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Tied up and screwed

17 Min Read

I walk into the room and your arms are tied above your head to the bed corners. Your legs are spread wide and tied to the same corners as your arms. You are blindfolded and wearing only a pair of red panties. As your legs are tied above your head, I can see your pussy thru the soaked crotch of your panties. You are blindfolded, and keep asking who’s there, I say nothing as I walk around the bed admiring your tits, and rock hard nipples. The smell of sex is in the air as I lightly touch behind first one then the other knee. I slowly trace my fingers up your thighs towards your wet pussy. Stopping just short of your pussy. I then stop and walk around to the other side of the bed and do the same to the other leg. This time lightly running my finger over the soaked crotch of the panties.
I stop, and bring my finger to your mouth just close enough so you can smell your scent on my finger. You moan as the scent of your pussy causes you to get even wetter. I notice the wet spot getting bigger. Once again you ask “who’s there” to no answer. I remove my shirt, and you hear my unbuckle my pants. You begin to moan in anticipation, and the not knowing what’s going to happen next. I climb onto the bed, and slowing move towards you. This time placing a hand on each leg and slowly trace my way towards your wet pussy. When my hands reach the edge of your panties, I slip my thumbs under them and allow both thumbs to rub your pussy lips. You moan in your first (of many) orgasms. I then pull your lips apart under your panties, and run both thumbs up your slit. You are so wet that the slide effortlessly over your button. This causes you to shudder in yet another mini orgasm. I bring both hands to your nipples and rub your juices over them. Then I give each one a pinch. You let out a moan.
I quickly reach down to your panties grabbing them at the waist on both sides and rip them off you. Your pussy is so wet I can see your juices all over your cleanly shaven lips. I then reach up and untie your legs, and tell you to lower them but keep them spread wide so I can see your pussy. You do as asked. I then straddle your chest, and rub the tip of my cock over each nipple mixing my pre-cum with your pussy juices. I move up, grab you by the hair and rub my cock over your lips. You taste my cum on your lips just as I shove my cock in your mouth. I feel my cock hit the back of your throat and move your head back and forth a couple times fucking your face. You eagerly continue to suck me as I pull your hair harder and faster. As I begin to moan with my impending orgasm, I bury my 7” deep into your throat and shoot what feels like a gallon of cum down your throat. As you swallow every drop, I pull out of your mouth, and reach behind me with one hand and lightly slap your pussy over your clit. You moan, and spread your legs even wider, you shout out “FUCK ME PLEASE….. I NEED YOUR COCK IN MY PUSSY NOW!!!!!” I answer “ALL IN GOOD TIME… ALL IN GOOD TIME!!” As I run my finger down your slit I feel your juices running down your ass and onto the bed.
I quickly slip a finger in your hole, you feel sooo tight! My finger slides in easily due to all your juices. I slowly run it in and out a couple times allowing you to get close to another orgasm, but stopping just short of your exploding. I get off you and walk to the bottom of the bed. I order you to keep your legs spread wide as I want to see your pussy leak juices all over you and the bed sheet. My cock once again is rock hard and in need of attention. Your blindfold doesn’t allow you to see what I’m doing, but I’m standing at the foot of the bed stroking my cock. As I stroke myself, I walk back up to the head of the bed, kneel just beside you and once again grab your hair. This time with no warning, I shove my cock ball deep into you’re your mouth, you gag slightly as it goes down your throat. I stop and hold it there for a moment allowing you to adjust. While I holding your hair with one hand, I continue to fuck your mouth. With the other hand I start at your neck, and slowly trace my way down to your tits. Lightly stroking them being careful not to touch your nipples, I grab one and give it a squeeze causing your nipple to stick straight up. I pull my cock out of your mouth, and lower my mouth to your nipple. I lightly start kissing your tit around the nipple, causing you to moan. I them stop kissing your tit, and in one quick movement take your nipple into my mouth and begin licking it. The taste your pussy juice, and my cum taste so sweet on your nipple that I give it a quick bite. This causes you to have yet another mini orgasm.
I continue to suck on your tit as I let go of your hair with my other hand and start playing with your other tit. Wanting to taste more of your sweet nectar, I pull my mouth away from the tit I’ve been sucking on, and immediately take the other one in my mouth. Once again the mixture of our juices almost makes me cum. I continue to suck on your nipple as I slowly move my hand down your belly towards your soaked pussy. After giving your pussy a couple quick light rubs over your shaved lips, I reach down and pick up your cum soaked panties that I ripped off earlier, and bring the soaked crotch to your face. I hold them just above your nose “DO YOU SMELL YOUR JUICES?!…. SMELL HOW SWEET YOUR PUSSY IS” as I cover your nose with them. You stick out your tongue trying to get a taste of your nectar, I immediately pull them away “SO YOU WANT TO TASTE YOUR PUSSY JUICE DO YOU” Without warning I reach down and shove a finger into your waiting pussy. I thrust it in and out a couple times making sure it’s good and soaked with your juices, and bring my finger towards your mouth. I order you to not lick your lips until I tell you to, to which you agree. I take my finger that’s soaked with your juices and spread it over your lips. Your lips glisten as though I had just put lip gloss on them. I reach down again to your pussy and this time insert 2 fingers into your tight hole. You immediately explode into yet another orgasm.
Once these two fingers are soaked with your juices, I pull them out and rub your juices on your upper lip and again over your lips. You moan as the scent of your own juices are driving you wild. I then stop and get off the bed. “FUCK ME PLEEEEAAAASE!…. I NEED TO FEEL YOU IN MY PUSSY!!” “I’M NOT GOING TO LET YOU OFF THAT EASILY” I respond. As I bend down and give you a deep kiss on the lips. The smell of your pussy juices is about all I can stand, I take your panties that I still have in my hand, and take the wet crotch and put them over your lips. I order you to suck on them. You eagerly open your mouth as the crotch falls into your mouth, you begin sucking your juices off them as ordered. You are moaning very loud as you enjoy the taste of your own sweet nectar. The sight of you enjoying your own juices has got my cock about to explode. I crawl back onto the bed, once again grabbing your hair and shoving just the head of my cock in your mouth. While you suck my cock head, the crotch of your panties are still in your mouth. I immediately begin to shoot my cum in your mouth and on the panties. My cum oozes out the corner of your mouth and down your chin and cheeks. After I’m done shooting my load in your mouth, I remove the panties and throw them on the bet.
I take my fingers and scoop up some of the cum from your chin and spread it over your shaven pussy lips. With our juices now mixed; I bend down and lick the outside of each of your pussy lips. The taste of our mixed juices is got me wanting more. I take both hands and spread your lips wide, your hole is begging to be fucked, and your sweet little nub is begging to be sucked. I spread you as wide as I can and lower my face to your pussy. I lightly blow on your soaked pussy lips causing goose bumps. You raise your hips in anticipation of my tongue coming in contact with your slit. I keep my face just inches above your slit to tease you. “NOW NOW NOT SO FAST…. I’M GOING TO ENJOY THIS BEFORE I FUCK YOU”. I push your hips back down onto the bed, and hold your legs wide open as I lift them slightly off the bed giving me a straight shot at your pussy. I give your slit one quick lick starting just above your ass all the way up to your clit, stopping to give it a quick suck.
Once again I stop, get off the bed, and walk to the head of the bed. “YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO LET ME FUCK YOUR FACE ONCE MORE BEFORE I WILL FUCK YOUR PUSSY”, “ANYTHING YOU WANT JUST PLEASE FUCK ME” you respond. I once again straddle your face, only this time I’m facing the foot of the bed so you can suck me while I eat your pussy. I order you to bend your head back, you do as I once again shove my cock into your mouth. As my balls hit your nose I lower my face to your clit and begin sucking it. You moan with my cock in your mouth, and I continue to suck on your clit. Just as I sense your orgasm, I stop sucking and pull my mouth off your sweet little nub. I continue to fuck your mouth as you almost cum. I wait for your impending orgasm to subside while you continue to suck my cock. I then lower my mouth once again, only this time just as my mouth makes contact with your clit, I shove 2 fingers up your tight hole. We both explode in orgasm at the same time, as you moan and try to put your legs together I shoot yet another load of cum down your throat.
As the last shot of cum hits the back of your throat, I pull my cock out, pull your legs up towards your shoulders (still facing your pussy) and with your pussy up in the air I aim my still rock hard cock to your pussy. With your blindfold still on, you don’t know that I’m about to shove my cock deep into your awaiting hole. I hold your legs up for a moment or two to make you wonder what I’m going to do next. Then without warning I shove the entire 7” of my cock into your tight hole and just hold it there for a moment. You let out a loud scream as my balls slap down on your clit. I start off slowly, pulling out until just the head is in you, then once again shove it in all the way. You let out a scream as your orgasm shakes over your body. As your body trembles with orgasm, I begin fucking you hard and fast. After a few minutes I shove myself all the way in and fill your sweet pussy with shot after shot of cum.
As my orgasm subsides, and the last shot is deposited deep inside you, I pull out and lower your legs. Too shaken to move you lay there, our juices oozing out of your pussy and onto the bed. I quietly grab my pants and put them on. I grab your cum soaked panties from the end of the bed, and leave the room.

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