Tonya and Tiffany – A Ride to Remember

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      It was a typical ride home, on the train, doing a few things on my laptop, that I didn’t have time for during the day. I wasn’t aware of how atypical it was about to become. I was trying to ignore the two chattering young ladies across from me. That wasn’t easy because it was hot out and they weren’t wearing very much clothing. Tank tops, very short shorts and flip-flops. They were old enough to have very shapely and sexy legs, but way too young for me. I have a daughter that was very likely older than they were.

      I glanced at their legs a few times; they were seated right in front of me so it was easy to do without being obvious, and being tagged a ‘creepy old guy’. It was when the conductor announce "…This is the last stop, your stop…" that was when the blonde said, "Excuse me…" I looked up into those baby blue eyes and asked, "Yes?" she asked, "Is the last stop, the train station by the Meyer’s?" I replied, "Uhm, that was the previous stop." They both gasped and said, "I didn’t see it, she said it was practically in the parking lot." She turned to the brunette next to her and asked, "Did you see it?" She replied, "No!" I told them, "Well, for one thing, you’re facing the wrong way. Meyer’s would have been behind you, and ‘practically in the parking lot’ is NOT ‘actually in the parking lot’." They looked at me, confused. I explained, "It’s near the Route 59 station, and if you were looking in the other direction as we passed over Route 59, you would have seem the sign. It’s across the Route 59 train station parking lot, but there are some two story apartment buildings in the way. You can’t actually see Meyer’s from where the train stops, aside from glimpses between the apartment buildings." They slumped their shoulders and said, "Crap." in unison. The brunette said, "But the train is going back to Chicago right? We can ride it back to that stop, right?" I replied, "Actually, I believe this train is going into the yards after this." I pointed out the window at a couple of parked trains, as we were passing through the train yards at that moment. But I added, "However, there will be another train along shortly that will be going back that way soon. You can just hop on that one." The brunette said, "Except we don’t have a ticket and don’t have any money left to buy another one." The blonde asked, "Is it a long walk, back to the other station?" I replied, "You’re on a train going 60 miles and hour for just over twenty minutes. If you do the math, that comes out to about twenty miles." The both repeated, "Crap." in unison. The brunette started to asked, "Do they have buses…?" The blonde reminded her, "Do you have money?" They both looked at each other for a moment, then they looked at me with a sweet smile on both their faces. The brunette asked, in the sweetest voice, "Do you have a car?" The blonde sounded just as sweet as she asked, "Could you give us a ride?" The brunette added, "It’s only twenty miles." The blonde started to say, "We could pay…uhm…sorry." I nodded, "Yes, my car is at the train station, and yes, I can give you a ride." They both gushed with thanks, I was just hoping one of those lovely young ladies would sit shotgun, so I could look at her hot, tanned legs during the drive.

      As we pulled in the conductor confirmed, over the intercom, that this train was indeed, going into the yards, and finished with "…Ya don’t have to go home, but ya can’t stay here." The girls allowed me to go past them and lead the way. We disembarked the train, and I headed for the tunnel. The two girls hurried to catch up, and the blonde asked, "Aren’t the cars this way?" I told her, "There’s another lot on the other side, I park over there." They smiled and tagged along. They were whispering and giggling behind me. I couldn’t hear much, but I did here something about "his butt". I do work out and ride my bike at least 10 miles a day, my stationary cycle if it’s raining. But I hardly think two lovely young girls like that could be interested in an old guy like me. I turned and asked, "So what were you two ladies doing in Chicago?" They came up on either side of me and replied, "We helped a friend move into her dorm, she is starting at UIC this year." I nodded, "So you drove into the city." They nodded, "Which is why we didn’t know where we were suppose to get off the train." I told them, "The actual name of the stop would have been helpful." They sighed, "We didn’t know the name, we were just told it was right by Meyer’s. We figured we could see the Meyer’s and know when to get off. We didn’t realize we were facing the wrong way." I laughed, "Easy mistake, you can get all turned around in unfamiliar situations." I asked, "Where are you two ladies going to college?" The replied, "We haven’t decided, we sill have another year to think about it. Marcy is a year older than us, she just graduated. We still have another year of High School." I nodded and changed the subject, "You two look enough alike to be sisters." They laughed, and replied in unison, "We are!" The blonde explained, "We’re twins." The brunette clarified, "Paternal, not identical, twins." I smiled, and said, Got that, unless one of you dyes your hair." The brunette just nodded and, and looked straight over at the blonde, who gave her the evil eye in return. I could not resist. I asked her, "So the carpet doesn’t match the drapes?" She paused, but only for a second before she smiled back at me and announced, "No carpet, smooth, clean, hardwood floor." That made me blush as I said, "TMI." I certainly didn’t expect that answer. I quickly said, "Well you look very lovely wih blonde hair." She replied, "Thank you." as she smirked at her sister. I asked, "If you don’t mind me asking… What’s your natural color?" She sighed, "Boring brown…" I asked "Why didn’t you go for redhead?" She started to talk but the brunette chimed in, "That’s mine, I’m going to do redhead." The blonde shot back, "Not if you keep chickening out!" The brunette cried, "I DO NOT!" The blonde, "YOU DO SO!" and so on, back and forth. I put my hands up in between them and said, "Ladies, ladies, I like cat fights just as much as the next guy, but lets not have one here." They begrudgingly stopped.

      As we came out the other side of the tunnel our scenery changed, so I took the opportunity to changed the subject, "My name is Jim. What are your names?" The blonde replied, "Tonya." The brunette, "Tiffany." I smiled "Tiffany and Tonya, two lovely names, for two lovely ladies." Tiffany remarked, "One lady and one bleached blonde." Tonya started it up again, "YOU LITTLE BITCH!" I stopped her and told Tiffany, "Tonya’s hair looks lovely, why would you say something like that?" She replied, "It’s not real." I said, "Some men appreciate women who go the extra mile and make their beauty stand out a little more." Tonya smiled at Tiffany and said, "See." Tiffany replied, "He said some men, not all men." To which Tonya replied, "I only like men who appreciate me." I patted her bare, tanned, shoulder and said, "Good girl, I appreciate you taking the time to dye your hair. It looks lovely." Tiffany loo
ked pissed off, but out of nowhere she looked at me and asked, "Do you think I’d look good as a redhead?" I smiled and looked at her trying to imagine her, with red hair. I nodded and said, "You’d look gorgeous." She asked "You think men would appreciate that?" I told her, "Any man who doesn’t appreciate that, is not worth your time." She smiled and said, "I’m doing it this weekend, before school starts." Tonya scoffed, "I’ll believe it when I see it."

      We got to the car and I pushed the button to open the doors. I hopped in, the girls were in a heated discussion on the other side. I unrolled a window and said, "You ladies still want that ride? You’ll have to actually get in the car for me to drive you there." Tiffany stepped, around Tonya and pulled the door open. Tonya slipped inside, and sat down as she told Tiffany, "Thank you." Tiffany cried "Hey!" then proceeded to slammed the door and reluctantly got into the back seat. As soon as I pulled out of the parking lot, Tiffany started leaning forward, smacking Tonya on the side of the head. I said, "Hey, what’s that all about?" Tiffany said, "She’s suppose to be paying you back." I said, "You told me on the train you didn’t have any money." The center console flipped and a split second later Tonya’s petite hand was rubbing my crotch. I gasped, "We can’t do this, you girls are like 16 years old." Tiffany replied, "We’re seventeen." Tonya tried a seductive voice as she reminded me, "That’s the legal age of consent in Illinois." as she rubbed my growing erection. I asked, "Well then, if your legal, I certainly hope rubbing is not the only thing your gonna do?" Tiffany informed me, "If that’s all she’s gonna do, pull over and let me get in the front seat. I can do better than that!" I looked back at her as she licked her lips. I was distracted by Tonya’s other hand coming over to help with the zipper. I adjusted my hips then glanced over at Tonya. She was licking her sweet young lips too! Her hand went in and searched around, but not for long! She found it and wrapped her petite little fingers around it. It was kind of painful, the way it got bent when she pulled it out, but I didn’t really mind. Not if she was gonna do what I think she was gonna do!

      She glanced back at Tiffany and said, "Kinda big." Tiffany replied, "Kinda? Let me up there I can handle it." Tonya quickly replied, "I got it!" as her head dropped into my lap. I was paying attention to my driving, as much as possible, as those soft young lips slid down my rigid shaft. I sighed as she took more of me, in her mouth than I would have imagined for someone so young. I wanted to close my eyes, let my head roll back and enjoy it, but I remembered I was driving. I decided it would be wise to take the side streets and avoid as much traffic as possible. Of course it would take longer that way, but I wasn’t really in a hurry. At least not right now. She was sliding up and down, which felt nice, but something was missing. I softly told her, "A little more suction sweetheart." She added some suction, Tiffany commented, "I’d suck your testicles out through your dick." I was about to repay to that when Tonya’s cheeks puckered in, like she turned on the power-vac! I gasped, "Wow!" She resumed sliding up and down, but was going a little too fast. This would get me off very quickly, and I wanted to enjoy this a little bit. I’ve been married almost 30 years, and my wife stopped doing fellatio, around the five year mark, so it’s been over two decades since the last time I had one. I definitely wanted to make it last. Especially since this young lady was doing such a fine job.

      I took one hand off the wheel an place it on her head and slowed her down a bit. Tiffany asked, "I thought guys liked it fast?" I explained, "This feels really good. So you start out slow and work your way up to fast. It feels even better that way." Tiffany nodded and said, "Oh, okay." Tiffany asked, "Are you gonna do it?" I looked back, the question was directed to Tonya, who nodded her head. I felt her lips slide down further, and the head of my penis pressed against the back of her throat. She gagged and backed off. Tiffany cried, "Ha, you say it’s easy when we’re practicing, but you can’t do it when it counts!" I replied, "What was wrong with that? That felt awesome." Tonya did it again gagging and backing off, I didn’t mind at all. After the third one she paused for a moment, tears were stroking the mascara on her face. Tiffany cried, "Ha, I told you! Pull over and let ME into the front seat." Tonya cried, "Fuck you! He’s bigger than that dildo!" Then her head went back down and took me in her mouth again. I gasped and applauded my decision to take the back streets, as I swerved the car around a bit, when her lips were down around the base of my penis with the head down her throat! That little girl deep throated me! I gasped, "Holy shit!" as I straightened out the car. Tiffany sighed, "Damn, she did it…" She only held it for a few seconds, but it was an amazing few seconds. I fought to maintain control of the vehicle. She backed off and did it again. This felt too good! It was a good thing I was on a fairly wide, residential street. The only other cars on the road were parked on the sides.

      After a few more times I heard a noise from behind me. Tiffany had a hand down her shorts, and she watched her sister deep throat me. I enjoyed that for as long as I could, but that kind of sensations are more than most full grown woman can provide. That little girl was driving me up the wall! I had to pull over. The only parking place was on the left, but I didn’t care. I pulled into it just seconds before I blasted off. I warned her, but she just kept on sucking as I blew my wad down her throat. She coughed and gagged a little but managed to swallow my load. I heard the car door, it was Tiffany, she opened the front door and grabbed Tonya by the arm and pulled her out as the cried, "MY TURN!" She jumped in taking Tonya’s place, leaving Tonya standing in the street sill swallowing my come, with streaked mascara down her cheeks as Tiffany slammed the door on her.

      Tiffany grabbed it and I gasped, she cried, "Why is it so small?" I stopped her hand from moving and said, "It’s also very sensitive." The back door slammed as Tonya got in wiping her cheeks. Tiffany asked "What in the hell happened to it." I looked at her in disbelief. Tonya looked over the seat and asked, "Did I break it?" I looked at the two young ladies and asked Tonya. "Who taught you to perform fellatio like that?" She replied, "We watched it, we got a couple of DVD’s…" Tiffany added, "We have a plastic dildo that looks like a real penis. We practice on that." Tonya added, "But it’ not as big as THAT was," I replied, "Well, in real life it gets small and very sensitive, after a very satisfying fellatio." That made Tonya smile. I continued, "In those movies they just cut out the time that they have wait for the guy to recover. It will take me about 15 – 20 minutes." Tiffany slumped back and sighed, "We’ll be to the train station by then." I replied, "Sometimes, reality sucks." as I stuffed my sensitive penis back in my pants. It wasn’t that I didn’t want that lovely little brunette to give me a blow job, I just couldn’t get it back up in time. Sometimes reality does suck. Tonya sat back and said, "Sorry
Tiff." I told her, "You have nothing to be sorry for, that was awesome. You did a wonderful job." She smiled at me and said, "Thanks."

      The two girls were fairly quiet for the rest of the drive. As I pulled in to the parking lot for the station, I asked, "Is somebody here to picking you up?" Tiffany asked, "Where are the busses?" I asked, "I thought you were out of money?" Tonya replied, "We have a Local Pass." I told her, "They leave right after the train unloads." I didn’t bother to mention that they’d soon be back for the next train. I asked, "Can you call your parents?" Tonya grumbled, "Mom’s in jail for possession." I asked, "And your Dad?" Tiffany replied, "Don’t got one." I asked, "Who do you live with? Who takes care of you?" Tiffany replied, "Jeremy, he’s our brother." Tonya interjected, "Half brother." Tiffany said, "Don’t matter, he’s the only family we’ve got." She looked at me and said, "Since, Mom and the two of us were already living in his house. They just gave him custody." Tonya told her, "Doesn’t matter, in another year, we’ll be out on our own." I asked, "Can you ladies call your brother to pick you up?" Tiffany replied, "He works until 8:00." Tonya clarified, "He closes the place at 8:00, then he has to do a bunch of crap he has to do before he can leave. He’s never home until after 9:00." I looked at my watch, it was just past 6:00 I told them, "Well I can’t just leave two lovely young ladies out here, alone, for three hours." I sighed and asked, "Okay, where do you live?" Tiffany replied, "125C Mudhank Road." Tonya replied, "The buss drops us off at Route 30 and Mudhank, we walk from there, about a mile or so." I replied, "You must take that walk quite often?" Tonya glared at me and asked, "What difference does it make to you?" I explained, "You both have very sexy legs, not doubt due to lots of walking." She smiled and looked down at her own legs and said, "It’s nice to know, all that walking, is good for something?" Tiffany replied, "It’s not so bad, and it sure beats hanging out in the house all summer long." I told them, "Not to mention those awesome tans. You two look perfectly gorgeous." Tonya smiled and replied, "Okay so the walking is good for two things." I said, "Well, no walking this evening. I’ll take you all the way home." As I pulled back out of the parking lot.

      Tiffany reached over and said, "We’ve got time now." I asked her, "Is anyone home right now?" Tonya replied, "No." I asked, "Does anybody get home before your brother at 9:00?" Tiffany replied, "No, why?" I told her, "Well when your sister deep throated my I almost crashed the car." She laughed, "Yea, you did." I replied, "Can you do that?" She smiled, "Watch me!" I told her, "If we wait until we are at your house, I could relax and enjoy that without having to worry about crashing the car." She thought about it as asked Tonya, "Does that mean you’re gonna fuck us?" I shrugged and said, "That could be arranged, if you’d like." She smiled and replied, "Oh, I like, I like." Tiffany cried, "Could you butt fuck us?" I laughed, "Sure, if you…" She interrupted, "I like I like." Tonya sighed, "How do you know? You’d never even had it in the front, how do you know you’ll like it in the butt." Tiffany shot back, "So! All you’ve ever fucked is that plastic dildo, he’s at least twice as big as that." Tonya shot back, "More like three times the size of that plastic dildo, and  it’s the only thing you’ve ever fucked, but you’ve never even tried it up the ass." Tiffany replied, That doesn’t mean I haven’t though about it." Tonya scoffed, "You mean you haven’t had the guts to try it." I could sense another fight brewing so I just smiled and very loudly announced, "I think both of you ladies are in for a pleasant surprise." They both smiled and Tonya replied, "Looking forward to it." She lifted her legs and pulled aside her shorts and panties, giving me a beaver shot. It looked simply adorable.

      I sighed, "I’m hungry." Tiffany looked worried, "We don’t have that much." I replied, "Whatever? What do your want?" Tiffany asked, "What do I want?" Tonya got it and leaned forward with a smile, "Yea, what do you want? He’s buying." I told her, "On the way to Route 30, we’ve got, Wendy’s, White Castle and KFC/Taco Bell. Then on Route 30 You’ve got either Arby’s or BK, depending on which way your going." Tonya replied, "BK and you forgot McDonald’ on the corner." I replied, "No I didn’t. If you want McDonald’s you can buy it yourself, I’m not paying for that crap." She said, "Okay, so you don’t like McDonald’s." Tiffany asked, "Can we go to KFC and get one of those Family Meals? We can save some for Jeremy." Tonya asked, "And how do you suppose we explain that to Jeremy?" I replied, The girl you helped to move, Monica bought it, she didn’t have anywhere to store the leftovers, so you brought them home for him." Tiffany said, "That would work." Tonya nodded, "Sounds plausible."


      I pulled into the KFC and parked, "Hold on, I have to send a text." The two girls waited asking, "Who are you texting?" I replied, "The Mrs."  Tiffany asked, "You’re married?" I nodded, "Yup." Tonya asked, "What’re you gonna tell her?" I replied, "Working late." She laughed, "Not very original." I replied, "No, but it happens often enough that it won’t raise any suspicions." Tiffany asked, "What if she finds out?" I replied, "Won’t matter. I caught her cheating a couple years back. I forgave her and gave her a second chance. She owes me." Tonya asked, "Why did she cheat on you? She must’ve had a good excuse." I shook my head and said, "She just said she didn’t plan on it, it just happened." Tiffany chimed in, "And you didn’t plan on us." Tonya agreed, "We just happened to miss our stop, and you happened to help us." I nodded, "That’s right." I I fired of the text, briefly explaining the phony ‘problem at work’. My work phone automatically forwards to my Mobile line at 4:00 every afternoon, so even if she called, I’d answer it. The girls got out of the car and Tiffany giggled, "Let’s pretend he’s our Dad." Tonya nodded, "Okay." We walked in and went to the KFC end of the counter. We were looking up at the menu board, Tiffany said, "Hey Daddy, how about the 15 piece?" I replied, "Sounds good princess." She replied, "It does?" I replied, "Sure, you girls pick the sides." They did and as it was being prepared Tonya asked, "Daddy? Can we get a two liter Pepsi?" I replied, "Sure, baby girl." She smiled and said, "Cool." I paid with my credit card, and as we crossed the parking lot Tonya asked, "What if your wife sees this on your bill?" I said, "I’m paperless, and she doesn’t know the password for the account." Tiffany smiled and said, "You called me princess." I asked, "What else would I call my daughter?" Tonya replied, "Baby girl."
Tiffany told me, "That’s okay, I liked it. You can keep calling me that if you want." I told her, "As long as you keep calling me Daddy." She giggled, "It’s a deal." I asked Tonya, "You like ‘baby girl’?" she laughed, "Sure, Daddy." as she kissed my cheek before getting into the car.

      We headed out Route 30, past all the fields of corn, soy beans, and navy beans. If they hadn’t warned me that Mudhank Road was coming up, I’d have blew right past it. It was only paved for the first quarter mile or so, all gravel after that. As we bounced along the gravel road, Tonya explained that the farmer who owned the land, had sub-divided the plot before he sold it. Her brother got the house, the barn, and one acre. The rest, belonged to Monsanto. But their brother didn’t care, he wasn’t a farmer, he just wanted a house he could afford. He fixed it up really nice in the inside, next he was gonna do the outside, then the barn that he was using as a garage. It was just what I expected. I quaint little farm house, badly in need of a paint job. We all carried in the KFC bags. Tonya was right, her brother did fix up the inside. This was nice. As soon as we set down the bags I said, "What’s the matter with you two girls? We’ve been here for at least 30 seconds and you still have your clothes on." Thy looked at me blankly. I put my hand over the food and said, "Nobody is eating until they are naked." Tiffany gasped, "What?" I replied, "You heard your father, now take off your clothes." Tiffany asked, "What about you?" I replied, "Don’t you worry about me." I glanced over at Tonya, who was pulling her top off over her head, and told Tiffany, "Be a good little girl, like your sister." She pouted, but complied.

      I watched the twins strip off their clothes. Firm tight teen bodies! There breasts were probably a B-cup but they were perky. Those awesome legs ran right up, and made a perfect ass of themselves. Nice, round and firm. They looked like two perfect angels. I was has hard as a rock! Tiffany said, "Well?" I replied, "Well, princess, now it’s time for you and baby girl to undress Daddy." She replied, "Huh?" But baby girl was already working on my belt, telling princess, "You get his shirt." Tiffany took off my shirt and tee shirt all at once, then helped Tonya with my shoes and pants. Those two girls had ‘Daddy’ naked in about 90 seconds, my erection bobbed in front of me. Tonya grabbed it and stroked it a few times, I said, "Now, now baby girl, it’s princess’s turn." Tiffany said, "Yea!" and grabbed it. Tonya asked, "So what do I do?" Tiffany replied, "Sit and watch, like I did." I told her, "Or you could set the dinner table… If it’s not too much trouble." She replied, "I guess I could do that…" She grabbed a chair and slip it in my direction, and asked, "Can I start eating without you?" I replied, "If your sister is half a good as you are, this won’t take long." Tiffany replied, "I’m twice as good!" as she dropped to her knees. I pulled the chair closer and sat down.

      Tiffany positioned herself between my legs and smiled up at me with those baby blue eyes, just like her sisters. They were stunning. I caressed the sides of her head as her cheeks puckered in and she sucked. Wow this girl had some suction! It wasn’t twice as good as her sister, but it was significantly better. I sighed and told her, "That’s nice, now take it slow." She allowed me to guide her head back and forth, until Tonya remarked, "Thought you were gonna take him all the way down, since your so good at it. The ‘Expert’." Tiffany got a fire in her eyes and tried to rammed my engorged cock down her throat. Of course she gagged, she gagged and coughed my dick right out of her mouth. Tonya started laughing, "You’re the ‘Expert’ all right." Tiffany said, "He’s a lot bigger than the plastic one." Tonya was still laughing as she replied, "That’s what I tried to tell you!" I cradled her head and said, "Okay princess, lets try that again, but slower this time." She smiled up at me an nodded. She put her hands over mine and whispered, "I’m glad your not driving." She took me back in her mouth and started stroking it with her lucius lips again, and that awesome suction." I slowly guided her down, she shifted her neck and shoulders, then I slipped right down her throat! As her sweet lips were wrapped around the base of my erection I gasped, "Wow, second try!" Those baby blue eyes were beaming with pride and delight, as she looked back up at me. Tonya stopped and looked over, and acknowledged it with a curt, "Cool…"

      I laid my head back and closed my eyes as I let her ‘drive’. She turn on that fantastic suction, and take me all the way down her throat. She’d hold me there for a 10-15 lovely seconds then slowly slid them back up to where the shaft bulged into the head. I enjoy it for as long as I could, but when you have a naked, sexy, teenager, deep throating you, you don’t last very long. I groaned, "I’m gonna come." Tonya reminded her, "Stay with him!" She nodded and sucked even harder, I blasted off in her mouth and she sucked out every last drop. I sighed, "That, princess, was wonderful, just wonderful!" She swallowed my come and smiled up at me. Tonya told us, "If your done, dinner is ready." I looked over and saw she’d already helped herself. Tiffany hopped up an bounced over, I brought my chair and joined them.

      Tonya recommended to Tiffany, "Eat slow, it takes him twenty minutes to recover." I told her, "You forget, I’m in the same room with two incredibly gorgeous, and very sexy ladies, who just happen to be naked. I doubt I’ll need twenty minutes." We all ate very quickly….

      After dinner I made the girls put the leftovers in the fridge, which looked pretty empty. Then I had then clear the table. I called then over, on on either side of me. I hugged then close and gave those firm naked buns a squeeze. I told Tonya, "Well, baby girl, I never did thank you properly for that awesome fellatio you gave me in the car." I kissed her tongue and all, she wrapped her arms around my neck and responded in kind. I was already semi-erect from watching those naked girls clean-up, that kiss got me to full mast in seconds. Tiffany whined, "What about me and the one I just gave you?" I broke off the kiss with Tonya and explained, "Patience princess, I didn’t forget you, and I could never forget what you did for me a few minutes ago. I kissed her and she happily kissed me back, in fact she initiated the tongue before I got a chance, Her tongue was in my mouth before our lips made contact. It was strange; Tonya seemed to be building a sexual bond with me, while Tiffany was building up and emotional bond. Of course this was a one-time thing, so it really didn’t matter, I just found it interesting.

      After the kiss, I stood them side by side against the table. Tiffany looked into my eyes and smiled, Tonya looked down at my erection and smiled. They both looked so gorgeous, all tanned and firm. There were no hard tan lines, different shorts and tops over the summer had turned them into a gradual fade from tan to white, and it looked unbelievably sexy. I lifted each girl and sat her on the table. Then I pushed their shoulders back until they were lying on their backs, side by side. I lifted the two legs that were touchin
g, and raised then straight up. I caressed them and kissed those fine legs as I said, "So tan, so firm, so gorgeous. Perfectly gorgeous." I crossed those legs and bent them at the knee, and ordered the girls, "Hold these right here." Each girl held her sisters leg. I raised the other leg and they got the idea and held onto it without and instruction from me. The two girls smiled at each other, then looked down at me. I informed them, "It’s time for my dessert." as I sat back down and looked at those two lovely little vagina’s. Both girls had shaved their pubic hair smooth and clean. I caressed them both with my hands, enjoying the smooth feeling, and noticing that they were both getting a little wet, Tonya was more than just a little wet. I moved over to Tonya, kissing her adorable little vagina, then licking up some of that moisture. I looked up at her and her head was back, but Tiffany was looking at me and asked, "How come she gets to go first all the time?" I paused and said, "Patience princess…" She replied, "Why do I have to be patient all the time?" Tonya sighed, "Get her off, I can wait a few minutes." Tiffany smiled and looked down at me as I moved over between her lovely legs.

      She sighed and let her head roll back as I kissed and massaged her little pussy. She grew more vocal when my tongue came out and began stroking her, gently at first, but getting firmer as we went along. She seemed to enjoy that. She cried out when I pressed my tongue inside that tight little pussy. Wow, was she tight! It was really gonna feel nice slipping my dick inside her. I moved up and teased her clit, and that drove her passion higher as she pulled my head into her, like she was trying to pull my head inside her. I figured the wanted it a little bit harder, so I obliged, sucking on her pussy as I tongue fucked her. She was bucking her hips into my face. I moved up and sucked on her clit, she screamed, and when I ran my tongue across the tip of the tiny nub, she cried out in an ear splitting scream as she blasted off in an orgasm.

      I lapped up her juices as she came down. Tonya said, "Wow, you never scream like that when you do it yourself." She was panting as she replied, "It never felt that good when I did it to myself!" I smiled and asked, "Is it okay if I show Tonya what it fel like?" She smiled down at me and sweetly replied, "Okay." I moved over to her blonde sister. Tonya smiled down and asked, "Are you gonna make me scream?" I replied, "Just lie back and relax, do whatever you feel like doing." She nodded, and laid her head back. As I kissed that sweet little pussy, which was soaking wet again, probably in anticipation while watching her sister getting off. I tasted her musty sweetness again. She wasn’t holding back as she sighed, "Uhhhhh!" I massaged her pussy with my lips as I ran my tongue up and down the length. I inhaled an she gasped. I started sliding my tongue into her, she was as tight as her sister! I was really going to enjoy fucking these two ladies. I slipped up to her clit and the screaming started. She was really enjoying my tongue lashing and I swear she was trying to pull me inside of her like her sister did. I went back to sucking on her pussy and tongue fucking her and got the same hip bucking into my face. She was slightly more vigorous as she humped furiously. I slipped back up to her clit and sucked on it hard, She cried out like her sister, and when I ran my tongue across the tip of that sweet little nub her voice cracked in mid-scream. I lapped up her sweetness then looked up an asked, "Okay, who’s ready for some dick?"

      Tonya was panting as she looked at Tiffany, and suggested. "I need a few to recover… You wanna take him first?" I stood up and moved over to Tiffany and asked, "How about it princess, you ready for Daddy’s big dick?" She swallowed hard an said, "Be gentle Daddy. I’ve never had anything as big as you inside me." She was wet, probably from watching her sister get off. I rubbed the head of my erection against her tight pussy getting it nice and wet with her own moisture, I assured her, "Daddy will take really good care of his little princess…" She softly sighed, until I pushed firmly and forced the head of my engorged penis into that tiny little pussy. She cried out, "Oh Daddy, it hurts!" I paused to let her get used to my size as she gasped and panted. I told her, "It will get easier as we go along princess." she sighed and nodded, "Okay Daddy, I trust you." I pushed again, gently, but firmly, she whimpered, "Daddy it hurts!" I didn’t know if this was for real or if she just doing this to turn me on. If it was the latter, it was working! I had to push pretty hard to get a few inches of workable length in that tiny little hole to start stroking. She cried, "Daddy it’s too big, your gonna break me!" I pulled back and started stroking as I assured her, "I won’t break you princess. Daddy will take care of you. Just let him work it in, it will only hurt for a little while. Then it will start to feel good, really good." She gave me a weak smile and said, "I don’t know how this could ever feel good, but I trust you Daddy." As I continued stroking into her I told her, "Princess, your sweet tiny pussy is so tight, you make Daddy feel so good." She sighed, "Really Daddy?" I assured her, "Really princess." She sighed, "You’re right. It does feel good, just knowing that I make you feel good." I was almost all the way in and I think she was getting numb to the pain, I assured her, "You’re tight little pussy is making Daddy feel wonderful." I forced in the last inch or so. I was in as far as I could go. She felt my hips against her and sighed, "Oh Daddy! You’re so big, you fill me up. I feel like my pussy is gonna explode!" She put her hands out and I took them. She pulled herself up and planted a very passionate kiss on my lips, I returned the kiss with an equal amount of passion. Then she wrapped her arms around my neck like she wasn’t ever going to let go.

      I took that as a perfect opportunity. I got a firm grip on that fine ass and backed off the table. She was as light as a feather, but she was startled and wrapped her arms tighter around my neck. I told her, "Princess, wrap your legs around me, and loosen up on the neck." She replied, "But Daddy, I slipped off the table!" I assured her, "No princess, you didn’t slip off, Daddy took you off the table." She asked, "Why Daddy?" I told her, "Daddy’s got you in his arms princess…" I lifted her up a little to punctuate that statement. "I’m not gonna let my little princess fall. I just want to hold her in my arms while we make love." She sighed, "Oh Daddy, I want that too!" I told her, "Then trust Daddy, and wrap your legs around my waist, and loosen up on the neck a little bit." She sighed, "I trust you Daddy, and I trust your big strong arms too."  Her leg wrapped around me, and al that walking had made them deceptively powerful. Those gorgeous, tanned legs had some power as she squeezed me between those beautiful legs. She loosened up her grip, but just enough to kiss me and she did. I wasn’t passionate, it was more warm and tender, her crush on me was obvious. She let the kiss linger, then paused long enough to whisper, "Please Daddy, make sweet love to me while we kiss…" I had no objections as I resumed kissing her soft sweet lips. I lifted her slightly and she softly whimpered into my mouth as I lowered her back down. I did that a few more times then started adding
a little hip action. I started rolling my hips, getting a good stroking motion going. The problem was that she wa so tight, I had to really push to her down to get it back in. If we were to both let go, I’m sure the fantastic grip of that tight little pussy, would keep her right where she was, no problem. However, I wasn’t going to waste time on any experiments. Her kissing was getting more urgent an passionate. Even her body felt warmer, she felt as hot as she looked. She was moaning and sighing right through the kissing, as I pounded her tiny little pussy with my engorged penis, as hard as I could. I coul feel her climax as she hugged me tight and went rigid, screaming right into that endless kiss. I groaned and blasted off myself, thrusting into her as hard as her sweet tight pussy would allow.

      I moved back to the table and set her down. She released her legs an her arms, but held the kiss for a few seconds longer before she closed her eyes and laid back with a contented sigh. I looked over at Tonya and told her, "You’re gonna have to suck my come out of your sister’s pussy so she doesn’t get pregnant." First, I got snipped after my wife and I had our second child, so I was shooting blanks. Second, I don’t know how I knew, but I just knew she’d do it. She just needed a reason, and I just gave it to her. She scrambled off the table and looked at the come dripping out of her sister’s pussy. Tiffany asked, "Will that work?" she didn’t seem all that concerned. I replied, "If she hurries." As I nudged her towards her sister’s waiting pussy. She nodded, "Well… Okay…" and dove in, licking all around it, lapping up the come dripping down then latching her lips to Tiffany’s pussy! Even though I couldn’t see what was going on, Tiffany’s reactions told me there was plenty happening under those sweet lips.

      There was only one reason I wanted Tonya to eat my come out of her sister. This was so fucking hot! Watching a young tanned blonde eating out another smoking hot brunette. I was getting hard again and it was no accident! That was so fucking hot, watching Tiffany squirm and moan as her sister’s tongue wormed around up inside, licking out my come. I think the fact that they WERE SISTERS made it even hotter! SMOKING HOT! Tonya paused and slipped a finger into her sister pussy, Tiffany gasped, as Tonya explained, "My tongue isn’t long enough to get it all…" as she bent her head down and licked at Tiffany’s pussy while she dug around with her finger getting out more and more of my come. Tonya paused again and asked, "How will I know when I got it all." I asked her, "You know what I taste like?" She nodded so I asked, "You know what your sister tastes like?" She replied, "I do now." I told her, "When you can’t taste me anymore and all you can taste is your sister, then you’ve got it all." I winked at her. Tonya smiled and said, "Right!" and latched those sweet lips into her sister’s pussy again. She had Tiffany was writhing and moaning in seconds. Tonya had a pussy of her own so she knew what it felt like and knew how to push the right buttons, and soon had Tiffany screaming out in ecstasy as she orgasmed under her sister’s talented tongue.

      Of course Tonya had to lap up her come to make sure. She turned to me and nodded, "It’s all her now, you want to check?" I smiled and said, "I trust you. Can you clean this off for me?" as I waved my almost fully erect penis in her face. She smiled and asked, "Did watching me go down on my sister get you hard again?" I asked her, "What do you think?" as soon as she opened her mouth, I grabbed the back of her head and shoved my cock in her mouth. She quickly recovered and started sucking, as hard as she could. That was good enough to get me ready to go for a round in Tonya’s tight little pussy, but I let her suck on it for a minute or two, just because it felt so good. I stood her up and sat her on the table next to Tiffany, who was still recovering from the two consecutive orgasms she’d just experienced. I laid Tonya back and asked her, "Is my baby girl ready for Daddy to shove his big thick dick in her sweet little pussy?" She sighed, "Oh yes Daddy! Give it to me. Ram your big, hard dick in my tiny little pussy. Let me have it Daddy, I want it so bad!" I rubbed the head of my dick against her pussy, she was soaking wet. It was all over the place. I don’t know if it was from watching her sister get fucked, going down on her sister, or a combination of both, but even her thighs were a sticky. She cried, "Oh Daddy, please don’t tease me! Give it to me! Give your baby girl that big thick dick! I want you all the way inside me, fill me up Daddy! Make me a woman!" I smiled and pushed with all my might, forcing my turgid penis into that tiny little pussy. But she was just as tight as Tiffany, and although there was more lubrication available, I got little more than the head inside. She cried out, "Oh gawd it hurts! It’s so big!" I paused but she cried out, "More give me more! I want it all!" I asked, "You don’t want me to be gentle?" She opened her eye and said, "Fuck gentle! I want it hard! Hurt me! Slam it into me! Make it hurt! Tear up my little pussy! Fuck your baby girl like there’s no tomorrow!" Without question, I leaned forward and gave her another hard thrust. She cried out, "Oh yes Daddy! Hurt me with your big thick dick!" I pulled back a bit to spread the lubrication, she clamped her legs around my waist and cried, "Don’t stop Daddy!" She grabbed my arms and pulled me back in and then some. I lifted her off the table and she reached up for my neck, but she just held onto my neck and shoulders with her hands as she laid back using her full weight to force my cock onside her pulsing vagina. I pulled on her waist as she squeezed with her legs, and pulled me in deeper. I sighed, "Baby girl, this would go in faster if we pumped it a bit." She cried, "Then pump it! I want it all!" She didn’t loosen up her legs or shift her weight off my penis. I couldn’t lift her, her legs were clamped too tight, so I just pumped my hips as best as I could.

      It was working, I was going in faster this way. She cried, "Oh Daddy! It feel like you’re splitting me in two with that big dick! It’s so huge, your filling me up. It hurts so much, but it feels so good!" I pumped a few more times and she asked, "Does your baby girl’s pussy feel good to you Daddy? Is your baby girl’s pussy tight? Do you like it Daddy? Does it feel good?" I told her "Oh yes baby girl, your tiny little pussy is so tight! It feel so good. Daddy loves his baby girl’s tight little pussy!" just as the last thrust allowed our hips to come together. I thrust a few more times, just to make sure I was all the way in and she screamed and flooded my penis with more of her nectar. I was no where near ready to come. I paused for a second until her legs started loosen up and some of her feather light weight was in my hands, then I used that and my hips to get a good stroking motion going. I was pounding into her as hard as that tight little pussy would allow. These girl were identical twins as far as pussies were concerned. This was like a dream come true for me. Not one, but TWO tight little teenaged girls. Tonya was more vocal than Tiffany and liked to talk dirty, I couldn’t decide which one I liked better. I guess I liked them both! Tonya continued to cry out obscenities like, "Fuck me Daddy, fuck my little pussy!" and "Oh Daddy, your big dick is gonna split me in two!" or "Hurt me Daddy, fuck me HARD with that big dick!" Which only served to drive my pas
sion higher, which was probably the point. As I hammered her I noticed those half round globes gently bouncing on her chest. They looked like someone took a Sunkist Orange, sliced it in half, and placed each half on her chest. They were round and firm, as they softly bounced up and down. I’m a die-hard leg man, so I never really looked at Tiffany’s breast. I was too busy looking at those gorgeous legs, then she hugged me so tight I couldn’t see them. I was getting closer and closer to my climax, but I wanted to hold on and give her a second one. I’m not sure why? It was a challenge and I like challenges. I would push her up with my hips then back off, and pull partway out. Then I’d allow her to swing down, as I forced my dick back up into that tight little pussy. I could feel the strength returning to her legs as her grip tightened up around my waist. It shortened the amount I could get on each stroke. I said, "Baby girl, you need to loosen up your legs a little bit. She cried, "No, STOP!" I stopped as I’d just got my full length into her an was pushing her back up. She sigh, "YES! Just like that!" I relaxed and realized this felt pretty good. She sighed, "You’re so big, I feel so full. I love this feeling! I wish I could stay like this forever…" I sighed, "That would be wonderful, However, people at work would complain, if I was walking around with a naked woman on my hip." She laughed, and I could feel a twitching and squeezing in her vagina as she laughed. That felt awesome! I took one hand off her ass an ran it lightly up her side. She giggled and said, "I’m ticklish…" I replied, "I know, and your pussy feel even more wonderful when you laugh." I started ticking her and she started laughing more and more. The twitching and squeezing increased! I soon had her laughing hysterically as she squirmed around on my erection. I felt her legs tighten up around my waist, she let go of her hands as she went rigid and screamed. I had to stop tickling her to hold her up, but it didn’t matter she was in the throws of another orgasm. All the twitching and squeezing had gotten me pretty close, I use her rigid body to stroke my cock a few times and blew my load up into her.

      She collapsed and I gently laid her down on the hardwood floor. She let out her own contented sigh, "I’ve been thoroughly fucked!" I smiled as Tiffany asked, "Did you come inside her?" I replied, "Yes I did." She asked, "I suppose you want me to go down there and lick it all out." I asked, "Don’t you like my come?" She replied, "Yea… but…." I told her, "Go down there and get it, and hurry up." She got down on her knees then paused and said, "Next time, just pull out and come in my mouth." I replied, "I’ll think about it." as I watched her go down on her lovely blonde sister. She must’ve been paying attention to Tonya as she duplicated her moves, starting with the licking around the sides and the little bit dripping out. Then she glued her lips to Tonya’s pussy and went to town, I could see her lips puckered in, so she was sucking and she must’ve been using her tongue the way her sister was thrashing about. This was hot, and getting me hard again. Having already noticed Tonya’s teenage tits I went down to my knees and started sucking on one, as I massaged the other with my hand. Those firm little mounds were perfect, just a little bit more than a mouthful. Tiffany paused and asked, "How come you didn’t play with my titties?" I paused and said, "Let Tonya sit on your face, and I’ll take care of that right now." she paused, but returned to licking her sister’s pussy. She maintained eye contact as I licked her nipple and teased it with my tongue. I sucked it into my mouth tugging on it with the suction. I gently bit it and rolled it between my teeth, then I started playfully tugging on it. Then I moved over and started duplicating the same things on her other perfect mound.

      Tiffany’s head popped up, as she slapped Tonya on the hip, and told her, "Get up and sit on my face!" Tonya cried, "What?" Tiffany told her a little louder, "GET UP, OFF THE FLOOR, AND SIT ON MY FACE!" I told her, "Say please." She sarcastically remarked, "Sit on my face, PLEASE!" Tonya was about to say something, I shook her calf, to get her attention, she paused and looked at me. I winked at her, and she told Tiffany, "Okay! Fine!" She stood up as Tiffany scrambled to lie down on the floor, with her head near Tonya’s feet. Tonya straddled her head and looked down. I tapped her on the back of the calf, she looked back and I motioned for her to turn around. She turned around and immediately sat on Tiffany’s face before she could say a word. She told her, "Now lick all that come out of me, before I get pregnant!" I smiled and pinched one of Tonya’s cute little nipples as I lowered my mouth down to Tiffany’s twin globes. Their pussies weren’t the only thing on these girls that was identical. Tiffany’s titties were identical to her sisters. Two perfect orange halves sitting on her chest. I could nearly get the entire thing into my mouth. Tiffany moaned, and Tonya sighed, "She’s not licking!" I paused and said, "I’m not going to play with your titties if your not going to eat the come out o your sister’s pussy. She’s counting on you! Tonya did it for you, she needs you to do the same for her." She mumbled, "Okay." It was slightly muffled by the pussy in her face. I resumed sucking on her titties, and it was only a few seconds before I heard a muffled moan and Tonya complained, "She is NOT licking!" Tiffany voiced her muffled complaint, "But it feels so good!" I told her, "Okay princess, I’m gonna hold off until you finish licking my come out of your sister. Do a good job, and I do you really good." Tonya chimed in, "Make me come and I’ll help!" Tiffany asked, "What?" Tonya told her, "If you give me an orgasm, I’ll help him play with your titties." Tiffany started to say something, but Tonya shifted her hips and cut her off saying, "Now start licking!" I leaned forward and kissed Tonya on the lips as I grabbed both of her breasts and began squeezing. She sighed, but I got the feeling it was more what Tiffany was doing than what I was doing. After the kiss I moved down to those adorable globes and started teasing them with my tongue and tugging on them with me teeth, she appeared to enjoy that.

      It wasn’t long before I heard a muffled complaint, "I can’t get mu finger in there!" I paused and backed off. Tonya knew just what to do as she rolled forward, lying down on top of her sister in a 69. The only difference was she didn’t go down on Tiffany. Tiffany wasn’t muffled anymore as she told Tonya, "Thanks." I went over to watch Tiffany do her work. She slipped her finger in, and with a little practice got it working pretty well and appeared to be licking more come from Tonya’s pussy, and Tonya seemed to be enjoying her sister’s finger, wiggling around inside her tight pussy. Yes, I was getting pretty hard again. Tiffany soon removed he finger and attached her lips to Tonya’s sweet little pussy. Tonya lifted herself up a bit to help Tiffany, but didn’t actually sit on her face. She was getting more and more vocal, and it wasn’t long before Tonya let loose with a loud scream announcing to the world that she was having and orgasm under her sister’s talented tongue.

      Tonya allowed her sister to lick her pussy until Tiffany announced, "I don’t taste you anymore, just Tonya." Tonya lifted one of those lovely legs and moved off to the side. I s
miled down at Tiffany, with her face glistening with her sister’s dew. She looked so cute I leaned over and kissed her, tasting Tonya’s nectar on her sweet soft lips. I felt a little hair tickle my side as Tiffany inhaled sharply. I broke off the kiss, and looked down. Tonya had already started on Tiffany’s breasts without me. I told her, "Hey wait for me!" She paused and protectively covered the breast she’d been playing with as she informed me, "This one is mine, you take that one." I smiled and said, "I didn’t realize there was a difference." As I gently massaged the breast that was ‘mine’. Tonya looked very serious as she replied, "Oh yes, there’s a difference… Big difference." I bent down and gave that cite little nipple a lick as she did the same and I asked, "So what makes that one better?" she replied, "I didn’t say better, just different." I nodded and asked, "Okay, what’s the difference…?" She smiled and said, "This one is closer to me…" as she dove in and sucked that entire breast into her mouth. I smiled and shook my head as I followed suit. We had my little princess moaning and sighing as we each came up inventive ways to tease and torture her adorable titties. It was quite stimulating, and doing it so close to her sister, who was doing the same thing… Very Hot. After a while Tonya’s head came up, I paused and raised my head, and Tiffany started to sit up. Tonya asked, "What are you planning on doing with that thing." Tiffany cried, "Oh I have to clean that off!" As she dove down there and applied her awesome suction with her sweet lips. I was probably 80% there already, her sweet mouth quickly got it to about 95%. I told Tonya, "I want some real teen age ass. I’m gonna butt fuck you two ladies." Tonya gave me one of those, ‘like-hell-you-are’ looks, Tiffany turned her head so fast my dick popped out of her mouth with an audible "POP". Quite stimulating, enough for that last 5%… Tiffany cried, "I’m wanna be butt fucked! I’m first, I wanna be first!" Tonya replied, "You can be first and last, I’m NOT letting him put that big thing up MY tush." Tiffany asked, "Are you crazy? Why not?" Tonya told her, "I think you’re the crazy one." She looked up at me and asked, "Is that okay…" then she brightened up and added, "You can butt fuck me twice, if you want!" I smiled and said, "I might take you up on that offer, princess. Let’s see how the first one goes."

      She was smiling from ear to ear as we got up off the floor. She backed up to the table and was going to sit on it, I shook my head and told her. "Wait… Turn around." She complied and showed me that incredibly amazing posterior. I gasped, "Wow! What an awesome butt! It looks beautiful, gorgeous, just perfection in it’s most lovely form." She smiled back at me and I told her "A butt THAT sweet, deserves to be fucked twice. Maybe three or four times." She giggled. I told her, "Bend over the table." She replied, "I can’t, I’m too short." I told her. "Stand on your toes." She replied, "Oh yea…" with a chuckle as she stood on her toes. That modest move had a dramatic effect! It enhanced the curve of her legs and the roundness of her derriere, that got me to about 110%. Definitely ready to butt fuck somebody! On her toes, she was just barely able to bend over the table. I came forward and Tonya stopped me, "You’re gonna need some lubrication or you’re gonna tear her heinie to shreds!" I though, "You have any baby oil, or anything like that?" She sarcastically replied, "Got motor oil out in the barn?" I asked, "How about in the kitchen?" She laughed, "You want me to slather some Crisco on your cock?" I replied, "Olive oil, Vegetable oil, Corn oil?" She went to a cupboard, opened it up and asked, "Canola Oil?" I replied, "That’ll do." She came back with a quart bottle and asked, "You can used this stuff back there?" I replied, "You can drink this stuff, if you want. Hell, you cook food in it. It’s perfectly safe, or I wouldn’t use it with your sister." She smiled and said, "I guess it okay." I warned her, "Her poop might slide out easier for a couple days, but there won’t be any lasting effects." Both girls laughed and Tiffany assure Tonya, "It’ll be okay." Tonya helped me lubricate my rock hard erection with Canola Oil. Then I had her hold open her sisters cheeks as i drizzled a little oil down there. She complained it felt cold. I warmed it up by using my finger to guide it to the right places. I slipped my finger in to the first knuckle, Tiffany gasped, then asked, "Is that it?" Tonya laughed, "That’s just a finger! His dick is ten times that!" I asked Tonya to keep holding those firm cheeks apart, as I lined up the real thing. Tiffany flinched a little, " told her "This will be a little bit of discomfort, but if you relax it will go a lot easier." Tonya laughed, "Discomfort? This is gonna hurt like hell…" I gave her the evil eye and she added, "…Unless you relax…" I pressed the head against her lubricated anus, it opened, maybe and inch, but that wasn’t nearly enough. I pushed harder and she winced and lifted one leg. To my surprise Tonya soothingly assured her, "Relax princess, it will hurt a little bit at first, but you’ll like it." I wasn’t going in and had to apply more pressure. I lifted her other leg off the floor as I straightened out my knees. I could feel her anus twitching so I told her, "Try to relax princess…" She whimpered, "I’m trying to, but it’s so big…" Tonya took one of her hands off spreading her sisters ass cheeks and gently rubbed the small of her back as she assured her, "Try not to think about how big it is, try an think about how good it’s gonna feel then it filling you up inside." Tiffany nodded, "Yes! That’s what I want, I want him to fill me up. That does feel good. I want to feel that back there!" Her anus stopped twitching and felt very soft. I gently applied more pressure and she screamed in pain as the head popped into her ass. I paused as I felt her anus twitching again, threatening to squeeze off the head of my dick. Tonya told her, "Relax princess, the worst is over. The biggest part is in." Tiffany was panting as she took a few deep breaths and the twitching stopped. Tonya was still caressing the small of her back a I slowly pushed again, she whimpered and the twitching was stop and go as I forced in the first inch after the head. Now I had a little bit of working room and I started a slow and easy stroking. Tiffany sighed, "Yes, that’s better." I slowly an easily worked it in deeper, The problem was her anus was so tight, it was squeezing off the Canola Oil, like a squeegee. It was difficult getting anything lubrication inside. I momentarily contemplated pulling out, she was probably gaped enough to where I could pour half of that quart inside her. I decided that probably wouldn’t help much in the long run and I didn’t want her to go through the pain of the initial entry again. Besides this felt really good. I decided to let her know how good it felt. I sighed, "Oh princess, this felt so good… It’s so tight, so very tight! It’s amazing!" She asked, "My butt feels good?" I replied, "Oh yes princess, your butt feels wonderful." She sighed, "I want you all the way inside me Daddy, fill me up with your wonderful dick!" She started pushing back with her arms on the in stroke. That was more of an encouragement to me than any real help. I pushed a little harder, being careful to feel for that twitching anus indicating she was tensing up.

      I still had her feet dangling off the floor, as this lovely young lady was lying across the table. Tonya now was back to spreading her ass cheeks with both hands I was just a couple inches from full penetration. I stroked it in bit by bit. Tiffany sighed, "Oh Daddy, I’m so full!" I told her, "We still have a little bit let. Do you want it?" She sighed, "Yes Daddy yes! Give it all to me." I replied, "You got it princess." I took three good hard thrusts and rammed in the remaining inches of my turgid dick! She screamed, and I felt her anus clamp around the base of my cock. I thought for a minute it was gonna rip it right off. Tonya softly remarked, "I didn’t know you could have an orgasm from anal sex." I told her, "Feels like a big one!" She just nodded, I noticed she wasn’t holding Tiffany’s ass anymore and one of her hands was between her legs. As soon as Tiffany started coming down, her anus started to loosen up. Tiffany sighed, "Oh thank you Daddy! That was wonderful!" I replied, "We are just getting started princess." She sighed, "Oh wow!" as I resumed stroking her ass.

      Tonya for no apparent reason, jumped up and ran out of the room. I only paused for a second, and quickly resumed what I was doing. That tight little ass felt awesome. It was different from her pussy, not better or worse, just different, and I liked the difference. Tonya came back and climbed onto the table spreading her tanned and sexy legs wide. She had a small plastic penis in her mouth, obviously getting it wet. It was about an inch in diameter and maybe 6 inches long. I asked her, "Is that gonna work, after you’ve tried me?" She replied, "Even a small orgasm, is better than no orgasm at all." I laughed and she sighed as she slipped that mini-penis into her pretty little vagina. I watched her work that around for a few seconds, but watching my own dick disappear up Tiffany’s tight little ass was a more arousing sight, so I quickly resumed watching that. Tiffany, was oblivious to anything but the big dick that was filling her ass. I wondered if there was any room in the front entrance, and An idea popped into my head.

      Tiffany’s lovely legs were just dangling off the table as I stroked my dick up her ass. I reached down, grabbed one of those legs, hooked it over my elbow, then flipped her completely over on her back. The twisting sensations on my cock were incredible, I wish there was an easier way to do that. She gasped as she found herself completely flipped over. I grabbed both legs and pushed them up high, to keep my dick from slipping any further out of her gorgeous derriere. I had her folded in half and even Tonya had to stop and take a look at this new development. I took that opportunity to snatch the mini-penis from her, she gasped then said, "Hey!" I put it in my mouth for a minute to taste Tonya’s sweet nectar. She watched me with a smile. There wasn’t much flavor to be had so I quickly switched it around, and placed it at the entrance to Tiffany’s sweet little pussy. Tonya whispered, "No way." I pushed. Tiffany’s eyes flew wide open as she gasped and looked down. She gasped . "Wha… Uh… Oh…" I pushed it deeper it was pretty tight even with this smaller penis in there. Tonya came over and said, "Let me do that!" I let it go and she started stroking the small dildo into her sister’s pussy. I concentrated on stroking Tiffany’s tight little ass. Tiffany threw her head back and cried out, the scream got louder and longer as I felt her ass clenching up and I knew it was orgasm time again.

      I wasn’t ready to come yet so I kept on going. Tonya remarked, "You know, I think i changed my mind, I’ like to try this." I told her "Sorry, your gonna have to wait. I promised this beautiful young girl I was going to do her twice, You’ll have to wait." She sighed, "Crap." Tiffany sighed, "I’m gonna need a rest after this, you can have him next. Maybe I can do the second one later. Tonya and I DP’ed that little lady to two more orgasms before I lost my load deep inside her ass. Tonya said, "I ain’t licking it out of THERE!" I replied, "No problem, she can’t get pregnant back there." She nodded and I slowly pulled my softening pens from that tight hole. About halfway out the tightness of her ass, just squeezed the rest out by itself.

      I’m not sure why, but for some reason I looked at my watch, it was just past 8:45. I asked, "When does your brother get home?" Tonya glanced at the clock on the wall and cried, "Crap, no butt fucking for me!" Tiffany looked at the clock and said, "Crap, he’ll be home soon." She was having trouble standing up straight. Tonya was helping her. They headed down the hall. I told her, "Just tell him your tired from helping your friend move." They nodded I started getting dressed and asked, "How are you gonna explain getting naked in the kitchen?" They looked back at me I pointed to one of the piles of their clothing. Tonya let Tiffany hobble on her own as she said, "You go change, I’ll get that…" She picked up the clothes and gave me a quick kiss. I finished dressing, and slipped out the back door. As I drove down the paved section of Mudhank Road I passed and smaller, older car with a younger man driving. That was too close!

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