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Swimming With My Aunt (True Story)

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This is a true story of mine that happened many years ago that I have never shared with anyone. Hope you all enjoy. I was seven teen at the time of this story and living with my aunt and uncle. They didn’t have any k**s so it was just them and I. My aunt Kristina was pretty cool to hang out with. We would always have some drinks and just hanging out listing to music while my uncle was at work. Kristina is very pretty and young looking. Short blonde hair, blue eyes, tall and thin, medium size breasts and a nice ass not that I had even looking at her that way but I’m just stating the facts. Anyways my uncle worked for a construction company so he was gone a lot leaving my aunt and I to hang out at the house. It was a Friday when I got home from school and she already had music blaring in the house and when I got inside she was sitting on the couch drinking a beer. “I need a drinking buddy” she said as I grabbed one and we sat down and just talked listening to music. We drank for awhile when my aunt sat up “Hey its nice out lets so sit in the pool”. I agreed and put on my swim trunks and headed to the back yard which was surrounded by a fence and they had a nice medium size underground pool. I got in when my aunt came out carrying the stereo and some more beers wearing her two piece black biking. She put on the music and climbed in and we sat in the water drinking and talking when she went under to get her hair wet and when she came back up one of her tits had popped out from …

her top. I stared at her breast and tiny pink nipple not knowing how to tell her so I just pointed at her chest with a grin on my face. “What?” she asked looking down “Oh shit” she laughed and adjusted her top. “Wow” she laughed as I smirked “At least no one can see in the backyard” I said as she shrugged “I don’t care, I’ll swim naked, its my pool”. I smirked and nodded as she went under the water and then suddenly from under the water she pulled out her top and tossed it on the side of the pool. I didn’t know what to say I just smiled and shook my head “Oh like you’ve never seen a pair of tits” she laughed. “I have” I said as she came up from the water exposing her tits to me “Well mine are better”. In a moment of stupidity instead of just not saying anything I said “They are very nice”. She gave me this look and said “Wanna play marco polo”. “OK” I said confused as she told me to shut my eyes and as soon as I said “Marco” she said “Polo” and as I opened my eyes she was right in front of me with a grin on her face. I looked down at her tits and then felt her hand under the water grab onto my dick over my trunks which hardened quickly. “You gonna just stare at them?” she asked almost offended with a grin on her face. I didn’t know what to do but knew what I wanted to do as she pushed me down a little in the pool and put her nipple directly on my mouth. “Suck it” she said as I wrapped my mouth around her nipple and sucked on it making her moan and breath heavily. “Fuck” she ..
said as her grip got tighter on my dick. I sucked on both of her tits making her moan softly. She patted the concrete walkway on the outside of the pool with her hand and I hopped up sitting on it with my feet still in the water. “Don’t say a word” she smiled pointing up at me as she reached into my trunks and pulled out my cock shoving it right into her mouth. I groaned feeling her warm, wet mouth on my cock as she sucked me very good. My cock throbbed in her mouth when in a moment of pleasure I softly moaned “Suck it”. She slapped my leg softly and I snapped out of it looking at her staring at me with a grin on her face. “Sorry” I said as she went back to sucking until she stopped and hopped up sitting next to me and pushed me back into the water. She opened her legs smiling down at me as I slid two fingers under her bikini bottoms pulling them aside exposing her pussy which was small and shaven. I put my mouth on it and started to suck and slide my tongue between her lips making her moan loudly. “Eat that pussy” she said putting her hand on the back of my head pushing it onto her hard. I ate her out until she was very wet when she slowly got back into the water standing in front of me. She turned around putting her arms on the side of the pool and pushed her ass against my crotch. I reached down and pulled down her bottoms just enough to expose her ass. I reached under the water and grabbed my cock guiding it to her pussy and slid it into her. Her hands tightened on the …
side of the pool and she squealed as I grabbed her hips and fucked her slowly. “God damn” she moaned as her wet pussy tightened around my cock as I fucked her. “Fuck me” she moaned as I grabbed onto he hips and began thrusting as hard as I could from under the water. She turned me around and walked me towards the stairs that led out of the pool and sat me down on one of them so only my feet were under the water. She pulled off her bottoms and straddled me on the step sliding my cock back into her. I put my arms around her and sucked on her tits as she rode my cock until she said quietly “I’m cumming”. I grabbed onto her ass and pushed her body hard onto my cock as she put her arms around my head and moaned louder and louder until her body trembled slightly as I felt her cum. “Fuck” she moaned breathing heavily as I continued rocking her body on my cock until I was ready to cum. She got off of me and started sucking my cock with her hand gripped tightly on my shaft as she did it until I groaned “Here it comes”. I felt the first stream leave my cock making her gag as she continued sucking taking my load into her mouth. She stood up and swallowed walking over to her beer sitting on the side of the pool and took a drink. I sat there processing everything still groaning from the amazing sex I just had. My aunt got out and went into the house and she went to her room and took a nap. We never talked about or even mentioned that day to each other or anyone else. I just chalked it up to …the booze and never brought it up. I have always wanted to share this story with someone so I figured why not on here. Hope you all enjoyed.

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