Tale of two Indian sisters

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“Aaahhhhhhhh…aahhh… faster… faster.”
The ancestral house of Balwant Thakur, the sarpanch(Sheriff) of the village, was empty, but there were sounds coming from the storeroom. Anupriya’s naked ass was on one of the wheat sacks. Her legs were locked onto the thighs of Dhondu who was showing no mercy as he was pounding her as hard as he could.
“Oh god… Four days is like four years… ahh… suck my boobs, drink the milk… it’s tough to drain it myself.” Anupriya moaned.
Dhondu immediately started sucking out the warm sweet breast milk. Although, Anupriya’s son Aaditya was weaned off six months ago, she was still secreting milk for Dhondu to feast on and she had to drain it during her bath if he couldn’t suck it dry.
A voice totally shocked them and drained all the blood from their respective bodies. It was Anulekha, Anupriya’s eighteen year old sister standing in the door of the storeroom with her eyes bloodshot in anger.
She had come to stay with her sister during college vacation four days ago. She never missed going to the Shiva Temple every Friday. Anupriya faked back pain so she decided to go alone, but halfway there it started raining so she came back to take an umbrella. She found the house empty and then heard the guttural moans of her sister coming from the storeroom. She decided to investigate and got the shock of her life.
Her sister, the daughter-in-law of the Sarpanch Balwant Thakur, the most famous person in the nearby 16 villages, was fucking her lowly servant. Anupriya weakly called out to her to stop but by that time, Anulekha had already run off from the house.
Anulekha waited for Thakur ji to come back home and then returned. Anupriya silently begged her after dinner to hear her but Anulekha refused to listen and threatened to expose them which made Anupriya stop.
Anulekha couldn’t sleep that night.
How come her sister who she idolized since childhood could do this?
Mahesh Thakur married her just for her beauty even though their family was dirt poor. Their family is helping her to go to college which would have been an unfulfilled dream otherwise. Yes, Mahesh ji goes for days regarding their granite business, but that doesn’t mean she should jump at the first cock she finds.
Dhondu… even his name sounded funny. While her sister looked like a movie heroine and was very popular in her village, he looked like one of the perverts who got beaten by the hero in the old movies. What did she really see in him? He was in his mid 40s too. Was she coerced or blackmailed? But the passion she saw in Anupriya made her think otherwise.
Next day during breakfast, she told Thakur ji that she wanted to go home. Thakur was surprised, but she insisted that she was homesick. Anulekha’s village was even more remote than Thakur’s and they had just 2 buses, one in the morning and other in the evening. The morning one had already left while the evening one was so jam-packed that no woman would travel unless she had absolutely no choice.
Mahesh had already taken one car while Thakur ji needed the other one for the upcoming village inspector meeting.
There was a shortcut between villages which was accessible by foot or bicycle, so Thakur ordered Dhondu to take her. Anulekha protested but he insisted that it was for her safety. Anulekha stopped herself from telling Thakur that he was sending a wolf to protect the sheep.
Despite a protesting Anupriya, Anulekha packed her bag and then sat in the carrier of the bicycle instead of sitting on the handlebar. Dhondu started cycling. Once he reached out of earshot of the house, he tried to explain.
“Shut up Dhondu” interrupted Anulekha, “Don’t think I forgave you. The only reason I didn’t tell Thakur ji was because my sister’s life will be affected. But I won’t leave you. If you try to talk now or if you ever touch my sister in the future, I’ll complain to Thakurji that I left suddenly because you touched me inappropriately while I slept. I’m ready to do this for my sister whom you have blackmailed somehow. Stay away from her.”
She had rehearsed this *********** overnight and wanted to instill fear in him. Dhondu kept quiet and continued cycling. They soon left the village and came into a forested area, which is why it was avoided during night times.
They came across a small waterfall only ten feet tall which led to a small stream. The water was waist high and they had put big boulders for people to skip and cross.
They both got off the bicycle and Dhondu lifted it up his head and moving swiftly, he skipped over the boulders and was at the other end. He put the bicycle down and went back to hold her hand to help her across.
“Get lost, Dhondu,” sneered Anulekha, “Do you think I’m a baby that I can’t cross these stones myself? I’ll never let those filthy hands touch me.”
She jumped, but her legs slipped on the boulder, and she fell down in the stream. Her bag also fell in. She got completely drenched and had no choice than to hold Dhondu’s hand to come up. Dhondu recovered the luggage bag.
“Are you hurt?” he asked handing over the bag. Anulekha shook her head.
“Do you have any other dress?” He asked and then Anu looked at her chest. The pink salwar kameez was totally sticking to her skin and became transparent showing her black bra prominently.
“Yes, but they are wet too,” she cried.
“Ok then, go behind that tree and use my dhoti like a towel and give me your dress. I’ll wash the dress and it will be dry in an hour. I’ll guard you till then and I promise I won’t try anything.” He said.
Anulekha wanted to argue but she found no other choice. So she went behind the large tree and wrapped the dhoti around her chest where it covered her sensitive areas. She stripped her dress and gave it to Dhondu. Dhondu insisted she give him her bra and panties as well so that it wouldn’t look odd with wet underwear making her dress transparent again. Anulekha realised he had a point and removed her undergarments and gave them to him.
Dhondu went to the stream and washed the dress and put the clothes against the neat stones. He also kept small stones on top to avoid them from flying away in the wind.
She then saw him come close to the tree and then he started walking with his eyes closed towards her. Anulekha wanted to protest but realised that she had nowhere to run. Dhondu sat on the floor and asked Anulekha to sit behind him so that he wouldn’t look.
“Look, miss,” He started, “What I’m going to tell you next… I just want you to listen with no interruptions. Once I’m finished, you can do what you want. I promise you that if you want, I’ll give an excuse of going to Kasi for religious pilgrimage to Thakurji and I’ll never come back if you agree to hear.
Also I’m going to tell secrets which are so powerful that I could be killed if they know I told you.”
Anulekha was totally flabbergasted. Was he just bluffing or was it that bad? Anyway, they had to be there for at least an hour. The least she could do was listen to it. She came and sat behind him so that their backs were almost touching.
Dhondu began his story:
“My real name is Dharmendra Kumar after that the great actor but no one calls me that as it’s not a good name for a servant. I lost both my parents by the age of 5 and was sent to my uncle’s home. But he too was very poor. So he ‘sold’ me to be the servant of Thakur ji which was actually a blessing in disguise. They made me work hard but still treated me very well.
Then Balwant ji got married and bhabhiji looked after me like a real brother. Then Mahesh was born and I felt so happy. When I was 25, they found an orphan girl for me to marry. Life was so good,I was the servant while she was the cook. I loved her so much.
But then tragedy struck, my wife died of tuberculosis and then a few years later, bhabhiji died of cancer. Both of us were so attached to our wives that we didn’t remarry. Balwant was just entering politics, so he hired a nanny to look after Mahesh while he kept himself busy.
Without a mother, Mahesh became more spoiled and Thakur was enabling him. He bought him a motorcycle at the age of 15 and he was showing off to the entire village. One day he had an accident and was hospitalized for a month. We didn’t think it was anything serious at the time.
Then Mahesh enrolled in a very famous college in the city and with his money and looks, he was very popular among girls. But one day, he came crying all the way home. Apparently, he was having trouble in having sex.
Balwant ji took him to some of the best hospitals all over the country during the college holiday, but they said that the problem could be treated but not cured.
After college, Mahesh’s friend pointed out that there are many granite deposits in our village. So they quietly used their money and clout to buy from clueless villagers and then started quarrying. The money from the granite was so much that Balwant ji gave their agricultural land to lease and started using the granite money to rise up in his political sphere.
Mahesh was constantly travelling to co-ordinate and finalize deals. As he started growing older, the question of marriage kept popping up and everyone wanted to give their daughter to him.
Balwant ji was in a fix. He didn’t want his son’s secret to come out. So he asked the broker to look out for a conservative girl from a poor family. He was happy to meet your sister as she was very beautiful and your father was a drunkard with a land case with his brothers. So he fabricated a story that Mahesh saw your sister when he came to your village and got smitten by her.”
A tear rolled away from Anulekha’s eye. All her relatives were jealous of how they got such in-laws. Anupriya used to get so many love letters during her school years and she always wanted to maintain her family honor. It was her beauty which actually turned out to be a curse.
Dhondu continued:
“After marriage, Balwant ji fired the cook because he didn’t want a woman for Anupriya to talk to about it and the secret to get out. Mahesh tried all sorts of medications but he could only keep himself hard for just a few minutes maximum before his body gave way. Also sex should be spontaneous, not a mechanical thing.
Your sister tried to be as supportive as possible but it only frustrated Mahesh as he couldn’t bear the fact that he had a beautiful wife but couldn’t enjoy her as he wanted.
After two months, he gave up and then started concentrating on the granite business which gave him an excuse to be away for days, or even weeks, from home. Balwant ji used his influence to win your father’s land case in his favor and also promised to pay for your college tuition. Anupriya knew it was all a bribe to keep her quiet. But she was ready to suffer for her family and a bright future for her sister.
After a year, Balwant ji told your sister that he needs an heir and he had arranged for a fertility clinic to take care of that. Your sister went and started getting treatment for the same. At first, they only gave her a few tablets to ‘make her ready’ before they could implant a baby.
One day while I was helping Anupriya cut the vegetables in the kitchen, she slipped and was about to fall. I immediately caught her by the hip. She regained her balance, but then she slapped me shouting,
“How dare you touch me like that?”
I was totally shocked. I never looked at Anu in that way and never thought to use her predicament to seduce her In fact, I used to call her beti at times. I quietly left the kitchen.
Half an hour later, she came to me sobbing with apologies. In her mind, the hormonal tablets intended to make her more fertile were actually making her more and more horny. Even my hand on her hip got Anupriya aroused and the slap was to stop things getting into a bad way. She felt ashamed with her needs.
I had no choice than to accept her apology as I know how it feels to be horny but not able to do anything. After my wife died, I used to go and watch Rangeela movies (porn movies) in the theatre but never felt like visiting a prostitute in the national highway near dhabas. I didn’t want to cheat on my wife despite her being dead.
A couple of days later, we had forgotten about that incident and started behaving as before. One afternoon she said that her back was hurting so she needed a massage. I didn’t know how to deny it without appearing bad, so I reluctantly agreed.
She lay on her stomach and lifted up her kameez. I poured some castor oil on her back and started massaging her. As I kept massaging, she wanted to go higher and higher. I kept lifting her kameez until I came across her bra strap. I didn’t want to go any higher.
She asked what the problem was and I said it was the strap. She coolly told me to unhook it and continue massaging.
With shaking hands, I slowly unhooked her bra and started massaging. I kept making circular movements and the edges of my fingers were touching her breasts. She was moaning appreciatively. I thought it needed to stop before I end up doing something bad and removed my hands.
She said, “Why don’t you massage my chest?” And suddenly turned up. Her bra wasn’t doing a good job to cover her breasts and I could see most of them. My adrenaline kicked in and I immediately ran away. I could hear her laughing while I bolted out of the door.
Next day after Balwant ji left, she called me from the bathroom. She was wearing the petticoat over her chest as you are wearing now. She said she forgot to switch on the geyser and wanted me to bring the hot water from the solar heater in Thakur’s room.
I brought a bucket of hot water and she was already seated in the bathroom. She asked me to apply soap and clean her back as she was getting itchy.
I didn’t know how to apply with the petticoat, so she removed it and was completely nude but I was only able to see her back. I started applying on her back and I could see glimpses of her breasts. She then stood up and turned towards me. I was so aroused looking at her naked body. She was like an angel.
Wordlessly I started applying soap on her breasts. I was making circular motions to rub on them. She was getting aroused too. She saw my erect penis making a tent in my lungi and put her hand inside it. I too followed it by rubbing her hairy pussy.
We were doing this and suddenly a vase fell down in the kitchen because of a stray cat and we came back to our senses. I ran away yet again and went into the field. I knew things were getting out of hand. I couldn’t betray the family that gave me shelter and my wife even though she was now dead. I understood that your sister was sexually starved but my morals were more important than that.
After an hour, I went back home and went to Anu’s bedroom. She was wearing a nightie and crying next to the window. I know she too felt embarrassed at what happened. I went near her to talk.
Suddenly, I found myself hugging and kissing her like in English movies. I pushed her against the window. I put my hands on her buttocks and lifted her up so that she could wrap her legs on my thighs. I didn’t know what I was doing, my mind wanted to talk but my body was doing something else.
My hands lifted up her nightie until it was bunched up on her waist. I pulled her panties so hard that they got ripped from her body. Although I’m usually a gentle lover, the animal inside wanted raw action. I pulled my lungi down and didn’t even care about the foreplay and plunged my cock inside her.
“Aaaaaaahhhhh!” Anupriya shrieked in pain, “Dhondu, you are so big, I can’t tolerate the pain, take it out. I’m begging you.”
But the problem is that once a pole goes in a hole, it won’t come out until he came out. I kept pounding her mercilessly. Anupriya held the grills of the windows in her hand to balance herself as she was sandwiched between me and the wall.
After a while, her painful grunts turned into passionate moaning. Her insides finally got adjusted to my cock size. Her moans were encouraging me to pound her harder. Her entire face was becoming redder and her eyes rolled to the back of her head.
With a huge shriek, Anupriya finally had her orgasm. I stopped pounding her to have her enjoy the moment. She looked at me with a sense of satisfaction on her face.The next moment, tears started flowing out. She covered my entire face with kisses as if thanking me.
She said, “Thank you, Dhondu, for giving me the first orgasm of my life.”
But my dick was still inside her and it was still hard. So I lifted her and dropped her on the bed with my cock still inside. I removed her nightie over her head.
I admired her breasts. They were so perfectly round and shapely just like yours with pinkish brown nipples. I plunged my head and started sucking and licking them one by one. While doing so, I slowly started moving inside her.
Anupriya was overwhelmed with emotions. First, I pounded her like an animal, but now I was doing it slow in a rhythm while sucking her breasts. She started moaning appreciatively.
It continued until she had her second orgasm. I too couldn’t control myself anymore and came inside her. It was the first time I came inside a woman after nearly a decade and I kept ejaculating inside her filling her womb completely. My starved penis finally got satisfied and slowly came out flaccid.
We realised that we are too trapped souls who found each other. Sex is a basic need for every human just like hunger and we are entitled to have it. We started having it every day and since Balwant ji was busy with elections and Mahesh with the granite business. We had plenty of time. Sometimes when Balwant ji goes to party headquarters, he goes for 3 to 4 days. We used to make readymade khakra to save time and all we did those 3 days was eat, sleep and fuck.
Anupriya didn’t get a period that month and tests confirmed that she was pregnant. We were so afraid if it was my baby but I told her that if that’s the case we will elope together.
We had sex during pregnancy until eighth month and then she came to your place for delivery. Thankfully, Aditya looks just like his mom, so we are not sure who the real father is. She rushed back after delivery just so that she could be with me. Sex made her slim down faster and regain her former figure and giving her milk to me also helped.
She no longer cares about how Mahesh treats her, we are soul mates. Anupriya once admitted that she was contemplating suicide but my arrival in her life gave her purpose. She was also happy when Balwant ji fulfilled his promise by sending you to college so that you could lift your family out of poverty.
Now tell me Anulekha ji, should I leave the household and go to Kasi? I’m ready to do anything as long as you are happy.”
Anulekha could no longer bear this. She started crying. She didn’t realize how much her sister sacrificed herself for the sake of her family and she had said so many harsh things to her yesterday. She wanted to go back and fall on her knees and apologize.
She opened her eyes and saw Dhondu sitting right in front of her…

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