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I stood silently next to the limousine and waited
nervously for her to appear. She had just finished one
of her concerts and was getting changed in her dressing
room. My cock was already hardening thinking of her
tight little body, her firm breasts, her lovely face and
her luscious, red pouty lips. I have dreamed of her sexy
body ever since I saw her in her first movie ”Ab ke baras” ,dancing
and showing off her ‘ass’-et.

Ever since then, I knew I was destined to ram my thick
tool into her tight little cunt.

Suddenly, an uproar of fans screaming snapped me out of
my stupor as I saw amrita rao walking out the backstage
door. My cock got even thicker thinking of
those bouncing little girls, but that was to be saved
for another day. I saw her approach the limo door when
one of the few guy fans broke through the line. Before
he even got a glimpse of her perfect, hard body, I
grabbed him by his neck and threw him head first into
the side of the building.

They are going to be scraping his brains off the walls,
I smirked to myself. I held open the door for her and
she quickly waved at her fans, and entered the limo. The
bodyguards that the producer provided for the actress saw
us off safely. I smiled as I thought of what this night
held for me, and for the little bitch in the backseat. I
got onto the road and started back to the hotel that
they had provided for her.

“Have a goodnight tonight amrita ji?” I said trying to
make small talk.

“Wha…? What? Did you say something??” She said in a
snotty tone.

“Never mind amrita ji, I don’t mean to bother y…”

“Well you DID! And if you MUST know, no, I didn’t have a
goodnight! Some asshole threw his key at me! If I ever
find who it was, I will have him hurt very badly!”

“I am sorry to hear that amrita ji .”

“Fuck you! I just roll up the divider and don’t talk to
me!! Where the hell’s my water?!”

“I’m very sorry amrita ji… I don’t mean to intrude…
your water is in the mini-fridge.”

“They call this service?! When my manager hears about
this… Is this the ONLY water they had?? I can’t drink
this SHIT!!”

“amrita ji, please calm down, that was the only water
that the stores had left, I will personally go tomorrow
and get what you requested. But I am sure that you will
enjoy that water for tonight…”

“I damn well better!!” Little did she know that it was
my own little mixture that I had put into the water
bottle. She huffed one more time, cracked the cap and
took a long pull on the bottle. That’s right bitch…
drink all of the water. I looked in the rear-view and
saw her starting to get drowsy.

“Hey, you, you up there… what’s your name?”

“My name amrita ji? It’s sam.”

“Well sam, I’m a little pooped, wake me up when we get
to the hotel.”

“Sure thing you cute piece of ass.”

“What?? Wha di yuuu ssaaaa…” With that she drifted off
as the drug ran its course through her.

I laughed excitedly as I pulled off the highway and onto
a dirt road. No one knew of this, and no one was around
for a good 50 miles. A perfect little getaway for my
little prize. I got out and hid the limo as well as I
could, not that anyone would be coming out around here,
it was my private property.

its 250 square miles land, and no
neighbors to bother me. I pulled the still unconscious
bitch out of the back and brought her into the house. I
locked the door, and turned on the in home security
unit. I specially designed it so that no one could get
in when it was on, but more importantly, no one could
get out without knowing the code. All the windows were
reinforced double pane bulletproof glass that was
unbreakable by normal means, the doors were a steel
titanium alloy that would take an anti-tank missile
before giving way.

Having a shit load of money and a whole lot of time was
a good thing. He slapped the little bitch to wake her
up. She groaned and just rolled on the floor. This time
he gave her a sharp kick in her stomach. She snapped up
quickly as she tried to intake a breath. The pain that
she felt was obvious on her face.

She quickly realized that she was not in her room.

“When they find out that I am not…” I quickly gave her
backhand across her face.

“You shut the fuck up you little bitch, you are mine
now. There is no escape, there is no help. You are 100
miles from the closest person, and NO ONE can hear you.
See those windows?”

I took out my Glock and shot three shots into the
window. She screamed loudly as the bullets impacted the
windows, barely leaving a mark. “And as you can see, the
windows are unbreakable. The doors are locked, and there
is NO other way out of here except through the front
door, and only I have the code.” I put the gun down on
the counter and faced her. I could see in her face that
she was scared, and I could also see that she understood
her situation, it was hopeless for her.

“Do as I say you little cunt, and you may get out of
this alive. You determine how I treat you. Now, would
you like any aspirin for the pain?” I turned around to
head into the kitchen. I went to the cabinet where I
kept all the painkillers when I heard a gentle click. I
smiled to myself; I knew she would go for the gun. I
turned around slowly and came face to face with my own

“Now you listen to me ASSHOLE!” The gun was shaking and
I could tell that she had never held one in her life.
“If you don’t get me out of here, I am going to blow
your head off!!”

“You would never get out of this house. All the phones
have a 10-digit access code; there is NO other way out
of here. So if you shoot me, you die in here, a slow
grueling death of starvation. Do you want that?”


“Then shoot me…” I grinned at her maliciously. She
pushed the gun against my head and pulled the trigger. I
felt the bullet enter through the bottom of my jaw and
exit the top of my head. The Glock pulled me off my feet
and threw me against the counter. I kept my head down to
give her a sense of false security. When I heard the gun
clack to the floor, I snapped my head up and glared at
her. She screamed in surprise and horror.

“That’s going to cost you, you little slut!”

“But… but… but… I… I shot… I shot…”

“You shot me?” I healed up quickly as she looked at me.

“You did. HAHAHAHA! Poor little amrita rao doesn’t know
what she has gotten herself into.” I could tell that I
had broken her spirit. She sank to her knees and started
to cry, she had truly given up.

“Let me show you my little play room.” I grabbed her
hair and dragged her out of the kitchen and into the
bedroom. I decided it was time to show her my true form.
The tiny form that I hid in opened up letting out my
body from the cramped confinement. I stretched out my
arms and legs, letting my muscles ripple out the their
proper shape, my cock grew to its proper length. I saw
her eyes grow as she looked at my enormous form. At 15
feet, my head nearly scraped the ceiling, at 20 inches
soft, my enormous dick hung to my knees.

“Time to pay your dues you little slut! That little
stunt you pulled in the kitchen is going to cost you
dearly!!” I grabbed amrita rao by her tiny throat as my tongue
snaked out. I brought her near me and ripped off her
clothing. She had on only a tank tee and a pair of
shorts. I discovered that she had decided not to wear a
bra that night. The nipples on her perky breasts
tightened as they were exposed to the cool air in the

I stared at amrita rao’s naked body, drinking up the vision of
her loveliness. I extend my tongue and licked her
breasts, letting my tongue curl around her tits,
squeezing them and licking her nipples with the tip. She
groaned slowly against her will as her sex started to
tingle from my playful tongue. I could smell her pussy
starting to get wet, even though she was protesting
loudly for me to stop. I took my other hand and slowly
pulled of her G-string panties.

By this time my tongue had left slick saliva trails all
over her pert breasts. I unraveled my tongue from her
tits and traveled down to her sex.

“Please… Please don’t… don’t do this… I can… I
can pay you… I can pay you any amount of money you
want…” Tears were rolling down her cheeks as my tongue
made it’s way to her pussy lips.

“You only have your pussy to offer me, money is no
interest to me, and I have more than you could ever
offer.” I glanced down at amrita rao’s struggling body and
noticed there was no hair on her tan little twat.

“Shave for me did you? HA HA HA!” My tongue circled
around her pussy lips, flicking against them, teasing
her. I roughly dragged it against her clit and made her
shiver unwillingly. I let my tongue enter her pussy
slowly, letting just the tip in, then more, and more and
more, as the thicker parts of my tongue entered her, she
started to scream even more little by little.

By the time I had most of my tongue into her tight
little twat, I had her held over my mouth, her legs
dangling to either side of my shoulders. The thickest
part of my tongue was at least 4 inches in diameter. I
couldn’t talk, but I could project my thoughts into her
as I thrust my tongue in and out of her tight little

Your pussy muscles are a little loose my lovely amrita… have
you been fucking some of your loyal fans?? All she could
do was scream and groan in ecstasy and agony. I could
feel my tongue slid all the way into her pussy, and then
push past her cervix into her womb.


I felt amrita rao’s pussy muscles contract furiously around my
tongue as she began to cum. Her pussy juices exploded
out around the tight seal that my tongue’s thickness
made around her pussy. Her love juices traveled down my
tongue into my waiting mouth as I continued to slide my
tongue in and out of her tight little love hole.

amrita rao screamed in fear and pleasure as her body was racked
with another orgasm, and another jet of pussy cream
sprayed from her beautiful little twat. I slowly started
to pull my tongue out, making sure it scraped against
her clit, right as the tip of my tongue exited, I hit
her clit once more, making her pussy explode as she came

“You little whore!! You like being raped like this don’t
you!! Tell me what you want you little slut!! Beg for

“Fuck me with your cock!”

“Louder you little cock sucker!! Louder so I can hear


“That’s a good little cock sucker! I’m going to make you
feel like your having a baby backwards! But first…
suck my cock with your sweet little mouth!!”

I dropped amrita rao down to the ground and she quickly
scrambled up to her knees and cooed against my cock
head. She began by licking around the crown, flicking
her tongue against the sensitive spots. A truly
experienced cocksucker indeed! She slowly kissed and
licked my cock all the way to my balls, licking and
sucking on my sac. One of her fists clenched was smaller
than one of my balls, but she tried to take it into her
mouth anyways.

“Take my cock into your mouth my little cock sucking
amrita!” She made her way slowly down to the tip of my
dick and opened up her lovely mouth to take in my cock.
Like she did in short kut movie, she was able
to open her mouth enough to take in the tip of my cock,
which was extraordinary enough. I slowly let her get
used to my size, and then slowly I started to push my
dick deeper into her mouth. Her tiny tongue scraped
against the base of my cock as I pushed in deeper, past
her mouth, to her tonsils.

I paused for a second, and told her to take a deep
breath, and then I pushed in cock even further. I passed
her tonsils and started my trek down her tiny throat. I
could see her neck bulge as my cock began to head down
her throat, I was surprised that she didn’t gag and
guessed this was not her first time taking a cock down
her throat. I wondered how many cocks she has sucked in
her life.

Without my saying so, amrita rao started to hum as my cock went
further down her throat. I could feel the vibrations
through the base of my cock, and I was ready to lose it
in her throat.

“That’s it my little cock slut, give me a hummer of a
life time! Suck me off!! SUCK IT! YES MY LITTLE COCK
WHORE!! SUCK MY COCK!!” My cock had thickened to its
full 40 inches, and she was taking in a little more than
a foot of it. I picked her up gently and turned her
around so that her pussy was level with my chest. I
licked one of my fingers and started to push against her
even tighter little brown asshole, and she squealed as
she clenched it up.

“So!! There is still one place that you are a virgin!
Good my little cock slut!! I will break you in yet!!” I
decided to hold off from her asshole, for now.

“Suck my cock you little slut! Make me cum! MAKE ME
CUM!! NOW!!” amrita rao began suck more, as much as she could,
and hit one of her high notes. That was enough; I
released the load I had saved up in my balls. Her eyes
widened as I realized my load directly into her stomach,
I slowly pulled out my cock as I emptied my balls into
her throat and stomach. Each blast released a quart of
cum into her tight little body.

I pulled out as another load jetted out and blasted her
face and mouth. She squealed in delight as the cum ran
into her mouth and left a tangy taste on her tongue. The
next blast shot into her eyes and up her nose, which
made her flinch and snort at the same time. She ran her
hands up and down my cock as I continued to cum onto her
face and in her hair. By the 12th spurt, her entire head
looked like a cumsicle. She ran her hands through the
cum, scooping up as much cum as she could and sucked it
into her mouth.


Not needing any more motivation, I flipped amrita rao around
until she was facing me. I picked her up and slowly
started to place her cunt against my huge cock head. My
cum slick prick helped lubricate her entrance hole so
that it could fit into her comparatively tiny cunt. I
slowly pushed into her until the head popped in past her
outer lips.

The grimace on her face turned into a scream of pain as
her pussy was already stretched to the breaking point. I
looked at her and smiled, and with one thrust, I pulled
her down halfway onto my cock, and thrust up at the same
time. The shriek that expelled from her lungs filled my
ears with delight as my cock broke her pussy and cervix.

With no mercy, I began to thrust her up and down on my
cock, 20 inches of it pushing into her body. In between
thrusts, she gasped for air. I could feel my cock head
push up against the back of her womb, and bust through
to the bottom of her diaphragm. She was
hyperventilating, crying, and cumming all at the same
time. I could feel her cunt muscles flexing around my
15-inch diameter cock. I could also see my cock ruining
her tight little body, and her tight little stomach. I
took one of my hands and pushed against her stomach,
feeling my cock sliding in and out as she tried to

Even though amrita couldn’t get any air, her body reacted
to the onslaught and came even harder, her pussy
tightening around my cock like a vice gripe. I slapped
her ass as hard as I could, still fucking into her now
ruined pussy.

She came even harder as I continued to hit her ass.

“Hit… Uugh… Me… agh… Babe… Eeeeeee… On
mo…… Ahhhh….. Re…… Aaarrg… TIME!” With that
she came the hardest she ever did in her entire life,
and I came with a howl. I started to empty my balls
again into her, this time, I began to fill her in her
stomach from the inside, pumping my spunk below her
diaphragm, filling her up, her womb, and then her pussy
until my cum mixed with her spunk squirted out between
the tight seal of her cunt and my cock.

With 10 spurts I emptied my balls into amrita rao’s pussy, letting the
cum fill her up until her stomach bulged out like a
woman 9 months pregnant. I slowly pulled out, making her
cum one more time, and with a loud plop, my cock pulled
out of her, my cum leaking form her pussy like a
fountain. I let her drop to cum slick floor, letting her
trying to catch her breath.

I could see blood running out of her and decided I
couldn’t have her dying on me yet, so with a little line
of energy, I healed her internal wounds. I took a few
seconds to let my balls fill with cum again, and picked
her up, this time facing away from me.

“Time to pay for shooting me my dear. There will be no
lube this time, and you will finally be a virgin no
more!!” She grimaced in horror as she realized what I
was planning on doing.

“Please… please… anything… anywhere but there!!”

“I told you… I told you, you would pay!” With that, I
dried off my cock, and grabbed her before she could
scramble away; I put my cock at the entrance to her tiny
little asshole and with one final plea from her, I
pushed my cock into her. The scream that she emitted
could have frozen blood. Her asshole unwillingly gave
way to the invading intruder, her sphincter ripping as
the cock pushed unlubricated into her ass.

AAARRGGGH!” I continued to pump my cock into her tight
little shit tube as hard as I could, and pushed the
entirety of my 40 inches into amrita rao’s asshole. It broke
through her intestines and up through her back. Her neck
snapped straight as the cock pushed through her like a
steel rod. She screamed in pain once more and went limp
from the shock.

I continued to pump into her and with one more howl; I
pumped my demon seed into her nice tight ass. I filled
her up with my spunk, and with one more spurt, I let her
drop. The little bitch had passed out from the pain, so
I decided to let her lie there and regain some energy. I
healed her quickly and left to go out and get something
to eat after all that fucking. She is going to be fun, I
thought. That is until I tire of her and kill her.

But I have so much more planned for this little bitch.
Maybe I will let her live a little while longer. I
grinned to myself. This was going to be a good year.



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