The first time with my Daughter-In-Law

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As the title explains, this is a story about the first time I fucked my Daughter-In-Law. I realize there are some of you who think this is really sick and I guess you’re right but it doesn’t change the facts of this story. Do I regret doing it? Sure, part of me does but if you’ve seen my daughter-in-law you’d also know I would regret not doing it.

Before I get into the story I need to explain my relationship with my son. I’m a single parent, my son, Tristan was born when I was 19 years old, and his mother was 18. After six months of being his mother my wife, a woman I loved very much, left us. I guess she’d had enough of being a mom and a wife. We’ve never seen nor heard from her since. Raising my son was a full time job and took all my energy. Subsequently I didn’t have much time to start a new relationship. Oh sure I had girlfriends but nothing serious.

My son grew up to be a tall, gangly kid who was very shy around women. I assumed this was a dreadful side effect of not having a mom while growing up. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good looking kid but lacked confidence. He’d try to talk to girls but his words always came out wrong. By the time he was 16 I confided in my sister that if he could just get a date I’d be happy. I don’t think he’ll ever get married.

All through high school and the first three years of college Tristan failed to get a date. I was loosing hope, his senior year in college was coming and still nothing. I figured he’s finished and then he brought Amy home.

Amy had just graduated from high school and was going to the same college as my son. Amy was 5′ 4″ and tipped the scale at 115 – 120 lbs, she had beautiful brown eyes with long, straight brown hair, but best of all she was a solid “D” cup. I mean this girl was stacked. She was wearing a pair of khaki shorts with a white spaghetti string top that showed just a touch of cleavage. Her body was tan, her legs were firm, and her ass was small and around. I thought, ‘If I were only 20 years younger!”. It took all of my strength to look her in the eyes and not stair at those beautiful mounds.

After they left I thought to myself “I wonder how long this will last? Hopefully long enough so he can at least fuck her.” I assumed Amy was going out with my son to meet other seniors and then would dump him for some jock or frat boy.

Well one date turned into two which turned into four and before I knew it Amy was coming over for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays. She even went on our beach vacations and boy could she fill out a swim suit.

Tristan graduated from college and landed a really great job, the only down side was he had to travel a lot. But amazingly enough his relationship with Amy endured another two years and at the start of her senior year in college Tristan asked Amy to marry him with the wedding the following spring, after Amy graduated.

A year after their marriage, Amy was now 22, her and Tristan bought a house about five miles from me. Tristan’s job was now paying him enough to where Amy didn’t have to work and she took advantage of it. Oh she’d volunteer for things but she liked to sleep in.

Having them so close meant weekend visits, usually Saturday nights. Tristan and Amy would come to my house and I’d cook them dinner and we’d chat about the previous week. On one such visit it seemed like something was different about Amy but I couldn’t put my finger on it. As the evening progressed Tristan told me the new house was having plumbing issues and wanted to know if I’d mind coming over when the plumbers where there? The reason for my presence was not because he didn’t trust Amy but because Amy could be easily manipulated. So I agreed.

Well it’s the day the plumbers are going to be doing their work. Amy told me they’d be at the house at 9:00 AM so at a little after 8:00 I got in my car and headed towards their house. I arrived and rang the door bell, no answer, so I knocked on the door, still no answer. Finally I used my key and let myself in. I walked upstairs and noticed that the bathroom light was on with the door partially open. As I was walking towards the door I could see a reflection of Amy in the mirror wearing what I assumed was her pajamas and I use the word “pajama” loosely.

Amy’s pajamas consisted of a pair of red laced thong panties, a back clipping (two clips) black bra, and a shear shirt that stopped at the center of her stomach. I immediately got a hard on. All I could think about is how lucky my son was to be fucking a babe like this. I struggle to break out of my trance and purge my nasty thoughts and then I lightly knock on the door and say “Amy, it’s me, Tom” (Amy never called me dad).

I hear an “OH Shit you scared me. I wasn’t expecting you this early.”

I said “I thought the plumbers were coming at 9:00.”

Amy said “No, they’re coming at 1:00.”

I told Amy “Oh! I’m Sorry! I guess I’ll be back at around noon then.”

Amy then asked me to stay. She was bored and would really appreciate the company. How could I refuse, my daughter-in-law is gorgeous and from where I was standing I could catch her reflection in the mirror. I have to admit, every time she bent over the vanity I wanted to rush in there and have my way with her.

Our conversation started out innocent enough, the weather, her thinking about getting a job, her garden, you know innocent topics. Then Amy said “Tom can I ask you something personal?”

I said “No problem Amy what do you want to ask me?”

Amy said “What was your first year of marriage like?”

Wow, that’s not what I was expecting. I thought for a moment and started telling her how much I loved Tristan’s mother, and how I would do little things to make her happy, and how I thought we’d grow old together, …

Then Amy interrupted “Tom I think I asked the question wrong. What was your first year of marriage like, physically?”

Another wow, how do I answer this? I tried not to answer it but after about a minute of begging by Amy I finally relented and spilled my guts.

I said to Amy “During my first year of marriage to Tristan’s mom we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. I think we made love at least once day. I’d wake up in the morning ready to fuck her and I’d go to sleep at night after fucking her again.”

I continued with this tone for a few more minutes, I think I forgot who I was talking to, telling her how I fucked her on the dining room table before some friends were to arrive, how we parked on a deserted road and she got on top of me and road me long and hard, and how on one road trip she went down on me and gave me a blow job until I shot my load down the back of her throat.

When I was finished Amy asked me to come into the bathroom because she had another question. Worried about what this next question might be, I slowly entered the bathroom. As I entered I expected to see Amy with a towel around herself or her robe on but I was wrong. Amy turned to face me (her look was sad), in her pajamas, and asked me “If you were married to me and I was wearing this would you fuck me?”

Wow again, how do I answer that? Do I tell her that all I’ve been able to think about is bending her over the vanity and slamming my dick into her? Do I try not to answer the question? Or do I try to answer it in a politically correct manner? Well the politically correct option was the winner. I told her “I can’t answer that because you’re my daughter-in-law and I don’t think of you that way.” I was totally lying.

Amy looked to the ground and said “I really need you to answer me. You see Tom, Tristan hasn’t fucked me in over a month. No matter what I wear, no matter what I do, no matter what I say he will not fuck me! I don’t think he loves me anymore! So I’d really appreciate it if you’d answer me. If we were married and I was wearing thi
s would you fuck me?”

This time instead of answering in a politically correct manner I tried to dodge
the question all together by saying “I’m sure he loves you. Maybe he’s under a lot of stress right now. Have you asked him what’s wrong?”

Amy looked up with a pissed off expression and shot me a quick response “Yes I’ve asked him and he told me that I’m imagining it!”

Before I could say anything Amy continued
“And as for the stress part you said during your first year of marriage you fucked your wife everyday and I’m sure you had stress. MY GOD Tom, you were in college trying to get your degree, she was holding down two jobs trying to support the family how much more stress can two people be under? But still you found time to fuck her every day. Or were you making that up trying to impress me? So would you please answer my FUCKING question?”

I know defeat when it’s handed to me and Amy just handed me a big plate of it. There was no way out I had to answer her question. So I said:
“No Amy I didn’t say those thing to impress you Tristan’s mom and I had sex every day. And I’m sure there was a lot of stress in our lives at that time but it didn’t stop us. So to answer your question if you were my wife and you wore that I would bend you over the vanity this very minute and take advantage of you.”

But I didn’t stop there I also added:
“In fact once we were done in here I’d call work and tell them I wasn’t coming in today and then we’d go to the bedroom where I’d fuck you again. I’d fuck you so many times that you’d never complain about wanting to fuck again.”

Amy looked at me and smiled, but it wasn’t her innocent friendly smile it was something more devilish. Amy grabbed the bottom of her shirt and lifted it over her tits, exposing her black bra and massive tits. Then she said “So if I did this you’d really want to fuck me. Right?”

My dick started to get hard, I was feeling a bit warm, and I really wanted to wrap my mouth around those tits, but I couldn’t give in. No matter how beautiful those mounds of flesh looked. Trying to keep an even tone in my voice I said “Umm, I don’t think you should do that?”

Amy responded “Why not?”

I shot back “Umm something might happen that both of us will regret.”

With no hesitation Amy said
“Only one of us will regret it. You see when you agreed to come over for the plumber I decided that if Tristan wasn’t going to fuck me maybe his dad would? I know he wants to, he’s wanted to fuck me since the first time he saw me. But how does he like it? Maybe he’ll want to take me from behind?”

And with that she turns around, bends over the vanity, sticks her nice round ass out at me and spreads her legs.

Then Amy looks back at me and continues
“Or maybe he’ll want to take me from behind but we’ll be standing straight up so that he can kiss me while we’re fucking?”

And Amy stands up looks over her shoulder at me and smiles. At last she says;
“Or maybe he’s old fashioned and will have me sit on the vanity, spread my legs, and fuck me while sucking on my tits?”

This time Amy sits on the vanity and spreads her legs as far as she can.

Before she can ask another question, my will power was gone and I undid my belt and pulled down my zipper. I took off my pants and start walking towards Amy, with my cock leading the way. I position Amy on the vanity so I could look at her while we fucked, I position myself between her legs, I move her panties to one side, position my dick at the entrance to her hot, wet pussy but I don’t enter and place both hands on her waist/hips. I look at her; she licked her lips expectantly and I then lean over and whisper in her ear; “Are you sure you want to do this?”

But before she could respond I continue
“Because if you’re not you should have thought about that before you asked all those “how he likes it” questions. No way some 22 year old “BITCH” is going to tease me like that and get away with it. Not even my own Daughter-In-Law”

And at the end of the sentence I thrust my hips into Amy pushing my dick deep inside her pussy. It felt like I was sliding my dick across satin sheets. Amy’s pussy was so wet and warm. I thought I was going to cum on that first thrust.

Amy arched her head and back, took a deep breath and the said a very loud “OH MY GOD!!” I slowly and rhythmically started fucking my daughter-in-law. My strokes were long and slow, I wanted my dick to enjoy the warm and wet pussy it was exploring. As I pushed in as far as I could Amy would moan a very quiet “oh”. It almost sounded like she was acknowledging a question I had just asked.

After about 5 minutes of these quiet “oh’s” I leaned close to Amy and said “Maybe that’s why Tristan doesn’t fuck you anymore, you’re to damn quiet. He doesn’t know if you’re enjoying this. Maybe you should let go of your pride and moan like a woman who loves fucking! MOAN LIKE A WHORE!!!”

I didn’t have to tell her twice, Amy’s silent “ohs” were replaced by load, passionate moans and the words “OH GOD!!! OH GOD!!! FUCK ME!! KEEP FUCKING ME!! DON’T STOP!!!”

Her moaning was so contagious that soon I was screaming “OH GOD AMY! GOD YOU’RE A FANTASTIC FUCK! I COULD DO THIS ALL DAY!”

It didn’t take long for Amy to start pushing back against me, meeting my thrusts with her own. Soon Amy wrapped her legs around me and squeezed, she arched her back, and finally her pussy clamped down on my dick. Her pussy squeezed me so hard that I felt like she was trying to milk my dick and I didn’t disappoint.

I shot load after load after load of hot cum into Amy and with each shot Amy pulled me closer and deeper as if she were trying to prevent any of my love juice from escaping her wanting pussy.

When I was done, I put my head down on Amy’s chest; she ran her fingers through my hair and said “I hope you liked that as much as I did? Maybe we can do that again sometime?”

I responded with “That was fantastic. I’d love to do that with you again!”

I finally pulled out of Amy, she got off the vanity and stood in front of me with only her shirt and bra on and said “Oh did I forget to tell you that the plumber called? He can’t make it today we had to reschedule for tomorrow. Can you come over tomorrow?”

I said “Sure. What time is he going to be here?”

Amy looked at me and said “3:00 PM so you should be here around 8:00.”

Amy pulled off her shirt, un-clasped her bra, and turned on the shower. She then looked at me and said “I need to take a shower, would it be possible for you to clean some of those hard to reach places?”

Without saying a word I took off my shirt and got in the shower with her. I bent her over and looked at that gorgeous ass.

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