The Study Session

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This story is a complete work of fiction. Some of the characters are real people I know, others are fictional. This is intended to be a thriller type story. Enjoy.
I bolted upright in bed, eyes wide open, before finding that the terrifying sound was nothing more than my cheap alarm clock. I should have known what I would get for that price, but I doubt I could have been prepared for the fire drill that woke me up every morning. “I guess it is time to get up”, I mumbled to myself. Rising from bed, I stood in front of the closet mirror and looked at my body. I was wearing my nightwear, a pair of boxers. I looked over my tall, thin frame. I was lean, with a fair amount of muscle, but I definitely couldn’t be confused with a jock. No, I preferred outdoor activities like hiking, skiing and kayaking to basketball or football. Although I was more than happy to shoot some hoops with friends, I was a nature guy, through and through. But anyway. I have blue eyes, brownish blonde hair which was cut moderately short and a handsome face. I was happy with my tall, slender frame. Yeah, every once in a while I would look enviously at the jocks with their sculpted bodies. But, thinking I should be grateful for the looks that I had, I never let it bother me for long.
Grabbing my towel, washcloth, shampoo and body wash, I headed towards the shared bathroom on my floor. As the warm water cascaded down my body I thought about what might happen that day. There had been a sign on my door declaring that all philosophy students were required to attend the formal study session after class. I didn’t mind all that much. I appreciated any opportunity for discussion. Anything that would help when exams came around. I turned off the water and dried myself off. I opened the curtain and walked out, my boxers on and my towel over my shoulder, when I jumped at the sight of a pretty, bathrobe adorned girl at the mirror. “You ok?” she said in a cute London accent. “Ummm, Yeah, I wasn’t expecting to run into a, ummmm. Am I in the right…?” “We have coed bathrooms” she replied nonchalantly. “Oh. Good to know.” I said, suddenly thankful that I had decided to put on my underwear behind the curtain. I quickly ran off to my room.
I thew on a green polo shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and, for whatever reason, a pair of white boxer briefs underneath. I had no reason to wear attractive underwear. I had no girlfriend at the moment, I was still a virgin, although I wasn’t worried about it as I was only 18, and I had very little experience so far. I had had a few girlfriends and had done pretty well for myself, but I found myself having more girls that were friends than real girlfriends.
I grabbed my backpack and headed for my first class. By the time 3 pm rolled around I was about ready to call it a day, but I diligently took my spot at philosophy, my last class of the day. Students were busy finding seats and chatting among themselves. I chose a seat three rows down from the front. As I busied myself taking out my notebook and essentials a familiar accent spoke from my right. “Excuse me. Is this spot taken?”
I looked up from the syllabus and met eyes with a beautiful girl. After a second I recognized her as the girl I had seen in the bathroom that morning. My cheeks turned red suddenly and she gave me a quizzical look. “Is something the matter?” she asked. “Ummmm, uhhhhhh” I stumbled with a confused look on my face. She searched my face and then smiled. “Oh, it’s you!!! Your the guy from the loo. I didn’t recognize you. I didn’t get a good look at you this morning. I am virtually blind without my contacts in.” she exclaimed with a smile as she took her seat. “I’m Richard” I stated as I offered my hand. “I’m Abi”, she replied, giving my hand a firm shake. “And I think I have just decided that we are going to be mates” she exclaimed with an enthusiastic grin.
The professor began the lecture and I tried to pay attention, but I found myself getting distracted as I admired the beautiful girl beside me. Abi was busy taking notes which provided me with a glorious opportunity to explore her with my eyes. She had a pretty face, an elegant nose, blue eyes and straight, brown hair that hung to her shoulders. She was of average build, with a skinny neck and shoulders, a nice round ass and a flat belly. Her breasts were on the small side, but were significant enough to draw attention. I estimated her to be about a B cup. Today she was wearing a pair of tight blue jeans, sneakers and a fairly modest, purple v neck shirt. I couldn’t see down her shirt from my angle, due to the relative modesty of the shirt, however I did gaze admiringly at her chest as it rose and fell with each breath.
Before I knew it, class was over. As everyone rushed to put everything away, a speaker system announced that the study session would begin promptly at 4.
I headed to the student union, where the study session was going to take place. I looked on a bulletin board, found my name and the room assigned. I went to the conference room to find a rectangular glass table in a ordinary looking room. The windows had blinds and the door had a lock. I sat myself down at the side of the table. Suddenly Abi arrived and sat herself beside me. “Hey Abi”, I said. “Hey mate”, she replied, giving me a side hug from a seated position. “This is Valerie”.
“Call me Val”, said a drop dead sexy dirty blonde, as she sat herself on my other side. She had green eyes, her hair was in a pony tail and her pretty face was displaying an enthusiastic smile. She was also of average build, although I sensed that she was slightly more athletic. I shook her hand, taking a few glances at her as I did so. She was also wearing jeans, but what drew my attention was the ample cleavage that was displayed in her white halter top. We chatted while two others joined us. They introduced themselves as Tom, an athletic guy with traditionally rugged good looks, and Sarah, a black girl with large boobs.
Then a voice appeared out of nowhere. We looked at each other as it welcomed us to our study session and went through rules and background. “You will be in groups of 5 today” ordered the speakers, “and as it is our first day of initiation their will be one particularly important rule for our nude study session.” Abi and I looked at each other. “Did I hear that right?” I asked. The speakers continued: “this study session is mandatory to pass the course. This semester the staff have decided that the study sessions shall be conducted nude. Several video cameras are hidden around the room as enforcement. The doors lock automatically from the outside.” The rules were listed. “The primary rule for today is intended to maintain order.” There was a small space of silence. “There shall be absolutely no activity other than that explicitly stated by us.” Valerie, Abi and I looked at each other. The speakers went quiet.
“The study session has begun.” Said the speakers. “First shall be Sarah.” I gulped as Sarah stood as requested. She listened and blushed as the unknown voice read off her physical proportions. “Sarah is an African American female of 20 years old.” explained the voice. “She is 5 foot 6 inches tall, of athletic proportions and weight, and she has 36 DD breasts.” Sarah turned red at the sound of her bra size being announced to people she had just met. “Now, strip”.
Sarah remained standing. She contemplated what she was about to do, and then she placed her hands at the bottom of her tank top. With trepidation, she pulled it up and over her head, providing a breathtaking view of her large, bra-encased breasts. Her breathing was quick and uneven. Richard couldn’t help but stare as her enormous breasts rose and fell, moved in and out with each breath. Her arms immediately covered her breasts, or attempted to. Silence. She bent over and pulled down her pants, revealing her matching panties. With some hesitation, she unhooked her bra and pulled it off, exhibiting amazingly firm breasts for their size. She finished off by removing her panties and quickly sat down. Red faced, she tried to cover herself up, but the glass table did nothing to help her embarrassment.
“Now it is Tom’s turn.” exclaimed the voice. Tom quicly removed his tshirt and jeans, revealing an unusually large package in his boxers. The girls momentarily forgot the strangeness of what was going on as they glanced at his body. “Tom is what is known colloquially as a show-er. His penis is currently 6 inches long flaccid.” Everyone’s eyes bulged out, including my own out of disbelief, and perhaps envy. “It grows to 10 inches when erect.” I felt the girls around me squirm. ‘Oh great’, I thought to myself. Tom continued to strip until he was naked, and sat down.
“Valerie is next.” Said the voice. “Valerie is 5 foot 7 inches tall and has 36D breasts.” Valerie blushed. “Now strip”, came the expected command. She peeled off her shirt, showing a very fine pair of breasts in her bra. Quickly her bra came off, followed by her pants and then underwear. She quickly sat down again.
“Richard”. I stood up as was the ritual, as the voice read off what I dreaded to hear. “Richard is 6 foot 2 inches tall.” My heart beat hard in my chest. “He is a grower”. I turned my head to the floor. “While he is not very sizable now, flaccid, he does grow to a significant size of 7 inches erect”. I felt a hand on my arm. “It’s alright”, said Abi with a warm smile, “your big when it counts”. I received comforting smiles from everyone. At the order I began to strip. I removed my polo shirt, and my undershirt. The girls smiled at the sight of my lean muscles. I took off my pants, and without hesitating took off my boxer briefs, standing naked. I stood nervously, aware that my handing appendage was not as remarkable in size as Tom’s. Abi, Valerie and Sarah gave me contented smiles and I sat down, hands in my lap.
“And last, Abi”. Abi followed the drill. We all learned that she was indeed a 34B cup size, and soon she was stripped down and seated beside me.
All was quiet. I looked at Abi, who was embarrassed and attempting to hide her nudity from me and everyone else. “Well, I suppose it is time to study, like they said”. I said. I took out my textbook to the correct chapter. Valerie took out her notebook and a pencil. The others did the same. I looked around, trying in vain to find the cameras. We did our best to study, before the speakers again broke their silence. “It has been decided that you will partake in a scavenger hunt. Leave the room at once, leave your belongings and clothes behind.”
We all looked at each other and stood up. The girls tried their best to cover themselves, but mostly failed and I did the same, out of modesty. We made our way to the door, and upon opening it we found a note that had not been there previously. We read it together
Make your way to the abbey church on campus.
The coast will be clear for exactly 15 minutes.
You have exactly 15 minutes from now to
get to the church. If you are not there by
that time, your embarrassment will be significantly
We looked at each other. “What are they talking about?” asked Abi, frantically. “The guest lecture. I completely forgot!” I exclaimed. “Everyone on campus will be there. It started at 4. And it is now 4:30.” “It ends at 5” retorted Valerie with a worried look on her face. “Well, I suppose we better run.”
And off we were. 5 nude students, only recently acquainted. I was immediately grateful that I had done track, as the church was on the other side of campus. I focused on the run the best I could, considering the 3 pairs of breasts that bounced around me. Valerie’s large breasts were especially distracting as they wobbled and bounced erratically with each bound. Abi ran by my side, also focusing herself. Her smaller breasts jiggled freely, moving in a more vertical fashion. I noticed that her nipples were slightly hard. Must be the cold, I thought. I looked to my right and immediately regretted it, as I unintentionally witnessed Tom’s enormous phallas swinging to and fro with each enormous stride. This, as well as a number of quick glances from Abi, brought my attention to my own manhood, which likewise bounced as I moved.
At last we arrived at the church and rushed inside. We instantly took the opportunity to catch our breath. Caught up in emotion, Abi took me into a sudden, lasting embrace. “What is going on? What is all of this?” she cried. I held her as her shoulders began to shake. She sobbed onto my bare chest. I did my best to concentrate on comforting the distraught girl, my hands soothing her as they rubbed her shoulders. I could not ignore, however, the distinct feeling of her firm, warm, rounded breasts pressed against my chest, and their disordered movement against my skin as her tears fell. She raised her face, making eye contact and I saw a smile form on her face. “Such a man”, she teased, taking a glance at my crotch. “All of this weird shit going on, a girl pouring her soul out and the man still manages to get aroused!!!” she laughed. Abi reached down and grabbed my semi-hard on.
“Let’s gather around” yelled Tom. Abi and I joined the others at the head of the church. Tom held a note in his hand and read it aloud.
“Thomas Aquinis maintained that all our rational knowledge of this world is acquired through sensory experience, on which our minds reflect.
Your challenge here is to gain knowledge in order to progress to the next step. But can you control your mind? You have an hour”.
“Well that isn’t vague at all” exclaimed Abi sarcastically. “What are we supposed to do?” said Sarah. We looked around. “Look over here” cried Valerie. They stood before an odd looking machine. It looked like a strange, long platform was raised up. Balanced in the middle it formed a giant seesaw. On each side was a chair like structure that was at an angle, as well as a platform with an odd contraption that looked somewhat like a scale. Tom seated himself in one of the odd chairs. “Richard, sit in the other one” he gruffly ordered. I quickly sat down in the uncomfortable seat. “Sarah, come here, and Valerie go to Richard.” The girls did as they were told. Suddenly I realized the objective. A string connected the scale to the ring over the seat. It did something. “Come, kneel in front of me”, I exclaimed. Valerie climbed onto the platform and kneeled in front of me. The rocking of the huge platform made clear that Sarah had done the same, and the platform slowly shifted until it was horizontal and parallel with the ground. Valerie utilized her powers of observation, took a deep breath and sat up straight before lowering her large bosoms onto the scale in front of her. “Is that it?” she asked to no one in particular. They heard something like the balls of a pool table moving around. “Nope”, I replied. “I think these rings have something to do with it”. “I’ve got it”, I exclaimed. I focused on Valerie. On her large tits, pressed onto the scales, squished against them and flattened against the surface. But the seat was too uncomfortable. “Valerie, you are going to have to help by stimulating me. You can take your breasts off of the scale, but you can’t move from that spot. Understand.” Valerie looked understandably perplexed, but nodded. She carefully lifted her breasts off of the scale and noticed that the first ring lowered. Without moving from her spot, she took her breasts in her hands and caressed them. She cupped them and bounced them in her hands. She pulled on her nipples until they were hard and pointy. Although she was worried and it was difficult not to think about their predicament, Valerie did her best to keep eye contact with me. My dick began to grow. Valerie noticed and this encouraged her as she moved her left hand down her body, to her bush. While her right hand worked her breast, her left hand began to massage her clit, her fingers caressing her lower lips. Soon I was rock hard, and I managed to maneuver my rigid member through the first ring and then the second. “Now”, I yelled. And Valerie heaved her large breasts onto the scale, the string went taught, and the first of the two rings was pulled upward, my dick with it. The pulley put pressure on my organ, but the weight opened a latch below and a ball rolled out onto the floor. When Tom and Sarah were finished and were ready, we retrieved the two pool balls from the floor.
There were two words written on the on the balls: “John” and “practical”
We were then released. Another note referred us to a row where we found a pair of sweatpants and a white tshirt for each of us. We quickly dressed, not bothering to look for privacy and began our walk back to the residence halls. We walked in silence, spellbound and exhausted by the evenings events. What was going on? Who were these people? And what were they doing with us? Was this some sort of twisted experiment where we were the guinea pigs. Abi walked beside me and quickly latched on to me, her arm around my waist as we walked. I reciprocated, putting my arm around hers. We walked in silence, but I knew we were all thinking the same thoughts. What on earth was going on?
I felt the swinging of my manhood between my legs, but had gotten used to this type of awkwardness. I no longer felt compelled to hide myself. Where once I would have had nightmares about appearing in class with this type of revealing attire, the outline of my package obvious to the world, swinging as I walked, I now felt completely natural in this state. My eyes wandered, finding themselves on my companion, whom I suddenly felt strong feelings for. I looked at her face, her tired eyes and her uncomprehending, tired expression. My gaze moved down to her neck and throat. There is something very sexy about a woman’s throat. Don’t get me wrong. I am not some Dracula wannabe, or some sadistic, weirdo. But there is something very attractive about the feminine curves of a woman’s throat, and the softness of her skin. My gaze ranged further. I noticed the obvious hardness of her nipples through the thin, white fabric of the material. It was quite cold out. The hand I had around her waist rose up to her shoulder and rubbed her side up and down vigorously. She turned her head and smiled up at me, nuzzling my shoulder in appreciation.
We arrived at the halls and separated into our individual dorms. Abi insisted that she was far too freaked out to sleep alone and that I must stay with her for the night, and perhaps for following nights, until she felt more secure. I knew better than to resist, and, while I would never admit it, I also felt better in her company than I did alone. She led the way to her room. It was a typical girl’s room, with pink and purple everywhere, and posters of attractive movie stars and such. I situated myself on her bed, far too tired to make use of the toiletries she offered me. She stubbornly left for the bathroom to brush her teeth. Suddenly, I heard a thud and rushed into the bathroom. I found Abi unconscious. I dropped to my knees and examined her forehead with my hands. There was a very slight bump, nothing that a little rest would not heal. It was then that I noticed that she was covered in toothpaste and her toothbrush was on the floor by her side. Toothpaste was on her nose, chin and had run down onto the front of her shirt. I surmised that the exhausted girl simply fell asleep while attempting to brush her teeth and fell to the floor. I gently picked up her limp body and carried her into her room.
I laid her on the bed. It was then that I was faced with an ethical/social dilemma. What did I do now? What would she want me to do? Her she was, unconscious, toothpaste all over her. Would she want me to look after her? To clean her up? Where was the line? The way she was acting made me feel that we had developed a close bond in a single day, facilitated by our odd experience. But, we had only known each other a single day. What was the right thing to do?
I was reminded of how toothpaste causes a burning sensation when it touches your lips, so I took some paper towels from her desk, made them moist in the sink, and gently cleaned the toothpaste off of her nose, chin and throat. First job done. I felt her forehead. No signs of any obvious swelling. A good sign. Ice would be a good idea, but it felt like a pity to wake a girl who so desperately needed to rest. Save that till later when she wakes up.
My gaze fell to her shirt and pajamas, which were both covered in toothpaste. Coming to the conclusion that a decision is better than nothing at all, I kneeled down by her feet. I moved my hands to her waist, to the soft material, and pulled it down past her hips. It was then that I saw. She had no panties on!!! My eyes widened and my cock started to twitch. ‘This is so wrong’, I thought to myself. ‘Focus, Rich, you are getting her out of her soiled clothes, that is all. That is it.’ I pulled her pants all the way off. She instinctively snuggled up into a ball. I gently uncurled her arms and legs, which, of course meant that I was again faced with close proximity to a well trimmed bush and a very alluring pussy. My arousal grew, but I focused. Now for the hard part, her shirt. I tried to take it off the traditional way, only to find that removing a shirt from an unconscious body was remarkably difficult. All a sudden arms became quite a nuisance. It was then that I had an idea. I grabbed a pair of scissors from her desk, and very, very carefully began to cut from the bottom. I worked my way up, over her smooth belly, over her chest, until I got to the neck of her shirt, where I put down the scissors and simply tore the material. It ripped easily, and I pulled the material off of her.
There she was. Like a goddess!!! Lying there naked and beautiful. Completely helpless. I positioned her on to her side, and gently laid myself down on the bed behind her, my back to the wall, and covered us both under her warm, comfy blankets, and willed myself to sleep.
At least, that was the plan. After perhaps an hour of sleep, I was awoken by the feeling of my enormous erection that was pressed against her hip. She was still out cold. My hand had rested at her belly. It was then that I took the risk and slowly migrated my hand upward. I found her left breast and gently cupped it, caressing it and feeling its shape and weight. I grew bolder and tweaked her nipple. It grew in response. I listened an paid attention to my sense of touch. Nope. She continued the same deep, measured breathing of someone that is deep in sleep. I shifted my attention to her right breast, which was pressed down against the bed. My fingers digged down inbetween her mound of lovely flesh and the fabric of the bed. I kneaded her soft tit, feeling its shape and contours. Twisting that nipple so it was hard like its parallel companion.
I grew even bolder. My hand dropped from her chest and moved down between her legs. I couldn’t believe that I was doing this, but I couldn’t stop myself. I stuck my pointer finger in between her lips, rubbing up and down, before finding her already aroused clit. I caressed it, massaged it. I stuck my middle finger in her as well, and she moaned in response. I watched her face and the movement of her chest. I saw the same calm, deep breathing and could see her eyeballs rolling underneath her lids. She was very much asleep. I continued to pleasure her unconscious body. She squirmed and snuggled up against me, her bottom rubbing against my throbbing dick. i knew I was close to cumming. I moved my fingers faster in side of her. Her breathing sped up, naturally in reaction. Faster and faster, more and more squirming, until finally my fingers were bombarded in a warm, milky substance and her body relaxed into my arms. I, myself had cum at around the same time. I removed my hand, and laid back to go back to sleep. As I drifted away to sleep, I felt her turn her body to face me, and felt her put her arm around me. Abi was sound asleep, but somewhere in that subconscious part of her brain, she was snuggling up with her lover.
I awoke the next morning to another loud noise, but this time it wasn’t an alarm lock, it was the high pitched sound of a girl screaming. Before I knew what was going on, I received a hard kick to the balls, a hit to the abdomen and a strike to the nose. I rolled into a ball in agony, but as Abi took another breath to let out another ear drum cracking scream, I quickly covered her mouth with my hand. “Abi” I made out, working through the pain “it is ok, it is just me!!! Richard!” I looked into the wide eyes of the girl beside me. “Look, you have already put me in a lot of pain. Do me a favor and give me five minutes to explain and I will either prove to you I am a friend, or you have my permission to send me to the hospital.” I said. Her eyes showed that she was thinking it over. She nodded her head as best she could with my hand pressing down on her mouth. I slowly moved my hand as well as the arm that had her held down so that I would receive no further damage from her. She immediately pushed herself away from me, like a rabbit eluding a fox. She had a skeptical, wary look on her face. “Who are you? Why am I naked? Why are you in my room? What is going….?” “Wow, I guess you must have gotten a bit of a concussion after all”, I exclaimed. “I am your friend Richard. I met you yesterday in Philosophy. I am in your room because……well, sheesh, how the hell am I going to explain this?” I asked myself. “Let’s skip over that part for now. You are naked because you lost consciousness while brushing your teeth last night, and you are naked because I got you out of the dirty clothes.” I said, offering her a warm smile. The smile seemed to put her more at ease, but only a little. “Ok”, she said, pulling her covers up to almost her throat.
“Let me call Val!!!” I offered, getting out my phone. “Who is Val”, she inquired. “Jesus Christ”, I replied. “This is going to take some work!!!” I did my best to explain, before calling Val and telling her to get to Abi’s room ASAP. Then I turned to Abi. “So, whether we are friends or not, you should probably get some clothes on.” I say. “True.” She says.
She stood up, dragging the covers with her to cover herself. “You better not peek” she exclaimed, while I tried my best to resist my urge to scoff at the irony. Yesterday we were naked together for an entire night, with other people. And here she didn’t remember any of it, and was treating me like a complete stranger. I did, however, appreciate her point of view. She didn’t know me. Or at least, she didn’t know that she knew me. I wouldn’t be happy to find a stranger in my room either.
Val knocked on the door and announced herself just as Abi finished getting dressed. I told her she could come in. “Hey there cutie, did you bump your head” said Val to Abi. “Who are you?” Abi asked in all seriousness. Val’s jaw dropped. “Wow, is this for real? Has she forgotten you to?” Val inquired of me. I nodded. “I thought this shit just happened in movies. Let’s go to the health center.”
Val and I dragged Abi out of the dorm and into the health center, where we were referred to the local hospital. Abi had a concussion with mild amnesia, but fortunately it was limited to the events that occurred the day before, and the doctor told us that the memories were probably there, that Abi’s brain just needed to reboot. I did my best to laugh at the doctor’s attempt to speak in layman’s terms. “What can we do?” Val and I asked, virtually at the same time. “Well, the more she interacts with you the harder her brain will work to access those memories, so, just try to interact with her normally. Give her space if she asks for it, but don’t abandon her.” We said we understood, and went back to campus.
“So, Abs, it’s Friday, what do you want to do tonight?” I asked. She gave me a skeptical look. “What do we usually do?” she asked. “Well, we all just met yesterday, so we should figure that out” said Val with a smile. She bounded onto Abi’s bed and I was mesmerized for a moment by the responding bouncing of her tits in her tight, red vneck. “Now is not the time to check out your new friend, Val” I thought to myself, trying to stay focused. “Let’s just go to the movies” I suggested. Abi acquiesced and Val accepted enthusiastically. “But first, let’s pretty you up” said Val to Abi. “Well, he will need to turn around” Abi said, pointing to me. “Well, Abs” responded Val, “I am sure he will do so, if it will make you feel better. But, ummm…you kind of spent a whole night nude with him, myself and two other people, so. Nothing he hasn’t seen before.” Abi’s mouth dropped in disbelief. “What?” she asked.
Val and I did the best we could to explain yesterday’s events.
“Let’s head over to the mall” I said, trying to change the mood.
We arrived at the mall, where Val and I decided that perhaps shopping would cheer Abi up, and I also needed to buy clothes to replace the sweats and tshirt I had on.
We went to a store, where the girls went to the women’s section, leaving me to find some clothes for myself. Suddenly, Val called me over with a wicked smile on her face. “We could use your assistance” she told me with a grin. I followed them, and headed for the waiting chairs, but was told to follow them to the changing room. I brought the clothes I had selected with me. When we entered the changing room, Abi was seated on the bench, waiting. We locked the door. Beside Abi was a selection of three dresses. She tried the first two on, but they were nothing spectacular. Then she tried on the third one, and my mouth just about dropped to the floor. It was a blue summer dress, a simple design, tight, short at the bottom, displaying Abi’s spectacular long, sexy legs, but what really got me going with the neckline, which was wide at her shoulders, and narrowed down, but unlike most necklines, this one continued down almost to her navel, where it rounded out. My eyes were glued to the breathtaking view of Abi’s cleavage. It could hardly be called cleavage, at least not in the traditional sense. Her breasts were hanging free from her chest, the dress revealing an unobstructed view of the space between and below her perky breasts, as well as a tiny hint of the breasts themselves. Apparently I stared longer than I thought, and Abi started to pull the sides of her dress together, trying to cover herself up, before giving in. I looked away, making eye contact with Val, and simply smiled. “I think this is the one” said Val, with a big grin.
“I want to get one too, now that I think about it. Abi, you and Richard stay here. Choose from Richard’s selection. I will be back soon.”
I looked through the clothes I had chosen, a collection of collared shirts and smart casual pants. I had Abi look at them, and she seemed to take her tast seriously. ‘Was she beginning to remember?’ I wondered to myself.
“Well, let’s start with an undershirt” said Abi, taking control. She handed me one, and watched as I exchanged it for the one I was wearing. “Now the trousers” she said. I smiled at her cute British phrases. Then I remembered I was naked under my sweatpants. I hesitated, not knowing what to say or do. “Is something the matter?” asked Abi. “Ummm” I stammered, trying to come up with something to say. “I am not wearing any underwear” I told her sheepishly. “Oh”, she replied, with a surprised look on her face. “Well, I suppose you can wear your trousers without”, she said. “Alright.” I replied. She handed me a pair of khakis, which I accepted. She turned around, as I changed into the khaki pants. “Done” I said. She turned towards me and looked me over, walking around me to see from all angles. “Walk around in them”, she said. I didn’t recall ever having a friend examine a new pair of pants on me in such detail, before, but I did as she said. As I walked toward her, after having walked a few paces away, her face turned red. “What’s wrong?”, I asked her. “Oh, nothing” she replied, although her body language said otherwise. She stood uncomfortably, fidgeting and refusing to look at me. I put on a collared shirt, to finish the ensemble, and approached her. She was still looking down. I stopped a few feet away from her. I raised my hand to her cheek, gently lifting her chin up to face me. Her lip trembled. I moved my face closer, and waited. She seemed uncertain, like she was debating what to do in her head, but she didn’t retreat. I took initiative, moving all of the way and kissing her on the lips. It was a light peck. I moved back, staring into her eyes. After a few seconds, she lunged at my face, her lips crashing into mine, almost like she was trying to tackle me with her face. Her kisses were passionate and impatient, her lips caressing my own. I felt her tongue upon my lips, and opened my mouth to allow her tongue to dance with mine. I pulled away, gasping for air. We looked at eachother.
My hands resting on her bare shoulders, I exlaimed, almost pleading, “please tell me you are back, Abi!!!” She looked directly into my eyes. “I think so, Richard. I think so.” I kissed her hard, and she responded. “I love this dress on you” I exlaimed, as I cheekily pressed the fabric covered sides of her boobs, pushing the revealed parts of her chest into a cavern of titillating flesh. “You do, do you?” she replied. “Well, I love the way I can clearly see the outline of your package in those khakis” she said, without a hint of shame. I lunged my face at hers, kissing her hard, my hands roaming over her back, as hers were exploring mine. We moved to the bench. I pulled down the top of her dress, caressing her firm breasts for the first time, at least that she knew of. She wasted no time in reaching for the massive bulge in my pants, grabbing it and rubbing along its length. “I want you, NOW!!!” exclaimed Abi. I gestured for her to stand, and I took her place on the bench. In a flash I had unzipped and unbuttoned my pants, and released my enormous member from its prison. Abi quickly lifted the fabric of the bottom of her dress and virtually pounced onto my hard pole. She situated herself with so much force and so quickly, I was almost worried that she had hurt herself, but my worries were soon forgotten as she began to ride my throbbing dick. I placed my hands on each side of me on the bench, raising myself up in time with her movements, with my dick moving upward, as her body moved down. She responded with passionate moans, which I thought might be getting a little to loud. Suddenly, just as both of us came simultaneously, the door opened and in walked Valerie.
Valerie laughed as she averted her eyes. “Well, HELLO, you two!!!” she said. “It seems that Abi remembers who you are now, Rich”, she said, while laughing. Abi quickly got off of me and readjusted her dress. She was blushing hard. “Oh, it is ok, Abi. Who hasn’t done this sort of thing.” “Me”, exclaimed Abi in an almost mouse like voice. “Well, now you have”, replied Valerie, smiling. It was then that I noticed Valerie’s dress. It was black dress that tied around the neck. The bottom of the dress flowed down to her knees. But it was the neckline that drew my attention. You could hardly call it a neckline. It was open, from the point where the ties met around her neck to a few inches from the bottom of her D cup tits. I could best describe the cut as an oval that was squished into a piece of a star shape. Needless to say the view was spectacular. “Haven’t you ever heard of the 5 second rule”, Valerie said to me, with a big smile on her face. “Oh, I am sorry”, I replied. “It’s alright. Say, can you give me a hand. Having a hard time getting the bra to work.” I walked up to her. “What do you want me to do?” I asked. She took my hands, and moved them into the top of her dress, onto the cups of her bra. As she worked on adjusting the straps, I held the cups in place, or adjusted them when she told me to. After a few minutes, she gave up. “I’ll just go without”, she exclaimed, as she unhooked her bra and pulled it off from underneath her dress. Her now free breasts further improved her cleavage, something I didn’t think was possible.
We left the changing room and made our way to the cinema, but not before the girls purchased some shawls to cover up their revealing necklines as well as some high heel shoes and other accessories. Then we made our way to the theater, with me escorting a girl with each arm. I did my best not to stare at the four braless tits that bounced on either side of me. Although they were now covered by shawls out of modesty, I knew what was there, and could see the movement of their mammaries as they wobbled with each step. I bought tickets for the film. We decided on a chick flick. We made our way to seats near the back. As we ascended the steps, I noticed men turning their heads to take in the view of the two gorgeous women, and the lucky son of a gun that was with them. More than one of these guys received a hard slap from an angry girlfriend.
We settled into our seats, and made ourselves comfortable. I was in the middle, wondering how I managed to find myself between two sexy women. In the corner of my eye I caught Val looking at Abi, and sending a wink and a smile. I pretended I didn’t see it. I would later learn that they had made an agreement between the two of them. It began to get quite warm. I unbuttoned a few of the buttons of my shirt, and the girls followed suit, removing their shawls and putting them in their purses. My heart beated faster and faster. On each side of me was a spectacular view down a sexy dress. I looked at each of them in turn. They seemed to be preoccupied with the trailers, or perhaps that is what they wanted me to think. Either way, I took several glances without being “discovered”. I looked to my right. Valerie was leaning back, leaning towards me. Her arms were crossed underneath her breasts, pushing them up and out. I felt as if I would get lost in the valley between her mountainous peaks. Her breathing was deep, her chest rising and falling and her boobs moving forward and back with each breath.
I turned to my left. Abi’s breasts were not enormous, like Val’s were, as Abi was a B cup, but they were a perfect shape and were very perky. Her very open neckline allowed an unobstructed view between her breasts, which hung naturally. With each breath I saw her breasts rise and fall in rythym with the rest of her body.
I smoothly maneuvered my arms around their shoulders, and each responded by leaning in towards me. My hands rested on their upper arms. Abi scooched in close, resting her head on my chest. My arm found itself nested at her waist. A funny scene came on and we all laughed, while I took notice of the four jiggling breasts that bounced around me. I had, by this point, developed a semi in my pants, which pointed down against my leg. Both the girls noticed at the same time, and they smiled at eachother knowingly. Valerie made a show of pressing her boobs together, as if she was suddenly quite cold, squishing her breasts and contorting them into a seductive arrangement. My dick continued to grow. Not to be outdone, Abi pressed her left breast into my side as she snuggled close. I soon had a noticable bulge in my pants. Abi began rubbing my thigh absent mindedly, moving closer and closer to my crotch. When she eventually arrived at her destination, she grabbed it and squeezed her prize. She quickly and quietly unbuttoned and unfastened my pants and pulled out my 7 inch member. She wasted no time in rubbing up and down its length, before falling to her knees in front of me and taking it deep in her mouth. I moaned as she pleasured me with her mouth. While Abi deepthroated my throbbing dick, Val took my right hand in hers, and smashed into her right breast. I wasted no time in caressing her large, full breast and tweaking her nipple. In no time, my cock exploded in Abi’s mouth, and she swallowed all of it. To my surprise, she quickly got back in her seat. Val took a napkin in her hand and my dick in the other and wiped it clean. She then took my shrinking penis and put it back in my pants, zipping me up and buttoning my pants. She winked at me as we stood up during the end credits, and we walked out of the theater.

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