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Trying to talk my wife into swinging now we’re 70+

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Our first playdate if you decide to play again.
I love watching you orgasm. The way your body shakes, your moans, how you react to caresses and touches. When I’m pleasuring you with vibrators or toys, I can somewhat watch you though I’m busy handling the toy. I enjoy watching you, what can I say. I really would enjoy watching you playing with a gentleman again. I would like for us to find someone you could be comfortable with, someone with a nice sized piece of equipment for your enjoyment. He would provide you with a delicious stretch and fill you nicely, not painful but rather sinfully marvelous. We would take our time to find someone that enjoys the company of a mature woman.
Our first time together, I would like you to relax and do whatever you would like to do and to be comfortable with. If you were Ok with it, I would really enjoy playing like we did with Henry.
If you want to play with him in the hot tub, you would be sitting next to him, making out with him as he fingers your pussy and you stroke his shaft. When he is nice and hard, you have him sit on the step I sit for our play time.
He looks at me for my approval and I give him a nod. You hand him the lube and have him apply some to the head of his cock. Then you sit in his lap and I move behind you to hold you up as you wrap your legs behind him and guide him to your little pussy.
I watch your face as he enters you. I watch as you grab his arms as he makes short strokes at first, giving you time to adjust to his shaft. I watch your face as your pussy is sending signals throughout your body telling of a new found pleasure. As he makes his final plunge in, you start rocking hard on his shaft, grinding your crotch tightly to his; as your orgasms start coming harder and harder. I bend over and kiss you, our tongues darting back and forth.
Your orgasms are getting bigger and bigger. I see his face and I see his eyes close and can tell he is close. I whisper in your ear, “I think he’s going to cum. Are you ready?” You are cuming so hard you can’t answer, so you just nod. He grabs your hips, holding you tightly as he unloads spurt after hot spurt deep into your velvet tunnel. He pulls you up to his face so you two can kiss. You two make out for a while until your mutual orgasms subside and his cock becomes soft.
You slide off and ask me to take his place, which I gladly do. Feeling the gooey mess, he left and your swollen pussy lips excites me to no end. He moves in and holds you up as I had done which makes it much easier for me to make love to you. In a short order, I blast off in your sweet pussy.
After you get off, I pour us each a glass of wine and we relax and enjoy the hot water and company.
Eventually we exit the hot tub and get dressed and go out for dinner. The three of us are smiling and giving each other knowing looks all through dinner, wondering what the next meeting will bring.
Our second playdate
I would enjoy the two of us giving you a massage. Our hands caress and explore your body. I enjoy taking my time but he goes right for the prize. While I’m massing your muscles, he has two fingers rubbing your G spot and his thumb on your clit which has your butt bouncing off the massage table, his other hand playing with your nipple. I take the free nipple in my mouth as my hands glide over your body until you explode and can take no more at that time.
Then we take you into the shower and wash off the oil as we use our bodies as wash cloths and scrub you down and kiss and suckle your lovely breasts. From there we head to the hot tub.
Once in the tub, we relax with some wine and conversation and as we finish our wine, you reach over and stroke his shaft. Satisfied with his erection, you stand up and bend over, holding onto the side, your butt near my face so I can watch as he enters you. His hands grip your hips as you guide him to your entrance and I hear a moan escape your lips as his cock stretches your pussy. You look at me and ask for some lube and I hand it to him. He applies some to his cockhead and tries again.
This time, success, as he gets halfway in on the first stroke. A few more strokes and he is slapping his balls on your pussy as you are cumming and your orgasms are echoing off the walls of the small building enclosing our tub. He pounds away at your pussy, bringing you off over and over. He’s been hitting it hard and says he is going to cum and you can feel his shaft getting bigger. Then a monster orgasm hits you, that makes you fall forward, disengaging yourself from his shaft.
You can see the disappointed look on his face as he was just about to cum and gently stroke his shaft and tell him you will take care of him in the bedroom. I know you want to ride him in the hot tub but there will be other times for that.
After drying off, we take you to bed and the two of us caress your body and take turns making out with you and eating you out. I love watching you as he goes down on you, the way you bite your bottom lip and roll your eyes back when you cum. The way your tummy and legs quiver with each new orgasm. Those are things I know I do to you but I can’t really see when I’m eating you out.
When you let us know you are ready, I’d like you to take him in your mouth, just to make sure he was nice and hard then have me lay down with my head near the foot of the bed with enough room for him to still get on. Then you mount me 69 style and take me in your mouth as he guides his cock into your sweet pussy and I lick your clit.
I get a close-up view of his shaft plunging into your velvet enclosure. I await your orders as to what you want me to lick and you tell me to suck on your clit. He is softly kissing your neck and nibbling on your shoulders as he picks up the pace. Your orgasms excite me immensely as you feel him expanding inside your wetness. He is making you so wet that you are dripping your juices and I’m licking them up like it was nectar from the gods. I am licking and sucking your clit which seem to increase your orgasms immensely.
He moans that he is going to cum and I can see his balls quiver as he holds himself tight to you. You can feel his hot spurts of his seed as he empties himself, once, twice, three times, deep into your pussy. As he starts to pull out, his frothy shaft is covered in your mutual juices. He pulls out and I can see his cum start to flow out of your pussy. You roll off my body and lay next to me.
You look so sexy I can’t help myself. Turning around, I spread your legs and kiss your pussy. You tell me, “Don’t,” but as I suck your clit into my mouth, your moans belie your statement.
I ask, “You really want me to stop?”
You say, “Yes,,, No…Oh, God, I don’t know?” so I lick your outer lips and gently suck them into my mouth, cleaning them off. His cum is now flowing down and across your rosebud and I go back to sucking your clit and licking around it. You are having some wonderful orgasms.
I look up and he has moved up so his cock is near your face. I wonder if you are going to give him head and see you are using both hands to play with his cock. One hand is stroking him and you are using the palm of the other to rub his cockhead. Realizing I’ve stopped sucking your clit, you see I’m watching you play with him and motion me up next to you and mount me.
As you slide down on me, there is still plenty of his cum in your pussy. The feeling of your pussy full of another man’s ejaculate is indescribable. You rock on me, while he is kissing you and playing with your titties; until I blast off with a massive orgasm. We clean up and get dressed.
After he leaves, you say, “You were such a bad boy tonight, licking my cum filled pussy. Didn’t it taste bad? I could never lick a guy’s cock with cum on it.”
I said, “It’s not that bad, besides, you really seemed to enjoy it.”
Shaking your head in agreement you say, “It was hard to explain, part of me felt discussed at first but then the orgasms hit and it was like a fire was spreading from my crotch throughout my entire body.”
I give you a big hug and you ask me, “So how would you have felt if I had sat up and planted my pussy on your mouth giving you his entire load to clean up?”
Having to think a minute, I said, “Honestly, I have mixed feelings about that. We will have to take it one step at a time and see. Why, would you like me to eat you out after he cums?” You just smile and don’t answer. Thinking it over, I’m not sure I’m ready for that, but only time will tell.

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