The Great Mumbai Floods

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It was our 10th wedding anniversary round the corner in the month of October. My husband is a CEO in an MNC at Mumbai. Being a CEO, he was always hopping from one place to other and lived almost in a suitcase. So imagine my fate. Staying lonely in house and lying in bed most of the time. All works of the house like cooking, washing cleaning by self and even enjoying self on the bed in the afternoons and nights. That was my life cycle.

My husband, Shashi is a highly educated engineer with doctorate from Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru. Seeing his family and job, my parents almost pressurised me to marriage to Shashi although he was highly educated and had very high profile job, physically he was no match to my voluptuous body. I presumed that due to studies all these years he was malnourished and would improve after marriage.

I had no other option but to agree. After a simple marriage ceremony I moved from my parent’s house at Bengaluru to Mumbai. I was almost dumped in the spacious flat along with other luggage, was given under care of a bai and off he left to London. I expected he would take me to London and Paris for the honeymoon. But it was not to be. Days, months and years passed with me weeping alone in bed at nights when we would be flying to all countries.

When he was at home naturally he would be much tiered! Only in the first two years we got some what intimate few times. But the great CEO called Mr. Shashi had no time to for romance and to take me out. Only few outing were to his business parties where he would get drunk and would be assisted by driver to back home. He had a notion that spending time at home or with wife in outings are an absolute waste of his valuable time. Few times I raised topic of kids but he avoided saying that he had a huge responsibility to shoulder for the company.

So was my life going on but a sudden turn was the surprise of my life. It was the month of July 2005. Rainy season and the afternoon especially used to be heavy rains and ignite my passions for sex. But there was no solution than to suffer.

It was the 26th of July 2005 famously known for the huge flooding of Mumbai which lasted for three days. As usual my husband had gone to London for some conference. I went out for some purchase when the torrential rain started. Within half an hour whole city was drowned. I was half down water and was damn scared. It was pitch dark even in day time. Everyone were trying to find some shelter or some conveyance to return home. Those who stayed in low lying areas were shouting. I was frantically shouting for help.

Within half an hour the whole city was drowned. I was half down water and was damn scared. It was pitch dark even in daytime. Everyone was trying to find some shelter or some conveyance to return home. Those who stayed in low-lying areas were shouting. I was frantically shouting for help.

Suddenly God heard my prayer and a strong hand lifted me like a child. In his strong arm, I looked tiny I didn’t know who he was. Holding me in one hand he swam in the neck deep water and after half an hour, we reached a flat near Kandivali. There also the car parking area was flooded. Holding me in one hand he climbed stairs and reached fifteenth storey of the flat. Lowering me, he opened the door and asked me to enter. I was completely wet and almost fainting with exhaustion.

He laid me on the sofa. He asked me to use the washroom or take bath if I wanted. I really was in need and thanking him went to the washroom. After relieving, I observed that there was hot water and without thinking a minute I was below shower. The hot shower was refreshing and took away my tiredness and brought me back to life. I used his soap and smiled thinking that he might have used same soap all over his body.

Once finished I suddenly realized that I had no clothes to wear. Slightly opening the door, I called him “Hi can you give me a towel and clothes to wear?” He heard me and gave me a towel from the crack of the door and few clothes.

After drying I saw that he had given me his shirt and a lungi. It was very loose for my slender body but it was ok. But at breast portion, as I had very big pair it was tight. It was the first time I was wearing a man’s shirt and lungi all without any undergarment. I felt shy to come out of washroom. But I had to.

I came to the kitchen and saw he was preparing hot tea. I volunteered to prepare tea and he went to washroom. I heard sound of shower and again smiled as he would be now using same soap which I had used on my breasts and between my thighs. A sudden rush of blood ran in my veins.

By the time he came out tea was ready. Sipping tea I remembered that we had not even introduced each other. I told my name Shalini, a house wife and reached out my hand. He shook my hand and said glad to meet you Shalini and I am Rahul.

He was may be a year or two younger but had solid built. He said he is in the sales department of an MNC. Asked about his family he said his parents are in Delhi and he is still unmarried.

Rahul asked me about my husband and I told that he is a very busy person and a CEO in an MNC who is always on airplanes and 5-star hotels. He laughed and added that the business life is like that for had working persons.

We finished tea and I put the glasses in the sink. It was still raining and we could hear people shouting, crying some fire engine running here and there. We stood in silence in balcony. It was dark now. Rahul told that he has few Maggie packets which we can have for dinner. There was no question of going to my house and so I did not even raise that question with him.

At half past eight, I prepared Maggie and readies for dinner. Rahul hesitantly asked if I mind him having a drink.Who was I do mind? It was his house. So I smiled and nodded my head. And to my surprise, he prepared two glasses of Vodka and handed over one to me.

I had never taken any drink but could not refuse to give him company who had saved my life. Silently I took the glass from his hand and said cheers. The drink was mixed with fruit juice and hence I found it good. Without my own knowledge I had taken three pegs and was feeling giddy. Then we had Maggie.

At half past nine even the lights went off. There was pitch dark. Using the mobile torch Rahul prepared bed. I saw that he had a single cot of 3 ft by 6 ft! He placed a folded blanket top to bottom as a bifurcation and asked me to sleep on one side.

In fact we had no other go than to adjust. I chose the wall side lest I may fall down and Rahul adjusted the blanket wall between us and slept at the edge. He had left good space and for his huge body he had very less space. I felt sorry for him and thanked his goodness. With so much of tiredness I slept soon and so also Rahul.

I was not at all used to wear lungis etc and so during changing of sdies the lungi had disappeared exposing my whole of lower body. Due to cool breeze automatically I drew the blanket between us on me and so did Rahul. So now we were both inside the same blanket and I was naked in my lower part!

Due to space paucity I had to sleep very much near Rahul My braless huge breast was pressing on his back. I had circled my hand around him and had put my left bare leg was on his thigh. I awoke due to a lightning and thunder and hugged him tightly. Rahul’s hand was on my thigh moving up and down all along from leg to hips.

His hands circled me pulling me to him tightly. Our lips sealed and an endless kissing spree started. Each kiss was raising my body temperature. Each kiss lasted more than the previous ones. My mouth opened inviting his invading tongue to mingle with mine. Our kisses were almost knotted. When I tried to withdraw he would not leave and when he tried to withdraw I did not allow him. So the cycle continued for hours? Probably which we had no count.

A flood was gushing out of my vagina and down on to the sheet. His fore finger was completely inside rubbing my walls and exciting the most sensitive spots.

How I wished Rahul should have had three mouths and four hands so that he could have simultaneously suckled both my nipples and kiss with the third mouth. Squeeze both breasts together and with other hands one inside my pussy and fourth on my hips! Peculiar uncontrolled thoughts were rushing through my mind.

When I laughed with my though he grabbed me and closed my mouth with his. My hand which was on his back moved down to the front and felt his hardness. I dint know when he undid his pyjama. My hand met a big long fat and smooth cobra! What a sensation it was to feel his big tool. Awesome!

I pushed my hand further and his carry bags were even bigger. I remembered big bulls which a man used to bring to our house to bless us when we were young. I was for a second terrified too to imagine what may really happen to me.

But before my thought process went ahead, he left my mouth and going down took my right nipple into his mouth and squeezing the left one. Alternately he did justice for both left and right twin globes till my nipples turned from their normal pink to red to pink to finally black. I was dripping and overflowing with vaginal secretions. I was feeling difficult to wait any more.

As if he had read my mind Rahul pulled me on to him and spreading my thighs on his either sides, he centred me and with the flooding I had in my vaginal wall, within fraction of a second I had sunk completely on to his phallus.He tried to take my mouth in his but my big boobs which were now on his chest had created a gap between our lips. He had to raise his head with pillow to take my tongue in his for full mouth kiss.

I was now in my reciprocating motion on his huge tool at the bottom and our tongue involved in another reciprocating motion. On each of my up and down thrust my boobs were dangling and hitting on his chest which he was grabbing with his hands and send me to dizzy heights of pleasure. Oh my God, what an experience it was. This must be the heaven and nothing else mattered to me.

Time stood still for us. I was tiered and rested my head on his shoulder. In a swift move, Rahul changed position without detaching and was on my top. My hands could not complete circle his chest. Raising my legs I locked him with my thighs and pulled him further in.

He rested for a while but I didn’t want to him to. I urged him to move by loosening y thigh grip. Slowly he raised and pushed down right on spot, his big shaft rubbing my clitoris. Every move was exciting the sensitive spots. I further widened my thighs to allow cent percent entry on each stroke. His balls were now rubbing my perineum which confirmed that complete insertion on each downward move.

I was now desperate for him to load his nectar deep in me and begged him with a deep kiss. Pushing my hand in between I smothered his testicles to the excitement and then pulled him down by locking my thighs tightly around him. His mouth approached mine and I was too happy to receive his hungry mouth.

While our tongues danced to the tune of rain drops Rahul ejaculated his load deep, very deep in me. The hot fluid came in spasms got mixed with my own secretions. Not wanting single drop to flow out, I tightened the lock and we lay motionless for very long time. After very long time the detachment took place. He kissed my forehead as a mark of love and gratitude which I did not forget to reciprocate.

We were tiered, due to the day’s flood trauma, due to the Vodka and due to the hectic sex. I slept on his chest hugging him with my arms and leg. Now there was space for one more on the cot as we were almost one body.

During changing of sides in sleep my back faced his front. His hand circled me and held my breasts, smoothly, fondly and slowly caressing them and put me to deep sleep. When dawn set in I felt some movement and Rahul had raised my thigh and was inserting his right hand finger while cupping my left breast from below. I widened aiding him for better access. I had not washed the night after hectic sex and my vagina was still wet with his secretion.

He rubbed slowly, speedily with rhythm and tandem. I was heaving with pleasure and moaning almost loudly. Still from my back he brought his magic weapon which I held with my right hand and guided to its destination. The inward journey was slow due to the angle but was firm. I cried to make it fast and in one jerk he was fully inside me.The position was best. Rahul could fondle my breasts, caress whole body and even masturbate me while I had access to his penis and balls. What a heavenly experience it was!

He pounded me in and out without mercy which I very much wanted to last forever. I held the sheets for support as orgasm after orgasm hit me again and again. Moaning turned to shouts unmindful of neighbours. I was begging, demanding more and more of that delicious act. He was too happy to oblige my cries. When Rahul finally discharged me I was tiered and had submitted to him like a doll. We lay copulated for a long time even after he loaded me with his hot cum. We were relishing those precious moment just ended. We spent lot of time in after play, caressing bodies kissing and hugging like bears.

When we fully woke up it was half past eight. We brushed and then took bath together. A first in my life to take bath in nude with a nude man. That charm is difficult to explain. Exhilarating would be a mild word to tell the feeling. He had some bread in the fridge which I toasted and boiled few eggs. Then tea and back to bedroom. One more long session of great sex till lunch time. Prepared few rotis in hurry and again back to bedroom.

In the afternoon Rahul got a different idea and took mine by pleasant surprise. We hardly had any clothes on us but he just flipped his brief which popped up his penis to a horizontal position. He sat at the edge of the cot and made me sit on the floor.

I placed my head on his thighs and could not avoid my temptation to kiss the great strawberry which was shining and inviting me. Kiss turned to licking and slowly opening I took him completely in my mouth in slow motion. My hand was fondling his testicles and he touched my throat in no time. Pulling out and pushing in my mouth I saw that his tool was still growing in girth and length. Rahul was holding my head and assisting my movements. My breast was pressed on his thigh now and his one hand caressed my back.

As soon as a diamond drop of his pre-cum formed I licked it with tip of my tongue and licked all along the length and the testicles. As I sensed he was about to explode I tried to mount on him but Rahul did not allow me to take out my mouth from his penis. He pulled me further in to him and let his cum unload in my mouth. His hot thick semen filled my mouth.

The special odor was much exciting and I squeezed his balls softly to help him to cum completely. I hungrily swallowed the hot juice and as excess was coming out from either edges of my mouth, I took it with my finger and licked. He was now losing erection. I did not even allow him to go to washroom to clean as my tongue was ready to clean him. I licked all over his shining penis and balls and cleaned. We hugged in utter satisfaction and kissed making him to taste his own semen for a change.

That hectic session ended up in deep sleep till evening. Outside it was again raining though a bit of flood had subsided. I was just thinking how in the middle of flood fury when so many might be dying here in my womb a new life is being born. Is it? Yes, it has to.

I made it a mission at that very moment to achieve my long waited mother hood come what may. Here was a man who saved my life and I have to give birth to a life from the same person as my gratitude. We rested for a while. I saw at his sleeping face. He looked like my messenger of God. I played my forefinger on his chin. Rahul drew me to him and sealed my lips.

When we woke up it was very dark. I switched on the light. Fortunately, power was on. He had some stock of wheat flour. I prepared few Alu parathas.

By that time Rahul had prepared two drinks. Now I did not even think of saying No. I sat on his lap and he gave me a sip of Whisky. Keeping the drink in my mouth I pulled Rahul to me and kissed him in mouth transferring the drink into his mouth. He did the same. We finished three pegs each in the same fashion.

By the end of the third, we were in a great mood. Had a quick meal and rushed back to bed. The intoxication due to liquor was great. Just my touch brought him rock hardness. I pulled him to me but Rahul did not come. I was surprised.

He pushed me to sit on the cot with legs hanging down. Spreading my legs he sat on the floor and pushed his tongue in to my vagina lapping all along and deeper and deeper. Within few strokes my whole body shook vigorously with unbearable orgasm. I held his hair for support and locked his head with my legs and pulled deeper. Slowly I bent backward on to the bed leaving my lower body for his ministrations. Licking my clitoris his raised his hand and held my breast to fondle.

Minutes and hour passed and his relentless pleasuring on me did not stop. He was an expert cat, slowly, beautifully and excitingly he was making me climb up and up the ladder to heaven.

There was no count of the number of orgasms I got. I was enjoying each moment longing for more and more. I felt I was overflowing my own vaginal fluids making his face wet and dripping on to the sheets.

Now it became unbearable and in a great strength unknown to me earlier I pulled Rahul up on to me and in a magical way he was already inside me his penis filling and locking itself inside me. We lay still in silence for a long time.

The only movement was my heaving breasts, his phallus pulsating inside me and the only sounds were our heavy breathing, my moaning, and rainfall outside. We fell into deep sleep hugging like Siamese twins.

Midnight Rahul took me by surprise and we made love till the sky outside started to show brightness. That day went the same way. And the afternoon, the night were almost repeat play of previous two days. I was by then very sure that I will have conceived. There was no fear and no anxiety. I felt somehow proud of myself. The flood fury had subsided completely and roads were clear. I gave him my address and returned home.

From that day we were meeting two to three times a week. I was now carefree and not bothered about my husband.As expected I had conceived which I celebrated with Rahul with a grand whole day sex. I waited until fourth month. When I told my husband he did not tell anything. Just looked at me and said it is good.

Another month passed and one day my husband informed that he is going abroad and settling down in the US. I always had doubt that he is having some other affair or relation. So my suspicion was proved correct. He said that he is going to marry his colleague and settle in the US and would free me.

I spoke to Rahul and then I agreed to separation. Divorce was granted by the family court in Bandra.

He registered the flat In which we stayed in my name and also gave two crores as departing money. Two months before the birth of my child I married Rahul. I got a baby girl two months after marriage and we named her aptly as Jalaja, means born in water. Now we are a happy family with a daughter and son settled in Mumbai.

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