The Affair

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I had been sending flowers and notes to my wife for about a month – each time mentioning that I would like to get to know her and that I was not interested in anything but having sex. I would leave a message on the phone for her when I knew she would get it and there was not a chance of anyone else getting it. One day I came in and went to the phone before she could get the message and said she had a message and proceeded to play it for her. She blushed and said it must be a wrong number. I just looked at her and smiled and acted if everything was fine. I went over to her and began kissing her and rubbing her back and unclasped her bra. After a few minutes we make our way into the living room and began undressing her and she began undressing me at the same time. When I had her undressed my fingers worked their way to her pussy, which was dripping wet. She had not been this excited in quite a while – at least not this wet. I began to eat her and she said she could not wait to have me inside her. I entered her slowly teasing her and taking my time as much as I could, even though I was as excited as she was. She was trying to increase the tempo and returning my thrust harder each time and when I knew she was ready to cum I would stop and say I needed to rest. I did this a few times until I could not hold back any longer and we both came together. We were laying there for a couple of minutes resting when she asked if I was ready to go again and began playing with my cock to get it hard again.
I waited a few days and sent flowers to her again, when I knew she would get them by herself. I also bribed the lady who worked at the flower shop to say that she did not know who was ordering the flowers that she would get an envelope in the mail slot in the door at night and would follow the instructions typed on the note and always paid in cash. I went as far as putting a box of candy on her car when she was at work just before she left with a sexy note about how beautiful I thought she was and how I wanted her. Later I would call and leave a sexy message on the phone when I knew she would get it and there was no chance I would hear it. I suggested we meet at a local motel and get together – suggesting that she wear a sexy see thru blouse and skirt without and underwear. I let her know I would be there at a certain time and would only wait a limited amount of time, with the details.
I was at home on the day of the mystery date and had told her that I had to leave to go to a conference at a certain time and was lingering close to the time she would have to get ready to go to meet her mystery man. She had gone in to take a long shower and when she came out I was still there and suggested we could have a quickie and began to touch her breast and rub her nipples that were already standing out and hard. I slipped a finger into her dripping pussy and I though she was going to let me when she said go before I was late for her conference.
I saw her blouse and skirt hanging up on the door as she finished drying herself and put on her robe so I would quit touching her and leave. I knew I was going to have some fun when she got to the motel. I hurried to the motel paid the clerk in cash and told her if she came in and asked who rented room 114 to say it was a man who asked to rent it for the morning and was traveling. Fake name if she stopped to ask at the desk. I also gave the clerk a $20.00 to call the room if she checked to find out anything from her about who rented room 114.
I had spent a few minutes making sure the room was good and dark so she would not be able to see it was me when she came in the room. I heard the knock at the door and called from the bathroom the door was open and to come in. There were not any lights on in the room just a small amount of light coming from a night light in the bathroom and a small trace of light from the window. My eyes were adjusted to the dark, since I had been in the room for a while and hers were not adjusted to the dark and she said she couldn’t see. I was trying not to talk too much so she would not be able to tell I was disguising my voice.
I walked over to her and kissed her and put my hand to her breast and gave it a squeeze as we were kissing. I continued to kiss her and dropped my hand to her skirt and lifted it guiding my hand to her pussy. I was naked and she was feeling me all over rubbing my chest and down to my raging hard-on. As she was touching it I began to undo the clasp on her skirt and it fell to the floor and she stepped out of it. Next I began unbuttoning her blouse and guiding her to the bed dropping her blouse on the floor on the way.
I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her to me sucking one of her nipple and slipping a finger into her wet pussy. I could hear her make a small moan as I continued to suck her nipple between my teeth and inserted another finger into her. I pulled away from her and removed my fingers and she dropped to her knees and began to suck my raging cock. I never had much luck getting her to give me a blow job but here she was slurping away at my cock when she surprised my by slipping a finger into my asshole.
In a deep disguised voice I suggested she wet her finger with her own pussy juice and it would go in a lot easier. I was even more surprised when she fingered her pussy in front of me and slipped a finger into my asshole. It was only a second later and I blew a big load into her mouth and she swallowed it all and kept on sucking for a minute.
Then I changed places with her on the edge of the bed and began to eat her pussy. I had an additional surprise for her as I pulled out a large latex dildo that I had soaked in Astro-glide and as I was eating her I started to push it into her. She asked what it was and I just kept pushing it into her mumbling it was a dildo and to enjoy it. At first she was resisting it then she began to relax as I continued to eat her, licking and nibbling at her clit as the dildo slid in and out of her increasing in depth and tempo. Soon she was thrusting her hip up to meet the thrust of the dildo and she was moaning. I looked up to see her and she was pinching her nipples, which was something she never did for me at home.
Then I told her to turn over on her belly on the edge of the bed, which she did. I took some of the lube I soaked the dildo in and rubbed it all over my cock and dripped some onto her asshole. I did not tell her what I was going to do as I stuck my cock to her asshole and pressed it in. She started to complain about it then I grabbed her hips and drew her to me plunging my cock deep into her asshole. I paused for a second for her to get used to it being there I turned on the vibrator in the dildo to medium and began thrusting it in and out of her hole.
I could tell she was cumming like she had never cum before. I did not let up on my sexual escapade. I replaced my cock with a large butt plug and began squeezing her tits harder than I had ever done before – at first she began to complain about being rough with her and in the deepest voice I could muster I told her to relax she would get used to it as soon as I turned on the vibrator in the but plug. Soon both the dildo and but plug we buzzing away and I was busy pinching and squeezing her tits until she began to cry and groan that it hurt, then she groaned as she began to have another orgasm.
Then there was a knock at the door which startled us and a voice of a girl calling for someone named Joe. She gathered herself and quickly removed the dildo and butt plug and grabbed her clothes off the floor and went into the bathroom and yelled at me to get rid of whoever was there and she was going to take a shower and I had better leave things had gone to far.
I grabbed my clothes and put them on quickly and quietly and slipped out the door. I ran up the hill and got in my car and pulled in to the slot next to her car in front of the door and waited until the door opened and she started to come out and I stood there and asked her what she was doing and pushed her back into the room and turned on the lights revealing the sex toys that were on the floor and a bigger latex dildo that I had not used and all the oil and other things that were there in the room.
She was crying and began telling me how sorry she was and that it would never happen again. I began saying what was I supposed to think about what she was doing she was only wearing a see-thru blouse and a skirt with no underwear. I said she had a lot of making up to do and she better show me how much she really appreciated me as I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. She knew what I wanted and began to give me a better blow job than the one I just got earlier.
I started to ask her about the various sex toys and what she did with them and that I wanted to try them out on her. She stopped sucking my cock for a minute and asked me to sit on the edge of the bed that she had a surprise for me. I got undressed and sat on the edge of the bed and watched her as she put her fingers into her pussy and put them in and out a couple of times and when she thought they had enough of her pussy juice and cum on them she resumed sucking my cock and first inserted one finger and worked it in and out and then two fingers and without and warning she took the butt plug and dipped it into the lube and pulled her fingers out and put the plug in and turned the vibrator on. She continued to suck my cock until I came in her mouth and she did not miss a beat and swallowed every drop.
When she was done she suggested we trade places and I could do the same for her, except I was to leave that butt plug in me and use the larger one in her. I did as she asked me and when I had the large butt plug in her she instructed me to get the large dildo and lube it up and put it in her pussy, while I ate her. I had not used the large one instead I got the extra large one and lubed it up – she did not know it was in the box as it was not used on her before and was a bit startled as I inserted it part way in her. She said not that was not the one she was talking about but I continued to push it in and out of her working it in a bit more each time. I continued eating her pussy all the while and then she came very hard.
She had the whole length of the dildo in to the hilt- 12” long and 3 ½” wide inside her buzzing away and a large butt plug buzzing. We had experimented with the toys in a variety of positions and ways and then went home. I never told her I was the one in the room and she never let on that she knew it was me and acted if it were a total stranger. In the end I have enjoyed a much better sex life.

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