottom up in the air and her legs wide apart waiting for what she knows is coming!

Mistress “M” savors this moment as she looks slowly around at the crowd, several are starting to chant in Hindi to (fuck bitch को)! Maya now with her hands clinched behind her back is only a helpless well trained sex slave slut ! Mistress “M” sticks her fingers into the wet trembling almost dripping pussy of Maya and then uses the gooey juices to slick up the big 24” black double dildo as half of it well is up in her pussy, all the time lovingly talking to it as if it was a real cock! Then places the bulbous head in the entrance of Maya’s asshole!

Maya with a whisper says no, but knows now what is coming and that it will be brutal. She can do nothing to resist as Mistress “M” gleefully shoves it in as hard and as deep as she possibly Can!

Maya’s shrill screams can be heard for some distance, but to no avail as no one will come to her aid. The big dildo is slick slimy and hard, for Maya with all she has been through and from being used so many times by others this gigantic thing rips into her asshole and easily finds its depth! “M”is a big strong woman, and in her lust pushes Maya several feet forward on the dirty ground bruising and scratching her face knees and bear tits before some hard thrusting and ass fucking follows! Then settles down to a steady riding with Maya’s ass up in the air! Maya’s body now well trained is starting to buck up and back she cannot help herself as her turned on desire for harsh humiliating sex in front of others in this public slum becomes her only thought!

After this Mistress “M” has motioned for her big black slave handlers to really give Maya a good harsh cum packing of her pussy that yet again leaves her dripping with cum from her lips pussy and asshole!

It is an incredible sexual orgy and has become a local and regular attraction for those that live in this part of Andheri. Just to see one of these helpless naked women especially western white women being used whipped and hard fucked is very entertaining, but the possibility of getting to feel the naked female flesh of these three women especially a young white blond girl and a luscious full figured red head always draws a big crowd to this slum area! With these slaves well used and abused the show is over, then they are again chained together and are watched by the chanting crowd as they are marched back to the slave training complex!

Several newly arrived slave women are giving Maya who is now setting on the stone floor a wide birth, These slaves by doing so seem, to think that they, somehow will avoid having a similar fate befall them. She is a wretched site. Her face breasts and bottom are covered with drying cum and all are scratched and bruised from her fondling and gang banged abuse!

Cum, from her cunt and asshole are also giving up loads of the creamy liquid that she has earlier been packed with, in the slums of Andheri. Her bare bottom is now sitting in a pool of cum that is getting bigger. Mistress “M” with the putrid leather collar still tightly around Maya’s neck pulls her up onto her feet.. At first she is given a moment to steady herself, her legs and especially her thighs and bare bottom still trembling even after all she has been through,she still looks good, but her well used and very bruised pussy mound is swollen and pooched out! Her ass cheeks are the most pronounced, they are spread wide open from the big cocks that have used her, and are even more debased!
This leaves the view of her vulgarly well use, blood red ringed asshole sphincter muscle fully and sinfully exposed.

With Mistress “M” leading her, using a short leash. She is led down the stone hall way in front of these newly arrived slave women, With her toes pointed in and her asshole is painfully sore she tries to keep her ass cheeks wide open as the cool breeze of the tunnel gives her some perverted comfort! But they are helplessly jiggling and bobbling together, back and forth and up and down, she whimpers as each time they come together. She, is also leaving a long trail of fresh cum that is dripping out along with running down the inside of her bare sore and very tender thighs!

Maya has been well used But even worse she smells, …her hair is a mass of dried matted cum! The slave trainers have been posing for pictures with several of the new young naked slave girls that are all standing and waiting! The sight and smell of Maya is almost sickening in comparison, and of course is deplorable. Her face from all the cum scratches, and face slapping along with her earlier tears, has left some dark hideous bruises, as well as her breasts thighs and bottom! The other girls are happy to be quickly led off by their slave trainers, and to be as far away from her as possible! Not knowing that the very same thing will happen to them only days from now!

Maya is led into one of open shower stalls and hot soapy water is sprayed on her as Mistress “Ms” black female assistants go to work feverishly assisting her from a dirty well used slave slut into a clean and presentable alluring slave woman. One that will be auctioned off with numerous other well trained slaves over the next several days! She is again shaved bare of all her body hair, and will be presented as a commodity of a sinfully appealing sex slave. A choice is made to leave her totally naked and to wear only a blindfold and veil something that “M” really likes as it leaves Maya totally helpless with nothing, wondering what will happen! Another thing that the Mistress loves in her slaves is total submission, and that they have to rely on someone else to see to their every helpless need!

These black women in the slave training complex assist, and are assigned to groom, take care of hair make up and make these slave women as attractive as possible so they will bring the most money during the frenzy bidding that will occur.

The following day Maya is prepared to be auctioned off, she is made up to look the part of an exotic nude dancer and is wearing only some western style thigh hi stockings and high heels, and nothing else. It is a an incredible feeling, she has never been so undressed like this before her slave training, and now in front of so many lecherous men! The thought for her to be this way in front of so many men is so incredibly sexually stimulating she is beside herself! Being undressed like this and to show off her goodies will help the bidders increase their bid for these slave women . Her face is covered in a thin pink veil, but under it is a small tight blindfold that leaves her unable to see. This will make her time much more uncertain and terrifying as to her fate when she is finally led up onto the auction block!

The Auction and the bidding is open to all in attendance and will end up between a big black nasty slave merchant that only wants to see Maya horribly abused sexually and sold again and again and he will tell her so, and when he owns her,.. that she will be well used as a lowly slutty whore! The other that will bid on her is an Indian man that in reality is her husband! Who she thinks is a conservative vanilla business man, but he in reality is a trader of slave women, and has found her kinky sex messages on her computer and has set her up to be raped, and to endure this incredible journey into the world of sex slavery! This has all been done with the help of Mistress “M”! He after finding out about his wife’s sexual desire to be raped by well endowed black men has now with “M’s” help, only wants to see his wife experience it all!

Maya has no idea that one of the men bidding on her is her husband as she is only one of several naked Indian slave woman to be sold during the auction! But when she is commanded, by the auctioneer and has to show all of her sexual talents, and especially to those that wish to bid on her. This big black slave merchant from Andheri really wants to see her used and abused as sexually sadistically as possible!

Mistress “M” has with her blessing encouraged him to be as brutal and abusive with Maya as possible, while she is on the auction block, before being sold!

Finally the grand auction and sex slave sale is organized and ready, where all the slaves that are all made up and will be paraded around naked in front of potential buyers which include rich American businessmen, Texas oil barons, Indian businessmen, Arab Sheiks etc. As a rule all the buyers are wearing face masks that leave their identity unknown and most wear no clothing except leather pouches around their manhood.

There is a starting price or minimum bid on each woman based on her age race and her feminine assets, the buyers have to deposit USD Euros or Rupee’s in the amount of 5K for the entrance fee to bid and an additional fee for touching and using these slaves sexually. This fee is not refundable so most of the potential bidders are going to get their money’s worth even if they leave empty handed! Once all of the slaves are sold, the sale is final!.
Vanessa the beautiful fair skinned red headed green eyed full figured english woman who has obviously been whipped is one of the first to go on the auction block

Maya hears some commotion close by as she is led up onto the stage and another voice saying she is ready to inspect as her hands are raised and secured to a post up high. She is scared to death and realizes she is finally up on the auction block, many thoughts start to run through her head, as to where she would be going and who might buy her? Numerous men that have paid the additional fee, are fondling her her breasts nipples are pinched and squeezed! She yelps as her bare bottom is smacked hard! Rough harsh fingers find her slit and her pussy is getting wetter by the minute! She is first embarrassed and then ashamed after realizing that her now well trained body craves what is happening to her! Those who inspect her can feel her moistness and several make perverted comments about her ease of being a ready sex slave!.

Another older Indian woman is being lead around through the crowd by her slave collar and with her hands bound behind her back.
So that those interested in bidding could get a closeup look and even a sample of her naked nipples, and a very pronounced swollen and stimulated clitoris was now of interest as they both were continually abused. For Maya she can only hear the helpless sinful gasps, but just the thought was quite stimulating, and was an incredible turn on, as she thoughtfully realized, she could be next.

Suddenly Maya feels a hand touch her, not a kind gentle touchbut a rather rough and forceful one that pinches and pulls Maya’s nipples and the plunges his fingers into her cunt! Then these same fingers finds her clit and twists it brutally! She cannot help but scream out as this brutal painful abuse leaves her pleading for him to stop! The drool from her painted lips is running down from the corners of her mouth onto her naked breasts.

After the initial rush of prospective buyers she is not sure what will happen as a slave handler releases her hands from the post and places a slave collar around her neck and attaches a leash to Maya?
Mistress “M” and Maya’s husband are friends, and business associates, after all of her training they have already decided that she will replace “M” as the new head Mistress of slave training at the slave training complex!
He this big black sadist has appeared on the auction block and has roughly grabbed Maya’s leash and has pushed her down on her knees and has her pleasure him orally! The crowd is amazed at Maya’s reaction as this naked and obedient horny Indian woman only seems to want his big black cock!..
Maya, sucks and is face fucked! The Gluck!.. Gluck!.. Gluck!… her dark head is bobbing back and forth and soft female flesh, throat lips and tongue full of saliva and cum meshing with his hard black cum filled cock!

Her cum swallowing It is a sound of pleasurable moans and groans that few married Indian women ever get to experience!
The bidders go crazy as they bid more aggressively, and stops again when he uses her and gives her a good pussy fuck with his gigantic cock, her husband patiently waits! It is her husbands secret desire to see his wife horribly abused and waits until she is crying and begging this black sadist with this monster to stop! He will not do so until he has left her screaming and finally satisfied himself, but it is not only him that is satisfied as Maya also experiences an incredible shuddering climax that leaves her on the floor unable to move! Then her husband after some heated bidding between the two finally out bids him and she is sold for the incredible sum about 5,00,000 Rupees which is about 10,000 USD.

Maya after the bidding, is still on her knees with her bare breasts against the cold marble floor of the auction block, and her naked bottom with her wide open cum dripping cunt sinfully up and exposed to everyone! OMG! She is helpless and can hear people talking, it is about her and the sexually perverted nasty things she had done with this big black stud! She has been well used and is unable to see or to barely move! Other slave women have watched every thing that has happened to Maya , but are afraid to say anything as they stare in shocked disbelief!..

After all of the proceedings of the auction are complete a permanent tag is crimped with a non removable silver ring to one of Maya’s labia lips! A hand operated stainless steel hole punch that is normally used to punch holes in thick leather belts is used to punch the hole in her labia lip! No pain deadener is used only antiseptic alcohol. One of the bidders assistants has told her to push her bare well shaven pubic mound out obscenely and clinch her hands tightly behind her back. Maya’s stimulated well used pussy lips are out, well used and hanging down! They are easily accessible the slave complex’s metal smith positions one her labia lips over the hole punch and by the time she tries to reacts it is quickly punched leaving a clean hole where the soft tender naked flesh had been only moments ago!

The pain is sharp and piercing as she reacts with a painful yelp! Before she knows it a silver ring with her ID tag is inserted, professionally crimped and permanently attached to the hole in her cunt lip! Healing antiseptic has been applied and the painful ordeal is quickly over leaving her with a painful burning sensation! She is now a true slave slut to remove this ID Tag will require another professional metal smith!
This metal tag is about a half dollar it has her slave number and she will be permanently registered as a slave woman along with a picture of her on the slave owners site!

This is something her husband has insisted on, as he wants his wife to know that she is an owned slave and that he at any time can sell her as a sex slave to black men! OMG she can feel her sore labia lip start to swell and its nerve ends that are attached to the depths of her sexual being come alive. This wanting abuse is an incredible desire for even more sexual abuse! She now cannot help herself as a well trained slutty sex slave!

Women like Maya are in high demand as sex slaves and there aren’t too many of them that are easily available. For Maya even after being sold she still thinks that she will never see her husband or children again and has resigned herself that her fate will be a whore and a sex slave to black men and her new Indian master!

In the past her husband has kept Maya out of all this thinking she is just a good wife and the mother to his children. Until he realizes after viewing some of the E-Mails on her computer that she is craving to be sexually used abused and raped by black men with enormous cocks!
Maya is so ecstatic after discovering that she has been had by Mistress “M” and her husband that she wants to repay her some how, and has buried her face in “M’s”pussy and eagerly sucks her off again and again telling Mistress “M” what an incredible woman she is!.

For Maya it is the end of one incredible journey and the start of another!

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