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Swinging with next doors wife.

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I had fucked her on a dew occasions since our first time and on this occasion her husband had gone for a month to work in USA so I knew she would need attention. During the first week he was away she called me over to the garden fence and reminded me of a chat about swingers parties. She said her friend had recommended a house about ten miles away and her husband who was jealous of other men with her had refused to give it a try. She asked me to take her the next Saturday and as it was married couples or partners only we would say we lived together.
I agreed and to prevent any gossip I met her at near by car park and she drove me. When I got in the car my eyes were fixed on her sexy outfit leaving nothing to my imagination and her rock hard nipples pushing through her top she said she was very grateful for me helping her dream and I would not want for sex during the next few weeks.
We arrived at the remote house and went in to a welcome from the two hosts the guy Pete put his arm around Gill and squeezed her nipples saying you look ready the girl Paula squeezed my dick and agreed we looked keen. They showed us around and we brought two drinks before starting to chat after about an hour and some chats with couples they announced all had arrived and along with house rules we all should remove are clothes the men in one room woman in another. We then all joined together in the kitchen area to a parade of tits and cocks. I was up for this as I do have a good size cock and this was noticed by the woman.
Gill I noticed was pulled by one guy who clearly was desperate as he already had her bent over the table and fucking her hard. I was taken by the hostess into a room marked private and she explained this one she kept for her own private fucking and my cock was needed inside her we spent about an hour fucking and sucking before returning to the main event. I then noticed Gill had two dicks up each hole and a girl sat over her face as she used her tongue to lick her out. Her great tits bouncing to every stroke with both guys seeming to climax together. We had a great time until about three in the morning when she said she was all fucked here and we drifted away.
On getting home I went in with her and she said i must stay the night to fuck in the morning. We climbed into her bed and I next awoke to find heroine the shower where I joined her and massaged her aching body before she leapt into my arms and lowered her clit onto my now hard cock and I slowly fucked her coming in a great spurt inside her.
We then rested and talked about other things she wanted to do her next task for me was to go with her to her twin sisters the next week end and fuck the two of them together as they both had shared this desire that is my next story.

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