Sue finds a way to bring sex into their sex life

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Like many couples, medications prescribed for high blood pressure, heart problems, etc. had left my husband unable to maintain an erection.
Vibrators, oral sex, and masturbation only goes so far in filling the needs for we had experienced.
My husband had always been considerate when it came to my pleasure, wanting me to cum first, and many times sacrificing his climax to be sure I was pleased.
After almost a year of less than satisfying sex for both of us, Tom suggested I seek pleasure elsewhere. I balked, not wanting to have sex with his friends.
After reading a lot of reading stories on Literotica and other sites, we decided to go to a nearby city and allowing him to see me flirt, tease and possibly having sex with other men. He had final say in all situations.
Our first attempt was a disaster. I was too nervous to flirt, and we eventually ended up in the room unsatisfied.
Seeing his disappointment, suggested I go to the lounge alone and see if I could be more at ease. I was dressed in a short black dress, black heels and some gold jewelry. I suggested I change into something less dressy. I had worn jeans to the hotel. Changing into them, I put one my husband’s white dress shirt, leaving my bra on the bed and put on the heels. I left the blouse open several buttons and checked myself in the bathroom mirror. I applied red lipstick and a little more eye shadow and check myself out. I was pleased.
I asked my hubby what he thought. His eyes answered my question. Adding, ‘you never looked more hot’. We decided I was going to portray a wife who was left for the weekend by her mate so he could go hunting with his buddies. Shame on him. ,
I told him I would call his cell phone if anything looked promising.
We kissed and I was greeted with a hand cupping my left breast. He tweaked my nipple and told be to have fun.
When I stepped into the lounge it was around 11 so it was mostly men. The band had stopped playing.
I sat at the bar and order wine. The mirror allowed me to scan the room. There were a few men in a group at the other end of the bar, and several turned to see if anyone was coming in.
When the wine was delivered I took a sip and smiled at my image in the mirror. I also saw one of the men moving down the bar to approach me.
‘Hi, I’m Brent’ he told me. I told I was Sue/
He commented on me being a beautiful woman, all alone and in need of company. He wasn’t the most attractive man alive but he was still in his suit and seemed to be intelligent. Why intelligent had anything to do with it, I have no idea.
We chatted and seeing my wedding ring. He commented on me being alone. I began a fantastic tale about being left to fend for myself and related my tale of the hunting trip.
I noticed his eyes dipping frequently to my exposed cleavage. Nonchalantly, I toyed with a necklace I was wearing.
He explained he was in town for a convention and was flying out tomorrow. I commented we both seemed to be in need of attention. Damn, I was almost startled by my statement. I certainly didn’t sound like myself. But, what the hell, I was there to flirt and tease.
He finished his drink and called the bartender over. Ordering his, he asked if I wanted another. With what I hope was sly comment, I told him two wines on an empty stomach and I would be dancing on the bar. Laughing he said ‘Sue, I’m going order you the whole bottle’.
A short time later he placed his hand on my thigh. Surprising myself, I placed my fingers on his hand and smiled. I didn’t remove his but was thinking how far I should allow his actions to go.
I decided to go the ladies room and stepping into the hall, I called my husband. He answered quickly. I filled him in and didn’t leave out the hand on my thigh. Without hesitation he said I seemed to be enjoying myself. I admitted I was and he said from that moment on, I had his blessing to do what I wanted. I really didn’t know how to answer but saying simply said I loved him, I clicked off the connection.
Checking my makeup, I unbuttoned my blouse to were he would have aunobstructed view of my breasts.
Returning to the lounge, I placed my hand on the small of his back as I sat down. I told Brent I had called my husband but he most me so far out in the woods they didn’t even have cell phone coverage.
Sitting down, his hand again was placed on my thigh, this time much closer to my crotch. Smiling of my approval, I told him he might getting himself in trouble. Asking why, I told him it had been a while since sex had happened in my house I could lose control easily. I turned and pressed my breast into his arm. He placed his hand inside my blouse and traced the curve of my breast. Eventually he gently pulled my nipple.
I lowered my hand below the bar and knowing it was out of view, I found his cock. Stroking it firmly, he was soon fully erect. A couple of his friends were leaving the lounge and were going stopped by to tell him goodnight. Seeing I had his attention, they simply smiled and went on.
I didn’t want to cause him a mess in his pants, so I let up on the pressure and eventually put my hand on the bar. To tease him further, I licked my finger tips to appear I was cleaning him off.
He suggested we go up to his room. Balking, I told him I should try my husband one more time. I turned and placed the call. He answered immediately. I acted as if the phone was still ringing as I commented for hubby’s ears that I guess a few hours in his room would pay him a lesson. I left the connection open and put the phone in my small clutch purse. I hoped my mate could still hear me.
Telling him to I was ready to go. He took my arm and led me to the elevators. Stepping in, alone, he pushed the second floor. I comment I had stayed on the same floor recently. Again I placed my hand on his cock. Saying that I said he was still hard, I hoped hubby could visualize what was going on. I didn’t even know if the phones were still connected but hoped so.
As we passed my room I lightly knocked on the door, commenting it was the room I had stayed in.
We stopped a few doors down. He opened the door and stepped in the bathroom. I quickly moved to the window and whispered the room number into my phone. I I told my mate I was going to leave the drapes open. Hoping he could go out and possibly see anything. Tom said he was going to leave the room immediately.
When he returned, he had removed his coat, tie and looking at me, I knew it was my turn.
I slide down my jeans, revealing my sheer panties. sitting on the bed, I slipped off my heels so I could push the jeans off. I unbuttoned the blouse but left it on. Moving to the open drapes, I coyly asked if he was shy. He assured me he wasn’t. I said ‘Brent, told him I love the possibly of being seen and that I was an exhibitionist at heart ‘. I turned to see him removing his pants and socks and soon he was naked. Not the best body I had ever seem but his bobbing penis was my point of interest. I moved to him and grasped his testicles. Teasingly, I said, hope they were full and loaded. Without further comment I dropped down to my knees and licked the length of his tool. He placed his hands on my head and attempted to force me to take him in my mouth. Not yet.
I lightly scratched his balls with my finger tips and looked up. He was watching me. I lower my lips and sucked one of his balls into my mouth. Guys should have to shave their balls!
I ran my finger nail into the tip of his penis and he flinched but loved the move.
All those stories had made me an expert at cock sucking. Finally I took the tip of his cock into my mouth. Slowly, I allowed him to slip almost up to his testicles. Not the longest cock I had had but it made up with it with being very thick.
I pulled it out slowly and made a performance of licking it. First its length and then eventually covering every inch of it with my tongue.
I made a point of allowing him to see me slipping my finger over my clit. I almost smiled at the thoughts he must be having thinking he had found an experienced slut.
I wanted to possibly allow my husband to see me, so I stood and took off the blouse. In seconds his mouth was on my nipple. Moaning I allowed him to suck each one into his mouth. Not bad!
A minute later I told Brent I wanted to be seen. I added I had always wanted to be watched as I was having sex.
Moving to the window, I again dipped to my knees and engulfed his cock. Making sure not to allow him to come too quickly, I stood and turned to the window. He reached around and played with my boobs. Stepping into him a couple of steps, I turned and placed my hands on the window sill. I searched the parking lot for our car and was instantly pleased as I saw the headlights blink.
I told him to be gentle and laughing I said, don’t you dare. I felt him place the tip of his cock at my opening. with a staged moan, I pushed back against him. I knew I was wet enough to accept him. I wanted to feel that thick penis in me.
He started to slip into me. I became more bold and told him not to be a pussy and give it to me.
Suddenly I thought he was going to knock me through the glass. He slipped into me up to his balls. A true moan escaped my lips. ‘Fuck me Brent!, Use my pussy’. I was hoping my nasty language would urge him even more.
I was soon being pounded. He had the perfect height to fill me easily with each stroke. Initially I had been worried about HIM coming too soon. I was the one rushing to a climax. I urged him to give it to me. I guess my suggestion spurred him and he climaxed before me. I wanted it so bad I continued to push against him. Disappointingly he stepped back.
I turned and immediately began to finger my pussy. I was going at it so hard I was amazed at myself. Within a half a minute I was climaxing.
He stood there, I guess admiring his handiwork. Little did he know he was the one being played.
I took a string of sperm from his cock and licked it off my finger.
Apparently he was wanting me to leave. With a thank you, he went into the bathroom and started the shower.
I had accomplished what I wanted so I slipped on my jeans, not closing them and put on my blouse. Picking up my heels, I walked out and opened our room’s door.
I was in the room for a few minutes before my husband came in.
Not really knowing how I would be received I was relieved when he kissed me passionately.
I must have looked a mess. My hair was tangled, sperm dripping from me and I was sure I had a bruise or two somewhere.
We continued to kiss. I was loving the affection. He cupped my breast. Finally, we broke.
I told Tom I needed a shower. Don’t you dare was his response. I was totally surprised when he lead me to the bed and told me to lay down. Telling me he as so proud of me, he kneeled on the floor. Gently he spread legs. As he began to lick the inside of my thighs, he wanted to hear about everything.
His was soon tonguing my outer lips and by the time I reached getting to the guy’s room he was teasing my clit.
Afterwards I remembered I had left my panties in the other room.
Maybe this was going to be a wonderful transition for our love life!

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