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Submissive Mother and Daughter

30 Min Read

Here is the advertisement I placed in the local underground newspaper; “Wanted young lady of Asian decent who is submissive in a painful situation in order to achieve maximum pleasure. If you think you qualify contact 555-7891.” On Monday I received a call from a bitch who said she was from Vietnam and would be very interested in meeting for an interview. I gave her the address and told her to show up wearing nothing but a rain coat on Monday night at 7 PM and be clean shaven of all hair except her head.
When 7 PM came there was a knock at the door and when I opened it there stood a young lady with medium length hair, 4’2” tall, and slender it statue. Upon entering I told her to remove her coat and stand still while I inspected her to see if she complied with my directions. I asked her name and she told me it was Joy Lee; after removing her coat as instructed her body was in fine shape, small breasts, and small ass, I had her bend over and found a couple of strands of hair around her ass, I took my belt off and smacked her ass, she never even whimpered, then I pulled the hair out and reached between her legs and felt her pussy, it was dripping wet. I had her get on the floor and crawl into the living room as I whipped her ass, still not a whimper.
I told Joy Lee that she was to do what ever I told her to do and she was to do this without question. I unzipped my trousers and pulled my cock out and grabbed her hair and raised her head so her mouth was next to my cock, she opened and started to lick and suck but I jerked her head back and said; “who told you to suck my dick” I smacked her face and told her to open her mouth as I started pissing making sure I got her face, hair and her mouth, the piss that entered her mouth was swallowed, and then I stuck my cock in her mouth and told her to clean me up. She started licking and sucking and even went down to my balls making sure they too were clean.
I took her down to my play room where all my toys were and had her bend over the table and spread her ass cheeks so I could insert a butt plug, I had her wet the plug by sucking on it then I inserted it into her hole never bothering to make sure there was sufficient lubrication. I turned her around and pushed a 7” vibrating dildo into her pussy and tied the straps around her body so it would not fall out, I wanted to watch her reaction. Her nipples got hard so I placed nipple clamps on each nipple and pulled on the chain just to watch her face, she rolled her eyes and opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something but I was ready for her, I stuck a ball gag in her mouth and secured the straps around her head.
To prevent her from removing anything I secured her hands to her waist with chain and hand cuffs. I marched her upstairs and had her lay on the floor next to the fireplace and went to bed. The next morning I checked on Joy Lee and she was still in the same position which I had left her but she looked like a “Rocky(H) rode hard and put up wet”, I removed the ball gag and ask if she could cook, she said yes, so I stood her up and removed the chain and cuffs and she walked on unsteady legs to the kitchen. I told her I wanted two eggs sunny side up and bacon, toast, and coffee; she could fix what ever she wanted after I ate. I watched her and every so often she would squeeze her ass cheeks indicating that she was Cumming. After I had finished breakfast I told her to prepare her meal, she had the same thing that I had but before I would let her eat I had her suck my cock. Joy Lee was a very good cocksucker and had me ready to release my load very quickly, as I was approaching my climax I pulled out of her mouth and shot my load all over her meal then I told her to eat and I stood there and watched waiting for any rejection so I could punish her.
After she finished breakfast of cum and eggs I told her to clean the kitchen and I went downstairs and picked up a few things. When I returned Joy Lee had finished and I removed the butt plug and the vibrator from her body then laid a Rocky(D) collar, wrist cuffs, and ankle cuffs on the table along with her coat. I told Joy Lee to pick. Joy Lee did not hesitate she went straight for the Rocky(D) collar pile. After she had put everything on I handed her a Rocky(D) lead chain which she fastened to the collar and then got down on her hands and knees with the chain in her mouth and raised her head to provide me with the chain. I told Joy Lee to get up and go shower making sure that she cleaned both her ass and pussy and meet me in the basement when she was finished.
I was standing naked when Joy Lee arrived and she lowered her body to the floor with the chain in her mouth. I took the chain and lead her to a wooden X which I had built; I had her stand and fastened her arms and legs to each of the supports. I placed a strap around her waist to ensure that she was secure. Looking at her suspended and secure I took time to place and ice cube on her nipples so I could affix the nipple clamps; having completed that I took the remainder of the ice cub and stuffed it inside her pussy and held my hand there making sure she could not push it back out. I watched her face as she rolled and closed her eyes at both the coldness and sensations she was experiencing.
I told Joy Lee that we would develop a safe word if what I was doing became too much for her to handle. I ask for suggestions from her, but, she had none, so I told her that her safe word would be “doe-mammy” (Motherfucker), with that completed I laid the X down and broke out my fucking machine which I positioned at the lower apex of the X exactly even with the entrance to Joy Lee’s pussy. Attached to the machine was a ribbed dildo with tentacles protruding from the head, I inserted the dildo into her pussy half way because as soon as I started the machine it would go deeper as it completed its revolutions. But, before I turned the switch I attached clamps to her pussy lips each had a wire running to a box when turned on generated and electrical current of .5 volts, not enough voltage to hurt you but enough to provide a tingling feeling adding to the already sensations she would experience from the dildo.
I turned the machine on and adjusted the dimmer switch control to a very slow speed and I watched her face to see how she was accepting the movement of the dildo in and out of her pussy. I noticed that after several minutes she was raising her body which told me that she was about to climax; first I hit the button sending a shock to her body and then sped up the dildo to medium speed, I hit the button again and watch her strain against her bindings and that was when she finally broke her silence. She started screaming and begging for more and wanting the machine to go faster, so I gave her what she asked for, the machine went to one notch below full speed and I kept hitting the button causing tingling sensations through her body as she came. She raised her head screaming and then went quite as she passed out from the pure pleasure she was receiveing. I shut everything down and removed her from the X and placed her on the bed that I had in the basement.
I sat in my chair watching her as her body involuntarily jerked every few minutes which is a direct result of what had been done to her. When she finally came too; I asked her why it took so long for her to scream out her pleasure. She told me that when she was younger her brother had raped her, I asked her to explain, she said they went into the jungle to collect firewood for cooking when her brother grabbed her and made her bend over a fallen banana tree and took her pants off, he told me not to say anything or he would beat me up. He then inserted his cock inside me and it hurt at first so I kept quite and when he finished he made me suck his dick. The next day my father and I went hunting for firewood and as I bent over to pick up a piece of wood he told me to drop my pants because he want the same thing that I gave my brother the previous day, except, he want me to suck him off first; as I was sucking his cock he was hitting my ass with a bamboo strip, it hurt but I knew better than to say anything. When he came he made sure that I did not loose a drop of his load. Then he made me suck him till he got hard again, once I had him hard he got behind me and stuck his cock in my ass taking my butt cherry, that hurt worse then when my brother fucked me.
A few weeks later the Vietcong paid a visit to our hamlet and took all the young girls into the jungle and we had to fuck and suck them, I must’ve fucked at least 15 that night and sucked the same amount swallowing their loads to prevent being killed. When they left they took our clothes with them so we had to walk back to the hamlet naked and embarrassed with cum dripping from our pussies. We all got pregnant and 9 months later I gave birth to a baby girl, she is 18 now and lives with me. The hamlet elders told us to get rid of the babies because they wanted nothing to do with them or us. I left and went to DaNang where I met a sailor and we got married, he brought me and my daughter to the States but he could never satisfy me, I even told him what I wanted and needed and he told me I was sick and divorced me. She asked if she could bring her daughter here because she too enjoys pain and would enjoy being my slave; she said that I could do anything I wanted to both of them.
She went on to say; ever since my rape in Vietnam I have had no sexual relief till I came here, thank you. She rose from the bed and crawled to me and placing her arms on my thighs she said that she and her daughter would love me for ever if I allowed them to live with me, they would be my slaves, because, “ I’m so happy that I found you and I know that you will satisfy both of us”. She went on to say; that she really liked the fucking machine especially when I started slow and then increased the speed, the tentacles on the dildo were stimulating her pussy in ways she never imaged, and when I sent the volt of electricity to her pussy, my Cumming was so intense that I blacked out.
She picked up my cock and began slowly making love to it, making sure that she kissed every inch and taking it in her mouth she maintained the same slow sucking motion until she felt my cock start to expand as it reached the point on no return and I started blasting my loads straight down her throat, she did not miss a drop. Afterwards I told her that she could call her daughter and have her come here and I would make my decision at that time as to them staying or leaving. She made the call and then returned to the basement where I placed a her head and hands in a stock collar, I attached the ropes to each side of the stock and brought over two cases of soda bottles, I made her stand barefooted on the bottles, one leg on each case and raised the stock level so she stood straight up. After a few minutes she started wiggling around trying to get comfortable and that was when I started with the cane on her ass. All I received for my efforts were moans of pleasure, so I got the clamps and attached each lead to her nipples and hit the button sending jolts of electricity through her body. It only took a few minutes before she screamed that she was Cumming.
I lowered the stock so now her weight was putting pressure on her feet making her ability to stand very hard. I left her in that position and went upstairs to review the spy cam results on what had been happening so far. The results were perfect. As I started back down the door bell rang and when I opened the door there stood a young girl, I asked what she wanted? She told me her name was Luki and she was the daughter of Joy Lee. Luki was the same height as her mother and she was well portioned, nice round tits, and small ass. I grabbed her arm and pulled her in the house, shut the door, and we went down to the basement. Luki saw her mother teetering on the soda bottles with the stock secure around her head and hands. I hit the button and Joy Lee screamed “I’m Cumming…OMG!! I’m Cumming again”. I told Luki to undress and stand before me so I could see if I would be happy with both of them. Her body was smooth and her nipples were small but hard, when I looked down her pussy had a small patch of hair and when she bent over she had hair between the cheeks of her ass.
I have a table which was especially built for me by a friend, it’s short and has adjustable leaves that pull out and can be positioned close together or far apart. Luki got up on the table and lay down as I started stripping her down, once I was content I looked into her eyes and said… “You’re a very stupid bitch, you should have saved yourself before you came here; since you like pain you will now experience pain like never before. I grabbed a pair of pliers and started pulling the hair around her pussy out by the roots. Like her mother, not a word, but her body showed something else; every time a patch of hair left her body she would raise her ass off the table. I looked over at her mother and saw that she was staring at what I was doing and smiled. I walked to her and picked up a cane switch and asked her if she enjoyed what I was doing to her daughter, she nodded her head up and down. I started caning her ass making her dance on the bottles and I hit the button sending a jolt of electricity to her nipples, and she screamed… “OMG!! I’m Cumming”.
I went back to her daughter and continued pulling her hair out and when I was finished I started on her ass and pulled all the hair from there then I stuck a vibrator inside her pussy and turned it on high, still not a sound came out of her mouth. I told her, “OK bitch I’ll have you screaming soon”. I got out the fucking machine and put Red Hot Chile pepper on the dildo and stuck it in her cunt and started the machine, not slow, but, on medium speed. Between the dildo and the pepper I got my scream, she was hollering “I’m Cumming, Oh God, I’m Cumming” and that when I started caning her tit’s and stomach. I got out the teaser which I had changed from 50,000 volts down to 5,000 volts and I hit the underside of her right tit, her whole body started shaking as the shock brought on another climax. I returned to the mother and let her down and made her crawl between her daughters legs and told her to start licking and sucking as soon as I remove the fucking machine.
As Joy Lee started licking her daughters pussy sucking up all the juices that were coming from her I hit her with the teaser between the cheeks of her ass causing her to scream into her daughters pussy. I used the teaser on her daughters left tit this time and got another cry from her that she was Cumming. I got out the Sybian machine and placed it between Joy Lee’s legs and made her sit down then I turned it on and pushed her face back towards her daughter’s pussy. After about 5 minutes of her enjoying the Sybian and licking her daughter’s pussy I hit both of them with the teaser again, Joy Lee on her tit’s and Luki on the cheek of her ass. Both screamed out loud that they were Cumming and started shaking as their climax hit them. I untied them and retied their arms behind and had them lie on the floor in position that placed their pussies together, I got out the double headed dildo, it was full of studs that were used to stimulate the pussy walls further, I dipped both heads in Red Hot Chili Pepper and stuck one end in Joy Lee and the other in Luki then I turned the vibrator on, I left them withering on the floor and retired upstairs. I watched them on the spy cam and seeing them fuck each other in order to gain some relief from the pepper and when they climaxed it only added to the burning sensation inside their pussies.
After an hour I went down and removed the dildo and untied their arms allowing them to get up and crawl to where I was sitting. They both reach for my cock at the same time and Joy Lee took the right side and Luki the left meeting at the head and kissing the head of my dick and each other. I had Luki get on her hands and knees and her mother crawl under her, and telling her to start licking her daughter’s pussy as I moved in behind her and inserted my dick inside of her. Her mother was licking both her pussy and my balls; when I came I shot load after load up her young cunt. When I pulled out of Luki her mother began sucking the loads dripping from her cunt and then came over to me and cleaned my cock. I told both of them to go get cleaned up and they would sleep on the floor at the foot of my bed.
The next morning after Breakfast was over and the kitchen cleaned I took them downstairs and secured Joy Lee spread eagled on the wall and had Luki squat over the Sybin and insert the dildo in her pussy, I secured her legs so she could not raise up and turned the machine on. As it began working its magic on Luki I went to her mother and stuck a vibrator up her pussy, I then took the cane to each of them, stomach, thighs, and feet of Joy Lee and back, thighs, and breast of Luki. When I was satisfied that they had been drained I released them and took them back upstairs where Joy Lee sucked my cock till it was nice and hard and then placed the head at the entrance of Luki’s ass; as I fucked her ass her mother was pinching and pulling on her tits making her scream that she was Cumming and that’s when hit her ass with the teaser and unloaded in her ass.
The next day I took both girls to a friend of mine and had him pierce their nipples, their clitoris, and their pussy lips. I also had him pierce their tongues and place gold studs through the holes. When we arrived back home I took them downstairs and had them undress then while the piercings were still tender I attached a small chain connecting both nipples and in the center I placed a weight which caused pressure pulling on their nipples. They winched at the pain but said nothing. I had them bend over and grab their ankles. When I picked up the cane they knew what was coming and at the first hit they jumped which made me give it to them that much harder. With each hit the chain with its weight would swing back and forth causing even greater pain to their nipples. As we progressed Luki was the first to scream out that she was Cumming, then a couple of seconds later Joy Lee hollered that she was Cumming. I had them lie down and clean each others pussies; this brought additional pain to their nipples when the weight fell to one side.
I told both of them that the weight would remain affixed to the chain as they moved about the house taking care of their assigned duties. I mentioned that before we go back upstairs I was going to place a vibrator in their pussies and attach a chain to the ring in their clitorises, they would wear panties to make sure that it didn’t fall out; they would turn it on high and go about what ever they had to do. I knew that with the vibrator on high it would also stimulate their clitorises along with the walls of their pussies.
Once upstairs I had them set at my feet and tell me if they felt this is what they were searching for and were they sure that they wanted to remain with me? They both told me that I was fulfilling all their desires and wishes; they went on to say that they would love me and do anything they were told to do. I knew right then that I would be very happy with my two bitches.

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