Two young women pleasure each other

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I guess I’d better tell you a little about our happy
home. I’m a 25 year old bisexual woman. I’m a pretty
small specimen: 4’11” and just a tad under 100 pounds.
I’m healthy. I’m in great shape. I’m just small.
That’s why they call me Pixie.

Linda is a 26 year old dike. She is a tall 5’10” 155
pounds and strongly built. She has been my best friend
for years. After a particularly nasty breakup with my
boyfriend, she has also been my lover. We are into a
little spanking now and again, mostly her spanking me.
She is definitely the alpha in the house, while I am
the willing (but wily) beta. We like role-playing

Sometimes I am the naughty schoolgirl, and she is the
strict head mistress. She has this wooden paddle, and
she knows how to use it! I remember the first time
she… well, that’s another story. We often use toys
for pleasure games.

Don’t get me wrong: I like men. I love being banged
hard by a man! But these days, I like dikes, though I
am Bi myself. Why? There is nothing as good as getting
really stretched out by a really big cock wielded by a
woman who knows how a woman wants it!

I’m no stranger to a big cock. I’ve had a few lovers
who were extremely well hung. But when it came show
time, they just shoved it in to the hilt and banged
away like a jack hammer! On the other hand, Linda can
have a whole variety of cocks, and she really, really
knows how to please a woman!

We had this one mutual friend (a woman, hetero as can
be) who we talked into a threesome. It wasn’t easy,
but the wine and a game of truth or dare helped! Well,
when Linda got through with her, she was as Bi as the
Red Baron’s plane! We are very free about having other
lovers, and there is no jealousy at all. We both know
we’ll come back to each other eventually.

I was home last week, when my roommate was getting
ready to go for a weeklong trip. I would miss her
terribly, but that’s the way the ball bounces. We have
been best friends, best lovers, and then the very best
of roommates for a few years now. Just as she was
about to walk out the door on her trip, she said, “Oh,
I left you a little going away gift to keep you
company while I’m gone. It’s in the laundry room in
the pink bag behind the detergent. Bye now… and
be careful.”

She left and I went to find this little gift she’d
left. I went to the laundry room, and looked where she
said. There in a pink bag, in a large box was the
largest strap-on I’d ever laid eyes on! It was over a
foot long, and had a head the size of my fist! (Not
very big for a fist, but HUGE for a cock head!)

I looked at it in thought, WOW! What a Whopper! I said
aloud, “There’s no way that thing will fit in me.” But
then, Linda is the domineering type. I knew when she
got back, she’d insist! I went back to the bedroom,
turned off the phone, and got myself undressed. I
looked at the box. On the back, it said it makes great
gag gift. I thought that if a woman took that thing
all the way, she really WOULD gag!

I took it out of the box, and stroked up and down the
shaft. My hand wouldn’t close around it. I slid my
hand up and down the shaft. Its skin had bulging veins
on it just like a cock about to cum, only larger than
any cock I’d ever seen, even on video. Even John
Holmes or Dick Rambone didn’t have equipment like
this! And this was stiff as any cock I’d ever seen.

I started rubbing my crotch in anticipation of trying
this thing out. My puss was beginning to wake up, as
if to say, “Hey! You gonna give me some action here or

OK, OK. I went and got the KY Jelly, because I knew I
was going to need it. I pushed the pillows up on the
headboard and lay back on them. The dildo was still
strapped into its harness, so I took it out and held
that massive rubber cock in all its glory. I rubbed
its head up and down my slit a few times to get the
juices flowing. It was like rubbing a baseball on my
twat! I brought it up to my face and started to suck
on it. I could only get a few inches of it inside my
mouth. The coolness of its material began to warm up
in my mouth… my puss was really beginning to tingle
in anticipation.

I rubbed the head on my puss a few more times, placed
it squarely on the mouth of my pussy, and gave it a
firm push. As I wiggled my hips around a little, I
could feel the head was “trying” to slip between my
lips. I pushed a little harder, and the head began to
slip in a little bit. My poor pussy began to sting at
the thickness! I halted myself and just tried to get
used to it.

I began to diddle my clit a little. I was close to
orgasm, but I wanted to get at least SOME of that
shaft in me before I came! I got a quart jar of hot
water and set the plastic cock in it. I figured the
material would become a little more pliant if it was

While I waited for it to warm up, I got another toy
that I KNEW I could take. It was a big vibrator, about
10″ long, and it was the thickest toy I had available
up to now. I lay back down, and lubed up the vibrator.
I turned it on and began to buzz by clit with it.

As I came close to orgasm, I began to slip it into my
little pussy. The head went in a LOT easier than it
usually does, but it gets thicker down the shaft. I
slid it in slowly, until it was feeling like a it was
little too much, and then worked it in and out for a
bit. I was trying to hold back on cumming before I had
it all the way in, but I was on the verge. I love the
feeling of being teased, even if I’m only teasing
myself (Of course, it works better if someone else is
teasing you!).

I slipped the vibrator out and began to suck on it,
breathing deeply, and smelling my own juices. Then I
put the tip of it on my clit, buzzing my little button
until it was about to burst. I was nearing the point
of no return, I put the tip of the big vibrator on my
pussy lips, then I slowly slid it all the way in! I
felt myself going over that familiar cliff of a
powerful orgasm.

I shuddered as I slid the shaft all the way in and out
of my clinching pussy. In the midst of the climax, I
shoved the thick shaft fully into my little pussy
until I could feel the wider base pushing against my
lips. I held it there, slowly grinding it around,
until my orgasmic shaking subsided a little. I turned
the buzzing vibrator off but left it in my tightly
stretched pussy.

I knew Linda was going to want to fuck me cross-eyed
with that big strap-on when she got home, and if I
wouldn’t let her, she’d paddle my bottom until I did
(she IS the dom, after all.) Moreover, I had not even
managed to get the head all the way in yet.

I figured since I had just had a shattering orgasm, I
would loosen myself up a little more with the big
vibrator, and try the huge strap-on again. It was
still stuffed in me to the hilt, so I shoved a little
harder, so that thicker base of the vibrator began to
spread open my hole a little wider. I worked the base
round and round, and tried to get a little of the base
into my pussy. It began to slip in a little, and I
felt as if I would split in half if I went much more!
I decided to hold it there for a little while. I began
to massage my clit again. I thought, Hell, since I’ve
cum once, I might as well cum again!

I switched the vibrator back on, and began to grind it
on myself again. I slid it slowly, slowly, all the way
out. Then I softly rubbed the head up and down my
slit, from my ass hole to my clit, dwelling on my clit
for a few seconds before slipping it all the way into
my ever-loosening puss. I repeated the process:
Sliding it fully in, grinding around on my pussy to
widen myself up a little more, sliding it out, buzzing
the head around my slit and clit, and then plunging it
in again. After a few cycles of this, I felt another
orgasm coming on. I was close, very close.

There is a large mirror on the wall by our bed, and I
watched myself in it. I saw this skinny girl with a
big vibrator going in and out of her pussy, and I
began to cum again. I drove the toy in and out until I
was cumming like wild! This was not a short orgasm,
like the first one that night: building up to a
climax, and subsiding to a comfortable tingling. I was
beginning to go involuntary on this one: squeaks and
moans were coming from my mouth.

It was a tidal wave of an orgasm, with me, a dildo
surfer, racing along on the crest of the wave washing
ashore, and watching the ground whisk by in a blur.
I’ve got your “Hang 10” right here! Here I was, was
pumping away, with that big vibrator, and having the
orgasm of the year! My pussy was absolutely throbbing.
My hands were pumping in and out. I couldn’t keep my
eyes focused! My ears were pounding, pounding,
pounding! Pounding?

I suddenly realized that someone was pounding on the
front door. I stopped for a moment. Maybe they would
go away. Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! They knocked even louder!
I pulled the dildo out of me, set it on the bed, and
through the covers over it. I started to get up, but I
was too dizzy to stand. I sat back on the bed, and
shouted toward the open bedroom door, “Who is it?”

“Delivery. Priority Package, Ma’am.”


“Be right there!” I took a couple of breaths and stood
up. Ouch! My pussy twinged at that!

I looked around for something to wear, and grabbed a
short robe to put on. I slipped it on and went to the
door. As I was tying the belt, I looked through the
peek hole. Sure enough, a brown uniformed Parcel
Service man was standing there with a package. I
opened the door, and signed for the package. It was
for Linda. As he turned to go, I noticed he had a grin
on his face he couldn’t quite suppress.

I put down the package, locked the door, and went back
to the bedroom. As I went back to the bed, I noticed
the box the giant strap-on came in was lying by the
bedroom door. It was clearly visible from the front
door! Then I looked at myself in the mirror. I was red
in the face, my hair was all scrunched up in the back,
and there was a streak on KY jelly smeared down my
inner thigh. No WONDER the Parcel Service guy was

It was late afternoon, by that time, and I had some
things to do, so I decided I’d continue my “training
session” later that evening.

That evening, I was online in a chat room. I was in a
room called “Women who masturbate” or something like
that. I was chatting with this guy who was asking me
about my love life. I was telling him about the huge
strap-on dildo that my roommate had given me. He kept
trying to get me to stick it in while we were

I’ll admit, he did get me quite hot while chatting. I
love sexy talk, and I was having trouble typing with
one hand, and playing with my pussy with the other. I
told him of a couple of my exploits with Linda. He did
try to get me to stick the huge dildo in my pussy.

I just couldn’t make him understand that that was a
lay-down-on-the-bed proposition. But I did fuck myself
with the vibrator while we were chatting… only I
lied to him and told him it was the HUGE dildo. What
the hell, it IS the internet, where every man has a 9″
dick that gets hard as a gun barrel!


We were online for a while and I was hotter than a
Louisiana Swamp in July! Besides, I’d been sipping
wine all evening and porkin’ myself with that big
vibrator for some time: I was ready for Mr. BIG! I sat
on the edge of the bed and lubed up the end of the
strap-on real good. As I was looking at myself in the
mirror, I thought, I have to see this! I pulled the
dildo out of the strap-on harness.

I spread my legs, placed that over-sized head on my
already loosened pussy, and began to slide the head up
and down my slit. Then I started to push it in. I
thought I’d try a quicker approach this time, so I
pushed very hard and steady. The head began to open up
my lips and I gasped out loud as the huge thing slowly
slid into my poor little pussy.

It must have been the wine or, more likely, the
previous activity with that big vibrator, but the
giant dildo began to slide slowly into my hole. I
watched myself in the mirror as a few inches of it
slid in me. I couldn’t take any more of it at the
moment! I just sat there worked it in and out a few
times, sliding it in as deep as I could (just a few
inches), then taking all but the head out, working it
around a little, and then sliding it in again.

My Puss felt like it was about to split! But I wasn’t
ready for this, just yet…The cock-head had me
stretched beyond my limit. I withdrew the toy and
thought I’d have a little more wine, then try again…
in a minute. I poured myself a large glass of wine,
and drank half of it right away.

My pussy was throbbing: in want of another orgasm and
in stinging response to a cock the size of Florida
that had just spread it open! After finishing the
wine, I took the dildo and the vibrator to bed with
me. I lay down on the bed. I took the dildo and began
to work it in again. When the huge dildo got to be too
much for me, I took it out and slipped in the
vibrator, buzzer turned on max. I’d shove that in to
the hilt, grind it around for a bit, pull it out, then
start again on the dildo. Each time I did this, I’d
get a little more in. I felt one of those powerful
orgasms coming on again. I had swapped these toys
about a few times, when I tried another self-love

I worked the dildo in as far as I could, stretching my
pussy to the limit. Then I buzzed my clit with the
vibrator. As I began to shudder on the brink of
orgasm, I pushed hard on the dildo. It slid in most of
the way. My hips began to gyrate on their own and I
felt myself fall into the deep ravine of a rapturous
orgasm! I dropped the vibrator, spread my thighs as
wide as I could, and griped the dildo with both hands.
I slid that great rod almost all the way out, and then
slid it back in as deep as before!

Again, and again, faster and faster I plunged that
thing in my little pussy while riding the long
orgasmic wave. I looked at myself in the mirror. What
a sight! I couldn’t believe what I saw! I was sticking
of that monstrous toy into myself! It could have been
a circus act! (Sorry son. You can’t come in. Adults

I lay there, twitching and cumming for some time.
After my climax began to subside a little, I slid the
dildo out of my pussy. My lips were red and swollen.
They hung there, parted. My pussy was gaping open. My
hands were trembling. I reached over and had another
sip of wine. I knew if I had a few more sessions like
this, that Linda wouldn’t kill me with it when she
came back. I thought about what it would be like, on
all fours. I thought that, maybe I could rig up the
strap-on harness in some fashion where I could do
myself Rocky(D)gie style. After all, I am an engineer. I
lay back on the bed. I thought I’d close my eyes, for
just a moment… I was soon fast asleep.

That night, My Dreams were vivid!

Linda came home after her trip. She soon asked me if I
liked the “gift” she had left me. “Well, Pixie… I
know you love a big cock. Did you get your, uh, FILL
with that thing?”

Linda leered at me, and I knew what she wanted. But
first, I thought I’d play with her a little. I told
her a deliberate lie! I grimaced, and shook my head,
“Linda, That thing’s just too big for me! I tried, but
I couldn’t even get the head all the way in! I tried,
and tried, but I just couldn’t make it fit! It hurt me
to even get the head partway in!”

Linda just grinned at me, and sauntered up to me,
“Maybe you just need a little encouragement. I’ll be
more than happy to help.” She slipped one arm around
the small of my back and cupped my crotch in her palm.

I backed up a little, and in contrived shock said,
“Oh, NO! Linda! Please… don’t say that! You must
have known it was too big for ANY woman when you got
it! Especially a tiny girl like me! Surely you knew
that something like this is just a novelty, a gag

Linda just grabbed me by the arm. “Now Pixie, I know
you like a big cock now and again to stretch out your
little pussy. And I’m just the one to do it! Now be a
nice little girl. Let’s go in the bedroom, and we’ll
see what you can REALLY take!”

I thought I’d play up the part of the frightened
little girl just a little more. I didn’t want her to
know I’d really shoved three fourths of that monster
strap-on in my cunt already. It would please her more
to think that she was nailing me for the first time
with that thing! However, I knew that she would try –
and succeed – in shoving that thing to the hilt in my
pussy. She loves to see me in a bit of pain, either
from fucking me with a big dildo/strap-on/vibrator, or
from spanking my little tushie with a paddle until
it’s all red and hot! I knew she meant to kabob me
with that thing, so some of my reluctance was real! I
tried to pull my arm out of her grasp, but she gripped
me hard.

“Linda, please, no! Not yet. Why don’t we warm up with
that big vibrator first? It’s really big, and you know
how it makes me gasp with its thickness!” I tried
again to squirm out of her hand again with a quick
twisting motion. This time, Linda let me twirl away a
little, but she then she spun me around and caught my
opposite arm with her other hand.

With both of my arms in her control, she pulled my
shoulders back until I had to arch my back in
response. “Now, Pixie, you know I mean to fuck that
tight little pussy of yours with that big ol’ strap-
on. Why do you think I bought it? For you to fuck ME
with it?!” Linda let out a sarcastic laugh. She turned
me around and began to march me toward the bedroom.

I resisted her attempt.

“Now, let’s go get started. If I have any more trouble
from you, I’ll get the big paddle and whack your
skinny ass blue, until I make you BEG to be fucked
with that thing! To tell you the truth, I think I’d
enjoy that just about as much!”

In reality, I was looking forward to having my pussy
opened up with the Strap-on-from-Hell, but that and a
paddling – from the big paddle – was more than I could
take in one night!

We do practice a little S&M, now and again, including
paddling each other. But we do it with a smaller
paddle: We use a slimmed down paddleball racket. It
delivers a nice sharp sting to the butt, and gives a
nice loud popping sound when it contacts bare skin.

It also makes my butt sting like wild for a few
minutes, but that quickly subsides into a nice hot
felling that works itself down to my pussy. Makes me
wet as hell just to think about it! But Linda was
talking about the BIG paddle: 3.5″ wide, 5/8″ thick,
16″ long, with a series of inch holes in it (cuts down
on wind resistance), and black tape on the handle (to
improve the grip).

We only used this paddle for real punishment. For
deliberate and serious infractions of household rules!
The last time Linda paddled me with it, I cried REAL
tears for over 30 minutes, and there were welts on my
ass for days. I even had to stand up at work that
whole day! I was definitely NOT in the mood for that!
So, when Linda gave me that veiled threat, I decided
to submit, but just a little.

I quit struggling against her. “OK, Linda, but please
go slow with me. You know how tiny my pussy really is.
Will you promise to let me get on top at first? Just
until I get used to the thickness of it?”

Linda sighed, “I guess at first, but I want to see
your skinny frame impaled on that thing before the
night is over. I want to watch your little pussy
stretch open while I slowly push it all the way in!
God, Pixie, do you have any idea how hot I am for

We went into the bedroom, and relaxed a little. We
both got undressed and stroked each other tenderly. I
brushed my hands over Linda’s firm breasts, and
pinched her nipples lightly. As we crawled onto the
bed, I pushed Linda on her back, and knelt beside her.
I began to lick and suck her nipples lightly, just
barely touching the very tips with the end of my

As she began to squirm a little, I reached down with
my hand and rubbed her pussy. She was wet as a warm
bowl of Jell-O! I couldn’t believe how hot she already
was! I slid my finger up and down her slit a few
times, and then went to her clit to do a little
diddling. I wanted to make her cum at once, so she
wouldn’t be too wired up when my turn came. I slipped
a couple of fingers into her pussy, and continued to
massage her clit very lightly with my thumb. I licked
and sucked her nipples, until they looked like a
couple of fresh raspberries.

I could feel her clit swelling out, and I could feel
twitching in her pussy. I knew she was close! I
decided to finish her off with my tongue! I withdrew
my hand from her puss, and began to stroke the side of
her thigh. I kissed my way down her chest and tummy
and tongued her navel. She squirmed like a worm on a
hook and pushed my head down to her crotch, and cried
out, “Oh, please, Pixie, drill me!” a reference to a
certain technique I have with my tongue.

I was happy to comply! I diddled her clit a few times
with my tongue, and then plunged it part way into her
hole, twisting my head slowly to the side. Then I
dipped my tongue a little deeper in and twisted my
head back the other way. I repeated this over, end
over, until my tongue was fully in her puss, and my
lips were on hers. I pulled on her pussy lips with my
lips slightly as I worked my tongue around and around.

As I felt her wetness increase, I rubbed her clit
softly with my fingertip. That was like pulling the
tail on a loaded and primed cannon! She pushed my face
onto her pussy (I knew to take a breath!) and began to
buck wildly! My tongue could feel her pussy
spasmodically contracting, and I pushed harder on her
clit with my finger.

Wave after wave of shuddering passed over her and I
knew she was having her cream of the month! I could
feel the skin on her belly flush with warmth! As her
moans of pleasure slowly subsided, I slowly pulled my
face up her from her pussy, giving her clit one more
sucking lick before I sat up to look at my handiwork.

Her pussy lips were wet and swollen. Her face looked
like she was in some kind of trance. Her eyes were
slightly crossed, and her cheeks were so red, she
looked like she had just run a four-minute mile! We
sat there for a minute, and I got up to get her a
glass of wine.

Linda looked like she could use some refreshment. For
my part, I knew what was about to come, and I wanted
to be good and relaxed. I poured myself a very large
scotch and water. We sipped our drinks in bed, for a
few minutes, and then Linda said, “Well, Pixie, let’s
see what that tight little pussy of yours can take.”
She reached for the toy drawer. I drained the
remainder of my drink.

Linda opened the drawer, and pulled out the empty
harness. There was a big hole in the middle of it
where the dildo goes. She said, “I guess somebody’s
been trying out Gigantor solo-style.” She looked at me
and winked.

I just smiled and said, “Well, I tried, but it was too
big! I even warmed up with that big vibrator first.
You know how thick it is! I thought it would open me
up a little, and it did! But that huge dildo of yours
is still too thick! And it’s so LONG! Even AFTER that
vibrator, I couldn’t even manage to get the head all
the way in.”

Linda really did know how thick the vibrator was. The
first time I used it on her, I slipped a little over
half of it in her – all at once! She had to draw in a
sharp gasp and beg me, “Please, Pixie, go slow!” It
made me proud to have Linda beg ME for a change!

Linda took the new toy from the drawer and fitted it
into the harness. She got the KY out and lubed up the
full length of it. I looked at her and I knew she
wanted to stuff me with the entire shaft! I began to
tremble a little. “There, there, Pixie. Don’t worry.
I’ll get you all warmed up for it.”

I was lying on my back. She rolled me over onto my
stomach, and began to massage my shoulders. She was
straddling me and rubbing my upper back and shoulders,
while the huge strap-on was sliding up and down
between my cheeks. As I began to relax a little, she
drew her hips back until the head began to slide down
to the bottom of my ass.

I was getting hot and wet as hell! I knew it would
hurt like the dickens when she penetrated me, but I
wanted it BAD! I arched my back a little, and the head
slid down between my cheeks, across my ass hole, and
rested on my pussy. I spread my legs a little, and
Linda gripped the shaft with her hand and slid the
mighty head up and down my slit… slowly… slowly…
rubbing my clit with it, and then pressing on the
mouth of my pussy… pushing a little…
withdrawing… and then sliding it up and down all
over again.

She repeated this cycle three times. I was going wild
with desire! Linda leaned over and whispered into my
ear, “Are you ready for this, my little dear? Or do
you need a little longer to prepare? Perhaps you need
a few good vibrations first?”

I sighed in relief, “Ooo, Yes! That would be nice! And
it might give my poor pussy a much-needed stretching

Linda pulled me up to my knees and gave my pussy a
little finger workout. Then she reached over and got
the vibrator. She switched it on and began to rub the
head around on my lips and clit. She slid the thick
shaft along my slit, rolled it around a little, and
then slid it back up until the head was resting on the
mouth of my pussy. As she pressed the bulging head
against my pussy, I arched my back and leaned back
into it. I yearned to feel the thickness of that
pulsating shaft forcing its way into my waiting hole.

But Linda was having none of that. Just when I thought
it was about to penetrate, she slid it to the side,
and said, “Now, now, we can’t have this thing
loosening you up too much, can we, Pixie?” She pressed
down between my shoulder blades with her free hand,
and I lowered myself down until my forearms were flat
on the bed.

I arched my back and wiggled my hips back and forth
and said, “Oh, God, Linda! Just shove SOMETHING in me

“Patience, My little pretty. I wouldn’t want you to
cum too soon! I want you to cum just as I am starting
to stretch your little pussy with this cock. Not until
then!” With that she began to rum her hands all over
my ass and thighs.

My pending orgasm receded a little, but I was going
wild with desperation. I reached my hand down to my
pussy to do the deed myself. Linda spanked me very
hard! Twice on each ass cheek. I cried out with
surprise and pain.

“Wait, you little bitch! I’ll make you cum soon
enough!” With that, I put my hands back. My butt
stung! Linda is a strong woman, and her hands are
large and hard. (On a dare, I’ve seen her spank a guy
to tears in just a dozen licks!) Linda stroked the
stinging spots on my butt. She kissed my ass softly.

She slid her hands up my inner thighs. She began to
massage around my pussy, but she was careful not to
touch me at all: even the slightest feather touch to
my clit would set me off! She got the vibrator and
started rubbing the back of my pussy with it – right
between my ass hole and my cunt! She tickled my butt
hole with her finger, teasing my mercilessly! Then the
moment of truth came.

I looked over at the mirror, and saw her take that
mighty shaft in her hand. She placed the head against
my pussy and said, “OK, Pixie. Here it comes!” Then
she began to push the head in my waiting pussy! As she
pushed harder and harder, I could feel my lips part –
my poor cunt was stretched as tight as a drum!

Then she took the vibrator and began to buzz my clit
with it! I could feel the rim of the head as it
slipped into my clinching pussy. Linda continued her
steady penetration! I began to feel a hot flash of
pleasure/pain in my pussy as it was breached by that
invading ram, and I was on the way to the most
powerful orgasm of my entire life! I gasped and cried
out, “Oh, GOD, LINDA! OH! OH! OOOO!” and my own will
left my body as if I was set on autoslut!

I reached back and grabbed the harness on Linda’s side
and pulled her toward me. She continued to shove that
column on concrete latex into my pussy. Tears were
streaming from my eyes and I felt the head of the
dildo embedded deep inside me. Linda stopped her
advance, and gyrated her hips around in slooooow

She withdrew the massive dildo, and shoved it in as
deep as before! She began to pump me in deep, long
strokes! I was still cumming wildly, and Linda said,
“WOW! Pixie! You really DO know to handle a whopper!
You ready for the last couple of inches?” Then she
shoved it in to the fullest length yet! I let out a
cry, and tried to wiggle forward a little.

But Linda was having none of that!

She grabbed me firmly by the hips and I knew there
would be no escape! She pushed hard on that dildo, and
I felt it slide all the way in my over-stretched
pussy! I felt like it would come out my mouth! Even
though my pussy felt tortured my effects, I was
cumming and cumming like a wild animal!

I rammed my ass back to meet Linda’s thrusts as hard
as I could. A string of nonsense syllables sprang from
my mouth and I felt like I was being bathed in
sensation: I could feel every bulging vein in the
dildo, the loose end of the straps on the harness, and
the stinging marks Linda put on my behind. I could
even feel the ridges on Linda’s hands as the clung to
my hips!

She continued to fuck me Rocky(D)gie style for a long time.
We changed positions. I got on top of her and sat
facing her as she continued to pummel me with that
oversized love-stick. After a while, I lay on my back,
as Linda removed the dildo from the harness. She knelt
over me, and slid the dildo in me while pinning one of
my legs up over my chest. She fucked me like this for
a long, long time!

My pussy felt like it was going to SPLIT! While she
was kneeling there, I saw the opportunity to lay my
hands on the still pulsating vibrator. I held that 10″
long (and very, very thick!) wonder in my hand and
looked at us in the mirror. Linda’s wet pussy was open
for me to see. I took the vibrator and began to rub
the head around on her pussy. “Oh, Yes, Pixie… put
it in!”

I slowly shoved the vibrator to the hilt in her
drenched pussy! She cried out at the force of the
penetration, “Oh, Ooo, OUCH! Wait, Oh OH! God, Pixie!
Please That’s too MUCH!” Linda drew in a sharp gasp as
the vibrator plunged fully into her pussy. She lost
her grip on the dildo. She straightened up on her
knees and moved her hand to my forearm.

“Linda, Linda? … What’s wrong? It’s only a little
prick.” As I held the vibrator fully in her pussy, I
pulled the massive dildo from my battered pussy with
my other hand and held it before her. “Compared to
THIS one!”

We looked at the dildo. It was wet from tip to the
base. There was a little ring of wetness on the bottom
of the shaft that attested to the fact that it had
been plunged fully into my pussy. I could see a tinge
of pinkness where my wetness was thickest on it: just
behind the head and at the base.

I looked at Linda and said, “Linda, I just let you
fuck me bloody! I think you owe me BIG!”

Linda laughed and said, “I thought I just gave you

I continued to fuck her to another orgasm with the
vibrator, but when I picked up the massive dildo she
balked, “Pixie, you know that you are the queen of the
whoppers around here. I can’t take that thing and I
know it!” I put down the dildo. “Linda, you are eleven
inches taller than me and outweigh me by fifty pounds.
Why on earth do you think you can’t take as big a cock
as me?”

Linda just shook her head and said, “Pixie, size does
matter, but attitude wins the day. I bow to you as
queen of the dildos!”

At that, I was willing to drop it for the moment.
“Maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow, but soon…
soon I’ll spread your pussy open with that monster
like a sword shuckin’ an oyster!”

I had a plan in mind. We did play Truth or Dare at
some of our parties.

But that’s another story!

Author’s Note: I once overheard a couple of guys
saying I was the tightest, shortest piece of ass
they’d ever had in their lives. I don’t think they
would say that at that moment, not knowing that anyone
had overhead them talking. I’ll be tight as a miser’s
fist tomorrow, but I’ll bet you could park a truck in
my pussy tonight!

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