Topical hottie fulfills husband’s hotwife fantasy

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My very loving and devoted wife of 20 years is an exotic knock-out with a striking, hypnotizing beauty from her East Indian / Middle Eastern / South American ethnicities and a stunning body and face, both appearing half her 40 years. She has been the head-turning object of lust for countless men (and women) and has been blessed with a healthy libido and ability to have endless multiple orgasms. Her 5’7″ and 120 Lbs. of perfect curves, long legs, impossibly round toned butt and perky firm breasts have finally fulfilled my biggest fantasy. She’s known of my perverted desires for years, but perhaps turning 40 shifted her adventurousness into high gear. Very luckily for me, she has made it her mission, since before we were married, to turn my sexual fantasies and carnal desires into reality.
My gorgeous wife came from a very well educated and religiously strict upbringing in South America. She had no sexual experience before the age of 19. She did not know how to masturbate or what an orgasm felt like before we met, yet she quickly found great fascination in my deviant desires all within a short time of taking her virginity. Breaking her hymen was NOT easy; she has- and still has- a very small and exceptionally tight vagina. She is 10 years younger than me.
By the time she turned 21, and before we married, she made many of my fantasies come true- including the one I had most wanted and not yet experienced; having sex with a girl right after her pussy was filled with cum from another cock. The kink for me is that this needed to be someone with whom I had a close emotional relationship. It went perfectly; I watched from within a very near closet while a young man fucked her and came inside her twice. She knew how very, very much it was turning me on to see her in a variety of positions being fucked to several orgasms from only 6 feet away. She asked to be pinned down and taken roughly with her nails digging into his ass as she was lewdly splayed open for maximum penetration- this worked well for my visual stimulation. And she knew exactly what to do immediately afterwards; reclining to keep his cum from running out of her nubile shaved pussy and encouraging him to leave quickly. Then, for the first time, I confirmed my desire for this perversion by opening her legs and tentatively tasting her well-fucked hole with another mans cum in it. This was followed by enthusiastically licking and sucking her to orgasm then fucking the sloppy seconds in her little used cunt. The smell of her cunt was intoxicating and the smell of his cock on her mouth was an unexpected surprise. The excitement gave me 2 orgasms inside her and a 3rd with her sitting on my mouth while jerking me off. She came dozens of times and we screwed until we were raw. In retrospect, I remember the thrill of watching her shave her pussy earlier that afternoon while showering in preparation of being fucked by another cock. Funny how certain little details stick in your mind and bring back the butterflies . . .
She soon experienced various forms of light bondage, sex with girls and 3-ways with other girls, anal sex, flashing, sex in public and me watching her flirt with other guys. She would make out with, and masturbate, 2 or 3 other guys rather frequently (usually as they finger-fucked her with her white cotton panties pushed aside) to excite me during our love-making as she relayed the experience of making their cocks cum . . . and occasionally, of her being fingered to orgasm as well. At this age she looked barely 15 with small breasts and a lithe little 105 Lb. body but she had become an insatiable nymphomaniac. I could not have been more pleased- or lucky. She relished the stimulation she felt in her newfound power over men and how readily she could bring them to orgasm. But, as much as I pestered her to let them fuck her and bring her little cum-filled cunny home to me, it didn’t happen. She had become quite love-sick over me and increasingly thought such involvement with other men was going too far in the wrong direction.
She did become more daring and confident with her sexual exploits in other ways though and always looked for new things to do that she knew would excite me.
When we were apart she would “accomplish” certain things to tell me about for added excitement during our love-making or over the phone. On one occasion, when I returned to the U.S. and she was in her home country, she telephoned me while having full-on sex with a very cute girl named Molly she knew I was eyeing and whose acquaintance it became her mission to make. She spoke with me while giving and receiving orgasms with this girl in a 69. She said she had already shaved the pussy of her new girl friend (of only 3 days) and looked forward to helping me fuck her upon my return. The night I arrived back she delivered on her promise and provided a sensuous repeat of the phone performance where they were locked to each other in a 69 before we ravaged the girl together.
We married after 3 years into our relationship. Her having sex with another guy really seemed to be off the menu at that point. As badly as I wanted to see her being fucked up close . . . or participate . . . or bring home her fucked and cum-filled pussy to me, the odds of this happening had diminished. I had to make do with sucking her cunt after cumming in her . . . sometimes 10 minutes after . . . sometimes 6 hours after. She was keenly aware of my number-one fantasy and would grind her used pussy down on my mouth obviously smelling and tasting thoroughly fucked while exciting me about how it was another mans cum in her. I could only remember, with great excitement, the one time it actually happened and imagine it happening again- but this time with her as my wife.
Ironically, after marrying, she was very comfortable with our sexual adventures continuing to include other girls. It was with almost too much ease that she brought other girls to bed for our mutual pleasure. And, for whatever reason, she was “hit on” frequently by Caucasian gals but typically befriended petite Asian and mixed girls- knowing they were the greatest turn-on for me. One particularly exciting experience was with an extremely cute, 18 year-old Asian/American girl who was into bondage and 3-way submissive sex. I fondly remember this girl tied spread-eagled on her stomach, ass propped high in the air with my cock buried in her butt as my wife alternated between tonguing my ass and balls and kissing this girl while shoving a dildo in and out of her cunt; I came in the girls ass from the sensation of feeling her pussy being fucked by my wife- and my wife tonguing my ass- plus the visual stimulation of this petite, little Asian girl tied spread-eagle, sodomized and ‘raped’ by both of us. She and my wife sucked each other to several orgasms and we all came A LOT before she wanted to be untied.
It is incredibly sensual watching my wife kissing and having sex with another girl and seeing their tongues buried in each other’s crotch but she knew this wasn’t my ultimate fantasy. It seemed to take forever to make progress towards that ultimate fantasy. And, I knew from this happening the one time prior to marrying her that nothing, absolutely nothing, would turn me on as much as my wife being fucked by another cock and to see the cum leaking from her and experience her used body afterwards. This happening while married would be the ultimate turn-on for some reason. The taboo of her submitting her body to be fucked and used and ejaculated in by another man and having her own passionate orgasms from such immoral, promiscuous extra-marital sex became an obsession for me. And she knew it.
Early in our marriage we traveled a lot, had more anonymity and freedom for this kind of adventure. She continued to become more adventurous, more confident and more daring with sex while her nubile little body developed into that of a stunning, yet slender woman that micro and thong-bikinis looked breathtaking on. However, she remained uncomfortable about having sex with another guy, although it continued to play a frequent role in our ‘dirty talk’ during sex.
Over the years, she became more and more accepting of my desire and eventually said that she could do it “if everything was just right”. My heart raced and my hopes shot up each time she would sound agreeable. For me, this desire increased the longer we were married; the longer we were together the more I loved her and the more I loved her, the stronger the desire became. For her, I think our years together helped her gain the confidence she needed to not feel guilty experiencing another man while married; enough confidence to feel comfortable being fucked by someone else. At the same time it also became more complicated. During our years of marriage my wife became successful and prominent with fairly high-profile exposure from fashion and photography contracts, and cosmetic ads for TV. This lack of anonymity made it difficult for ‘everything to be just right’.
With her frequent travels to cities around the world and almost weekly trips between opposite coasts in the US, she eventually had repeated meetings with a man she flirted more and more with on each visit. She felt increasingly comfortable with this very debonair gentleman / executive and enjoyed the admiration and attention he lavished on her and the power she felt in having him lust after her. He knew my wife was happily married and it baffled him when she spoke to me on the phone in his presence while openly responding to my questions about whether she was making any progress with my ‘fantasy’. This was her way of making sure he knew she wasn’t exactly cheating or being unfaithful in her marriage and to make sure he didn’t fall too hard for her. She explained my desires to him to quell his curiosity- though he wasn’t about to try a 3-some or anything- and he closely guarded against intimate appearing activities with my wife in public.
With my enthusiastic encouragement, she took this flirting to the next level on her last trip; she drank a little to spark her ambitions (alcohol always increases her arousal), returned to her hotel room together with her friend and let him kiss her and suck, lick and fondle her breasts. While frantically making-out on the bed he brought her to two orgasms with his hands inside her pants rubbing her clit. She said she really wanted him to fuck her at that point but she didn’t let it go further- bad timing with her period and a tampon in the way. Damn the timing! To my dismay she also refrained from sucking his cock; she was too horny and frustrated at not being able to feel him inside her at that point and wanted to keep her excitement from getting out of control so she made him cum with her hands- twice, while they kissed. She said A LOT of cum shot out each time. A very promising and exciting report- this was MAJOR progress!
We both knew now that she could- and probably would- have his cock and his cum inside her soon. I could not be more excited and turned on by the thought. She didn’t know if it would be a one time thing or not so we decided I would accompany her on the next trip to that city for me to be as close as possible to the ‘experience’. Her actually getting fucked warranted more than the phone sex we typically settled for during her travels.
She knew I would have preferred to be there in person- watching or participating- but this was an opportunity she could actually make happen and we took advantage. “Not being there” added its own bitter-sweet anxiety and, in hind-sight, elevated the excitement of the whole experience by knowing she would feel more free to fully engage herself and give herself to him sexually and intimately. It also seemed so much dirtier; more like she was cheating on me by being alone with him to fuck. The anticipation and build up while waiting and thinking about it all night was torturous to the point of being absurd! Not just mentally but physically as well; my cock was aching from being rock hard so long, my balls ached and felt tender and bruised; I guess from the over production of semen. Yet, I kept wondering: . . . was she okay- did I really know enough about this guy? . . . was she liking it too much- could there actually be a reason for me to be jealous? . . . was anything back-firing? . . . My stomach was in knots for hours, but we had decided ahead of time that she would spend the whole night with him if it was going well. He didn’t know I was down the hall in another hotel room- which would likely have freaked him out. We also decided ahead of time that there would be no condoms. She knew him well enough and long enough for us to feel risk was negligible. Birth control is a not an issue for her and the total exclamation point on my fantasy is another man’s cum left inside my wife.
THE DIRTY DETAILS (My wife’s speech in italics)
It’s 7 AM; I hear the card-key unlock our hotel room door, it opens and my gorgeous, petite wife saunters leisurely across the room, slowing as she nears our bed.
She’s teasing me with the agonizing pleasure of seeing her after she’s been used all night by another man, knowing that I’m dying to find out the details. The suspense and anticipation is killing me. Her robe slinks off leaving her only in panties.
Drawing nearer, it’s obvious the crotch of her white cotton panty is soaked, appearing translucent. She comes close to where I am laying on our bed . . . then, kneeling slightly to the edge of the mattress, thrusting her pelvis near my face. “Smell anything you like?” She slowly pulls the crotch to one side; it clings briefly to her wetness. Pushing closer to my nose she coyly asks “How about now? Do you think your wife was naughty last night?” She refers to herself in the third person as “my wife” knowingly adding to my excitement about her adulterous night.
She lifts one leg to the mattress, placing her foot on the far side of my head . . . her thighs opening.
Her neatly waxed and completely bald cunt is barely inches from my face now. My heart is pounding as I see the evidence. It’s slick and glistening. Her lips are engorged; slightly gaping, contrasting its normal appearance of a neat, compact teen-age vagina. It’s radiating heat with a fragrant, strong, musky and slightly bleachy scent. Semen starts to run down one thigh; it’s the evidence and result I have wanted for so long.
“Is this what you wanted?” she says sweetly as her pussy closes in on my mouth. “Then suck me, suck him out of me.” The words I had hoped to hear for so long. And when I heard the word “him”, it hit me like a ton of bricks making my mind swirl, briefly making me wonder if I was still ready to handle the reality of it. Indeed, what would have been a repulsive situation of unimaginable jealousy for me at age 18 became an inexplicable desire by my mid 20’s, a raging obsession 30’s and 40’s and now a passionate fixation. A remnant of jealousy remained intact as a catalyst to fuel my perverse desire: The desire to share my beautiful loving wife with other men to have sex with.
She guides my head to the bottom of the trickle of semen. Hesitating briefly, I take in the sight and the heady aroma, and stick my tongue out to lick it up, licking up to the corner of her silky thigh, tasting the salty sweetness of her sex mixed with another man’s cum. Her body shuddered at the depravity of this act by her husband.
All my senses are screaming at me; telling me she’s had a very, very active night of sex. The sticky evidence of her infidelity reeks from her thighs to her face.
Again she reaches for the back of my head. “There’s plenty in there” she says softly and pulls my face into her wetness. “He fucked me hard several times and he just fucked me again- his cock was cumming inside me just a minute ago” she says with her head arching to look up at the ceiling as my tongue danced around her clit. “He’s got a nice cock- probably a little longer than your seven inches- a little thicker too; I know that’s what you were hoping for- I know you wanted me to be fucked by a bigger cock than yours and tell you what it feels like up inside me” she says, feeling reassured by my actions and increasingly confident of her own.
More wantonly now she asks “Can you smell his cock, can you smell it all over me?” She’s becoming more excited as she tells me “I buried my nose and my face in his cock and balls and licked him all over, he was slimy-wet and sweaty from fucking me; I even tongued his asshole before putting my finger up inside him. Can you smell him all over your wife? Does it smell nasty? Is that how you like me? Is that how you like your wife?” She briefly bends down to kiss me, inserting her tongue into my mouth and kissing me in a lewd manner, rubbing her face around my nose to make sure I can smell just how naughty she was- snaking her especially fragrant fore-finger up around each side of my nostrils as her tongue darted in and out of my mouth- she knew that was the finger she penetrated him with. “I don’t think I could have done all those things with him if I didn’t get a little wasted first. I’m surprised I did everything I did but you made it clear you wanted me to be as dirty and nasty and naughty and intimate with him as possible; you won’t be disappointed when I tell you everything. He came four times- every time was deep inside me- just like you asked. Does that turn you on . . . knowing that I just had sex with another man for the first time in our marriage . . . that your wife just spent the whole night being fucked hard by someone else and filled with his cum again and again?”
“I tried to keep all his cum in my pussy for you; I hurried back to our room but my underwear’s already soaked”. As if to show me, she pulled the crotch out straight, pinched a fair amount of semen from it with her thumb and forefinger, then surprised me by spreading my ass and rubbing it in my hole. “Is this DIRTY enough for you . . . is this INTIMATE enough for you now- using my finger that was in his ass to take his cum out of your wife’s cunt and push it in your ass?” The realization of everything that’s happening nearly makes me orgasm as she slowly pushes her finger in and out of me- knowing how much the sensation turns me on.
The smell of her used pussy and the smell of his cum and his cock along with her words and fingering me with his cum that dripped out of her cunt incited a nervous exhilaration beyond description. Then she escalated the sensations by reaching over and fumbling in her suitcase to retrieve a narrow, four inch butt-plug which she unceremoniously lubricated along her wet pussy lips and, after quickly lubing it in her dripping used fuck-hole, she slowly inserted it up my ass. The warm, tingly feeling of it pressing against my prostrate made my cock twitch and spasm slightly while emitting a serious flow of pre-cum. I nearly lost it and pinched hard under my cock-head to hold out longer. She nearly made me lose it again as she leisurely started to fuck my ass saying “Oh, you like being fucked with another man’s cum lubing your ass don’t you? You like knowing that’s the same cum he pumped into your wife don’t you? And now I’m fucking your ass with his cock-juice that’s dripping out of your wife’s cunt! Is that DIRTY and NASTY and NUAGHTY enough for you now?” She asked rhetorically. She stopped moving the butt-plug just in time to keep me from exploding and resumed her vaginal assault on my mouth.
I sucked her used fuck-hole, wanting to pleasure her with my mouth in a way that left no doubt about my appreciation for what she just brought to our sex-life.
She pushed down harder on my mouth as my tongue strained to push up into her. I kept sucking, my nostrils taking in the odor of her unclean, unwashed, very used pussy; smelling of a mix of his cologne and her perfume and their sweat, her cunt juice and his cum- lots of his cum- some of it still white from him just cumming in her, more cum that was clear from fucking earlier. The whitish color of his semen contrasted with her deep olive color skin and dark vagina. I groaned in ecstasy as I sucked it and smelled it and tasted it, wondering how I can be so turned on by a partially homosexual act. Though I’m not homophobic, such contact with another male only holds excitement for me if my wife is central to the activities.
I may never completely understand this perversion but I loved the fantasy becoming reality. I craved the experience more and more as it unfolded. I adore my wife and her body in every way, the excitement for me was off the charts now that she’d just been royally fucked all night by another man.
And then it got better when she told me how much SHE enjoyed it . . .
She told me the erotic details of her adulterous night while continuing to grind her cunt onto my face, guiding my head so my mouth is directly under her fucked hole. The excitement was becoming too intense and I was in constant danger of cumming from the mental stimulation alone.
“When we got up to his room after all those drinks, I was getting pretty horny; I immediately stuck my tongue in his mouth while rubbing his cock through his pants. He reached through the slit of my dress- your favorite dress you had me wear to be seduced and fucked in- and he pushed my panties aside and finger-fucked me ’til I came. You know how much that turns me on; being fingered and sucked and fucked with my underwear pushed to one side. At that point I was about to be fucked because I wanted it, not just because you wanted me to- I seriously wanted to feel his cock pummeling me. After he made me cum with his fingers I stared at him and told him I wanted him to fuck me. We took each other’s clothes off and got on his bed in a 69; I sucked his cock and balls and he made me cum again sucking my horny wet pussy. Then I was on my back, spread wide open with my legs on his shoulders. I felt so exposed and slutty offering myself like that to someone who was lusting after me just to use my body; I was just someone else’s wife for him to lustfully pump his cum into. He really sprawled me open and mercilessly shoved his cock in me. He had wanted me so bad for so long and he was finally having me. I must have been really wet because his cock had no problem sliding all the way up to where it hurts. IT FELT SOOO DAMN GOOD though, it wasn’t long before I was telling him to pin my hands down, saying “HOLD ME DOWN- RAPE ME- RAPE MY HORNY CUNT- PUMP YOUR FUCKING CUM INTO ME!” as I came again and again. He was incredibly turned on too but he lasted forever and I thought he would split me open. He really got off on holding me down and taking me savagely while I told him to “rape me with his big cock”. You would have loved to see your little brown-skinned wife there being raped by a big white cock knowing that cock wasn’t your own. You would have loved to be there . . . up close . . . watching his cock going in and out of your wife’s pussy . . . fucking in and out of me . . . using and pleasuring your wife . . . wouldn’t you? You would have loved to be there watching it . . . smelling it . . . tasting it . . . wouldn’t you?”
Ah, she was really pushing all my fetish-buttons now, and she was enjoying it too; the white cotton panties, the whole hotwife/creampie/jealousy thing of having sex with another guy, (plus the look and smell and taste of her used pussy right after), the racial aspect of my fondness for darker or mixed-race girls and interracial coupling with darker girls . . . and her “enduring” the “forced” penetration . . . She was really doing a job on my mind and it was almost embarrassing how my copious flow of pre-cum gave away my excitement.
She continued; “When he came I could feel him spurting and spurting into me; it was instantly running out and down my ass, it felt so wicked . . . so wicked to be fucked so hard . . . so wicked to be enjoying it so much . . . enjoying it so much when I knew it wasn’t my husband who was fucking me and squirting his cum into me and using my body like that. Oh God, he made me cum so many times.”
“After resting for a few minutes, I got on my knees on the couch with one leg spread up over the arm of the couch and my ass up in the air. As sore as I was becoming I wanted to feel him take me from behind. I wiggled my ass around to tease him; I knew he could smell me and how horny I was. The whole room smelled of pussy and sweaty cock and of his cum and of his fucking me. He started fingering my ass which felt good; I knew he wanted to put his cock in there but there’s no way it was going to fit. I wanted him in me again so I pushed back onto his cock and told him to screw me hard while I reached between my legs and pulled on his balls to keep him in me. He reached under me and teased my clit with one hand and fingered my ass with the other until I was screaming for him to fuck me harder and make me cum. I screamed and came when he was really hitting my G-spot. Bracing against the couch made him penetrate me so hard and he made me cum several times like that. I know that’s how you like seeing me- on my knees with my ass in the air- I thought of you watching him taking me like that and it made me cum.” she says breathlessly, pressing her wet pussy down harder against my mouth. “He fucked me so hard and shot his cum deep in me a second time. When he pulled out, a stream of cum ran onto the couch . . . you would have loved to have had your mouth right there to suck my cunt when he was pulling his cock out of me, wouldn’t you? You would have loved to have me grinding my cunt down onto your mouth the whole time he was fucking me wouldn’t you? We fell asleep on his bed after that and his dick leaked against my ass the whole time. Is that NAUGHTY enough for you?”
Looking down at me she says “Mmmm, mmmmm, suck my cunt! Suck my dirty fucked cunt! Taste his cock . . . ughhh . . . suck that cock-juice out of me!”
“He woke me up a few hours later and started fondling me. I sucked on him; his cock smelled of my pussy. We fucked gently this time; it was more like making love. I got on top of him and lowered my sore pussy down onto his cock. I kissed him intimately the whole time his cock was in me . . . I was gyrating around slowly and grinding my cunt down on his cock. I was kissing him when he came in me and that turned me on so much it made me cum with a nice long orgasm- I told him to grab my ass hard while I was cumming.” She says this wickedly for my benefit knowing that we both consider passionate kissing to be the most intimate thing two people can do . . . as she rocks her entire crotch back and forth on my face. “I wish you could have been right behind me to see me impaling myself down on his nice hard cock . . . seeing it sink all the way up into my tummy . . . mmmmm, I’d loved to have felt your tongue darting into my ass right then”. She was obviously saying this for her excitement now as well as my own.
“We talked for awhile after that and he told me how much he had always desired me from the first time he saw me in magazines, he told me all the things we had just done that his wife would never consider; she wouldn’t let him touch her anally in any way and this was also the first time anyone had fingered him there too. He said that of the different girls he’s experienced, my pussy was the tightest by far- he was so amazed- he couldn’t get over it. We talked and talked, we were lying in opposite directions facing each other and we each had one leg propped up; we were casually rubbing each other while we talked. I think he was starting to get a little too emotional so I brought up how excited my husband will be when I tell him about this night; he was put off a bit and asked me to not relay “every single detail” so I dropped it. While we were talking I was lightly rubbing the outside of his ass again, barely penetrating him, and milking his semi-hard cock with my other hand while my head rested on his thigh, we caressed each other like that until we fell back to sleep. Is that INTIMATE enough for you? Do you like thinking of me kissing him while his cock is making me cum and he is squirting his cum in me at the same time? Is it exciting to think of your wife giving herself so completely to another man all night for sex?” Doesn’t it bother you that I left you alone all night to be out cheating on you with another man that didn’t just fuck me and use me for sex but that I also made love with . . . and that he came again and again inside me . . . it really turns you on to be sucking his cum and tasting his cock from your wife’s pussy that was his to use all night, doesn’t it?
“Ughhh, ughhhhhh! Come on” she tells me, “keep sucking . . . I’m going to cum soon . . . don’t stop. I woke up just half an hour ago, putting my damp panties back on and grabbing a hotel robe, I gathered my evening clothes under one arm and told him I had to get back to my room for a con-call. As I started to go out the door I let him kiss me goodbye, he began pressing me up against the inside of the door while we were kissing and he got very turned-on and hard again, he pulled my robe open and sucked on my breasts which got me worked up too. I told him I really had to leave but he pulled my panties aside and fucked me right there- up against the door. As I was cumming he brutally pumped a good load of sperm into me again- I thought I’d be bleeding from all that hard fucking but I’m not seeing any blood. I came straight back to our room before much of his cum could leak out: I knew you wanted to see as much of it in me as possible . . . I knew you wanted to suck it out of me. Oh . . . yes . . . yes, yes! I want you to taste his cum in me, taste your slut-wife’s fucked pussy!”
She writhed against my face, I gripped her hips and smelled and tongued and sucked all over her slimy, pungent pussy and asshole.
Unable to speak intelligibly, she began grunting as my tongue and lips worked furiously on her. Her legs trembled as her pussy ground hard against my mouth.
She screamed as she came- cumming this time from my mouth, not the man that had just used her all night; not the man that had just fucked her and cum in her.
I sucked as much from her cunt as I could while she kept my tongue tight against her leaking wet hole as it spasmed. She bucked and moaned as she held my head in place, her pussy pushing more of their combined fluids into my mouth. Her spasms subsided and she collapsed next to me on the bed.
“God, THAT was good” she says in a spread-eagle state of exhaustion while casually reaching for my dripping cock, slowly starting to stroke it. Our hotel room now smelled strongly of fucked pussy and semen and I hadn’t fucked my wife or cum yet!
“You sure are hard and dripping A LOT; my getting fucked and filled with cum all night by another cock REALLY turns you on doesn’t it?” she asks again rhetorically.
“Okay, I’m worn out, now I want you to cum” she continues. “I’ll jerk you off while you think of him fucking me; fucking, using and raping your wife’s little pussy that you’re sucking- think of it- think of his big cock in me and how hard he fucked me and how many times he made me cum last night and how much I liked being fucked by him! That’s what turns you on, isn’t it? Knowing another man is cumming inside of me- cumming inside your wife- forcing your little brown wife to cum so hard and so many times? I know it sure turned ME on. Looks like this has been a real turn-on for both of us; looks like I should start having sex with more guys, huh? . . . Your wife should start spreading her legs for other cocks to fuck her, huh? I know that’s what you’re hoping I’d say . . . you’d be so happy to start out every morning watching me get fucked and pumped full of cum . . . or at least come home from being fucked all night so I could sit on your mouth and tell you all about it while you get off on licking my used pussy . . . you’d be so turned on all the time if you thought of me going around with different men’s cum up inside me wouldn’t you? You’d love to know that you could just pull my wet panties down anytime, smell my fucked cunt and taste another mans cum in me wouldn’t you? Your cock looks like it’s going to burst . . . I want you to cum now . . . go ahead and cum thinking about how someone else fucked me last night and how you’re sucking his cum out of me and how you’re going to watch other guys fuck me and how you’re going to smell my cunt and taste me and lick me and suck me after every time they’re done using me and cumming in me. Mmmph . . . your going to be so turned-on every time your wife has been fucked by someone else aren’t you?”
More focused on me now, she props her head up to watch my facial expressions as she strokes me, reiterating the details of her night. I was trying everything I could to make the moment last. In the final build-up, I parted her legs open pulling one leg up, bent at the knee until her ass was completely exposed and stuck my nose back into her used crotch to smell her musky cunt and asshole and his cock and his cum and the sex they had while I thought of him fucking my wife and cumming in her. She suddenly remembered to ease the butt-plug from me . . . slowly . . . one wavy nodule at a time at the start of my orgasm. It was the most physically and mentally intense orgasm of my life, surprising us both with the forcefulness, volume and duration of spurt after long jetting spurt of hot cum landing everywhere. Before my orgasm was even finished, I was immediately reflecting as to how another man was just doing this repeatedly inside my wife- in this same hot, married cunt-hole I was sucking. As she transitioned from the deliberate masturbation of my cock to milking out the semen up through my shaft she continued teasing the opening of my ass with the butt-plug while my nose and mouth were still pressed into her ass-hole and her slutty-fucked-cunt; the sober realization of the intoxicating smell from her crotch impacted me with the fact that my wife has finally been fucked by another man and I had one of those once-in-a-blue-moon (for me) multiple-second orgasms where my legs squeeze together and the shuddering tension forces a second slow, sweet eruption.
After a nap, and allowing time for her sore pussy to partially recuperate, I penetrated her to feel what was left of the silky sloppy-seconds in her used pussy- sensing how different she felt- both real and imagined. For my benefit, she recounted what he was doing to her as I did the same thing until reaching the second most intense orgasm of my life as she chided me with “How does your wife’s cunt feel after another man’s big cock fucked it so hard? How does his cum feel in me? How do you like the smell of his cum on your cock when you pull out of me?” She sucked me briefly, kissed my lewdly again, then said, “Mmmmm that’s so hot- having your mouth smell like another man’s cock and cum from sucking your wife’s cunt that he fucked”.
She orgasmed with me this time while penetrating her from behind. She came for me and she came for herself and for the newfound excitement in our lives, the excitement she felt in making a huge fantasy come true for me and the basic excitement she felt in her power over another man- another man that reaffirmed her attractiveness and desirability. And she came with the satisfaction of knowing she was loved more than ever by her husband.
We lay there feeling rather smug and successful in our latest hedonistic adventure. In the cuddling afterglow of snuggling and small-talk, she suddenly pipes up with, “Darling, now that I know I’m comfortable with another guy fucking me, sometime I would really like to try having you lick my clit or tongue my ass at the same time another cock is fucking me and making me cum.” With enthusiastic encouragement from me, she paused for thought then continued with “Oh God, yes . . . I DO want that . . . I want you sucking me while he’s fucking me . . . sucking me while he makes me cum . . . and still sucking me after he cums in me . . . and I know you want it too . . . I think I’m ready to make all your fantasies come true for you now: I know you want to . . . ” and she starts rattling off the scenarios that she knows would turn me on the most:
“Hold my legs up over my head and spread me wide open for another guy and lick my pussy to get me wet for his cock . . . I’ll want to feel you holding my pussy lips open with your fingers as his cock goes in me . . . then kiss me and suck my breasts and watch his cock fuck me hard and cum in me.”
“See me tied-up spread-eagled, on my back and on my tummy both, I’ll be helpless while you watch another man rape me. Maybe you’d like to see 3 or 4 guys take turns using my cunt like that- I bet that would really turn you on seeing me like that . . . seeing so much cum leaking out of me . . . and having me afterwards.”
“Have me sit backwards on another cock while I hold the back of your head and cram your mouth down onto my cunt as I’m being fucked.” At this point she starts lightly frigging herself with one hand and stroking me with her other as she’s getting us both worked up. I know she was too sore and sensitive for me to interfere with so I enjoyed the stimulating possibilities she was describing with great fascination. My cock was hard and dripping again.
“I want to be in a 69 with you under me while I jam my pussy down on your mouth as I’m being fucked from behind. I want to feel you sucking me and licking my clit at the same time I feel a cock going in and out of me, if he slips out I want to feel you spread my cunt with one hand and put his cock back into me with your other- ohhhhh that would turn me on! I know you want to be right up close to see his cock and balls spasm as he pumps his cum into me and know what my cunt looks like and smells like and tastes like while I’m being fucked! After he cums in me I’ll sit up on your mouth so you can suck this dirty, used cunt you love so much!”
“I know you want me to bring home my pussy full of cum when you’re not expecting it; you won’t know until I straddle your face and sit on your mouth. As you start tonguing and tasting and smelling my slutty, used, cum-filled cunt I’ll tell you how I was out cheating on you and how I was just fucked by someone and filled with their cum that I’m sitting on your mouth with.”
“Maybe you’d like to watch me being fucked by another guy AND his wife and see what kind of kinky, nasty things they can do to me.” She was lost in these thoughts for her own excitement now and seemed to forget how sore her pussy was as she manipulated herself. “Mmmmm, I’d love to grind my clit down on top of the girl’s mouth while her husband fucks me from behind right over her face . . . mmmmm, I could spread her legs open and make her cum with my mouth and fingers while she licks me . . . I’d love to have her pull one anal-bead out of my ass each time her husband fucks me to another orgasm . . . ohhhhh, and it would feel so good to have her sucking her husband’s cum out of me after he pulls out . . . maybe you could slide right into his cum and fuck my used cunt after he pulls out and feel his sloppy seconds in me while his wife sucks your balls and my clit . . . mmmmm . . . before you cum in me you can pull out and jam your cock up her pussy that I have spread in front of my mouth so I can watch you cum in her . . . then I’ll sit on your mouth so she can watch you lick and taste her husbands cum in me . . . then we can both suck your cum out of her . . . I would LOVE to do THOSE THINGS!”
“I know you want to see a massive 10 inch or 12 inch cock fucking me; you’ll probably get off knowing that it’s hurting me and bruising me inside. You can watch it push my tummy out as it goes up inside me; you can put your hand on my tummy and feel how your wife’s pussy is being viscously abused and violated . . . oh God, my sore cunt feels so good . . . I’m going to make myself cum so hard” she said as her fingers began to work feverishly on her wet flesh, fanning out an aroma of raw female horniness and two men’s semen from her used vagina. With shorter breaths she continued “Even though it’s hurting me so much, that giant cock is going to make me cum . . . I want you to pin me down hard and make me feel helpless so I can feel that cock raping me to endless orgasms . . . mmmmm, you can shove your finger up my ass while he’s in me and I’m cumming . . . mmmmm, make me scream with pain and pleasure at the same time . . . ohhhhh, make that cock squirt in me! . . . Yeah, that’s what you want; you want to hold me down so you can get off on watching your wife being raped and her little cunt mercilessly brutalized and pumped full of cum . . . mmm, I know you’d have fun with THOSE sloppy seconds” she says as she nearly cums and then backs off as she’s not quite done getting herself fully worked-up yet.
“I don’t know if I can take it but I’d like to have you in my ass underneath me while I’m ravaged by another man as he fucks me; you could hold me spread open for him then you would just hold still and let your cock feel his cock going in and out of me, feel his balls rubbing over yours as he goes in and out of your wife’s pussy, feel his cum run out all over your cock and balls when he pulls out.” At this point, she’s intensely focused on bringing herself off and diverts both hands to pleasing her very, VERY well-used cunt to her own satisfaction while I’m left to make myself cum hearing about the intoxicating prospects for the future.
“I think I might want to live out a fantasy of my own as long as we’re at it; I’d like to tie YOU up and make you watch me have sex with another man and you won’t be able to touch your hard, throbbing, dripping dick the whole time. I’m not going to just have sex with him, I’m going to make love to him and do everything I can to make you jealous while you watch; I’m going to kiss him and caress him and give myself to him in the most loving, passionate way while I tell him how good his cock feels in me and how good he’s fucking me as I cum again and again . . . in your warped and perverted mind I know that’ll just turn you on all the more. I’m going to tell him how to do everything that turns me on; I’ll have him grab my ass hard when I cum and have him shove his finger up my ass . . . pretty soon the whole room will smell like my fucked pussy and you won’t even be able to touch your cock. He’ll make me scream and whimper and I’ll tell him to even get a little rough with me while he fucks me . . . while you watch helplessly as he takes your wife’s cunt, fucking it the whole time with her little white panties on. Then, after he cums in me, I’ll sit right up in front of your face and masturbate myself with his cum leaking out of me; you’ll want to suck my fucked cunt but I’ll make you wait in agony while you see me have an orgasm by rubbing his cum all over my horny, cheating, used crotch.
Maybe I’ll take MY fantasy all the way; I know you say you don’t want to touch or be touched by another man in a sexual way but as much as you love for me to fuck your ass, I’m sure you’d love to feel a cock doing that to you . . . fucking you and cumming up inside you . . . I’D LOVE TO WATCH THAT . . . I’d love to see you experiencing being fucked the same way you like seeing me being fucked! I’ll have him cum in me first then get him hard again while I sit my dripping pussy down on your mouth; I’ll lube your ass with the fuck juice in my cunt, pull your knees up over your stomach and spread your ass open for him while I watch up close to see his cock- that’s still wet from fucking your wife- slide into your ass. While he’s fucking you and I’m grinding my cum-filled cunt down on your mouth I’ll be kissing him the whole time and then I’ll jerk you off at the last minute when he’s cumming in you . . . maybe you’ll be able to feel his cock squirting up inside your ass . . . you can’t tell me you wouldn’t want to do that or that it wouldn’t turn you on . . . and, sometime I’d like to try having his balls inside my mouth when he is ejaculating in you . . . I’m getting really wet and excited thinking about THAT!
Hmmm, well, I’m not quite sure that I’m ready to make THAT bisexual leap but, yes, HER getting turned on by those thoughts and desires certainly motivates me to rationalize the idea/s. And, when it comes right down to it, there’s very little I wouldn’t do for my wife if it’s something she wants. And . . . I suppose . . . the very “taboo-ness” of it holds some intrigue . . . even in my own very “warped and perverted mind”. Just when I think my excitement in her level of arousal would make me do anything for her she really pushes the envelope when she continues with:
“I think it would turn me on so much to see you sucking his cock into your mouth; I can tell you right now that I’m going to make your fantasy come true for you of your sucking on my cunt while I’m being fucked . . . your mouth is going to be right there . . . up against his cock while I’m grinding my cunt into your mouth . . . it’s going to turn me on when I make him slip out of my pussy and see his cock go into your mouth. I think it would turn me on even more if I make you suck his cock to get it wet for fucking me . . . mmmmm, I’m sure gonna make my self cum thinking about THAT . . . ughhh . . . when he’s done fucking me I want you to taste your wife on his cock too.
Oh shit, good thing she has me really worked up right now; I don’t know how the thought of these last couple scenarios are going to settle after I ejaculate . . .
“Oh, my sore used slutty-cunt is so fucking horny again” she says, then continues, “don’t worry; if I have someone fuck me when I’m away from you traveling I won’t wash up inside myself after the last time they cum in me- I’ll try to have them fuck me full of their cum just before I go to the airport so you can still smell and taste as much of it as possible in your wife’s sticky, nasty fucked-cunt as soon as I get home.”
“You should take some good pictures or video of other men fucking me and cumming in me, and of me having orgasms with them, so you can watch it when you’re home alone and make yourself cum while I’m traveling and being fucked by other men. I’ll leave my laptop camera on in the hotel room so you can watch me being fucked . . . ughhhhh . . . I’m gonna make myself cum SO HARD!”
As she nears her own self-indulgent orgasm, she sees me doing the same while I’m taking in the smell of her semi-dried panty crotch with my free hand; “Oh God, yes, YES, you need to keep my dirty panties and smell the fuck-juiced-crotch on them from other cocks having fucked me so you can jerk-off when I’m far away and you know another cock is in me . . . ughhh . . . you’ll be able to smell your wife’s dirty-fucked slutty-cunt every time I’m in a hotel far away letting another man use me and pump his cum in me . . . oh . . . ughhh . . . ughhhhhh . . . my fucking horny cunt is coming again . . . ughhhhhh . . . AAAGGGHHHHH!!!”
Another intense orgasm for her and for me . . . and I’ve never been more sated in my life. She’s finally starting to live out my hot-wife fantasies and getting off on them herself and even more of her own fantasies (even though she wouldn’t indulge in THAT much risky behavior for real- I don’t think) it certainly makes my dirty desires all the more exciting.

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