Tracey’s Treat

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Tracey gets bored waiting for her boyfriend and ends up
fucking three men in a hotel bedroom.

Tracey sat in the reception area of the hotel in her
tight shirt and black trousers, her big 38dd tits were
attracting lots of attention from the groups of
assorted businessmen who sat opposite her.

she had nearly finished her first glass of wine and was
beginning to get angry at Danny for refusing to meet
her until 11pm. He was always working recently and it
did nothing for the warm feelings coming from inside
her. Tracey was a woman who knew her own mind. She
needed to be fucked and if Danny couldn’t be bothered
any more, then maybe she could afford one indiscretion.
She looked across the reception area again and decided
to go to the bar for another drink

Tracey was 35 with a very attractive face framed by
stylish brunette hair. She had filled out in all the
right places in recent years. Her big tits always got
lots of attention, but it was her shapely bottom which
was attracting the looks as she walked towards the bar.

After ordering her drink she jumped when all of a
sudden she felt a hand on her bottom, squeezing and
kneading her cheeks. “You are one very sexy girl, can I
buy you this drink?” he said. The man towered over her.
He must have been 6’3″, possibly 40 years old and was
dark skinned, possibly Mediterranean. Through his suit
jacket it was obvious that he worked out as he had
bulging muscles in all the right places.

Tracey, normally quite a shy girl was wrestling between
slapping him in the face or politely asking him to
remove his hand, but the wine had gone to her head and
she felt downright slutty. “Yes, ok,” she said.

They sat down in a corner and after a few more drinks
Tracey had learned that his name was Paulo and he was
over here for business with two colleagues. They all
apparently had the night off but Paulo was the only one
drinking in the bar. He was also the only one staring
constantly at Tracey’s tits and complimenting her on

She would normally have blushed at this but she was
quite far gone now and she had undone two of the
buttons on her blouse to give Paulo a clearer view. He
didn’t need much encouragement and before she knew it
he was feeling her tits through the material in such a
way that nobody else could see. Her nipples responded
immediately and their hardness excited Tracey even
more. She was feeling so wanton now. “Would you like to
feel them properly?.”

He nodded and Tracey undid the final buttons and
slipped both of her massive gorgeous tits from her
straining bra. Paulo leaned forward and stroked her
nipples then squeezed and massaged her tit flesh
causing Tracey to gasp and moan. She unzipped his fly
and put her hand inside his trousers.

She could tell he was big as she was only just able to
get her hand around his cock. He motioned her to wank
him and she was happy to do that, the wine and his
constant massaging of her tits making her willing to do
whatever he wanted. She stroked his cock through the
material of his briefs and it didn’t take long before
she felt it thicken. His face went red and he grabbed
her tits as he came in his pants.

Tracey was horny now. She had decided that whatever
went on tonight, she just had to have a cock inside her
so when Paulo suggested they go back to his room she
didn’t hesitate.

As they staggered into the lift, Paulo was obviously
hard again and the instant the doors shut his hands
were all over her tits again. Tracey was wet now and
she unzipped her pants and guided his hand towards her
sopping mound. He needed little encouragement and
bypassed her thong to begin fingering her cunt while
they kissed and he played with her tits with his free
hand. Tracey came hard on his hand just before the
doors opened and she hung onto his arm to steady
herself as he walked up the deserted corridor with his
hand sliding all over her hot bottom.

His hotel room was big, more of a suite than a room and
Tracey could have sworn he was making a phone call
whilst he was in the bathroom ‘ freshening up’. She lay
on the bed with the drink he had made for her feeling
sluttish as she had now undressed to her bra and thong
at his insistence. She knew she looked good and she
allowed her fingers to wander to her clit and stroked
herself gently.

The knock on the door scared her but Paulo came out of
the bathroom and opened the door still fully dressed.
What happened next was at first a shock to Tracey, she
hadn’t expected anyone else to join them at all and
under normal circumstances she would have fled the room
in an instant, but the fact that she was practically
naked together with the heat in her sopping twat rooted
her to the spot. Two men walked in dressed in the same
suits as Paulo. One was about 40, the other was at
least 50.

They were in no way as attractive as Paulo but both
were obviously pleased to see her and started
complimenting her immediately. Telling how hot she was,
looking at her with real lust in their eyes.

The two new men introduced themselves as Javier and
Marco and sat on the edge of the bed next to her.
Straight away they were pawing her tits and arse and
having so many hands running over her hot body made
Tracey feel dirty but excited. She finally plucked up
the courage to speak and demanded that they all take
their clothes off to make her feel better.

Soon, there were three piles of clothes on the floor
and Tracey was looking at three of the biggest cocks
she had ever seen. Javier, the older of the three was
also the most excited. He undid Tracey’s Bra and lifted
it off her before kneeling on the floor, and taking one
of Tracey’s tits in his hands. She sighed as he touched
her nipple and rubbed it hard. She felt more hands lie
her on her back on the bed and soon her other tit was
being sucked and fondled.

Paulo, who Tracey had forgotten about was now kneeling
between her legs and slowly pulling her thong off. When
he had achieved this he gasped and moved his hand
between her legs to play with her hairy dripping cunt.
“Lick me,” she whispered and Paulo understood at once
and began caressing her clit with his tongue. He then
pushed his tongue deep inside her and she managed to
reach forward and grab his hair as he brought her
closer to orgasm.

The other two men were frantically feeling and sucking
her tits. Tracey had never had so much attention before
and she revelled in her new role of total slut. She
came powerfully on Paulo’s face.

Before she could recover, the men had turned her over
onto all fours and had positioned her at the edge of
the bed. She knew what was coming next and that made
her more excited. Someone grabbed her big sexy bottom
in both hands and positioned them selves behind her.
The size of the cock that was inserted inside her
dripping twat made Tracey scream with delight and soon
she was being fucked harder than ever before.

She tried to turn round to see who it was but then her
right hand was lifted up and placed round another hard
cock and she found it easy to wank it with the rhythm
of being fucked. She lost count of the orgasms before
the hands on her bottom tightened and nails dug into
her and she felt the owner of that huge cock dump his
loads inside her.

As he withdrew a new cock was inserted. If possible it
was even bigger than the last one and Tracey moaned
like a dirty slut as she was fucked from behind again.
The owner of the cock she was wanking started reaching
under her and feeling her tits. The sight of Tracey’s
sexy naked body being used and the feel of her gorgeous
tits must have been too much for him as he shot a load
of sticky white cum all over her face and into her

The guy who was fucking her started slapping her arse
quite hard causing Tracey to squeal. He then pulled out
suddenly and she could feel him cumming all over her
bottom. Tracey discovered that the only one of the
three men who hadn’t fucked her was Javier. He was
obviously hard again and he turned Tracey over so she
lay on her back and grabbed her round the middle. His
cock was definitely the biggest of the three and he
rammed it into her with a force that made her big
gorgeous tits wobble.

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