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Two Sisters and Cousin

81 Min Read

This is Johan in Kristiansand, Norway, telling Kari, his girlfriend, one summer morning why he is no longer as shy as he had been in the spring. If he seems to have been a little too naïve, that is because the incident takes place some forty years. They are supposed to be going to the library and then having a lunch of Sunday leftovers in his house, since his parents both work. Kari, who is a couple of months older than now 18 year-old Johan, already has some experience with her brother and is delighted when Johan suggests that they immediately go to his family’s house, where they end up naked in bed together, kissing and masturbating each other.

She is surprised that he obviously is not as shy as he had been and has more experience than she had expected after his three weeks visiting relatives. She also has more experience than she can admit to, not just with her brother, but also with Esther. Relaxing in bed together, she ventures to ask him about his trip to Bergen.

The cover photo of the little Swedish magazine mentioned in the story is something the author saw displayed in the window of newsstand in Stockholm back then. Just the story in the magazine is speculation.

And finally, this story is background to the series “Daughters and Fathers.”

Johan’s story to Kari and the immediate consequences:

My mother’s sister and her husband had invited my parents and me to visit them and their two daughters on the West Coast, agreeing that we would stay in their flat in Bergen for a week, while they went to their cabin, since the flat was too small for all of us. Then we would join them at their cabin, my parents returning home after a week, while I stayed for two weeks more.

When we got there on the train, they were all there to show us the flat. The girls were just girls, nice, but we hardly talked – shy me. Then they drove to the cabin, and we spent the week sightseeing in Bergen.

I was sleeping in one of the beds in the girls’ room, don’t know which one’s. Yeah, well, the first night – this is kind of embarrassing – I decided to see what size bras they wore. Oh, I found the right drawer quickly enough, but never checked the sizes of the bras; under them I found a pamphlet-like magazine in Swedish. Wow! On the cover – it had been turned back – was a naked girl, not just naked, showing all she had, legs spread. Wow! I’d never seen anything like that before, didn’t know such pictures were published. So, of course, I started to read it in bed that night – and every other night, a couple of times through, and the best parts more often.

It was a sort of short novel – appropriate to the cover photo – about a French girl in a chateau, and her fiancé, and then with her visiting cousin. Eventually, there wasn’t anything the three of them didn’t do together, things I didn’t know couples or girls could do with each other. Of course, I didn’t just learn a lot, but since it had been hidden under the bras, I assumed they had read it too. It looked well thumbed. That got me think differently about them.

So after the week in Bergen, the parents came and picked us up and did some shopping for food, and we joined them at their cabin, really two cabins, we discovered, one with just one bedroom and a larger living area, for the girls’ parents, and the other one with two bedrooms, one with a double bed for my parents and the other with bunk beds for the girls. The first week, I slept on a folding cot in the small living area of that cabin. We spent most of the time in the larger living room in the other cabin.

So, well, I looked at my cousins with new eyes after having read the magazine. I didn’t notice that they looked at me any different. We spent the week hiking and doing what families do on vacation. My parents were leaving early on Saturday to take the train so that they would be home on Sunday.

Friday afternoon, they wanted to pack, and the girls and I were sort of sent off to go swimming at the little lake. We all had been there before, but the girls suggested we go to a different place this time, more secluded, I guess is the expression, but they didn’t say that, just led me there. We had our bathing suits on under our clothes, so changing was no problem. For a while, we lay around in the sun, and then Maren said she wanted to go swimming. I assumed we all would, but Britta said she would go later and suggested I stay with her, the first time I was only with just one of them.

Oh, Maren had also just turned eighteen, also had her birthday in May, just a couple of days before mine. Britta was nineteen.

So Maren went off, out of sight from us. I wasn’t paying much attention to Britta, but when she said that they liked to swim nude, but had a problem with me there, I paid more attention. She smirked at what she had said, and then rolled over closer to me and smiled sort of funny, and then asked softly: “Want to kiss?”

I had sort of forgotten about the magazine, but then remembered, and she looked like she wanted to be kissed. I think I was blushing at her so direct suggestion, but we did, of course. We were having a good time, until she suggested that we’d better stop before Maren returned, luckily not before I had cooled off a little. And Maren’s bathing suit was still dry. Britta stood up and gave me a sweet smile and disappeared, and Maren sat down, also smiling, almost like she knew what we had been doing, or like they had planned the whole situation – more thoughts about the magazine, in which the girls had planned something with the guy, even though he was supposed to be the one’s fiancé.

So there Maren and I were, and she said that she guessed Britta had told me that they liked to swim nude. When I nodded with a grin, she grinned and then after a moment said she had heard of families where everyone swam nude when no one else was around. I had, too, but I wasn’t sure I wanted say anything that could suggest my interest in what they both seemed to be talking around. But it got stickier when Maren smirked and said that Britta had told her that if she were alone with me, she would suggest we kiss. I guess my blushing answered her question. She snorted and said it looked like we had. I just nodded, and she moved closer and said: “Nothing wrong with that – nice, kissing cousins – why not. I like to kiss, too.”

And she looked like she did. I didn’t want to start an argument, and if they had been talking about it before – and the magazine – so we also did, soon lying with arms around each other. And she didn’t suggest we stop before Britta returned, who surprised us by snickering loudly, maybe returning sooner than I expected by design, but that only occurred to me later.

So we sat up, me more embarrassed than Maren, also because I was still aroused, something Maren had seemed to enjoy, but in my trunks then too obvious for my comfort, and it looked like Britta had glanced at them, before she snickered again and said: “Johan kisses good, doesn’t he.”

Her sister just nodded with a grin and said: “Pity that he doesn’t want to go swimming with us.” “I better go now,” I replied, thinking it was a good chance to escape from them for a few minutes, and cool off. “Like we do?” Britta asked with a smirk, adding: “otherwise your trunks will be wet under your pants.”

I didn’t know what to say, and when I didn’t reply, she said: “Oh, come on. We’ll all go; no big thing. I don’t mind your seeing me nude.”

Well, of course, the chance to see them both naked was attractive, but was going to have its price. I don’t know if I was already rationalizing that there might be more fun – like in the magazine.

“Me neither,” Maren agreed.

While I was still hesitating, Maren stood up and said: “Come on, we will,” and immediately began to slip the straps of her one piece bathing off her shoulders. It was one of those formless ones, and she immediately start to peel it down down her body.

I had no other choice, if I wanted one by then. Maren was standing nude before me, smiling with her arms outstretched, despite her blush apparently enjoying exhibiting herself. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Britta’s top drop, but the view of Maren held my eyes.

She has reddish blond hair with real white skin – except for her blush – and, well, you can imagine: pale nipples and red hair there too. For some reason, I immediately thought she could have been a model for a pastel-colored picture by Munch, something like his paintings in the university. Britta was leaning down to take off the bottom of her bikini. I didn’t have a choice and took off my trunks. At least, I wasn’t so aroused by then, but more so again, when they both looked at me. As I stood up, I felt like I was blushing like a tomato. They were nice enough to look back up at my face. We picked up our towels, and they led me to where we could swim.

They looked nice from behind, too. I had never seen a naked girl, of course, much less two at once. Oh, someone had a Playboy from the States, and I had seen paintings, of course, well, more pictures of paintings in books. Of course, Britta and Maren didn’t have figures like those girls in Playboy, but some of them were a little too much.

I was trying not to think about that, telling myself that apparently they were accustomed to going naked, that maybe it didn’t have to be arousing, trying to forget that they had both kissed me — arousingly. Anyway, I was less aroused by the time we got to the water, and less than not aroused when we all got out of the cool water, even after they noticed and snorted before we dried ourselves.

When we returned to where our things were, it was still early enough to enjoy the sun, and the girls immediately lay down naked, so I did too, between them, as before. I was beginning to think that I could get accustomed to being naked with them without becoming aroused as we lay there in silence – on our stomachs. But after a couple of minutes, Britta rolled up on her side and smiled like she had before we kissed, and then asked: “Want to kiss again? You don’t mind, Maren, do you?”

Before I could say anything, she said: “Not if I get my turn.”

They both wanted to kiss?! Like that, with nothing on?! And they had read that story!

Before I could say anything, Britta was already lying half on me with her face over mine, and this time she also knew how start making it better. I only worried about how it was going to be with Maren afterwards. When Britta’s thigh slipped down between mine, I was reminded of a couple of descriptions in the magazine. Of course, that was just the obvious thing to happen, lying like that, but it let me think that they also had the story in mind. All of it?

It wasn’t long before I was completely aroused again, rubbing the side of her hip, and right where Maren could see. I was thinking: if that’s what they wanted, too late to worry about it, anyway. Oh, yeah, it was what they wanted. I was suddenly surprised to feel Maren’s cool fingers hold me, and Britta snorted, as though she had sort of been expecting her to. She didn’t have to hold it for long, didn’t just hold it – all up on my chest, and I guess a little on Britta, since she sort of flinched.

“Oooh!” they both said, and Britta rolled back and looked down and said: “Oh, like that.” Maren was still holding me and grinned and said: “That was quick. I thought it would take longer.” Then she snorted and said: “Now you’ve got to do it to me.”

I was surprised at her blatant demand. That incident wasn’t in the magazine, but I was getting surer that they were planning for us to do more of what I had read about, and not minding the idea, but I was worried that she expected that I knew how – trying to recall what had been in the story.

She was already rolling on her back and spreading her knees. I rolled towards her and said – as calmly as I could: “Okay, but I haven’t done it before.”

She snorted and said that she would teach me, and she did, helping me move my fingers.

Kari had made a few remarks during story, and now interjected: “She sure did teach you. Oh this is good. You sure were lucky.”

“Um-hmm, if you don’t mind.”

“Hm-ummm! Too good, … for me too. I like you better this way.”

She reached behind her hips and fondled him, and they both chuckled, and he held her breast. Then she said:

“And then what happened?”

He continued his story:

Yeah, well then I was doing it all right, I guess; she wasn’t helping me any more and obviously enjoying it, when I felt Britta’s hand slide over my waist. Of course, I knew what she wanted to do, and she did. Took longer than the first time, and I guess Maren came too – but not as good as you did. They both exclaimed again when it shot up all over Maren. I didn’t know I could come again that good so soon. She seemed to like, just smiling at me as she smeared it around.

Oh, in the magazine, one of the girls did that. Then I was surprised when she tasted a little of it, but that had also been in the magazine, and Britta did too.

So we went swimming again, really just washing ourselves, snickering and grinning, and got dressed and return to the cabin, there, all trying to avoid looking at each other too much. We had supper, and played cards and went to bed. I sure did have some thoughts that night, knowing that when my parents left, we three would be alone in the cabin, and I, in the double bed that my parents had used.

The next morning after breakfast, her parents drove mine back to Bergen, telling the girls to make lunch for us and that they would probably return by four o’clock. When they had left, we all snickered and grinned. They helped me move my things into the other bedroom and made a picnic lunch. It was obvious that we would return to the lake – and that we wouldn’t need our bathing suits.

I didn’t know how we would get started again, but Britta took care of that. When we had taken off our clothes and were sitting down, she simply said: “Now it’s my turn, Johan. Do it to me.” She just laid back and waited, grinning up at me expectantly. So I did, of course, hoping she liked what Maren liked. When I felt her move closer behind me, I knew what she was going to do before her hand slid over me, but Britta seemed a little surprised, but pleased, remarking: “Oh, yeah! Do it to him again, all over me, like yesterday.

Britta sure liked what I was doing, and Maren seemed to know how to keep me from coming too soon, but when I did, it really was all over her, almost up on her neck and all over her breasts, and that seemed to really turn her on – more like you were – so I guess it hadn’t been that good for Maren. No, of course not, she – they both – came a lot better later on.

So we went swimming again, and when I came out of the water, I was all small, smaller than the previous day, I guess because I had still been aroused a little the day before. Of course, they noticed and and even said something about it’s being like a little boy’s – and it was, and not much bigger when we returned to our place.

After we lay down, Britta immediately held me, remarking that it was all cold, and I said that her fingers were, too. So she said that she knew how she could warm it.

Good thing that I had read the magazine, or I would have been even more surprised when she curled down with her head on me and took it in her mouth.

Kari felt that she had to show appropriate surprise and remarked:

“She took it in her mouth, and they did that in the magazine?!”

“Um-hmm, … not just to warm it.”

“Oh! … Oooh! And taste it, … that way?! … That’s why the girls wanted to taste it a little before?”

“I guess so. Yeah, of course. … Tastes funny. I tasted it after I had read the magazine the second time.”

“Hmm! Of course! Doing it to yourself.”


“Oh, this is good. I’m learning a lot. So what happened? … She had you in her mouth.”

Johan continued his story:

Um-hmm. Of course, it wasn’t cold and so little for long, and she seemed to enjoy what she was doing – and I certainly did, beginning to worry about how far she wanted to go. But then she raised her head and said: “Oooh, that’s nice. Maren, do you want to try it?”

She did, curling down on the other side of me, while Britta slid her head up on my chest.

Maren seemed to like it, too, and not just I was worried about what could happen. Britta asked her if she really wanted to do it. Maren nodded on my stomach and sucked and licked.

Well, we all had read the magazine and knew what would happen. If she wanted it to, I didn’t have to worry about that any more, and just enjoyed it, and it did. Of course, Britta could also tell when I was becoming more aroused, and was moaning with me, and then gasped when I did, gasping and letting Maren have it, and she was moaning, too, not like she minded. Gosh it was good! Better than any time before!

Kari again felt she should say something and remarked:

“Right in her mouth?! All that white stuff?”


“Wow! And she liked it?”

“She didn’t complain; kind of looked pleased with herself when she raised her head, smiling a little, even licking her lips.”

“And then Britta wanted to, too?”

“Um-hmm, but that was after lunch.”

“Lunch, that’s a good idea.”


They got up. She wondered if they would put on their clothes to leave his bedroom, thinking it would be nice to continue to be naked. Johan, however, immediately reached for his pants, snickering that he was foregoing his shorts. Kari snickered and put her dress back on without panties or bra, but then felt that she needed to go to the bathroom and took her panties with her, putting them on when she was finished. He was waiting for her, now with his shirt on. When he went in the bathroom, she snickered and asked if she could watch. He chuckled and said she could, adding that his cousins had also wanted to. They chuckled as she watched and then went to the kitchen.

He told her that he had instructions for warming up the leftovers from Sunday dinner, and they quickly did so, sitting down to an only half-warm meal. Kari suggested that he continue his story while they ate.

Well, I already said that Britta wanted to do it, too. But first, after our picnic lunch, of course, it was Maren’s turn – for me to do it to her. Maybe I was getting better at it, or because she also wanted me to suck her breast. It seemed like it was better, and, of course, sucking her breast was nice, very nice. They – her nipples – were paler than Britta’s. Oh, I hope you don’t mind my describing them.”

“Hm-umm, not if it is all part of the story. How big were they?”

“Maren’s were bigger.”


“Hm-umm, just nice, very nice, like yours. Okay, Maren’s are bigger than yours, and Britta’s about like yours.”

“Average, … good average.”


They grinned at each other, and ate quickly for a while. Then Kari snorted and remarked:

“So they both did that to you, … and really liked it? Did they do it again?”


“Oooh, maybe I should have tasted it this morning. … Oh! And what you said about the story in the magazine, everybody doing about everything they could with each other, the girls too. Did they want you to do that to them, too? Did they, with each other?”

“Hmm! We’re getting ahead of the story, but yes, both ways.”

“Oooh! That doesn’t matter, just makes it more interesting. Did you like it? No, I’ll just wait for the story.”

They finished eating and cleaned up the kitchen, and were unbuttoning their clothes as they returned to his room. When they got in bed again, this time Kari lay next to Johan, immediately reaching down and cupping her fingers around his balls, remarking that she just liked to hold him. He held one her breasts, agreeing that it felt nice. She nodded and replied:

“For me, too, both ways. So I guess I know how you spent the afternoon. And then you returned to the cabins, and her parents returned, and you had dinner and games and then went to bed. Oh! I wonder what would have happened if you all hadn’t read that magazine?”

“Not much, probably, not as shy as I was. Anyway”

Johan continued his story as they gently fondled each other when there was a slight pause:

Yeah, so we went to bed. I even put on my pajamas, but as I was pulling the covers up, both of them came in my room, nude, and said that they were going to sleep with me. I guess I could have expected that, since something similar occurred in the magazine story. So, there we all were, crowded together under the covers, and from that story, I had an idea of what else they could suggest.

I was lying between them, of course, with their heads on my shoulders – feeling a lot more manly than I ever had, especially with both of them fondling me, about like you are. Again it was Britta who spoke first, saying: “Like at the lake, we want you to do that to us. We taste better than you do.”

Well, that was pretty direct, but from the magazine, at least I knew what she meant and liked the idea, but which one first? Britta settled that too, without my saying anything, saying that I could do it to Maren first. So I did. Oh, it’s good, like she had said, girls taste better, at least for me. Again, good thing I had read the magazine, or I would have been very dubious about … putting my mouth there. And it was very nice lying turned around between them, both of them holding me, well, it was Britta holding me, like you are.

I guess I did it all right; Maren was really aroused. My face was all wet. Anyway – I could have expected it – Britta urged me to roll over and wanted it too, and she wanted to, too. Maybe that was part of a bargain between them, that Maren could go first, but Britta got to do it to me.

She did, I did. Girls aren’t quite all alike, if you know what I mean – down there – even sisters. So I crawled back around, and we curled up together on our sides and went to sleep with me holding one of their breasts. Can’t remember which one’s that first night, since that was about the way we slept together for the rest of the nights.

Kari massaged his balls and remarked:

“Sounds like it was good, but a little strenuous for you, trying to satisfy two girls every night.”

“Um-hmm, and in the early mornings, too. At least, we only went swimming once without their parents.”

“Hmm! Just the nights. But in the magazine, I got the impression that the girls also did it with each other. Did they?”

“Hmm! Yeah, after I suggested it, by then sure that they had read about it. Hm-hmm! I kind of think that they had already, just didn’t want to admit it.”

“If they had read the magazine? Seems likely.”

“Um-hmm, made it sound good. Must be as good for girls as for me. I liked it.”

“Of course. I mean, of course, they would too.”

“They did. I suggested that we could all do it, in a triangle, and Britta immediately agreed to with Maren, so she did it to me; and I, to Britta; and she, to Maren. Saved me from having to do it to both of them every night – and morning.”

“But you did – had to – the first morning?”

“Hm-umm. Britta let Maren and me do it to each other alone.”

“Hmm! Probably doing it to herself, then.”

“Hmm! I think so. It sounded like it, but I couldn’t see anything, not with my face between Maren’s thighs.”

“Hmm? Yeah, of course not.”

Kari fondled him in silence for a moment, and then murmured:

“I want to try it.”


“If they liked to do it.”

“They did.”

“Then I will, too.”

“Want me to, too.”

“Not at the same time.”

“Okay, then afterwards.”

“Um-hmm, I want that, too.”

She fondled his balls for a moment and then began to move down between his legs. His cock was already becoming aroused when her hand slid up and held it. She looked up at him with a slight smile and then lowered her head, wondering a little about how to avoid showing that she had experience from sucking her brother’s cock.

When Johan’s was in her mouth, she liked that it wasn’t as large as her brother’s, nicer, letting her tongue explore around it more easily. She tried to remember how it had been the first time with her brother, not wanting to reveal that she had experience, but she quickly forgot about that in her delight at sucking and licking his cock, and especially at his open appreciation:

“Oooh! That’s good. … Mmmm! Like that. … Oooh! You like to lick there.”

She was licking behind his knob, making his cock twitch strongly, and nodded with an “uhn-hnnn.” He chuckled and remarked:

“I like it, too, but not too much, if you don’t want me to come too soon.”

She shook her head and just sucked him a little deeper in her mouth, as her fingers found his balls – all drawn up tight in his sack. She massaged them without trying to stretch his sack and raised her head, grinning at him and whispering:

“Oooh, I really like it, … better than doing it with my hand.”

“Much better.”

“That’s nice.”

“Um-hmm, very. … You really want to … , all the way?”

“Of course, if they did.”

Johan nodded, and she added:

“It wouldn’t be really doing it, if I didn’t, and I want to know what it’s like, … all that white stuff.”

He snorted and nodded with a grin. His sack had relaxed in her hand, and she moved his balls, looking at her hand and then grinning up at him, past his less aroused cock, still big, but drooping down towards his stomach. Kari snorted and remarked:

“I better start again.”

With another glance up at his face, she raised his cock with the fingers of her other hand and slipped her lips around his knob again, sucking it into her mouth. She hummed in her enjoyment of sucking a cock again, as she aroused it back to full erection, and then hummed in response to his comments and encouragement:

“Mmmm! You must really like to do it. … Oooh! Yeah! … That’s good. … So good! … Uhn! Don’t suck so hard. … Yeah, like that. … Hm-hmm! It feels like you’re enjoying it as much as I am.”

She was, and nodded with an “uhn-hnnn,” but she wanted more, to make him come and taste him. Her finger rubbed behind his sack – now tight again – and he seemed to like that. His voice reminded her that he wasn’t her brother – just in time, before her finger moved further. But she was already arousing him enough: his cock was surging in her mouth, and his hips were beginning to rock up, thrusting his cock in her mouth. When he moaned and held still for a moment, she continued to move her head and tongue. He gasped and moaned again, and then let his hips do what they wanted.

With another moan and gasp, he came, and she moaned with an appreciative “uhnnn,” as she felt the first spurt of “that white stuff” hit the back of her mouth, moaning with each of his following spurts, until the last couple just dribbled down on her tongue. She sloshed it around his cock with her tongue, pleased with her success and that it tasted as good as her brother’s.

“Oh God, that was good!” he murmured.

She nodded and tried to raise her head without losing any of it, but a couple of drops ran onto her lips when his knob slipped from between them. She sloshed it around in her mouth as she raised her head, letting him see that she was as she smiled and then swallowed, liking that he could see her lick up the drops as confirmation that she really liked it. He shook his head slightly with surprised expression and remarked:

“I guess girls don’t have to learn how to do that, if they really want to.”

“I did, … and your cousins, too.”

“But they had read the magazine, made it sound good – with some details.”

“You must have told me enough. It’s probably more about wanting to.”

“I guess so; couldn’t have been better.”

Kari dove down over him, flattening her breasts on his chest, as she murmured: “I’m glad,” and kissed him. She was pleased that he immediately thrust his tongue in her open mouth, as though he also wanted to taste it. His chuckle as he held and jiggled her ass suggested that he had and did. She chuckled and tightened her buttocks, forcing him to just squeeze them, as she remarked:

“This morning, I sure didn’t think we would be like this.”

“Well, … I guess I was hoping, but it’s being a whole lot better than I dreamed.”

“It sure is. … You dreamed about me, … that we would?!

“Ummm? Well, it wasn’t really a dream, just thoughts about what it might be like.”

“Hm-hmm! While you were doing something else? … Like I do?”

“Hmm! Hm-hmm! I guess so, but I sure didn’t think you would do that.”

“Better than your dream, … hm-hmm, or what you were doing?”

“Much better.”

“And it’s been much better than I could imagine.”

“And I haven’t done it to you yet.”

She rocked her pelvis down with a hum and kissed him again, and then murmured:

“The next time I kiss you, I want to taste myself all around your mouth.”

“Me too, that you can, if you come again that good.”

“Make me!”

She rolled off him with a snicker. He sat up, grinning down at her and fondling one of her breasts. Then he glanced around his room and remarked softly: “I guess I was imagining that we would be doing it in here, but I sure never thought before I would really be with a girl in my bedroom. … I want to kneel on the floor.”

“Oh! Like that? Hm-hmm! Of course, … I guess.”

As he slipped down onto the floor, she moved around on the bed and let her feet drop down on the floor on each side of him, resting on her elbows and looking at him.

Kari wondered if she should feel embarrassed about presenting her pussy to him so blatantly, if a girl doing it the first time would be embarrassed – blushing – but she wasn’t, just looking very much forward to something she enjoyed so much with her brother and thought wouldn’t happen until he returned the following week.

Johan’s hands rested on her spread thighs, and then slid closer to her hips, and then down on the soft skin closer to her pussy.

“Um-hmm” she responded softly and rocked her pelvis up, liking that he was looking at her pussy, suddenly wondering what his cousins’ had looked like. She spread her thighs wider to invite him not just to look, recalling that although she had had her fingers all over and in Esther’s pussy, she hadn’t really seen it the way Johan could now see hers – nor seen her own.

She was thinking that she was going to correct those omissions as soon as she could, when she saw Johan lower his head, and then she was only thinking about how her own pussy felt as his mouth kissed it and then his tongue touched her, slipping between her pussy lips and exploring all up and down between them.

She sighed with a moan of appreciation as his tongue found and circled her hole, and then moaned when it played with her inner lips, and he sucked on them. Then his hands slid down under her thighs and pressed them up. She drew them up and let them flop wide open, and then his mouth was all over her pussy, sucking and licking and nibbling. She dropped down flat on the bed and grasped her breasts, squeezing and pulling on her aroused nipples.

But then his hands came up her sides, and she removed her hands before his found her breasts, delighting that his experiences with his cousins had taught him that a girl also wanted to be aroused that way. In return, her hands reached down and fondled his head to encourage him, not that he needed any; he was doing everything she could desire – and with all the talent her brother had.

For a moment, Kari thought to herself: good girls, lucky girls, his cousins. But it was only a fleeting thought as he shifted from thrusting his tongue in her hole to return to arousing her clitoris, and he seemed to know all about how to do that.

She had been sighing and moaning but now gasped and exclaimed softly:

“Oh! Yes! Like that! … Oooh!”

Her thighs twitched. She clasped his head to her pussy, and her hips rocked up, pressing it even harder against his open mouth, as his tongue made wet noises, making her whimper and groan, but not from the exquisite pain from what his fingers were doing to her nipples. Her thighs flopped up against his ears, as though to help pump out the warm love juice that was flowing from her, as her body jerked in spasms, accompanied by unrestrained, loud whimpers.

Finally, she cried out: “Oh God! Enough! Stop!” and her thighs clamped together on his head, as her body jerked a final time.

He held still, just cupping her breasts in his hands. After another deep, groaning sigh, the tension went from her body, her thighs flopping open again, and then her feet dropping to the floor. He gently licked up from the bottom of her pussy, gathering in her moisture, and looked up at her with a wet face. Her head was still down on the bed, and her eyes closed.

He rose up and leaned down over her, his hips touching hers, as he felt the heat from her body before his chest touched her breasts. She opened her eyes with another sigh and then put her arms around him, hugging him as they kissed. She snorted as she licked around his mouth. He murmured:

“Wet enough?”

“Very. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.”

“Almost, I hope, … just ‘almost’.”

He rocked his hips, making her aware of his still not flacid cock.

“Oooh! I guess so: ‘just almost.’ … Hm-hmm! And ‘you’ right there! I was all aroused too, when I was doing it. Want me to do it again?”

“Hm-umm, or then I would have to do it again … ”

“And me, again. … But I want to, but not today.”

“Me too. … And I was wondering how it was going to be after … , well, you know.”

“Two weeks with your cousins? I don’t mind. On the contrary, I owe them some thanks.”

“Hm-hmm! Not as much as I do.”

“Um-hmm, maybe. … We’d better get up.”

He nodded and rose up, helping her sit up. They smiled at each, and then she looked down at his cock, still engorged. With a snort, she reached out shoved it to one side, grinning as it swung back. He also snorted and fondled both her breasts. “Um-hmm,” she agreed and then added:

“I think I should take a shower before I go home.”

“Maybe I should, too.”



“Why not? Must be nice.”

“If you want to.”

At her insistence, they took care not to let her hair get wet, but had fun washing each other. Kari wanted to wash his asshole, but thought she should save that for another time, wondering if there had been anything about that in the magazine, and if there had been – or hadn’t been – whether Johan and his cousins had touched each other there. That reminded her that his story was nearly finished and reminded him that he had to tell her what else happened.

They started sharing his towel, and he agreed to tell her. They returned to his room and got dressed – with snickers and grins. She reminded him to make his bed, eliciting an “Oh Yeah!” from him. When he had, she suggested that it would be good if he walked her home:

“Since we were supposed to be doing something.”

“We sure ‘did something,’ but you’re right.”

They set off, snorting as they discussed what they had been doing, needing something for the forenoon, since they had lunch at his house, and something else for the afternoon. They would have been returning to her house from the other direction for that, and had to walk around the block.

When she opened the house door, her mother greeted them and invited Johan in, asking how they had spent the day. Kari told her their story with controllable embarrassment. When she mentioned their lunch, her mother remarked that she remembered that Johan’s mother worked and offered that he could come to lunch whenever he wanted. That surprised the two of them, but after he demurred, and her mother repeated her invitation, he agreed, and she suggested that he come the next day. They were all pleased with this – for different reasons. Kari and Johan just shook hands to say goodbye, and he left.

Kari’s mother said that she thought Johan was nice and that she was pleased that she could provide lunch for him. Kari agreed that it was very nice gesture. Then her mother remembered that Esther had called. Kari went up to her room to have time to consider what to tell her, and then returned downstairs and rang her up, remembering to keep her side of the conversation appropriate for her mother to overhear.

Esther asked how she had spent the day, hearing that she had been with Johan – with no details, either way. When she asked if they could get together the next day, Kari replied that she was expecting that she would spend the afternoon again with Johan, explaining about the lunch arrangement. When Esther suggested they meet the following day, adding that it was even better, since her mother was going to be out in the afternoon. Kari agreed, hoping she could avoid upsetting Johan, if he expecting they would also spend a third day together.

When she had hung up and was reading, however, she thought that it was good idea to spend the afternoon with Esther – not just because she anticipated that they would have fun together in Esther’s bed. It would avoid having to make up another story about what she and Johan did, as well as not letting it seem that they were going to spend all summer just with each other, maybe also something he wanted to avoid.

That evening in bed, Kari again missed having her brother sleep with her, but easily consoled herself with thought that she couldn’t have everything, having so unexpectedly spent most of the day in bed with Johan, satisfyingly enough, that she fell asleep just holding her pussy.

During the night, however, she woke up, and then her fingers were active. As she thought about Johan and Esther, it occurred to her that maybe she could tell him about her – if the cousins did it with each other. For sure, she was going to tell Esther – show Esther! – what else they could do together. Esther was sure to ask what she and Johan did, probably not expecting much. She was going to be surprised! And certainly much more surprised if she heard about Johan’s cousins.

Her fingers were doing too much to let her continue such thoughts, just letting her fantasize about whose fingers were doing to her what her own did with experienced effectiveness. It wasn’t as good as when one of them had done it, but it let her go back to sleep – after she had licked her fingers, wondering if she could ask Johan if she tasted the same as his cousins, or maybe even ask him how their and her pussies differed.

The next morning, she tried to helpful around the house. When her mother asked her if she expected that she would spend the afternoon with Johan, she replied honestly that they hadn’t talked about anything. Her mother’s mentioning him, however, let her recall that both of them had some experience with avoiding parental suspicions: she and her brother, Johan with his cousins’ parents.

That was a little reassuring.

Johan arrived for lunch, and didn’t disappoint her in that regard. As they were finishing their meal, he suggested that they go to the library. That surprised her a little, but the library wasn’t in the direction of his house, nor so near. She agreed, however, saying that it was a good idea, thinking: anything to get out of the house. Her mother also thought it was a good idea, suggesting that she could maybe find a couple of books that would be on her reading list in the fall. Johan remarked that that was a good suggestion, and they set off.

When they were out of the house, walking in the direction of the library, Johan grinned at her with a snort and said:

“I was already at the library this morning and also got a couple of books for you, maybe not on our reading list, but authors that probably are.”

“Oooh! That was clever. So we don’t have to go there?”

“Not unless you want to.”

“Just go to your house to pick up the books?”

“Maybe not ‘just to,’ … if you want?”

They were already turning the corner to go to his house. Kari snorted and replied:

“Silly question; we’re already heading there.”

They snickered and hurried on. In his house, in his room, he asked:

“Want to know which books?”

“Just don’t let me forget to take them with me.”

He snorted with a grin – she was already unbuttoning her blouse – and put the books on the floor before the door and was unbuttoning his shirt when he turned back to her. She was taking off her blouse, grinning as she slipped an arm free.

There was nothing romantic or seductive about the way they each stripped off their clothes. Kari had her bra and panties off before he could drop his shorts. She drew back the covers on his bed and stopped herself before she was about to dive in it with her feet on the pillow. His shorts dropped, and she gazed at his partially aroused cock.

“Let’s both do it,” she murmured as she looked up at his face. He nodded, and then she lay down on his bed, letting him follow the other way. His cock was in her mouth before he could curl in and put his face between her open thighs.

They shifted around to get comfortable, and then were doing everything they could to make the other come.

He came soon, filling her mouth, to her great delight, while he paused, too distracted by what she was doing. When she continued to hold him as she swallowed, then just sucking mildly, his tongue and lips resumed what they had been doing, encouraged by a rock of her hips and a hum on his cock.

Kari was pleased that he let her continue to suck his cock, crediting his cousins with giving him the experience to know that he could come again. She quickly forgot his cousins; what he was doing, they couldn’t have taught him that, arousing her as good as her brother did. Her hand slipped further down around his hip as she began to lick and suck his cock more actively. As they both became more arouse, their hips rocking, her fingers crept closer in towards his asshole. When her fingertips stroked over it, he started and murmured:

“What are you doing?!

She had to draw her head back on his thigh to let his cock slip from her mouth before she could reply, a little embarrassed that she had forgotten that it wasn’t her brother’s cock she had been sucking:

“Oh, it just happened; I like it, … discovered once when my fingers touched mine.”

“Hmm!? Just funny.”

“Um-hmm, I thought so, too, but it felt good when I was doing that, … and that it must feel about the same for both of us.”

“Hmm? If you say so.”

She rubbed him there again. He just snorted, and then murmured: “If you like it. Funny.”

But when she rubbed his again, as she sucked his cock back into her mouth, his hand slid closer around to hers, as he drew her hips closer and began again to lick and nibble on her pussy. His fingers found hers, and she hummed approval on his cock. He responded with a hum in her pussy as her fingers rubbed, and then his returned the favor.

Kari was delighted that he had accepted what she she had started, and more delighted that he was doing it to her too – apparently enjoying the way her asshole responded to his fingers – and that she had introduced something he hadn’t done with his cousins – that apparently wasn’t in the story in the magazine. But again, she immediately forgot about them as they aroused each other, now with an additional sensation.

Their hips began to rock, and their assholes tightened and relaxed, their fingertips moving in them – not as deeply as with her brother. And his cock was twitching in her mouth when his tightened. She hummed and sucked as his cock moved in her mouth, her expectation that he would come again increasing her own arousal, as he sucked and nibbled on her clitoris. She sucked harder as her fingertip wiggled in his clutching little hole. He gasped cool air in around her pussy. With a groan and thrust of his cock, he spurted deep in her throat.

Her moan of appreciation was followed by one in response to the promise that her own orgasm was starting. As his cock spurted again, her pussy flooded his face, and she almost bit his cock as it filled her mouth. He continued to make wet noises in her pussy, making her gasp and groan as her hips twitched her pussy against his mouth. As he clutched her hip, his finger probed deeper, but he didn’t seem to notice or mind, burying his nose between her puffy pussy lips as he sucked and licked, his humming vibrating on her clitoris as her orgasm continued.

He didn’t stop until she threw back her quivering thigh and rolled her hips away from him with a long gasp, letting his cock slip from her mouth, swallowing as she rolled her shoulders back and drew her hand back from his hip. He hugged her hip, and they lay still with deep, moaning sighs.

When they had recovered, his hand slid up and found her breast, and hers held his on it. They each nodded on the other’s thigh with a soft “um-hmm,” and were silent for a few moments more. Then he wiggled the finger that had been in her and snorted, remarking quietly:

“We sure didn’t do that … with my cousins. Hmm! Funny, but you were right: it felt good.”

“For me, too.”

“You already knew it would.”

“But it was better with you doing it, … a whole lot better. … Thanks.”

“Um-hmm. Didn’t think I would ever do that, … but I liked it, … both ways.”

“Um-hmm, me too. I guess it shocked you a little, when I started.”

“Um-hmm, but it was already feeling good. … Well, I wasn’t going to say no to anything you wanted to do.”

“Nice that we could do something you hadn’t already done with them.”

“Um-hmm, about what I was thinking.”

“Hmm! Turn around and tell me what else you did, though.”

Johan snorted and joined her on the pillow, snorting again and remarking:

“I was all wet before, but I guess it’s dried by now.”

She stroked his cheek, and they kissed – enough for him to taste himself a little in her mouth. Then she murmured:

“Now tell.”

“I guess we did it about every way we could, every way they did it in the story. I didn’t suggest anything, just recognized that what they wanted to do had all been in the story.”


“Hmm! They wanted to kneel over my face.”


“Yeah, but real good, just lying there, … and the other one doing it to me.”

“While her sister watched and was enjoying what you were doing?”

“Um-hmm, and I was enjoying it both ways. That’s good, that way, with her coming all wet in my mouth.”

“Hm-hmm! I guess so! I like the way I taste.”

“I do too.”

“Good thing. … Oh, … do we all taste the same?”

“Hmm! I was wondering that too. I think so. At least, it always tastes good.”

“And their …, any difference?”

“Hmm? … Not much, … theirs, but I like yours better.”

“You had to say that, … any different?

He reached down and held hers, stroking her soft, full pussy lips, and then replied:

“No, really, yours is nice and … soft and round. They were kind of … thin lipped.”

“Hmm! … ”

Kari hesitated a moment and then added:

“Like Esther’s.”

“What do you know about Esther’s?!”

“I was with her family at their cabin, and well, … all girl’s do it, and we were sharing a room, and sunbathing nude when her parents weren’t with us.”

“I noticed.”

“Um-hmm, nice. And well, with the sun shining on us – there, nice and warm – well, … we did it together …”

“And then did it to each other?”

“Um-hmm, … like your cousins, I guess. No, we didn’t do that, what you do, didn’t know to.”

“Hm-hmm! But you might?”

“Hmm! Of course, if she wants to, lets me. I hope so, if you and your cousins like to do it.”

“Hmm! Good luck! … Oh! Are you going to tell her about us?”

“She’ll want to know; she called yesterday, and I had to tell that I was with you and that I probably would be this afternoon.”

“Hmm! Yeah, I guess you will, … and about my cousins, too, if you want to explain how you had the idea.”

“Um-hmm, if you don’t mind. I was thinking I could somehow tell that I read about, like in that magazine, but haven’t yet figured out how I would have found it.”

“When are you going to see her?”


“Um-hmm, I guess we can’t every day.”

“Not without some questions, eventually.”

“That’s what I meant. Does your mother really want me to come for lunch every day?”

“I think so, so it will be easy for us, like today, but look better if we don’t spend every afternoon together. But when we do, like this.”

“And when we don’t, with Esther?”

“Maybe, but her mother is usually home in the afternoon.”

“But not tomorrow?”

“How did you guess?”

“Hmm! You sort of told me, … and surprised me; that she would do that with you.”

“Me too, but when you’ve got all your clothes off …”

“Anything can happen?”

“Something like that. … And in the story, didn’t they really do it?”

“Of course, … in arousing detail.”

“Hmm! Of course. … And your cousins, if they wanted to try everything in the story? Did you?”


“Really?! With both of them?!”

Kari reached down and fondled him, asking:

“It’s been in both of them? Tell!”

Johan snorted with a nod and replied:

“Um-hmm, they wanted to. I was worrying about it the whole time, what might develop. I guess it – the idea that we might – started one night when I woke up, aroused, between the thighs of one of them, and she didn’t seem to mind, holding it up against her. Yeah, she wanted me to rub her there. We didn’t go further. … Well, of course, with her rubbing me with her fingers … it was better for me than for her. And after that – it was the last couple of nights before the weekend – they both wanted to sit on me and be rubbed.”

“Hmm! While you were doing it to the other one, on your face?”

“Um-hmm, something like that. So on Saturday, when we all drove to Bergen for shopping, their parents told us to run off before lunch, and the girls immediately suggested that I buy condoms. Geez! I was surprised that they just said that, but I guess they had discussed it between themselves. So they led me around to public toilets where I could buy them from dispensers, using all our coins. They were snickering more than I was each time I rejoined them.

“Well, it was obvious what was going to happen that night … and the rest of the week, but first we had to survive lunch in their house and the drive back to the cabins. And worse, that evening after supper, when they both said they wanted to go to bed early, I was left with their parents, their mother telling me that they were so pleased that we all were getting along so well, that she thought it was nice that the girls almost had a brother in me, that all girls should have brother.”

“That’s nice. I have one and think she’s right.”

“Yeah, well, that would have been really nice to hear, except for the fact that I was waiting to go to bed with them, and like no brother or cousin should.”

“Not much different from all you had already done, just the natural conclusion.”

“Hmm! You’re generous! And I’m sitting there talking to their parents, knowing they’re waiting for me in bed with enough condoms to do anything we want for the rest of our stay.”

“Hm-hmm! Served you right!”

“Yeah, I guess so. Anyway, when I could finally say good night, I was feeling pretty pleased that I had survived that conversation. So when I joined them after have peed outside, they were, of course, already in my bed and playing with a condom, one of them blowing it up.”

“Oooh! I haven’t seen one, but I guess you could.”

“Better than a penny balloon. I was afraid it would burst; it was so big. They both immediately asked what had taken so long. I was taking off my clothes, and I felt like teasing them after all we had done and having survived their mother’s remarks, and told them what their mother had said. They both almost laughed out loud, and Britta asked:

‘And what did you say?’

‘Oh, I agreed, of course, said you were probably waiting in bed for me, both of you.’

‘You didn’t!!’

‘Oh, she didn’t mind, said that she thought it was nice for girls to get some experience with someone they could trust.’

‘She didn’t!’

‘Oh, she did say that she hoped we were being careful. Of course, I assured her that we were.’

‘You’re making this up,’ Britta replied, but I continued my story and said:

‘Oh, no. She even said that she was a little worried that Maren didn’t seem to have to have enough experience for her age, that it was good that we all were getting along so well, before she could get in trouble for lack of experience.’

‘I don’t believe you,’ Maren responded, grinning and adding: ‘but maybe she’s right.’

“I admitted that I had made up most of the story, … and then, well, we did it.”

“With both of them? That night?”

“Um-hmm. Maren wanted to sit on me, and then Britta got me aroused again and wanted to, too, like in the story, when the younger girl – a virgin – did it that way.”

“Wow! And it’s good, better than any other way?”

“Terribly good, … at least the first few times, because it was so arousing to be really doing it.”


“Well, what you do is really just as good, and arousing in a different way: that you really want me to come in your mouth.”

“I do, and it’s hard to imagine that anything could be better than what you do. Was it better for them?”

“They thought so.”

“Of course, I would to, something like this deep in me.”

Kari fondled his cock, and they both chuckled as it grew to something that could be deep in her, while his fingers slipped between her pussy lips and did good things. Before the question arose about what they would do, Kari turned around, remembering that he liked to have a pussy over his face, and straddled him, and they did it again, not quite so intensely and prolonged as before.

When Kari turned around again, she managed not to swallow it all. She snorted with a smirk as she lay down on him, and when they kissed, let him have a real taste of himself. He chuckled, sucking and caressing her tongue, then following hers into her mouth. When he had retrieved his tongue, he snorted and said:

“Maren also did that a couple of times.”

“And Britta?”

“She always wanted to swallow it all.”

“Hm-hmm! …”

Kari caught herself – about to say: I usually do, too – adding instead:

“I can imagine; I like it, too.”

“Um-hmm, and Maren did too, but Britta was more impulsive, just had to swallow it.”

“Hmm! What else did she like to do? It seems as though she showed more initiative than her sister.”

“Um-hmm. It was her idea to try to lick us both at once.”

“Hmm? How did she want to do that?”

“Maren lay on her back on top of me, and … well, … you can imagine how, then.”

“Hmm! Yeah! And you did, she did?”

“Of course. It was after we had done it in a triangle a couple of times, but Maren still was a little shy about her doing it, and with me right there, and Britta’s tongue suggesting that we do more.”

“Yeah, of course. No wonder they wanted to have condoms.”

“Yeah, that was Thursday or Friday night, maybe what suggested to them that we needed condoms.”

Kari rolled off him, lying on her side with her head on his shoulder, and immediately sliding her hand down to hold him, as she asked:

“And what all did you do with them?”

“Hmm! About all that was in the story. … Oh, we did something that wasn’t.”

“Mmmm! What?”

“Well, we did it, like Britta suggested, but really doing it, while the other one licked her – hm-hmm – and what she could lick of me that way.”

Kari fondled his balls, and he nodded with snort and added:

“Wanted to suck them, too.”

“Oooh! Why not? I guess I would, too.”

“Even Maren did it; by then not shy about anything.”

“Was that in the book?”

“Um-hmm, Britta didn’t have to invent that.”

“So what did you do that wasn’t?”

“By then, the girls had showed me how they did it with each other. They made it sound like they were trying for the first time, but the way they curled up together looked like they had experience doing it.”

“Of course, if they had read about it in the story.”

“Hmm! I guess so. So Britta suggested that I could do to one of them while they did that.”

“Hmm! Hm-hmm! One of them really getting it both ways!”

“Um-hmm, they thought it was great, and I did too; didn’t have to do much with her sister arousing her that way.”

“Oooh, yeah! I guess she was really aroused, holding you real good.”


“Hm-hmm! ‘Real good’.”

“Um-hmm, we all thought so; everyone getting to do something and getting their pleasure.”

“Hmm! You sure were lucky, they, too. … All week, doing things like that.”


“We need condoms!” Kari exclaimed.

Johan nodded with grin.

Maybe there will be more about Kari and Johan, maybe with Esther. There is more about Britta and Maren, since this has just been background for “Daughters and Fathers.”

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