Ugly Dating – Nicolette and Karl

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She leaned against the cold brick wall, trying to defend herself from the three hoodlums. ‘Leave me alone!’ she yelled, covering her breasts with her left arm, while slapping away the many hands that were trying to go under her short shirt.

‘All we want is some of that sexy ass, baby,’ one of the punks said, trying his best to get a feel between her legs. ‘Come on honey; give up some of this hot, little thing,’ he laughed, reaching under her skirt and felt her smooth panties. ‘Oh please give us some!’ he added, shoving his hand to her throat and knew it was time to get serious.

‘No!’ she tried screaming but the boys hand was beginning to choke her and now she was really getting scared. There was no was she wanted to be raped and it was about to happen. ‘Please let me go,’ she begged, but these young boys were after one thing and nothing would change their minds.

The leader of the three held her throat as tight as he could, while the other two tried ripping off her skirt. ‘Come on, you dumb ass mother fuckers! I’d like some of this sweet pussy before I’m too old to enjoy it!’ he said squeezing her throat as harder, not caring if she could breath or not. She looked so hot in the white blouse, short skirt and the matching black nylons on her long, slender legs.

‘We trying our best,’ a short boy said, trying to jerk down the skirt, but she was kicking him. ‘This fuckin’ bitch don’t even want to give it up!’ he laughed pulling at her skirt, but her long legs and high heels kept them away.

‘Knock the fuckin’ bitch out or something!’ the last boy said trying his best to grab the short skirt and pull it down. ‘I need some damn pussy!’ he said as his cock grew out of control, thinking of how good this long legged woman was going to be.

‘You fuckin’ do it,’ the leader said trying to hold the squirming woman against the wall, but she was putting up a good fight and his arms were getting tired. ‘We need to do something and fast!’ he added as she continued to fight like nothing he’d ever been up against.

‘Let me go!’ she screamed and noticed the boy had turned towards her. She drew back her left leg, thrust it up and hit him right between his legs. He quickly let go of her throat as he doubled over in pain, grabbing himself.

‘You fuckin’ cunt!’ he groaned, holding his balls, hoping that she hadn’t hurt his most prized object. ‘I’m goin’ kill you!’ he drew back his fist and started to swing, but didn’t see the baseball bat swinging towards his back.

‘THUMP!’ The hard wooden bat sent him to the ground screaming out in pain.

‘You mother fucker!’ one of the other boys yelled rushing towards the young guy that had sent their ring leader to the ground. ‘You’re goin’ to die, bitch!’ he yelled as they tackled him and began beating him with no mercy.

The woman grabbed the bat and started swinging it down to the boys as hard as she could, until they ran away. ‘Are ok?’ she asked dropping to her knees, seeing that the kid was bleeding from his mouth and above his right eye.

He just looked up in a daze and couldn’t believe who she was. It was Nora, the beautiful woman that lived across the courtyard from him. ‘I’m fine, did they hurt you?’ he moaned trying to sit up.

‘I’m ok, but you’re bleeding pretty bad,’ she said rooting through her purse for something to wipe the blood from his eye, noticing a pair of smashed, black glasses lying next to him and that’s when she recognized him. He was the sweet guy, Ben, that was always trying to flirt with her, but she’d constantly ignored him. He was just a kid; she was nearing forty-five and thought that he has no business flirting with her like he did. ‘We need to get you home, so I can clean this up,’ she added, feeling so bad for him and now wished that she would have a little nicer to him.

‘My glasses!’ he yelled as tears ran down his face. How was he going to read, how was he going to use his computer and how was he going to see the beautiful woman he loved so much? ‘No!’ he sobbed as more tears rolled down his face, trying to think of a way to replace them, but they cost so much money.

‘Come on, it’ll be ok.’ Nora said hugging him tightly, trying her best to comfort him. ‘Let’s get you up to my place. Maybe their not that bad and we can get them fixed,’ she smiled, putting the smashed glasses in her purse, hoping to calm down her young admirer.

He looked up to her and knew the glasses he used to live were gone and now he’d be doomed to a life of boredom without them. ‘They’re smashed so bad, nobody came fix them,’ he said, wishing he could see her long brown hair and her pretty blue eyes better, but she was so blurry without the glasses. So many times he’d just sit, watching Nora on her balcony watering her plants or she’d step out to catch a breath of cool morning air and now it was gone. No more enjoying her beautiful face, her long slender legs or her wonderful butt.

‘You never know. They can do a lot these days,’ she smiled, wiping the blood from his eye. ‘We really need to go! Those punks may come back,’ she said in a firm voice as she stood him up. ‘Let’s hurry!’ Nora added as she rushed him down the street and to their apartment building.


Once in her apartment Nora sat him in a chair and rushed to the bathroom. After getting a warm cloth, gauze and a bottle of antiseptic, she went back to the living room. ‘Here we go,’ she sat down on the floor in front of him. ‘We need to get that cut above your eye cleaned. It’s really bad and you should go to the hospital and get it stitched up.’ Nora added, noticing her small skirt was up her hips and her tiny, black panties could be seen, but poor Ben couldn’t see a thing, so it didn’t matter.

‘Oh I can hear it now!’ Ben laughed. ‘My mom would have a shit-fit. She doesn’t like paying for anything, unless it has alcohol in it!’ he laughed again, thinking of seeing her face when she opened a massive bill like that. ‘Oh shoot! We left my Cokes lying back in the ally,’ he said, remembering how bad he wanted the drinks.

Nora worked on his eye and couldn’t believe what her admirer was saying. She knew his mother drank a lot, but how could she deny her son going to the doctor? And, when she heard him talking about his Cokes, she couldn’t help but laughing at him. ‘You silly boy! You’re worried about Coke when we both came close to being a just another statistic.’ Nora said as a smile filled her face and she wished so much that she’d been a little friendlier to him. He was just a young guy that had a thing for an older woman, her.

A light scent of her perfume slowly drifted up his nose and Ben knew that he’d died and went to heaven. ‘Heck yes I’m thinking of them. I needed a Coke bad and it took me almost two hours to dig up enough change to get some,’ he quickly replied thinking of how good one would be right now. He saved the babe he loved so much, got his ass kicked and now, she was doctoring him. What more could a guy want, other than a nice, frosty Coke.

‘You are a crazy little boy!’ Nora chuckled as she finished cleaning his eye. ‘Tonight is your lucky night,’ she smiled, standing back up, wishing that Ben could see her, because he would have gotten a great view. ‘I just happen to have your favorite drink in my fridge,’ she smiled walking to the small kitchen, to the fridge and pulled out two, cold Cokes. ‘I guess they would be good after our fun evening! I’d like a little rum in mine, how about you?’ she asked, turning to see him trying to look at her and she saw nothing but sadness on his face. ‘Poor baby,’ she thought, knowing it had to be killing him being this close to her and not being able to see. He was always looking at her from his balcony, by the mailboxes or just passing in the hall, she knew his eyes were always on her.

Ben was still in shock that she was talking to him and here he was, in her apartment. ‘I guess that would be nice,’ he replied, wishing he could see Nora and her beautiful, long legs. She was close to five foot ten inches tall and the best body he’d ever seen in his life. ‘How long have you been working at the Hilton?’ Ben asked when she sat down next to him, wishing he would be able to see her just for a few seconds. He wanted to scream when her hand touched his, but what would be the use. She didn’t want some little snot nose kid like him, when she could get any man she wanted.

‘Oh lord, let me think.’ Nora replied, digging in her purse for a cigarette and lit it, trying to think of how long she had been working at the Hilton. ‘Shoot, I think it’s been about fifteen years now,’ she added seeing his very dark eyes trying to focus on her legs, but from the frown on his face, she knew he couldn’t see anything. ‘I think my days are numbered. There’s not much want for a hostess my age, everyone wants a twenty year old, blonde bimbo these days,’ she said taking a drink, hoping she’d be able to work until a little longer.

Ben couldn’t help but laugh at what Nora said. ‘You’re kidding? Who would want something like that? You’re fucking hot as he…’ he said without thinking and knew his face had to be turning red with embarrassment. Nora was beautiful, why would any guy want someone other than her?

Nora smiled from ear to ear when she heard Ben’s sweet words and wished that she’d talked to him before this. ‘Thank you,’ she whispered, gently caressing his back and noticed that his eye was bleeding again. ‘If this keeps up, I’m taking you to the hospital and I’ll pay for. Plus, I have very good friend that’s a doctor at St. Mary’s, she fix you for free.’ Nora said dabbing his eye, knowing that it needed stitched up.

‘Cool! Go to the doctors for free,’ he laughed enjoying Nora’s gentle hands touching him and that wonderful perfume of hers was driving him crazy. ‘What do you do there?’ he asked feeling her warm breath on his face, trying to imagine her on him, making passionate love.

‘It depends. Some nights I’m the lead hostess and other nights I’m a personal waitress. If you come in to the restaurant and like me, for just five hundred bucks, I’ll wait on you hand and foot. Some guys just like me to sit with them and they tell me their problems, things like that. Nothing else!’ she quickly added, hoping that Ben didn’t think she was a hooker or something.

He just smiled, wishing he had that kind of money. It would be cool having someone as beautiful as Nora to wait on him like that, but in a small way, she already was. ‘Kinda like now, but I don’t have any money to pay you,’ he said with a smile.

‘After what you did for me tonight,’ she paused, wondering what her next words should be. Nora knew Ben liked her, but he was just a kid. ‘I owe you big time!’ she added running her fingers through his thick, black hair, having a good idea of how she should thank him.

He just smiled as her loving hand went through his hair and Ben felt his manhood filling with blood. ‘This really sucks. I’ve been drooling over you since the day we moved in here and now I’m only an inch from you and,’ he said taking a deep breath. ‘I’m lucky I can even see you,’ he added putting out his lip.

‘Poor baby.’ Nora said in a soft and very loving voice as she hugged him. ‘We’ll get your glasses fixed first thing in the morning and,’ she said feeling her face begin to flush. ‘You can look at me all you want,’ she added, knowing poor Ben was going to love that.

‘Cool!’ was all he could say, hoping that Nora meant it and she’d let him come and hang out with her again. ‘You’re not just saying that are you?’ Ben asked hoping she meant it. ‘I know I’m just a kid, but I really like you and I hope we can talk like this more,’ he added hoping she didn’t think he was some kind of pervert.

Nora couldn’t help smiling at Ben’s words. ‘Well, you can look, but just don’t get too carried away or anything and I think you can stop by anytime you want and we can talk up a storm,’ she smiled and saw that his eye was bleeding again. ‘I’m going to go change and we’re going to see my friend. This is not going to stop on its own,’ she said dabbing his eye, knowing it needed more care than she could give.


Nora led Ben into the hospital up to the front desk. ‘Hello there.’ Nora smiled at the nurse. ‘Is Doctor Shawnee Davis working tonight? We need to get his eye looked at,’ she said looking at the full waiting room, knowing this was going to take a very long time.

‘Oh yes,’ the nurse replied with a heavy Cajon twang. ‘She be in the operating room, but I let her know you hear to see her as soon as she come out.’ Nurse Jenny replied with a wide smile, remembering this lady was a close friend of Shawnee’s. ‘It might be a very long while. Fill out these papers and bring them back when you done,’ she added looking through some charts, writing a note and stuck it on her desk.

‘Thank you.’ Nora said pointing to a sofa across the waiting room. ‘Let’s go sit over there and I’ll fill these papers out for you,’ she yawned, hoping that her feet would stop hurting. She had a hard night and was ready for bed, but she had to make sure her knight in shining armor was taken care of first. ‘Your name sir?’ Nora teased in a silly, official sounding voice.

‘Benjamin Roberts.’

‘Your age please,’ she asked trying not to laugh.

‘Nineteen next month,’ he said looking at Nora’s legs, wondering if she was wearing the tight pair of jeans that fit her so well and he loved seeing her in.

‘Oh really? I’ll have to take you to the restaurant and get one of the pretty, young girls’ to be your personal waitress,’ she said with a big smile, knowing that Ben would go crazy if he saw some of the girls’ that she worked with.

Ben heard Nora and knew he didn’t want just any girl, he wanted her. ‘Nah, if you did something like that for me,’ he paused, hoping that she wouldn’t get mad at him. ‘I’d want you to do it,’ he smiled and felt blood rushing between his legs, just thinking of Nora in her awesome waitress outfit and her spoiling him.

Nora felt a warm, exciting rush of love in her heart when she heard what Ben said. ‘You’re a silly, silly boy. You should see some of the girls’ I work with. You’d shit your pants,’ she replied, wondering why he liked her so much. She was close to forty-five years old and could be his mother, but he followed her around like a lost puppy trying to find its mother. ‘Why do you like me so much? I could be your mother.’ Nora asked in a soft voice as she reached to caress the side of his face.

‘First off, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my life and you’re so sweet, even though you’ve never talked to me until tonight,’ he said remembering the one hundred dollar gift card from Wal-mart that he found slipped under his door at Christmas. ‘I know that you’re the one that gave me the gift card too.’ Ben added, watching her and could swear he saw her smiling. ‘I knew it was you,’ he smiled, wishing that he could give her a hug or even a small kiss, but he wasn’t going to screw things up now.

Nora felt her heart racing and it felt good. ‘I heard you and your mom fighting about Christmas and how bad you wanted something for your computer. I couldn’t remember what it was, so I figured the card would help you get it,’ she smiled and knew it was going to be hard to hold back her emotions now.

‘Thank you very much,’ he said running his hand over her back, enjoying the feel of her silk blouse and he wasn’t sure, but he thought she was trembling from his touch. ‘Nah,’ he thought. Why would she get excited over him? He wasn’t the least bit handsome and in his opinion, he was ugly as hell. ‘I got a video card for my computer and a few other things too,’ he smiled and wanted to hug Nora so bad he hurt.

Nora felt like he wanted to hug her and it was weird, she wanted him to. She hadn’t been hugged by a man in years. Well, a few guys hugged her at work to thank her for doing something or maybe on a special occasion, but never in a sexual way and suddenly Nora missed it very much. This young kid was bringing her from her shell and it was a good feeling. She just wasn’t sure if she should be flirting with Ben or not. He was just a kid that thought he was in love with her and she didn’t want him to get hurt.

‘I’m glad you enjoyed it so much,’ she softly whispered as his caring hand gently caressed her back and she wanted to scream. Nora knew how much Ben liked her and now his hand was sending feelings through her body that she’d kept hidden deep in the back of her mind for the last twenty-five years and were never to be released. ‘Ok, so how tall are you and how much do you weigh?’ she quickly asked, hoping to get her mind off his soft touch and the feelings he was giving her. She continued filling out the papers and after Nora gave them back to the nurse, she sat down beside Ben, closer than before.

He couldn’t resist, he put his arm around her and hugged. ‘You should be in bed. My eye will be fine,’ he said in a soft voice, watching her pretty blue eyes slowly closing and about shit himself when Nora snuggled against him.

‘I’m tired, but you need to get fixed up,’ she yawned again, put her head on his shoulder and for the first time in ages, Nora felt so safe and secure and she loved it. ‘I could…’ Nora stopped to yawn. ‘Get used to this,’ she smiled enjoying Ben’s arm around her back, wondering if he cared for her or if he was just trying to get a piece of ass. ‘He’d never do that. He’s too sweet,’ she thought fighting to keep her eyes open, but it was a lost cause.

Nora turned to face him and was now completely in his arms. ‘Oh my God!’ he thought holding the beautiful woman he’d been in love with since he first set eyes on her and wished he could see her better. Her tender body felt so good against him and Ben fought the urge to get hard, but her warm breath blowing on his face, her sweet perfume filled his nose and a low moan coming from her was too much for the young man. He began to grow out of control. ‘I love you so much,’ he whispered in her ear, hoping she was sleeping.

Nora lay in his arms and it felt so good to be held after so many years on loneliness. ‘I love you too,’ she moaned snuggling against Ben as visions of the past and the most horrible time in Nora’s life filled her mind.


Nora lay on the bed, her hands holding the headboard and her legs spread wide, enjoying the long, slender shaft moving in and out of her young body. ‘Oh Berry! Yes!’ she moaned as his aging penis brought her closer to a needed orgasm. The last time they made love, Berry wasn’t able to stay hard long enough for her to cum, but Nora had become a master at faking orgasms.

The sixty-five year old man moved in and out of his young wife, praying that he could stay hard and please her. ‘Come on baby. Cum for me,’ he smiled moving faster, wishing she’d remember the movie they had just watched. He tried everything he could to please Nora and after watching the movie, Berry wanted her to call him Daddy. He knew it would keep him hard, but Nora must not have understood what he wanted.

She felt him start to go down and Nora wanted to scream. ‘No!’ she screamed to herself, hoping he’d just hold on a few more minutes, but she knew he couldn’t. ‘Fuck me!’ she cried, trying to think of a way to keep her husband up and fucking her and that’s when it came to her. ‘Why didn’t you just tell me what you wanted,’ she thought and hoped she could do this. ‘Fuck me…Daddy! Fuck your daughter!’ Nora yelled out as she hugged his neck and to her amazement, it was working. Berry’s manhood grew harder and he was screwing her like a young boy, not a sixty-five year old man.

‘That’s Daddy’s girl,’ he smiled enjoying his shaft being so hard again and he knew that Nora wouldn’t have to fake anything tonight. ‘Cum on Daddy’s hard thing,’ he whispered in her ear and she went wild under him. ‘Are you Daddy’s little girl?’ he asked and a loud scream of ‘yes’ filled his ears.

She went wild and could not believe that something so perverted was turning her on this much. ‘Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck my hot pussy harder!’ she screamed and didn’t care if anyone heard or not. ‘Fuck me, Daddy!’ Nora continued screaming and she felt so good, knowing that she would be cuming soon.

Berry screwed her just as if he was eighteen again and he knew life couldn’t get any better than this. He was wealthy, had the home of his dreams, a young wife that loved to screw and the son he’d been dreaming of all his life. ‘Cum for Daddy,’ he said pumping her tight, little body as hard and as fast as he could, hoping that Nora would cum for him. Berry knew that he was an old man and if things didn’t change in bed, he was sure to loose Nora to a younger man.

‘Oh yes, Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck me harder, Daddy!’ Nora squealed and a warm rush went over her thighs and straight to her aching mound. Berry moved faster, giving Nora feelings that she never thought possible until now. Her husband was finally going to please her. ‘My Daddy! My sweet, sexy Daddy!’ she moaned as that warm rush turned into a full blown fire. ‘I’m cuming, Daddy! I’m cuming on your thing!’ Nora screamed loud as the most incredible feelings tore through her body. Her head began to spin, her heart pumped so hard she thought it was going to explode and her tiny pussy locked around him like a vise.

Berry moved as fast as he could move, ignoring the horrible pain in his chest, thinking it was just heartburn from dinner. ‘Come baby, cum for Daddy,’ he smiled as Nora exploded; cuming around his hard shaft. ‘That’s Daddy’s girl,’ he said moving in and out of her young body. ‘Oh hell yes!’ Berry yelled out as he began filling Nora with his hot seeds of life, hoping that she’d give him another son or, a daughter that would be just as beautiful as she was.

‘Yes Daddy!’ she moaned hugging him tight, enjoying the feel of his warm cum shooting deep in her body. ‘Give me another baby, Daddy,’ she moaned as he filled and pumped her tiny mound with no mercy and Nora loved it.

Berry collapsed on her and felt like he was only seconds away from dying in her arms. ‘Damn, I’m hurting bad,’ he moaned, got up and rushed to the bathroom for a nitroglycerine pill from the medicine cabinet. ‘I’m so fucking stupid,’ he said slipping the pill under his tongue and hoped it would save his life. ‘I love fucking her, but it’s going to kill me,’ he thought as Nora moved behind him and hugged.

‘You scared me to death,’ she said hugging him as tight as she could. ‘I don’t know what I’d do if anything happened to you,’ she whispered as tears ran from her pretty eyes, trying to imagine leaving without this wonderful man.

‘Don’t you worry about that,’ he replied as he turned around to hug her. ‘I’m not going anywhere,’ he added and knew that he best go see his attorney first thing in the morning and sign the will. He’d never forgive himself if something did happen, leaving Nora and his son penniless. His vengeful ex-wife wouldn’t give them a single dollar.

She wiped her eyes and smiled. ‘You better not,’ she said putting out her lower lip, just the way he liked. ‘I’d die without my Daddy to hold me,’ she added with a wink and knew how they’d be making love from now on.


The morning Nora woke up, slipped on a shirt and made her way through the massive house to find Berry and their son. She neared the kitchen and heard Berry fixing the baby his breakfast. ‘Here you go little man. You need to eat fast because you and I have a lot of errands to run.’ Berry said as he sat down a warm bowl of oats in front of the baby. ‘We need to get Mommy some flowers, get Daddy’s tires checked and go see Mr. Burns,’ he added taking a drink of coffee and sat down to help his son eat.

‘You’re one of a kind.’ Nora whispered as tears of love filled her eyes and she continued to the men she loved. ‘Good morning,’ she said moving behind Berry, giving him a loving hug. ‘Hi baby. How’s Mommy’s baby today?’ she asked the small boy, watching him slamming his spoon on the tray of his highchair.

‘I thought I’d get up and give you a break today.’ Berry smiled pouring Nora a cup of coffee. ‘I have some things to do and I’m taking JR. with me,’ he added, watching the baby playing in his food and his beautiful, young wife drinking her coffee. ‘What a great life I have,’ he thought.

After Berry left, Nora cleaned house, had more coffee and decided to lay out by the pool. ‘It’s a beautiful day!’ she said flopping in a chair, enjoying the warm sun on her full breasts and the rest of her tall, nude body. Nora began thinking of last night and how exciting it was to call Berry Daddy. Her mound started tingling and she couldn’t resist playing her breasts and rubbing her now wet pussy. ‘Oh Daddy!’ she moaned slipping a finger deep into her body, thinking of his hard shaft and how great it felt as he fucked her with no mercy. ‘Fuck me, Daddy!’ she cried as two more fingers entered her wet, excited cavern. ‘Fuck my pussy, Daddy!’ she cried out as wonderful feelings flooded her young body, hoping that Berry would be up for fucking her when he came home.


‘Oh no!’ Nora moaned when she heard the door bell. ‘Maybe it’s my Daddy,’ she smiled grabbing her panties and shirt, putting them on as fast as she could and rushed in the house to the door. ‘Did you forget your k…’ she pulled opened the door and to her surprise, there stood two policemen. ‘Can I help you?’ she asked with a smile, but from the solemn looks on their faces, she quickly realized that something was wrong.

‘Ma’am, are you Nora Peters, wife of Berry Peters,’ the older of the two men asked Nora.

‘Yes I am,’ she replied and for some odd reason, her heart began to pound out of control.

‘Ma’am, I hate to tell you this, but there’s been a horrible car crash involving your husband and baby,’ the man said, watching Nora’s face turn white and her knees giving out. He quickly grabbed her in his arms and rushed her into the house. ‘Find the kitchen and get her some water,’ he said to his partner sitting Nora in a chair. ‘Ma’am, your husband is dead and your baby is in critical condition.’


Nora jumped up as tears poured from her eyes and she ran from the hospital as fast as she could go. ‘Oh my God!’ she said running into the parking lot and fell to her knees. ‘I hate the fucking dream,’ she said as her heart pounded and the horrible thoughts of long ago rushed through her brain. She lit a cigarette with her trembling hands and felt a warm hand caressing her back.

‘Are you okay?’ Ben asked with concern for the woman he cared for. ‘You scared the crap out of me,’ he laughed sitting on a curb and pulled Nora down next to him, wondering what kind of dream could upset her so bad.

She just smiled at him, knowing that it was going to be so hard to keep from falling for this young man and his charming ways. ‘I’m fine,’ she smiled returning his hug, hoping that she could resist him. ‘I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m sorry.’ Nora whispered, hugging him tighter than she wanted, but she also needed someone to love. She’d been alone far too long and her body was slowly being awakened by this persistent, young man and it felt so good.

‘What did you dream?’ he asked, not seeing the lost and hurt look on her pretty face, but he could feel her suck in a deep breath of air, wondering what had upset her so much.

‘I’m okay.’ Nora quickly said, hoping that Ben would drop it. She wasn’t going to bring up the past, even for him and Nora knew this kid was so close to wining her heart. ‘It’ll be morning soon,’ she smiled and couldn’t wait to get him to an eye doctor for new glasses. She wanted him to be able to see her and once he did, she knew her body would be more excited than it had been in many, many years. This kid loved looking at her and deep down, Nora liked it too. It made her feel good knowing that she turned Ben on that much. ‘We’re going to the first eye doctor we see,’ she smiled, knowing that it had to be killing him not being able to see her.

‘I can try to fix my other pair,’ he said. ‘You don’t have to waist your money on me.’ Ben said and when Nora jerked her body towards him, he knew that she was mad.

‘Bull shit!’ she yelled pointing her finger to his face. ‘You fucking saved me from them fuckers. I’m getting you the best pair of glasses that money can buy and you’re not going to say another word about it!’ Nora said in a cool voice. ‘Do you understand me?’ she growled at Ben.

He was in shock when Nora spoke to him like that and it hurt his feelings. ‘Okay, I’m sorry.’ Ben said wishing he could see, if he could he’d just leave and go back home. He pulled from her and stood up to go back inside, but Nora grabbed his arm.

‘I’m sorry.’ Nora said hugging him as tight as she could, enjoying the feel of his body pressed to hers. ‘Mmm, a girl could really learn to like this,’ she whispered in his ear, feelings his hands moving over her butt cheeks, gently caressing them. ‘You better be careful,’ she whispered again as a small fire began to burn between her long and slender legs. ‘I haven’t been with a man in a very, very long time.’ Nora moaned as Ben grabbed her tighter, shoving her hips to his and that’s when Nora knew she had to have him. His young shaft was as hard as a rock and it was all for her.

‘I’d be more than willing to end that for you,’ he said gently squeezing and caressing her slim butt, enjoying her soft moans and her pushing against him.

Nora just smiled, hoping she could give herself to him. ‘We’ll see. I don’t want to rush things and,’ she paused to gently touch his face. ‘I’m more than twice your age,’ she whispered having a good idea that Ben didn’t care the least bit about that. He’d be looking and trying to flirt with her for a long time.

‘So,’ he replied, continuing to seduce her shapely but with his gentle touch. ‘I wouldn’t care if you were three times my age, I’d still be crazy about you,’ he smiled wishing so much that he could see her better and the look on her gorgeous face.

‘My silly, silly boy.’ Nora smiled, pressing herself against Ben, wondering if he’d be able to please her long, lost desires or not. She hadn’t been with a man since her last night with Berry twenty-five years ago. ‘I might rape you, buster!’ she giggled as that small fire between her legs began to grow out of control, but something in her brain made her back away. ‘I shouldn’t have said that, I’m sorry,’ she said easing back down to the curb and lit another cigarette.

‘It’s alright. I’m a big boy.’ Ben replied, sitting down next to her and couldn’t resist slipping his arm around her waist again. ‘Can I ask you something?’ he said looking to her eyes, wishing he could see her. So many times he wished to be this close to Nora and now he was, but he couldn’t see a thing.

She looked at Ben, wondering why he liked her as much as he did. He was young, sweet and should find a girl his own age, but he spent all his time trying to flirt with her. ‘Sure,’ she said taking a deep drag from her cigarette.

‘Why in the heck are you single?’ he asked caressing around her lower back. ‘You’re beautiful.’ Ben added with a smile and froze when he felt Nora’s bare skin just above her jeans. He quickly felt himself growing and hoped she didn’t see it, but if she did, it was alright and maybe she’d know he really did want her.

Nora had to smile at him and almost jumped from the curb when his hand touched her. ‘Oh my God! You’re killing me!’ she thought as his caring fingers touched her with more love than she’d known in years. ‘I’ve just never met anyone I liked and you better stop trying to sweet-talk me,’ she teased and didn’t mind him touching her or the sweet-talk, it felt good. Her only concern was if she would be able to give herself to this young man or not.

‘You need to be sweet-talked and so many other things too.’ Ben said before he thought and hoped she didn’t mind, but it was true. She was out of this world and Ben wanted her to know it.

She couldn’t believe what he’d said, but it was so sweet. ‘What am I going to do with you?’ Nora asked with a smile and she couldn’t wait to get Ben to an eye doctor. He had to be going crazy. The poor kid lived to check her out and Nora knew he was going to really enjoy being with her once he could see.

‘I could think of a lot of things you could do with me,’ he said and couldn’t help but laughing and he wanted to see her so bad. ‘I can’t wait to see you. This really sucks!’ Ben added putting his lip out and something he would have never expected happened. Nora gently kissed his lip, sending a bolt of lightening through his body and between his legs. ‘Wow!’ he gasped, feeling his penis growing again.

Nora was dumbfounded at his words and she couldn’t hold back. She leaned to Ben, gently kissed him and it was if the twenty-five years of doing without the love of a man hit her. Things rushed over her so fast her head began to spin, her heart felt as if it was going to pop at any second. But the worst thing of all was the feeling deep in her body, between her thighs. It was like she was on fire. It burned so badly and the need to feel young Ben in her was so overwhelming, it hurt.

‘Tell me about it!’ Nora said with a smile, feeling Ben’s hand slowly creeping down the back of her jeans to her tiny panties. ‘Did you loose something?’ she teased, hoping he’d keep right on touching her. Nora hadn’t realized how much she missed being touched until now and she wanted more.

‘I’m on an expedition to boldly go where no man has been in years!’ he laughed with Nora and they fell into each others arms. ‘I can’t wait to see you.’ Ben moaned enjoying her large breasts smashed against his arm and the feel of her warm panties on his fingers.

Nora just smiled at him, wondering if she would be able to go through with this or not. She wanted to be held and loved, but he was just a kid and she didn’t want either of them to be hurt. ‘As soon as we’re finished here,’ she said caressing the side of his face, enjoying him trying to get his hand down the back of her tight jeans and the tantalizing feelings rushing through her lonely body. ‘I’m finding an eye doctor that will fix you up.’ Nora added, loosening her jeans without anyone seeing and moved closer to him. She wanted young Ben to enjoy her to the fullest.

Ben felt her squirming, but didn’t realize what she was doing, until his hand slipped deep into her tight pants. ‘Oh yes,’ he whispered as Nora snuggled against him. ‘This is a dream come true,’ he moaned in her ear as he softly kissed it and he enjoyed the soft moan that came from someplace deep in her body. ‘I’m so hard for you,’ he whispered and felt something nice. Nora’s loving hand was sliding over his thigh and to his extremely hard shaft. ‘Oh Nora!’ he panted as her small hand wrapped around it and she gently squeezed.

‘I’ll say you are,’ she smiled and could believe she was trying to jerk him off in the parking lot of the hospital. ‘Do you think of me at night?’ Nora asked in a soft voice and loved his moaning. ‘Am I good in your dreams?’ she asked and he moaned again, trying to push closer to her hand. ‘How do you make love to me?’ she asked, wondering how her young guy thought of her.

Ben sat enjoying her hand squeezing and stroking him, hoping that this wasn’t a dream. ‘Yes, you’re all I think of day and night,’ he moaned, wishing he could pull it out for her. ‘You’re always wonderful,’ he moaned, praying that Nora would do more. He wanted her so bad it hurt just thinking of her. He heard her next question and wasn’t sure how to answer. He thought of loving her in so many different ways. ‘I always think of you sucking me first,’ he said hearing a low moan come from her. ‘Then I have you get on top of me,’ he added as another low and very lustful moan came from her. ‘And, if I make it past that,’ he smiled to her before going on. ‘I love to have you suck me off,’ he said as another moan came from her.

‘It sounds like I’m your whore,’ she laughed hoping that he would be able to hold out long enough to please her. She knew a young guy like him would be able to cum and cum for her, but Nora liked a man deep in her, calling her name as she came around his hardness.

‘That’s just my dream of you. If you didn’t like that, we can do anything you want.’ Ben said as Nora squeezed him harder, hoping he wouldn’t cum in his jeans. Nora was all he thought of and with his hand down her jeans, her stroking him and the excitement of it all, Ben knew that he could cum at any second.

She just continued stroking her young man, thinking of sucking him and the feel of being on top with his stiffness in her body was great. ‘I’ll love it all!’ she panted, thinking of his very, very hard penis in her and Nora also knew that it would only take a few seconds for her too. ‘I love sucking a man and I’m really going to love yours,’ she whispered, having a good idea that she should stop before he came. ‘We should stop, but I’ll finish this later, when you can see everything I do to you,’ she purred and couldn’t wait to get him glasses and back to her apartment to play. He’d been driving her crazy with his innocent smiles, checking out her body and the thought of loving such a young guy was too much for Nora. She was ready to let go of the past and get on with her life, even if it meant making love to a young guy like Ben.

‘Benjamin Roberts. Please come to examination room 22.’ A voice said over the loudspeaker, ending their time alone.

‘Well, I guess we will have to continue this later.’ Nora whispered to Ben, hoping he was just as slow and caring when they were alone. She loved his soft touch and knew she would be his by nights end.


‘So, what brings you in this morning?’ a young nurse asked Ben, noticing the large cut about his eye. ‘Wow, that’s a nasty looking cut,’ she added opening a drawer and handed him a large sterile pad to put on it.

‘I was saving a hot looking woman from three punks and as you can see,’ he stopped to smile at Nora. ‘I got my ass kicked!’ he laughed, wishing he could see her.

‘Damn! You were lucky,’ the nurse said as she wrote on his chart. ‘Is there any other places you were hurt?’ she asked with concern for him.

‘I got a few kicks in the ribs and on my lower back,’ he replied, hoping this wasn’t going to take much longer. He wanted to get to an eye doctor as soon as possible. He was with his dream girl, making out with her too and was sitting in this hospital.

‘I’m pretty sure that Dr. Davis is going to want x-rays, so you need to strip down and put this on,’ the nurse said rooting in a drawer for a gown, gathered his chart and her notes. ‘She’s finishing up in surgery and will be in to see you in about 30 minutes,’ she added and left the room.

‘Dang it!’ Ben said with disgust and felt two soft hands on his chest.

Nora stood before him and slowly began to unbutton his shirt. ‘Calm down,’ she smiled pulling the torn shirt from him and reached to his jeans. ‘We have a few minutes to be alone.’ Nora whispered and couldn’t get his jeans off fast enough and she loved what she saw. ‘Oh my!’ she moaned when his long and very hard penis filled her eyes. ‘I have a feeling I’m in for a lovely time tonight,’ she moaned again reaching to hold his swollen shaft and moved against him.

‘You’ll never know how much you mean to me,’ he panted enjoying her hand around him, trying to remember how many times he prayed this would happen. ‘And, how many times I dreamt being wit you,’ he added as Nora gently stroked him.

She just smiled and couldn’t resist kissing him. It felt like fire was rushing through her when their lips met and she couldn’t wait to get to her apartment. ‘You’ll never have to dream it again,’ she whispered and had a wonderful idea. She slowly sat down on her knees and started placing small, loving kisses all over the tip of his young shaft. ‘Oh yes!’ she moaned as the soft flesh of his stiffness drove her crazy. Her pussy throbbed with excitement and it felt like she’d wet herself. ‘I’m going to screw you to death,’ she thought, kissing up and down her future lovers hard shaft, wishing that she’d talked to him before tonight.

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