The Great TV Reality Show​

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This is my sex story of how I a reality dance show changed my life. My husband Ramesh is a tall and handsome person, an engineer in a MNC at Navi Mumabi. He had good salary and a flat at Vashi. What else a girl need is what my parents thought. So my marriage was fixed with this handsome youth. But unfortunately my husband could not consummate marriage.

I realized his weakness on the first night when he opted to sleep rather than having sex. I first thought that maybe he is tiered with all marriage rituals and want to go it slow and enjoy leisurely rather than a hurry mating just for sake of ‘first night’. I was also tiered and slept.

Two days later my in laws had booked our honey moon at Ooty in Tamil Nadu. So we went by air from Mumbai to Bengaluru and from there hired a taxi. We spent good sightseeing in Ooty but again at nights he did not even come near me. When I tried to go near and kiss he just gave his cheek to me and kissed me on my forehead. On the second night I with force kissed him on lips and I was glad that he slowly responded. But his kiss was like kissing a child. There was no heat, no intensity of adult kiss. I did manage to bring him to his mild erection but he lost in my hand, even before trying to enter me. We tried few more times but later he asked my excuse and slept. I could not sleep at all.

On return I told my parents but they consoled me and said that with time it will be alright and if needed we may take some medicine. But Ramesh was not ready to visit a doctor. He felt it will be disgraceful to tell doctor that he can’t get an erection. I myself consulted few doctors and whatever medicines they prescribed, i used to give to Ramesh mixed in food or milk without his notice. But it had no positive results.

So weeks, months and years passed without any result. I even threatened him with divorce and he had also agreed. But my parents told that they would end their life if I applied for divorce. They were worried about marriage of my other two younger sisters if I take divorce. By the time other two sisters got married it was already six years since our marriage. At this point my parents felt it is too late to divorce and marry again although I was only 30 years of age. I had no option as my own parents were not ready to support me.

I myself approached a psychiatrist who advised me to indulge in some other activity so that I will stop thinking of sex always. I thought it was good idea but could not get any job. But I was a good dancer in my school and college days and decided to join some dance class learn more and also teach to new students.

There was a dance academy near our house and I joined few days later. The academy was very good. The entire hall was air conditioned, a good wooden floored stage, greenroom, canteen and all other facilities were there. They were teaching all sorts of dance, salsa, bollywood dance and Zumba. As I had slim figure I could learn all types very fast. The instructor was very experienced and had choreographed few Hindi and Marathi movies.

I was now able to spend good lot of time in dance class and my tension had indeed reduced. But still, the woman in me and my body would often awaken and used to cry for their share of enjoyment. But the craving had reduced as I had dance to concentrate. Six months passed and I had learnt lot of dance moves.

One day the principal told that there is a reality show on a prime TV called couple dance. Our academy was only ladies dance academy. He told that if both husband and wife know they can participate.

They had made a collaboration with another dance academy which had only male dancers and if husband of any of us does not know dance or if anyone are unmarried, then the principal would select her dance partner from the other academy by a chit draw and the couple should practice under his guidance for four weeks. The best couple whom he chooses after four weeks would participate in the reality show. The show was to start next month. The prize money was also very attractive. I registered my name immediately.

The day of selection of partners I was very apprehensive. How would my partner be, old? Young? More experienced than me? Will I be able to make it.

Evening all dancers from other academy had come and were in the auditorium. Principals of both academies were on stage and there were two big glass jar containing names of our and other academy. The principals gave short speech and wished us well. One chit from each would be taken out and thus the paid would be selected. As the process went on and eight pairs were selected. They standing on the stage. Then they called my name and I went on stage eager to see my partner.

They then called a name ‘Gautam’ a student from local Engineering college. I was waiting without blinking my eyes. There was some delay in his coming on stage. Then entered a handsome youth of 22 years of age. I could immediately make out that he will be a very good dancer and I had a good dance partner. He was having very fair complexion and well built. Gautam came shook my hands and stood by my side. we all exchanged our phone numbers. After little snacks and tea we returned home.

From next day the practice started. The steps were first enacted by the Gurus and we were to do solo in the beginning where me as Radha will be waiting for my partner Krishna. The first day we were to dance solo. Although Gautam was ten years younger than me, he was well built. The practice continued and we became more friendly. When a week was left the gurus took test and selected me and Gautam to represent on the TV show. We were extremely happy. The gurus asked both of us to practice as much as possible and allowed us to use the stage any time we wanted it.

I told my husband about the TV show and there was no reaction. He just nodded his head and slept. We were practicing daily and several themes were taught. In almost every dance theme invariably we were to hold each other or hug or he would lift me holding my waist and thighs and many more moves which was making us highly excited at the end. The actual TV show started and in the very first day we got very good applause and marks. Moved on to next level. Gautam was very agile on stage which laurels to our dance items. Gradually we reached semi finals and finals. Both the gurus struggled hard and trained us for the final day and night. The theme for final was based on Geetha Govinda of Jaideva, a musical item depicting the love between Krishna and Radha.

The finals at last. My heart was thumping. What will happen? Will we win or not? Anyway we would be at least runner up as we had reached finals. Gautam was confident of win. Our sir called me and Gautam aside and told that he would like to make only one request so that the show will be more realistic and may help in win. He asked me if we can be bit bold in movement without any inhibition and be more intimate while dancing together. He explained that e have to live in to the role of our enactment and feel as if I am Radha and Gautam is Krishna. Looking at each other should be more intense and direct. Hugs should be tighter and smile should be natural. I blushed as I never expected this from him. But he was just professional. We agreed to his proposal.

The anchor announced our names and also said that we were the favourites to win the title. The dance item which was based on the love between Krishna and Radha had many poses taken from Khajuraho temple sculpture. I was dressed in an Amrapali suit having only a dancer saree tied well below my navel and matching tie back blouse studded with sequin. Lot my skin was visible. Whole of back was of net and was completely transparent. Shoulders, sleeves were open and mu midriff was also bare 6 inch deeper below navel. I felt bit shy. But Sir had told me to forget the world when we enact the roles, think the whole world does not exist except for we two on stage.

I stepped in to the stage and did a solo act for a while till Gautam’s entry. On the stage Gautam was more active. He was holding me clinging to him and look direct in my eyes while expressing his desire. Many positions were near to erotica like he lifting up my thigh with his hand and me bending back to touch the floor. His hand was directly on my hip to support me. While hugging from back his hand would play on my midriff and open back. I was really getting excited and felt wet. What is happening to me I could not understand. The show was over to a thunderous applause. As expected we got the first prize.

We were very happy and so were the dance masters. We were given cash prize of Rs 50000 each and gift hampers. I changed my dress and Gautam told that he would drop me home. While driving he praised my dance and said that he is indebted to me for helping him in winning the title. I told that in fact I am thankful for him for helping me. He suggested as to why can’t we have a private celebration next night with a dinner. My husband was at Delhi in that week. I had no problem in eating out.

While getting out at my home, Gautam held my hand and thanked me. His hand was warm and he held it for very long time. I bid him good night and came home. Night was a mixed feeling. I was very happy for the title won and also was excited with the male touch of Gautam. But I brushed aside any further ideas as he was ten years younger than me. Who knows what he may be thinking? May be he held a respect towards me being elder to him. I went in to deep sleep being tiered whole day.

Next whole day I got hundreds of calls congratulating me on the win. Evening Gautam called me and asked me to be ready by eight and he would pick me for dinner. I had slept for a while after lunch.

I wore a light yellow super net saree with a backless, sleeveless net blouse. I tied my hair up so that whole back will be displayed.

Remembering how Gautam was staring at by belly the previous dance night, I slid the saree below navel by six inches. For dance my whole body was waxed and hence my belly below navel also was smooth as silk. I put some glitter on breast, sleeve, back and also on abdomen. I looked at the mirror and was satisfied. But why at all I was dressing like that? I did not know correct answer.

Gautam came near the gate of our flat at eight and called me. I went out and he opened the door. The hotel was bit far off on highway and he drove slowly taking time to talk. He was even contemplating that he and me may get some TV role also. I laughed and said that he may get as he is still young but not me. But he complemented me and said that I look much younger than him and was too sexy in the dance number.

I blushed and looked outside the window. We reached the hotel by quarter to nine. It was a grand hotel and one of the receptionist who had seen our show previous night, recognized us and within no time the news spread. Hundreds of guests came to us seeking selfie and autograph. I was satisfied that at least I had dressed with lot of interest. Gautam was feeling elated.

The manager led us to the dining hall and seated us in a private corner and assured no disturbance from others. It was a candle lit corner and was very cosy. The diner was very tasty. I could see Gautam staring at me throughout the dinner. I was feeling excited.

Gautam ordered champagne and dinner. That was first time I ever tasted champagne. I felt good and we finished the whole bottle. Dinner was also very good. Once finished Gautam asked for bill but the manager came and asked us to come along with him.

He requested that it is a pleasure to have us at their hotel and they would like to have our photo with the management. We felt so good at their gesture. Their photographer was ready and the entire officers and staff came for photos.

The photographer asked us to hold hands, asked Gautam to keep his arm around me etc. By the time we bid bye to them and left it was half past ten. I thanked him for the fantastic evening and dinner.

Gautam drove straight to his house and asked me to come in for some time. He had already told me that he stays alone as his parents stay at their home town.

The house was big and beautifully decorated. I sat on the sofa and he made two pegs of wine. He said that the evening deserves a celebration as we got so much recognition within one day!

He sat by my side and we sipped wine. Gautam said that I was looking very beautiful and sexy in the net saree. I thanked him. He came closer and circled his hand with wine over my neck and asked me to drink wine from his glass. I could not say no. He had to pull me further towards him for my ease of drinking the wine. I relished it and the moment.

Gautam then asked me to get up and dance together. He put on some English music and held me waist with one hand and one on my shoulder. We danced in unison to the rhythm of music. It was very absorbing and melodious number. Gautam brought his hand around me and pulled me closer.

I kept my head on his chest and we danced all around the hall. Gautam pulled me and sealed my lips with his. This happened all of a sudden and I had neither time nor intention to refuse.

I responded with same fervour and opened my mouth welcoming him. My first mouth to mouth kiss. What an experience! So hot so wet and yielding. I lost all strength and completely melted in his mouth. Getting up he so easily lifted me like what he did in the dance and carried me to the bed room.

Without any further preliminaries Gautam laid me on the cot and started to kiss me. I welcomed him wholeheartedly and hug him. Slowly but erotically Gautam undid my saree, blouse. I had no bra as the blouse was backless. My big breasts popped out.

He then pulled down my only piece which was left. I was now completely nude. He requested me to undo his clothes. I undid the shirt and then belt, pant and then the final. We hugged nude. He wanted the lights to be kept one so that we can appreciate our bodies.

Sleeping by my side he kissed me again and again. My breasts were heaving with excitement which he controlled my holding them in his wide hands and squeezed the life out of me. My nipples were now erect and awaited his treatment. Holding the nipples between his thumb and fore finger he rubbed them till they turned black.

Gautam licked my protruded nipples, sucked them one after the other. His tongue and teeth traced all over my two hemispheres. I was shaking with excitement and had my first orgasm of life. It was such a fantastic experience and losing strength I held him tight. His finger had traced all along my belly and down between my thighs.

He opened my thighs wide and slowly started to rub the vaginal hole. I had no control at all and yielded to all his ministrations. His finger was now deep inside my vagina stroking the Clitoris. I had one two and multiple orgasms repeatedly and again and again. We kissed again.

He took my hand and guided it to his already hard penis. I held it with love and lust. He had very big shaft which I stroked up and down. He then asked me to hold his testicles which I fondled to further excite him.

Rising above he positioned himself and pushed his pink head in to my open vagina. I was already soaking wet and further widened my legs welcoming him. It was very difficult as he had a massive penis. But due the combined pre cum he pushed the head and I raised my legs to ease the entry. But it was not easy. In one forceful push he pierced me and entered full. I shrieked loudly with pain and blood started flowing out.

He realised that he had broken my hymen. He was scared and said “sorry all this happened as this is first sex experience”. So I and Gautam had lost our virginity together.

In a few seconds the pain vanished and pleasant feeling started. Gautam started to move up and I raised my hips to assist him. Each stroke was sending me thrilling experience as his phallus rubbed my clitoris. I did not want this to end till the end of my life.

My moans were uncontrollable as I hit orgasm after orgasm. I was shaking my hand and body unable to explain the enjoyment of my first sexual experience.

Gautam made love to me smoothly, slowly and with all love in him pouring on me. I encircled my legs and arms around him and we kissed till I sensed that his pillar was contracting and expanding. My vaginal muscles were also giving company to the contractions.

Both of us did not know what may happen. Then a very hot liquid started filling me from within. Was I bleeding again? No it must be the semen which Gautam was relentlessly gushing deep inside me. Yes he filled me fully and the hot fluid overflowed from my vagina. We stay glued for long time, Gautam resting his head on my breasts.

We got detached after a while. It was half past eleven and Gautam opined there was no meaning in me going home at that hour. Gautam switched off the light leaving one blue night lamp and came by my side on the cot. We spent lot of time talking. He was surprised that I was still a virgin.

Sobbingly I told my ill fated married life to him. He consoled me and said that now better days are ahead. I hid my face in his chest and wept. He said he is from a very rich family at Indore and he was the only son.

They purchased that house for him to stay during college and then if he gets a job he will continue there. He was good in studies and for hobby learning dance. Cuddling each other we slept for some time with nothing one except a thin blanket. Early morning I woke up to the newness of the room.

I saw Gautam, who made me a woman the night before, he who made me to realize the needs of my body, my Greek God was sleeping calm. Lowering my hand I took his penis in my left hand. Moving towards him I kissed him a good morning. He opened his eyes and pulled me to him. Our naked bodies clung to one another in the first morning of me as a woman.

Our kisses and hugs brought instantaneous erection to Gautam. He tried to come on me but I wanted to enjoy stroking that monster who was dancing my hand. I pushed my breasts in his mouth to bite and such those red nipples. We continue our foreplay and I experienced several orgasms.

Gautam pulled me on his top and I rested my boobs on his chest. I centered myself and lowered on his erect phallus. It did paid at the hymen fracture place but soon subsided due to the excessive combined lubrication.

Gautam was holding and playing with my breasts in each of my upward strokes. To take rest we were inhaling the carbondi oxide from each other’s mouth or else each part of our body was in kinetic motion. As I lost all my strength due to multiple orgasms Gautam pulled me down and rode me on top.

He was entirely inside me and I arrested his movements with my legs and arms round him. The time stood still, all motions were still except for the movement of our tongues and my own pelvic and vaginal muscular movement around his phallus.

Holding my hips cheeks with his both hands Gautam pulled me up and thrust further deeper and reaching my mouth started to such my tongue. Growing in girth his weapon was spewing huge load of semen in to me. The see-saw play slowed down and I could feel how slowly I was getting filled up. We lay knotted for a long time and rested.

We took bath together and had breakfast. I prepared toast and egg. I returned happily but reluctantly. Yes I returned home as a complete woman.

We were meeting alternate days at his place or mine and did nude dance practice not on stage but on his kind size bed. And whenever my husband was away we were spending night together. Gautam googled for all sex positions and we probably made few more experiments of our own.

It didn’t take much time. Within next three months I had conceived. I decided to discuss with my husband and decide the future. One evening when he had returned home I raised the issue of our future.

I told him that I love him and would like to look after his needs now and also in future. But I too have my ambitions in life which he was not able to give. He understood. I

went on to add that if I have to stay with him he should not come in my way of motherhood and no questions to be asked. Else we can separate and seek divorce on non consummation of marriage in six years. Doctors will certify me as virgin and I may get divorce but his name would be public and it may not be liked by him and his other family members.

So I argued that best option is for me to become a mother and he accept the child as his and let us lead a good family life forever. He was quiet for long time and then said OK as you decide. I won’t come in your way.

That decided I told Gautam about my pregnancy. In next six months I delivered a boy. Now my son is also 6 years and I also have a daughter of 3 years from Gautam. My husband also likes kids and is enjoying their company. Gautam is now married. But we still manage to meet once or twice a week to have hectic sex.

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