Vera the slutwife and her boss

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Vera was a beautiful young woman who worked at my bank.
She had a problem in her marriage, but I was able to help her.

Vera worked at a bank where I do some business. When I
first came to know her, she was what we would call a
teller. She was one of two or three tellers in the
division of the bank I used. I always tried to use Vera
as my teller if I could because she was efficient,
friendly and very pretty. Very, very pretty.

Vera was medium height, slender and had a nice body,
which I could tell from the tight clothes she usually
wore. Her breasts were small, but well proportioned for
her body. She had a delicious tight bum and a smooth,
firm abdomen. She had a really pretty face with
sparkling, brown eyes. For some reason, I was really
attracted to her lips.

Every time I saw her I fantasized kissing her lips. Not
that I didn’t fantasize other activities with her. I
didn’t let my fantasies range too far with her since I
could tell she was married by the wedding ring she wore
on her right hand (as Russian women do).

There was one occasion when I went to the bank that
Vera didn’t seem as cheerful as usual. I also noticed
that she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring. It wasn’t any
of my business and I didn’t even really know her, but I
did find myself wondering if she was having personal

Not long after, on a Friday afternoon, I ran into her
on the street. We exchanged the normal pleasantries and
chatted for a short time about insignificant things
such as the weather, work, etc. She really looked hot
that day, wearing a short skirt and a clinging top, her
gorgeous face framed with dark, auburn hair.

Willie began stirring in my pants as I tried not to
stare at her most appealing body parts so that she
wouldn’t know that I was mentally undressing her. I
kept my focus on her face, which wasn’t all that
difficult because it allowed me to concentrate on her
lips, which I had always wanted to kiss.

Although she was friendly, I could tell she still
seemed unhappy and I could also see was also still not
wearing her wedding ring. Emboldened by that fact I
decided to take a bit of a chance and asked her if
she’d like to have a cup of tea with me. I was more
than pleased when she agreed without hesitation. We
walked to a nearby caf and sat at an outside table. It
was a cloudy but reasonably warm day.

We sipped tea and ate some pastries and the
conversation between us was easy, almost as if we knew
each other better than we actually did as if we were
long-time friends. There still seemed a certain sadness
about her, though, and I finally asked her if she was
alright, that she seemed not as cheerful she used to

As soon as I said that, tears welled in her eyes and
ran down her cheeks. A bit flustered, I handed her a
napkin which she took and wiped the tears from her
cheeks. Instinctively, I reached across the table and
took one of her hands in mine. Even though it wasn’t
the time and place, Willie again stirred.

Not only had I fantasized about kissing her soft lips,
I had also sometimes had an image of her wrapping her
slender, well-manicured fingers around my dick. It
obviously wasn’t quite the same, but she did wrap her
fingers around mine and squeezed my hand. While I was
filled with concern about whatever her problems were,
Willie with a mind of his own was stiffening to
attention. Sometimes Willie could be shameful. He had a
mind of his own, but not much of a heart.

Vera regained control of her emotions, but began to
confide in me. It seems her marriage was going through
a rough spot. Her husband wanted a child but for all
their trying she had not conceived. The problem was
that she had seen a doctor and been told there was
nothing wrong with her, the problem was probably with
her husband’s inability to impregnate her.

She had not shared this medical news with her husband,
because she was afraid it would crush his feelings and
diminish his own sense of manhood. Her concern for his
feelings had not been met, however. He had recently
gone to Russia for a while to “think about things.” She
didn’t know whether her marriage would survive and
couldn’t decide whether she wanted it to, although a
part of her still cared deeply for her husband.

As we talked I continued to hold her hand and tried to
give her words of encouragement. Finally, we got up to
leave the caf. As we did, I put my arms around her to
give her a “brotherly” kind of hug. She hugged me back,
pressing herself against me. While I was feeling
“brotherly,” Willie had other ideas and came to full
strength like an iron rod. I tried to position myself
so that she couldn’t feel my engorged penis, but was
not successful. Somewhat to my surprise, and to
Willie’s great delight, Vera pressed herself against my
hard cock, while looking into my eyes to make sure I
knew she intended what she was doing.

Just as this was going on, the skies opened and began
to pour rain in a deluge. Within seconds we were both
soaking wet. Neither of us had umbrellas, since the
rain was unexpected. Conveniently, however, I lived
nearby and suggested we could go to my house to get out
of the downpour. Vera immediately agreed. The truth was
we could have gone inside the caf, or other public
buildings, but it was clear we both had something other
in mind.

Once inside my house, I had barely closed the door
before we were in each other’s arms, pressing together.
Finally, I was able to fulfill my fantasy of kissing
Vera’s soft lips. Soon our tongues were entangled and
we were in a passionate embrace. As we stopped to catch
our breath, I suggested we should get out of our wet
clothes and dry off.

She agreed and we began to strip each other in furious
lust. She pulled my sweater off as I removed her tight
top. She unzipped and dropped my trousers as I unzipped
and dropped her short skirt. Within seconds we were
both in our underwear. We were not long in that state
as I reached behind her and unclasped her bra and then
reached down and slid her panties down her legs.

She responded by reaching inside my briefs, and then
sliding them down. Freed from confinement my cock
sprang up pointing vertically. Now mutually naked, with
our wet clothes pooling water on the floor, we again
came together, clinging and kissing and rubbing each
other with total abandon.

It was then another of my fantasies was realized. Vera
reached down and encircled my dick with her right hand.
Now, truly, not just in my fantasies, her slim fingers
were holding my manhood.

Willie became so hard it was almost painful, but was at
the actual cross between pleasure and pain, something
like ecstasy. I ran my hands up and down Vera’s back
and then down to the cheeks of her arse. Then I took a
step back just to look at her.

Her naked body was even more beautiful than I had
imagined. She was slim and trim and her small breasts
were perfectly formed, topped at their centers with
small, almost crimson areolas and firm nipples the size
of peanuts. I ran my hands up her body, briefly
caressing her breasts.

I leaned down and kissed her nipples. She tightened her
grip on my turgid rod and then began to smother me with
small kisses, down my chest, thrusting her tongue for a
moment in my navel and then to my nether regions. Lower
and lower she knelt until her face was even with my
cock. She looked up and met my eyes and then looked
back down to concentrate on my rod. She began slowly
rubbing it and then licked pre-cum off the tip.
Pleasure jolted up my body like a lightning bolt.
Nothing in my fantasies had prepared me for this actual
experience with her.

She slowly took the head of my cock in her mouth, again
looking in my eyes, with a small smile on her face. She
seemed to enjoy what she was doing to me. Then she sunk
my cock deep inside her mouth and began giving me an
incredible blow job. I could feel the tip of my dick
hitting the back of her throat, but she didn’t seem to
mind. I was lost in the warm, moist haven of her mouth.
Lost in unbelievable pleasure, it wasn’t long before I
knew I was going to explode in her mouth. I warned her
that I was about to come, but she only redoubled her
efforts, tightening her lips and pumping my dick ever
more quickly into her mouth.

The pleasure pulsed through me, beginning in my toes
and coursing through my body. I had an indescribable
orgasm, my cum shot through my cock, jetting into
Vera’s mouth, more like an eruption than an orgasm. She
sucked every drop of my cum and then, as my penis began
to wilt, licked me clean.

At this point, more than anything, I wanted to please
Vera as much as she had pleased me. We were still just
inside the door of my house. I picked her naked body up
and carried her into my bedroom and laid her down on my
bed. She giggled as I began kissing her. I kissed her
lips I still loved them and flicked my tongue on
her neck and in her ears, gently. I moved down to her
small, perfectly formed breasts and teased them with my
hands and then my mouth and then my tongue and lips.
She began to wriggle and then gasp with pleasure.

I kissed further down and finally came to the point of
her womanhood. She spread her legs in anticipation. I
began to gently tongue her slit, licking, probing
between her cunt lips and nipping at her clit. She
began moaning softly and put her hands on the back of
my head, pulling me tightly against her undulating
pussy. She began humping herself against my tongue as I
licked her faster.

Suddenly, she froze in mid thrust and then her body
began to spasm in orgasm as she inhaled sharply and
then uttered a deep moan of pure pleasure. She went
limp, collapsing on the bed, spent. I flicked my tongue
on her clit lightly and she jerked in response before
pushing my head away from her now oversensitive slit.

I kissed my way up her belly and lightly nipped her
nipples before rolling off her and lying beside her.
She turned to face me and began kissing me, stabbing
her tongue into my mouth, tasting her own juices as she
did so.

While we continued in a lip lock, she reached down
between us and grasped my penis, which was again as
hard as a steel rod. She pulled me back on top of her,
spread her legs and guided my shaft to her entrance.
She was so moist from my earlier attentions that my
shaft was into her up to my balls in one smooth thrust.

Vera’s pussy was hot and tight and she knew how to flex
her internal muscles to grip my dick inside her. The
feeling of being inside her reduced me to a state of
sheer lust. I put on hand behind her bum and fondled
her breasts with the other, as I began to slide my
shaft in and out of her. Soon we fell into a rhythm as
she thrust her pelvis to meet each of my strokes into
to her, grinding her clit against my pubic bone. We
were both moaning in pleasure as we literally began
banging into each other.

I could tell she was close to cumming when at the same
time an intense bolt of pleasure spread through my
entire body and then sent shots of cum spewing from my
dick deep inside her body. At that point we were both
spent and I rolled over, pulling her on top of me, with
my slowly softening shaft still inside her. I pulled a
blanket over us, and we drifted off to sleep.

A few hours later, I awoke. Vera was lying next to me,
facing away but snuggled up against me with her tight
bum up against my crotch. Willie soon stiffened. I
reached under and around Vera and began gently
massaging her breasts. Vera stirred slightly and gave a
contented sigh, and then wriggled her arse against my
now thoroughly stiff dick.

I reached around with my right hand and began rubbing
her pussy and pulling her more tightly against me. With
one thrust I entered her hot center and began slowly
pumping in and out, while I softly fingered her clit.
She sighed and met my soft thrusts. We continued this
gentle rhythm until I felt her stiffen in climax as I
shot my hot seed inside her. Through it all she had
never opened her eyes. We both again fell asleep, still
spooned together.

I awoke to sunlight streaming through a bedroom window.
Vera was still asleep, with a truly peaceful and
contented expression on her face. I decided not to
disturb her, and quietly slipped out of bed. I put on a
bathrobe and padded into the kitchen and began to
prepare a breakfast for when Vera awakened.

A while later she came into the kitchen, wearing one of
my shirts, which barely covered her bum and her pussy.
She was still rubbing the sleep from her eyes and she
came to me and put her arms around me. We kissed and
she gave me a big smile. I was happy to know she wasn’t
having any second thoughts about the night we had spent

In fact, it was just the opposite. I ran a hand under
the shirt she was wearing to find she wasn’t wearing
any panties and was completely naked other than that
shirt. Our kiss became more passionate and it wasn’t
long before I had turned her around and bent her over
the kitchen counter while I entered her hot pussy and
fucked her hard and fast. After that we showered
together and ate breakfast.

Vera stayed with me through the weekend and we just
couldn’t get enough of each other. We fucked in every
possible position and in every room in my house. It
wasn’t until Sunday evening that I received a telephone
call that would result in me having to take an extended
business trip outside the country. I drove her to her
apartment building late that evening since I had to
leave early in the morning. Before she left my car we
kissed and fondled each other for a while until she
unzipped my trousers and released my cock.

There, in the darkness of my car, she gave me an
exquisite blow job, swallowing everything I shot into
her, although, with the weekend we’d had together,
there wasn’t much cum left in me. I’d already pumped it
into her many times. Then she deeply kissed me, making
sure I tasted my own cum on her tongue and then jumped
out of my car and ran into her apartment building. I
drove back to my own house with Willie still peeping
out of my trousers, spent, but still aroused.

As it turned out, my business trip became complicated
and kept me away for almost six weeks. Shortly after I
returned, I went to the bank. Vera had clearly been
promoted. She no longer sat at the counter dealing
directly with customers. Instead, she sat at a desk
just outside the door of an office that was labeled,
“General Manager.”

She did see me, as I transacted my banking business
with a new, male teller. She gave me a big smile and a
small wave, but continued her work. I had no reason to
be disappointed, as I had been gone for six weeks and
had not be in contact with her. Still, desire rose in
me as I saw her and memories of our time together
flooded through me.

As I left the bank, Vera came and met me at the door.
She had a lunch break soon and wanted to get together,
which sent shivers of thrill through me. We agreed that
she would meet me at my office, which was nearby.

At the appointed time, she arrived at my office. Once
inside, we put our arms around each other and drew
tightly together. Soon we were grinding our crotches
together. There was no doubt she could tell how hard my
erection was as I pressed it against her, thrusting
against her own nether regions, which were covered by a
short skirt. After a short time, she led me toward the
sofa in my office and pushed me to sit on it. She knelt
down and opened the zipper to my trousers.

Willie was soon free and steel hard, pointing due
north. Vera chuckled softly and flicked her tongue at
the head of my shaft, sending a wave of pleasure
through my entire body. Then she sank her lips over my
dick and began bobbing up and down over it. I had only
begun to absorb the pleasure of her actions when she
stood back up and reached under her skirt.

I watched as she removed her panties, dropping them to
the floor. Then she climbed on to the sofa and
straddled me, lowering her sopping pussy onto my turgid
rod. She rose and fell on me, tightening the muscles of
her cunt around my shaft, sending waves of ecstasy
through me as we engaged in a fully clothed fuck.

Before long, she signaled her approaching orgasm by
rubbing her clit against me. Simultaneously, we reached
climax, Vera grinding her pussy against me and
screaming her pleasure while I shot six weeks of stored
cum deep into her hot, tight tunnel.

She sat with her legs astraddle me and looked deeply
into my eyes. Then she told me she had reconciled with
her husband who was thrilled that she was pregnant with
“their” child. She had wanted this one last time with
me to explain why we could not be together again, but
also so that we would both have one more shared memory
of our pleasure together. She kissed me deeply and then
thanked me for giving her great joy and “saving” her
marriage. She told me that I had also given her
something that would remind her of our time together
for the rest of her life.

With that, she rose and picked her panties from the
floor, wriggling them back on. She leaned over and
pecked me on the lips, and then quietly left my office.

Thereafter, I saw her a few times when I went to the
bank. She always gave me a smile and a wave, but
nothing else that would acknowledge what we shared.
Over time, the child growing inside her became more and
more obvious. Our child, I knew, but something she
wanted to share only with her husband. I understood and
had no intention to interfere.

After a time, Vera quit her job with the bank to give
birth to her child. I never saw her again, but still
think of her often, with much fondness and only the
best wishes for her and her new family.

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