Swingers meet like-minded couples at a wedding reception

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Jen received an invitation to the wedding of the daughter of one of her best friends in high school. It was out of town and we would need to stay the weekend and thought it would be best to stay where the reception was being held. I made reservations and Friday afternoon; we took off.
Before stopping at the hotel, I hit the liquor store and stocked up, Riesling for Jen, some plastic wine glasses and whiskey for myself, plus a few bags of munchies. We checked in and for Jen, it was like her high school reunion.
Friends from her school were milling around the lobby, trading room and cell phone numbers and catching up on what had been going on since graduation. I gave Jen one of the key cards and told her I was going up to the room and make myself a drink. As I hit the elevator, Jen yelled, “Please bring me a wine, Ed.”
After sticking a bottle of Riesling in the freezer, I sort of unpacked, hanging up Jen’s dress and my suit and hoping the wine would be cold enough for Jen. It wasn’t. I found the ice machine and brought as much back to our room as I could. Like you do for martinis, I took some wine and poured it over the ice and shook it in a plastic bag before pouring in a glass to take it to her.
Back in the lobby, I had trouble finding Jen. Eventually I found her cornered by this handsome guy. As I caught Jen’s eye, she motioned me over. As she took her glass, she introduced us, “Ed, this is Larry, Larry, this is my husband, Ed.”
Larry shook my hand with a firm grip saying, “So you’re the lucky SOB that married Jen. She sure broke a lot of hearts when she left for college.”
Just then this younger blond came over, wrapping her arm around Larry. “What kind of BS is my husband trying to feed you two?” she said as she looked us over.
Larry said, “Ed, Jen, this is my smart-mouthed wife, Susan.” Now she is about 5’2” and Larry is close to 6’. As we talked Larry told us they’ve only been married a couple of years.
Susan said, “Please don’t call me a child bride. I just hate that.” I should mention that except for Susan, we’re all in our mid 30’s and Susan barely looked old enough to drink.
I mentioned that I was getting hungry and Larry said, “The restaurant here is full, I just checked. I want to change into something more comfortable. How about we meet back down here in 15 minutes and there’s a nice restaurant within walking distance just down the block.” We all agreed and headed to our rooms.
In the elevator, when I hit the button for our floor, Susan said, “That’s our floor too.” It turned out they were only a few doors down from us.
Once in our room, I told Jen, “Larry sure seems smitten with you. He was looking you up and down like a Rocky(D) eyeing a nice steak.”
Jen told me, “Larry sure has changed. I know he had a big crush on me in school. It was painfully obvious back then. Trouble is, he was a tall, skinny kid and I was more into the jock-type. I must admit; he has filled out nicely. Too bad he made such a poor choice in a wife.”
I said, “What’s the matter, don’t you like her?”
Jen said, “She’s a bimbo if you ask me.” 15 minutes later we met them. They had both changed into shorts, shirts and sandals.
It was a short walk to the restaurant but it was fairly full. However, there was plenty of room in the bar. Larry said, “Good, that way we can get our drinks sooner.”
The waitress came to our table and took our drink order. Both Larry and Susan ordered doubles. By the time the waitress came back to get our food order, both of them needed refills. Larry kept insisting that we have another round and we politely declined. They must have had two more rounds during dinner. After dinner, when Larry ordered another round, the waitress asked Larry whether or not he felt he had too much to drink. He stood up and balanced on one foot for her.
The waitress said, “I don’t want you leaving here and getting into an accident then I get sued.”
Larry told her, “Lil’ darling, we walked here. We’re staying down the street so no vehicles can be harmed on our way back.” Then he and Susan let out big laughs.
Larry wouldn’t let me pay our share of the bill, making a big thing out of how well his business was doing. As soon as we got up, it was obvious that they were fairly intoxicated. As we were about to exit, the hostess asked, “May I call you a taxi?”
Larry told her, “Thank you, but no. We’re walking.” Once we hit the outside air, the two of them were taking deep breaths, trying to sober up a bit.
We only made it about 50 yards and Larry and Susan had to sit down. I should mention that in that 50 yards, Susan had probably traveled 100 yards or more. She was singing and carrying on and weaving like the drunk she was. After sitting for about 10 minutes, Jen and I got up. I pulled Susan up and Jen pulled Larry up. We were helping them walk, holding them up.
Susan said to me, loud enough for the other two to hear, “I’ll bet Larry loves her holding him like that. He’s wanted to fuck Jen since high school.” Larry tried to shush her to no avail. Susan continued, “There’s times, he even calls me Jen when he’s fucking me.”
Then she gets right in my face and says, “That’s not right, is it? God you have beautiful eyes. You know, I should show him. I should fuck you,” then she kissed me. Since I was using both hands to hold her up, I couldn’t stop her. As I pulled away, Susan passes out. All I could do was throw her over my shoulder and carry her. Thank goodness the lobby was empty when we got there.
Once in the elevator, Susan came too and began playing with my butt. I tried to put her down but her legs buckled. I caught her and as I held her, her hands drifted to my crotch and she felt me up. As I turned to get Jen’s reaction, Larry was standing next to her and apparently, he had his hand down the back of her slacks playing with her butt and she wasn’t happy about it.
When we got them to their room, Larry asked if Jen could help Susan get ready for bed. I laid her on their bed. Susan kicked off her sandals and Jen pulled off her top and shorts. Susan said, “Don’t forget the bra and panties.”
I said, “Should I leave?”
Smiling, Larry said, “No, Susan enjoys an audience.”
Jen removed her bra and panties, her lithe body fodder for any men’s magazine. Her pussy shaved, except for a small heart shaped top piece. She had a ring in her clit. Jen then asked Larry, “Where are her pajamas?”
Susan laughed, saying, “Silly, I don’t sleep in pajamas, I sleep like this,” spreading her arms and legs wide to show off her body.
Then she sat up and took Jen’s hands in hers. Now she wasn’t acting as drunk as she had earlier. She looked Jen in the eyes and kissed her, saying, “I’m Bi, very Bi, and I like you. I get Bi vibes from you, am I wrong? Larry likes it when I bring women home so he can watch and maybe share.”
Larry was blushing. Jen asked her, “And does Larry ever bring home guys and share you?”
Susan shook her head, “He’d never do that, he’s too jealous.
“ I AM NOT!” Larry blurted out, “you told me no way when I brought it up.”
Jen said, “I heard you say you wanted to fuck my husband. Is that true?”
Susan thought a bit and said, “He is awful cute and I wouldn’t mind playing with him if was Ok with you and Larry.
Jen told her, “So if I were to take Larry to our room and we screwed and Ed stayed here and you two played, everything would be rosy?”
She thought a minute and said, “I don’t know about the separate room thing, maybe if we shared the same bed it would be Ok.
I looked at Larry to get his reaction and could see the clear outline of his erection. He clearly was interested in that proposition. Jen looked at me and said, “It’s your call, Ed.”
I said, “Let’s go for it.” Jen stood up and dropped her clothes. She then hopped in bed and began making out with Susan while Larry and I undressed.
We watched as the girls 69’d for a while until Larry got anxious. He asked me to get on one end and he was on the other. We spun the girls sideways. Larry got in next to Jen and I got next to Susan. Her body reminded me of a teenager’s. She was small all over. On the positive side, she was a voracious lover. One of the things I didn’t like was she thought it was cute to rake her teeth on my cock while she was giving head. I said, “Teeth, No! Bad!”
Susan laughed and said, “Ok.”
I looked over and Larry was going down on Jen. She was having nice orgasms. I didn’t say anything but I knew she’d be leaving them wet spots as a memory. Susan was a little miffed that I didn’t cum from her blowjob. I told her, “Sweetheart, I have someplace much better to place my load. With that, I kissed my way down to her pussy and managed to give her a few orgasms before kissing my way back up.
As I was moving up, Susan raised her legs up and hooked them up under her shoulders. Honestly a first for me. When I entered her silky passage, I could tell I was going to have to pace myself or I’d drop my wad way too soon. I looked over at Jen and watched as Larry was just about to spear Jen with a fairly nice sized cock.
Soon the room was filled with the sounds of the lady’s orgasms. Thankfully, us being on the bed sideways, it wasn’t banging on the headboard. Susan asked, “Do you mind if I get on top?”
I gave her a big smile and, “Anything you’d like,” so we relocated and I relaxed on the bed as she climbed on top and filled her pussy with my shaft.
Susan was rocking on top of me with fervour and Jen took notice. She got Larry’s attention and they two got into the cowgirl position. Susan’s attack on my shaft really wasn’t getting the desired results, way too hard and fast. I grabbed her hips and asked her, “Slow down. This isn’t a race. We’re supposed to enjoy it.”
Susan lay on my chest and whispered in my ear, “I hurry with Larry most of the time, because I want to get it over with.”
I softly told her, “I want you to relax. I want you to do what feels best for you. I want you to use me for your pleasure and I’ll guarantee you, that will make me cum big.”
Susan started rocking slowly. After trying different speeds, she found one that was IT. “OH YES,” that’s it, she huskily said.
As my hands fondled her tits, I told her, “You need to take care of you at times and I don’t mean vibrators.” Susan’s pussy was very small and tight. I asked, “How can you take all of Larry’s equipment? You seem so small and tight.”
Then I realized that Jen and Larry were next to us in the bed but they were too busy making noise of their own. Susan then whispered in my ear, “There are a couple of positions that won’t let him get as much in as he would like, plus he gets a lot of blow jobs. And quite often, the ladies I bring home will take care of him for me.
I shut up and relaxed, letting the feelings in my balls build and build. Jen and Larry had finished up and I heard Larry say to Jen as they got out of bed, “Damn, I’ve wanted that for over 20 years, I wish we didn’t have to wait so long.” Then they headed to the bathroom for a quick shower. Susan slowly ground her crotch into mine and she had a big orgasm. That was it, I let go with several big spurts of baby batter deep in Susan’s pussy.
After her shower, Jen slipped on her clothes as I was already dressed. We went to our room and got ready for bed. I’m not sure if it was the strange mattress or the evening’s events but both Jen and I had a restless sleep.
At breakfast in the morning, Larry and Susan saw us and came over to our table. Susan was being a little too friendly for being in a vanilla situation. Jen and I had to tactfully explain to her that some things should remain private amongst couples. Finally, I think we got it through her head. We finished up breakfast first and headed back to the room.
Once in the elevator, Jen said, “I may be a blond but Susan’s elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top.”
I smiled and said, “Yes, those two are quite a pair. They’re not what you would call good swinger material. Tell me, how much do you want to bet that after the reception, those two will want to play again.
Jen shook her head saying, “Hopefully I can think of a good excuse by then.” We took a short nap before getting dressed for the wedding.
After the wedding, we went to the reception. Larry and Susan were like leaches and were really starting to piss Jen off. I told her, “Hun, you gave him a taste of something he’s wanted for 20 plus years and he wants more. I can’t say as I blame him because I’ve been married to you nearly that long and I still want you.
During the reception, Larry and Susan resumed their heavy drinking, only this time, it was two of the waitstaff that took them to their room and told them to stay there. Jen and I had a good time dancing, having a few drinks and socializing. I also had an ulterior motive. The waitresses at the mini-bar near us, Lynn, was a knock-out gorgeous lady. Mid 50’s, firm body, green eyes, 40 D breasts, about a size 10, an inviting smile and waist length cinnamon colored hair.
They were cleaning off our table and Jen and I moved to sitting at the mini-bar. I need to use the restroom and when I came back, Jen was talking with the bartender, Max. He looked like a body builder in his late 40’s. I didn’t know about Jen but I know I had a little buzz on. I came up behind Lynn and said, “You are one beautiful lady.”
She turned and said, “What would your wife say if she heard you flirting with me?
Turning to Jen, I said, “Jen, Isn’t she a beautiful lady?” Jen toasted to her, saying, “I hope I look that good when I’m your age.”
Hands on her hips, she glared at me and said, “What if I told my boyfriend that you were hitting on me?”
Being whiskey brave, I said, “And where’s this Max?”
The bartender smiled, raising his hand as he finished putting away the liquor and Jen laughed.
Jen walked up behind him, wrapping an arm around his waist and asked him, “So handsome, what do you think of us hitting on your girlfriend?” Would you like it if I hit on you? Now Max was out of words. His mouth hung open and he didn’t know what to say.”
After a minute or so of silence, Lynn said to Max, “Say something, say something, Max!”
He took a long up and down look at Jen and said, “We get off in half an hour. What room are you in?” Now Lynn’s mouth was open in disbelief.
Jen said, Room 615, We’ll see you when you get off.
Jen took the half hour to freshen up. I chided her saying “You have a thing for Max, don’t you? “
She smiled saying, “Honest, Ed, he reminds me of the Pilates instructor we had, only Max isn’t gay. At least I hope not for your sake,” then she laughed. Jen continued, “I’m not sure we’ll see Lynn though. She doesn’t seem to be the swinging type.”
Well, the half hour goes by and no Max, then 45 minutes, finally at almost an hour there was a knock at our door. Max and Lynn were standing there. They had gotten dressed and I’ll have to admit it was worth the wait. It turns out Max was an instructor at a local gym and Lynn taught dance. Their servers’ uniforms hid their magnificent bodies. Jen ushered them in.
Lynn confessed to us, “Guys, we’ve never done this before. Well, I haven’t. Max and his ex-wife used to swing and he has taken me to a couple of swing clubs but we would only watch then go home and screw each other’s brains out.
I said, “That’s how it starts, we did the same thing. I think a lot of couples do it that way.” I put on some jazz and asked if they wanted a drink. We enjoyed our drinks and some small talk.
Jen was sitting in the chair and Max was standing behind her, massaging her neck and shoulders. I was on the bed next to Lynn. I said to her, “Lady, no bullshit, you really are a beautiful lady.”
Blushing she said, “That’s because I have clothes on. They hide all the flaws.”
Kissing her hand and being a bit naughty I said, “I’ll bet you’re beautiful without clothes and there’s only one way to prove it.”
Lynn thought about it a bit and asked me, “Can we go into the bathroom? I told her that if it made her more comfortable that was fine. I took her hand and we went in.
Once inside, Lynn took a deep breath and asked me, “Will you undress me? That scenario for some reason turns me on.” I was more than willing to oblige her.
I started with her lace blouse, undoing her cuffs and collar before slowly undoing the buttons down her front. I pulled the blouse out of her skirt. I then unzipped her skirt and had her step out of it. Her long legs, shiny from the hosiery she was wearing. Lynn turned around and I unhooked her bra and when she turned to face me, she had crossed her hands across her breasts. Softly taking her hands, I opened them to view a beautiful set of mature breasts with very little sag and long suckable nipples.
“Wow”, I said, “whoever told you that you weren’t beautiful is trying to feed you a bunch of bull. You’ve been reading too many of those fashion magazines.”
With this half-smile, Lynn said, “But you haven’t seen the whole package,” as she hooked her thumbs in her panties and pulled them down to her feet. Her pussy wasn’t shaved but neatly trimmed, with maybe a quarter inch of baby soft crimson fur.
I stepped forward and gently kissed her. Lynn closed her eyes pushing me away, saying, “No, I shouldn’t. What would Max think?” and she rushed past me. She opened the door and stopped dead in her tracks. In the middle of the bed was Max, fucking Jen, his cock pistoning her love canal with impressive force. Lynn turned to me and kissed me hard. Her tongue forcing it’s way into my mouth. Then she said, “Get those clothes off mister, we have to make up some time.
After slipping off my clothes, Lynn was sitting in the chair next to the bed, watching them. I knelt in front of her and Lynn flung her legs over my shoulders. That’s when I found out how soft her pussy hair was.
I slid her butt to the edge of the chair and dipped my tongue to taste her nectar. It didn’t take long for her to have her first orgasm. She only made little almost chirping sounds, kind of like the Japanese ladies do. Jen on the other hand was her very vocal self. Max seemed to be enjoying the fact that he could tell when she liked what he was doing.
Lynn was digging her nails into my shoulders as she came then she stopped and tapped my cheek and asked me to sit down. She then mounted me reverse cowgirl so she could watch. Her pussy was very nice for a mature lady. Not too loose, not too tight. We fucked like that for a while. Then Lynn got up and had me follow as she bent over the chair and I took her from behind.
Max saw what we were doing and turned Jen over and mounted her Rocky(D)gy style. Soon he dropped his load in Jen. After regaining their composure, Max offered us the bed and we gladly accepted. Lynn lay back and spread her legs and I moved in between them. My cock was straining for release and as I eased into her silkiness, I knew it wasn’t going to be long. As I stroked her, my head went to her nipples. Lynn said, “Oh, fuck, Oh, fuck yes. Suck them. Suck harder!.” and about that time, we both came with tremendous orgasms. I remained on top of her, feeling those huge tits against my chest.
As we lay there, Jen and Max joined us. Max asked Lynn, “Sweetheart, what do you think of swinging now?
I had moved next to her and she was laying there with this big smile and said, “Thanks to these two, I think I’ve seen the light.”
I told her, “I’m glad we could be of assistance.” They got dressed and we put some towels on the wet spots so we could get some sleep.
On the way home, several times I caught Jen looking at me and every time I’d ask what she was thinking she’d shake her head and say, “Nothing.”
Finally, I said, “Dear, I know it’s not nothing, what is it?”
Jen had this contemplative look and asked, “Why is it that whenever we go somewhere, we almost always end up finding the swingers? Do we have swinger tattooed on our foreheads?” I just laughed.

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