Teacher became Deadly Mistress

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Hi guys, my name are Rajesh. My age is 24.This is the true incident happened when I was in school. I was very bright student in school. I used to get excellent marks in all subjects. It was first day in 11th standard.
I was very excited for new atmosphere. Day was very nice till the last period. At the last period Smita miss entered in class to teach science. She was wearing red sari and looking damn sexy.
Her figure was average and I was not so mature at that time so started listening her carefully. She gave her introduction and asked about the topper. I raise my hand and told my name. She looked at me.
I thought her eyes were scanning me but not fully because I was sitting at the last bench with my friend. She came to me and told my friend to sit on the first bench because I want to discuss some important things with topper about science.
She announced that the seat beside me should be reserved for her during her lecture coz your topper’s marks are good but not excellent so he needs special guidance. Rest class will follow him.
I was extremely happy with my teacher’s efforts but I did not know about her real will. She sat beside me and told the class to study on their own but without looking at us and with pin drop silence. She now gave some toxic look to me.
She came very close to me. I was very good with my body shape because of daily exercise. I was 5’7 with 6″long cock. She put her hand on my thigh and asked me that whether I want to score best marks or not?? I said, “of course, yes miss”.
She told me to go with her plan and stated that whether I m interested in special tuitions or not. That will be free of cost for such a bright student like you. I told her that I have to ask my parents.
She said look Raju and I will take full efforts for you and instead of joining high-paid tuitions you better give priority to private tuitions. Will you love to be private with me? She blinked her eye.
I was scared and said that I will try to convince my parents. She told me to keep it as secret coz as tuition was free of cost it may happen that other students will insist me. I hope you understand.
I nodded and promised her so on that day I told my parents about her idea. They were very happy and stated that it’s very good thing for u to keep consistency with your marks.
They also warned me to follow her guidance seriously and keep it as secret too. Next day I told Smita miss that I’m free after school is over except on Friday and Saturday, due to other classes.
She was very happy and told me to join from today. She came to my home to pick me up. She talked very nicely with my mom and said that it will be golden chance for her to make her carrier bright as she was new to school
And Raju will also get benefited with it. She also said that she doesn’t need money but a good committed student. She also told that she needs 3 hours. My mom just thanked her again and again.
She took me to her flat. She told me that she lives alone and needed a good friend. I said I said I will try miss on that day she taught me the chapter which she was planning to take in school next day.
But after 1 hour she closed the book and told me that it’s enough for today. We will study for 1 hour daily and other 2 hours will be for personality development as you need to be smart, bold and confident to behave like a topper.
I packed everything and started paying attention. She told me that I need to be frank and honest with her. I agreed. She came close to me and said she will ask me some personal questions and I need to answer it. But the will be very personal.
I will not share it with anyone not even my parents because we will give them surprise by a gradual change in you is it necessary, Mam? Me, of course coz no class will teach u this and you will be master in studies only. What about other qualities?
Smita ok miss. I will try.
You must me bold first to tackle the situation. Don’t let your fear dominate u every time.
Ok Miss and then she asked me about my hobbies, friends. She asked me whether I have girlfriend or not?
I said No but I Like Seema. She is my competitor but very kind girl. She is also my good friend. Then mam asked me whether I kissed any girl or Seema once? I was shocked and said of course not.
This is the boldness lacking in you Raju. Be confident and be frank Smita
No miss, Of course not. But I will like it. Me
Do you knows even how to kiss a girl? Smita
No, Miss
Then think me at her position and do it
But, mam?
I am telling you last time Raju. Don’t hesitate whatever I order to you and I will not repeat it again and again.”
She again gave that toxic look to me and holds my hip and pulls me towards her and I kiss her on her mouth and leave it in just a second very poor Raju, come here I will show you.
She pressed my nose and allowed my mouth to open then started kissing passionately. She used full force. She started forcefully expelling saliva in my mouth.
That was enough for my penis to erect then she started touching my penis and pressed it hard. She told me that you should not give any chance to your partner to resist.
She slept on me and repeated the same. I was about to cum. I beg her to leave me because I want to go to toilet. She allowed me to go and look Raju, you doesn’t have enough guts so need some exercise.
Do you have computer at home and I hope you know how to run CD yes, Miss great, your generation is lucky and you too. I will give one CD and write your name on it with this marker.
Do watch it in private don’t ask me what’s inside it. It’s very important for your future. It has one protected folder, its password is smita000. Look Raju, I trust you but if you share it with anyone.
I will give u make you suffer coz I am doing all this for your future. Got it? Yes Miss and I hope you like today’s class. Return that CD to me as soon as possible and I won’t pick you from tomorrow as u know my house.”
I nodded and left the house and I was very excited by that kiss and don’t want to lose any more what this tuition but at the same time I was wondering about CD. I was too small to think about porn CD and all.
I got another plan. I kept that CD with me carefully and told at home only about 1st hour studies. Next day I went to Seema and told her to meet me in class during P.T lecture I want to give u important study material. She said u can give it now.
I said no, because other student will take it as bad meaning and some guys are not so good in class so nice of u Rajesh. Seema and she came to class when other guys were on ground. I gave her that CD and told her it contains good material about science.
I told her password as Password as well. Did you see it? Smita miss gave you this, right? Yes, it contains entire material for 8th science. I like it the way it is shown”
I lied to her but she was very much impressed on me and I even told her to open in private and don’t tell it to any one and bring that CD to me tomorrow. She agreed
I was eagerly waiting for my class in the evening and reached over there almost half an hour after school was departed. Smita miss was wearing a skirt and 1 T-shirt. She taught science for 1 hour and then closed everything.
So Raju how was the CD? I want to ask questions on it today. She asked me with that toxic expression and smile on her face. Sorry miss; I didn’t get time to watch it. But I am prepared for science questions u gave me yesterday.
Me what? Where is that CD. Is it in your bag now? Smita miss
No mam. But it’s safe in my shelf. I kept it inside the book.”
That’s fine Raju, but don’t you think it’s important. Why you failed to watch it? Should I complain your ignorance to your parents?
What the hell you were doing at night. Don’t take me lightly. I’m very strict and I may make you sit at home instead of coming here. Your marks are in my hand. I think you don’t scare me, is it? Smita
I’m very sorry mam. I really respect you and will not repeat this again and I do scare you mam. Now onwards I will follow you strictly. But please don’t complain it to anyone, please mam? I literally begged her.
I will forgive you this time but you deserve punishment if you don’t follow my punishment then. No miss, I will do whatever you say. Me you better do remove your cloths and Come here you rascal. I had never seen any strict person like her before.
I did it as she said but I kept my underwear. She slapped me very hard and told me to open my underwear and I closed my eyes and did it. She told me that my punishments will be harsh and you will feel the pain ok and telling that she took me in her two hands.
My ass was rubbing against her belly which was looking like a stand. She then threw me in her bed. She unbuttoned my shirt slowly. I slowly placed my hands on her hip.
She shouted you bastard! You are my slave and you can do it only when I tell you. She then removed my shirt and then removed my vest. She threw it on the floor.
I was lying on my back she was sitting on my stomach. I could see her legs as her saree moved away. I was feeling difficult to hold her weight. She started to lick my nipples.
My cock was for an erection but was held down tightly by my undergarment. She started biting my nipples and I was immediately in pain. Then she slowly moved down and licked my belly button.
Then she came down and saw my bulge. She looked at me and told how dare your cock is standing in front of me you being my slave and she slowly licked my erection and she started biting it for some time.
This caused me further erection and I cum a little. She removed her hair band for the first time I could see her with hair spread. She then told “Your cock is not respecting me”.
I’m going to deal with it directly telling this she took it out of my underwear. This made it rock hard. She removed my zip and it came out like a snake. She then removed my pants. I was feeling shy and ashamed to stand in front of her with just underwear.
I told her mam I am ashamed to stand in front of you like this. Please give my pants. She threw the pants away. She told how you dare talk to your teacher like that.
You don’t deserve the underwear also. She pushed me upside down in the bed and pulled down my underwear. It had a little cum. She licked throughout it. She asked me to turn aside but I didn’t due to shame.
She started pressing my scrotum from down. So I turned up on pain. She told that she is going to punish me. Telling this she took the cock in her hand and pinched it with nails. She then put it inside her mouth and pushed it to and fro.
She put her teeth on my cock. So I was having both pleasure and pain. I shouted aaahhhh stop its pain then she stopped and started biting and squeezing my cock with her teeth. I came on her mouth. She scolded me for doing so.
She spit the cum in my mouth and asked me to lick it. I drank it. She asked me to get ready for the dinner. I went to take the clothes. She scolded me and locked the dresses and the bag of dresses I brought in her shelf. She told I would get punishment for that.
She served me bread for the night. She poured the jam in my cock. She covered my cock with bread and started biting the bread. I was still in the pain of her biting.
I moaned ooohhh great and she told that I was yet to receive the punishment and poured some hot water in my cock then she pulled my cock and I was going behind her. She walked to the bedroom throwing me on the bed.
She told you should remove my cloths and then you must get punishment for each piece you removed and I accepted. She accepted telling that I need to accept the punishment after that. She was wearing a saree of white cotton with pink rose pictures everywhere on it.
She stood up and I pulled the saree and she rotated. So I removed the saree. She was standing with a pink blouse and a white petticoat. Her boobs were standing erect perfectly round like football of half its size. She then came near me and lay on her back.
I started kissing her in the face and licked everywhere even her nose. Then I lifted her head and licked her neck and her back above the blouse. Then she didn’t allow me to touch the boobs. Then I came to her belly.
I started licking all the flesh which was coming out. She shouted you dirty bitch come on! Lick it well and bring me to height of my mood. I licked throughout her navel and every protruding flesh was like sponge bed.
I bit them of hunger and then I asked her to lie on her belly. She turned. I could see her hips with a line bisecting it from top of her back. Her petticoat was pressing in her ass tightly.
Her ass was like to rice bags. The petticoat created a deep line bisecting her ass. She was not wearing any underwear. She told that she could not get underwear for her size. I smiled and started biting the flesh.
Then she suddenly told it is punishment time! Telling this she pushed me over the bed. She started biting my cock ferociously. She kept her teeth on its tip where I was sensitive and I jumped shouting ohhhhh no stop. She then bit my scrotum which made me roll with pain.
Then she stood up and pressed my cock with her legs. Then she told the punishment time was over. She sat on the bed facing me. I removed the buttons of her blouse. The blouse was tight and she herself removed it for the first time in my life.
I could see the cleavage for her and she was wearing a white bra covering most of her boobs. I licked her hands and arms. She asked me to lick her wherever she told. She first made me lick her feet hitch was full of dirt.
I started licking after hesitation then she showed me her armpits which smelled bad with her sweat. But I had to lick both for fifteen minutes. She then allowed me to remove her bra.
She turned other side sitting on the bed. I unbuckled her bra and removed it. She turned to face me. Her boobs were as stiff as stone made. She had very big and black nipples as fat people usually possessed. I started biting them. She asked me to remove the petticoat also.
She lay on the bed on her back and I loosened her rope in petticoat. Her belly got loosened and all flesh was dancing. I slid my hands under her back. Caught the top of the petticoat and removed it slowly she lifted her abdomen to help me.
I removed it slowly first I saw her large size pussy totally covered with hair. Then her thighs with fleshes big like jack fruits hanging then her legs which were white and strong. I went to lick her pussy. She told it was punishment time.
She asked me to lie down on my back then she stood up and her ass was big deep line. It was white with some wrinkles but they only added to the beauty. She suddenly sat on my face caressing my cock with her legs. My nose was in her butt line.
It smelt shit and she asked me to lick her ass hole clean but I refused as it smelt bad. She told you dirty asshole. Just lick my butt clean or I am going to shit in your face. I will pluck your cock. I started licking her ass.
She shouted you Rocky! Come on lick it well. Push your tongue into my ass hole aaaah and I did as she said so. I was in my heaven with her feet thrashing my cock.
I licked throughout the hole for fifteen minutes that I got used to the smell. She suddenly came in my mouth and I was ordered to drink it then I licked her pussy for fifteen minutes clean to restore her mood.
She told it was action time. She stood and sat on my abdomen. She placed her cock in her pussy and started jumping as she was fat I could not bear her weight. I shouted ohhhhhhh nooooo. I could not lift you.
So she lay down on her back and spread her legs. I entered my cock in her pussy. I fucked her slowly. She shouted you fucker do it fast or else I will kill you. I did as fast as I could. She shouted and moaned and went on demanding for more speed.
She placed her legs over my shoulders and held them firmly. I licked her legs which attracted me all the times. I did it fast than ever. She was wearing only golden bangles which gave sound and the marriage thread which jumped on her boobs.
She shouted that’s it and I am going to cum mmm. She came first when I was going to cum she jumped and held my cock and drank everything.
Then she went for a Rockygy style position.
Her asshole was big and easy to enter but it gave me great pleasure than the pussy. I t seems it was already explored. I came again. I fell on the bed due to tiredness. She came to me. She gave her breast milk to me.
I sucked both of those big nipples and my stomach was full. I asked for water. She then stood up. She asked me to open my mouth. I opened. She kept her hand in my scrotum.
She told if I closed my mouth she would crush my balls. I had no idea of what she was up to. She started pissing in my mouth. She told me to drink it or I will face serious consequences. I felt that I already cleaned her ass.
This is not that bad and I drank everything then we were in69 position. She was over me. She came and I drank the juices. She asked whether my stomach was full. I accepted and lay on the bed.
She told that the thing is not over. She turned me on the bed I was lying on my stomach. She took ropes and tied my hands to one end of the bed and legs to the other side. I felt something was going to happen. She sat on my ass with her pussy rubbing my buttocks.
She cleared my buttocks and saw my asshole. She started licking it clean. I had great pleasure. She suddenly asked do you have anal experience and I said no. I tried to insert something in my ass when alone in my home.
I could insert my pencil in it. I tried to insert my finger but I couldn’t as it was of big pain. So I applied some oil in my fingers and my ass. Then it went inside with a little pain and I have no other experience.
She told you asshole today you will have one. She was about to enter her finger in my butt hole. I told please don’t and even if you do, apply some lubricant. She told you are my slave. You fucked me in my ass. Here Have this.
Telling this and she suddenly pushed her four fingers into my ass like lightning. It was tight and I was in great pain. My ass was burning. I shouted oohhhhh no aah don’t do it more stop there please. I couldn’t move as I was tied with rope.
Her finger was big than mine that too without lubricant. So I could not bear the pain. But she didn’t care then she took it out. I had a little relief. Then she pushed her finger again and again. She was finger fucking me! I was shattered with pain.
She waited for some time and then she suddenly inserted her middle finger which was little bit bigger. I jumped in pain shouting ohhh no please forgive me. I can’t and then she told I should take more and I was about to cry when she stopped.
To admit the truth I was having full pleasure and erection while she did that. Then she inserted her forefinger alone with the middle finger she pushed the skin which held the fore finger tightly and she was trying to tear my asshole bigger with great power
She managed to put her top nail part of both fingers into it and then she smiled and told that’s it and get ready all of a sudden with a great force she pushed both the fingers in my butt hole and I shouted with pain and that’s too much all of a sudden both her fingers were in my ass fully.
I could feel my anal passage touching her fingers as she had big nails she pinched the passage. She told me and I will do it until you cum. I was in pain and I pushed my cock and squeezed it in my bed until I came. Until that time she tortured me with her nails.
She licked the cum in the bed and she untied the rope. She lay aside me. She took me and I was lying on her body hugging her and I didn’t notice how 2 hours was passed. Iran away to home thinking about today’s punishment.
I was very excited but I was thinking about CD. What was there in that CD and why the hell she wanted me to see it in private? Why she gave me such a big punishment for that? Well, that was start. Main drama starts on next day.
It was declared that Smita miss will be our class advisor. I was very happy. But when I saw Seema she was about to cry and she was full of anger. Looking to me with that red face in between lecture she went out and Smita miss came to class and called my name.
I smiled at her but she was angry to and like about to slap me. She took me to another room with Seema. We were only 3 persons over there. Smita miss told Seema to slap me hard. Before I say something she slapped me 5-6 times and very hard.
Smita then told her in low voice look Seema you did better by not telling this to parents even you will suffer by other guys in class and they may insult you tomorrow. Raju is not a bad guy. He is topper in class please don’t spoil his future and don’t care about punishment.
I will take care of this. I will make him suffer but promise me that u will not share it with anyone and give me that CD. Mam, I was scared. I will try to forget this but next time if did such thing again then I will make him suffer.
She gave the CD to mam and went outside. I got it little bit and understood that something very bad in that CD.I was about to leave but miss hold my hand and told me to close the door. I came to her and she shouted on me and you liar Bastard.
I told you hundred times not to share it but you ass hole and you was about to spoil my future as well as yours. Why the hell you gave that CD to her and you are so selfish Raju. I said look mam and I agree that I lied to you.
I was not supposed to give that CD to her but I asked you what it contains but u didn’t tell me. I didn’t tell her anything else about private tuitions. Trust me.
I thought it as study material and try to impress her and I’m sorry”
She was silent. I thought she was agreed to this. She said don’t be over smart. Fine, matter is solved but you still lied to me and destroys my trust.
I will take care of this in the evening and don’t worry about Seema. I will make her forget this by making you and her closer but it seems to be very tough and about this CD.
I will destroy it and go to class now come in the evening and you will not forget today’s class in your lifetime. I said sorry again and this time and I promised her from heart and I know the value of her trust and will not betray it anymore.
Before I say further she slapped me again 2-3 times and went away. I went to her house in the evening have you followed the instructions? She asked yes Miss show me stand here and open your two buttons of shirt and open your zip?
I was shocked but opened my shirt and was a bit reluctant to open the zip suddenly she said would you open the zip or should I order you to pull down your trousers” I immediately opened my zip she just gave cursory glance and said ok fine close it and sit down at your seat.
I did that and went back to my seat immediately she gave me some work and started reading herself. Today Smita Miss was just freshly bathed and her hair was left open for natural drying and was wearing a jeans and a pink colour top.
There was also a stool in front of her chair where she had kept her freshly washed and nails polished feet. Today she was wearing red nail polish on her hands and feet’s but was no makeup what so ever and she was not wearing anything in her ears.
I looked at her ears and realized she had beautiful ears, long fair with big ear lobes yet fitting perfectly in to the face frame. I was reading my book and the chapter which she had prescribed but was unable to concentrate and she carried on reading her book.
After about 10 minutes she closed her book got up & started walking up & down the room and than came and stood behind my back. Suddenly the room was full of tension, she came forward sat on my table facing me picked up my book closed it I was just about to stand, with the finger
She ordered me to keep sitting and asked did you study properly or were just pretending to read I said yes Miss saying that I realized she was sitting so close to me that I could smell her and that was apparently resulting in to some kind of erection but just a bit
I tried to look somewhere else but she said look at me have you read properly, if you tell me a lie I will just now take a surprise test and if you have disobeyed me and not read the chapter properly than you should get up hold your ears and stand in front of me
And tell me as to what were you thinking instead of reading, choice is yours”
Truthfully I got up stood in front of Miss and caught both my ears and looked down. She said I know you do not have the guts to tell me but I know hence ab yahin par Murga Ban jao
I became a Murga and she kept her feet on my back & started moving it up and down Murga bane hi about turn ho jao, your hips towards me about Turn As you Are and I did as ordered and she was still sitting on the table,
She again kept her left feet on my back and with the right feet she gave me kick with the flat of her feet, it was like a feet slapping on my hips. I somehow balanced myself she again kicked me, and than again and again at least 5-7 times
She must have kicked me than she got down and went and sat down on her chair and said come here kneel down in front of me and press and massage my feet and I went near her and sat down on my knees and she kept one of her feet on my right thigh and gave the other one in my hands to massage
I started massaging her feet when in between she said now kiss and lick my feet remember when you are licking my feet I want you to lick it properly with the flat of your tongue like a Rocky and use pressure with your tongue to lick my feet with that she caught hold of both my ears and pulled
My face down to lick her feet, she did not leave my ears but was guiding me by giving direction to my licking by my ears. After 5-7 minutes she held my face up with my ears and she started slapping my face both sides without any gap like this
She must have give me at least 20 slaps and my face was red with her finger marks as well as was burning. She again caught hold of my ear and made me stand and looked at my cock and said look at yourself I am punishing you and you are getting erected and this I want to take care of.
Open your zip and show me what erection do you have? I was again reluctant she held my ear and with the other hand opened my zip, I was ashamed and shocked but she was adamant and now take it out and hold your ears and stand with your legs spread.
I caught hold of my ears and stood with my legs spread as I had full hard erection I did not want to take it out in her presence but she picked up a ruler from the table you will not listen to me like this ok open your pants and let them fall to your ankles listening this.
I immediately put my hand inside & pulled my erected cock outside & while holding my ears looked down towards the floor suddenly I felt a current in my cock as she hit me with the wooden ruler on my erected cock, she said
Today I will make your cock lose its erection with my spanking” with that she started spanking me with ruler on my cock after 5-7 spanks it got deflated she said ok now go to the other room there is my Panty lying on the table pick it up remove all your clothes and just come here in those panties.”
I really felt ashamed as I went there removed my clothes & put her panty which was a little too tight and small for me but somehow the other I managed to fit my cock inside those panties and covered my modesty a bit though
I was feeling totally naked and humiliated and I slowly went near her she started slapping me first with hands everywhere on my face my back my stomach my hips and also few slaps on my crotch which were quite painful, than she picked up the ruler & beat me thoroughly with the ruler all around.
Today ruler spanking was quite painful as she was hitting with full force & than she asked me go to that corner Hold your ears and do 100 sit-ups go get started spanked I went to the corner and held both my ears started the sit-ups while rubbing my nose against the wall
I heard her going out and come back after a while in the meanwhile I had finished my sit-ups 100 times and she asked me to come near her and to my surprise and I found a steel bowl full of Ice Cubes. She said now your punishments starts let me see how good you are, erections you get just like
This with that I saw her picking up an ice cube pulling me towards her and she stuffed that ice cube in my panties, I was chilled but she carried on and stuffed another 3-4 cubes and asked me to kneel down with that to my utter amazement.
I saw her opening her jeans and removing on leg out of it completely. I saw her naked legs and my erection was rock hard but ice cubes were not letting it remain so hard, with a finger she ordered me to come between her legs but till
Now I was not sure whether she was wearing her panties or not as the shirt was too long and was covering her crotch. She made me sit between her legs and ordered me to close my eyes I did as ordered
She kept one of her legs on one side of the table and the other leg on the other side and caught hold of my ears & brought my face near her cunt and now I could smell her too which was of her being excited with that she ordered.
Now Lick me like a Rocky you are start and with my ears she guided my head take out your tongue completely I did and now I could taste her pungent cunt leaks, the taste was a little not so good but I carried on as it was my first time in life.
Just after a short while I could feel that she was rubbing herself on my tongue my face my nose everywhere & suddenly she shuddered in to a climax while strongly pulling my ears. I could feel my whole face full of her cum like my lips
My nose my cheeks etc everywhere my face was terribly wet with her cum, she said no do not clean your face stand up with hands up. I stood she wore her jeans again and said this is the punishment of your erections and while getting excited while I am teaching you
Now with the Ice Cubes melting my complete panties were wet and I was feeling quite mucky. Suddenly she said are you still feeling excited or erected with that she put her hand on my crotch and she could feel the hardness she gave me a resounding slap
And said look at you are you not ashamed of yourself you still are excited after all this humiliating punishments also and I think even if pee on you or even I piss in your mouth and make you drink and lick my piss you would still be excited.
Dirty boy with that she caught my ear again which was now paining terribly yet she folded it into double and started rotating it and than picked up a 2-3 more ice cubes and stuffed it inside my panties,
Now all the water melted had created a mess on the floor, but with my ear folded she dragged me towards the door opened it and made me stand in lawn outside and still with ear grip I said Miss I would like to go to the loo.
She said no nothing doing, you would become a Murga here till these Ice cubes do not melt and if you have to go to the loo for piss and I do not care, do it in your panties only but you are not moving an inch till the ice cubes do not melt with that I became a Murga
And she sat on a chair outside looking at me with a scale in hand. Now as the time passed my erection subsided and my urge for loo was becoming stronger and stronger and I had started moving my legs in order to control my legs noticing my discomfort Miss said do not move be still.
I tried to be still and suddenly I realized I had leaked a little bit of piss in my panties I somehow controlled it and now the cubes had also melted and while in Murga position only I said mam Can I get up now The Ice cubes have melted she said ok.
I got up and now with combined effect of erections and the Ice cubes my urge to piss was just unbearable hence I almost started dancing on my feet, she got up came near me again caught my ear and said I will not allow you to go for loo if you have to do it in your panties & that too in front of me
I also would like to see how such a Big boy can piss in his panties with that she started also slapping me on my arse and it was producing wet sounds and was also hurting badly, ultimately I could not control myself and her slaps made me lose my control I started pissing.
To my shock now my legs etc all got wet from my piss and even the panties got bloated up from the front I was feeling so ashamed that I just wanted to run away but Miss would not leave my ear and would not let me move an inch
And she said look what a big boy you are, you keep on getting erections again & again but cannot control you piss, any way last part of your punishment is still to come with that she started pulling both my ears in the same manner like folded both my ears in to a double
And started slapping me again and after some time asked me to do sit-ups there only while she was holding my ears in the same manner it was really painful than she made me a Murga, while in Murga I could smell my panties of a mixed smell of my piss, my sweat and even my leaks and from my face.
I could smell her cum and her leaks, I was feeling too mucky and messy but yet I was getting erections. Miss could sense that & after 5 minutes she asked me to get up and said now remove your panties hold it in your left hand. I said Miss here outside and she said do as you are told.
I reluctantly removed my panties and held it in my left hand and I had a solid erection now but on the same hand was feeling humiliated too. She caught hold of my left ear and said now you would lick this panty and stroke yourself.
I was shocked how I could lick a panty in which I had just pissed and was full of muck. I slowly started masturbating myself, realizing I would not lick the panty myself Miss took the panty from hand tried to stuff the panty inside my mouth to which.
I resisted strongly and did not open my mouth now with one hand she was holding my ear and pulling my face towards those panties and said do not stop, keep on masturbating yourself and lick it with that she rubbed that entire panties on my face, on my lips, on my neck everywhere
She was twisting my ear as well as getting that mucky panty on my face and also stroking myself, suddenly first time in my life in front of a girl I was naked she was totally clothed and I was masturbating and I suddenly shot gobs of cum which went quite far off on the floor & even my hands were full of my cum.
After a while I stopped and my Miss also stood there still holding my ear and said now do I make you lick the floor where you have shot your cum and also your should lick your hands clean with that she pulled me with my ear to the floor where my gobs of my cum were lying and said
How about if you now go down on your knees like a Rocky and lick this floor clean with your tongue like a Rocky. I just stood there just ashamed with my eyes down cast on the floor and she somehow stood there for a few minutes & than again dragged me by the ear and took me to the bathroom and said ok
I am leaving you this time have a bath freshen up yourself and come back to study room. Now I hope you will remember this always and would not get an erection while I am teaching again and if you do than remember I will not only make you lick the panties soiled with your piss but would also make you lick
And eat your own cum from your hands itself and also make your lick and drink my piss is that clear? Yes Mam. I had a bath and dressed up again and came to study room she said I could go back home, she came out with me to the main door but before
I could open the door she again caught hold of me ear and pulled my face towards her held my other ear also and pulled my face towards her lips and suddenly kissed me on my lips and started sucking my lower lip my mouth was opened
She put her tongue inside my mouth and entangled her tongue with mine. She gave me thoroughly wet kiss and sucked my lips and slowly moved her right hand towards my crotch where again I had an erection and she caught hold of my cock through my pants.
Now with one hand she was pulling my ear with the other hand she was holding my cock and was licking and sucking my lips and I was breathing heavily now she left me and with a very naughty smile she said next time be prepared for worst punishments.
I will make you lick my piss if you get erected though I will see to it that you get erected so either way you will be punished but be careful next time it will be worst. This time you have just tasted your won piss next time
You are going to lick your own piss as well as you’re cum and will have to lick and drink my piss are you ready Dirty Boy and she said naughtily smiling. I said yes Miss and I ran away and to see Smita’s pictures. Make some comments and then mail me your request.

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