Swamiji Trapped House Wife & Fucked

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Hi readers I am Gayatri age 26 I am married to Raveender others call him Ravi. Ravi is working as a mechanic in a famous automobile workshop about 20 Km from our house. I am a house wife and a mother son Akash.
Let me give details about my body, I am 5’3” and a slim girl with size 34d-26-34 usually I wear saree well below my navel. My Boobs are huge and they projected outwards, they are round in shape and are stiff. I have curvy hips and round ass, long legs with fleshy thighs and milky smooth shiny skin and pink nipples whenever I travel in crowded bus or stand in a crowded area many would try to touch my body parts
And when I walk many would be looking at my bouncy boobs and my flat tummy and my navel though the side view of the saree. One Saturday Ravi took us to a nearby temple and I was looking hot on that day on my red transparent saree with low cut blouse exposing both my cleavage and my bare back, the gentle wind occasionally exposed my navel to others but I always hide my treasures as much as possible.
There were only few persons in the temple. We offered prayer and sat on the temple for a while and were talking about the price hike of the daily commodities. The pujari came to us and enquired about us. Ravi said to him about us and our daily problems. The pujari said that if he performs a special puja in our house then our problems would subside.
So Ravi invited him to do the puja in our house and the pujari fixed the date and time as the next Wednesday evening. He then told us not to have sex till he finishes the puja and tied a thread in my leg near my ankle. While tying the thread he rubbed my toe and felt my silky skin of my feet, he even pinched my feet when Ravi was not noticing him.
This caused a small doubt at him on the particular day pujari came to our house at around 7:30 pm, by that time Akash had slept and he was preparing for the puja, he brought all the puja materials. We three sat before the fire, I was told to sit at his right and Ravi to his left, and all other lights were switched off. He started to chant some mantras and poured oil on the fire.
Then he gave a lemon and told Ravi to bury it in front of the house. Ravi went out to bury it. He then told me to close my eyes and he took my hand and he put it on his dick, he told not to open my eyes until he says to. I could feel the hardness of his dick and it was growing in size, then he put his hand inside my blouse and gave a hard squeeze to my nipple and he rubbed my nipples softly.
All of a sudden Ravi opened the hall door and came in, we both pretended as if nothing happened. He then gave Ravi a pot of water and told him to pour it around the house when Ravi went out he said that on the day when I came to the temple he saw my boobs and couldn’t forget my hot boy curves and he told that he wanted to fuck me.
I didn’t agree with him and said that I cannot cheat Ravi, he pleaded me to have sex with him but I denied it politely. He got angry and said he will put his dick into my ass within a year. Ravi entered the room once again. Then the pujari chanted the mantras and Ravi also sat with us, and then he asked about the thread that he tied on my ankle.
I showed my legs to him he rubbed my feet with his hand and said that I have a smooth skin, Ravi not knowing the intensions of the pujari said that he likes my feet very much and would even lick them sometimes. The pujari removed the thread from my leg and put it on the fire in front of us and the fire went off. Now the room was completely dark he then put some vibhuti powder on the ashes and the fire came back.
He said that all the bad thing happened in my house was due to my bad luck and he said that if Ravi sends me to his ashram he would change my luck. He then said to join me in his ashram next day and he started to leave. But I didn’t go to his ashram the next day as days went by our son Akash fell ill and we took him to various doctors but he didn’t recover.
Ravi then forced me to join in the pujari’s ashram and we went o his ashram and the pujari told that I must stay there and perform puja for next three days. Ravi left me there on a Sunday evening and I was given a room and told to get ready for the night puja after dinner around 10:30 I was guided to puja room by the pujari and he told to remove my saree I first resisted then he threatened me that if.
I didn’t obey him my son will never recover. I removed the saree and he gave a kiss on my bare tummy just below my navel, he then inserted his tongue inside my deep navel and sucked it at the same time he grabbed my ass and he squeezed them. He then removed my blouse and the bra.
My light brown round boobs with pink nipples were now open in front of his eyes
He went behind me and he kissed and licked my bare back while his hands were rubbing and pressing my nipples. He then came front and lifted me and sucked my boobs and then he removed my petticoat and my panty. He made me to turn around and kissed and licked my ass and I covered my face in embarrassment, and he even put his tongue inside my ass hole.
He then sprayed water on my boobs and sucked them and he was fingering my pussy. He then licked my thighs and my pussy for about fifteen minutes and I reached my first orgasm, for twenty seconds my body was not at my control and it was shivering, I was a feeling of both pain and pleasure. He then put his finger in my anal hole I begged him not to do anal fuck.
I was very sensitive to that and but he showed no heed to me, he kept his cock in my anal opening and at one push he put his whole monster cock inside my anal at a single push. I gave a wild scream in pain and he pounded his dick very fast in and out of my ass and after ten minutes of pain and I reached my second orgasm, this time he also unloaded his thick glue inside me.
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