Turned Into a Cuckold

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My next door neighbor, Todd, a muscular black guy and his wife come over to my house during the summer to enjoy my pool and spa with my wife, Linda, and I. One summer night Todd’s wife went back home and left him to continue drinking and talking with me and Linda. We had already been at the pool for several hours and I was getting tired. It was about 11 o’clock by now so I decided to go to sleep. As I went into the house, Linda and Todd went into the spa.
My bedroom faced the backyard and there was a door leading into the backyard from the bedroom. It was a warm night so I left the door ajar and as I layed in bed, I could hear the faint voices of Linda and Todd talking and laughing. After about fifteen minutes, I realized that I no longer heard talking coming from the backyard. I listened closely and I could hear what sounded like faint moaning. I got up and went to the door so I could see what was going on. The spa light was now off and I could vaguely see two silhouettes in the spa and it appeared as if they were in an embrace. I watched and listened for a few more minutes and now it was clear, Todd and Linda, my wife, were making out! A part of me wanted to go outside and kick some ass, but another part kept me inside watching and listening. I could hear Linda’s moaning getting louder and the closer I looked I could see her bathing suit top on the edge of the spa. I could see that Linda’s breasts were above the water and Todd was sucking on her nipples. Amazingly, my dick began to get hard and I was angry, not at what I was watching, but that the spa light was off and I couldn’t see more.
After about fifteen minutes of Todd fondling Linda’s breasts and kissing her, they got out of the spa, dried off and went into the living room. I thought Todd was going to leave and Linda would come to bed so I rushed back into bed and was ready to pretend I was asleep when Linda came in. Well, I didn’t hear the front door nor did Linda come into the bedroom. Were they both in the living room? I slowly opened the bedroom door which opened into a hallway that led to the livingroom. I listened at the door and I heard heavy breathing and the sounds of kissing. I then heard Linda let out a long,”oooooohhhhhhh.” It wasn’t loud and sounded as if she was trying to stay quiet. Then I heard the rhythmic sound of grunting and skin slapping. Both Linda and Todd were moaning and gasping as if in unison. I slowly walked down the hall and the moans and heavy breathing got louder. My cock was still hard and seemed to get harder as I neared. When I got to the living room I peeked around the corner. I couldn’t believe what I saw…Linda was nude laying on her back on the living room carpet. Her hands were holding her knees spread wide and Todd was between Linda’s soft thighs pumping his big, black cock in and out of Linda’s wet pussy. I watched in amazement as Todd fucked my wife! Linda was thoroughly enjoying having Todd’s thick black cock inside of her. Todd held himself up using his muscular arms and bent his head down to give Linda a long wet kiss and then he sucked on her nipples. I started to stroke my cock because this was an amazing thing to watch. My wife and my neighbor fucking in my livingroom!
Linda’s nipples are very sensitive and one sure way to get her to cum is to suck on them. As Todd sucked Linda’s nipples, she started to moan a little louder and said,”oh god…fuck me harder. Come on, fuck me harder.” At that, Todd drove his cock harder and faster into Linda’s pussy. Linda grabbed Todd’s ass and began to pull his hips into her as if she was helping him drive his cock deeper than it already was. “That’s it” moaned Linda as she moved her hips up and down, helping Todd to get as much of his hard cock inside of her. “That’s it!” Linda moaned louder. By now, they didn’t care how loud they had gotten. “I’m ready to cum!” she said. “Don’t stop!” Todd’s grunting became deeper and his hips moved faster than before. He said, “Cum for me, bitch! Come all over my cock!” At that Linda loudly said, “Oh yeah! I’m coming! I’m coming!!” She groaned as she strained to match her hip movements to Todd’s pounding. “OH FUCK ME!!! FUCK ME!! I’M CUMMING NOW!! DAMN IT!” Linda threw her head back and for the first time I saw her orgasm with another man. Linda came with great intensity all the while Todd was moving his hard cock in and out of her pussy, and I was moving my hand up and down my hard cock.
Linda stopped moving her hips and relaxed her legs. She gave Todd a little grin and kissed him on the mouth. I could see their mouths open and their tongues dancing. They stopped kissing and Todd said, “Now it’s my turn. Roll over and get on your hands and knees.” Linda obeyed immediately and Todd took his hard cock and slowly put it into Linda’s ass. Liinda gasped a little but I know Linda liked to ass fuck so this really wasn’t a surprise. Todd said. “Damn bitch, your ass is tight” Linda replied. “It’s all yours tonight.” Todd grabbed Linda’s hips and started to fuck her ass. He was now moaning loudly saying, “I’m ready to cum baby. I’m gonna cum into your ass!” Linda moaned in agreement and Todd started to intensitfy his strokes and his breathing got heavy. It didn’t take long before Todd was slapping Linda’s ass with his lower abdomen and he said, “Ugh, I’m cumming!” He rammed his cock into Linda so hard she gasped and said, “Oh it hurts so good! Cum inside of me!” “AAAAAHHHHHHH! FUCK, BABE!”, said Todd. He grabbed Linda’s hips and pulled her onto his cock and he froze for a few seconds as he unloaded his load deep into her ass. Linda continued to move her ass in a small circle as Todd came inside of her. Todd took his cock out of Linda’s ass and they both layed in each others arms.
I quietly made my way back into the bedroom and a few short minutes later, I heard Todd leave through the front door and Linda crawled into bed next to me. I was so horny after what I had just seen, but the real surprise was still in store. Linda, who was still naked said, “I know you were watching from the hallway. I hope you didn’t mind too much about me and Todd, but what really got me into it was knowing you were watching. Now, I wanna finish you off.” Linda went down and sucked my hard cock and I had one of the most powerful orgasms ever.
After we were done, i asked Linda if that was the only time she had fucked Todd. “Sorry dear,” she replied, “he’s been fucking me for over a year.”
Guess I’m cucked!

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