Therapy Gone Wrong

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I first met Helen after undergoing Radiotherapy for throat cancer; she was my post care nurse assigned to me. This meant that for the next 12 months she was my main point of contact with the hospital apart from my outpatient appointments. Helen stood five feet six inches tall with a body best described as BBW; I later found out her breast size was an amazing 40 EE and she loved being dominated.
How did I find this out you may ask? Well it all began on a home visit to my house; I was not expecting her to call and was in the middle of writing a story to be posted on this web site, when the doorbell rang and without thinking I got up and answered the door. Now unable to close down my monitor and Helen breezed past me and into my Living room; she glanced at the bright lit monitor and stood transfixed as she read a paragraph I had just written; “For the last four or five punishments, something strange had been happening to Brenda, she had begun to enjoy the anticipation of being punished and not only enjoy it but also become sexually aroused by it, always the anticipation of the impending spanking started as a tingle in her cunt and caused her to squirm as her cunt became hot and wet. She tried so hard to remain in control of her breathing so as not to give away her excitement and yet both her mother and father must be aware of how shiny the inner thighs of their daughter got recently when spread across her father’s lap awaiting delivery of that first spank.”
Helen blushed redder than a beetroot as she finally turned to face me; I was about to apologise and tried to turn off the monitor when Helen stopped me and asked me my penname, I told her I wrote under either niteowluk99 or niteowluk2003. She suddenly smiled and said I have read some of your work and it is very good. I explained my hobby was to write about some of my sexual experiences and I posted on only four websites, so I asked her which site she had seen my work on.
Again Helen blushed as she told me the website and I asked her what type of story she actually liked reading the most; she coyly replied that all the stories she read were basically stories where sluts were told what to do and punished if it was not done properly. Helen then looked down at the floor as she asked if all my stories were based on actual events; I seized the opportunity to take charge and simply said, “look me in the eye, slut!” instantly she shot her head up and went to defend herself as not being a slut; so vehemently did she protest that I simply stepped forward and lightly slapped her face telling her to be quiet.
Stunned she suddenly stopped speaking and I told her that her reactions since discovering my secret hobby showed me that she was a typical candidate for slut training and if I was wrong then she knew where the door was right now; she could leave and then return in an hour for her proper reason for being here and nothing further would be said about this matter. She took five slow steps towards the front door but before going out of it she stopped and turned back towards me. Calmly now she asked if her agreeing with me would make any difference to her carrying out her duties as a nurse? To which I replied that it would make no difference what so ever and all she had to do was tell me a safe word which she would use to define her visit as a medical one otherwise I would assume she was here to be trained.
Unsurprisingly she chose Radiotherapy as her safe word for this purpose and at my prompting she chose sexy-nurse as her personal safe word. I then told her to enter the room and stand in the middle of the floor in position one; confused she asked what position one was and I quickly explained it was standing with her feet eighteen inches apart her head tilted down so her gaze was about two feet in front of her feet; at the same time I told her that position two was on her knees with her legs about eighteen inches apart and again her gaze 2 foot in front of her, and position three was on her hands and knees with her head pressed to the floor and her butt pushed high in the air.
As she began to move into the room she suddenly muttered “Radiotherapy” and looked nervously at me; I smiled and simply said “ok!”
For the next thirty minutes Helen carried out her duties as a nurse checking the site of the surgically removed throat cancer and the area of skin burns from the Radiotherapy treatment before telling me she was now through. Without me saying anything she moved into the centre of the room and assumed the position one as described by me earlier. She smiled at me as I walked up to her and a scowl from me had her return her gaze to the floor; she muttered that she had only thirty minutes before she would have to go, so I told her that I wanted to know more about her. I soon learned that she was 28 years old and a size 20 dress size with those massive beauties measuring at 40EE she confessed to shaving her cunt every other day and that she currently had no boyfriends to worry about.
Further discussions revealed that she loved the feeling of pain before pleasure and often spanked her own arse with a metal toothed hair brush before using the handle in her cunt. I told her of my plans for her before she finally admitted as much as she wanted to stay she just had to leave to visit the rest of her patients today but she did say she would be finished about six thirty that night and could re-arrange her route to finish less that thirty minutes from my home. I told her then I would expect her at no later than seven thirty pm and would have a few things prepared for her return.
With that nurse Helen left and I returned to the story I was in the middle of writing but could not pick up the thread again so I sat planning on what I was going to do to Helen later.
Later at 7:15 pm, Helen knocked on my door and upon me answering it she silently walked into the living room, before adopting position one looking at the floor some eighteen inches in front of her feet. There she stood awaiting my commands; I looked her over from head to foot and smiled to myself. “Remove your uniform at once!” I demanded and Helen quickly obeyed sliding her pale blue uniform to the floor before stepping from it; now she remained dressed in bra and panties. I instantly snarled, “You useless slut, I would have thought that even you would have realised I would require you to refrain from wearing a bra in my presence!”
Helen started to apologise, but was cut short by my firm voice; “I don’t want apologies, bitch, I want and demand obedience!” I growled. Realising her mistake, Helen quickly adjusted her dress by removing her bra and tossing to one side. I then told her to place her hands behind her back and for the first time I gazed upon those two magnificent orbs of womanly flesh; stepping forward I placed my hand on her right breast in such a way that I could close my thumb and forefinger around her already erect nipple. I pinched her nipple and kept increasing the pressure watching her face as I did so, at the first sign of a wince I stopped applying pressure and began to pull her nipple towards me.
I noticed her breathing was becoming shallow and her body began to almost glow in a radiance of pure lust, with a quick twist of the wrist I twisted her nipple and was greeted with an almost gasping grunt of passion. I asked Helen, “Are you sure you want to give me your body to use as the slut and whore that you are?”
In an urgent and almost ecstatic tone she responded “Oh yes, Master, use my horny fuck slut of a body to bring out the whore in me!”
I then walked over to the sofa and pulled the soft silky satin Japanese bondage rope from under the cushion, purposely allowing Helen to see me handling this; I returned to her and six inches from one end of the rope I formed a loop. I then slipped this loop over her right breast and taking hold of the loose end and pulled on the longer end until it tightened around her large floppy breast. Now in a figure of eight I wound the rope around her tits causing them to bulge a glow deep red. Helen never objected or complained about the tightness but her nipples looked even harder against the cherry red inflamed breasts, a quick flick of her left nipple achieved the desired result as she almost groaned in pleasure.
I now moved behind her and leaned forward to whisper in her ear; My little whore I am going to punish you for having the disobedience to wear a bra in my presence, but I wonder should I spank you six or twelve times and where should I spank you on your arse, your cunt or on those magnificent bulging tits?
Almost in an erotic whisper she gasped, Oh master twelve would be heaven and if I may be so bold as to request the spanking on my cunt then I would be truly in heaven!
I laughed and told her she was half right as I would indeed give her twelve spanks but they would be shared equally between her horny looking tits.
I commanded her to get into position two and after reminding her what that was she knelt in front of me and I simply wheeled away and brought a dining chair placing it just in front of her. Now sitting comfortably I grabbed her hair and pulled her head up level with mine and told her that I would expect her to count out each of the spanks and also expect her to thank me for taking the trouble to correct her insolent ways.
The first fairly light slap landed on her right breast as Helen meekly said aloud One. Thank you for showing this worthless cunt the error of her ways, sir. The second spank landed on her left tit harder than the first and again I was thanked, by the fourth slap I had worked out just how hard she needed the slaps to be and she was almost panting to avoid cumming by the final spank. Dipping my hand between her legs informed me just how soaking wet she was and her clit was as hard as a little cock against the back of my hand.
I then ordered Helen to bring herself off whilst I nipped at her rock hard nipples. She immediately closed her eyes and began rubbing hard on her cunt as my mouth closed over her left nipple and I slowly bit down onto her nipple until I heard her groan, then gripping her nipple in my teeth I lashed the nipple end with my tongue while slightly pulling back. Suddenly Helen let out a long slow scream as her body convulsed in the first of what seemed like an eternity of orgasms.
I quickly untied her breasts and told her to dress and go home, having made sure she gave me her mobile number; I told her I would contact her with more instructions and tasks within the next three days. I warned her that I would expect her to carry out my wishes to the letter or face ever increasing punishment.
Helen looked me in the eyes and thanked me before asking if she could ask just one question.
I allowed her to ask her question, and replied honestly when she asked why I had not fucked her as she had enjoyed all the pleasure and had not given me anything in return. I explained that I had not fucked her not because I had not wanted to but because of the need for precautions whilst undergoing the cancer treatments and the simple fact I had no protection to put on. I warned her though that the next time she was naked in front of me she would take my cock in her mouth and her cunt and maybe even her arse before I would allow her to leave.
Two days later I called the number she gave me and enquired of Helen what sex toys she owned; coyly she whispered into the phone that she was with a work colleague and could she call me back in half an hour. Instantly I demanded that she answer my question or she would be punished; I assume she walked away from her colleague because she told me she had an old vibrator which no longer buzzed but was still her favourite because it was ten inches long and two inches wide. She confessed that this was her only sex toy and almost used her safe word of sexy nurse as she listened to me telling her of her task to be carried before Friday night.
“You will go to a sex shop and select a similar sized vibrator to your favourite toy, you will also select three butt plugs; one in each size of small, medium and large. You will ask about the prices of nipple clamps although you will not buy any of these and finally you will ask about cupping tools and if within reason as far as price is concerned you will purchase two medium cups and a large cunt cup with the necessary piping and suction pump! Is that clear my little fuck slut.” I demanded.
Yes sir was her only reply.
I imagined her feverishly looking for a sex shop far enough away from her home that they would not recognise her and then having to pluck up courage to actually walk in to one of these premises and ask a complete stranger about butt plugs and nipple clamps.
It was Friday morning when I phoned Helen again and invited her to meet me at a café near my home that evening at seven pm. I warned her not to forget all her sex toys and suggested that she leave her bra and panties at home.Master Ray was sat at the cafe a good 10 min before Helen’s arrival; he had chosen to sit near the front of the shop but still a discrete distance from public view. Eventually Helen arrived and nervously waited to be asked to sit; Master Ray slowly eyed her from head to toe. Even with her top coat on, through the opening he could see that she was wearing what he had demanded.
It was clear that she was wearing a white blouse and a black wrap around skirt; he knew that she was submissive enough to believe that she would not dare disobey his orders about not wearing a bra although he surmised that because she had been given the option she would be wearing panties. In a firm but fairly quiet voice, Master Ray, demanded that she remove her coat and that she sit beside him rather than in front of him. He then slide his hand along her thigh and under the hem of her skirt; when Helen suddenly blurted out an apology for she had not left her panties at home as she was told to do; Master Ray simply said she would be punished for that later.
After ordering a coffee for them both, he now demanded she hand over the bag containing the sex toys she was reminded to bring with her. Nervously she handed over the small shopping bag and seemed to blush as she waited for him to open and view its contents.
Here Helen takes up the story. I suppose the day started to get to me; around the middle of the afternoon; when I began to prepare for meeting my master. First of all I ran a Bath with my very best scented oils and as I soaked I could not help but close my eyes and imagine what was in store for me. I knew that at some point my new toys would be used on my body and that thought started and itch between my legs which just would not go away. In my mind’s eye I could see my master using my new vibrating nipple clamps on my already erect nipples whilst slamming the large black rubber cock into my cunt.
Reluctantly I dragged myself out of the bath and sitting on the bath side, I began to shave my pubic area, because of my aroused state, the badger brush that I use with the shaving foam began to tease my already excited clitoris and I had to stop myself from playing with my soaking wet cunt. The fact that my master had demanded that I shave not once but three times, did nothing to help me through this period. By now my cunt was on fire and no amount of wiping was going to remove the secretions of my horny cunt juice.
At last it was now time to dress in preparation for the leaving home and to meet with this man who despite only knowing me for such a short while, could read my mind like an open book. As I put on the white satin type blouse it initially felt colder than normal to my skin and every movement of fastening up the buttons seemed to cause the material to rub against my erect nipples, sending electric shocks directly to my clit. All of which pushed the heightened state of my cunt a notch higher.
By the time I was ready to bend over and fasten the straps on my shoes, my cunt was throbbing and my nipples genuinely ached; so much so that I walked on extremely wobbly legs for a good five minutes before leaving home. As I walked along the street I felt everyone’s eyes seeming to burn into my body and I was convinced that they knew I was going to become my master’s slut; I even thought I could feel the cunt juice running down my inner thighs like a small stream and honestly I nearly turn for home on two occasions.
Now standing before my master; I feel powerless to resist anything he tells me and in fact would go so far as to say; I am totally besotted with him and want nothing more than to please his every wish. If he told me to strip naked and fuck every person I saw in the café I would willingly oblige just to please him.
This is Master Ray again; I told Helen I wanted her to perform a special obedience test for me; handing her the middle sized butt plug and then the smallest butt plug, I told her to go to the toilet and only after rubbing her cunt to a climax through her panties was she to remove them. Next she was to insert the larger butt plug up her cunt and the smaller one up her arse before returning to me. Where she was to place her soaking wet panties in to my hand and tell me she was a dirty little wanton whore.
Instantly she stood up and walked off to the toilets where once more she takes up the story. As I stood up, I was sure all ten people in that café knew what I had been ordered to do but more than that I felt their knowing looks telling me they knew I was a whore and I was going off to complete my task; I became aware of every bounce of my unfettered tits and their erect nipples being clearly discernible through the fabric of my blouse. Every single step I took they rubbed against the blouse and soon seemed to be screaming into my ears that I was a whore on my way to fuck my cunt in order to cum just because I had been told to.
I was a little shocked when I entered the ladies toilet; I had expected to be a single compartment and may be just a single basin to wash your hands in; in fact there were three cubicles with toilets in and a row of sinks. Behind these sinks was one large mirror and above this there was three small strip lights. I could not help but notice my reflection in the mirror; my face was flushed and my nipples clearly showed through the material of my blouse; although it could not be seen in the mirror my cunt was the reason for my flushed appearance as it felt as if it was on fire.
Do not ask me why, but for some reason I decided to stand in front of the mirror and I pulled my skirt around my waist and place the flat of my hand against the gusset of my panties. A slow push down and I could feel the wetness already escaping my cunt lips. Further rubbing simply spread that wetness around until my panties were soaking wet and my body trembled from its orgasm. Still oblivious to whether anyone else was in the toilets I continued with my instructions and removed those wet panties before taking out the medium-sized butt plug. Looking at this really the first time I wondered how I was going to get this up my cunt; the butt plug was conical shaped with the bulbous end being three inches long by two inches wide at its widest point.
I rubbed this against my cunt, using my own juices as lubrication and still had to push so hard to get it passed my cunt entrance; although once up me it did feel great and in fact felt very fulfilling. Retrieving the smaller butt plug, which again was conical about two and a half inches long by one and a half wide at its widest point; I tried to ease this up passed my anal ring but it simply refused to pass into my arse. A sudden thought occurred to me; maybe it would have been better to get this butt plug in place first before the one for my cunt; I cannot describe the wonderful feeling I experienced at the point where my stretched cunt lips released its grip on the butt plug. Quickly now I rubbed the smaller butt plug against my cunt covering it in my juices as a lube and sure enough with a little firm effort it popped into place stretching my anal ring delightfully before lodging inside my back passage.
It would be a lie to say I did not have further difficulties in inserting the medium plug back up my cunt but boy oh boy, what an indescribable feeling of being completely full, when it finally plopped into place. I could feel both cones pressing against each other with only a thin membrane keeping them apart and the locating flanges seemed to caress my skin as I adjusted my dress in preparation for returning to my beloved master. Just then the third cubicle doors swung open and accompanied with the sounds of a flushing cistern out stepped a young woman of I would say about 18 years of age. The look on her face told me she had heard me cumming earlier and she definitely spotted my wet panties now laid on the wash basin. She mumbled that it smelt like a brothel in here as she quickly left the toilets without a glance back.
Grabbing my wet panties, I too beat a hasty retreat back to Master Ray, although the butt plugs let me know they were there with each step I took. Sliding on to the bench beside him I discretely handed him my wet panties which he brazenly took out in full view and slowly sniffed the crotch area before slowly lowering them and slipping them into his pocket. As only befitting I now allow my master to continue to tell you this tale.
Open your legs my little fuck slut, I demanded of Helen and when she opened them sufficiently to my liking I slipped my hand up under her skirt and checked the insertions. Soon I had this little horny bitch panting as I threatened to pull one or the other of the plugs from their warm and decidedly wet locations and sensing she was on the verge of cumming again I told her we were leaving. I knew walking her out of the café and round to the car park where my car was waiting would keep her cunt bubbling away without allowing her the chance to cum.
Now standing beside my car, I ordered Helen to raise her skirt and to show me the flanges of the plugs. To the front of the one up her cunt I quickly attached one of the vibrating clamps normally reserved for nipples; but I made sure it would contact her clitoris and the second clamp locked around the stem of the plug coming out of her anus, thus its flange would press the clamp to the edge of her anal ring. Now I fed the wires up towards the waist band of her skirt and just before tucking the control box into that waist band I set the vibrations to a midpoint, before opening the car door and sitting Helen in the passenger seat, adjusting the seatbelt to pass between her large tits before slowly walking round and getting in the driver’s seat. I could already see the uncomfortable expression on her face mixing with a look of sheer lust as the vibrations did their work.
Before driving away I deliberately pinched and twisted each of her nipples through the blouse material and informed Helen she was to repeat this every three minutes, failure to do so on time would result in her being punished further by losing a button on her blouse until her blouse hung open and then she would have to remove the blouse even if they had not arrived at their destination and four spanks for each lost button would be delivered later.
As we drove Helen managed to keep to the timings for a few attempts and then she was distracted by a 4X4 which stopped beside us and the driver seemed to be intently looking in on her. After the sixth minute I coughed and warned Helen that she now had to open two buttons on her blouse and would receive her 8 spanks later. Nervously aware of the driver watching she tweaked her nipples and then undid the top two buttons; the poor driver of the 4×4 beside us must have thought she was going to undo all the buttons and as the lights changed we pulled off but he managed to stall his car.
Suddenly Helen realised where she was going, when she uttered ‘MY PLACE’ and quickly asked why are we going to my place? Because I chose to go there! I replied. Why then did I have to bring the sex toys when you could have seen them at my home? She asked. The toilet task could not have been carried out if you had left the toys at home! I declared. My scorned look must have told Helen not to pursue her questions as she suddenly lowered her head and concentrated on tweaking her nipples as instructed.
Parking a short distance from her home, we walked slowly towards her front door as I told her in precise words just what she was in for tonight. Helen you are going to be my blindfolded playmate for the next hour; you will be my little slut, whore or bitch as I dictate your actions. Only when I am satisfied will you finally take your punishment that you have earned from disobeying my first instruction about dress code and added to this is the penalties of eight spanks for not keeping time in the car. She seemed both scared and enthralled at the same time; as she excitedly asked what punishment she would receive for wearing her panties when ordered not to.
As soon as the front door closed I demanded she show me her tits; Helen quickly undid the buttons of her blouse and held the sides of the blouse open. I snarled I told you to show me your tits not flash them in my direction; realising her mistake Helen quickly discarded the blouse and placed her hands by her side. Whack my hand spun across her chest making the minimum of contact with her tits but just enough to leave a tell-tale tingle. You know my demands in regard to showing yourself to me; feet eighteen inches apart hands folded behind your back and your gaze to the floor like an obedient fucking bitch; I angrily reminded her.
Instantly Helen adjusted her stance and begged forgiveness; I merely took her nipples between both thumbs and forefingers and pulled. Helens upper body gave slightly but she did not move her stance and she seemed to smile at her success until I applied extra pressure and turned that smile into a wince. I then demanded that she remove the nipple clamps and her skirt; she gingerly undid the clamps before handing the control unit to me; and then she dropped her skirt to the floor, before awaiting me next command.
I stepped forward and ran my hand between her legs from arse to cunt; the flanges leaked her body fluids as they were jolted by my hand and I saw her thigh actually quiver. Playfully I asked Helen if she wanted to cum and when she nodded her head I laughed and said well don’t you think you should beg me to let you cum my little whore!
Master Ray, please allow your worthless whore a climax and I promise I will be your slave forever! She murmured. But you are my slutty slave until I say different so why should I allow you to cum my little sex toy.
I then took a silk scarf from my inside pocket and placed it over Helen’s eyes; tying it tightly behind her head; Then I took my mobile phone from my pocket and called my home number before allowing Helen to hear the dial tone! Quickly then I took the phone and said is that Leroy! Then waiting for a few seconds before saying can you please tell him that Master Ray is on the phone and the game is on. Then waiting for a lot longer, I continuing hi Leroy! Yeah it’s me and everything is set so how many have you raised? Again another pause before saying I suppose six will have to be enough, ranging from seven inches to twelve inches; wow that’s great; how quick can you get here! Another long pause and then I repeated Helen’s home address before ending the call by saying be quick in getting here.
(Helen’s view) Master Ray placed the blindfold over my eyes and instantly my hearing became much more acute; when I heard the dial out ring of his phone I wondered who he would be ringing at a time like this and the following conversation filled me with fear and yet my body reacted so differently; my skin seemed to come alive and I swear I could feel every single draft of wind as it seemed to crawl over my skin.
My mind raced ahead to imagining these people stood staring at my naked body and suddenly without anyone touching me I cum but it was not like any climax I had ever had before it was more mentally intense and I knew my Master had seen me cumming because I felt my thigh muscles -tremble so violently that he must have seen that tell-tale sign.
I could only imagine what I would have to do to satisfy these seven strangers before agreeing to satisfy my beloved master. Waiting for these strange men to arrive seemed like an eternity and my earring picked up on several small noises that would normally have escaped detection; I was not sure if that was a clock ticking or the thumping of my heart as I stood there in awkward anticipation.

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