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I am Shalu. Yes, this is what I have to say. Blame it on my husband. This is what happen when you have a husband who loves his job and earning more than wife. So I also became a victim of husband’s earning hunger and workaholic.

My husband work in an international Oil and Gas Company having their office in Kurla, Mumbai at Phoenix Towers. I am 34 years and my hubby is 38. We got married 10 years ago but till then had no kids. I used to feel lonely as otherwise my hubby used to be away mostly on tours to Delhi, KL, Batam, Dubai or when he is in India he would go to offshore duty of ONGC, Reliance and GSPC.

May be due to his non availability with me on continuous basis I had not conceived. I dont know really but that was the situation. I was free to do my shopping and even go to movies with other ladies or visit my parents at Bengaluru whenever I wished. But all alone! That was most distressing thing for a married woman. So I normally stayed indoors viewing TV or be on internet or Chat with friends on WhatsApp. Many men on WhatsApp and face book messenger were texting me lucid messages and somehow I was enjoying chatting or say sexting with others. I didn’t even know if the other side is a man in a woman’s name or a woman in a man’s name as most people have false ID. But anyhow I was enjoying sexting and spending some time.

One such face book friend was Mr Ramesh, a textile businessman from Dadar. He used to boast himself as very rich and having business of Crores per month. His English was very refined and he never used any vulgar language while chatting. But he started referring to me as Bhabhi, then Mam then ‘dear’ then within few weeks ‘darling’. We had not met each other at all. I was referring to him initially as Mr then Ramesh and later started using his own words of dear and darling. Yes in his profile photo he was very handsome. As per his profile he was 26 years good 8 years younger than me. But what harm in chatting. Nothing I reasoned.

After a week, we exchanged our phone numbers and he sent me an expensive Smart Phone so that we can chat on WhatsApp. I told my husband that I purchased it. So I was no not finding free time at all. Prepare some Breakfast or lunch and sit to chat with Ramesh. After dinner we used to chat for hours till late night. Right at 6 AM he used to call me and wish me good morning. We were talking or chatting most of the time.

Few weeks later he proposed that we meet somewhere and have lunch or dinner. Lunch was OK for me as dinner would be a late affair. As usual my hubby was at Dubai. So one afternoon we decided to have lunch in a hotel. But suddenly I got stomach ache which resulted in my monthly cycle. I had to call him and told him that I cannot make it. He felt bad and I assured that we shall meet after five days. After two days my husband returned. This time he said he will not go out for a month. I was supposed to be happy but this time I was disappointed. I didn’t know what to tell him.

Next morning at 6 Ramesh called and my hubby was still sleeping. He told that he would call my hubby and will talk as if he is a businessman and wants to meet my hubby. I didn’t know what to say and kept quiet.

At around 10 we were having breakfast and his cell rang. He received and was asking how the caller got his number. I guessed that Ramesh was at the other side. Just after a few minutes, I could not understand how it happened but my hubby was laughing..

After lunch my husband rested for a while and I was wondering what may happen, how he may actually look and how should I dress for the evening.

By five we had tea and I asked mu hubby as to who called in the morning and what is the programme. He replied that a big business man in Clothing had called and wants us to be his partners . So we all will meet him at hotel Vihang on Godbunder road, Thane. I asked if he is going to resign from job.

He laughed and said that he wants me to do some business so that I can also earn and spend time instead of idling at home by which I can become very active and it will also help in my health. My blood was racing and I said in low voice that I don’t know anything about business. He said ‘let us meet and he will explain what to do’ I just kept quiet and asked what should I wear. He was in fact very romantic though he could not give me much time in normal course.

He used to bring me the latest dresses, sarees, ornaments whenever he went out of country. He suggested me to wear a light green net saree with backless blouse. I was also thinking something of similar type.

I wore the light green net saree with satin petticoat. As the blouse was backless, sleeveless naturally it had in-stitched bra cup and I was not required to wear a bra. I wore saree well four inches below my deep navel and tied a bun for hairdo so that full back can be visible. I asked my husband how I was looking. He appreciated and advised me to leave neck bare so that it will make look much younger. But I decided to wear a thin platinum chain.

We left house at 8 PM and reached the hotel at quarter to nine. We seated in the reception and waited. Nearby there were many guests waiting and at a particular corner many girls were crowding around another guest. I thought they may be having a dinner party for some birthday or so. Then my husband called Ramesh from his cell and to my surprise he rose from his seat which was actually surrounded by those young girls. He looked extremely handsome, tall, very healthy body, good complexion and was wearing a suit befitting a businessman.

He shook hand with my husband and then extended hand to me. I held his hand and he pressed it bit more and with a straight look I had to tell him to leave my hand. We went in and our seats were reserved. We sat at the corner sofa and did some preliminary talks. Ramesh told that he has a big business of manufacture of Kids garments and he offered that I can do reselling online through face book or WhatsApp by creating a group. His selling on whole sale rate for party frocks was on average Rs 300 and I can sell them at Rs 500 to Rs 600. It all looked so easy and I was excited. He ordered for red wine and a seven course dinner. All through dinner his eyes were fixed on my boobs and the net saree which was often slipping did not leave anything for imagination. I could even see his uneasiness as he was crossing his legs often. For the first time I tasted wine and liked it. By the time dinner was over it was well past eleven. We bid good night and left. Before leaving he told that he will come home on some day and show the samples or send them through driver. We thanked him and returned.

Whole night it was difficult to sleep. His handsome figure, body and baby face was coming on my mind. His firm warm grip of my hand was still fresh. I kissed my palm again and again. Yes I wanted his hug, his kiss and his sex. But how to wait for a month till my husband go on tour again? Felt it difficult to wait. My husband was sleeping next to me and snoring. I didn’t feel like waking him up for a sex which would be hardly a minute or so. Yes I will have a child from Ramesh. Soon I will be a mother. I decided not to give big gap and try for second child as soon as first one is an year old. I will be mother of two lovely kids, one boy and one girl. I was dreaming all sweet dreams.

Now let me tell about my husband. During my marriage I had objected as he was very lean and not a proper match to me. But my parents looked at his degree and job and convinced me that after marriage he is bound to put on weight and health. I had believed them. But in last ten years he on the contrary had lost some weight due to hectic work and outside food. While staying indoors I had put on flesh at proper places and had very attractive figure. My breasts had become very big exceeding 38D. But my husband had no time to even look at them leave alone touch and fondle them. I was longing for a rough hand to massage them, to squeeze them to pinch them and to suck my protruding nipples. But the only option was to help myself.

How long should wait? That whole day I don’t know how many times I had to console my urges. I was now wishing my husband to go out. What a change? After lunch I slept for a while and my husband had gone to his office at Kurla. I had just then slept and the door bell rang. That day the maid had asked for leave and I thought may be, she came as an afterthought. I opened door and was shocked to see Ramesh at the door. His driver was carrying a suitcase. I welcomed them and the driver left after keeping the suitcase inside. I closed the door and leaving not a fraction of second I hugged and our lips got welded. His lips were soft and I yielded in his hug and melted in his mouth.

He wanted to tell about the cloth he had brought in the suitcase. But I had no patience to listen to him. I just wanted only Ramesh, his kiss, his hugs and his love. Even without asking him for a cup of water I pulled him to my bed room. I sealed him mouth with mine and gave all my saliva to him instead of water which quenched his thirst more than what water could have. My thirst also got quenched to some extent but there was nothing called complete satisfaction as we again and again indulged in unending kisses.

I was getting excited, hot and wanted to get rid of all barriers . I removed my gown and asked Ramesh to help me in rest. He obliged by unhooking my bra and pulling down my panties. I tore his shirt and undid his pant and brief. He was already very hard and I held his penis. My fingers could not meet when I circled the shaft. He had very big and fat penis which excited me. His muscular 6 ab figure reminded me of Joan Abraham or Salman. I played my hand on the soft wide chest and his shoulder.

He was continuously kissing me and I was overflowing with my secretions. I was stroking his shaft and testicles. I wanted him inside me deep, very deep as soon as possible. I pulled him on to me but he had other ideas. He did not oblige me but started to squeeze my boobs one after other pulling and making my hard nipples more and more prominent.

To my surprise, they turned from pink to purple to black when Ramesh sucked them relentlessly making me to moan and shout for more and more. I was trying to push his tool in me but instead Ramesh inserted his finger in my pussy and started to rub my clitoris in circular motion. I was restless and was withering like a snake on heat. I was begging Ramesh again and again for union. Ramesh pulled his pant to the cot and tried to take out a condom. I was shocked, scared and bewildered and pushed his hand and pant away begging him not to use any barrier. He smiled and said that it may result in pregnancy. I hugged him and told that that is what I wanted Ramesh, please make me pregnant.

He needed no more invitation. He centred between me and slowly inserted his long fat penis in my cunt. I widened my thighs to welcome the guest. It was difficult in the beginning but as I was soaking wet he could achieve complete penetration without much problem. I lifted my legs and he supported them with his hands keeping on his shoulders ensuring the tip of his tool to touch the entrance of my cervix. That was the entrance to heaven which I was wanting all these years, the entrance with which my child would be born.

I hugged him with both my hands and legs furthering pulling Ramesh in to me. What a sensuous feeling, Oh my God why this happy moment cannot last for ever. Can we be jointed for whole night, for whole life, my mind t going in orbits of space. Ramesh loosening the grip of my legs lifted himself and descended again rubbing his thick penis on my clitoris. I was moaning and almost shouting at top of my voice. There were tears in my eyes which he licked and brought his mouth down to mine and kissed passionately for a very long time. Then he fell to a synchronous movement assisted by own gyrations around his fat weapon. God only knows how long he lasted but I felt it was equivalent to having sex with my husband for a year. By then I had hundreds of orgasm and was in urgency to achieve climax.

I caressed his back, his and locked his movement by circling my legs around his and pulled him in to me. His penis was expanding in me and pulsating giving sending me highly exciting shocks in my whole body. As I bit his lips he started ejaculating but I don’t recollect if he ended it. He let go of his entire flood of hot semen deep in me directly injecting in to my cervix.

We did not want to detach and slept hugging and cuddling. We kissed hundreds of times as gratitude. I was again thinking if I have already conceived or not? will it happen at night? How many months it may take for me to conceive? will I ever become a mother? What if I have some problem? Oh God save me, make me pregnant, let me not have any problem in becoming a loving mother of two kids. We had gone to sleep for some time as I was day dreaming. I woke up in his tight hug only when he had opened my mouth had already inserted his tongue in me. He went down along throat licking down on to my breasts. He licked along the entire surface of both hemispheres and then suckled both nipples. I extended my hand to hold his penis which was rock hard again.

Ramesh pulled me on his top. His semen from first episode was slowly dripping down from my vagina. Placing my legs on either sides I lowered on to his majestic tool slowly and completely. Putting my hand in between I ensured that his testicles were touching my shaven pussy which certified complete copulation. My mouth was inside his mouth, my breasts were on his chest, my abdomen pressed his abdomen and my vaginal walls had locked his big fat shaft and his legs had arrested mine.

As he loosened his grip, I automatically raised up and lowered down. With each of my upward movement Ramesh was holding my hemispheres and pressing. With each of my descend on him we were kissing. I was experiencing orgasm after orgasm. I could feel his shaft expanding indicating the nearing of climax. Not wanting to waste the precious semen we changed position and he thrust deep in me. I was feather light and flying in deep space as Ramesh continued his love machine unending till I cried for him to release. He let go of the withheld flood of love juices in long spasms again almost touching the entrance of my womb. We rested for a while and then after tea he left with promise to meet a day after.

So we were meeting and mating on alternate days each time couple or more time. I was still waiting for my husband to go outstation and I wanted to have sex with Ramesh for nights together.

Soon my dream came true and my husband had to go to London for a month long trip. Me and Ramesh went on our honeymoon all over the country, Goa, Udaipur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Shimla, Ooty and spend day and night locked in arms making love and having fantastic sex. We experimented not just 64 but may be 96 positions of Kamasutra. I was introduced to the exiting world of oral sex which I fully enjoyed.

It did not take long for me to conceive. After three months of our first mating, I got checked and confirmed my pregnancy. Ramesh’s son was born in next six months. With lot of difficulty I waited till the child was four months and again we started our sex machined in full force.

As I was feeding my son I did not conceive and we had full care free enjoyment. I had my periods when the child was seven months and without our own knowing I had conceived within next few months. My daughter was born when my son was an year and half. Now my dream has come true of becoming mother of son and daughter. I don’t know if my husband has knowledge of our affair or not but he is not saying anything and is not stopping us. So our mission is continuing. As I hate using condom, I don’t know I may get one more child soon and then we will decide on some sort of family planning.

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